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California boasts of a number of women
farmers who manage large estates, make
money anil keep healthy and happy. The
comforts of farm life here are greater
than they are in the east, and there is a
possibility of gaining more than a mere
living. Some of the women farmers have
won more than mere local fame. Mrs.
Theodosia Shepherd, of Ventura, is known
in the east as a cultivator of California
flower seeds and bulbs. Mrs. Strong is
known far and w ide as the woman who
makes a good income by raiting and sell
ing pampas grass, Mm. E. P. Bucking
ham. of Vaooaville, is an orchard Ist whose
fruit commands the highest price in east
ern markets.
Another successful agriculturist is Mrs.
Gaor.nia Mußride. A dozen years ai^o she
was an invalid, a widow, poor, with four
boys to brimr up. She kneiv nothintl of
fruit raising, but with feminine reckless
ness she purchased 38 acres of land near
Kan Jose and set it out as an orchard.
Now she is prosperous, healthy and
wealthy, as the wage earners i?o, and an
enthusiastic advocate of farming for wo
men. —San Francisco Correspondent.
Some original; some borrowed.
A frothed egg is an Big cooked so deli
cately and served so temptingly that an
invalid usually needs no coaxing to eat
one. It ifl prepared by taking a lartie
"fresh-laid" eg^, and beating the white to
a stiff froth. This process is always
quickened by adding a small pinch of
ealt. Butter slightly but thoroughly an
individual earthen or bright tinware
mould or low cup, and turn the white
into it, spread evenly, and nmke a slight
depression in the renter. In this drop
the yelk of the egi? very carefully. Set
tlie cup containing the egg in a pan filled
with hot water, and bake three minutes
in a hot oven.
If you want to gerveeggfl in a new way
for an Easier breakfast or at lunch, take
small slices of bread, trim off the crust
and toast nicely. Butter slightly, lay on
a buttered plate, and on each one heap
an et?i» prepared in the same way as shove.
Set in a shallow pan of water and bake
three minutes. Perhaps you will relish
these bird's-neats if they are first spread
with a little minced ham.
For Potato Salad.—Put the yolks )f
two ey:jz3 into a bowl and mid a saltspoon
fnl of salt; one teaspoonful of dry mus
tard, a pinch of eayennei the same of
aiiijar, a teaoponnfnlof Kraped onion, and
a tabli'snoonful of sweet cream. Beat
vigorously with the e>_'t,' beater and add
two more tablospoonfuls of cream and
fonr of oil. alternately beating all the
time. Lastly add vinegar to suit the
taste, find put the mixture over the (ire
stirring it till it thickens.
s .'■■...
N" .
]NT . . '-.
; S :.
" Tie Northern Pasaflena."
Sunnyside, Washington.
lOur Poultry Kditor is Hurry IT. Collier, No. 0">0
C St.. Tnc'oina. AddreM him on all. Poultry
Should every farmer select a dozen of
his best hens every year, place them in a
yard by themselves, with a thoroughbred
cock, using only their egga for setting,
there would by a vast improvement in
his flock. The old way of allowing about
100 liens to run wild ovrr the farm with
five or ten cocks does not pay, as one cock
is sure to be boss and the egys are ren
dered infertile by the inattention of the
other roosters.
If it is the intention to raise many fowls
for market it is a good plan o have one
or more yards with 15 hens and a cock to
each yard, allowing the remainder to
roam at will without a cork. In this way
expect ten per cent more eggs.
la the selection of the hens have an
object in view. Pick out the biddies that
lay the most eggs and those that lay when
egtrs bring the best prices.
In regard to the cock, if you want eggs
get a good bird, Leghorn or Minorca ; for
market poultry some of the larger breeds,
Plymouth Rocka or Brahmas —most any
of the thoroughbreds will show improve
ment. The cock should be pure bred,
wide between the logs, as small comb as
possible for the breed, active, com par j
and not under one or over two years of
By following this practice a better
family of layers can be produced and they
will he hardy and active, l'.y continuing
this year after year, getting new blood
every year, one can grade birds up to
thoroughbreds after awhile.
This month has been a very bad one
for the poultry interest and ypt the prices
of eggs have been low, caused chiefly by
large shipments o! eastern hen fruit.
Dishonest merchants will take a lot of
these stale eggs and, picking out the
cleanest, ofl'er them to a trusting public
as "fresh ranch eggs."
An incident occurred a few days ago in
Tacoma which illustrates this very nicely.
A German, who had been here only a
short time and whose knowledge of En
glish was limited, entered the establish
ment of a certain grocery firm and bought
a dozen eggs which were advertised by
said firm as fresh ranch eg^s, ami at a
much lower rate than anywhere else in
the city in order to gain trade. In a short
time he came back with live in a pan,
each smelling worse than the great Amer
ican skunk. Oi course the merchant
would not make goo 1 the loss, as his
price was ahout what the eg^s had cost
him. The old man tried to have lim
arrested, but without success.
Many ranchers have tint onto the idea
of having regular customers for the year

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