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Too Much Cars Cannot Do Given to
This Important Matter Espe
cially In Cold Weather li
tho Need Great.
Tho complexion should havo tho
boat of caro nt all times, but ospo
clally 1b this noccsBnry during tho
days of tho lato fall nnd when tho
winds of winter begin to blow.
Tho change from tho warm summer
days when tho pores aro open and the
Bkln relaxed to the raw weather that
shrivels up the skin and causos a
drawn feeling over tho ontlro surfaco
of tho body, Is very trying, and Is
often followed by a condition that re
quires prompt treatment.
Feeding tho skin la the first atop,
nnd this must bo faithfully carried
out. The action of the wind, particu
larly wbon It Is driven against tho face
by tho rapid motion of an automobilo,
tnd3 to dry out tho natural oil and
leavo tho skin dry and harsh. Then,
too, tho muscles of tho face becomo
stiff and . tense and theso must bo
made to relax and grow pliable and
To accomplish theso two require
ments nothing is necessary but a
good cleansing cream as first aid fol
lowedby a facial bath in yory warm
wafer and onulng with tho use of a
nourishing cream which must be care
fully massaged into tho pores. Tho
cleansing cream must be used nlwayB
upon coming Indoors before any wa
ter Is allowed to touch tho faco. Tho
nourishing cream may bo applied gen
erously and it should bo used as a
foundation for tho protecting pbwder
. before exposing the face to the wind
-and weather.
Among tho many directions that can
be given for tho prevention of harm
to the complexion, nono is more im
portant than tho careful drying of tho
skin after using water, and the still
more careful rinsing after soap has
been used. These two rules admit of
no deviation.
Nover under any circumstances ex
pose your faco or hands to the cold
after bathing them without thorough
ly drying tho skin. This doos not
.necessitate tho use of rough towols or
any unnecessary friction. Gently pat
ting tho skin with a soft absorbent
towel Is much better than sovero rub
bing and to mako sure tho skin Is
freo from molsturotlny bit of cream
nibbed into tho pores, Immediately
after tho drying process, Is excellent
and Is a good preventive of a
chapped surface. Tho careless habit
-of biting tho lips must be avoided If
they aro to be kept smooth and nico.
I All that has been said about the
;aro of tho faco applies equally well
;to the hands. In fact greater caro
must be given them, as tho hands aro
In water bo frequently. Plenty of
cleansing cream rubbed Into tho hands
heforo washing them, tho use of a
soothing lotion Immediately after dry
ing them, and tho very liberal appli
cation of a massage cream will pre
vent tho chapping which often occurs
when tho cold begins to grow pene
trating. Little time Is required for
s this dally caro and much trouble can
bo avoided by observing theso small
Miss jEllso J. K.: Even though you
are not handsomo and magnetic, you
,can still be a very attractlvo girl.
Kcop yourself always well groomed,
cleanly and dressed In good taste. Bo
cheerful and-agreeable DreBS your
hair becomingly without attempting
nny of tho .cxtremo stylos which
usually mako tho prottlest face un
attractive. Keep your comploxlon
clear, your oyoB bright nnd your mind
freo from morbid notions, and you will
.find that you aro qulto as much Bought
after as your friends who you think
have such an advantage over you, as
far "as "good looks" aro concerned.
Friend: If you, uso powder overy
day either dry or liquid powder
you will find It absolutely necessary
to give your face a thorough cleans
ing at night, else tho pores will be
come clogged and the skin will grow
muddy looking. Uso cleanslnfe cream
first, followed by a facial bath In
-warm water nnd mild soap. Itlnso In
clear warm water nnd finish with a
dash of cold water. If tho skin is
inclined to be dry, a little of tho
cream should bo rubbed on after
wards. If there is a tendency to tho
formation of wrinkles, a nourishing
cream Is nocossary, and If there are
deop lines, wrinkle plasters nro very
helpful In smoothing them out.
Inquirer: You would have better
success with your curling fluid If you
loft out tho glycerin entirely. Other
wise tho formula Is all right, nnd It
should mako a very good mixture for
your purposo. There Is nothing In it
which could cause the least harm to
tho hair and you can uso It overy day
without fearing any ill results.
Mrs. William N.: From what you
tell mo In your letter, you need feel
- no alarm about tho condition of your
hair. It does not fall out any moro
than Is normal, and slnco It does not
seem to bo growing any thinner, It
Is probable just the dead hair which
Is dropping out nnd now hair Is grow
ing in nil tho tlmo.
Madame Hollo will reply to ques
tions through tho columns of this pa
per. Letters requiring personal an
swers must contain addressed and
stamped envelope.
(Copyright, WI2, by Universal Press Syndicate.)
Regarding a Shower.
So often I read your pleasing articles
In tho papor that I tnko it upon my
solf to write you for a llttlo help.
I am going to give a miscellaneous
shower for abrldo and wish you to sug
gest somo thing for decorations, also
for prizes, and how many aro nec
Pleaso tell mo how to arrango tho
shower for a brldo and wish you to sug-
brldo? What refreshments should I
servo. Sho Is to havo a homo wed
ding, and has asked me to bo matron
of honor, what could you suggest for
mo to wear. A Young Brldo.
A "shower" is given by tho hostess
asking tho guests to como to hor
houso on tho day and date decided nnd
each to bring somo thing for a "Mis
cellaneous Downpour." Tho articles
to bo wrapped and bear tho name of
donor, with nn appropriate sentiment
or good wish for tho Honored guest.
There are no special decorations be
sides flowers, as you may happen to
havo them. Light refreshments aro
sorved, consisting of whatever bever
ago you Uko with a frozen something
or a salad and sandwiches. I never
heard of prizes unless cards are to bo
the amusement, and your contribution
may be whatever you wish. So much
depends upon whether the brldo .Is
to keep house or board.
Regarding your dress as matron ol
honor; You do not say whether tho
ceremony is to bo In tho day or evo
nlng. In church or at homo or what col
or you or the brldo prefers. You can
mako no mlstako by selecting white.
Engagement Announcement.
Will you pleaBO glvo a novel way to
announce my engagement at an Oc
tobor dinner party? Please BUggest
decorations and kind of favors and
placo oards. If it isn't asking too
much of you, will you BUggest tho
monu. Forget-Me-Not.
To help tell the news tho center
piece may be of bride roses, the placo
cards heart-shaped and tho favors slip
pers which will hold heart bon-bonB.
Servo canapes first, then soup, fish
and an, entree, followed by chicken,
peas and sweet p6tato crouquettes.
Hot rolls or the bread in napkin with
soup course will be sufficient. A fruit
or tomato salad and Individual Ices
decorated with Cupids, hearts and
bell-Bhaped cakeB with coffee "en
doml tasso" will complete an accept
able menu. If you like, tho mono
gram of tho happy pair may be dono
on tho Ices, which may bo heart
shaped. This will tell tho Btory.
Questions from a Near Bride.
Who pays for tho bride's bouquet?
I havo been to my fiance's mother's and
sister's houso to entertainment once
only would it ho proper to ask them
to como to seo my trousseau? Ab our
families havo nover visited, whoso,
placo is it to call first my mother or
his mothor? Unsophisticated.
It is the bridegroom's prlvllego and
pleasure to pay for tho flowers car
ried by tho brldo and her malds(lf she
havo any). By all means ask tho
family of the bridegroom to seo your
trousseau; servo a cup of tea or a
glass of something cool if it happens
to bo warm.
It Is tho place of tho bridegroom's
mothor and sisters to pay tho first call
upon you and your family.
Concerning a Wedding.
If I havo a very quiet church wed
ding with only rolatlves and possibly
a fow friends would it bo correct to
havo tho wedding march played?
Will bo married In traveling suit
will It bo necessary to havo flowers?
Do I pay tho organist? What car
riages do my family engage and pay
for? It. L. M.
By all means havo the wedding
music. You will find it much easier
to walk down and up tho aisle with
it than in dead silence. It is not nec
essary to havo flowers but I think I
would carry a bouquet or wear ono.
Your family engage and pay for nil
tho carriages except tho ono for tho
bride-groom and his best man, who of
courso accompanies him.
Which Is Co.'rcct?
Won't you pleaso settle an argu
ment by stating which Is proper to
say, cat a plate of soup or drink a
plato of soup? Subscriber. .
Strnngo to say, soup is always re
ferred to as being eaten. If you will
stop to think, wo say "Aren't you go
ing to eat your soup?"
Reply to "L. E. N.M
I seo no harm In ono of your boy
friends walking homo from church
with you. Girls of flfteon wear their
dresses just about to tho shoo tops
and their hair caught up on top with
a big bow or tho bow placed at tho
neck, just whichever way Is most be
coming. MME. MERRI.
nila's Pink Dress Was Mighty
By n strango ..coincidence, Just ns
tho clock was striking 8 that balmy
summer night, Miss Anita Wallaco
started out for a solitary stroll from
tho north end of tho boardwalk,
whllo. at tho south end, Mr. Franklin
Sholes, having sunken off hU gay
friends at his hotel, lighted a cigar
and sauntered moodily northward.
Tho Btrangonoss of It lay in tho fact
that only forty-eight hours boforo
theso two young peoplo had quarreled
nnd parted forover, as each ono pas
sionately aftlrmed.
"I shnll go to tho Canadian forests
nnd you may nover hear of mo again,"
was Sholes parting shot.
"I'm going abroad with tho Mac
Phorsons!" called out Anita, mocking
ly. "Goodby."
Each ono believed In tho other's in
tention, but after n day spent in mis
erable reflection docldcd that a broken
heart could best bo mended nearer
homo, so, doubtless actuated by sim
ilar reasons, both tho dejected "lovers
once, but strangers now" had migrat
ed to tho popular shore rosort whoro
a year ago their courtship had begun
and run happily through a wonderful
summer season.
Anita's thoughts wore traveling
backwnrd as sho slowly pursued her
way with her penslvo face turned to
ward the sea. What was the shifting
throng of plcasuro seekers to her?
What did she havo In common with
tho festive world, whoro In every di
rection that her glances turned sho
saw couples arm In nrm, Tond-oyed
and Bmlling? Franklin Sholes was
on his way to Canada and sho was
"After nil, I was foolish 'to como
hero of all places," rcflocted Anita.
"I don't want to caro for him any
more. I want to forget, nnd thoro'a
nothing like stirring up old memories
to mako folks remember. And thoso
woro happy times! But ho has
changed and I hato a stingy man!"
Some distance ahead a solitary
flguro leaned over tho nnrrow railing
and tossed a half-finished cigar Into
tho waves. ,
"Tastes like a stoglo,;' muttered
young Sholes. "Well, I suppose Miss
Anita Wnllaco Is on tho high soaB to
night. Tho sight of tho ocoan gives
mo tho blues what did I como down
hero for, anyway? Brings back tho
old dayB when Anita was bo dear nnd
sweet. Society's spoiled hor and I
hato a frivolous, extravagant woman!
Besides, my Income would not sup
port her. Glad I found It out in
Then, as ho leaned over tho dark,
lapping water, his meditations keyed
to their melancholy music, ho re
called Anita as ho had seen her last
a dazzling flguro In palo pink, with
'delicate hahd-embrolderlos of deeper
rose shades flecked with crystal beads
a beautiful gown, but qulto Incon
sistently worn by a young woman of
modest means.
Thero had beon other times when
his practical mind had revolved
uround tho perplexing subject of his
sweetheart's attractlvo and, as It
seemed to him, extravagant wearing
apparel. It was Sholes' frank criti
cism that had started the quarrel that
ended so disastrously. How defiant,
Jiow tantalizing Anita had been, and
how harshly sho' had forced him to
"Oh, well, she'd bo no wlfo for a
poor man. Vnnlty and extravagance
havo broken up many a homo. But
perhaps I might havo expressed my
self moro diplomatically. Anita's
young and has been flattered a lot.
And that pink dress wan mighty be
coming." Then he continued his way. Mean
while Anita, hoping to find diversion
for her Jaded miud, had turned In at
ono of the llttlo .lapanese bazars that
bordered tho boardwalk, whero tho
regular evening-auction sale wa3 In
Tho placo was thronged, "but sho
found a single front Beat at one sldo
whoro the glib auctioneer's Interest
ing prattle came plainly tc her Ho
was disposing of some fine linens; o
Bmall Oriental rug followed, and after
that tho nlmblo assistant brought
out somo gay flat boxes that dis
bursed soft folds of radiant color
"Llttlo silk scarf, mado In Japan,
all hnnd embroider," chanted tho
auctioneer. "Hero's a beauty what
you call that color? Yes. 'Mcrlcan
Beauty. It is most suitable for 'Merl
can beauty yes, it will make lovely
tha lady who wear It, How much you
offer? Anything to start how much
for this 'Merlcan Beauty scarf? Fivo
dollar, thank you all dat? It la hand
embroldor, not machine, you under
stand? Ton dollar, thank you. Do
I hear more?"
Bccauso of hor bitter, restive mood,
Anita became suddenly possessed of a
desire to possess that lovely, silken
thing, flaunting at hor its rosy pink
sheen and dcllcato embroideries. Two
nights ngo sho had worn an em
broidered rose pink gown.
"Twelve," called somebody on tho
other side of tho bazar. "Thlrtoen,"
stammered Anita, close at the auc
tioneer's sldo, and, when tho word
was repeated, two or thrco higher bids
wero mado. Tho auctioneer nodded
his head toward tho far corner.
"Do I hoar moro 7 Eighteen, thank
you. Eighteen Is bid. eight"
"Twonty," said Anita, her pulses
thrilling with thojsplrlt of the contest.
"Twonty do I hear more? Twenty-
iwor i
Tho auctioneer's look of inquiry
wns answered by a nod from her dis
tant opponent, and, when his glanco
swung around again, Anita snapped
her oyoa affirmatively. So thoy si
lently bid against each other, oho nnd
tho unknown in tho far cornor, whllo
the pattering talk wont on.
"Twcnty-elght," agreed Anltn, at
last, with an uncomfortable fooling of
setting boyond hor depths. "Thirty,"
nodded tho unknown. Anita sank back
with n llttlo gasp of mingled disap
pointment and relief. No, sho would
not bid ngnin, but oh! haw Bho wanted
that lovely rose-leaf scarf from old
Sho looked curiously at tho last bid
der ns sho slipped out to tho board
walk again. Box In hand, ho faced
"You!" gasped Anita.
Tho hot color swopt over hor face
and hor slim flguro stiffened.
"Oh! Then you you great Scot,
Anita, how could I know?" Then
Franklin Sholes began to Inugh up
roariously. "Hush! Everybody's looking nt us.
Thoy'll all understand if if "
Anita suddenly sped nwny as If on
wings and Sholes rnpidly followed
until, In tho shadows,"he overtook her.
"Why, listen to mo, Anita. I'm sor
ry, but say, aro you laughing or cry
ing?" "Both! I nover know of anything
bo ridiculous In nil my life. You wore
going to Canada"
"And you to Europe "
"And we both camo hero nnd bid
against each other on a foolish
llttlo thing a pink embroidered ar
tlclo!" Anita slowly emphasized each do
scriptivo word,-and then there was an
exprosstvo sllonco. Involuntarily they
drow nenrer each other with wistful,
searching glances nnd their hnnds
reached out to clasp fervently.
"Forglvo mo!" said Franklin, husk
ily. "That other, too, was a foolish
thing to quarrel about And Just to
show you how I folt about It tonight,
Anita, I bought this scarf to send to
Tho. girl's dark eyes were misty
with toars as sho folded tho gift to
hor bosom. How unjust she had been
when sho called him "stingy!" Suro
ly ho deserved a full confession.
"Franklin, I want you to know
tonight Is the first tlmo in my life
I was over really extravagant. I
always help with my dresses, and,
Franklin, I can mako my own hats!
I can copy a Paris model so you
wouldn't know tho difference and I
Just glory In being economical I Oh,
l'to often been amused to see you
wondering at my llttlo fineries. But
tho Idea of your paying thirty dollars
for that Japanese triflo when wo
might havo had It for flfteon!"
"Who cares?" cried Sholes, reck
lessly. "It's for my 'Merlcan beauty."
Ole's Discharge Indefinitely Post
poned, and for Really a Very
Simple Reason.
Ole had been tho man-of-all-wor
about tho Randall placo so long that
ho considered hlmBolf n fixture and
had begun to assert his own ideas in
tho management of things, wherovet
ho could. Ono occontrlclty ho prac
ticed was that of denying tho family
to visitors whoso appcaranco was not
pleasing to him. Ono Sunday a friend
drove up in his car and seoing Ola
near tho gate, asked if Mr. Randall
was nt homo.
"No. they bano out," calmly replied
tho Swede.
As a matter of fact the Raudatli
wero nil at homo lounging around In
lieu of something more interesting to
When tho occurrence was brought
to light tho next dr.y"on tho telephone
Mrs. Randall wub vory much exas
perated over It and called tho man tc
"Whyjdld you do such a thing. Olor
sho asked. "Don't you know that inns
is the manager of tho Colossal rail
rood?" Olo looked a bit sullen for a second.
"Ayo know It," hf snid knowingly,
"aye know ho was something on n
railroad n conductor, a brakoman or
somothlng ayo yust know It."
This Incident ropcatod, tho Ran
dalls, served notlco on Olo that he wns
no longer neoded about tho placoTTho
day camo for him to leave and .Mrs.
Randall found him worlclng diligently
weeding tho garden.
"When nro you going?" sho Inquir
ed kindly.
"Oh, ayo tnnk ayo won't go at nll"
ho roplied, without stopping his work.
"Ayo tank ayo will stay now." And
ho did.
Laconic Laconlans.
William Lyon PholpB. Yalo'a bril
liant professor of English lltcrnturo,
wns discussing, nt u dinner In Now
Haveu, the significance of words.
"Some words," ho said, "havo a his
tory, and a knowledgo of their his
tory gives them a richer moaning.
Take, for examplp, tho word 'laconic'
"Philip of Maccdon wns threatening
tho Laconlans.
" 'If I enter your city, ho said, '1
will lovol It to tho dust.'
"'If!' was the Laconlans' reply.
"And tho pointed brevity of that re-'
ply is 'imbedded In our word 'laconlo
Uko n fly In amber."
"In that millionaire's life history
v-Tlttcn for the benollt of young men,
I noticed ho put great emphasis on
tho need of forming thrifty habits."
"Did ho?"
"He said that when ho began life,
he made it a point oven whon ho was
only getting flvo dollars a woek, to
save ton .out of it"
Much Amusement May Be Had With
Little Game When Young Polkc
Cannot Get Outdoors.
Havo say 100 matchos. Lay them
on tho table nnd ngroo with somo ono
to tnko alternately from tho heap any
number not oxceodlng ton, and wngor
that tho last match will como to you.
Thon romombor tho numbers 1, 12, 23,
34, and so on, Increasing by 11 each
tlmo. Supposing you havo tho first
draw, you tako ono match only, and
your opponont can nover havo n
chance, for It ho draws as many as
poBslblo tho first tlmo (10) you takr
ono moro nnd mako tho total 12. Say
ho thon draws 8, and you will Imodl
ately draw 3. Wbon you havo got 89
you will boo that tho other player haa
no chanco. Should your opponent in-
slst on having tho first draw ho will
mako It posslblo for you to attain ono
of tho numbors, 12, 23, 34, otc. Then
tho gamo Is yours.
A great deal of amusoment may bo
had over tho match trick during rainy
evonlngs whon tho young folks cannot
get out of doors to onjoy gnmes In tho
Peculiar Epidemic Among Men Loung
ing In Falrmount Park Toys
Delight Little Children.
Thero Is an opldomlc In Falrmount
park, Philadelphia, of a vory contagi
ous nntruro. Just so long as it was
... . ,T.
Ball In Box Frame.
confined to tho whittling of a Btlck,
casos of it woro Isolated to a fow who
apparently meditated whllo thoy sent
tiny chips fluttering ovor tho ground,
but ono day a regular park devotoo ro
marked that ho could whlttlo n lmtl in
a box frnmo. Ho was callod upon to
provo ills nullity to do bo, nnd no
sooner had ho done so than his admir
ing n8BOCiatOB tried to manufnr-fnrn
others Uko It. Tho oagerness of chil
dren to possoss Buch a unlquo toy add.
ed an Incontlvo to tho fascination of
whittling, and soon so many whlttlcrs
wero In ovidenco that curiosity con
cerning thorn created commont, which
led to Invostigntlon. A stroll through
tho park tho other day rovoalod 37
gentlemen engaged In whittling "ball-In-a-framo."
Ono ot fho whlttlors declared It was
"an off nftornoon" If only 37 whlttlors
woro found, as sovornl "bunches of
boys" found hours of nmusomont in
tho pastlmo.
"What do you got out of Jt?" ho was
"Just tho satisfaction of making It,"
ho smilingly answered.
Tho Illustration shows tho method
of cutting tho ball, and also tho toy
when finished,
Very Effective Trick and Popular
With Jugglers May Be Done With
Aid of Little Needle,
This Is a very effective trick. It
was a favorlto ono with Jugglors and
magicians until tho Becrot was discov
ered. A handkerchief is borrowed,
thrown In tho air, and caught on tho
end of a whirling stick hold by tho
Juggler, whon tho haudkorchlof
sprends out to Its full slzo and com
mences to rapidly spin round. Tho
secrot is that In tho ond of tho stick
a needlo Is -Inserted about ono quar-
Spinning a Handkerchief.
ter of an Inch, leaving tho sharp ond
out. Whon tho handkerchief Is caught
on tho whirling stick tho needlo
point passed through it, thus prevent
ing It falling off tho stick, arid tho
handkerchief will sproad out and spin
about on tho ond ot tho stick,
rMP5'vSf wail
1 si i,lrt'11
i KrtOv
It's fcoeer -ovrt
tfi a i rf Hit -
tTfiVy slows
Noted Scholar Makes Strong Plea
for Phonetlo System Child
Would Save Much Time.
A strong plea In favor of phonotlo
spelling was mado to tho mooting ot
tho British Association for tho Ad
vancement of Sclcnco nt Dundco tho
other day by Sir James Donaldson,
LL. D., vico-chnnccllor nnd principal
of tho University cf St. Andrews and
principal of tho Unltod College of St
Salvator and St. Loonnrd, says a Lon
don cablo dispatch to tho Now York
Sun. Sir James told tho association
that spoiling is a thtng of no conse
quent and everybody ought to be
allowed to spoil as ho Ukos, Just aa
Shakespeare and our ancestors did.
Sir James said that this plan would
lond to phonotio spelling. Our prcaont
systom ot spoiling, ho told the sci
entists, If It can bo callod a system,
Is uniquo In Its absurdity. Tho
French, German and - Dutch spell
phonotlcally, but tho English nro ter
ribly behind them.
If tho English spoiling wero pho
netic, said Sir James, it would bo
easy for tho vholo population ot
China to learn tho English language,
but no foreigners now had a chnnco
to loarn easily, Tho English apoak
lng child taught to spoil phonetically,
ho said, saved at least a year in tho
tnsk of ncqulrlng an education.
Sir James concludod hla phonetic
plea by scoring compositors In gen
pral. Tho present method of making
up words, ho charged, was tho doing
of compositors. "Wo aro slaves ot
tho printers," ho assorted, "and It
wo do not spoil according to their
ways of .thinking thoy clmnga us ovor
and ovor again. And tlioro Is no re
dross." Sir James is an authority on tho
matter of spelling, bolng tho author
of "Tho Modern Grcok Grammar," as
well ns many works on religious bud
Difficult to Move Second Finger From
Between First and Second With
out Separating Them.
Hero's something which Is hardor
than It looks. Bend tho second fin
ger of your left hand, forward and
Join tho tips of tho first nnd third bo-
hind it. Thon try to movo tho sec
ond finger out between them without
Finger Tricks.
separating thorn and without using
tho thumb or employing any other as
sistance. ..
What is tho proper length for ladles'
skirts? A llttlo abovo two feet
If tho poker, shovel and tongs cost
two dollars, what did tho coals come
to? Ashes.
What is that which works when It
plays und playa when It works? A
fountain. ,
What is overybody doing at tho
same lime? Growing old.
When aro silk threads Uko decep
tive friends? When doublo-faced.
What is that which fastens two peo
plo together, yet touches only ono?
Tho wedding ring.-
What Is a button? A small ovont
that is always coming off.
Why do you always put on your left
shoo last? When you havo put ono
on tho othor Is left.
What thing Is drawn moro frequent
ly than another? Cork.
Why does a hen lay eggs only In
tho daytlmo? Bccauso she Is a roost
er at night.

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