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The American Constitution and Creed
of Liberty Are Being Sorely Tried.
Sooner or later we must reach
an ultimatum with the Filipinos.
Already the island and thsir in
cidents have cost us nearly $500,
000,000. How long the people of
-0 this nation w/ill consent to pay
out a half million of dollars every
day to prolong this experiment
in imperial colonialism is an un
guessable conundruim. But that
they will tire of it, eventually is
What are we doing in the
islands, anyhowv Certainly we
are not pacifying them with dis
patch and decorum. True, every
once in a while the accommodat
ing typewriter of the authorities
over there announces that "the
war is over," but before the type
written assurance gets fairly
afloat the cable brings news that
the furtive.and pugnacious Fill
pifios have bobbed up in a fresh
locality and boloed a platoon of
their pacificators. Forty thous
and eldiers is the minimun force
..that so experienced and honest a
ighter as General Chaffee con
siders adequate to maintain even
the present guerrilly campaigns
in the islands. He does not ven
ture to say how many would be
needed to're..lly hold the inhabi
tants in leash and peace. The
truth seems to be that wye are to
have war on our hands in the
archipelago just as long as we
seek to reduce it to subjection
and to the processes of our policy
of Americanization of the inhabi
Our experience is almost- sure
to be that of the Dutch in their
conquest and possession of Java.
At least we will have to abandon
the government uf the people to
- il .d eth
titutions and pu
cus-toms, InSt lDdP
Suits, and ourselves hold on
the seaports, whereby to pio
by the traae and tribute that
can compel the natives to give
us' alone. We can quaranti
them against the world and th
only commerce must be 'with 1
Beyond that we will always f
it difficult, dangerous and dis
trously expensive to '.
Thus far, if reliable repo
have been made by our stat
men and soldiers who have b(
in the islands, we hP. e m:
little progress in commending
the Filipinos our type of west
civiliz.tion. We are slowly f
ing out for ourselves what
Spaniards, after three hund
~ears of effort, could havei
ius at. first hand- A -majority
those Malaysian tribes are
doubtedly as uncivilizable as
American Indians. The imp
tion upon them of the restra
an2d requirements of our civi
tion is the impositionl of a b
age of- death. It means
s~ower, perhaps, but equally
.extinction of the I2impiio0
did of the West Indian u~
. Spain and the North Awe:
Indian under our owul dommr
Instinctively the Fihipinos I
the processes that they
will end in their destruction
people. Turbulence, lawles
and barbaric warfare must a
attend our policy of bene~
N{or are we entering ni
promising career of Christ
tion among them- The 1
Catholic, friars, who are
adeot in the art of convertu)
.heatben to Christian forml
than we, have but a meagel
age to boast from their ce
loog efforts with the Fil
'hose of them who are pr(
Catholics are not eager
dates for our Protestant p
tism and those of themi v
here to the Mohammedan
are likeiv to yield even
our western Christian cuJ
they have to the friars
faith of Romne..
In the educational fi
have begun with a system
enthusiasm ridiculously i1
of the deumands of the si
Our plans are about o1
with those of an exuberal
mner trying to induct the
native~ into a suit of
Waukenfast shoes, an u
a plug .hat. Mr. Fred \'
SOnl, thme Amenican superi
.i education in the islan
rate eindeavors to set up the Mas
sachusetts public school scheme
i, the archipelago. At the bead
of the Springfeld high school,
l;th ample means in control, with
eager, intelligent, ambitious young
Americans for material, Mr. At
kinson ras conspicuo is as :in
educational enterpriser. But in
the Pl'lippines he has run his
nose against a hard proposition.
A thousand American teachers; as
inapt in the environment to which
they have been transplauted as
polar bears would be in Florida,
they are floundering about in dis
comforts and disgusts, yet fatu
oasly trying to cram modern edu
cation into the Filipino kids
according to the strict rules of
Froebel, Pestallozi and Horace
The civil governments which
our academic commission. are or
gqnizing appear to be fearfully
and wonderfully devised to pro
dmice rather than reduce chaos.
Their legislc ve features would
give Solon a pain in the neck and
cause Jubtinian a neuralgia under
his bump of equity. The Filipino
is the slave of ingrained tribal
traditions and practices, or else
the truculent product of the Latin
idea of absolutism in government.
As a drilled and commendable
citizen he is as imitative as a
monkey and as repetitious as a
parrot. Our effort to invest him
with self-governing authority and
a sense of. democratic responsi
bility is a freakism that pales
any proposition that ever blew off
the prolific political prairies of
Kansas. It is bound to end in
abortions of government that will
humiliate us in the eyes of the
whole world.
Wlat to do with this great
brown elephant that we bought in
at Spanish bankrupt Wale8is a
.. - me cofti.i
r nas human apprehension can u
derstand its deliverences, has sa
t that Congress, representingt
O legislative sovereignty of t
nation, can adequately legis1
the system that shall obtain
nr these island possessions..
S; question hangs yonder in
apitol, y between t
is- magnetic poles of imperialism
the one hand and a probations
tts protectorate on the other ha
s- It challenges the American c
,n siitution and the Americanu cr
Le of liberty alike for a rational
tto ust settlement. That settlem
rn. will affect our own system e
d- as vitally *as that of the Phi
the pines, but what will it be.
reed lata Constitution.
ld - ---- - y -- S
of For OverFtyYas
in- ls. Winslow's Sothing Syrup
the ibeen used for over fif yer-b
oi lions of miothers o th ere su
iz It sothe th child, softens the s
er Be llpan CUC thi nd aoic
and-i tke eo reeyr i ie
tce- Soueiethearolinatone oU
sssmest ar doet of the i wet
as five States, is quite fairly r
asasented in the govern ment
nsss tios in Washington. Sh
vascives about the hunctredtl
>let of the public patronage. -
her citizens are governmefl
>n oyees, living in Washi>
2iaa- These receive annually $22
omn 292 Tfhis is a good she
ore ; en we consider the popt
th he and4 wealth as compared
ilrr other States. .
ruit- South Carolina has 36
tuyr- sentatives in the tre asury (
p. imnent, 12 in the war depal
fes2i ii the navy department
anil- the potofiice department,
ysl d- Ithe department of the 13
o a- o 27 in the governmlent F
leision fie, 1 in the departt
ess thaninstice, 13 in the departn
s ththn 1)istict of Columbia, 11
ad theagricultural department,
ni~ on laborer.-Rock Hill
anddanan.heads should Never Ac
exces - ever endure this troub~
aatin-in tonce the remedy that
a parm-it for Mrs. N. A. Wel
trrpim- Winne, Va.,-she writt
ropic le, in's New Life Pills
stlenr adcured mie of sick headach
ter ancl suffered from for two yea]
attkidn Headache, Constipation,
tenden maess. 25c at McMaster C
Li elabo- I store.
Fro Tanuary 20 to 25 Loclus
ive, a G Roads Congres will
be held i ' 4ugusta, Ga., and
earnest effor~ re being mad to
influence the a dance en m. sse
of the people 1 the numer us
counties surroun ' Augus a.
The railroads will on spec -I
rates, and speakers nation
reputation will instruct *e
ple upon the economic o1
good roads, the rad of
world, best methods of construe
tion, the legal necessities of this
section, etc. Addresses will be
made by Hon. Martin Dodge, di
rector of the road division of the
U. S. Department of Agriculture;
by M. 0. Eldridge, assistant di
rector of the aivisioia; - W. H.
Moore, president of the National
Good Roads Society; Supe
tendent Machen of the U. S. Free
Rural Delivery System; by
Governors Candler of Georgia,
and McSweeney of South Caro
lina, and the State geologists of
Georgia, South Carolina and
North Carolina. Several of these
lectures by experts will be il
lustrated. Secretary of Agricul
ture Wilson has written from
Washington that he will also en
deavor to be present. Efforts are
being made tb secure the attend
ance of the South Carolina legis
lature, which will be sitting at
that time. An invitation has
been extended to Admiral Schley,
who will be in Georgia at that
time, to be present, and his at
tendance will be secured if possi
ble. Admiral Dewey has also
been invited. It is desired to gat
a great outpouring of the people
to bonsider the important matter
of. public road improvement.,
A ain of ten.to t el'e of
t t.road.
aing and W ing c
ried on for the five days und
the direction of that society f
e the instruction of the publi
With this machinery the mc
e rapid, economical andr mode
methods of road improvemn
he will be shown. The public ex
e eses and addresses will occur
he the 23rd and 24th.
o The greatest need of this s
ry tion of the South is good pub
3d. roads. In this particular we
~ r bhind the age. To illustrz
ML nd most of the ordinary roads
this section only two and tb
ten bales of cotton can be drawn
two horses; in the most impro
p- road sections of the Uni
At- States from ten to twelve b
of cotton, or their equivalent,
regularly drawn by two hoi
It costs the people in muc.
ha the territory surroundmng Aug
m fromi three to five times wha
s.should to haul their prodi
uns, from three to five viies th4
an vestment in stock is requir'
'erer this territory as in good
ts in secticns to do the same am
tie of hauling.
rfp, It is impossible to ei
- proper profits or much dev
ment uuder such conditions
the is a question of transporte1
oty -Itransportation being at the
pepi- of modern development. P
si- will not omigrate to the se
re- having poor transportation I
part ties; nor can the youth real
11 of such a region be retained. 1
em the poor condition of our
toroads, lands have deteriora
661.- value in competition wit]
vig superior facilities of trans
lation tion of other sections. 'ihe
wvith way to reclaim these value
bring permanent developm
erepr- to provide public highwayE
epart- to the best in tle countr~
mment, awakening of the pub i
86 in science upon this graveo
8inclaims the best efforts of th
iitior, patriotic men of the sectioi
in the A Little Boy's Life Sav<
E1rad I have a few words to say r
lera .Cami -rlain1's Cough Reim
~~e red my little boy's life andI
' I Use ottl or it frm n.E. Steere,
stopped wott es D., and when I got h
tope the poor'baby could hardl5
ter, of I gave; the medi ie ts dre
wholr. ten nIfthought sure he we
whollyte hoke to death. We h
sIhdphegmi out of his no
"."ure strings- I am
BiliuS- not got that 1
, ' muyiu boy
Days at the Exposition. S
Ja 4.bas been set apart
as U Day at the Exposition, d
hoped that many, visi- ji
to that faraway State will ti
on th day meet their Charles
ton f 'ds on the streets of the s
Ivory 'ty. From. January 6 to e
Z, 29 th'e finest live stock e
er held in the South will s,
bth - speci attraction at the s
I"th na Inter-State and a
dian Exposition. This t(
under the direction of Mr. S
u F. Weston, the manager it
e j.amous stock farms at ta
, N. C. More than one o
entries have been made w
t xhibition, many of the r(
breeds having been a
r the competition and 1(
o the States of the 1h
. 9 * -ll bpresented. 'Jan- l<
ai y 10 ertv Bell Day; w
Jan Wt I ill be occu- t
L e a thal ention of the c
D, Id of the e of Press e
Siladep and Pencil w
t1 Ye adep anuary 12 1:
to he the me of the w
Geo airyme a iaona
Ge1-1 15, the Southe istion; a
Jal" TN-urs- 7~
er Associatio; Jan 21
and 11 be the days de -ed h
to .ravelers' Protective -a
So on, and January 27 will
Ci natiDay. There are Iay,
ot rtant events already
er. Among these are
ng of the American
P ation, on Janua 2
6n'a Suffrage .cop
ebrrye 4
the day ,a
d bruary 1:
n- -l S e e, and a rstir of
r ind 3Ja organizations from Chi
r militaryThe two weeks beginning
C. cago- $2 and ending March 15
st March e known as "Old Home
rn will " at the exposition, when
t Week uthl Carolinians and de
)r- all S nts of South Carolinians
on scend ssemble in Charleston;
will 27, Louisiana Day; March
"c- Marc neatenation of Hoo-Hoos;
lic 29, 01 to 6, Virginia Polytechnic
ire ApTiate; April 3. Limestone
,te: Irst'Ve Dny; April 9, Improved
of Coll~of Red Men of the State of
ree Orde Carolina-Chg.rlotte Day;
by Sou! 7 to 14, North Carolina
ed' Aprk; April 21 to 28, Virginia
ted Wetary Institute Week; April
iles Milirand Lodge Junior Order
are 24, ed Mechanics; May 7, State
ses. UnIers' Association; May 8,
1. of Ba.shern Cotton Spixners' Asso
asta Solon; May 13, Independent
it cier of odd Fellows. There
icts; Of also be a Maryland Day, .a
in- Wig Richmond Day,
d in B oV* ay and a.New
oad a na and the Govern
unt Yo Sta the other States
ors of Noideration the ap
ceP-pot hauy for their re
It sp elte
tion; ir.umbago.
asis .on, of Amherst, Va.,
ole 3 - Chbn a year I suffered
' say -. finally tried Chain
ction g m and it gave me en
aci- ber 11 other remedies had
ed iryI tirE la by McMaster Co.
Jndet fail.amebroth
ublie ;- hasannoneed
bed n IG fmaking the race
tihi rship. Mr. Bryan.
o ta- fo ormer Judge Geo.
oly is . federal district
.~d B s annoneed that
t C ing against anyone
qua h .is "toting his own
The e
matter t of Long Life
e mosteeping all the maini
body in heaty
,and in quickly
OUP. -,dly disease germs.
d. -s rsegulate Stomach,
idneys, purify the
garding ye a splend~id appq
1rC that work wouders in cur
bought a f Troubles, Female
of Good- ,, Nervous Diseases,
rathte. on, Dyspepsia, and
ted evr" Vigorous health and
up" alway s follow their use.
c, guaranteed by McMas
o! Dyspapsia Cure
migoet what yon ost.
:hcol Statistics in South Carolna.
Referring to State Superinten
ent McM ahan's annual report,
ist published, The State says of
i sebool statistics furnished:
"They show that although
>me improvement has been
fected in the last few years, as
Rhibited in the comparison of is
daries, average length of ses
on, and school enrollment and
Atendance, a vast work remains
> be done if the children of t
ou th Carolin ) are to receive the
istruction they need. Good 3
aching cannot be secured with
at good pay, yet the average
hite teacher in South Carolina
ceives less than $200 a year
ad the average negro teacher
ss than $100 a year. In the
Lst three years the average
mgth of the school term for
-ite children has increased but :
o weeks and that for negro
iildren has actually been short
aed. The average term of the
hite schools is but 21 weeks, or b
-s than five calendar montb,
hile the negro schools on the
verage are kepLspen but 14 L
eeks, or about .' ,onths. In '
ree years the white eurollment
as increased but 4,000 and the
verage attendance but 8,000,
-hile the enrollment .of negroes Y
as increased 11,000 and their
.rage attendance 6,000. In
9 there were 285,000 pupils '
-ro in the public schools, a c
Lumbe ry far short of the total
>f school ag, while tae average
,tfendance was 208,000. The Ic
low increase in enrollment and S(
ttendance shows that there must
e a xadical change in our school t
olicy if we are to educate the tC
oming citi nship of, South ty
kolina, an ' concur jwith "
o lia
schools'of t .
New Century Comfort.
Millions are daily finding a
world of comfort in Bucklen's
Arnica Salve. It kills pain from
Burns, Scalds, Cuts, Bruises;
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cures Eruptions, Salt Rheum,
Boils and Felons; removes Corns
and Warts. Best Pile cure on
earth. Only 25c at McMaster
Co.'s drug store.
The Anderson Intelligencer
very aptly says: "The greatest
factor for the advancement and
up-buildfug of a' town is men;
men who will meet each other
with a cordial shake of the hand;
men who are not dominated by
spleen, political or otherwise;
men who will take a pride in
showing visitors over the' city;
men who will work for the inter
est of those who come among us;
men who can be depended on;
men who will talk business and
trasact business; men who are
not afraid to do their duty no
matter what obstacles miay be,
placed in their way by the vicious;
ren who never croak nor give ear
to croakers.
Don't Live Together.
Cons ipation and health never go
together. DeWitt's Little Early Risers
promote easy action of the bowels
without distress. "I have been trou
bled with costiveness nine years," says
J. 0. Greene, Dep uw, Ind. ~'I have
tried many rem 'e but Little Early
Risrs give best results." McMa~ster Co.
The Filipinos are a good deal
like the Boers. They keep sur
rendering, but somehow the fight
ing goes on.-Yorkville Yeoman.
On Jellies,
preserves and pickles, spread
a thin cosating of
Rkee them abslel mosurad
houo Full directions In eahpcg.
Sold everywhere.
ST A NDA RD 01. Co.
all right, if ycu are too. fat;
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Fat, enough for your habit, is
althy; a little rcore, or 1.ep. *
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ith your'work. You can't live
1 it-true-but, by it, you
.n. There's a limit, however;
U'll pay for it.
Scott's Emulsion-of Cod Liver
il is the readiest cure ,for#
:in't cat," unless- it comes of
,ur doing no work--yoi.r n't
ing bc well and strong,,without ),'
>m:c sort of actiVity.
The genuilne has .
is picture chit,
ke no other..
If you .MafO'
iad it, '44 d: fo0r -
.ee garnpl , its a
re ble Ail
The office of the County Auditor
will be open for receiving tax returns
from January Ist to February 20th
returns to be made of real estate and
personal property. A penalty will.
accrue when parties fail' to make re
turns within the above mentioned
dates. All male citizens betweenthe
ages of 21 and 60 years are liable to ppl
tax, unless otherwise exempt, and are
required to make return of same.
The Auditor or his deputy will be at
the following places on the days speei
Albion, Monday, January 18.
Buckhead, Tuesday, January 14.
Wolling, Wednesday, January 16. -
Crosbyville, Thursday, January 16.
Woodward. Friday, January 17.
White Oak, Saturday, January 18.
Gladden's Grove, Monday, Januaryk
Flint Hill, Wednesday, January 22. \
Longtown, Thursa January28.
Centreville, Frida ,anuary 2.
M. L. Cooper's, 4turday, January
BlythewoodTuesday, January 2S.
Ridgeway, Wednesday, January 29.
HoreyFr January 31.
Jenkin~sville Tuiesday, February 4.
Monticello, 'Wednesday, February 5.
12-13 Auditor Fairfield o.
I have 10 or 12 real nmce
Horses that I will sell cheap-4
or will trade them for thin
mules. If you need a horse,
come to see nie and I will let
you have one that will give;
you satisfaction.
I have four very fine Milch,,
Cows that I will sell or trade
them for dry cattle,
A. Williford.
- r
Civil Engineer anid Surveyor.
Railroad, land, and water power
veys made. Plans and estimat fur
nished. 11-5

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