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State of South Carolina,
County of Fairfield.
By W. L. Holley, Probate Judge:
Whereas, W. M. Estes made suit
to me, to grant him Letters of Ad
ministration of the Estate and effects
of Mrs. Blanche Ruff Estes.
These are therefore, to cite and
admonish all and singular the kin
dred and creditors of the said Mrs.
Blanche Ruff Estes, deceased, that
they appear before me, in the Court
of Probate, to be held at Winnsboro,
S. C., on October 27th next, after
jublication hereof at 11 - o'clock in
the forenoon, to show cause, if any
they have, why the said Adminis
tration should not be granted.
Given under my hand this 12th
day of October, Anno Domini, 1921.
Judge of Probate, Fairfield 'County,
KC. 29-2t
State of South Carolina,
County of Fairfeld.
In the Court of Common Pleas,
W. B. Wright, Plaintiff,
0 Vs.
T. G. Wolling, Jr., Julius H. Wei
Compbny, and K W, Woling, Do
Pursuant to an oeder cf the Court
of Common Pleas for Fairfield coun
y, in the above entitled action, dat
ed November 6th, 1194, I wil sel
at public outcry, to the highest bid
der, before the court house door in
'Winnsboro, South Carolina, on the
first Monday in November, 1921, the
following described land:
3rd. All that certain piece, par
eel or tract of land, lying, being and
situate in the County and State
foresaid, containing one hundred
and eight acres, more or less, and
bounded now or formerly as follows:
North by lands of J. G. Wolling, Sr.,
and estate of Dennis Legg, deceased;
South by lands of or formerly of J.
G. Wolling, Sr., C. W. Faucett, and
estate of S. A. Hill; East by lands
,of or formerly of J. G. Wolling, Sr.,
Carolina Hopkins, and estate of
Dennis Legg, and on the West by
lands of the estate of S. A. -Hill, de
ceased, and Mrs. Harriet Shelton.
Terms of Sale: Cash. The pur
chaser to comply with, the sale
promptly and pay for al papers and
recording of same.
Otbri, C. C. P. F. C.
October 115, 1921. 29-31
Some of our worst citizens are very
strict in their observance of the Sab
bath day. They are in jail.
"As Copeland Goes, 5
Order by
We Prepay .L
1535 Main Street,
'Columbia Lumber Ma
Sash, Doors and Blinds, I
press and Oak, Flooring
ing, Moulding- Door and
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band were there with their instru
ments to assist with the music. The
pastor used as his subject, "In the
Crowd," calling special attention to
the fact that many characters, per
sonalitis and individualities are sur
renderea rather tan take issue with
the "crowd." Manhood is often sac
rificed for the opinion of the "crowd,"
said the preacher. Jesus immortaliz
ei the rough, wicked city of Naz
areth because he dared to be better
than and different from its popula
tion. He was noble and good in
spite of the crowd. God have mer
cy on the man who thinks that in
-rder to be a "man" and "one of
' boys" tlst he has got to sur
render his character and manhood.
God help the young mon and women
of our day to dare to be men and
women with elean, wholesome lives."
Mr. S. M. Wiley, who has been in
creenville,* on his - vacation, returned
Tuesday afternoon.
The orchestra will assist the music
next Sunday evening at the Baptist
-hurch. All are cordially welcomed
N these services and all others at
this church. On last Wednesday ev
ning Prof. Feruchi, Mr. Dale, Ralph
-ntell and several others of the or
%estra added. much to the prayer
The sermon subject next Sunday
evening at the Baptist church will
"e,The Power is Off and the Mill
Can't 'Run." Everybody come.
A Remarkable Record.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy has
a remarkable record. It has been in
use. for colds, croup and whooping
cough for almost half a century and
has constantly grown in favor and
popularity as its good qualities be
came better known. 'It is the stand
ard and main reliance for these dis
eases in thousands of homes. The
facts that it can always be depended
upon and is .safe and pleasant to
tke are greatly in its favor wheh it
is wanted for children.
Notice is hereby given that orig
inal certificate number two (2) one
share, of the Fairfield Agricultural
Society, dated' January 3, 1914, is
sued to D. R. Coleman has been lost
or destroyed and that the under
signed will apply to said society for
a new certificate on the 22nd day of
October, 1921. t
D. R. Coleman.
o Goes the Fashion"
Did yoever secaboy who
ldn't wear out,two pair of
nts to every coat?
f you have, he's the ex
It's economy to buy your
ys' suits. with two pair of
Bring your boy in. We
t to fit himt out in a real
t with two pair of pantss.
$8.50 to $22.50.
Columbia, S. C.
ufacturing Company
~urers of
nterior Finish, Pine, Cy
Ceiling, Weatherboard
indow Frames.
Observer Printing House Has Decided
to Publish Immediately a Ravieqi
and Enlarged Edition of -31i a
Charlotte, N. C. - A publicatic
which is resulting in keeping at hn
A tens of thousands of dollars
ormerly went out of the Carol
be manufacturers of other statez
the Carolina Shopping iUst, which
pblished co-incident- with - the -Mbed
n-Carolinas Exposition by the '..
erver Printing House at Charlot.
icording to reports from every sed.
Lion of the Carolinas.
This shopping list contains the vmot
:omplete list of Carolina ManufactuP'
Drs ever compiled. It was distributed
y the Charlotte concern without cst
ind is now being consu'lted by the
wnds of merchants throughout the tft
states who are coming to see the .
rantage of trading at home .Wft
oods of the same quality can W.W .
:ured at as low or lower cost ta*
they can be secured elsewhere. ew
ooklet was distributed through .ad
a Chambers of Commerce. ahrta
erchants' asocations and other e
c institutions and also to usftg
Lad consumers.
The reception to the
asa been such that -the
Printing House has decidd te
mmediately a revised and
dition, of which 30,00Q copeie 10
listributed. The cost of
printing and distribution Wil,,
s than $10,000, but t
will be delivered free by
rising Charlotte estbhntent
Telegraphers -.
ations, controlling 600
hey would not s a
he leaders of the 375
)f way employes and - Ct
tatonary aremea at a 4
eeting voted to withfaw
horiation of a walkout, lea
he 75,000 telegraphers posi
he "big ve."
Sharp Freiht led
ag the rairoad. sttlke
aken by two departments df the i0
~rnment when the International Comn
nerce Commission ordered - freight
ate reductions on grains, grain' pro
lucts and hay In the territory be
ween the MIssissippI river and the
'acific coast. .
Hun Cabinet KasResigned. .
Berlin.-The German cabinet.er1sis,
hich has been hanging fire for more
an a week over the Upper Sileslan
isue, came to aclimax when the Min
stry, headed by Chancellor Wirth,
ondered its resignatIon.
One Tax Question Settled.
Washingto.-Onle of the big tax re
rislon Issues In the senate was settled
with the adoption. 54 to 13, of the re
aublcan compromise income surtax
ates with the minimum at 50 per
Bulgarian Minister Murdered. .
Sofia .-M. Demitreff, Bulgarian min
inter of war, was assassinated whllej
notorng near Kosterdil, a resort 4
nles southwest of this city.
Steel Rail Prices Reduced. .
New York.-A reduction of $'1 aj
en in the price of standard rails was
no~iced by the United States steek
orporation. The new price Is $40.
Woman a Candidate for Governor.
Portmouth, Va. - Virginia .has a
oman candidate for governor this
rear, 2irs. George Custis of Keller.
nnouncing her candidacy on an indo
~endent-socialist ticket.
Acquitted of Coyle Murder.
Birmingham, Ala.-A verdict of not
uilty was returned ;by the jury
a the case of Rev. Edwin R. StepgenD
on, tried for the murder of Father
Fames E. Coyle.
Many 33d Degree Masons. .
Washington.-The honorary 33d de
re was conferred on a class of near
y 200 by the supreme council, Scot
ish Rite Masons, southern jiurisdic
Ion, which is in session here. It was
oted to hold the next meeting at Salt
Ake City in August. 1922.
Playing Baseball in Mexico.I
Mexico City. - Teams of baseball
,layers which came here from Texas
r a series of exhibitionf games i
oonnection with the centennial oele
,ration, fotund the real Amer'ican game
was played here. even though with a
lexican accent.
Explorer Loses Life.
Zurich.-Seekng a passage betWeen
e two grand Jumelie pealta In theI
.lps, Sydney Hillman, well linown sa
nn explorer, tell over a precipice a
of er sooth CAOec.,
County of Fairfeld.
An the Court of Commen Ple
Milton Stevenson, Plaintiff,
W. H. Ruff, Jr., Defendan.
In pursuance of an order of the
Dourt of,Common Pleas made in the
above case, I will offer for sale be
'ore the Court House door ,in
Whmsboro, S. C., on the First Mon
Iag in November, next, within the
Agal hours of sale, at public outcry
4o'the highest bidder, the following
eeribed tract:
11 that piece, parcel or tract of
44C lying, being and situate in the
diunty of Fairfield, State of South
*rolina, containing two hundred and
Talking "abou
your own cigare
tell you right :
Prince Albert tc
em all lashed to
You've got a b
happiness comin
rection when you
P. A. and the
papers! For Pri
is not only del
your taste and F
exclusive patent
frees it from bite
Ash your dealer about the
Perfection Oil- Heater Ceu
gest- -$5,000.00 in prises.
or less, lying on the Western side of
the public road leading from the res
idence of Dr. T. G. Douglass to New
Hope Church, and bounded by lands
of Robert G. Simonton, Mrs. Rebec
ca J. Brice, the said public road, the
Yongue lands and other lands of the
estats 'f Robert Milton Stevenson,
deceased, and having such shape,
marts and - boundari as -are more
fully represented on a plat or sure
vey thereof made by T. M. Boul
ire, Surveyor, bearing date of the
12th day of December, 1895.
Terms of Sale: The purehaser
shall pay one-third cash, and the
balance in two equal annual install
ments, payable one and two years
after date of sale, respectively, with
interest from date of sale at the
Mbert's a ne
en the joys c
t rolling - And, for a f
tes, we'll up Prince Alber
tere that easy! P. A.is cri
bacco has stays put and yi
the mast! into shape' befo
andfui-of- count thret! Ai
Sydur di- instant you're p
pal it with to beat the bakdI
makin's Prince Albert
ice Albert that it iasrfedf
ghtful to smoke jimmy p
leasing in one was smoked 1
a,but our the greatest o:
d process smoke that evel
ad parch! way into a pipe0
~h national joy amok.
I,~ ll O
will"'prov oe eco -
ical in over a million homes
'this year than ever before.
Goal prices have changed
but little in the last twelve
months, while Aladdiii Se
curity Oil, the best kero
sene you can buy, has gone
~down nearly 50%.
The Perfection is an effi
cient heater. There's no
waste of fuel, no ashes that
represent many of the
pounds that go to make up
your ton of coal. Rooms
and hallways that are used
fifty-four and one-fourth acres, no".
rate of seven per et per anum,
interest payable aa*Wy, the credit
portion of the purchase prie to be
secured by bond and mortgage Of
the purchaser. on said land, .which
shall nTin the usual covezants and
conditions. . All bidders at the said
sale to deposit with Clerk of Court
the sum of One Hundred Dofars
($100) as-evidence of good faith,
:me to be returned to the unsuc
cessful bidders, and as to the succes
'il bidder, to be applied on the pur
chase price of said land.. The par
-haser to pay for all necessary pa
pers, stamps, etc.
0. C. C.-P. F. C.
Date4, October 13, 1921. 2"1
f rolling emi
Lct, rolling
t is mighty
mp cut and
)Uwhisk it Pvea Alet t
e you can
Ld, the next ,
zfing away r '":
is so good
our men to
sforifi t's
id buddy
found its
r cigarette!
ts balIy about
lid last year"
al this fall and winter
oly a few minutes each
ay are an added source of
wasted heat, greater, prob-.
ably, than you imagine.
Lse your coal heater to keep the
whole house warnm. Then in cold
weather, instead of "rushing" the
ire all day, make the living rooms
omfortable by using a Perfection,
just where you want it-iS tlhay
window or the opposite side of the
room from the radiator.
You can burn a Perfection for
about 10 hours on a single gallon
of kerosene. Your hardware or
department store salesman will
gladly point out its' simple con
struction and smokeless wick ad
justment to you.

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