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Wednesday, October 4, - - 1?9*>
?Jud^e O. W. Bachanan is holding
court in Gaffiiey this week. He left
V owa v ?> C rt in ft t*
JJCI c '/ji uaiuiuaj
?AJr. ai:d Mrs. Holbrook R on and
family moved on Friday into Cap?.
C. S. D wight's boose, 'which they have
fe rented.
Afc-?" ?Lii anticipation of a large amount
of faU trade some of the stores have
secure'! an extra force of clerks and
arc now preyared to meet the lush.
?2Ar. and Mrs. Frank Fooshe moved
on Friday in Mrs. Connor's house,
where they have rented rooms They j
have beeu occupj ing the Timms hoase
ever since ujeir arnvai iiub.
Joseph Stockford, Hodgdon, Me.,
healed a sc^8 rnnning for 6even years
and cured ais piles of loDg standiog
by rising DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve. |
*' ? 3?. I
ic cnres an skxo uiseaseb. jnujattawer
?The appearance of the poetoffice
has been greatly improved by the reX.
guild! r.g of the lock boxes. Tbey are
now brigbt and shining and look like
new oues. The office is now new and
attractive in every respect.
?Mr. W. IT. Fleoniken's residence
at Bellcvae i- now in course of erec
tion. This i? the third bouse that has
been built on ibis spot. There is no
prettier location about town than this
and the new house will be very pretty.
?A shooting acrape between two
of the operatives at the factory took
place on Monday at about two o'clock.
A man by the name of Overstreet fired
at Strickling five times, wounding
him in the leg ju8t above the knee.
Dr. J. C. Ruchanan was called in to
attend the wounded man.
Millions of dollars, is the valne
placed by Mrs. Mary Bird, Harrisburg,
Pa., on the life cf her child, which
she saved from croup by the use of
One Minute Cough Cure. It cares all
conghs, colds and tfcroat and Jung
troubles. McMa6ter Co.
?Mr. John B. Stevenson desires,
throngh these columns, to thank the
members ot the fire department and
the citizens, both white and colored,
who rendered him such great assistance
at the fire which recently destroyed
bis home. He appreciates the
kindness of his fcllow-citizens.
?Women and children do not need
maie escorts to attend the Great Wallace
Shows. Polite attendants are
employed to protect and direct them,
see that they secure good seats, and
tbat they are not molested by boisterous
characters. There are never any
but weil behaved crowds at the Wal
lace sbow.
Eat plenty, Kodol Dyspepsia Cure
wiil digest what you eat. It cures all
forms of dyspepsia and stomach troubles.
E. R. Gamble, Vernon, Texas,
says, "It relieved me from tbe start
acd cored me. It is cow my everlaBiingfriend
" McMaster Co.
A /iAnr>n/iatmn nf iKa Wniconnal
a. luuiuoauvu ?' -"f r?
churches in the upper part of the State
coaveaed in St. Mark's Church, Cbes'
ters ou Wednesday morning. The
meetings are being held in the church
kbolld-.ig which St. Mark's congregation
recently bought from the A. R. F.
congregation, we learn from the ChesH|
ter Laatern.
?The cotton seed oil mill hasxeH
sumed the work of making oil and is
B running dav and nigbt. The gin bas
been bnsy for some time, and a qaantity
of the fleecy staple has been converted
into bales. This part of town
presents a very bnsy 3cene, the roller
mill, oil mill and cotton gin all being
'ocated on one lot
' ?All through the summer the Fairfield
Coiton Mill has been laying in a
supply of wood and the amount on
hand is a curiosity. Pine wood is
burned principally, being cheaper than
coal. The farmers whose lands contain
a quantity of this old field pine,
which is unfit for any other use, are
?1- J i. - >- - -LI. 1 - J-If
giau tt> ije auie iw uiopvoo ui ib cw u?i
"If vou scour tie world you will
never find a remedy equal to One
Minute Cougb Cure," says Editor
Fackler, of the Micanopy, Fla.,
"Hustler." It cured his family of
LaG-rippe and saves thousands from
pneumonia, bronchitis, croap and all
throat and long troubles. McMa^ter
?According to the Lancaster Enterprise,
that jtown will from this time
forth be tree from such naisances as
merry-go-rour.ds. The town council
having received many complaints, decided
to put a stop to this form of
amusement, and tbe cofored people
and children will hereafter be deprived
of this pleasure.
s ?The cold wave predicted by the
weather bureau arrived on schedule
time and is most unpleasantly suggest
ive of winter. Ic fiuds many people
entirely unprepared for cold weather
coming as it does so much earlier tban
usual, and wood 'and coal are in great
: -9 demand. A. ii^ht frost was seen on
b Monday morning, whicii is rather un^
usual for October 1st.
i "It did me more good than anything
I cv?r used. My dyspepsia was
of months' standing; after eating it
we.* terrible. Now I am well," writes
S. B. Keeu r, Hoisington. Kas., of
Kodol Dyspepsia Cure. It digests
w':atyoueat. McMaster Co.
?The Winthrop students from this
place write that they have been kept
busy with classification examinations.
Tsese examinations, they say, were
extr-mely difficult, but all got through
well and are lelieved that this trying
ordeal is over. These students bid
fair to do great credit to old Mt ZiOii,
L where they prepared themselves for
?The circus tents will be pitched
in the same field that has been used
b *-] -? the shows that have come
HLere tfitnin the past few years. This
^^isthe vacant lot adjoining Mrs. E. A.
mEggy Bacot's residence in the western part
Jp of town. This lot is large and level,
is convenient to all parts of town, aud
is ab<">at the best place that could be
selected for the circus.
Bismarck's Iron Serve
Was the ro^ult of his splendid health
Indomitable will and tremendous
energy are not found where Stomach,
Lirer, Kidneys and Boweis are out of
order. If you want these qaalities
and the su. cess they bring, use Dr.
Kin^ Ntw Life Pills. They develop
every power oi ur^i; and oody. Only
25c. at McMaster Co.'s drug store.
Sore lungs, pain in the chest and painful
breaching, the forerunners of
pneumonia, are quickly relieved and
cured by the old reliable Up. Jp&n W.
Bull's Co^gh Syrup. It fcpeglcs up a
cold in one night. Try it at once.
Will quickly heal Sore Lungs.
Doses are small and pleasant to take. Doctors
recommend it. Pricc 25 cts. At all druggists.
?\Jne 01 me moot, aitractive asuurs,ments
of fall goods is now displayed
by the Caldwell Dry Goods Co. Fine
dress goods, silks, gloves, hosiery, and
everything that one coald wish may
be found here, and at the most reasonable
prices. A large and varied stock
of shoes, and beautiful lice of millinery
are important departments of
this store. It will pay you to call and
examine their goods.
?The ladies who are interested in
the Methodist chapel are making a
great effort to bay an organ. They
feel the need of one in the services
and realize that good music will make
| the services more attractive, particn
!ianyiotne cmiaren. *very enorc is
j being made to secure sufficient money
for this purpose, and with the aid of
friends they hope soon to have a nice
Pre?ident King, Farmer's Bank,
Brooklyn, Mich., has used DeWitt's
Lictle Early Risers in his family for
years. Says they are the best. These
fsznous little pills cure constipation,
billioussess and all liver and bowel
iron d ie8. Mcmasier uo.
?It is rumored that a school is to
be opened for the ehildren of the
factory operatives. This will be a
great boon to these children, as the
distance from their homes to Mt. Zion
is too great for small children to
walk. If the school is opened one of
the chapels will probably be used for
the school exercises. It is to be hoped
that this school will m&terialize as
these children shonld not be deprived
of an education.
?Several Manila papers, sent by
Lieut. R. H. McMaster to his parents,
have been handed us. These papers,
which are published in M8,nila, are the
Freedom and The Manila Times, and
are about six weeks old. They are
exceedingly Interesting, principally on
account of having been published in
such a far away place. They contain
accounts of base ball games, have
flaming adrertisements and are in
nearly every respect very moch like
our American papers The papers are
printed in English, and the type is
clear and good. ; ? The
southbound passenger train
on Tnesday was crowded jwith college
boys and girls on their way to Columbia,
Spartanburg and other college
towns. The numbers was considerably
swelled at this station, as a
large party left here. The town is beginning
to look rather deserted 6ince
so many of the young people have left,
* _ ?t- 1 -c 4U^
ana oy ice euu ujum ween, nueu wuo
students leave for Charleston, there
will be very few left. Every fall
there is an exodus from town, so many
students, school teachers and visitors
leave. . ? .
The "Plow Boy Preacher." Rev. J.
Eirkman, Belle Rive, 111., says,
"After suffering from Bronchial or
lung trouble for ten years, I was cured
by One Minute Cough Cure. It is all
that is claimed for it and more." It
cares coughs, colds, grippe and ail
threat and lung troubles. McMaster
?Sunday's State contained an inte
resting account 01 the weuamg 01 rtey.
Jas. G. Glass and Miss Era Lee Fairbanks
which took place on Thursday
morning at 7 o'clock in St. Augustine's
ehapel, Sewanee, Tenn. The bride's
only attendant was Miss Susie DuBose
and the best man was Mr. B. Lawton
Wiggins, Vice Chancellor of the University
of the South. The ceremony
was performed by Eev, W. P. DuSoee
assisted by Rev. Mr. Gnerry. The
chapel [was beautifully decorated in
white and green. Many beantifnl
and costly presents were received by
the bride.
-Some excitement was caused on
Saturday in the millinery department
r?f thp Haldwell T)rv Goods Co. bv the
overturning of a large lamp. The
lamp, which i8 a large sun burner,
wa6 lighted and was placed on the
floor doing daty as a stove, and one
of the young ladies ia pacing brushed
it with her skirt, upsettirg it. The
oil poured out andf ome iigut materials
lying near caught fire bui the flames
were soon extinguished and no real
damage was done. It was rather a
narrow escape from what might very
easily have been a very serious accident.
?The Mt. Zion Society ha3 recently
been presented with a poi trait of
Timrod. Thi9 picture of tbe poet,
which is considered a fioe likeness,
wiii bang in ibe 6chool Horary and
will be greatly prized. Mr. Courtney
or tbe Timrod association presented
the picture through Miss Allston, who
is agent for Timrod's poems in Winnsboro.
Such gifts are very welcome to
tVinae whn interested in the school
library, and this portrait, which is the
fir?t picture of any kind to adorn the
library wall?, will, we hope, 600n
hang side by side with the pictures of
other great men that South Carolina
has produced.
\ Strong Fortification.
Fortify the body against disease
by Tutt's Liver Pills, an absolute-cure
for sick headache, dyspepsia,
sour stomach, malaric.,
constipation, jaundice, biliousness
and all kindred troubles
r'T&e F!y=Wheel of Life"
Dr.Tutt; Your Liver Pills are
.he fly-wheel ef life. 1 shall ever
jc grateful for the accident that
^rcu^ht them to mv notice. I fee!
O *
: if I had a new lease of life.
j - Fairleigh, Platte Cannon (>'
fairs Liver Pias
Dr. W. H. Wakefield,
of Ulnrlo-.te, N 0., win be in Winns*
0t;ro; s? Winn-h- ro Hotel, on Thursday,
Octouer ?ib, ioj this one day
only, his practice is limited to eye,
trtr, uofe and throat. 9-12td
Barjjlary at Corn well's.
A TrtHt-nhon<? m#?fiaaur/? nn Mnn/l?r 1
uoruing informed us of a burglary 1
wbicb occurre l on Sunday night at
Cornweli's. A lafe in the store of J
Corr.weli & Colvin was broken into i
and $17s was taken. There is ne clue
to the burglars.
Winter Waists and Bodices.
Odd waists and bodices have coma
to ne an accepted ana essential part or
every woman's wardr-be, so it is well
to bestow a little thought upon the !
general effect, and in ?eiectiog material
and trimming to have those which ,
maich the skirt in color. This applies ,
to thr! ch esey bodice. A shirt-waist in
winter is usually made to wear with
iackei cnits, and should contrast oret
tily.?0,t->ber Ladies' Home Joarnal.
"When our biys were almost si^&d
frou: -rlto .pinj/ cough, oar doctor
gave Out- .vliunte Congb Care. They (
recoverel rapidly," writes P. B. ]
Belles, Argyle, Pa. It cures coughs,
colds, grippe and all throat and lang j
troubles. "McMaster Co.
Mr. Editor: Please allow me through
your valuable paper to thank the citizens
of Winnsboro for their assistance
in saving my house aud contents on
the nigfr of the fire which destroyed 1
the hous3 of Mr. J. B. Stevenson. By i
the prompt work of the fire companies i
with the assistance of other citizens, i
everything of mine wa3 saved uain
jared. With sincere thanks, I am i
yonrs respectfully, ;
J. L. Richmond. ;
Mrs. Jemima SpriDgle, mother of j
Capt. Wm. Sprinkle, the popular con- (
doctor of the Southern Railway, died
mi. U *11 )kI1A C/tntAm.
at Liei uuLue m uuanuac uu ccytouiber
19th. The old lady received a
severe fall on the 18th of August,
from which she never recovered, and
ahe passed peacefully away on the
above date.
For years Mrs. Sprinkle was a resident
of tbis place. Sbe mo/ea to
Winnsboro in 1$40 and remained until
January, 1869, when she returned to
her naiive State. North Carolina She ,
was 86 years of age, and died within J
seven miles of her birthplace. Many i
Of our older citizens will remember
quit? well when the Sprinkle family
lived here, and will hear with regret ^
of Mr3. Sprinkle's death.
vwvSm 1
i#oa sftw;y babh no \ pui)i eqi v - otn
. 1
Mr Editor: Allow me space in your 1
fho i^oafh ftf VflBK '
Annie Broom, daaghier of Mr. and
Mrs. S. C. Broom, which occurred in
the Greenbriar neighborhood on the
5th of September. She was 16 years
of age at the time of her death, and
was a devoted and affectionate daughter
and sister; and notwithstanding
ali that medical skill and loving hands
conld do, 'she gradually grew worse
until tbe end came. She leaves a host ^
of relatives and friends to mourn her
untimely death. Le the One that gave -1
and the One that taketh away soothe
the aching hearts ot fcer loveu ones.
A Friend.
Greenbriar, Oqober 2, 1599. J
Volcanic Eruption^ ^
Are grand, but Skin Eruptions rob 1
iife of joy. Bucklen's Arnica Salve
cures them; also Old, Ranning and j
Fever Sores, Ulcers, Boils, Felons, ,
Corns, Warts, Cuts, Bruises, Burns,
Scalds, Ciiapped Hands, Chilblains,
Best Pile cure on earth. Drives out ]
Pains and Aches. Only 25 cts. a box. 1
Cure guaranteed. Sold by McMaster
Co., druggists.
The following clipping which gives (
an account of the dea:h of Mr. F. C. <
Shell, of Laureni, we take from the
State. Mr. Shell was a brother of Mrs. \
S. B. Crawford, of tbi? place: t
Laurens, Oct. 1.?Mr. Frank C.
Shell, son of ex-Congres3man G. W. r
Shell, died last night at his father's
home, bi7iog been ill since last Christ- '
mas. He was perfectly resigned and
told bis family some time ago that he j
could not live longer than the first of ^
October. He was a genial and kind- ,
heartta voung gentleman and was
very fond of his famiiy and friends.
Mr. shell was private secretary to ]
hia father whilp a member of Cousrress
from tbis district. He was about 32 '
and bis uutimely demise is deplored by 1
his numerous friends tbroughout this
section. The funeral and interment ]
took place tbis afiernoon at 4 o'clock ?
from Chestnut Ridge churcb, the ceremonies
being atteuded by a large con- '
??-*-?*1 j f i vna onH
eouree ui eunumug iohuhus
friends. .
_ J
Excursion Bates Still on Sale by Soothern 1
The special rates offered by the Southern
Railway to Philadelphia on ]
account of the National Export Expo- <
siiion Lave proven very attractive, ,
and the travel north by this popular i
line has been very large. Tickets are j
sold on Tuesdays and Thursdays of
each week from all points at a rate of j
a fare aud one-third plus 50 cts, ad- ]
mission to exposition, and are limited ^
30 days from date.
The Southern Railway will con- ,
tir.ne sale of these low rates until ,
November 23rd, no tickets however
Ko limits havnriri Dpcamher 2nd. i
. ?J (
This is the only Jine offering double
daily service between the North and
Sou'h with dining cars, observation ;
carg, aod throagh palace sleeping cars |
between important cities in this section
and New York.
All agents of this company will
promptly give foil information desired
by those contemplating this trip. \
Solicits a share of the public patronage.
9-26 ly
The case of the administrator of the
eBtate of Hugh Wilson vs. the Southern
Railway occupied all of Monday and
Tuesday. The jury retired late Taesday
afternoon and at about ten p. m.
returned a verdict for the amount of
$4,500. The amount sued for was
In the case of Traylor vs. the County
for Injuries sustained by falling
through a bridge, the jury brought in
a verdict of $500 in favor of Mr. Traylor.
me case or Virginia teener vs. uonn
Wisha^t came np before the court on
Friday aad wus deci.ied in favor of
the former.
The next case was that of the
Southern Railway vs. Hanahan, which
was decided in favor of the railway.
After this case the juries were dismissed
MEN Kidney trouble preys
- npon the mind,discoarana
a?res an(} lessens ambiWOMEN
tion; beauty,vigor and
cheerfulness soou disappear when the
kidneys are oat of order or diseased.
For pleasiog results use Dr. Kilmer's
3warap-Root, the great kidney remedy.
At drnggists. Sample bottle by mail
free, aldo pamphlet. Address, Dr.
Kilmer & Co., Binghamtoo, N. Y.
The Earl Sisters are as ravishingly
beautiful, as bewitchingly fair as they
are eminent in aerialistica. There are
two of them?Maud and Haeel. We
shall not attempt to describe their
wonderful aerial acrobatism for the
Bimplo reason that cold type can not
portray its infinite charm?can not, in
fact, even begin to do it jastice.
Suffice to say that tremendous audiences
in Europe, Msxico and Canada
has testified to their surDastioer excel
lence by gush prolonged, tumultuous,
wild and unbounded applause that
report of their triumphs has spread
literally unto the uttermost parts of
the earth,
There is organizing in Australia at
;his writing a big syndicate which is
formulated for the sole purpose of prariding
a guarantee ef sufficient proportions
to induce these petted favorites
cf fortune to visit thateountry.
The trip can not be made in lees
ihan twelve weeks, and the Misses
Carl demand twenty-two thousand
Jollars and all expenses before they
fvill undertake tbe journey..
Even at this enormous figure all!
Australia wants to see them?and are
impatiently longing for their coining.
They are with the Great Wallace j
5howe, which will exhibit in Winns- j
joro on Friday, October 13.
1A.k 1QQ7 T>att I
vu Uic iv/*u ox i/cucuiuci, w*>i| tisii
3. A. Donahoe, pastor M. E. Charch,
South, Pt. Pleasant, W. Ta., contacted
a severe cold which was at:ended
from tfte beginning by violent
jongbing. ?avs: "After resorting
,o a riirnbr, <.j fo-called Specifics,'
isualh iii t ? house, to no parpose,
I puiojijt.evl a bottle of Chamberlain's
Coogh Remtdy, which acted
ike a charm. I mo3t cheerfully recomnend
it 10 the public." For sal* by
Mr.Master Co. 4
M-* II. A G-.illard has returned
'rou? Charleston.
Mr Gordon Qnaltlebaam left for
Edg-. field on Tuesday.
Miss Annie F. Davis has gone to
Jolumbia to spend several days.
Miss Susie Lumpkin expects to leave
loon for Orangeburg to visit friends.
Mr. Edgar Matthews was at home
:rom Clemson College for a few days
last week.
'? ? TV * 3 J?^
Mrs. u. a. jJongiasB anu cmiurou
eft on Saturday for tbeir home in
Mrs. Spann Edmunds and Mill
Dannie n&munds, of Bidgeway, spent
Wednesday in town.
Miss Maggie Jenkins has returned
lome after spending sereral weeks
ffith relatives in town.
Mr. J. Gregg McMatter went to
Charleston Saturday to enter the
Jharlestou Medical Co!legs.
Miss Rachel Mc Master has returned
o Newberry where she will teach in
be graded scbool In that city.
Miss Lucy Matthews returned on
rbarsdny from WilliamBton Female
College on account of sickness.
Miss Ellen Pearson spent Taesday
n town and left on the afternoon train
for Rock Hill to resume her studies at
VVintbrop College.
Miss Bessie Hall returned home
Friday after visiting in town. Sbe
sxpects to leave shortly for Williamson
to enter the school there.
Misses Isabelle Douglass, Clara
Beaty and Janie Flenniken left on
Tuesday for Columbia]where they will
attend the Presbyterian College.
Dnring the winter of 1897 Mr. James
Reed, one of the leading citizens and
merchants of Clay, Clay Co., W. Ya.,
?truck his leg agiinst a cake of ice in
mch a manner as to bruise it severely,
[t became very much swollen and
pained him so badly that he could not
?ralk without the aid of crutches. He
was treated by physicians, also used
?everal kinds of liniment and two and
i halt gallons of whiskey in bathing
it, but uothing gave any relief until
QC Oe?;an using uuuuwriiuu ? luu
S&ltn. This brought almost a complete
cure in & weet'g time and he believes
that bad he not used this remedy
bis leg would have had to be amputated.
Pain Balm is nnequaled for
3prains, bruiies and rheumatism. For
sale by McMaster 'Jo.
under the name of Lips?omb k
Smith is hereby dissolved by mutnal
consent, Chas. J. Smitb assuming all
the indrbtedness of the firm and to
whom all bills are to be paid.
Ridgeway, S. C., Sept 1,1899.
{ ? -
Vsc&tion da"s are dow nt j civ
and -he ieachtr? wno hi?ve not aitc^d-takeD
charge of their school- will ?.!
so very soon. No doubt, with the ai-J
the State and county summer schools
have given them, our teachers will be
enabled to do am >re useful and interesting
work this aescion. Education
is truly a grand, a noble work, and
teacners enouia taue a deep interest
in developing the minds of tbeir
pupils; for are not these Utile ones,
who are now striving to climb the
"tree of knowledge," to take the
place of those who are now holding j
the responsible positions of our con 'try?
The patrons of the Blair school have j
secured the services of Mr. John Jef :
fres, a recent gr*dna'e of CiemKK' j
The farmer? of this s^ctio;i ^avert I
very Jiitle fodder owios t-s 'he excessive
rains. Bav is bein^ harvest ? |
to make up the deficiency.
Miss Aoguaia Salyer is vi-dti^.''
friends in Spartauyaitf countv.
Miss C. E?telle Lyles left on resier
day to take cbar^ cf her sc'.oot v?
uaswooa, & u.
Snperinterdon? Mcilaha;* ?;?!? bi?i?ter
Miss Annisr tpent the ;>a-> wt-si; l!
at :h?iro)d home. .11
Cadet T M Lyles returned to the \
citadel on the 29th.
Blair, too, has tb<* appearance otj
having an iron fonndary wifhin its!
limit?, as there is qaite a demand ter }
oia iron. '
The hftalth of the couamaaitv is very B
good with the exception of a few eases
of chills and fever. R.
September 80, '99.
His Life Was Saved.
Mr. J. E. Lilly, a prominent citizen
of Hannibal, Mo., lately had a wonderful
deliverance from a frightful
death. Io telling of it he sayp: "I
was taken with Typhod Fever, that
ran into Pneumonia. My lungs be- C
came hardened. I was so weak I
couldn't even sit up in bed. Nothing
helped me. I expected to soon die of
Consumption, when I heard of Dr. q
King's New Discovery. One bottle h
gave great relief. I continued to use r
it, and now am well and strong, I n
can't say too much in its praise." This ^
marvellous medicine is the surest ai>d J
quickest cure in the world for all ^
Throat and Lung Trouble. Regular
sizes 50 eents and $1 00. Trial bottles ^
free at McMaeter Co.'s drugstore; ,,
every bottle guaranteed. ^
- B
Three notable series of articles are E
begun in the October Ladies' Home B
Joarnal: "Her Boston Experiences,"
analyzing Boston society; "'The Thea- S|
tre and its People," coveriog the whole theme
from both sides of the foot- (j
lights; and "The Autobiography of a
Girl," her life from sixteen to twenty
six. rnrougn JKaayara Jiipnng's ~
glasses, "The American Girl" is a
charming creature; not perfect, of p
course, bat bis analysis is interasting.
Two pages are worthily filled with _
pictures and anecdotes of Admiral
Dewey, which give a close view of the
personal side of the naval hero of the
nineteenth century, The incidents of T
"The Last Years of Washington's n
Life" are recorded by "William Per- t)
rine, covering a most interesting period ci
of the great statesman's career. E?iward
Bok writes of "The Fee of the e'
Docior," and points out "The South'a
Literary Chance," and Burton Cheyney
details ihe method of procedure to
cantif?A kT>/-\Jrtno TTn/?lo SvTfl "
In "The Candy-Poll System in the
Charcb" Ian Maclaran protests against
turning the chnrch into a place of ^
second-class entertainment. [i
The conclusion of Anthony Hope's
"Captain Dieppe," "The Widowhood s<
| ot Mrs. Bonn" and "The Fire on Her
| Wedding Morn" ure the fiction fea|
tores of the Octotftr Jonrnal. Picto!
rial pages show, the prettiest houses in
| California?photographs of housoa of
characteristic Pacific Coast arcbitec
tare?"Attractive Ideas ior Boys'
Rooms," "Tables Set for Special Occasion
"Some Small Greenhouses,"
"Fifty Delicous Dishes," and the final n
peep into "Nature's Garden." The &
fall and winter fashions in frocks, e
nnoln hota on<? tho cmallpr ?
UvUlUCDj VVaiO) UUlO uuu IUV ^ v
belongings of the feminine wardrobe B
are considered in detail, as is, indeed,
every need of the home. By the Curtis
Publishing Company, Philadelphia. &
Oce dollar per year; ten cents per
... . ... v
Dr. Cady's Condition Powders,
are just what ahorse needs when in
bad condition. Tonic, blood purifier I
ani vermifuge. They are not food
but medicine and the beet in use to
put a horse in prime condition. Price j
25 cents per package. For eale by J
McMaeter Co.
Tnj,;.. onil famllv.
ill ?' ' ""IV uiauuvu umv> ,
who l ii*e ueen living for some time at
their place rear Rocky Mount, will
retarn to town this wii.rer to l:ve and
?ill occupy their house in the upper J
part of town.
? j
Tetter, Salt-Rheum and Eczema.
The intense itching and smarting incident
to these diseases, is instantly
.tllayed by applying Chamberlain's
Eye and Skin Ointment. Many ver>
bad cases have been permanently cured ?
by t. It is eqnally efficient lor itching (.
piles and a favorite remedy for sore F
nipples, chapped hands, chilblains,
frost bites and chronic sore eyes.
25ctg. per box. For sale by McMaster Co.
T A TW ^ MAN wanted to travel ^
XjiWJ 1 and appoint agent. ?60
per month salary and all expenses.
m^-rrrr nr\ niA TOf TJVMIO
jjll h R bAuSA M
CJxaica ao<i bcwK'^u the lull:
IQI^^^S-tcSNever Fails to" Hoetor? Gray 1<
w5?wKair to its Ycatiful Color.
Cure* t?ipd:*?*c? ~ hs^t^'Lir.g.
housekeepers? e
Mact of Beef.
Cook Book***
telling how to prepare manydell
Gate and delicious dishes.
Addreaa, Liebig Co., P 0 Box, 2718, I
i New York. ! 1
9nua?adb^r-.': x jwjww
i ascending grades. ~'pric:
Founded 1842.
J J A 111 I
Z' ^
"Sing their own praise."
?f coarse yonr want afFiarjo, but per
hips cannot affordja r.ew one.
We havo eeven Squares aud onti
rrand, eacb a bargain. Td^c Piano?
ave been put in perfect condition and
very paj t of action renewed aud are
ew jast as good a.s wh.--n shipped
rom factory, and will yon purchase
rice in exchange for a Stiefi any time
'ithin three years.
Take first and second choice and
Tite quick; they won't last long.
[aines Bros $110 00
[enry Gaebl? (Pearl Inland).. 105 00
oardman & Gray 100 00
lacon & Raven 90 00
;?.con & Raven 80 00
hk nn
LeineKamp ?v w
icod & Raven 70 00
oliard & Collard Grand... . 60 00
Others being repaired anc we can
lit you in instrument and p ice.
MM. STM,P:i_
Baltimore, Md.
'actory Branch Ware-Room, No 213
Forth Tryon St., Charlotte, N. C.
C. H. WILMOTIi, Manager,
'ins toning and lepairiug. Palace
Administrator's Notice.
All persons indebted to the estate of
ames Tarner, deceased, are hereby
otified that payment mast be made to
le undersigned, and persons holding
[aims against said estate most preint
them do ly attested to nnd?:rgned.
R. H. JENNINGS, 9-14
Administrator, d. b. n
Administrator's Notice.
All perrons indebted to the estate ot
feorsreT. Sims, deceased, are hereby
M.'fied that payment, must be mado io
is undersigned. and rersons holding
!:r;ns rigainst said cS; ce-i>t.' pr?"
jft'beraduiy anec'.od to the under
ikned for payment.
S??pt. 19,1S99. Administrator.
ess in tbe DesPortcs Block, and vriil
e pleased to serve our many custom
ra again.
We have a fine new line of fancy
oods in stock.
ITeinz's Pickles and Condiments ic
lass and bulk.
Fresh Cakes and Cracker3 in twice a
Also a largo, fresh stock of Canned
Yuits and Meats of every d<-?eription,
Fine G-roceries.
M Groceries!
:ane, Golden Glory, Honey Drip:
)range, Diamond, New Orleans and
'orto Rieo.
New Ureatn Cheose. Dried Apples
-3 lbs. for 25c.
Fall lice Canned Goodg. Tomatoes
qs. cans 25c.
Cndihy Pierre i 1 ^less Hams
Siuokod Bacou aiwr.. s ju hind.
Coffees andTeasof the finestqualiiy
Aianeeu'a Superior Pickles;
308C Pickles at 8 l*3c per doz-u.
Potatoes, Ouions aud Cabbage.
All grades or xooaseo, tigar', i^ai
ttes, etc.
Grocery buyc < * ; 5 ' '.beii
.dvanisge te <: ! Our?r >df
refresh. Price-i'vs.
J. P. ICliK ? u
9 8 K\? 5 ' $ " i.-ni^rs E.-ni *SJKS.
3.M ^<X>LLE3f. MJ).
Ciicc JLW'^.PryorSt.
m>*>. vj-v-.y wj'.t?KuAiJUJCECTa?
es, swtowtw. 6
olumbias, Hartfords, Vedett<
/IFG. CO., Hartfoi
r Sc DAVIS, Agents, Winn
For Rent.
. MY !<? -> ID KNCE AND LO>' IN
Rid^ewav; j?N>, >ev-ral j,hi!>t*'inn3
' t?ea- tow?;. P >*??ss:o? ot re>i<ience
?ive.> Deco.nte< 1 and of plantains
'}:\iHM1V 1.
; Also for ta e: U>rse8, mu1cj, Vng
u - ?.
wai'011, aim imluij-ii
I furuiturw, farming implement, &
j AH cheap for cash Appiy to
j It T. BLAIR or
| 9-12-lm A- /r:ipys.
f payable from the 15th dav of October
| to the 3let day of December, 1899.
The tax levy for State purposes ie
| i 5 mills; for ordinary county purposes,
i 4 millg: for school purposes, 3 mills;
making a total levy of 12 mills on all
| taxable property of the county. There
is an additional, a special tar, for
; school purposes of 2 mills in School
Districts Nos. 1, 9, 14,17,18 aad 25,
making a totfs?. levy of 14 mills in those
pchool districts, and a special school
tax of 1 rail) in No. 19, making a total
'jvy of 13 mills in that school district.
There is also a tax of one dollar on
each male citizen betwe?n the ages of
21 and 60 years, except those wlo are
disabled or are made exempt by law.
Taxes are payable in the following
e 1~ 1
K1KUS UI ililiUS &uu uu uujgi . uu u
and silver, coin. United States currency,
national bank notes, anc* coa?
pons which shall become due and payable
during tbe vear 1899 on tha consolidated
bonds known as "Brown"
bonrtp, and the bonds of this State
known as "Blue" bonds, and any
other Sfate boDde which may be issued
by authority of an Act of the General
Assembly, the coupons of which, are
by such Act made receivable for taxes.
9-19-lm Countv Treasurer.
.'planting made profitable
. j if you plant right. All
know that smut is injurious to thti
crop. They don't have fo attend
a planters'
| Convention
. te learn that soaking wheat in binestoue
prevents smutting. One
pound is enough so soak 5
bashels. Buy it
11 ill t)
10 cents a pound or 3 pounds for 2i
oent#. Don't forget thi*.
I Harness OilFor
greasing and blacking
the harness at-same
timrf*?alsnfor bucrcrvtODS,
: ?AND?
'Flake Oil"i
or Castrolene, for axle
? grease; a fine oil for the
For sale by
W. E. Aiken,
with a fall stock of Caskets, Baria
Cases *.nd CotSos, constantly <?u band
and us; <;f h;-:rso when requested
Thankful for p*-t patronage and solid
tatiou for a share in the future, in th<
old stand
Calls attended to a: all hours.
Ws have yet to heai of a ride
CHAINLESS who would
willingly give it up for sny other
Direct testimony is always better
than hearsay evidence. If you der
sire to know about Bevel-GeaDliainlpss
hirwnles. do not ask a
person who has never ridden one,
or is in any way connccted with a
manufacturer who does not make
them Inquire of riders of the
T> 1 n r>T,?
VAUUIUUI3 uevei-vxeaj. viwimcs?.
There are thousands of them
throughout the country. They are
to be met in every city, in almost
every town of the United States?
so popular ha* the machine become
in the short space of a year and a
half. There are reasons for this.
The Chainless is easier to take care
of than the chain wheel. It has a
longer life. Every o::nce of power
applied to the pedals is made effective.
This last advantage over chaindriven
wheels is apparent the moment
you mount the machine. The
Chainless seems to possess an activity
and life of its own. You notice
it in starting, stopping, back-pedal
ing, riding on levels, and especially
as. Pries $35 to $50,
d, Conn.
s Doroj o. kj,.
Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what yon eat. x
It artificially digests the food and aids
j Nature in strengthening and recon?
3tracting the exhausted digestive organs.
It Is the latest disroseral digestant
and tonic. No othefrakamtjozi
can approach it in efiflBrv. PL instantly
relieves and permanent cures
Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Hearthmn,
Flatulence, Sour Stomach, Nausea,
SickHeadache,Gastralgia,Cramps, ana
all other results of imperfectdigestion.
Prepared by E. C. DeWitt A Co., Chicago.
WfMwboro, S. C.
--24 : Sets
Silver-Plated Table Spoons,
Teaspoons and Medium Forks
that I will sell at
.Cost for Gash,
To letter them, at cost prices,
Come and see them.
I Know
I *
I have them at 5c. per
1 package.
Also a full line of most delicious
Crackers and Cakes,
. embracing all varieties.
Crackers, Banquet Wafers,
c* -1 -j T)?v.Rntfor Thine
OiUlCU jjuuvi
Cakes, Pineapple, Raspberry
and Strawberry Sandwiches
? Brighton, Windsor
and Minuet.
. Lemons, Vanilla and Gin
ge r.
Try them and be convinced.
They are the BEST.
J. S. McCarley,
in T?oYir>v frrnrfries
IA^WC41V1 JLU Uiivy
and Baker's Bread.
Just Arrived
?For* Sale.?
' - ~ ? A /lAmhinotiAn
aiiU iJXQiCS' A ic?v i/uuiuiuuuvii
die and Harness Horses. I will sell
them cheap for cash or exchange ihem
for mules or ping horses.
, I will pay {he highest fash price for
eood Milch Cows; also for Fat Beef
' I have a few Second-Hand Buggit-s
* for6ale; also one Jsecoud-Haud Two*
Horse \Vsgon
3 *
Winnsboro, S. C.
. .^gll

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