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"Wednesday, September 19, 1900
?See notice of letters of administration
?Stationery of all kinds at Monaster
Co.'p. Read their ad.
?Fine wheat and oats for sale. Read
W. S. Hall's advertisement.
^ ^ ?Write Dr. J. C. Moffett, St. Louis
Mo., for bis valuable little Teethina
'Wash-List Book, free.
?Received daily ? fall millinery,
popular shapes in walking hats, etc., at
9-8 Mr?. McUarieys.
?Beginning on Monday, the bank
will open at 9.30 a. in and close at
2.30 p. m. until further notice.
To prevent consumption qnickly
cure tbroat and lung1 troubles with
One Minute Cough Core. McMaeten
?Mockbee Cameron, who was arrested
as accessory to the killing of
Hngh A. Stevenson has been released.,
?Dr. W. O. Brice left Columbia j
Tuesday morning to spend a month in
the mountains a few miles from Asheville.
?The opening of the schools in
School District No. 14 has been postponed
one week?until Monday, 24'h
?The cotton seed warehouse which
is being bnilt near the freight depot is
a small building and U going up very
The most dainty and effective pills
made are DeWitt's Little Early Risers.
?Mnn?y fn? all liver and
bowel troubles. Never gripe. McMaster
?We have been requested to announce
that subscriptions to the Galveston
snfferers will be received at the
Winnsboro Bank.
?Mrs. Boag has engsged Miss Bessie
Dove, an up-to-date milliner, to
take charge of the millinery department
this season.
? Mr. .Ernest Kobioson, of Edgemoor,
.has been engaged as cash bo>
by Q. D. Wifliford, He entered apon
hi3 duties about two weeks ago.
* ~or? nan *\Vnf?nr#? a
-A CUlUpClCUb Uiaa vau ?
good position in the insorance business
by applying: to W. J. Roddey.
Read what be says in another colums.
The One Day Cold Cure.
For colds and sore throat use Kermott's Chocolates
Laxative Quinine. Easily taken as candy
and qpickljr cure.
?Tbc friends of Mr. A. L. Porter
<?^_ will regrel to know that he is quite
sick at bis home on Zion street. He
has been in failing health for a long
time, bat i6 now confined to the hoase
?Everybody is feeling good over
the high price of cotton, and the distation
is good. People like good
things to eat when they are in a good
humor. Try the thiogs adveitised by
Mrs. uaoeoicnc.
?Xise B!ackstock school opened
with a fall attendance on Monday
morning and the outlook for the
coming session is good. Mr. J. S.
Smith, of Harrison, JN. C., is principal
and Miss Marion Durham is his assistant.
Cure Cold in Head.
Kermott's Chocolates Laxative Quinine, easy
to take and quick to cure cold in head and sore
?The long and destructive drought
was broken by splendid rains on
Friday night and Saturday, and the
weather since has been couch cooler
?n'otdsnfpr Thfi rain has come
rather too late to help the gardens and
fall crops bat was very refreshing.
?If yea are in need of glasses, yoa
had better call on the oculist at the
Hotel Duval. Bi3 many customers
already speak in the highest terms of
him; his prices are moderate; he makes
glasses in all the latsst styles, and his
leoses are the best made.?adv.
?Miss Sue Thorn, of Blackstock,
was one of the bridesmaids at the wedding
of Miss Alicia Hayne to *?r.
Davidge, of New York, wbich look
place in Christ Church, Greenville, on
Wednesday evening. The bride is a
sister of Dr. Aaam3 tlayue, of Blackstock.
The emergency ba;;s sent by a church
society to Kansas soldiers in the Phi lippines
"contained among the necessities
a box of DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve,
the well known cure for piles, injuries
and skin disease?. The ladies took
care to obtain the origiual DeWitt's
Witch Hbzel Salve knowiDg that all
the coufcterft-its are worthies-. McMaster
?We Jailed to obtain the nominees
for magistrate, ai;d cau give only a
partial lift Keller was nominated
for Feafterville aud Mr. Caldwell tor
Greenbrier. We omitted the name of
Mr. II. F. Bneschel who was nominated
for Wbite Oak in the first primary
?Miss Mamie Brice was notified by
wire on Thuisday afternoon of her
- - J-J
election to a position in iDe graueu
school at Conway as teacher of Latin
aid other branches of the upper
grade?. She has accep'e.i the position.
It is ajj important position and is quite
a compliment to her.
?The trustees of Mt. Zion College;
have decided to give another woek of
holiday to the school on account of
Miss Alice Witherow's illness. Owing
to her condition Prof. Wj;herow co^ld
U( l oe presem hi me sciiwi ??u i-. ?ac
thought best to postpone tbe opeiau6'
ol school atitil next Monday, Septeuib
r 24 th
?If )iu are cross-eyed you had;
better ??o and see the ocuM ai the
Hotel Dava!. E>es straightened witht
ut the nse of the kuife; cataracts re1
tfit-irmt Anprntinn e!bo nte
-*r . ?--J.
rvgium painless. Granulated eyelids
careii no matter Ijow bad or now long
?The surveying party moved camp
the Int er part of last week and now
have a beaut.fnl camp near a spring
on Mr. Preston Rioii'd plantation.
The hbsencc of good drinking watir
for several miles on the lice will
m?ke the selection of the next camp
ratber difficult but the move will i-or
t.ave to be mi ie for some ti me.
?Material is b-;ing hauled to the
lot in the rear of the ba:?k building
for a coJtr.ee which the bsnk is to
build to ient. The house will fro>it
on Vm d?-rt;orst street j?ut opposite
J Mias Julia Fiipp's res dence. It is to
hrve about five ro-^ins aud will be an
addition to that pat t of town. Houses
. ? , ... . _ . ... -
Its. Coming is Looked Forward to
"With Both Joy and Fear and its
Safe Arrival is Hailed With
Prr-.e and Delight by AIL
The arrival of the first baby in tha
household is the happiest and most important
event of married life. Theyoung
wife who is to become a mother delights
to think of the happiness in store for her
when the little one shall nestle upon her
breast and latterly she shall hear it lisp
the sweet and holy name, "mother."
But her happy anticipation quickly vanishes
when she realises the terrible pain
and suffering through which she must
pass while bringing the little one into
the world. An indescribable fear of the
danjjer attendant noon the ordeal soon
OlssHpssee ass jojiuuicpb.
Thousands of women have learned
by experience that there is absolutely
no necessity for the sufferings which attend
child-birth; they know that by
the use of "Mother's Friend"?a scientific
liniment?for a few weeks befira
the trying hour, expectant mothers can
so jTenors themselves for the final
horn* that the pain and suffering of the
! dreaded event are entirely obviated and
it is safely passed through with comI
paratively little discomfort.
All women are interested, and especially
expectant mothers who for the
first time have to undergo this trial, in
such a remedy; for they Know the pain
and suffering, to say nothing of the danger,
which is in store for them. "Mother's
Friend" is woman's greatest blessing,
for it takes her safely through the
severest ordeal 01 her life. Every woman
should be elad to read the little booi
"Before Baby is Born,7' which containi
information of great value to all. II
will be sent free to any one who sendi
their address to The Bradfield Regulator
Co., Atlanta, Chi.
for rent are much in demand and more
houses are needed.
?Mr. Perrin Quarles, the assistant
principal of Mt. Zion Institute, has
arrived here and is ready to assume
his new duties on Monday, the 24th
ins'. The same teachers who had
charge iast term will teach this year,
with one exception, Mi6s Eunice
Bacot, who was elected to fill the place
made vacant by the resignation of
"!? a?
atib? Agues jhii/c
?Diptheria, which has been epidemic
near Yorkville for some time,
has dow appeared in the town, but as
yet only one case has been reported
there. The Yorkville Enterprise states
that snbecriptions are being taken np
for the purpose of enabling those who
cannot afford it, to have antitoxin administered.
Many of the cases have
been among the ocgroes who were too
Tv/\rvn in norr -Pat* fViio fittipncivp
?/W& (V AV4 hM|/vwv?.v
The On? Day Coid Cure.
For cold in the head and sore throat use Ker?
mott's Chocolates Laxative Quinine, the *l One
Day Cold Cure."
?Clemson College has opened, and
tbe outlook for the coming year is
more encouraging than ever. Numerous
applicants for admission to tbe
college bad to be turned off and the
college is taxed to its utmost capacity
to accommodate tbe students in attendance.
Among tbe students from
Here wdo win return are ducsmo.
Thos. Jordan, Merritt Qnattlebanm
and James Beat?.
?Mr. Q. D. Williford !aas returned
from northern market?. The addition
to his store has been completed and is
now filled wi'h goods. Tbe store,
since the improvements have been
made, presents a very handsome appearance
and is very large and roomy.
The new part of the store will be principally
a clothing 'departmen*. The
exterior of tbe store has been repainted
aad the whole place is most attractive
?If your eyes burn, smart, feel
sticky in the morning, pain or itch
yon, or if you have tears in your eyes,
spots flash before your eyes, or yon
hold your reading too near or too far,
or strong light harts.your eyes, or you
have headaches, call and see the oculist
at the Hotel Duval. IS years' experience.
No charge for examination.?adv.
?The State board of education at a
recent meeting held in Columbia
adopted for use in the public schools
of the State histories published by a
1- i : V Thn
soainera puuwsmug uuuoc.
adoption of these histories will be
heartily approved by the people of
Sonth Carolina who have mvcrbeen
willing for their children to study histories
written by northerners.
?Rev. Harold Thomas will hold
service in Sr. John's Episcopal Church
on the fifth Snnd-vy iu this month instead
of the fourth Sunhay. The reason
for the change is that the fourth
Sonday has been appointed for Mr.
Thomas'ordination to the priesthood.
Tbe ordination service will be held iu
Christ Church, Greenville, and on the
Sunday following Mr. Thomas will
; visit this parish.
| ?The colored graded school is to
have a new principal, the position
having been made vacaat by the resignation
of Batler W. Nance, -who held
the position for several ^e&rs and "who
hi in i nmin mum
\?rr\ r."/ ~rr- *+* v. /o.
Fpiia &3JMU
should always be kept in
the house for the fol
lowing reasons."
FURST '? Because, if any member
of the family has a hard cold, it
will cure it.
?Because, if the children
are delicate and sickly, it will
make them strong and veil.
THiRB ?Because, if the father or
mother is losing flesh and becoming
thin and emaciated, it will build
them up and give them flesh and
FOURTH - Because it is the
standard remedy in ail throat and
!ung affections.
No household should be without it.
It can be taken in summer as well
as in winter.
50c. and $1.00, aU druggists.
SCOTT & BONVVE, Chemists, New York.
caa^a?gwmc.M? * rjaa?
Club3. j ?
| O
Albion | 12
Riageway 30
Woodward 32
While Oak 16
Gladden's Grove 27
Longtojvn 50
Centreville - 35
"Rltrf honynnr? ... 79
Horeb ! 36
Mossy Dale j 16
Greenbriar 37
Winns'ooro No. 1 18
Winnsboro No. 2 27
Jackson Creek 30
Jenkinsville 3
Monticello 53
Salem 29
Feasterville 103
Bear Creek ..J 13
Fairfield Cotton Mills..! 13
Wateree j 15
Oakland j 6
Totals 685
resigned in order to accept a place in
Alle.-j University, Columbia. J. A. j
Tillman, the pastor of the colored
PrisbUe. inn Church, is the newly
eleitf-d p i.ici. al, and one or two new
assistants hHve been elected
De\Vi:i'* I/ttle Early Risen* are {
prompt, i :i'atnt)le, nleasant, powerful
purifying little pill*'. Mc\fa?ter Co, j
?Rev, Sidi H. Brown, the editor of
the Christian Neighbor and 'he oldest
minister in the South Carolina Center
ence, aiea at nis Dome m v uumum uu
Thursday nighr. He was about 81
years of age and had lived a useful
life, many )eara of which were spent
in work in the ministry. He was well
known throughout the Slate and was
greatly beloved by many, to whom his
sudden death was a painful thock.
?Mr. J. J. Obear will leave next
week for Kew Haven, Conn., aDd will
enter Yale College for a three ycaru'
course. Mr. Obear has been in the
drug business here for several years
and has succeeded splendidly, having
bnilt up a large trade. A competent
drnggist has been secured to carry on
<V?n Knc-Inncc rlnrinor Mr. Obeav's ab
kU^ lyuoiuwuwi ^M4iwn ?. . _ , ,
sence. Many will regret to tee Mr. I
Obear leave town, bnt are glad that be
is to have the opportunity of attending
this grand old college, and he will
carry with him the good wishes of the
The progressive nations of the world
are the great food consuming nations.
Good food well digested gives strengib.
If you cannot digest all you cat, you
need Kodol Dyspepsia Cure. It digests
what you eat. You need not
- - - ?- ' - ^ ~ -II (Va
diet yourseil. it couiaius ail ui iuc
uigestants combined with the best
known tonics and reconstructive?. It
will even digest all classes of foods in
a bottle. No pother reparation will
do this. It instantly relieves and
quickly cures all stomach troubles.
McMaster Co.
?Mr. John Gregg McMaster has
beeo appointed by Governor McSweenev
to a scholarship at the Charleston
Medical College from this district.
Tbe scholarship includes tuition, aod
the governor gives tbe scholarships to
those who are the most deserving.
Mr. McMaster has attended tbe medical
college for one term alrea iy aud
will return this fall when the college
reopens. His friends are glad to know
of his appointment. Miss Annabelle
K. Prentiss, of Charleston, has been
ap^'Uilueu iluLU iuc mei uio'.iiv/i. wuv
has visited here and has friends here.
?South Carolinians are not infrequent
in Washington and theirs is no
mean record. The Douglass brothers
lived last in Columbia and consequently
our claim upon them is greater
than Winusboro's. Mr. Charles Douglass
is among the professors in the
Georgetown university law school,
and in the flush of his youth is already
well advanced in the path of fame and
fortune. Mr. Scott Douglass, who
? A'knvrAinfi' if\XT7 TIC
LUai 11CU a wanujug >vu-q tv >?
womau, Miss Coley Beyward, has set
his face in the same direction ? Miss
Mary P. Screven in The Statr.
?The appeal from Galveston to the
people of the entire country f>r assistance
in their dire necessity and
awful soffriii!" has been ie*ponded to
with wonderful promptness and generosity,
and people have seemed more
than willing to do what they could for
the frtricken city. The horrors of the
storm have appalled the world and
money and food have been contributed
in erpat Quantities, but the needs of !
o JL - #
the city are great and all that can be j
giveu will be needed and our town
should be among tho^e sending generous
sums. The masons here have 1
already responded, having acted with |
great promptness, and the other citizens
ought .not to be behind banding
in their contributions. The Winns-1
boro Bank will receive subscriptions
or,H <hp nnlnmhia State has alreadv a
long list of persons who have sei.t
subscriptions, and every opportunity
is offered people ?.o give.
Editor's Awful Plight. |
F. M.Hig^inft. editor Seneca (IHf.)
Wpwj \ras afflicted for \ ears with
Piles ihut no doctor or remedy helped
until he tried Buckien's Arnica Salvr.
He writes two boxes wholly curcd
him. It's the surei-t Pile cure on earth
and the test talve in the world, ('are
gusrameed. Only 25 centp. Sold bv
McMaster Co., drDg^i?f?.
for all kinds of fancy grocerie?, fretb
9-13 Dr. Aiken's old &itnd. 1m
The union meeting of the Fail field
Association, appointed to convene
with the Buffalo Baptist Church. Saturday,
September 29?b, has been called
off on account of the meeting of the
asbociatiou which convenes early iu
October. J. L. Freeman,
For Committer.
Bears the j* Tho Kind You Hare Always Bsiigfit
Mis* Saliie Bailey is vi.-i'iiig 5n
rcor. Lt. fcrov. R.R. Uom. Sberiffi
s o
o ?
? S
sr ?
i - 2 So!
? | s 1 | s ?
3 i H 5 H ^ ?
25 20 17 10 27 17 20
102 45 80 17 116 93 33
21 28 25 15 '38 48 6
18 19 15 12 21 24 9
29 27 29 10 46 34 22
31 59 21 25 56 48 28
3 39 3 31 7 10 25
41 91 27 43 77 91 25
23 36 17 20 34 28 26
17 21 12 16 17 22 11
25 66 17 49 35 38 46
121 30 109 30 108 98 33
15 27 14 10 31 11 2
8 30 8 6 32 9 29
30 8 25 8 25 31 29
39 49 42 40 52 48 40
14 36 6 30 12 20 21
43 126 21 92 54 53 90
19 5 24 20 9 29 3
28 36 10 32 14 23 21
14 12 17 12 17 20 6
23 10 19 10 19 19 9
689 820 538 538 847 822 534
I An American Disease. !
p3 - u
? Dr. S. Weir Mitchell is au? g
g thority for the statement that nerv* \
S ousness is the characteristic mal- a
? ady of the Am rican nation, and
jjj statistic? Xzvr that nerve deaths \
a number one-fourth of all deaths i
jjj recorded,themortalitYbeingflUis* \
g ly among young people.
I Johnston's ;
: Sarsaparilla
! !s the grand specific for this great ?
ra American disease, because it goes u
^ straight to the source of the weak* jjj
||i ness, building up health and. u
in strength by supplying rich, abund- u
jjj ant food and pure blood to the 5
e worn-out tissues, rousing the liver J
to activity and regulating all the i
organs of the body. ?j
n| " Tit Klehlgu Dreg Co.," Detroit, Eei, oj
^^LlnrttU* the funttus little UrerpUIe,
John n. Mcilastcr & Co., Winnsboro,
S. C.; T. W. Woodward & Co., Rockton,
S. 0.; W. M. Patrick, Woodward. S. C.;
T. G. Patrick & Co., White Oak, S. C.
The Cotton Market
Cotton brought 11 cents here on
Thursday bnt only a few bales sold
for that pi ice and 10.85 was tbe price
paid for most that was bought. One
bale sold in Winnsboro brongbt $70.55.
Mr. W. H. Flenniken bought a
quantity of cotton at'.tbis market on
Thnrsdav. navin? out over $6,000.
That Throbbing Headache
Woaid quickly leare you, if you
used Dr. King's New Life Pills. Thousands
of sufferers have proved their
matchless merit for Sick and Nervous
Headaches. They make pure blood
and stronsr nerves and build up your
health. Eas\ to take. Try them.
Only 25 cents. Money back if not
cured. Sold by McMaster Co., druggists.
It was rumored on Thursday that
Mr. Flaherty, twho was wounded in
the difficn'u *t Blythewcod, was
dead. v > r'- .la message from
Ridgewa. i'. t ; phone on Fiiday
stating that Mr. Flaherty was then in
Ridgeway attending- to pome business.
We are especially pleasedjto aunounce
that he lives and is jot dead.
II. Please allow me space
in v in paper to thank the voters of
this c -.inty for the splendid vote ihat
I received in boio primaries. I ieel
that I have been highly complimented
by the people, and I trust that my administration
maybe such that not one
of my tr:end3 will ever have to regret
?; A.:.
cabling men uai.uiu xui UK. ,
Agiin thanking my friends for their '
support, I am very respectfully, j
Sep?. 17, 1900. A D. Hood. '
For Over Fifty Years.
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Sybup
ba? been used for over fifty year> by
millions of mothers for their children
while teething, with perfect success.
It soothes the child, softens the eume,
allays all pain, cures wind colic, and
is the be?t remedy for diarrhoea It
will relieve the poor liitle i-ufferer
immediatfh. Sold bv druggists in
every part of the world. Twenty nve
cents a bottle. Be snre and atk for
"Mrs. Winflow's Soothing Syrup,"
and take no other kind. 1-1-17
M. W. Doty & Co. are to have a
lady clerk when they move to their
new store which is being fitted np for
.1 *r:? u fh?
icera. IVilSS UIBUUCH i.i?youDg
lady who has been selected for
this positior.
Misses Rebecca Buchanan and Lizzie
Tennant are (o c:eik for Q D.
Williford during the fr.ll and winter.
The Cal iwe'l Dry Good-? Company
has several additional clerks for the
fall trade. Mr. Derrick, of Johnston,
and Mr. Andrews, <>f Columbia, have
arrived here and are clerking. Mr.
W. A. Beatv is also employed in this
More, and Mr. W. R. Elliott will be
one of the clerks a little later.
Cured of Chrouic Diarrhoea After Thirty
I CilX O U1
"I stffercl for thirty years with
diarrl oea aod tbouaht I was past being
cared," sa\p John 6. Hallow*-, of
French Camp, Mis?. "I bad spent so
ranch tiuie and money aud suffered so
much thai I had given np all hopes ot
recovery, i was 60 feeble from the
effect* of the diarrLce* that Ic-uld do
no kind ol labor, coold not even travel,
but by accident was peinaU'ed to find
a botile of Chamberlain'- Colic, ( bolcra
ami Diarrhoea Rf-mi dv, and after
taking several bouies I am entirely j
cured cl that 'ronhle. I am s-o pleased
with 'tie result f at 1 am anxioos that
ii be in reaah ? f a; 1 who coffer as l
htiVr." Fur -ale by McNlaster Co.
Mis.- Kcllnj, arriv.'d be;e on F.idav
night from Baltimore.
Mi p. Steadman, of Columbia, i? vi itirsr
tier sister, Airs. W. II. Witherow.
Mrs. Hand, of Charlotte, is expected
this week to visit Mr?. T. J. Cnretoa
Clerk. Super. ! Auditor.
___ '
e *3 ?
ii a fcCD
? f? a O O OD
?. ? ? I ? ? 3
^ . a 33 2 . a
> i | H. < ! A . 1
*3 >T? ^ -3 : >*S O
Si 3 6 31 21 16 37
70 62 83 51 33 101 135
37 17 1 52 44 10 54
21 9 9 25 21 13 34
29 26 37 19 37 18 56
49 32 31 50 45 36 81
35 3 36 2 10 28 38
81 38 91 28 40 80 122
42 12 51 4 24 31 55
25 8 28 5 21 12 33
75 9 49 35 50 34 84
32 108 S3 f?7 85 56 142
14 28 21 22 35 3 43
19 18 31 6 26 12 38 1
26 6 26 7 7 26 33.
82 9 73 18 59 32 93 i
30 13 24 19 32 11 44
116 26 88 57 75 70 149
3 30 20 13 3 30 33
13 33 20 26 21 24 46
13 16 7 22 18 1L 29
8 20 14 14 18 10 20
857 526 829 563 725 669 1408
Mr?. A. G. Hughe*, of Charleston,
is visiting relatives hero.
Miss Marie Dwight returns to
Spartanburg on Wednesday.
Mr. William Cureton. of Yorkville,
will visit relatives line this week.
Mrs. T. K Elliott ami Mis- Carrie
have returned from Blowing Rock,
N. C.
Miss Irene Motte 'eaves to-daj- after
spending several weeks with Mrs.
H. A. Gaillard.
Mrs. J. 0. Bo8g and Master Orr
Bos? have returned after a two weeks'
stay in New York city.
Mrs. C. A. Donglass aud children,
accompanied by Miss Mary Ellen
Aiken, left on Saturday for WashiDg
Miss Annie McKtown, who has
f beeu spending the summer with her
! eieter, Mrs. John J. Creight, leaves
this week for Williamston Female College.
? - - Tho VinH Vnn Uflva iluiow RmtrrM
HfiflTg tfaft uuu6iu
Court convened on Monday morniDg,
bis Honor Judge Klngh presiding.
His Honor charged the grand jnry as
tc their dnties, and a number of bills
were given out by Solicitor Henry.
The solicitor nol prossed Ihe cases
of State vs. Robert Mcore, Slate vf.
Isaac Batler, State vs. J. L. Harrison,
Chris Harrison and Herbert HarrisoD,
State ve. Patsy Russell.
Hampton Neil plead guilty to the
charge of bouse breakiDg and larceny
and was sentenced to 12 months on
chain gang.
Qaay Montgomery and Bert Montgomery
plead guilty to the charge of
obstructing a railroad, the former
cpnfpnppfl tn fhrpfi months on chain
gang or a fine of $25 and be confined
in county jail SO days, and the latter
sentenced to six months on chain gang
or pay a fine of $50 and be confined in
county jail 90 daye.
In the afternoon the first case tried
was State ve. Ed. Johnson, indicted
for assault and battery With intent to
ravish. The defendant was convicted
of simple assault, and sentenced to
30 days or pay a fine of ten dollars.
W. D. Douglass represented the defendant.
The next case was State vs. Al. and
.TV\hncn<n fr?r cfpftlinor from thf?
person. Mr. J. W. HsDahan represented
tbe defendants. Verdic?Not
Tbe Cameron and Campbell cases
have been s et for Tbarsdav, th<-ngh a
motion may be made to continue the
Yon assume no risk when yon
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrbcei Remedy. McMastcr Co
will refund your money if you are not
satisfied after usii g it. It i* everywhere
admitted to be the most successful
reraedr iu use for bowel complaints
and the only one that never fails. It
Is pleasant, safe and reliable.
Notwithstanding old Sol's scorching
rays from above, and a blood-shedding
election, we are happy to stale that
the qaiet demeanor of onr town was
not in the least disturbed, although
there wore deep feelings of interest
manifested in the selection of both
State and county officers. It is indeed
humiliating to our pride to read of
liqaor vendor i:i onr prou?l little
aAiimK* 5. 1 rro i n l,P!an if hp
UUULliy M? y 11V?I 5UU1. w. .. w
so?' '*Aru we retrograding" or is it
only a few exceptions? Will that
green-eyed hydrobeaded monster,
"King Alcohol," be permitted to wrap
his slimy coils around us? "Are we
not commanded to crush his head
with onr heels?" Are we to stand
unconcerned by and submit to his
veniraous poison dt var.tatinsr the hemes
of onr State and county, causing poor.
Viair>ioeo n7A!n<m tn wppn *iw<r their
tatherles* children ns they gather
around her feeb.'e knee, their only
support in ibis co!d world of chaiitie's?
I feel there are enough Godf?
aring men to check his rapid approach,
and though we cannot pro
bibit, yet we with the example s-et hefore
us iri this electiou Hirelv have
that God-given rjtrht to scrutinize and
choose men of a high type of Christian
civilization for both State and county
officer?. D. M. Milling.
S?-pt. 15, 1900.
Rnhhcd the Grave.
A startlingr incident of which Mr
John Oliver of Philadelphia, was the
subject, is narrated by him as follows:
"I wys in a most dre?dtul condition.
My Jrbin wag almost yellow, eyes
mukeii, tongue coated, p?in contin
aallv In back and sides, no appetite?
2r?da llv growing weaker d*y oy day.
Thrte ph\f-icians had given me up.
Fortun tety, a friend advised trying
?lec?ric Bitters,' auO ?o my great joy
and Mirpri-e, the first uottle made a
derided improvement. I continued
i h-. ir u?e lor three week?, and am now
a well msn. I kuow ihcy raved my
life aud robbrd the grave of another
victim." No one should fai! to try
them. Only 50 cents per bottle at
McMaster Co.'s drug store. 6
? - III???
The Eesult Not Changed Materially?Did
Hoyt or McStveency Carry the Comity?
rr*t-? PirOrtnfiTTO
j.ue v/uuui) i;cuiuuniii/ uacv.ui.iib
Committee met on Thursday and tabulated
the result of the primary. The
returns made to The News and HeraLD
do not materially vary wiib the
official I able puhlisbed in this issne,
except in the vote for Governor. In
the official table, the vote at Greenbriar
differs with tbe returns of The
News and Herald. The official vote
as declared by tbe committee gives
Hoyt 25 at G-^'nbriar and McSweeney
37, whereas The News and Herald
gave the latter 57 We have often
noticed that some people make tbe figures
5 and 3 very much alike, and it i9
probable tbst in making the table the
onmmitree mistook 57 for 37, and in
this wav the error occurred. We feel
I sure our figures are correct, for tbe
uamber of ballots cast at Greenbriar
are in favor of its correctness. If
The News and Herald is correct McSweeney
has carried the countj' by 16
majority; by the official table Hoyt
has carried the ccnnty by a msjoritv
of 4 votes. It i.? really immaterial
which is correct, foi it dots not bfFect
tbe result in the State.
S100 Keward S100.
The readers of ihis paper will be
pleased to learn that there is at least
one dreaded disease that science has
been able to cure in all its slaves, and
tbaf is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cnre
is he only { ositive cure known to the
inedicsl fraiernitv. Catarrh being a
constitutional disease, tfquires aeon
siituiional tteilment. Hall'.- 'J^ia-ih
Cure is /aken infernally, acting direct'y
upon the blood and mucous surfaces
of the system. thereby destroying
the foundation ol the c*.i-en.se, and
giving the patient strength by building
up the constitution and assisting
uature in cloii-g its work. The pro
prietors have so much faith in it* curative
powers, that they offer One Hundred
Dollars for any case iha: u fails
to cure. Send for list of testimonials
Address, F. J. Cheney & Co , Toledo,
JS^Sold by druggists, 75c.
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
The school near Milling's X-Roads
opened on Monday, the 10;h inst.,
with Miss Marie Simonton, from New
Hope, as teacher.
Miss Emelyn Craig, frvm Blackstock,
stopped over a night with Mrs.
Jas. Macfie on her way to her school
in Florence.
Little Jennis Milling is having her
i AT-As tmofad Vitt (Virt iinfpr? T)r_ T?f>nkftr. I
t-O liwaivu u; IMV MV%VV? ? - ?
Mr. Jas. McNaulI, after spending a
month with his mother and attending
the summer school, has returned to
bis home in Dillon.
Miss Maggie Clowuey, who was the
guest of Miss Bessie Milling, has return'ed
home, leaving many broken
hearts behipd.
Miss Etta Slitt is visiting in the
Mrs. M. McNaulI, who has been in
feeble heaith for some time, is not at
all improved by this very warm
weatber. aa.
Sep*. U, 1900.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
Signature of C&aSjOZ 7<!tfC<?i/K
Hngh A. Stevenson at Feasterville and
Edward Braziel st Blythewood.
We regiet very much to have to
record that the primary election did
not pass ofi quietly in Fairfield county.
Two men lost their lives on the day of
election, one at Ferster?iile and one at
Mr. Hugh A. Stevenson, who is
well knowu in the county, esjncially
in t:.e i.orihi i >> and western part, was
snot am; kilif i at Feaett rville by Mr.
Johnson 1 am iO!i, a young man about
34or 35 wa s <-1 age. We f-hall not
preitud io viv.* ai y ?.f the d? i>f
the i-ecu ifwe, for Jobnfon Cameron
as principal a; d Mockb.? Caaurou as
ar-pi (..!)?v art- i t>w io i-til to stand h?ir
J _ . _ ^
tria. and -ill i>*e lacts wtll come o it
when iL?) ae tried, and be*idts we
fon.id it imp'-siole lo Cud any one to
give u-= a jati.-ladory detait of bow it
happened. It teems that some bad
fee.iu* had existed between Johnson
Cameron nnd Hugh A. Stevenson, and
they championed different candidates
in the election. A qnarref took place
between them, and Stevenson was shot
and instantly killed by Johnson Cain
62011. iU UCU CAUICUIVUV ^ibiaii^u
after the h'-micide. Jobnsou Cameron
was brought to jail by Sheriff EHisoD,
who was at Feasteiville at the time,
and Mockbee Cameron was lodged in
jail on the same evening (Tuesday).
Hugh A Stevenson, the deceased,
was aboiit furty years old, and leaves
a wife and sis or seven children. He
was magistrate at the time of bis
dea>h, &n>'5 was oonsidered a good citizen.
Much regret is expressed here
for the uLfortunate occurrence that
has ei dod his life.
The i;h fbewood difficulty is as hard
to get at. No oue could be fouDd to
give us a lull account of that. It is
stated that a row started between John
Raines and E. M. Flaherty, and It was
not long before quite a number were
engaged in a quarrel. Edward Bra
' -i.-. L_i. l~~ ki.ro
Z161 W?IS SliCl, UUL uy wuuui >yijoi?
110 information. A physician was
summoned, but Braziel died a few
hours afterwards. Braziel was a
joting roan ahnnf 22 *-onrs of age.
Yes, August Flower still has the
large-1 pale of any medicine in the
civilized v.orld. Ycur mothers and
grandmothers never thought of using
an\tiling elj-e for Indigestion or Bilii>n*i:ess.
Doctors were scarce, and
they seldom heard of Appendicitis.)
Nervous Prostration or Heart Fui ure,
etc. Th?y used August Flower to
clean out the system and stop fermen-i
uiieti of uBdigested food, regulated
tbe action of the liver, stimulate the!
nervous and organic action oi tbe sys-!
tea, and that is all they look v, li n
feeling dull and bad with headaches
and other aches. You only reprf aj
few do6es of Green's August Fi< ? r,
in liquid form, to make you i ti >d
there is nothing s?- i us the matter
with you. For sale b; jfcMaster Co.}
druggists. J
Perfect Health.
Keep the system in per feet or
der by the occasional use c.*
Tutt's Liver Pills. They regulate
the bowels and produce i
A Vigorous Body,
For sick headache, malaria, bii
iousness, constipation and kindred
diseases, an absolute cure
TUTT'S Liver P!LL^ |
At a late hour Satuiday night a
negro who had come down from Fairfield
County to fpend the day was ,
accosted by a inaD while crossing the i
Benedict College campus. He was
knocked in the head, alonggash beiDg
cut scrops his forehead. The assailant
tiicn went inrongn ms pocseis ana
took 57 ceuip, ail the money the ft-llow
bad. It was the amount he bad saved
wiih which to bey his ticket home.
Tt.e name of the victim cc aid not be
ohtuin?d. There is no clae whatever
to the assailant.?Tuv S:ate.
Shake in Yottr Shoes
Allen's Foot-Ease, a powder. It
cures painful, smart:ng, nervous feet
and ingrowing nails, "and instantly
takes tne sting out of corns and bunions.
It's the greatest comfort discovery
of the age. Allen's Foot-Ease
makes tight or new shoes feel easy. Itis
a certain cure for sweating, callous
and hot, tired, aching feet. Try it
to-day. Sold by all druggists and shoe
-j. -r>? :t f? o=/>
stores. JDy iJLiail 1U1 uj\j. 1U cuampc.
Trial package FREE. Address, Allen
S. Olmsted, Le Roy, N. Y. 3-14
The One Day Cold Cure.
Colli ia head and sore throat cured by Eermott's
Chocolates Laxative Quinine. As easy to
take as candy. " Children cry for them."
L Special Agent of the Equitable
Life Assurance Society for Winnsboro
and vicinity is opened to a man of
- * 1 ' a a *.a1ma
good cnaracier auu auiu . ^valuable
contract, earning renewals, will
be given to the rig't man. Addrep?,
W. J. RODDEY, Mgr., Rock Hi:l,
S. C. 9-13td
I *'> * ^ k^ a > h ? X
\ a;,a :.c- .w? the hliz.
. .!i Jaxuriant powth.
! ?ver Pails to H^store Gray
MO ytg1?- 2SJS Sair to i*J Yonttlfcl Color.
Cart *cti? c i-uka& halrtiiiltrg.
)"J ^Oc.acd?rnat Dragg-Iia
1 nnn cords rw ash T,or;s.
Write to C. 0. CHAPPELL,
9-5-1 Jeokinsville, S. C.
For Sale.
and Red Ra<-t-Proof Oafs.
9-13 Ira Mitford, S. C.
By S. B. JOHNSTON, Esq., Judge Probate
"TS/" HERE AS, B. H. Jennings, Clerk.
Vt of Conrf, hath made suit to me
to grant him letters of administration,
with Will annexed, ol the estate
and effects of Mrs. Clara J. Stewart,
These are therefore to cite and admonish
all and singular the kindred and
creditors of the said Clara J.
Stewart, deceased, that they be and appear
before me, in the Conrt of Probate,
to be held at Fairfield Court
TTr?na/?. finnth Harnlina. on the 36th
day of October next, after publication
hereof, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon,
to show cause, if any they have,
why the said Administration should
not be granted.
Given under my hand this 17th day
of September, Anno Domini 1900.
9-19-td Judge of Probate.
v. ?*??- - ? ^
assortment of stationery,
in Pen and Pencil
Tablets, Note Books, Legal-Cap,
Foolscap and
Bill-Cap, Letter Paper,
Note Paper, Box Paper,
Envelopes, Pens, Pencils,
T r* rtcfciffc PatipiI and K
Jk A VAAVAA v? v*
Ink Erasers, etc.. etc.
McMaster Co.
1 /SSi j
Hi ?n
I^gg) V. S.A.I
I nixed p/mi or I |
For Sa/s By jf j
ittittt n r\ at> ri
iw mm i
* *
1W MS!
. -r??m
An entire new stock in each line
from the greatest market in the world
?New York City! The centre for the
jewelry aDd kindred trades.
Again we have bought a most varied
assortment of the latest style?.
New goods are being opened every
day and onr friends a id castomers are
cordially invited to come in and see
Honesty and integrity coupled with
a guarantee that means your satisfaction
have built up a successful business,
for us and we hope to receive a coctinaaace
of your valued patronage.
V ! - -v i^rr'
-**V * * -"V
quality ana rnce
Harmoniously Adjusted.
Under Totwr CJiock,
?HESTER. S.'?- ' 4 |
iv i n l
lira hl 1
^''' i
We have just received a
fresh shipment of this cel?
brated brand of goods:
Asparagus Points.
Extra Lobsters.
Sliced Bacon.
Veal Loaf.
Salmon Steak.
THk ~ *1 ? J n 1 Til.
L/CVUCU ^/XiiUS WllU dUClia.
Early June Peas.
Bartlet Pears.
White Heart Peaches.
Pineapple in every shape,
Orange Marmalade. -3
F. M. Habenicht
Dealer in Fine Groceries.
. |
I Still Have
-6 or 8v
Younsr Mules
yet unsold. Persons needing moles
should call and see them before buj ing
as ? will sell them cheap for ca<*h
or good paper, payable in the fall.
I also have a few horses, among
them two good Combination Horses.
Also a couple of GOOD MARES,
suitable for brood mares?young and
Co wsJ
1 will pay tbe highest cash price for al
classes, fat or poor.
' s
1 etill have a few BTJGGIE< that 1
will se'l cheap for cash.
A. Williford,
*' '~'i
Wimi8b**rr>. S. L'.
Charlotte - Roie |
Charlotte Comercial Ooileie,
Charlotte, N.C., establis-feed in 1891
Rome Business Cote,
"Rome. fia.. establlshf <" i.i 1886.
now under one management, cffers
exceptional advantages to any one
desiring a thoroughly practical bnsine?s
education iu the shortest possib'e
The wide range of teriitory covered
by our employment agencv i.ffords
exceptional chances for securing positions
We will guarantee yon a position
if you take our guarantee course.
The rooms in the schools are large
and convenient and well lighted.
Yeung men or young women may
enroll in either school any week day
during the year.
If you. are a stenographer, bookkeeper
or teacher and desire a rof-i.
t-?-_ j a
liod, wrue toe rieamom .ageuey,
Charlotte, N. C. If you are not a
stenographer or book-keeper, spend a
few months in one of these schools
and get yourself in shape for earnir.g
Should ycu desiTe to be an expert in
interest, 6tocfes, trade discount, etc.,
send 25 cents in stamps or silver aDd
get our Pocket Calculator?itist what
you need.
For circulars and further informa
tios. address,
v.: ?D. M. McIVER
Tvirh a full stook of Caskets, BnriM
Caeeg <wd Coffins, constantly on !
and us of hearse wh?-a r.-qne*tr?t.
TiiHufcfal for r>a*t pxMoimjr?- ami
ation for a ahar?? in the fu'nre, iu tbe
old stand
i attended to h all honra.
?WyJ'a,,EI,LIO!rr*co, ; |
' J?

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