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I b rin-4 youl to him per-onally. IIe will
nlot "'ceive yell eX(e(4 t'i.oill my llan(1S
'l'h(ere w:s 1ot1hiln elce t'or lte to do
thlie1, W:! t here. I.ori'ry ? I wats coin.
I '1bed to coluie, and I "oul not cole
as the 11rinh10ss a1 \1wolnlan. Diis'ov
ery -w'(nh have ine:tnt det;radhalion
from whii''h I col1 i11 have hoped t<
recover. 'I'h' inillary garnienis we'<
mny onlysfeur.
"Anld how' many people know of youn
- deception'."
"Tr'ee blesides youiself -- Talgmar.
(tliinlox Ind Captain i )11nglos. lle
abbot wuvill know later on, auml I shive
as I think of it. The driver a nd thu
m11ant 'Ito went to your cell. Oghot
know of the escape, but (to 1iot know
am hlere. Allode--you remember him
is our- driver."
"Allode? He's the fellow who saw
me-er-who was hn the throneroom."
"Ile Is the tan who saw nothing
"I remember his obedience," he said,
laughing In spite of his unhappiness
"Am I to have no freedom up here
no liberty at all?"
"You are to act as the abbot or the
prior Instructs, and. I must not forget
Quinnox will visit you occasionmlly
He will conduct you from the mnonas
tery and to the border line at the prop
er time."
"Alas, he will be my murderer. I
fear! Yetive, you do not believe I
killed Lorenz. I know that most 01
them (1o, but I swear to you 1 an nc
more the perpetrator of that eowardly
crine than you. (od bears testimony
to my inlnocence. I wvant to hea'r you
say thmt you do not believe I kill'd
"I feared so at first-no, do not be
angry---I feared you had killed him fnr
ma1y sale. bit now I an sure thtli yoil
tre ilniocent."
The carriage stopped too soon. mnd
Quinnox opened the door. It was still
as dark as plich, but the (lownVpIrl' h:l
censed except for a (lisagreeahi-. misty
drizze, vold and pc'netrating.
"We have reached the sto141n
pl:c1e," he said.
"And we are to walk from h:'r" tr
the gate,'' saidl the princess. re-nuin-.
her hoarse, manly tones. Whitle they
were busy donning their raincoa s1hc
whispered in Lorry's ear, "I he._ of
you, do not let him know that you
haveedisco'ered who I a'n."
le proinised, and light.y sut clhed a
kiss-, an act of indiscretion that almost
brought fatal results. P-orgetiful of tl
darkness, she gave vent to a little pro
testing shriek, fearing that the eyes 01
the captain had witnessed the pretty
transgressIon. Lorry laughed as hr
sprang to thle road and1( turnled to aissisi
her In alighting. She promp(ltly andlI
thloughtfuhlly averted thte (daniger his
gallantry presented by Ignoring thtc
Outstretched( halnds5, dliscernible as sien
(der' shadows protruding fromt an ob.
ject a shade (larker thtan the night, and(
ieapedl boldly to thte ground.
I'r TO li oN'ryNmmul.
If Youl ,eau 'l.'ib
It will be to learn that the leading moedi
cail writers and teachers of all t,he seve'rai
schools of p)ractice relcommliei, in thei
str(,ngest terms pos~sile, etalch and1 everyi'~
ligreint nitelring inlto the coinpoasitioni
of 1)r. P'ier'ces (Gohden M'Ied ical Dj(isc 'r
for' I he enr ie of wea':k st omuach', dyvspsa
entnIrrh of stoma ch. "liver ('(12pla int."
tor'pid lIver, 0or b)iilse'ss, chtroie howe
atl1i'(ctiorr's, anId all a:t,tarrhtal dIiseas.es of
whalt'evr region, mimne or nature. It in.
also a sp'ciic remed'hy for altl't eh chrni
or' lonug st 111 anding eaisi's of ('atarr tI:' 1 e
tions and(( their' reusultaunts, as briwhi,
thr'oat anid huing dtisen:ie (except, con0--t(2
tloio 1)1 ) anecompaid wit hi Se' vere con;... i
is inot so g(ood for enit.e colds ad 'oinihs,
but for' lingerinug. or ch roic( ca es it is
esp)ecia2lly etticaIcIins 2)in'podtinig per
feet cuLres. It cou'ita ins lilack ('h crr Ihark,
Golden Seal root, Bloodroot. Stone r"ot.
Manlldak root aind Queen's r'bk -al 1t
which are hxighlly praised as i'eimed i'' ft.r'
all the above ment Ioni'd affetions by, snei'
emnineat mnedial writers and teacheriis as5
Prof. Harthldow, of .J(Itfrsoni i\led. (Coi
lege' Prof. hare, of the i'iv. of 1R.;
Prof. Flev EICilngwood(. NI. Il. of lI en
niott Ned. (,ollege. ('hiica go; Il'rot.,.ii Joh
Kiung, M. D)., of C2 iinnatil: IProf. Jl'hn
M~. Scudder', M. D., of (Cincinnla Ii: Pr(of.
F:dwiln M.~ [hale. M. ID., of Iii'neuin
MIed. College, Chiicngo, and1( srr 's oIf
at,beirs egnailly eminient, in theiir o'ver'al
Ichools01 ofJpra ctetc.
Tihl "(Goldn NI ed Ical Discovery'~ *I, the
)nly mfedicline putt uip foi' sale thr'on:h
:lruggists for li ke purposesI5~ , tha2 t, I has any
more thatn any li nmber of (ordl inaryj tI
mioniils. Openi piubhlietty (If it~s formiiuiihi
A. glance at tils publlishedi forlail, wtill
show11 thatL, " ( oldent Moltical D Iicovery"
'1)1nta ins no0 poi50onous, harm,1fill orII:d hai
formng drugis a nd 1n0 alcohol-- cheically
pure, t riple-r'etiniedt gl ycerlno beinhg uised
tionable a~ndl beides1I is a m1(os.t usefuil a gei ,
in the euri' of all stomanchi as we'ill as<bron-'
chiatl, throat aml(It lng affec'tions17. There''(
is the hig~hest med ical atn thor'ity for its
usci lluc cases. The l" iscover'y "1is
a concentra tell glycoric. extract of naItive,
medicinal roots and1( Is safo aind reliable.
A booklet of extracts from Ominentt,
medhical authorities, endorsIng its ingro-i
dienits matilled free 0on request. Address
nr. R. V. Piee. Bufalo, N. v
Sc1In"opyriAh, 1a.1n, by 11erhe;rt S. Sit
!-1%-v given up everyliiiiig for my sake.
Yolu alre fileiiig with II(' away from all
ha:t l:ts beena dear to y-ou."
"No, no; you muist not bie dleldiled. It
I., only" f'r toniight, only till you ar'e
S3fe front IIsilit. I shall go bat"k.
You must not hope for unore lin this
IourII of weakness, swet as it i, to
mne!" she cried.
"You are going back and net wit h
me?" he cried, his heart chillin-,.
"You know I cannot. That is why I
ioped you woubl never lknow how
much I care for you. Alas. you have
found me out ! My love was made rasi
by fear. You could never have es
caped the vengeance of AxplIain. I
could not have shtieldeyd you. This was
the only course, and I dared not hesi
tate. I sh1ould have diedl with terror
'had you gone to trial, knowing what I
know. You will not think mne unwom
-anly for coming with you as I am. It
was necessary-really it was! No one
else could have"- But he smothered
the wall in kisses.
"Unwomanly!" he exclaimed. "It was
by divine inspiration. But you will
come with me, away from Graustark,
away from every one. Say that you
"I cannot bear to hear you plead, and
it breaks my heart to go back there.
But I cannot leave Graustark-I can
not! It would be heaven to go with
you to the end of the world, but I have
others besides myself to consider. You
are my god, my idol. I can worship
you from my unhappy thronc, from iy
chamb11her, from the cell into whieh my
heart Is to retreat. But I cannot, I will
not, desert Graustark-not even for
He was silent, impressed by her no
bility, her loyalty. Although the jIoy
ebbed from Iis eraving heart, lie saw"
the justice of her self sacrifice.
"I woumld give my soul to see your
face now, Yet ive. Your soul is in your
eyes. I 'an feel it. Why did you not
let me stay inl prison, meet death and
so end all? It would have been better
,for both of us. I cannot live without
"We can live for each other, (lie for
each other---apart. Distance will not
lessen my love. You know that It ex
ists. It has been betrayed to you. Can
you not be satisfled-just a little bit
'with that knowledge?" she pleaded.
"But I want you in reality, not in my
dreams, my imagination."
"Ach, we must not talk like this!
There Is no alternative. You are to go;
cI am to stay. The future is before us.
God knows what it may bring to us.
Perhaps It may be good enough to give
us happiness-who knows? D)o not
plead with mne. I cannot endure it. Let
me bo strong again! You will not be
80 cruel as to battle against me now
that I am weaik. It would only mean
my (dest ruction. You do not seek that!"
HIis soul, his honor, the greaitest rev
-erence 1he had ever' known were in the
kiss thalt touc'hed her brow.
"I shall love you as you command
.without hope," ho said sadly.
"Without hope for either," she sob
"My poor little soldier," he whisper
ed lovingly as her body writhed under
the storm of tears.
"I---I wish-I were a-soldier'" she
.wailed, lie comforted her as best lhe
conubl, andi~ soon she was quiet-oh, so
'very 'liet! Her head was 0on his shoul
der,. her hand1(s ini lia.
"HIow far (10 we drive?" he asked at
"Tio the monastery. We ar'e nearly
there," she answeredI in tones far
"The monastery? Why do we go
there?'' he eried.
"ou1 are to stay there."
"What (do y'ou mleanl? I thought I
'was to leave Graustark."
"You are to lear -later oni. Until
tile e'x(titeent is over thet abbey Is to
tbe your hiding place. I have arrIanged1
everythiung, and It is the only safe
pilae on"01 earth for you at t his time.
No one will think of looking for you
lip there."
"I would to God I could( stay there
forever, living above you," lhe said
"YXour' wuindow~ looks down'I upon01 the
e'astle'; milne looks up1 to yours. Th'le
iights that burinn inl those two wlndow's
.will s011d (out henm111 of' love' and life
for 011e of uts at least."'
"or hoth1 otf us, my 5sweet heart.'' he(
(rrec'ted honlyv. "You0l say' I will 1)e
sIaf thtlre. ( ani you trust5 these 11101
"WVith~ miy lilf'! Quinnox carried a
messagte to thel abbiot y'esterday, and1( he
graniIts you a temporary home11 there,
Eete and as1( U secret as tihe tombi. Hie
proi'ises 11e thlis, and1( he is my best
friend'. Now, let me tell you whly I
am11 with y'ou, maltsqueradinlg so shamle
. "Adorably!" 110 protested.
"It is because.the abbot inisted 1ha-t
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and Lung Troubles. Pr
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i hisa cti wi, ""t w hich a copyv is herewith
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mt)and64-1 in1 Ih1. 4-omph11iint..
)" (1 tMarebh 21st A. ). 1907.
A J. Bog-, C. C. P.
Julius E. Rogtrs,
To Mrs. LettiH Newton:
ITke* nor c - .h.it t h.- oumiimons and
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Fill a bottle or common glass with your
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