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Of Nearly Two Hundred Voices Has
Been Training for Eight Months
Under the Direction of Mr. Barnes,
of the Greenville Female College.
As I.he lime draws iear for Greon
1il 1s \ay .\1usit I''cstival, inlterc.;t
.ra Iavact, :u' it is saIt' to prceit
that tm- of the latrges crowds ever
;t: c ctM,c , in c;retenville will be in at
tondPnce. The fest ival w,ill he held
on W'ednes'day, 'Tlhursday and Friday.
h\ay .15t.h, 16th, and 17th, repee
tively, and. already people fIron ad
;jinlng ownm and coutnties are mak
ing .arrangemOnilln,s to attetn<l thi; great
alfftir. Many of l ct lmave already
signlfled their intention of ahing ad
vtntage of the splt'diiid op,ort unity
1resented to hear Some really great
art.ists .sing.
Reports are constantly coning in,
ami. while the ticket sale ha-s been on
for only a short time, still the re
1411s obtained have be-en such as to
inspire t.hose who have initiated this
very worthy institution. The people
of (,reenvilh' have but to lend their
aid and support to the festival and
its corps of managers and directors,
and success will be assured on this.
the debut. of Greenville in this kind of
The various, committees in ,harge
of the work have been busy during
t.he past F'ew weeks, while the cho
rus lis been busily engage'd in earn
strehearsal-ethsiasm ar, utter de
Itrminaticn. and zeal marking the
wo)rk of tho chorutts. Pi'rofes Barnes,
of UTr' n'iiville I ctntale Colle , will di
reet. 'thi:; all-itmportant hotly, and he
i s lti triiless inl his ef'orts to drill
Ithe lmanv gend voices in this city in-to
colntpleto 1u1niEon wit.i one another.
Itehtearsil hav'e been the order for
two and thiree't lires a week for some
time, ala all have seemed to realize
that. efllelency Is only obtained by
Tract leo. It. is a well known fact
that there are as good and as many
voices in. Greenville 'as in any city in
'tillis section, and it is also conceded
that when Greenville people take hold
of a proposition they usunally carry it
The festival will he hel<l under the
uspiceos of the Musical Art Society,
and in all, there Will be five con
certs, embracing 'three evening aid
two afternoon concerts. Wi;h ar
tists whose reputations go unchal..
longed, with a superb chorus of one
hundred and fifty voices with a. splen
'didly equipped orchest ra--a.ld with
'the numbers and 'nsemb('les to be rnn
dered, t he pe(ople who atte'nd this
great musical treat may rest assured
that such an Op)portuinity is seldom
offered . The people0 of Green ville
1 hemsolvyes are centhuesed ,, for miianyv
seem 'co ralze that culture antd re
finement go hand in hand. andmlnta
muhlsical cultuire is the cult.ure of thlie
As to the~ artists, lI'ttle need be said.
Their names, theIr reputatIons, their
records bespeak all praise for them.
Sutchl shining lIghts as Richard schlle
won, violin soloist; Sig. RQgjpeo Gor
no, pianist. George Rlogovoy', violin
cellist to rt,e Russian ruler 'and the
greatest in :Ameica to-diy; Alfred
Schel, pianist; Miss .Mary Porter
111tchell, contralto; Beatrice Fine,
soprano; Cecil .Jatmos and Ddipund A.
JTahni wil-l be threre to entertain their
~iearers, to p)roperly interpret music
for thomn; added to these'grcat artis'ts
sv'ill be the Atlanta l'estival Orches
tra, with thte assistlance of the Cin
cinnatI Symphony Orchestra; the Fa
seious Schiewen Quartette, and the lo
',al chorus of 200 voices.
Prof. H. W. Barnes, of 'the Green
Ville Female College, will d'irce:t. Mr'.
Wal er Brown , biassi , and Mr. Gleo.
(Gohaeffer. p)ianist, of the Greenville
lFemiain College, together with Mr.
John H. Williams, organ-ist, are some
of the (Gre'envillo artists who w'ill take
a very piromilnent parit . The com
Thittcee on ralilroads has miade appli
ntion to all of the lines running to
the ciy for special rates to rc iwill
'(ir the event , and it is safe to say
that 'uhle low r-ates will he granted.
'rie truIstee.s are as; follo-v TE
4O. Patjerson, W. (l. Sirrine. J. A.
i3arnes , J1. iT. Wilflims, C M . Mc
Gece, roasiurer;;: au-d Allen . (ro
hiamn secetariy-. As w'ill he se-en,
this Committee of t rustees embraces
omeQ 'of the cilay's ablest and mOst
promi?nent cit izens , who~si success in-1
dividually spells success for the fes
,Grand Opera I louse, which fuirnishies
a good mruslcal auditorium, and sea
son tickets, good for five concerts,
bnve 'already hann~ plaeon sale, at
roo p tr ti auti.n p,r @'(l
Kall lu7 'sl? jo 1. 10I(l1d . .10 - .)!.t
t1 110[1allp ).t 011) Jo, .a111I)tjL G1I!1IV
,tt) t[ 1(12 ot1ini lilt uo11 t))f.t US1 .~( 11(dt Ii(h
)AIJ .1l0 I,oo" aq0pjj a. . uls at Jo utl(
)jit.1 l3 s! 06l .l O) I 1o.l. I1 .)t ltOJ
)(1{n '1I0 (1 l$ 81p - o)al Jo 'oif iI
la [ll Xafuls u Jof "o lI i.l.2 .011 )u1i
-)gu01) P1u1u '01i..tall.ou1 i.: p0.()I)suoa
I 'sl.a 1.1)10.> .).i# .tp. wU) : , .( ' JI[.l.g
'5uiul:;( .\\ - I111 i lt) 1 .. .) .t ").top .u.t1
Call onl W. if. (;Iagtait,, R. 1'. 1). :,
5 niles NorMh01 o- Pickenls, it in 11(e(d of
huil(lc; hul. r, 12ak or pille. All orders
will recve p'"1romp)t :uttentiont.
For sale 124. atcro farm four mles
west o! 1""sley, three good hooses atil
all m-esr .y out.I'ltilnii)gs, eLI!., 75 aeres
inl enlIiiv:t 'in balant0 Iin t1imber. I'len
:Ii5 ior :_ere. '.'erm)s to sunit.
.1, M. HESVTE11.
Winthrop College Scholarship and Fn
trance Examination.
Ti: examination for the awarl of va
cant t8cholarships in Withrop College
anid for the adlmisstion of now students
will be held tot the C('urt House on
Friday July 5th at 9 o'clock a, in.
Applicants must be not less than fifteen
years of uge. When scholarships are
vacated aft,"r July 5. they will he award.
ed to those Making the highest average
at this exainaiition, provided they meet
the conditions governing the awartd.
Applicants for seholarships shoul
write to President Joh non before the
(-xanination for Scho!arslhip (Xauina
tioll blaiks.
Scholarships are worth $10)0 and free
tuition. The next session wili open
Septembor 18, 1907. For further infor
mttion 11d11 cntatlogue, aIddre.ss
Pres. D. 13. Johnson, Rock Hill, 8. C.
First Vote of the Filipinos.
Uarper's Weekly.
On July 311th next. nll malcs in th.
Phillipinno Islands not under 23
years of ago and not citizens or stub
ject to any foreign power will be per
mitted to vote fo members of the
Philipine assembly and for proviit
cial governors, a third uember of tlc
provincial board, municipal prsi
dents and vict-prriden ;i, an<1 livii
pal counselors. This will be the hr t
step toward Filipino self-governtent.
The first assenbly w ill convene early
i' October of this year. Secreta)
Taft will be prosent this ypar at tie
meeting of the assembly.
American citizens cminnn withiil
the requiremenis will be permicted to
vote, fur American citizens are not
considered subject, to f )reign power".
The ffrst Philipine assembly will cot
sist of feighty-four uembcr, app(xr
tioned on at basis of one delegate to
90,000 of the population, Pirovisi i
is made to increase this numibe, but
the total number of delegates canntot
dxceedl 100. All acts of the assiitubly
must secnre tihe approval of t he cont-.
mhissioni before they become hJws
That our American forests abonndl in
plants whviueh I>ssss~ the most valuable hl
mlet denal v irtues is abun ldanlt ly aItteste'd
by sc'ores of the mlost eminent 'o,it'.
writers and teachers. EvenI the untuL
toreS d Idians had! discovered t he uise'fi -
hess of many na1tive In ts bef(or.e the
advent o.iI .(f thle w..hiteIc race. Thius inf orma:
tioni, 'min121r1ed fr'eel y to the whitesle. loll
the IatLter toa con t.Innie ivestigatin unt18111il
to-day we hav'.e IL r'ch alssortmeont, of 1m1st
valuiable Amerleaun miedlelinal roo01s.
Dr. Piere helieves that our Aomerle'an for
ests abound11( In most. valuable medlehil1 room
for thie cureo of moost obstinate11 and fatai ilis
east's. if we would( I)ropertl'y' investiga te item;p
and,(1 1n conliirmation of this c'ontionl111. ihe
poinits with Inde. to tho almoi~st marlous 1)
cure's effected b)y his "Giolden Medtical l>s
covery1." whlich has pr'oven1 itself to Ie thea
most efficient s'tomach tonic, liver 1invigor
ato', hear't tonic( and re'gulator, and1( ldt
clean1ser knIownI to intedicail sciencLe. 1)yspiej
sia, or inudigesition, tor'pid1 liver, ftmon a 11il
nd oven v'alvlar and1( other afti onls of
the heart yield to its curative actionl. Thle
realson wVhy it cures these anid many other
affetionls, is clearly show.un in a little li book
of extractts fromi the stand(ard mledI' ical w'ks
whheh Ia mllted fecE to anly atddre'ss 1by Dr1. tR.
V. Pierce, of JHutralo, N. Y., to 1.1!1(nding
relluest, for the same.
Not less inarvelons, in the unparaiteled
cures it, is constantly makinlg of womantt's
pIny Iecliar at't'tctionsi, weaknlIesse's and11
dist ro(ssinlg derangeen)tts, Is Dr. Pieet
Favorite P'reserli,tion, a1s Is amply at tested
by thousands oIf ulli0ted test imonials con
tribttelta y grateful ialients who have.' been5
cured by It. of catarrhal polvic drains. 1)a in flu
Iio'tds, i'regulIartities. pirolapu a1)11 nd otheiir
dIisplaeeents causedC1 by3 wea~tkne(ss, leer
ationt of u1terus1 arnd Indred1'O afYections. oftten
after many other advertised medicines,08 and
physicians had fatted.
Rothi the above menion101ed miedtticins are
wholly madle uip from I ho glycerlte ext racts of
plo3yed in thieir manu11factur 1I'lwer to 1riial
with IDr. Pierce, andi they are carrteid on by
lskilled chemists and1( pha11rmacists wIthI the
desig5tned and built, for tils pur'ose. lothi
medictne; are e'nti rely free from aleobll and
all othier ha.rmful, habIt -forming druIlgs. A
fuIll list. of their ingredients Is pinoted on
each bottlo-wrapper.
Cures Coughs, Colds,
and Lung Troubles. P:
Pickent,1 Drug
Business Locals.
\ntitt of l s, n'e. w a1'.. i v lll", ."-t,, '
in trle1 in, Ihix (".{ulun rt :, en t':, Ier
l Hite n(, I','i'hi i etti'n. N o itiit' t
:' for it'eu titi ln,ent
For 8a.e- A vidn1able upiol farm
withi (-ro)omu tlwllin"r, ba,rnt tl t,ta
hh e, 200 yds. from thtuebIC, sto,re d111
t"1ho1.l hou se. Address, B3. O .iones,
(irteenville, ')r Lt. Rt M(on,l 1 bert.
Sugar aml coli'ev at J. 1). Moore's.
Wanted, to buy 1,00) htns:, 1,501) doz.
en eggs aild tall the r'1.rtirs T.hat we Canl
get. \\, E. F"ienmn & Co,
Flour and meat at J. 1). Mooro's.
When in I'sley pit upl) yourl stnek
lit B. 1', Maiirtit's feed and li'erv stit.
ble. He also hanldles all kinds of
feedtut.1T 38-tf
IIuscavado anti Portorica tloltsasses
at Craig 11ro".
Tobacco & can goods at J. 1). Moore's.
I will pay top prices in cash or trade
if you will bring* me your chickens and
eggs. J. 1). Moore.
I wonld like to till a limited number
'f bills ft "r houses with first-class rough
lumlrr it $1 per 100 at mill. 4 mil?s
wi st of Pickens. A. W. Gravlcy,
Route 3 Pickens.
Bran, shorts at.d chops nt. Craig Bros,
A few first class sewing aehint's,
slightly used to be sol1 at gritly re
doii ed prices. Also sewing mach-ines re
piirttd. Call at l;raig Bros
0. P. Knight.
Notice to Debtors and Creditors
N\ltice is hereby given to i': jI. ti, bolt itg
,-iN lls 1:.:,iu!'. the estattl I .it'ss t're!i' ha wt ite
eenseil. tihIt they 112ttt lilt' the vlnwt.' witi tihe
aitilersi er;ci Irolperly nl.prov,e.l on i r bhefre
the i rst atiny of iy c next. or lie li -ate
A CI.:ltTAN l 1 c,; FOR ACliiN Gi F l'
.Allet':; ittFa e 1t'pwe'e l'l T !"r. .\t-h
iai:., swei'titag. Swto!len teet. Siil!: "ent I''r. :
ulas S,tinpilt uf ot'n i-il-.\<i saM ll.n "' 'o Ani.tu i
lew iiivi ii i,n. Aititre'-. A let S. 111istc'i I,e
Land 1l'r Sale.
We have 7,50 :cres of land f'r sale
in tiets of' from 200 to 1.511) atres in
(Ireene county (iorgia. h'I:is l(d is
ft'rtilte 11t(1 will prod)luce good criips. 1
We will cut the large tr .cts int' small
tarm1s ind give tiv' year paT11me)ts with
the tirst maymenut (ash. Price 810 to
12.510 per uere. For further iiioriti
t.ioul apply' to
Greenusbo.ro, O( .
For Suilai-4A2. ae f arm 5 miles 'uoutht
of Ciourt tionse, 30) a11res inl clitivat ion,
bahmenca in tuuber lanrd. Two houses.
good barni and ont1buildings. Pl~ace well
Pickem-, 5. (.
Siiummon)Is fo)r Rel if.
P'ickens ( '.ounty.
Court of Conuon Pleas.
Suisi. Hester atwl Bilanche Messer,
Mary E'. Mbtrt in, ILet tie Neow ton,
Mattie Il,..ster,. Myra Lay Com
Mrs. (X. M. Martin. WV. V. Ch'liy
Lioni, Mat tie D)ickson, .LeAttit el ot
andl Jessie Dobbil)ns,
(C ompllaint 'erved)
To the defenatst above named:C(
andliiii r<'turd tob :answ4er the~(!)l comphlint in)
this :action, ot which a copy is herewith
serivedi up~on .vou, and to servo a copy, of
y'our answer to the said( comlalintt 0on
thle subsc'ribeir at his oflice lPickens,
Souithl C arolina, within t wenty da a of1)
the serv ici here'iof, exc'lusivye of the dkay
of sucht eriv ice: and if you fail to tan.
swear t.emhu. i)lnit within the t imei
afCoresaid, thei Plainit iY in t his action
will ap~ply to the enurt for the relief dle
mande~1*d in) this comlalinit
Dat.,d Miarch 21st A . D. 1907.
A J. Hoggs, 1'. C. P.
Julius F. Piiggs.
Pl'ff s AUt'y.
Tol Mis. Lettin' Newton:
Ta':ko not.ice that the summons1011 and
comlhaitI itn th is act iion we're fih-d In
thle ( lerk's otlice on the 21st4 day of
MIarch. 1907, a nd,h the objeict, of thtis tae
.iion is tob par'tition the land desa~cribed ini
t he comphtllint, andlu ino personall claim is
made(1 augainst you.
Julius E. Boggs.
lit's A t.
Thoj trustec e'lectioni for S3ix Milo
school district has beeni changed from
May 11t to May 18th. Polls open1 at, 2
p. rn. and close at 5 p. m. .E'lection to
be hold at school house. By' order of
the county Board of Education.
30apr'2t R. T. Ifallum,
Croup, La Grippe, Asthm
revents Pneumonia and Con:
m .ly, 1iclr, Pairk%ti'. Pha
Nothing lu't eX)Cnse was s
goocs. We are satislWl t'
right styles and the right pric<
Don't Let Chea'p Tulk
But exa
If our goods are not as retl
them. Some goods are bit
1 divide with you. We have e
Dry ood, Notion, Un
that the average customer wai
the price as low as same good
'vhen you come to Green
make it pay you.
A. K.
West EAnd,
probably w
that you "plou
for that is your business,
See that you get the most i
for your crops-by using libe
They will greatly ";ncrcase yot
obtain the largest possible amoui
your acreage if you will, but di
Fertijizers, and you will see, fe
your increased profits. Did;
dealer a copy of our free alm;
farming information. ,,
's Memphis.
Chiem I Montgomec
Wholesale and
'We have just receivedl three
of Hlay. We also have a full
Chops, Bran, Shorts, Oats and
Cole Guano Distrib)utors and(
you money b~y b)uying from us.
'Phone or wvrite ns. Your
ten tion.
Prepsident. yI( C'I
CDi R Et
J, N- MoRtfAN, J. OGAi
Accnnts of Marchans, Fa..-.., F:i.
Throat ~ ~ ~h
rm;tcv, IibeIv.
pared in the selection of these
at we have the ri;ght gools, the
Sell Youa Goods
mine the quality.
presented,. you don't have to buy
her than last season, but we will
erything in
wo r; Hosieiy and hoes,
its, and we absolutely guarantee
s are sold anywhere.
villc, come to see us, we will
ill not deny
-h for money"
the noblest occupation oa earth.
noney out of your ploughing-or
lina Fertilizers.
ir yields per acre," and help you to
t of money for your lai,or. Decrease
uble your use of Virginia-Carolina
I and hear your pockets jingle with
Pou get from us or your fertilizer
mac ? It's a beauty, and full of
Va. Norfolk, Va. Durham, N. C. f
. . Baltimore. Md.
SSavannah. Ga. j j
Tenn. Shreveport, La.
ry, Ala, - ApI
y, sC
Retail Dealers in
rid A'Xll Iiincis of F'eed
cair loads of F-lour and three
stock of Cotton Seed Meal,
corn. We sell the celeb)rated
'otton Planters. W\e can save
arders wvill receive p)romp)t at.
Yours for b)usine'ss
112h n1. In..s
ED 1901.
I'Y, S. C.
- 25,000,00
- 5,000,00
O'Dr,I,T. C.. 8imnriv
TEll, J. P', SMITHr.
ns. andt Ind(IVidunllin snlinan,.

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