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The sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1906-1909, August 15, 1907, Image 3

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___ _ _ __URNA L
Eutered April 23, 1903 at Pickens, 1. C., asj second class matter, under act of Congress of March 3, 1879.
Will cure any case c
beyond the reach of me
Pickens Drug C
The Vanished Days.
[W D. Nesbit, the humorist of
the N.. Y. American, thus "joshes"
the South in his peculiarly happy
vein. Nesbit is an "indulger" from
'way back, and living in free and
easy Gotham, he is inclined to be
gay when. referring to the "mel
ancholy" condition of Dixie]:
Lay the jest about the julep in' the
camphor balls at lost,
For the miracle has happened and
the olden days are past;
That which makes Milwaukee thirsty
does not foam in Tennessee,
And the lid in Old Missouri is as f
tight-locked as can be
0 the comic paper -colonel and his
cronies well may sigh,
For the mint is waving gayly, but the
South is going dry.
By tho stillside on the hillside in
Kentucky all is still,
For the only damp refreshment must
be dipped up from the rill;
No'th Ca'lina's stately ruler gives his
soda glass a shove,
And discusses local option with the
South Ca'lina Gov.;
It is useless at the fountain to be
%% nkful of the eye,
For the cocktail glass is dusty and
the-South is going dry.
It is water, water everywhere, and
not a drop to drink;
We no longer hear the music of the
mellow crystal clink,
When the Colonel and the Major and
the Gen' and the Jedge
Meet to have a little nip to give. their
appetite an edge,
For the eggnog now is nogless and
the rye has gone awry,
And the punchbowl holds carnations,
and the South Is going dry.
All the nighteaps now have tassels and
are worn upon the head
Not the nightcaps that were taken
when nobody went to bed;
And the breeze above the bluegrass is
as solemn as is death,
For it bears no pungent clove-tang on
its odorific breath;
And each man can walk a chalk-line
when' the stars are in the sky,
For the fizz glass now is fizzless, and
the South is going dry.
Lay the jest about the julep 'neath I
the chestnut tree at last,
For there's hut one kind of moon
shine and the olden days are
For the water wagon rumbles thro' ~
the Southland on its trip,
.And it helps no one to drop off to'
pick up the driver's whip;
For the mint beds make a pasture and
the corkscrew hangeth high,
All is still along the stillside and the
South is g1oing dry.
Number three is a wwederfuil mascot
for Geo. H. Parris, of~ear~ Grove, Me..
according to a Iette'r w bich reads: "After
~suffering much with liver and kinney ]
trouble, nnd becoming greatly discour
ged by the'failure to find relief, I tried
1lecetric Bitters, and as a result I am a
eli man to-day. The first bottle reliev- t
and three bottles completed the oure." r
aranteed best on earth for stomach,
er and kidney troubles by Pickens,
rug Co., druggist. 50c.
n expression as old as the race. No
tbt the rising and setting of the sun
ie most regular performance in the
erae, unless it is the acd .on of the
and bowels when regulated with
King'a New Life Pills. Guaranteedj
e Pickens Drug Co. Druggists, 25c
f Kidney or Bladder Disc
diciri,. No medicine can d
,ompany, Pickens, Parken's Phari
' Pointed Paragraphs.
Fast friends should be slow to dis
When a man earns his money be
Over has any to burn.
Business is business for those who
aind their own business.
It takes a diplomat to pick a quar
lei and dodge the consequences.
In the race for popularity truth is
he hare and flattery is the tortoise.
He jests at family jars who never
ad a mother-in-law to pry the lid off.
If Jonah had been after inside in
ormation he certainly would have
rot it.
An awful nice thing about curly
air on a girl is when 'it is resting on
our shoulder.
He is truly a wise father who
irings up Lis children as if they
>elonged to some, else.
E ven the good man who believes
ie will get L.is reward in heaven is
n no hurry to claim it..
A man who tells a middle-aged
Yrass widow she is a dear, sweet girl
a either a fool or a liar.
But Chamberlain'R Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy Cured Him.
It is with pleasure that I give you
his unsolicited testimonial.. About a
year ago when I had a case of the mea
les I got caught out in a hard rain and
;he measles settled in my stomach and
aowels. I had an awful time and had
:t not been for the use of Chamberlain's
Dholera, Colic and IDiirrhoea Remedy,
[could not have possibly lived but a few
Lour-i longer, but thanks to this remedy
[ am now strong and well. I have writ
en the above -through simple gratitude
md I shill always speak a good word for
his remedy.--Sam H.' Gwin, Concord,
3a. For sale by Pickens Drug Co.
War Talk.
"You may say thisaThe sending of
.he ships to the Pacific has nothing
o do with the recent war talk
iothing whatever."-Secretar Leob.
But it has a great deal to de with
he war talk of the future. War talk
lways precedes warlike acts and it
Lways in double volume follows after
The best way to stop war talk is to
ommit no warlike acts. The best
vay to be at peace is not to brow
eat and affront friendly nations.
few York.World.
We offer one hundred doliars reward
or any case of catarrh that cannot be
ured by Hall's catarrh (lure.
F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, 0.
We, the undersigned have known F.
r. oheney for the last 15 years and be
ieve him to be perfectly honorable in
.11 business transactions and financially
ble to carry out any obligation made by
is firm. Waldin g, Kinnan & Marvin,
Wholesale Druggirts, Toledo, 0.
Hall's Catar-rh Cure is taken internally
Lcts d reictly upon the blood and mucous
urfaices of the system. Testimonials
ent free. Price 75 cents per bottle.
old byall Draggists.
Take Hall's Family Puis for constipa
"I want to say a few words for Chain.
erlain's Colie, Cholera and di'arrhoea'
emedy. I lhave used this preparation'
n my family for the ps5 five years and
ave recommended it to a number of|
reople in York coun'y and have never
:nowni it to fail to effeet a cure in any'
ustiance. I fell- that I cannot say too
riuch for the best medicine of' the kind
a the world."-S.. yamison, Spring
trove, York county, Pa. This remedy
for sale by the Pickens Drug Co.
Wake. kldmewaandmBeddae-ggha
Cures Backache
Do not risk having
.ase not Bright's Disease
o more. or Diabetes
nacy, Liberty.
Dog Fennel and Balky Horse.
"A balky horse is the meanest
thing this side of Memphis," said
A. L. Nichols, of Brentwood, Tenn.
"I had 9, horse one titme that hilked
on all occasions. He would Lalk if
you whistled, balk if you ,laughed
and balked if you looked frot the
corner of your eye
"One day he balked and I could
not make him move forward to save
me. An old negro happened along
and supplied a remedy. Going to
the side of the road he pulled a hand.
ful of dog fennel weed. Taking this
he rubbed it under the horse's nose.
The animal shook his head once or
twice, raised up his tail and started
down the road in the merriest trot
you ever saw. That treatment of dog
fennel cured the horse of balking.
He never made another attempt to
act ugly after that."- [Nashville Ten
In Defense of Railroads.
To the Greenville News:
We have seen so much comment on
the subject of the Southern Railway
and the North Carnlina laws that we
have a mind to speak and are going
to speak.
Now, in regard to this case the
railroad could but submit to the law,
but here is the point: The law. Who
made the law?
We are long since out of patience
with so many cheap legislators. Th y
never know when to quit riding their
hobbies. We ahall be slow to cast
our vote for a man that comes along
riding a hobby toward office that is
against railroads and cotton Mills and
These would-be statesman think
they have all the influence and popu
Ilat sentiment to gain as the voting
capacity of the corporation is in th3
We haven't a dollar in any Corpo
ration but we believe In fair play and
democracy and who says this is ei.
ther? To keep always jumping on
corporations that have a right to fair
play, just for notoriety's sake and be
cause they are sui-ject to comply
with any and all laws that avrarice
afd lowness can enact is a most cou
temptible thing.
Principle is so far enthralled, tha t
at this same gait the d~y Is not fa r
distant when the railroads will be
told: "You must haul the people free
and you cotton mis must pay your
employes full pay for the merest
mention of time employed.
All you corporations must come to
the letter of the majestic law, the
Standard Oil Company not excepted,
to thie tune of a penalty of vour entire
worth. But you murderous, anaroh
ists, bank-cashier defaulIters, crooked
government agricultural statisticians
and other like high folk, go free.
These corporations are being sued
in .every court for personal accidents,
etc., and ninety-nine per cent of tbe
cases are carefully designed accidents
and there is always a cheap lawyer
ready to carry the case through all
the courts between here and eternity
Mewa, Laurens Co., S. 0.
hay Fever' ad Summner Colda.
Vietime of limy fever will experience
great benefit lyy taking Foley's Honey
and TBar,-as it tops- difficnit breathin im
mediately an he.'la the inflamed air
passages,. and- veon if it should fail to
cure you- it' w' 1 give instant relief," The
ennnine is in eliow paal~e.
74 E
Seeds in the Gourd
,bout that many
[ want to dispose of.
while you can get soi
f .then will sell
$1-75 ladies' white
$1'450 ladies' white 4
$100 misses' white
75c rubber sole Tenn:
We Are NoW Reaa]
Nothing but expense was spared
goods. We are satisfied that we
right styles and the right prices.
Don't Let Cheap Talk Sell
But examin
If our goods are not as represento
them. Some goods are higher tha
divide with you. We have everythin
Dry goods, Notions, nerar,
that the average customer wants, and
the price as low as same goods are si
When you come to Greenville, c
make it pay you.
A. K. P
West End,
(Igli Oaile I
Per cent QQ1
Discount0 3
The entire stock of
and iBoys Clothing i:
Reduced Prices.
All sales cash. Alt
be paid for. No good
proval. No clothing
Come and take you
20 S. Main C
but I have
ro niove them
ne service out
slippers $1.25
3)xfords $1.10
Oxfords 80c
Is slippers 65c
le goods
in the selection of these
have the right goods, the
You Goods,
e the quality.
!d, you don't have to buy
.n last season, but we will
g in
Rniety and Sho0,
[ we absolutely guarantee
>ld anywhere.
>me to see us, we will
Greenville, S C
E1othIIgg I
Per cent*
VMen's, Youths
ai the sale at
erations must
s sent on ap
r choice.
)E L,
reenvile. SL C

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