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Pickes Seuiel-JOurll'al
The Sentinol-Journal Company.
TUOMPsoN & RIcHEY, Pnors.
Subscription $1.00 Per Annum.
Advertising Rates Reasonable.
Entered at Pickens Fjsatoffie as second Olass
Mail Matter
Ganderbone's Sept. Forecast.
Copyright 1907 by C. H. Rieth.
The old school bell is soon to ring,
the poets all arise and sing, the froqt
will soon displace the dew, and the
wind jamb through the beek a.bo<.
Untutored youth with tears of brine,
returueth sadly to the mine, the new
schoolma'am prepares to whack the
bad boys where their pants are slack.
Ihe football player lets his hair
Fall into Autumn unrepair,
And the more athletic college cops
The students with their largest
The moon will be full on the 21st,
and the password for the month will
be "Soak Standard Oil." Everybody
will run a little harder for president
Mr. Bryan's smoke will continue to
be an interesting spectacle, Mr.
Roosevelt will drop a wasp into the
hip pocket of Mr. Taft and that lac
gard will move up a couple of places
in the race. Mr. Fairbanks will cou -
tinue to pass the grand stand every
seven seconds sucking,- buttermilk
with a nipple out of his pneumatic
shirt front. The war with Japau wiil
sleep fretfully, and Uncle Sam will
sit by the cradle crooning soft lulla.
byes and giving paregoric with a fun.
The coming county fair is billed,
The big prize hog is corned and
The pumpkin that will lift the prize
Is watched with proud and hopeful
The family mare to win the pot
Is training for the county trot.
The autumnal equinox niill come in
on time on the 24, and Mr. Harri
nan will absorb all the water that
falls to use in floating stocks for de
velopment of our great natural ro -
sources. Trhe Standard Oil Company
will place a twenty-year 4 per cent
mnortgage upon the earth and will
pay the $29,400,000 fine nmposed by
Judge Laudis, Senator Beveridge
will end his honeymoon abroad aiAd
return to the affairs of the Republi*,
which will restore that feeling of se
The summer girl- romantic thingl
--will homeward come upon the wing
and show her neighbors for a week
whg're some man bit her on the cheek.
The freciles on her arms (and legs?)
resemble those on turkey eggs, and
the neighborhood will bet ten per the
snen were only joshing her.
The lucky wives of millionaires
Will put up jam and pickle pears,
Buit most of us, denied these bo:>ns,
Will pass the winter full of prunes
Some red-hot sealing-wax alack,
will fly down Nancy's tender back, ex
ploring where the flesh is bare, and
three shrill screams will pierce the
air. Thbe men awashing at the pump
will hasten thither on the jump, but
Nancy, mid the fruit o'erturned, wi'l
not divulge where she is burned.
President Roosevelt, fresh from
Oyster Bay, will issue on the 20th a
proclamation oflicially opening the
oyster season. Turnips and football
players will run to tops. White
duck trousers will begin to mic rate.
A comet will make one-night stands
in the niorthi-east sky. Theli weather
and p~oliticians will become very
agreeable. Nature, which has been
Iu the nude for the outdoor summer
p'aintinr reason, will put on a thin!
g -mer noid the Orn Hnsker's UnI
son I rougate' a new wage sc ale
by which they will get the corn and
the farmer the husks.
The boys on Saturday are loose.
To stain their hands with walnut e
The cider swollen apples drip,
The pig .qeals for a morning nip, 8
The billy goat by Autumn cheered I
Lets c9ol winds frolic with his board.
Summer excursion touiists will
come horme in a chair car with their
skull grass full of carbon mites, the
aisle full of braided legs, and the sa-v
tooth cb.ir back embossing the name r
of the railroqd on their spines. The
Big Dipper will appear in the heav
ens upside down will encourage Pro. .
hibition to resume his war paint and
ext, nd the booze drouth. John Bar- c
leycorn will return to his guns with a
Booker Washington tint under both
eies and his pants torn, and the
Kentucky Colonel will toss in his
mint bed while Carrie Nations rides
a night-mare through the window of
his boudoir.
The cotton field with boll and stem
Are beckoning to dusky men,
And soon from cotton seeds we'll boil
The pure imported olive oil. The
Greeks begin their year in Septem
bi-r. Our Labor Day was their New
Year't- Day. They did this because
their families apent the Summer at
the seashore at considerable expense,
while the men played poker at home,
at more expense. This left the t
Greeks badly in the hole, and the on- c
ly way they could get out was to
have the new year begin September
1st and swear off drinking and smok
ing at that tiene. This enabled them
to save in September what we save
io January, and was a much better
plain than ours.
Cheer up, cheer up, the suummer's
o'er, the piping quail is up at four,
September sweet is on the job, iuo
lie green corn ripens on the cob.
October crisp will soon be hero
With softly-falling leaf and sere,
With frosty morn and hunter' m111oon
Ar d pumpkin pie, not yet but soon.
DOMINOCARDS-The new house.
hold gane that, combiues and exemls both
Cards nd 1 Dominoes. Cauvassers want. I
ed to introduce into every conunnity.
mleiflull gamo and parti entulars, postpa idi.
50c. DOMINOCARDS CO., 1807
Chouteau Ave., St. Louis, Mo. L
The Saber Toothed Tiger Was a For..
midable Creature.
The most remarkable of all the ex- e
tinct teline anim1als are those kniown i:
to naturailists as the saber toothed (
cats or tigers, a group comprwising the ii
greateor part ~ of all the fossil forms.
'IlTey date back to the earliest times~ of
whleh we kniowv anything abomut the
fatnhly in Nortiil Amnerica and reach
down to the tInie of mani himself. A
large and powerful species described
from the Indin Territory by Cope
lived contmcii jmi'nntly with' the"'
hairy mannnluOthl. as evidenced bIy theJ
coninlini1g mlf thirl sklietonms." TIhere a
can be lilte I iRor no <ulest ion but thlat
the hairy mano lll~th was contemipora
neousR with Iinan:1 inl Nortir A meriea
as well as in Europe. Its geological C
ranige is from~ the14 close of the eocene r
to the latteor part of t he pleistocene.
The chilef ieclhirity of the anlimail I
is tile extraordhlar'y elongated canine t
teeth. Theim tal iis of uniuisual length t
anld tile legs areI short. The anhinal S
miealsures ablout seven feet ini length
aside from the tail. The lower jaws C
have a dlownward1 projection in front, a
due to a fhingelike widening of the
jalwhonies, w~ihl dou~btless served as a
protection to thle teeth, preventing their
lujury or loss. In seome of the larger
formns from South Americn this flange
was not piresenit, while the canine
teeth were even more elongated than
is the case with tis speries, attainling
a lengi h of over bi in~ch.s and~ pro0
trudinlg far below the jaws wheu
A Flight of Erratio Metaphor.
It 'was in a pol1iCe court in India.
The client of thle babu lawyer was a
woman accused of assault and battery, i
and the attornecy, attackiug the op~pos- ~
inig lawyer, delivered himself as fol. a
lowvs: "My learnedl friend with mere t'
winid from a teapot thlinks to brew- b
beat mnc from may legs. I only seek to it
pla1cc my bone of conitentionl clearly in C
yoeur honor's eye. My learned friend I
vainly runs amuck upen tile sheet ain- I
chors of my case. My poor client hais
been deprived of some11 of her valuan
ble leather (skin), the leather of. her
nose. Until the witness expilains what
became of mly client's niose leather lhe
cannlot be believed. fle cannot be al
lowed to raise a castig l4 tho air by
beating upon a busek," A1
A Man's Name.
The law allows a man to call himself
y any name he wants to and to spell
I any way he likes. You way
hange your name as often as you like
rithout violating tiny law. The reason
Dr getting one's name changed by a
ourt or act of the legislature is to pre
erve the record lia case it should ever
econe necessary or desirable to es
ablish one's identity under the new
nd the old naine.-St. Louis Itepublic.
The Limit of Life
The most eminent medical scintisls
re unanimous in the conclusion that
lie generally accepted limi'ation of hu
ian life is niny years below she attain
'ent possible with the advanced knowl
dge of which the race is now possessed.
Che critical period that determines its
uration seems to be between 50 and 60;
be proper care of the body during this
ecade cannot be too strongly urged;
arelessuess then being fatal to longevi
y. Nature's best helper ifter 50 yetirs
3 Electric Bittors, the scientific tonic
aedicine that revifalizes every organ of
he body. ' Guiranteed by the Pickens
)rug Co. Druggists. 50o.
Japanese Flower Decoration.
In the Japanese method of flower
lecoration, to become a master of
&hich a man must study for at least
ourteen years, seven years of hard
vork making him only fairly profi
.ient, only few flowers are used.
)ne beautiful bough is considered
imple aesthetic food for a day. The
rpanese know that only one beauti
ul object at a time can be appre
iated, and they aim at placing that
object in perfect relation to its sur
oundings. A vase of flowers in a
Fapanese house is the principal
hing in the room, near which the
hief guest of the evening is seated.
i an expression as old as the race. No
loubt the rising and settirg of the sun
m the most regular performance in the
universo, unloss it is the action of the
ver nut howels when regulated with
)r. King's New Life P,s. Guaranoteed
y the Piokons Drug Co. Druggists, 25o
The Anchovy.
The little anchovy is a fish of no
mall inportance. heing very larigely
lsed in various sauces, besides the
mubers tlit are preserved in I)iekle.
t Is common in the Mediterranean and
s also found on our coasts. The upper
aw of this fish is longer than the
awer one. The entire length of the
ish Is usually froml four to five inches,
mut it has ten seen measuring upward
'f seven inches.
"I want to 'say a few Words for Cham
erlins's Colic, Clhlera. aud diarrhoc
0iundy. I have used this preparation
my faisily for thei past live years and
ave c coimn(1endd it to a number of
ecple in York couni'y and have never
nown it to fail to effect a cure in any
Tstance. I fell that I cannot say too
mob for thes b~est me'dicine of thec kind
I the worki."-S. Jamnison, Sprinig
irove, York co4unty, Pa. This remedy
for sale by the Pickens D)rug Co.
A womanil worries until she gets wrmuk
is, thon worries because she has them.
f sher takes Hollister's Rocxy Mon atain
'ea sihe wyould have neither. Bright,
milhng ince follows its use. 85c Tea or
Sops f~v ocig and healslunga
The Neck of the Bottle.
On the neck of a wvine bottle a ridge
an usually be seen. This ridge has a
urpose to serve. It is not made mere
r to decorate the neck of the bottle.
Vhen the bottle is opened and its con
ants have to be poured Iato a glass
tie ridge is adjusted to the top of the
lass, so that the wvine cannot trickle
own the side of the bottle and then
ni to the tablecloth. - London Tele
Id maids wvonld be scar cc and hard to
Could they be made to see. [find,
iow grace and beauty is combined
By using Rocky Mountain Tea.
FrIend-Can't you give me a tip on
tocks? Broker-Yes, but in conslderac
ionl of our long friendship I won't.
'own andi Country.
lut Chambnherlain 's Colic, Cholera end
Diarrhoea Remedy Cured Him.
It is wvith pleasure thsat I give you
usn unsolicited testimonial. About a
cari ego when I had a case of the mea
les I got caught oat in a hard rain andit
to measles settled in my stomnsch and
owvels. I had an awful time and liad
not bseeni for the use of Chtambeorlain's
holera, Colic and Diurrhtoca Remedy,
could not have p)osibly Iivedl butt a fewv
ours longer, but thanks to this remedly
am now strong and well. I have writ
in the ab)ove through simple gratitude
1(d I shall always speak a good wordl for
is remiedy.-Sam H. Gwin, Concord,.
a. For sabl y Pickens Drug Co.
Sore Nipples and Chapped liands
e quickly cured by atpplyin~g Chambneriis
lve. 'Try it; it lift Scess. l'i. 2 cn,
Ono at Which tho Question of - Proce.
dence Was Not Raised.
Precedence, always a ticklish mat
ter, is doubly ticklish where an ori
ental nation is concerned. When
George IV. was regent there was a
terrible to-do at court because the
Persian ambassador claimed prece
denee over all the other ainbassa
dors. This not being allowed, he
refused to go to court at all. Tit
for tat, he was informed that he
would not be received at Carlton
House, neither would the ministers
receive his visits. Sackcloth and
ashes at the Persian embassy. Soon
afterward the prince regent met the
shah's representative at Lord Salis
bury's. "Ali, I hope you are bet
ter,' he said diplomatically. "Oh.
sir, I am very well," was the answer,
"but I am sorry that I offended
your royal highness by not going
to court." And he explained how
it had all come about.
"Now, sir," the ambassador went
on, "my sovereign, he tell mae to go
first, and your congress, about
which I know nothing, say I must
go last. Now, sir, this very bad for
me when I go back to Persia." And I
he pointed with dismal significance
to his head. "Well, my good friend,
never mind it now. It does not sig
nify," said the regent, with that
cheerfulness natural to a man who
has not a sovereign waiting to nip
off his head. "Oh, yes, sir," protest
ed the Persian, "but your royal
highness is still angry with ne, and
you have not invited me to your
party tomorrow night." The re
gent laughed ieartily, saying, "As
a matter of fact. I was only going
to have a few children to dance, but
if you would like to comae I shall be
glad to see you." And the wise man
of the east (lid go and wrote, v'astly
proud, to his sovereign that lie had
gone to the ail, the only amlbssa- a
dor invited. Not unnatural N. lie e
did not burden the shhi wii tile o
palricbilars as to how this signal dis- e
tinctioln caineo Ib h, conri L(n
hiim and Persia.-St. Joes Ga- (
zette. r
An Encore.
During the elections in Irelaud in a 1
bygone year Colonel James 1. Robert- j
son was quartered at Ennis. A riot
was expected, and lie was requested
by a town magistrate to remain under
airms in case of, trouble.
It was a very still summer evening.
and a lieutenant of the company was o
amusing himself at his harmoniuni
an1 was singing in a good voice. Just
as hie finished Eone of his songs-i)y
that time it was well Into the night
a thundering knock caine on the outer
gates. P
"Who conies there?" shouted the c
sentry at the top of his voice, and
every man in barracks jumped up and .a
seizied his arms. In a mnoment there
was dead silence, the men eagerly lis
teninug to know what was to follow.
"Who comes there?" again the sen
try shouted.
And a small voice outside the gate
"If ye plaze, Misthier Sintry, wvill ye
ask th'~ gintlemnan to sing that once
"Tme indignant sentry's reply," says
Colonel Rlobertson in his reminiscences
of soldierinig, "wast drowned in the
shouts of merriment from my men."
"The Cartha gin ianm mercenaries," he IU
said, "incamsed their prisoners in a ce
mnent that as it hardened contracted. t
You can't imagine how~ uncmomfortable ~
this was."
"Oh, yes, I can," she answered. "1 y
once had on a tight bathing suit when ~
it hegan to shrink." - Los Angeles I
Times. f,
Plenty of Old Ones. a
Mr. Chippls (looking up from tihe pa- i
per)-Trhe doctors have discovered an- L
other new disease. Mrs. Chipps--Well,
I wish they'd stop) looking for new
dliseaises long enough to find a cure for
may old1 rhmeumatismn. - Lond~on Tele- a
"Think of' thme patient, uncomplaining s
industry of tie busy bee," said thea
manu wvho maeke's per'funmctor'y e'ffor'ts to
"'Thet h'uy hcee''." eiliedl t hebusiiess al
1ev the t.mls m. ' i.e pm.. fooucd lays.'
Notice to Dobtors and Creditors'.
All ler shins hmchiVmu e'in imes atainst t he
'sit ofC ihe late ('ht'ol 1i. Alh-xanider
nilst pircsomi the same11 rhiily proven on~
>r beforo'e tihe i~,hl dlay of October 19(07.
>r be deb'harredl p~aymient ; rand all persons
ndeblte'd to the saidi estate, must mako
>ayment on or before the above dhate to
r. J. Mauldjn attorney.
2Sep1007t3 Laura H. Alexander,,
Adlminini~rntriv .
For Thin,
Poor Blood
You can trust a medicine it
tested 60 years! Sixty years
of experience, think of that!
Experience with Ayer's Sar-.
saparilla; the original Sarsa
parilla; the Sarsaparilla the
doctors endorse f.r tinh Nloo i
weak nerves, genenat de iit v.
But even this grand obft a 'ai 'a
its best work If the J.a a
bowels constipated. Vor the best possible re.
suits, you should take laxative doses of Ayer's
Pills while taking the Sarsaparilna.
a 6, C. o.. eMass.
We have no seorets I We publish
the formulas of all our nediolnes.
Clerk's Sale.
County of Pickens.
In Court of Common Pleas.
In pursuance of a decretal order made
a the following named case and on file
n the Clerk's oilce, I will bell to the
gighest bidder during the legal hours
or sale at Pickens Court House, S. C.,
>n Salesday in October 1907. the fol
cwing described real estate upon the.
orns herein after mentioned towit:
Anna M. Richey
Mary A. Bentley and
Frank C. Mauldin.
All that certalin piece, parcel or trnt
f land lying and being in the county
id -tate itfor-said conta in ing eigity
ight and toree-fouithis (88k, acres, mjor(,
r less, lying on both sat-s of theSouth
ro Railwity and aIjaceti to lie publie
ighway leading froml Esle. S. C.. to
Ireen.ill. , S. C., it hvi.g the same land
Bpresent d by plat iade by j. \.
Irninson, surveyer, dated February 4th
887 which plilt is r4corded in Deod
look "L" nt. page 220 of the record1s of
,iel(ens county, S. C. w ich piit refer
noe is herC Imai 0e for a mjjortt coplellat.
Terius-Oue-hiltf easi and( tle b:alancee
n1 a r(e"dit of twelve mionths. The cred
p)ortion to be secured by a bond of the
ureluaser and a morigage of the preni
as sold witi interest from da ., of sale at
per cent on tie orelit pnortioll with the
'rivilege of I
ash on day of
'e complied wa
ale or it will b1 .
Purchaser to pay for all papers andit
or recording of samne.
A. J.B(OGGS[L. a.]
Clerk of Court.
hambiierlain'ag Colic, Cholera anud Dliar
rhea Mtemedly Better than
Three Dncto~r,.
"it hiree years ago w.e htad three doctora
rich our little boy antd everything they
ould do seemied to bie in v.aina. A t lnst
hent all hope3 seemned to ho gone we b)a
an using Chamberlain's colhc cholera
nd Diarrhoea Remedy and in a few
ours lhe began to improve. Today ho
as healthy a child as parents could
ish for. "-Mrs . B.J. Jlohnston, Lini.
ml, Miss. For sale by Pickens b~rug
Itioudc Poisioninzg
3anlIs froml chironic rconstipaitionl, which
quickly cured bay Dr. King's New Life
'ills. They remove all poisonous germs
com the systemi and infuse new life and
igor, cure s(.ur stomach, nnsia, head
ehe, dizzinets and colic, without grip
>g or dscomfort. 25e. Guaranteed by
ickens Drug Co.
A Card
This is to certify that all druggista a110
nthorized to refund your money if Fo
y's Honey anid T.iar fails to cure yourl
)Ingh or cold. It stops the cough,
eiais the lungs and pirevents sroiouis ro
tillIs from a cold. Cure lah gippe cough
1(d prievents pnieumiaf11 n d conisumip
on . Contains no0(~ oiles. The Ge'nni
ife1 i it yellow packpigc. Reafuse sub
Mtates. Parkinis Phiarmacy, Liberty,
id Pickons D)rng Co.
WiTH Dr. King's
New Discovery
FOR C8g&,6s

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