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There is a L-u
When is Your Mai
Hel Him to Make it
The lucky day for one of the Rural
ciber 23d 1907, for on that date one of
high gi ade, "Piedmont" brand, Top Bti
Jfeath-Bruco.-Morrow Co., and now on el
We giyo 200 votes for every dollar paid
in on subscriptiou to this pfaper, besidos
running single coupons inl ech1 i8sue of
the paper, which you can lill out for
your favorites and get to this oflico any
time before that date.
These propositions are all under the
.one heading and 200 votes are counted
toi each proposition, as follows:
200 votes to the rural carrier receiving
the most votes.
200 votes to the young lady in your own
townshipl recoiving most votOs.
20) votes for person in the county ro
ceiving m1ot votes.
High grade buggy to carrier.
A nice present will be presented to
-some young lady in c;'ci township.
This is something nice and will be
.announced later.
An unlimited course inl a first-cilass
business eollege.
Tle tir t published riport of stauding
of contestaits in tihe voting contest will
he in isure of Nov. 14.
To the carrier leading nt the first re
port we will pr1eseit $5 in cash
To the young lady having the large4t
nunmber of votes at first report will also
receive $5 in cash.
Savo your1 coplions.
Everybody knows the boy.s on the ru
,al routes. and all know that thr:ough
e kBeverly (
bomb into her fine composure with his
next remark. He addressed her in the
AGraustark language:
-"Is It your desire that!I shall contin
rue to address you In English?"
iBeve-ly's face turned a bit red, and
-her eyes 'wavered. By a wonderful er.
tort she retained her self control, stamn
muering ever so faintly when she said
.ii :English:
'tI wish you would speak English."
unwittingly giving answer to his flues
tion. "I shall insist upon that. Your
.English is too good to be spoiled."
'irhen lhe made a bold test, his fIrst
having failed, Ile spoke once more in
the native tongue, this time softly and
"As you wish, your highness, but 1
think It Is a most rIiiuous practice,"
hie said, arid his heart lost none of it-s
$2.70 Worti
For !
Ten standard toili
value $2.70. Call
will tell you the
great introductory
(Chemical Labo
Picken s
Ly for Us All
Lucky Dayl
December 23d, 1907..
Mail carriers in this conaty will be De
them will be presented with a handsonI4
ggy, fully warranted and guarantred b
hibition in their show window.
thick and thin, wet and dry, they are ot
the grind. Their expenses are heavy
for hnggica wear out and horses depreci
ato in value, and ll- is not "Igrist th I
comes to their mill. Crops aire good and
the weather coid not be better for th(
gathering. Pri'es -are natisfactory and
everybody is correspondingly prosperou,
and happy. We are receiving many neo
subscribers and many of tle old stand.
bys are remembering the .printer and
paying thelir dues.
Now for tho mail boys: Watch your
paper and clip the coupon you will fild
in each copy after this date, and it will
count tivo votes. Vh"n you pay your
dollar on suberoiption call for your cou
poll which entitles you to 2' 0 vo'es.
Vote theae c:Ipous fot some one o.1
the Carriers in Pichens 0u-nty and to
he one rec. iving the I rgest number of
votes we will present a high grade bug
This buggy is a Pi dmont-oue of
their very best and gnalanteed I y The
H1e.'th*rnec Morrow Co. and is ou ex
hibilioll it their .s lre.
There is also I pietty prize oifered for
sone young lady In each towuship in
the couu v, anlid a schoharship for some
young lady or gent in the county.
Each coupon votes on ail propllsilious
and th. fuu c'os(s Mo d'y Dec. 2:3.
c By -
- Auther of "GraustaIr".
* oyrht. 1904. y Dod, -
courage. ipeveriy looked at him anost
pathetically. She knew that behind
the curtain two young women were- ene
joying her discomfiture. Something
told her that they were stifling theii'
mirth with dainty lace bordered: hand'.
"That will' do, sir," she managed' to
say firmly. "It's very nice ot you, but
after this; pay your homage in English,"
she went on, taking a long chance on
his remark. It must have been com
plimentary, she reasoned. As for Bal:
dos, the faintest sign of a smile touched
hisa lips, and his eyes were twinkling as
he bent his head quickly. Franz was
right; she did not know a word of the
Glraustamrk lan guage.
"I have entered the service for sIx
moniths, your highniess." lhe said in Eng
lish. "You have honored me, and I
give my heart as well as my arm tn
your ca:use."
a Great
ory Offer
at articles for $1.00
at our store and we
particulars of this
offer of the Sanitol
ratory Company
IDrnug Co.
Beverly, breathing easier, was pro)
erly Impressed by this promise of tea
ty. She was looking with pride upc
the figure of her stalwart protege.
"I hope you have destroyed that ho
rid black patch," she said.
"It has gone to keep company wil
I other devoted but deserted friends," I
said. a tinge of bitterness in his voice
"The uniform is vastly becoming
she went on, -realizing helplessly thi
she was providing Intense ainuseme
for the unseen auditors.
"It shames the rags in which yc
found me."
"I shall never forget them, Baldos
she said, with a strange earnestness I
her voice.
"May I presulme to inquire after t
health of your' good Aunt Fanny an<
although I did not see him, your Une
Sam?" he asked. with a face as stralgi
and sincere as that of a judge. Be
"Your higohness, I fear we have &ph
and eavesdroppers here."
erly swa llowed suddenly and chiecke
a laugh with some dilli1culty.
"Aunt Fanny Is never ill'. Some da
I shall tell you mnore of Uncle- Sam. I
will inter-est YOU."
"Anlother qiuestion, If It please YOU
highiness. Do you expect to- return t
Amervilen soon'?"
Th1Js wvas the unexpected, but she-mc
It w.ith admirable composure.
"It depends upon the time- wh
Prrnce lantan resum es the throne 1.
a lug n,sh sn a hSid.
"And that day imy never come,
said hie, such miocklug regret lin, hi
voice that she looked upon him. wit
newer interest.
"Why, I really believe you want t
go to Ameriea!" she eried.
The eyes of BaldoH had been furtIve
y dtawn to the curtain more than one
during the last few minutes. Ath o<
easional movement of the long orent
hangings attracted hits attention. I
dawned upon him that the little pn
was hein overheard, whether by spie
or conspirators he knew not. Resei
ment sprang up In his breast and gav
birth to a daring that was as spectam
ular as it was confounding. Wit
1-on noele trofethe long orienth
hhalfg atated from atenchin. he
eywewde wit1himta, he littl prte
bu isn was bigoehardy whethng thi
ertanirators drew tsne entessli
Twon srartle woen ~stod expose
irto a dain dg a wasl amazpe~t
faces Tr was confoundin Wth
lsgniele atrides One reahed tas
edye mros gl tdsace ahe ld dirte
bovererband wae alewd ewluthint
-urton, th rew pitcdelessofGasl
Hoed dnot ore hnd twompons uehit
- oieut altir etur ne to them mrlens
"Y our highness," lie said clearly,.coo
13y. "I four we have spies anid envel
droppers here. Is your court madb- ii
I of-1 should1 say, they are doubt'ihs*
Spair of curious ladle.' in waiting. Shet
I begin mny serv'ice,. your highness,. h~
esc.ortimng themi to yonder door?"
E IVERtLY gasped. The countet
Bstared blankly at the. ne
guazrdl. Yetive flushed d-eepl;
... bt her lip in hopeless ebhagrI
and dropped her eyes. A prletty tur)
1ind1eed, the iplay had taken! Not a wou
was uttered for a full half millute; nt
did thme guilty witnesses ven~ture tori
and( impanssiv'e, hoiding tlhe eurta
aside. At lasnt the shadlow of a smi
crent into the face of the princess, bl
her tones were full of dep, humili1
when she sploke.
"We ciaveb permission. tos retire, yol
highness," she said, and there was vi
tuiouA appeal in her eyes. "I pray fc
gi veniess for this hiiscretioni and ih
plore you to he0 lenient withh two mni
erable creatuires who, love you so w.
that they forget their dignity."
"1 aim amazedi and shocked," was a
that Beverly could say. "You may g
but return to me within an hour.
will then hear what you haive to say.
Slowvly, even humbly, the ruler
Graiustark and her cousin passed i
neath the upraised arm of the n(
guard. lHe opened a door on the opI
site side of the room, and they we
['to, DR commeunD.1
Ashmore & Nil
E have just received a bi
b Dress Goods and Shoes.
right up-to-date in evey r
iBring us your Prolice, su
U ens, Eggs, Butter, Peanuts,
We will pay the top of tiL
anything yout have for sal.1(
OurMore goods f
tur MBetter goods I
Shoes, Seoes
It will pay you to see us
buy your Shoes.
Yours tru'
IT. A.. RT( J
can run through it, c
,or climb over and br
s- -- - - - - - - -
v I havt' a good line <
Amonig thsem are the recornmnendabile
r Clocka with weiughts, which I arn sellii
I, And a new l|iae of SILVERWARE.
e- Silver WA'liES. A nice. line of 8S.
glasses to fiti eyes. All kinds of R epair w(
e H. SNIDER, - -
Ot11ee of Connuaty Treasuir
gThe books for- tha.. collaetion of S'ate amld Count y
S15th 1907, to December 31st 19fl7. Theo.e wis.- pref.*
ry, 1908 with one par ent.si ad.iai; th-a..o pa. re4
cani d$0s with 2 peir cen~t ssdih*ios, ; ths e who. prefs
the 15th of eseid mnth cn dom so by paaying~ isn a idit~i
1dato the b~ooksI widi e oe
l N. B.--Taxpaye owninlg property or patying t-.
pa for tax receipt in eneh townsh911'p or s4peoial r- "
a~ own property. '.Ilai Za very import m as tue
Those who doi n)ot witah to, come) to) ii 0
ombier 25) and Ilwill funisha yon wieth t: ' -'
by caaeck, money order or roggetoo I'.tA-r. a
two (2) cents na2 ennsot uso the. Plea .s t.
teriug samel, aoi it is liable to be lset; if se ' - ..
3Levy for~ State tax -4
a' " "' Costituition ~~ sossio tax 3
'a *' ~Ordiniary I 'ouaty tax~ 4 "
11 - " Sinkinsg Fundce - I
" 'sPast InCEtdtedness, 1 4 "
d ~ " " " Chain Oiag, - 1 3 4
r" Keowee Bridge' 3 M
h1 Total, 14 7 #
n * Special Lnvy far (tchool Darroa S
It Bpecial Le~vy for ~-schol i y:5s e N1..
it Specaial Levy fors He~aa I ., i'.ne N
Special L~evy for5 HaIdisil 1I is e ' o,
i pecial Levy fori S3e eeal D ) r --i N.
r.Specjial Levv for~ So - el 51 1aI) et ,' a
r-Spniasl Le~avy hor S--haoo, lharsa" N
$- peciatl L ea f.. Seus al D' n - ' N- .
a. ~Spec(il L- vaa fa..r~ sato Da r m Na.
tilSpecial Levy frs He o4, j )-'a-t a
Special Levy I r Sehuali lhal ci. Na.
L. vy for insterest i 'onike. - Ia ft R o da.ds. H I '
Li Levy for insterest oni Piok i.e a 1 . lataii. . -.
'. Levy for interest on P'icke-na R. RL bon~ , P
I Poll taix, $1.00. Eve ry mtss' o etan. I' m nt
ede~re isoldiers, whoe do nta niYiier 50 Cca. a u
of Commu~uta tion IRonsd uTasx. $31 50. A. * a .'
e- 1908, in lieu of five (5) datyc' wiork ont rots oaenn de .9
w persons bietweeni the aigesI or 21 itud 50 yeas- jiat ii
o. PxCensed by la1w.
at Capitation Dog Tax. Alu personsc owing dFag
lot of Now
Ou1r stock Is
[eh as Click
Potatoes, etc.
muarket for
r less Money,
or same Money.
before you
:rawl under
eak it,
rIld svi Seth Thomnae
ugst 8p*Pi eI ls r'gaIill.
AIso Usolid Gold and
-etacinea; I guaFralntee3
rk an t ejewilry bine.
Ensl'ey, 8. 0.
T x wvil h. oi.. fraIn111 Oct.
-4. to a <i a erape inl Januna
-r. pa. lg in Febr'uary 190t+.
'ual 7 pFr c -int. After said
for eashersi will pl~easeo ask
' a ' *-el I.' . . -a1 y
- - .- 2 e .., us-.
. --. . - ! . a -
, Titmi-t. LD . ra :U...ter. LI01i..
S. 2 a.-l x
9. 4 ane'
10., I enaiIb
1 1. '.. ' ;
Ii;. 2 ru a
l'2. 2 aan .
e un4 Tow': ,hripa. 2 inill-4
'.~ ii ' v. hp, I ' y . ath
P.) vnr I a )Ii al-lt(ju
'a- - e I br h~ .(''t ..
A o ..- t iy Lis n o
be~for-- a- a.l0 1st, 1908. All
are r.'aj .ired1 to pay ai taxi o.f
d'na s en e..

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