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Pickens Seutiuel-Journal
The Sentinol-Journal Company.
TuoMP5oN & RIoEmr. PnoRs.
j. L,. o. TuobMPSON, EDITOR.
Subscription $1.00 Per Annum.
Advertising Rittes Reasonable.
Sntered at Pickens ruotoffice as Second Olass
Mail Matter
THUtSDAY, NOVE311EI 7 1907.
Ganderbone's Nov. Forecast.
Ctopyri,-h t 114 1-% C. It. Qithi.
.Lotng we've wIited for Noveme)(it
when the winds are swift aind chill,
when the first-coine sntowH if winter
drift along the window-sii; when the
1111te finds pi -m11n111o(1ia waiting fm
hi Itt w the lk(, it (I the pies we ge(t
re(1 itle ih !os thAt mother used to
livery)ody fonld of mince pies
lIees lii)IV, feeling good;
Now and then ain old subscriber
Comes up) with a load of wood.
WiIntr's coming, and the bad boys
In the : choolrooim sing and date,
For the teacher cannot feaze them
When they wear their winter pants.
Not etuber was the ninth monthb in
the old ioman calendar, and gets it'
Jnane from novenm, meaning nlin
The ber, which we would spell burr,
was added by Nimrod, the quail
bunter. le had an Irish setter with
which he hunted in Novem, and the
dog got so many burrs on its tail that
be called the month November. Like
all burrs, this one stuck.
November's place in the calendar
was change (1 when Thanksgiving as
invented. The Rotiimns de)ated this
in the senate. Some of the senatorN
thonght November should cont.inIIue
the ninth mouth in the year. Tmll
keys. they pointed out, were large
enough to eat, ald there was enougb
to be thankful for by that time il,
the year to go right ahead with tht.
irewoiks Ind the esealloped oyster.
Cicero had been very sileit all tlis
time. W;hen the senators who want
ed to observe Thank iq.(ving thee.
mDO-thiis 1'4re CJhristmnas had said
all they had to say, he arose and dis.
posed of them forever by simply say
imig: "But eran berries won't be ript.!'
Tho hills are painted redl and gold,
The frost is hoar and white,
The moon is Hailing white and c->d
Across the skies of night:
The Fish and H~arriman dispute
Wili becomei a imortal strife;
Instead of proxy ballots,
They'll demand Each other's life',
So er.ch wvill take of strychnine
A good and deadly lum s,
And then they'll shake the dice to see
Whict gets a stomach pump.
Thle president has gone for game
and killed a lady bear, the days are
growing short and soft, and hazy is
the air; the country editors who once
had mottoy' m their tills, are selling
all their diamonds now to pay their
paper bills.
Sagittarius the Archer is the zo
diacal sign for November. His nam.
is from the Latin word sagitta, mean
ing arrow, and is typical of the sud
den cold shooting into the earth and
causing the turnip to run for the cel
Jar like a whitehead. From the first
to the twenty-second of the month
the sun will be in the constellation of
Scorpio, which is Mr. Bryan's uinluct-y
constellation, andl will make it diffi.'
cult to tell whether he is coming or
going. From the 22d to the 30th,
theo sun will be in tile constellation of
Sagittariuis, in whlich Mr. Taft and
the White House are at nobelion,
and he will look as if he would finish
about fifth.
On the 14th thle sun will rise with
the transit of Mercury on its disk.
F3or 8 hours and 86 minutes the
i'li,'.t wil leberibo a short chord on
,,,gai bn-rn hmb11 of the sun), causing
street, and Standard Oil to tell every.
Mercury, which will be an evening.
star during the first two weeks of the
-month, will tile of lovers and bugg).
riders on the 14th, and will b, a
11o1orniug star for the rest of the mont l,
it wsill cast enough light on keyholt-s
for sp*rts to liud them without using
a futnel, and will look with tnt,-minp
into the chambers of mollycoddles
and milksoip.
The girl who su(d a summer man
Where cool sea breezes course,
Will keep on suing- in the courts
And capture her divorce;
The wvateied railroads will conltrive
To have a few, more wrecks,
And the ptess wi)l print more lists of
With broken btcks atid nwecks.
The loving maid will feed le r b'-aen
on good dyspevsia fudge, tihe farimr
with t ho smokehouse will touch ulfi
his hick'. y tum ndg-; the procltiniittioni
will Como out, 1and the hired 'mnu will
put the turkey's4 head upon tie bl(ck
Ind amputate hi foot.
Tihe flower for this month will i,
the chrvsanthemum, and the bird
-tone will be the topaz.
A red or p;nk chrysanthemum is
Ihu symmlbol of love; a white one sigui
ies Irith, and a yellow one despair.
W hen you wear a yellow (we, It
means that the gas bill has come in.
If you were born in November,
you will be thrifty, ambitious, stromng
and earmiest. If born in the latter
half of the month, you will be brave,
kind, honest, just. generous, quic (if
temper, and have a keen sense ol
humor. But you can never be pre,
ident. This is a great disappoint
ment, but you can't have everything.
The lucky days of the month will
be the 5th, 11th, 13th, 22d and 25t .
Any of these is a good day upon
which to begin a trial mnarria.te. Tbe
unlucky days will be the 6th, 1>r1b,
20th, 29th and 30th Cover the
himneys up on all of these da3s, or
the stork may bring you a pair of
twins. The day to buiy mining stock
will be the 31st.
This will be a very busy month.
The trusts will try and arrango it o
nobody can live, the moon wil " e
full on the 19th, and the woalf wi I
take up its winter quarters on the
front porch.
Hurrah, we'll all sit down to feast
Within three weeks or so;
The rich will have their turkeys i hen,
However high they go
But most of us wvill sit around
And eat a piece of crow.
Anid then December will arrive,
with wintry winds and raw, the pa
pe will he busy then retrying .Harmy
'Thawi; the boys wiml go to Sunday.
school a-flying then, because, it won't
be very long until they hear from
Santa Claus.
will be the rage this winter, The
sale of this new household game is
breaking all records. Dominocards
make an . ttractive Cbristmas preBs
ent, to test the skill of riults om
amuse the children. Serst postpaid
for 50 cents. Sample piece ard par
ticulars free. Miore agents wanted.
Write to-day. Dominocards Co.,
1807 Choteau St., St. Louis, Mo,
Not Quito Clear.
A well known cler-gy'man of Bostoi
w~as once talking to some friends witi
reference to the dlesirability of chiron
ological coherence in Ideas in the fernr
of written statements, whlen lhe ob
ser'ved that there are times when this
method becomes a trifle too sugges
"For instance."' said the speaker, "1
once heard a minister in New Ilamp
shire make his usual Sunday morninig
announceiemnts as follows:
'The funeral of the late and mudl
lamented sexton taikes place on Wed
nesaday afternoon at 3 o'clock.
"'Thlanksglving services will be held
in this chapel on Tfhurseday morning al
11 o'clock.' "-Lppincott's.
A Changed Bird.
An Irishman who wasn't much of t
hnnter went out to hunt one day, and
the fi'st thing he saw to shoot at- wam
a bluohivy sitting saucily on the top oi
HelpiH elpi
I m Fain
Thus cried the hair. And a
kind neighbor came to the res
cue with a bottle of Ayer's .
Hair Vigor. The hair was
saved! This was because
Ayer's Hair Vigor is a regular
hair mcdicine. Falling hair is
caused by a germ, and this
medicine completely destroys
these germs. Then the healthy
scalp gives rich, healthy hair.
Tho bost kind of a testimonial
"Sold for over sixty years."
Mado by -1. U. Aye'r (Co., Lowell, Waise.
Also muutfacturorn of
1 'en&ce. Ie 1i zed aw'ay at tile bird
and thlen walhel or to pick it up).
What Ite happened it) ind there was a
d fead rowihhe raisd crel'lly at
1ri's1 lngth. k :11 it % with 1 Inz
zled air. 11'in11lY he remarillked, "Well,
begobs. liil ye was a itoille lookil
burd hur h ( lew ther lithers off o'
yerse!" uiges Library.
"Aiong the Quakers." said Mis
Wise, "I helleve the men wear their
hats in Church."
"Tow rldielous!" exclatimed lmiss
CIlday. "As If atny one ouild possibly
be in terestedI in lmen's lts!"-Phla
deMIlha Pr-ess.
The ien in this country -who begin
by knowing it ail generally wind up
by asking the way homie.--Atlanta Con
The Cause of Many
Sudden Deaths.
rhere Is a disease prevailing in thil
country most dangerous because so dccep
tivc. Many suddec.
- dcaths are caused I:7
it --heart dievwe,
p1lcmoni-1, heart
-"-failure or apople.y
Xf ~ -are often the rcsult
of kidney diwcaac. if
kidncy trouble is al
lowC to adv.nice the
- kidey- po itcnd
blood will attack th,
vital Organs or the
kidney- tileMIcolvcs break down and waste
awiay clIl by cell.
B!iddor troubles most always result fron
a dcrang.-ment of the kidneys and a cure is
obtained quickest by a proper treatment )f
the hidneys. If you are feeling badly you
can make no nistake by taking Dr. Kilmr's
vSwanp-Root, the great kidney, iiver aid
bladder remedy.
It corrects inability to hold urine and scald
ing p-in in passing it, and overcomcs that
unpleasant necessity of being compelled to
go often during the day, and to get up many
times during the night. The mild and the
extraordinary effect of Swamp-Root is soon
realIzed. It stands the highest for its won
derful cures of the most distressing cases.
Swamp-Root Is pleasant to take and sold
by all druggists in fifty-cent and one-dollar
sized bot tles. You may -
have a sample bot tle of ,. _rn
tils wonder'ful new dis- I IIL
covery and a book that
tolls all about it, both 1!omio oranipoot.
sent free by mail. Address Dr. Kilmer & Co.
Binghamton, N. Y. When writing mention
reading this generous offer in this paper.
Don't make any mistake, but remember
the name, Swamp-Root. Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Root, and the address, Binghamton,
N. Y., on svery bottle.
Cleanses.And beautilnes the hair.
Neo Pailuxr to atoro Gray
Cue scalp ise a Iar a ing.
50e,and$1ltf Drug1.1.
Cc mpany m ill insure any
Every trace of kidney tr
Initimoe, n Mo.. for i
1,(-.' tjlel 11VA W,(
A WTord to 1
For Salc PI CK EN
Ready for Fal
Only v. fish smwim up stret M. and all
Goods m 810d Al'. \N hidh wny are you g4
We have ever Shown, and Cur PriC
'ly ti .- p < i' ci n ) ) it b h - i d4a
and )mi pil in poie(- fitD lO u t( o 1.r,0 tih
goods before 3oti buy your diess.
\A hite gcods ar- lnrgely in tit v t.is t
ply of these, at the OLD PIdCES. Nq
gi 0d , I en H.) .(i1 uf % . i E1 1 4) ii i
I th4 y:i d. J 1w and ( 1 .1-Pin ( f( I n
ICanji silli j(01 e d d' i;] iFh tein
fron .e 1O .91 0 the pai r. Shoes, well cv
sihoes i 1, ud lo il e u o uy. I\ v m. lnu e(
Come alld see uts.
West E'nd,
We have the
Ladies' <curse and 1Ene sh<
Children's shoes at Soc to<
Men's coarse and fine shoei
Ask to see a pair of our ft
Shoes for every clay wecar.
W'hen it <n-es t 1.r drCIIW
are right.
Don't forget that we carry
Dress Goods and most anythi
Come to see us.
W. E. Freei
"ATrj THlE 01
ane having any trace of:
kid by the i InTer
(en9.el C 1.. of
ny cakse of Kid.
L1 will not I 41).
he Wise!
l and
[er Business.
headed for A K. PARK'S fur Dry
nivg? We have the largeat and most
1 B an6LUiiar Goods
as Shall be the Lcwest.
A li d Js i n (13I of I-tW les an colors,
X.1(d. Comelt id )eA us I-how 3 ou these
mOn. VWe have' providcd a liberal sup
lwithstpaling te a dvance on cotton
en and L c. s Ae cmr, at II o old prices.
I Nw tIle yIod. Rih ikes at nl pric s
pyht dy lnows that we sell the best
d a.l that we tel l 311 2hM It oll goods.
m for you==
>es 95c tOo'1.i50 and up.
)5c and up).
; at any price.
mous Oak Tanned B~uckskin~
ar ue have it and our prices
an up--to-date line of Millinery,
.ng kept tin a General Store.
nan & Co.
e have just received our New
line of the famous
lawes' Hats,
ng which can b)e found styles
uit everyone-. From the most
staple sh,
r novelty.
1ese hats. -
few equals at the p)rice, $3,00,
ie one pricy to everyone.

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