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I uEntered April 28, 1908 at Piokens, 43. 0., as seoond class matter, under act of Congress of March 8, 1879.
The Poultry Show and Fair.
The 19th, 20th and 21st of Decem
ber will be long remembered by a
- great many people, but those wh,
were the moving'epirits in the show
will hail the time because of its mue.
eestful fruition of tff.irts- -efforts
which were started in the fall under
-adverse circumstances and gibes of
certain folks who couldn't tell a
thoroughbred fowl from a buzztrd.
E. H. Craig, J. N. Hallum, W. J. Bolt
and- a few other. had faith in the
enterprises and by their push, enter
prise and ability to surmount diffleul
ties; and with the. assistance of this
newspaper, a handful of novices has
pulled off an event of, which they
might be justly proud-a show that
would do credit to larger towns, an
institute of knowledge of the bird
family. whieh a fellow if let alone and
left to bin town devioes would never
lern i .A, Itime--the g9oeful
breeding of chickens that will cer
taibly "pay f er their keep." There
wore a.good.many vArietlee of birds
shown and some high-scoring fowls
-among th. lot, This show has given
a great impetus to the chicken indes.
try in this county and n,-t season a
fine exhibit of birds will be made.
The as iation has already been
importunei to arrange for a slow
and fair niext fall and have been
pledged hearty support by our
4 eaple.
The association, at an early date,
will reorganize and charge a mem
bership fee, and try to be prepared
to pull off a nie show in Packens
next fell.
The merchants of *" "pwa have
the sincere thanks ' sociation
-for their kind wordd. iral help
and patronage-thus mashb g the Ven
tut P a possible success. 'The busi
ness people of the town are always
teady and willing, with both time and
money, to help to a successful termi
nation anything that will help
The fair featur'a were not what
the ecmnittee would have likei for
them to be. but what ohibits there
reOew. exminglv-y. Thito
part received its mn'ee'd of praise and
*.promise from the 4itiz.,ua -to do bat
Next fall Plekena will pull oQf a
-county fair seoond to none in the
state. The hearty co operation of the
buhinesa men and citizens of the town
and county has h,-en promised, and
that means its success.
Th,. sporting features , were well
'Iried out and were greatly enjoyed
'' the large crowd. who were In
The following ia the list of the
*po rng evotnia and the psrticipante,
as well as the premium winners in
the agricultural dleparment:
1tFarm Products- Best Corn.
2 dd- -Curry Chapman.
ad do - Field (Jhaepmua.
4th do - B F. Freieman.
A, slt Premium--Ed. Hendrieks.
1st Premium -W. 1l. Mturphree
2d do - J. .it Childress.
* *.~ 'Turnips.
1slt Premmum -W. M Murphree.
2d do -W. H. Laugoton,
1et Premium -G0 A. Eli.
Cotton Seed
lst Premiuma-Barnettj Allgood
let Premimn.-, L Bagwell.
Jogies-D. H. Hendricks, S. H.
Bron., W. T. Day,
Stock Depamr-ment.
?Best Colt unider !1 year, either sex --
-0. W. Coeuch, blue ribbo~n. W. W.
B qt Mule Colt under 1 year old
it A. Bowen, blue ribbon; R 8
Purter, red ribbon.
Best Horse Colt under 2 years old -
S. B. Craig, blue ribbon.
Bst Mule Colt utyder 2 years old -
H, S. t4rter, blue ribbon.
Beit Pair Wag'on Mules-Geo.. Hen
drics, blue ribbon.
Best Mule, single harn ess-J. L.
Bagwell, blue ribbon.
Best Horse, single harness -Avery
Looper, blue ribbon; M re. A, hl.
Morris, red ribbon.
B.st Saddle Boise --Juo. Boroughe,
blue ribbon.
Sports -Saturday, Dec. 21.
100-Yard Rce-Entries-Roy Gran.
dy, Walter Mauldin. Prize win
'ner, Roy Gra:dy.
100-Yard Race-Entries-Ray Gran
dy, E. T. Hunter. Prize winner,
Roy Grandy.
100-Yard Raes - Entries - Willie
Thompson, Theron flester. P'rie
winner, Willie Thompson.
Wheelbarr w Race-Entries-Dan.
Adams, Taly Adams, Otis Hug bes.
Prze.winuer, Tally Adams.
Gresed L'ole--several entriee-N,
This was the fiest eff'it of our peo
plo, but it was a sunoese and the de
sire is strong within them to do some.
thing next fall that will .be worth
going miles to see.
The.oe wdi- that came -to' Pickens
were beyoud the- conception of esti.
mate of any of our people; they were
a j illy, good-natured set of folks and
apent their money freely. Many a
ditllar went into the tills of our mer.
cLa hat that otherwise would not have
beesi spent at all or have been spent
LEt us all begin earlj and prepare
f.,r next fall.
Misa Gertrue McWhorter closed
a nost successful school near Brevard,
N. Q., and reached Lowe for the hol.
The following young people are
home from their respective colleges
for 66 .' holidays: Misses Ouilje
,hapman, Pearl Smith, Bessie and
Jiawmie Parsoue; Messrs.,. Eugene
K, 1d avd Oaiud' HuVEi :,
Almo Chapman, Frank Smith and
Meroer Crawford.
Eugene MoClannehan, who is a
salesman in the city of Greenville,
visited homefolkR Christmas.
Ralph and Lelatid Cartee spent
last week in Greenville.
Luther Boggs and wife, of Wal
balls, visited the family of W. J.
lioggs last week.
Miss.Dot Sausdess, teacher of the
first and second grade, in our school,
treated her class to a Chbristmas tree
The Baptist Sunday School was
tera taine-d with a Christmas tree.
All report a tine time.
The little child of Mr. Griff Maul
din was severely burned Christrass
eve. Hopes are entertained that his
burns bill not prove fatal.
We regret to chronicle the death of
Dr. George E. Robinson which sad
event ocaqa red on Ohritsta day.
He had been a great sufferer for some
time but bore his sickness with paj
aiencoe and OICht'ean fortitude. Ho
leaves hsis I imily a noble heritage
the heritage of an unsullied Christian
character. We shall all mies his
kinad andl wise council, but we are as.
rsured that our lose is his gain. To
th-* bereaved family wve extend our
deepest sympathy. DREAMER.
Found, on the streets of Packens, a
sum of money. Loser cian recover
saine by calling on Troup Partridge
and paying for this notice.
Mine Creek.
Health of our little town is very
good at present.
Rev. J, E. Poster filled his appoint
ment ot'Mile Creek last Sunday, and
preachtd an excellent sermon to a
arge and appreciative congregation.
Married, at the residence of Capt.
Elerd, grandfather 6f the bride, Miss
%osa Ann Herd and Mr. Walter Sea
)orn, Rev. J. M. Stewart performing
he ceremony. ?bortly after the
weremony Mr. and Mrs. Seaborn left
or the groom's hone at W. C. Sea
)orn's, where a sumptuous supper
iwaited them. The bride received a
aupber of handsome and useful
Sam Dalton has ol'ened up a stock
>t goods at Male Creek and is doing
a flue business, PAPA'S GIRL.
Free Tobacco Seed.
A .4r wit;h o.gagldsr
ion of tobseco seed by i D-ep'art
meet of Agrientture this' fear. A
W seed-h6* been 'aedat the dii
lwal of Congressman Aiken, which
aill be furnished to persons only on
ppicetion. If you desire a package
Iop Mr. Aiken a card.
Hgood school opens next Monday,
with Miss Ida Elrod as teacher.
. A big lineof olocks-tog> at cost, with
silverware and other goods too numer
me to mention. H. Suider, Easley,. 0.
R. P. Prince an-t family spent the
holidays with his mother in Anderson.
Bargains in first-olams jewelry for the
next ten days at H. Snider's. Esley.
Misses Hate ano Lucia Earle
spent part of last week with relatives
in Greenville.
One thousand dollars' worth of wstoh
ea to go at oost fu r the next ten /-.ys.
U. Snider, Easloy, 8. 0.
Got busy. There is not a person
in our contest but what stands a
ohance to win out. Any route, by a
little systematio work, could pht its
marrier to the front; any township
sould run up to head the young lady
who is ftrthest betind for the town
ship prize. Got busy, show your
patriotism and pride,
From the 1st day of Jandqry, 1908, 1
wi sell my goods Wiibufortr4h..- iAf
gooAs will be oharg--d to asingle person.
[ do this simply eeiuanne it !q A matter of
buvineae. My "took. cqnitst.of. Dr
Doods, Shoer, Notions, Groderie; AMh
General Line of Merchaindise.' I have
put the priaes down ou them so as to
ve you the adv #ntage of paying cash
or our goods. Come and see m.-, I
will trout you right. J. F. SENNINGS,
filberty, . 0.
Watch for our n. xt published re
port of the e->nest. After this week
we will only publish as we think the
rapans justifies the end. There are
inly 29 more days in which to work
and you had better make good use et
your time. By a little close and con
sorted work on the~ part of some indi.
ridusal some of these lowv routes can
be put in the front rank. Y in can
tell who and what sections are work
ing by the votes cast, for all our sub
scribers either ask for the coupons . r
send back after the.m -every one that
baa been issuedl as being vote.d
Boll Them Down. a
(longress catiI. of course, puta
limit to the length or number of
White House msessagss, but it can
set a goodl example in its own) pro.
a edings. And it can lay down the
law to the depart ments SO as to im-.
pro the quality by reducing the
piantity of stuff that goes through
he public printing office, The people
a a see no good reason for legal and
>ffiaial speech to differ so radically as
it now does nomi that obtaining m
busin'ess and social circles of state
bhat cannot be expressed in common
speech at renaon'sble length, though
it may require somse radical and gel -
Iral changes in official life before this
ract is fully demonstrated.-.LPitte.
burg Post
Everybody G(
Some One of the Low O
at Next Publis]
It's Who Will an
Stick to Your Friends a
Rosa Dett, Liberty, 1080
R F He.a. Pieteos, 67151
R L Hena.eoa. 1iekene 6525 .
Joke Allgo1, Liberty 4280 8,0
Middleton hester, Piokens 6255 ye
C ( Masters, Central, 8810 thb
Wm Munlinit, Central - 1010 Jim
D a .t, Elsley 1215 tW
B F Prom*. Pickeoo, 6120 1n
---ishvrier, Liberty, 406 1h
Frank Hedioka.;Piokeus, 14060
Hal Bogg, Calhoun, 2000 be
- Bteele, Central, 900 09
Os Arnold, 0entr4 800
Mark Hunt, Daousville 800 gi
John Carpenter, Easley * 1100
- Kitg, E isley 400
Dreamers' Arthur, Liberty, 8455 Lb
Mise Lucia Earle, Piokens, 9880 T1
Tillasan Garrett,.Hurricaue, - 4800 ho
Miss Zora-8mith, Central, 3790 1 th
Mies Lana Balentine, Central 8455 P1
Miss Lids Leslie, Easley, 295 W
Miss Essie Kelley, Pickens 1855 t
Miss Katy Edeus, Pampkintowu 1605
Miss Elsie Herd, Pickens 480 Py
Miso Viola Galtrap,., 13550
Mite Pearl Dalton, Eurrioane 2190 e
Mine Ida Elrod, Pumpkinton, 660
Miss Bessie Thomas, Dacusville, 835
Miss Jessio Parsons, Liberty, 2885
Miss Hattie Bowen, E-eley, 130
Lam. Belentine 8285 an
Zor amith 3440 0t
Mattis Bowen 885 u
Lida Leslie. 298 bu
Ella EaNey, 255 pA
Easley 200 -
Alma Orafbni 7585
jessie Mq Parsons, :2400aI
Lucia Earle 545ig
Essie Kelley, Piakens- 1920
Viola Gilstrap, Piekens 9570 be
Marinds Watson,. 580 f r
Lizzie Day 200
Beasie Thoman 400
Lailin Farmer 2400
Llzsie Garrett 8450
Nora Chapman 8405 st
Pearl Dalton 1690 or
Flora Wincheste'r 2045 ta
Leona Chapman 400 pht
Lids Thomas 1785 he
Ida Elrod 1175 ole
Katy Edens 2085gj
Piokens, 8. C., Dec. 28, 1907. of
There will be an examination for
t'inohers in the courthouse Friday, Ian., oh
17, 1908. Examination to ommence at rai
9 n'clook. By order of State Board of
Edneation. B. T. Hanau,
Co. Snpt. Ednuoation.
THIS COUPON entitles th4
The Sentinel-Journal'
5 votes for..-............
5 votes for Miss.. ....
5 vntes for....... .
tting Busy.
ies May Top the Pile
ied Report.
d Who Shall.
ad Bring Them Up.
laby Show
Open to the World
all the ladies are interested toa "The
eetest Babe in Dixie". Of course
a know and we all know,
it the babe at your howe is
"Sweetest Babe in Dixie." So send
little "Tot's" photo and win ia prize
the Bentiual.Journal's "Baby beauty
We ahall offer a number of prizes to
announced next week for the hand
meet baby two yrre old or under.
Hend u.a photog aph of your baby
ring name age anid place of residenoe.
Do not write on the photograph, M
n as the photographs begin to oonte
we will select two eaoh week to grace
s columns~ of the Sentinel Journal.
aese will be selected by lot so all will
ve an equal casuce. At the close of
e contest al the.photographs will be
aced in the hands of a committee who
ill award the prizes. No names will be
iblished until we print the pictures of
e winning babies.
Send the photograph early so we can
-int its picture to uliow to the world
iat a handsome lot of youngters we
ve in the family of Sentinel Journal
Competition open to the world.
Keep Your Eye on the Vote
If you take an interest in your mail
rrier clip the eoupon from this paper
d send them to us with his name and
mber of route; they am worth 5 vote*
i the carrier receiving the greatest
mnber will get that bwautaiful Piedmont
ggy or. Feb. let For the dollar you
y on subscription you have 200 votes.
The Whistling Boy.
Is there a sound in the world sw
eot on a dark and dreary morn,
Itn the gloom without meets the
>om withia tdl we wish we'd not
on born, as the sound of a little
refooted boy gayly whistling in t4
n as he drives the oows to pasture&
men down the path in the muddy
rhe joy of a how is a futany thlin,
I dampened by the rains of winter.
a clothes and' his bandse nd hi.
irdy feet are not spoiled by grime
stain. The world to him Is a won.
rful place that he means some dlay
explore, if therA's time to play and
ntv to eat. Who cares if tite
hyena pourl Oh, that cheery trill
a heart as fresh as the drops that
ar the air, brings a smile to our
s and clears the soul of the gloom
it brooded there, and we bless the
y s he spats along through rivers
rain and mud, for the hope and
*er in that whiatled note would
nbow the sky in a fi>od.
Dentra!, S. (I.
i holder to 5 votes in
s Prize Contest.
--..-................Rural Carrier
.... ...A fr schola,-ship

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