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.appeningg of a Local and Personal
"Tell me ye winged winds that
'round my pathway roar,'
Do ye know a little town where
the boycott hit the floor?
Keep your eye on the S.-J.
an watch it grow.
A pretty fair line of advertis
ing for a boycotted paper.
There is a great deal of, grave
yard whistling around the edges
these days.
When trading with our ad
vertisers please mention that
you saw it in the SENTINEL.
Scissors sharpened and made
to cut like new; 10c a pair. R.
E. Goodwin, at Richey's store.
Alert business men are sitting
up and taking notice these times.
Business, not spite, is their
.The man who pays for his
paper, reads it. Shrewd adver
tisers call for a "paid-up" list
these days. We've got it.
Our subscription list is a large
one, a paid-up one, and covers
the county like the dew. Ad
vertisers take notice. A word
to the wise is sufficient.
Some of the Pickens mer
chants go a long ways around
to inform us that trade never
has been so good. We were
under the impression that with
the panic, low price of cotton,
public works on short time and
the busy season with the farm
ers, that trade was a little quiet.
The second quarterly confer
ence for Pickens circuit will be
held at Bethlehem, Monday,
Rev. W. M. Duncan,
11 preach at 11
;h the conifer
ald. All the
stewards, i s, S. S. super
intendents and other officials of
the church are requested to be
present.- The friends of the
community are asked to provide
dinner on grounds. Let us have
the best financial reports the
charge has ever made.
N. G. BALLINGER, Pastor.
Pickens County Democracy.
The county Democratic con
vention met in the courthouse,
Monday, and was called to order
by County Chairman C E Rob
Trhe convention was organized
by the election of C E Robin
son, chairman, and A J Boggs,
secretary and treasurer.
A committee on credentials
was appointed, consisting of Dr.
jJ R F Smith, Matthewv Hendricks
and T J Mauldin.
The committee retired, and
rnoon re; orted a roll of the dele
gates, which was. adopted.
)Dr R F Smith was elected
Jvice-president and a member of
the State executive committee.
Delegates to the State con
venition to be held in Columbia
on the 20th inst. were elected as
follows: C E .Robinson, R F
Smith, J P Carey, B J John
ston, C T Martin and E P Mc
Crary, who were empowered to
fill their places in the event of
inability to attend.
The clubs of the county were
reported members of -the county
r. exedutive committee: Pickens,
T J -.Mauldin; Easley, R F
Smith; Liberty, J T Boggs;
Central,. R G Gaines; Cateechee,I
J P Smith; Calhoun, ..W A
Boggs; Six Mile, M B Garrett;
Praters, J E Gillespie;* Mile
Creek, L R Dalton; Eastatoee,
A T WVinchiester; Pumpkintown,
VR Lathem; Peters' Creek, B
A. Foster; Cross Plains, J F
C. E. Robinson was elected
chairman of tbe county execu
bive committee.
C. T. Martin offered the fol
lowing resolution:
Whereas, we recognize in W.
J. Bryan the eibodyment of
the true principles of Democ
racy; that we believe he is the
most available man to become
the standard-bearer of the party
in 1908, and believing that if
any nan can win at the ap
proaching election he can; there
fore, be it
Resolved, by the Democratic
convention of Pickens county:
That we heartily indorse the
candidacy of Col. Bryan for the
presidency, and that the dele
iates from this convention to
he State convention be instruct
3d to vote for delegates to the
National convention instructed
to vote for him.
On motion of W. T. Bowen,
he convention unanimously in
:lorsed Hon. W. J. Bryan for
he presidency.
Fred Williams offered the fol
owing resolution, which was
babled without discussion:
Resolved, by the Democrats
)f Pickens county in convention
assemlbled: That the Democratic
,xecutive committee of Pickens
:ounty be required to submit
;he whisky question to the Dem
)cratic voters in the approach
.ng primary election in the fol
owing form, to-wit: County
lispensary: license;manufacture
ind sale, unrestricted by state
aws; prohibition.
Resolved, That the delegates
'rom Pickens county be and are
aerebv instructed to endeavor to
Elave this question submitted to
'he voters of the State.
B. J. Johnston offered the fol
[owing resolution, which, After
liscussion, was tabled:
Whereas, on the 1st day of
April, 1908, over 300 students of
Olemson College broke the rules
of the college and absented
themselves from .the campus
during the day, in violation of
the rules of the college; and in
so doing we realize that they
did wrong in rebelling against
constituted authority. As we
realize that discipline is essen
tial in all of our public schools
and colleges and would not place
ourselves on record as condoning
what is known as the college
spirit, or a spirit of insubordina
And whereas, we believe that
a great many widowed mothers
and sisters have made great sac
rifices in order to get the means
bo send their sons and brothers
to Clemson, the poor man's col
ege, to have them educated,
and to have their fondest hopes
blighted, their hearts crushed
with grief and their sons and
brothers disgraced by expulsion
for this little innocent escapade;
And whereas, we think the
punishment was out of all pro
portion to the offence commit
bed, in view of the lax and
loose-twisted discipline that had
been maintained at this college
prior to this, as offences of a
much more serious and aggra
vated nature had not only beeni
condoned andl winked at, but
actually apologized for; theres
fore. be it
Resolved,-by this convention:
That the authorities at Clemson
be requested to reinistate those
expelledistudents in September;
and in. the event they fail to do
so, that steps be taken by the
State to withhold its. ap~propria
tions from the college. .
The resolution below was sent
up by the Easley Club, and,
after discussion, was tabled:
That the chairman of the
Democratic convention of Pick
kens county bd required to pub
lish in the newspapers of the
county immediately after the
close of the second primary elec
tion a sworn itemized staLtement
of all money receiv ed by him,
by whom paid in, to whom paid
out and~ for what purposp.
On motion, itwas. decd tc
establish, a votipg fgrcinct a1
the Cent ral Ootton Mill.
The ieni~est for"Ev',,r mng
church was referred to the ex
ecutive committee with pow( r
to act.
The business being finished,
the convention adjourned.
A Great MeqtIng.
One of the most far-reaching,
uplifting and soul saving meet
ings in this town for many years
past, if not in all its history, clos
ed at the Baptist Church last
Sunday night. The meeting be
gan in the Methodist Church, be
1.ig conducted by the pastor, Rev.
N. G. Ballengei, assisted by Rev.
P. F. Crawford pastor of the Bap
tist Church, -and lasted nearly
two weeks, closing Friday night
before the last fourth Sunday.
On the fourth -Sunday the
mr eeting was continued at the
Baptist Church pastor Crawfod
in charge assisted by the pastor
of the Methodist Church and Rev
D. W. Hiottof Easley.. The in
terest and power increased with
every service. The attendance
steadily grew and at the last ser
vice Sunday night the Baptist
Church would not hold the peo
pie. At every service numbers
of people inquired the way of
life, asked for prayer, and when
opportunity was given would
connect themselves with the
church. Many strongholds of
Satan were wrecked and the
powers of darkness overthrown.
As a result of the meeting more
than sixty professed Christ, six
or eight uniting with the Pres
byterian Church, and nineteen
with the Methodist Church, and
thirty four with the Baptist
Church. Those who joined thc
Methodist Church will be receiv.
ed next Sunday, and those whc
joined the Baptist Church wil
be baptised the fourth Sunday
afternoon at 3 o'clock in the poo
below the jail.
There was no excitement, n1(
strenuous efforts and no undu,
influence in the meeting, but i
was evident to those attendini
that the Spirit of God was pres
ent at every service in great pow
er doing his work in the hearts o
the people. At the last servic<
Sunday night great interest waE
manifested, and many were ask
ing for prayer.
To show their appreciatson ol
the services of the pastors of the
Methodist and Baptist churches
in this meeting an offering was
made Sunday night to them of
$35.00 or more. May seed sown
Continue to bear fruit.
Union Meeting.
The Union meeting of the
Pickens Association will be held
with Cedar Rock church the
fifth Sunday in May and1 the
Satnrday b~efore.
Following is the programme:
Meet at 9.30 a. mn. Devotion
al Oeri'Cses by J. H. Milter.
1st subject-" Do we exercise
discipline in our churches ac
cording to God's word?" Open
ed by Matthew H-endricks.
2d subject-"Duty of church
members to attend their church
services." Opened by J. T.
3d subject-" How can wc
maintain interest in Sundaji
schools?" Opened by J. B,
Fendley. SUDY
9.30--10.30 - Devotional song
and prayer. Service to be con
ducted b~y Revs. B. E. Grand3
and J. E. Foster, 30 minuteF
each. From 11 o'clock the re
mnainder of the servic 3 will be
given to the Layman's Mission
ary movement.
We urge every church to sen<
delegates. 'We also urge ever3
Sunday school worker, superin
tenden~ft and1 others intere~sted t<
1attend. Cnr~:
1. JEa slev P.rog-ress conv. j
Their Safe has been tried and found Burgl
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Liberal Interest allowed on Time Depce
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t headquarters while in town.
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