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Pickens Sentinel-Journa
The Sentinel-Journal Company.
TolrovIsON & Rxcuiur. PRors.
Subscriptiou 81.00 Per Annum.
Advertising Rites Reasonable.
Enterod at Pickens 1tostoffive ats Second Clats
Mall Matter
Office Seekers.
A. John Boggs, who has sc
acceptably filled the office of
Clerk of Court for two terms, 6
again before the people to suc
coed himself. Everybody know
"'John" and all know him to ht
an affable, conscientiius and
pains-taking officer-onle whic
holds the record as being tei
best clerk in the state. This
speaks wvell for him.
R. T. Hallum, for Superin
tendent of Education, asks to
Succeed himself and so far there
is 11o opposition to him. Richard
has alvays beeti faithful,
prompt. painstakingz and accoi
odatiig in tihe dis(harge of tie
duties of his oflice and it speaks
Well for him that his oflice is not
coltested for.
P. H1. 1Bog2s saysM he wvonij
make a liandsone an1(1mos
ing Sheriff, but does inoit .Irv foi
the ol o' e x it to serve in (ast
Of death, or removal for ause,
(if the sheriff, anrd as in Snt
c(ases provided, usually the c(ir(o
ner acts, Ihe therefore asks til
voters to colsider him in th<
race for this ofce. Mr. Bogg
served as coroner several year
ago and 111Iade a g(ood ofhi(lcr ali
has not forgotten the duties tha
devolved.uponl that offi(e.
J. J. McSwain ann1(oullnces fol
Solicitor of the Tenth circuil
this week. Mr. McSwain bears
the reputation of being a good
lawyer and, no doubt., if he is
elected but what he will serve
the people faithfully and well.
U. W. Boweni is announcec
for re-election to the office o1
County Commissioner. Every,
body in the county, more or less,
knows Wash and knows what a
good business man and clevei
fellowv he is; they know his capa
bilities for the office-how he
can lay off a road to best advan
tage or get up on the scrape ani
work one out, and he promises
if elected, to take care of th
county's best idterests and dis
charge the duties of the office t<
the best of his ability.
N. A. Christopher, who ha:
served the people before In th<
capacity of Auditor, announcei
for re-election and asks the suf
frage of the people on his meritl
and his ability to faithfully con
duct and discharge the duties, a
the office, and if elected, h<
pledges the same faithful an<
painstaking application to thi
dluties of his office that he ha:
heretofore given.
B. D. (Garvin, wvho announce
this week for re-election to th
office of County Treasuser, I
miiighty proud Ithat his manage
ment of the affairs of the offic
have been so acceptable to th
people that there is no oppositiom
to him. While he has only hel<
tho office onv term, his polite
kind and accomodatinig way
have made made maay friend
among, and endeared him tc
the pnople of th cuny
Candidates' Colunn
.\n111n1cementmif of 4atntillates nI ilI be run uI
der this head u2ntil the p intiry election for e
cash in aidvalce.
1.0a1 itotIies, or "pufrs", will be charged f(
extra, tticordhlig to tile spiwe they occup MI
Ithe alinillit of st I tin onl tIhe edi hor's emi
No writeup for less than *Mi.
Fo'r Conlgrems, 341 Ditriet
For solicitor lOlth Circuit
I am1 it aenididate for the ttlive of Sicitort
tihe 1011 Judilal citettit of Smith Ciaroliltu
subject to the rules of the Diemo ethtic Io ity.
have served it court continuously for sever
years as ctourt stentogritiphler titter -omil lelii
lity laiw course id i am atilliar with th wot1
Iings of the Co1t Is. 1. C hONG.
I hereby ia nn1otmee 1m1yself i2 v2ln11141te for tiI
oitlce of Solleiter if tile Tenth Citru2it, alit
pledge myself to aithte the result of IIte priitr
election, aid to slilispot tile nmline'ces of ith
l)emocratic party in said ltsrimary.
ItomC~olt .\. IloNIlA.M.
I hereby Illoulce my13 sellf its 1t ennei'iidiite fo
Rolit-itor of tie itith .1ltilil1 ('1euit, 52ub2 Cwtet I
the 1emocirattie P'simary elc'tioi.
Subject to the lDemocratice primary electiat
I am at candila.te for st.licitor of Teith .Judiel
circuIt. .1..1. ieS A AIN
For Hi ou'11 e1. of Reprlieslentative
The tw2ny friendls of the 11ON. .1.AM ES 11
C.\ltIY te1ert ful ly a.innehim.a a1 aind
latte for e-elec'ti1i4 to lie 11ouse, of 1p.1resenti
tive's, sihjec-t to te 211'on th lie Voters iI I it
lrinar y eletictn
For Clerk of Court
ihert-loy 41121onntiC niysxelf 21 cantdiidate 1i
,Cerk of tie t.iurt for I'it'kens Coiity, subjet
to tie action (A" the li. tic 'rimty.
Tn) the citize.s or I'likons Coutv:
Thalikimg 3ou for your con(ltklec 0n41 sul
pI rt lin the lonst 2nud sosurin y2outhait I sha1
ilwy(s ectdeavor L.) prove ttdity (if It in tih
ittit, sh'ubl you e1 C2 to 1aiti eat i mi" 1
mith i the oilice. I offer m:yself t candl2i-at fc
re e:eoti4i to the ofice t't i ler t'ot . sti
je-t't to th' lIemoe'rattle primark elcttio;.
th-s"pecttully, .A. .lOllN l<G
For SheriW
I h2etehv anno2t2re iny-vrlif 1 ei tt12e fr-r r
.! '42tion to, thle ollb-e of She Iii, subjec't t, a1
1--t OI2 o 2 he vters i. 1he' it;OR em rattle primal
OlcIon11. .1 . u. .1 EN\N I N t.
I herelby 22n22n2in222.' nlll13" f 11,; a emnllidalte ft
fIor S1h-rill' lIt l'ilkens 22u2'y. Subject to
Iv31., liii'1 11421t22 rll 14. 1ii, i I kit I*212
rule~~~~~~s~ .1n. le:Al.i N tiF )Nm c itc lNrt
.1. M1. .l.MFS2IN.
I heirebIy ant114io2inL myi34' aI n2 21Canalithite2 fI
Ihe ottive of ShritI' 1f 'ickens Coulity, subjel
to2 tet- arth1 1' iie lletoMth' pn11i111Y.
1%. RI. loAlK.
I lilt h Ir a inuc 'n V Illy.-elf as it enniilidlite fo
th2e 2 i 114 of She ifi' ot' l't'keis e uility. 2-212tbje
to the i1t-tit 2 t.c1 the )em wo ritiC p imrit y.
Cil AS. 1. CUltlE.TON.
For Auditor
I hereby olf'or myself 2as a 2t2didte for 11
ot2ice of 'nity Auditor. 2tibject I2 the actI4
(of time 3i3(unriait- party iII tile 1 litu ry ele'tin
WhI'e com tivlely W y1ung m. I feel (ol
q1 peteit to at 5('1h31 th dui ties (if the oifice, Il
If* electedl I will oillmelin~rl-e sakitlliluties I t -) my lb
12i2lit y, "Give tle boys at ch2'line to Show wi
I hey n.1 41o." .\ M It. cIL.\10.
I herchy annouice myself a candidate for
.l1eCtion to th( ollice of county Auditor, subj4
to the netton of the voters In2 the DIemocra
N. A. cit IiS'T'Oi' E.
For Treasurer
I hereby anun21ice lMyself at candidiate for 1
election to the ollice of Treasurer of Picke
count) , .uL j(ct to the action of the voters
the Democratic primty election.
11. 1). GARVIN
For Co. Supt. of Education
1 hereby announce myself as a candidate f
re-ele'ction to the oftice of County Superinter
ent of Edtneation of P'ickens County, subject
the acetion of the Demlocratic primary ete it
For Nupee viso~r
The frienmds of MR. E. F. LOOPER annourW
him as a candidate for re-election to the oft
of. Conunty Sup.ervisor, bubject to the D~eri
cratic Pr imary election2
The man ' friends of ex-Commninioner BC
B ERT W4i'Et 'A RT' respectfully announce him
a candidute for the office of County Supervla
subject to the action of the voters in the ;
mary elctiont.VTR
For Conty Conmanasoner
I hereby announce m yse f a candidate for I
oftkee of County Commissioner, subjet to I
.itction of the voters in the primary' ection.
With the consent of a few friends I annoux
myself a candidate for County Commission
sbuaject to the primary election. I.sm.in favor
the Texas wide road system, so the ment w
have been planting cotton and cutting dite
in a sIx foot road will have to stand lback.
I hereby announce myself a candidate for I
office of County Conmmisioner of Picke
County, subjoet to the actionl of the Diemocra
paurty in the primary election.
The many friends of U. WASH hiOWEiN
nounoce him as a candidate for re-election
the ofilcee of Cotunty CommissIoner, subject
the action of she voters in the primary electk6
For Coroner.
The friends of D. A PARROTTI respectfu
Jtnnouncel(' him a candidate for re-election to) I
oltice of Coroner, subject to the actin of
voters in the Democrat Ic primary eiection.
At the solicitation of friends, I nereb I
nounce62 myself a candidate for Coroner of i
3ens connty, subject to tha actIon of the D~er
cratic party int the primary election.
-For Magistrate Pickens Township.
T Io tile l'oters of Pickents County S. C.;
I all at little disIlguredi, but1 still in the ri
Sfor tihe ofice of Magistratte. I wanlt al'l of y
voters to seek mie ea1rly, while i may be foul
b.iefore the electionl dliy draws niigh1 when ma
halstrIve, but1 few shall enter lu,. and( I
vote wibe counted and tileelecition manag<
shall saty to it who are not1 prepared, dep;
from us, we dlon't know you,-aind go) dlown
wh~ere the Whantlgdoodle mfoulrnt h r hlis tI
b orn. W. C. ilRAMLETTi
I hlerebsy annllouncle mrself a cand idate
Magistrate for Pickens iownship. subj et,
the actionl of the voters in the Democrati j
mary eiectioni.
signs atc
can be m
We I
ri and odd
Sure Enough Hogs.
Mop.e, the darky cook of a party of
surveyors iI eastern Texas, was great
13y amoyed by the razorbaick hogs that
ronstel around the camp. One evening
while he was at the spring a particn
larly ravenous band of these "piny
woods rooters" raided the cook tent
I nnd ate up everything that was edible
,. and some things that weren't. For sev
n- eral moments after his return fromn the
N spring Mose could find no words to ex
at press his feelings. "Wual." he finally
exclaimed, "de good Lawd suhtaluly
re- knowed his business when he named
J hawgs 'hawgs!' Dey sho' Is hawgs!"- Thei
Everybody's Magazine. This
Amenities of the Fair Sex. 10se Vo
Mirs. A.-I thought Mrs. C. was a Libe
C friend of yolurs. Mrs. B.-And so she you up
a is. Mrs. A.-Well. she isn't. She's a
hypocrite. Mrs. B.-low do you know
that? Mrs. A.-Because she tried to
get me to say something mean about
you. Mrs. B.-She did? How? Mrs.
or A.-Why, she asked me to tell her what H. C,
toI really thought of you.-Chicago News.
Offce of County Supi. of E-lucation of
ce Pickens County, Pickens. S. U.
ee Whereas, a retition from the free
o-. holders and el-ctors of Liberty S5chcol
District No. 11 his been filed with the
n. County Board of Education of Picker s
as couinty. asking said Board for permis
sion to hold an election in sid district
to determine whether er rnot a iih
School shall be established in said Dee- I
It apsaring to the County Board of
he Educatuon that t he petition meetn the re --
he qulrements of law, therefore, it is or
desred that the trustees of the above
named District do hold an election en -
ce June 20, at M. A. B~oggs & Co. store for
gthe above stated pu~rpose. The Trustees
ho .shall be managers andu shjafllcn'iuat this
es ielection In accordance with section 1208
of the general stat utes, ,aud in accord
ance with the High Sociial Acts of the
be State.
na By order of County Boar& of. Educar (
etion. R.,T. HALLua, ' .
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n. Alleys Foot..Ease, a powder: cures i
Trired, Aching, Sweating. Sw lIen feet
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ry, Bladder or Kidntey trouble, and want less thi
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a n s ills, try Mother Gray's AUSTRALIAN- on wi
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xt, Fiftil
Notice of Final Settlement. ping I
r" I will apply to J. -B. ieTwbery, Probate goods
to Judge for Piokens county, for a final I wva
r4t settlement with my) wards, WV. BI. Free- To b~
man and J. W. Freeman, minors, and
~or ask to be dismisseri as guardian, on the
to2nd day of July, 1008.
ri' E. M. FRKEE3AN,i
Jnno 2.,1909. Guardian.
The handsomest line of
e. goods comprise styles and pattei
I are made up from the best qua]
nufactured at the prices.
,Smoke, and
Sale Prices
tly Cash -No
kave also received our full line of C
pants, and many childish hearts ar<
and stylish garments for the little
Trading Stamps Given Thi
r Safe has been tried and found Burglar Proof.
Bank has Burglar Inrurance, Fire Insurance, C
ar money.
ral Interest allowed on Time Depcsits. ,-eel
SHIRLEY, Cashier.
1 Our Customers be Pleast
That is the question that decides
~tore. When we buy and when we
iualities and make prices, that is
>urselves. The pleasing of outr c
>bject to be attained. It anything <
et us know and we will make it rigi
Busiest Man in Town
\lways has time to keep tab on c
Ldvantage of them. That's because
mnd business capacity. That's the
ion that makes him the busiest man
See us for anything in our line and
:an and will save you money.
What Tfhey Say Abol
.calling ttention to ny gonds in somnetines
I quote prices I always have the goods and if
just what I am doing an<ti iant is b apue
in cost-wll I f it Is, tat don't hurt you. and
t ou save. Don't ask for less than 1 pound at
what Iam doin~u nit n w ~orh I 19 of anbod
thi, Others may say thera is water in the oil tha
bostaegdidrat hutt it there; I buy from the sarr
,Some others may say sugar has gone up. W,
a o y best to to mierit 3Oiir trade and
nt yor chickens eges andi all kinds of produce
T. D. HA R]
-ns of the latest de
ities of material thatt
ire still prevailing..
1 Credit.
hildren's Spring and.
: made glad by these,;
( A L E~
'ahier Blondcd, so ycu can"-e
1. C. Shirley and he will flix
all arguments in ou
sell, when we selec
the question we ask;
ustomers is the first:
loes not please you..
ubargains and take:
of his shrewdness.
result of the disposi
in town. How about
get our prices. We
2., Liberty, 8.G.
it Harris..
entinel-Journal for the p ur
I shall quo some pri cee
you can do better It is your'
Pepper at 0~c a pound bu
[ Prop->e to sell It at 10c-.
o 809.revery where. Figure~
>acco at 5c. a plug, but that~
y's money.
t I sell at 15c. but if there is:
to tank others dos
all, it has, but by close clip

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