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Entered April 2P, 1903 at Pickens,.. (1., as second clas matter, under act of Congre08 of March 8, 1879.
VOL. ZXXVUI, 1100,48, 10911 CRMANA, TflUIDATJONS.23 loo
In a ,one-sided game of base
ball Pickens beat Easley here
yesterday, 14 to 1. The E asley
boys, though aided by a Liberty
and a Brushy Creek player,
were c 1 e a r 1 y outclassed, the
locals playing rings around them
from start to iinish. The entire
Pickens team played good ball,
both at the bat and in the field,
Grandy's work in the )ox being
especially good, and but for a
wild toss to third he would have
scored a shut out. The Easley
team evidently had an off-day.
Southpaw Cephas Sitton from
Brushy Creek pitched his first
.game 'of the season, and found
great difficulty in getting them
over the plate. This Is the same
Sitton who pitched professional
ball in Virginia last year and
who was offered a try out with
the Greenville club of the Caro
lina league this year. Dr. Will
J. Bolt umpired a most satisfac
tory game. A large crowd saw
the game, several coming up
from Easley and Liberty. iBat
tories: Pickens, Grandy and
Freeman; Easley, Sitton and
We had the above account of
the game in type, when our reg
tilar sport writer, whom we
thought was out of town, sent
in the following:
The Pickens and Easley teams
)hiyed a very exciting game of
ball at the Pickens baseball park
on Wednesday, June 24, and the
many brilliant plays were wit
nessed by a large and orderly
Gieen McLe3key, the chubby
shortstop, demonstrated h I s
mean disposition when he madte
-a daring steal from first to sec
ond while the ball was in the
hand of pitcher Sitton. The
large audience applauded Mc,
which was just and proper at
the time, but when the audienoe
recovered thenielves they sav
that they had done a wrong, for
it is against the law of this
state, but Mc was so bold and
fearless in scheme that the good
Jaw-abiding citizens gave bond
for his appearance at the next
Umpire Dr. Bolt, better known
as slim Will, umpired the game
andl was congratulated for his
fairness; he seemed to please
everybody present, and whie
no relord was kept, there is a
rumor to the effect that he made'
ten errors out of twelve chanices.
Pitcher Grandy played a very
nice game and his wonderful
control was responsible for the
measly, score on the part of the
E1asley team. It was not an easy
matter to secure the services of
pitcher Roy, for he wvas supposed
to have been in a large city for
some reason unknown to Sheriff
Jennings and the name of the
place .is unknown to the writer.
Dicic Freeman can not be
praised, to highly for his great
work behind the bat,'and while
Dick is a-mere youngster in age,
he nevertheless possesses a veter
an's brain. Hagood Brt. cc and
Jnho. Carey constituted a part of
the stone w411l inield, and several
times the Easley loya rem arked
that these youngsters had takc
ing ways-they semed to take
iverything that came t heir way.
Frank McFall the grne ful se.
ond baseman played his part
with the grace of a big leaguer
and there is a rumor to the effect
that Manager Beard, has sold..
"big one"' to Chicago for $1.85:
The out-fielders deserve much
credit for their patience, for It
was a clear case of wait.
The Pickens boys got 14 hits
of pitcher Sitton while the Eas
ley boys were only able to find
Roy for one hit. The score being
14 to 1 In favor Pickens, and the"
boys reqponsible for the unkind'
treatment are a follows:
Line-up: Pickens, Carey, 1b;
Bruce, 3b; McLeskey, ss; McFall
2b; Grandy, p; Freeman, c; Rob-'
inson, rf; Christopher, lf; Hiott,,
Easley: Lander, ss; Bowen, c.
Hiott 3b; Sitton, p; Sheppard, 2b:
Folger, cf; Green, If; Smith, rf;
Boggs, 1b. -
The Easley Cotton Mill base
ball team went to Pelzer last
Baturday and added another to
their long string of victories,
core 3 to 1. This makes ten
>ut of eleven games the E. C.
,I. team has won this season.
Pickens, R D F 4.
Farmers are getting along
iicely with their crops in this
ittle barg.
A storm * here last Sun-'
Tay evening slightly dam
I.gedI the crops, also the fruit
Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Evans,
>f R. 1). 3, visited the home of
A.. B. Cantrell last Sunday.
Miss Lillie Lynch visited Miss
Uargaret .Holder the secon
3unday, and also attended
;reaching at Jones' schoolhouse
mid report a nice time.
Oqme again, "Clevie," "Grab
ipple" and "Daisy," I like to
-ead your items.
.Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Singleton
md family, of Dacusville, vis
ted at the home of A. B.: Can
,roll, Saturday and Sunday, and
iad a fine time.
Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Cooley,
>f Liberty, visited the latter's
Iather and mother, Mr. and Mrs.
W. D. Edens, of Pickens, R. D.
No. 3, the first Sunday.
We have been having some
v .ry hot wveather, but we ar~e
still happy. JUN1c PEACH.
In walking hgja yourself well.
together. Walk erect from the
hips, swing your arms easily.
Never hump along or toe in. It
is perfectly simple to do this, and
the easiest thing In the world to'
have style and nerve in walk.ig.
And yet, not more than one man
or woman in a thousand. walks.
decently well; the rest amble,
sprawl, slouch or weave aiong
in a manner to disgrace pedes
trianism. Cultivate a chest well*
foward the soft flannel shirt,
the hip movement, and the car
riage of a man and soldier.
Notice a West Pointer. Why,
he handles himself like a grey
hound. Seek for an errect car-,
riage, so that when you are
seventy, men ivill turn and say,
"He cariTes hmslflike aman."
D)id Gov. Hoke Smith talk
himself out of office during the!
canmaign?--News andl Couriem.
Grov,er Cleveland, former pres
Ident of the United States, diei
suddenly at his home at West
land, Princeton, N. J., yester
day morning, at 8.40 o'clock
Death was due to, heart failure
complicated with other diseases
His graceful surrender of th4
tattered battleflags of the South
captured in battle, and held ,
the capitol of the nation a
bloody reminders of the "prow
ess" (M of the northern foe
will ever be gratefully renem
bered by the grizzled veteran.
of the Southland. This happ3
inciderit so angered the super
loyal commander of a Michigar
G. A. R. that he ref used to pa3
the usual honors accorded th
president of the United States
when Mr. Cleveland was -the
guest of the city of Detroit.
To Loafing and Idle Preachers.
Any community that is "pes
tered" with loafers and idlen
should be in constant fear. Th<
criniinals of the-country are thi
idlers and loaters. Such fellowi
should be set to work or mad<
bo move on. A strict eye shouk
be kept on every fellow that hai
ao job. They are dangeroun
itizens; they are ready to comn
nit any kind of crime; a vigilani
aoniiittee in every town an<
county could. do incalculabli
servfce if they*ould look afte
that class of humanity. Bu
we have a idt of foafing preach
ers who get license to preach an,
ordination so that they ca1
make a living easy. The easies
job in existence under the. smn
Is to be a negro preacher. . Thes,
Eellows fool silly women and niei
nd rob them out of their earn
ings. They do not ciltivat4
heir brain or moral character
:ieithQr do they seek- to acquin
Biblical knowledge; they simpi3
uiltivate their voices; tkey know
,iow to 'man," and that i
mnough. And their ign6ran
learers are deceived by thi
'sounding brass and tinklinc
-yibal." They rant, whool
ind holler'in tho pulpit am
preach through their noses; i
they can get a few sily wonei
and inen to shout and holler
they are satisfied. You will fimn
that this class of preachers is th,
loafing class; they never stud:
anything; they hang around il
barber shops, restaurants, depoti
and the streets and other public
places. They go from house t<
house to "spend the night,'
make appointments to take din
ner and supper at the houses o!
the hard workin~g people; the:
preach half of the night ami
loaf and sleep 4ttring the day
Paul said tliat If 'any iman di<
not work, lie should not eat. t
would be well if every comn
mnunity would get rid of tha
loa~fing preacher. Make then
pass on. A true minister of th<
gospel is a busy man; he has n<
time to gab; he has an imiportan
message to deliver to men-th<
message of salvation. He tarrie
much on his knees and in hi
study. He studies books, natur
and men. He sees God in every~
thing. Let the people give ni
encouragement nior support t
any man who is not a true she1
herd; the sheep should.know hi
v o i c o.-Southern Ploughmai
Six Mile. . -
Rev. T. D. Spearman, of Eas
ly, preached a very interesting
sermon at Six Mile. Sunday, fr
which was much enjoyed by all w
. present. We would be glad to
have Bro. . Spearman come
again., 01
C. Abercrombie and wife have
3 a very sick baby. Dr. Wood
ruff Is the attending i hysl'cian. 11
We hope it will soon recover.
R. W. . Willimon got over
heated in the field last Satur
day, and had to be OarrieAi to
the house. We hope It will not
be very serious witi him. di
Such bad days a. last friday*
and Saturday. People should
a be very careful how they work. ti
3 Six Mile has a flourishing p
,Sunday school, with a full crew
3 of young people in ' the lead. cc
We are glad to have such young M
people in our community. Dear
young people, go on with your ,%
good work; you see how It pi
prospers. at
Six Mile is not belihid by any
means. We have as good a tel- n1
ephone line here now as any
where, and have connections
with all pfaces, through Cen
tral. Y
Business is getting better. ,
Mrs. L. E. Mann is filling up i
1 with new goods and expects to
3 I enlarge her business to a. full
r line of any and everything
t needed here very soon. W. C.
and. A. M. Garrett are both in
a the mercantile business here.
C. W. Garrett, to be up with
the times, rides in an automo- t
bile. . READER.
Liberty R F D 3.
Health of this commiunity ri
very good at this writing, and 10
crops looking fine in this sec- kc
-Mrs. Anthony Baker and A
daughter, Miss Ula, visited Mr. 13
and Mr.s. Barney Parrott, last t&
3 Monday. b
Miss Ada Goudlock has re
turned from North Carolina,
Iand report-, a pleasant and en- E
joyable visit.W
Miss Coda Reid visited Miss
1 Ada Goudlock last Tuesday and
r J. E. Nations andl sister, Miss gi
1 Nora, recently' visited Mr. and 0]
Mrs. S. A. D~uck worth.
Miss Bertha Howell is visiting
her sister, Mrs. L. M. Smith.a
Mr. and Mrs. TV. H. Nations is
recetyviie tihe family of e:
IBorn, on the 17th inst., to Mr. "
and Mrs. Alfred Bolding, a fine "i
i boy.A
The siniging at Prater's treek0
-,church was wvell attended, manyc
3fronm aroundI here b~eing present. I
The children and 'grand- p
children of J. D. Nations gath- v
e red in and helped 61m to cele-g
brate his 50ith birthday on the v
14th inst. All had a nice time. t
1|)ied, of pneumonia, on the
(e 2d inst., the infant son of 'Mr. i
- and Mrs. A. B. Brown. 'It wasa
r haid to re4d the day followving its
a death at Camp Creek cemetery,
SRev. WV. B. Mauldin conducting
s the burial services. Little "D"
i is gone but niot forgotten. t
eea IV.
Miggiary Garrett Is -at homer
om GreenvilGe. We tre al
ays glad to see Miss Mary.
The town'of Norris has a now
erator, Mr. Darce, of Atlanta.
bhink he wili give satisfaction..
It suthe has been scorching
>t for the last two days. It Is.
,tting summer time right.
Mrs. I. . Rice and Mrs.
rhiten visited Mr. and Mrs.
C. Garrett last Tuesday.
S. H. Maddox sets a'birthday
nner next Sunday for his eld
t son.
The writer has had a hard
,ue this week killing grass and
cking blackberries.
W. N. Maddox has a fine
tton crop, so has Walter
Mr. Editor, if you will cone
ror I will give you a nice peach
e for your dinner, some day,
id we have a few apples, too.
Clark McWhorter has a brand
3w buggy.
Misses Lillie Brannon and
inie Braley, two charming
ung ladies from Greenville,
sited Miss Mattie Maddox,
iturday and Sunday, return
Lg home Sunday evening.
Our "Old Bachelor," near Ca
echee, received a nice hoquet
tst Saturday, the gift of three
oung ladies near Norris,
Mrs. Lola McWhorter's baby
as been quite sick, but is bet
D, nlow.
Walt Mauldin visited at Lib
ty, Sunday.
John Williams took a buggy
de, recently, with a young
dy from Greenville. Girls,
ok out for John.
Mr. and Mrs. W. N. Maddox,
.isses Mattie Maddox, Janie
raley and Lillie Brannon at
ndel the dinner Sunday given
S. H. Maddox in honor of
s son's 17th birthday.
We have a few chickens, Mr.
ditor. If you will come over I
ill give you some fried fowl.
A negro man of 30 years was
veun a severe whipping by 100
more good citizens of this
>unty in Martin township Mon
ry af ternoon. This darky had
ritten two insulting letters to
16-year old girl, whose mother
a widow. The girl did not
<pose the first letter, but she
id show the second letter to her
Lother. This letter was most
isulting and was full of threats.
.s soon as the men of the
eighborhood heard of the acts
the darky, they got together,
aught the negro, and after get
nig a full confession from him,
laced him across a log in the
roods and applied a heavy bug,.
y trace. Some in the crowd
ranted to kill the negro, but the
3rr'ible whipping he reccived
ras the next thing to death.
le was told to leave the state
nd to be in a hurry about it..
-Anderson Daily Mall.
A tub~erculosis patient in a
low Jersey sanitarium is said
r> have gained 14 pounds in two,

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