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Happenings c a oe and sonal
Miss Marie Y e of Pickens,
returned home ti. f u r d: Irom? a
visit to friends at (;reo wio()()(I
Misses Sula hnd .Vh.r (a"
elly, -6f Pickens, R. 4, ."e
tending this session vi
Miss Vesta Ashmore, of %+;
ens, has resumed her stud i: .
the Asheville, (N. C.) Norm
and Industrial College.
W. E. Freeman & Co., of
Pickens, have a shoe talk in
this issue that is "0. K." and
to the point. Read it and profit
by it.
On account of the Ander?on
County Fair the Southern Rail
way announces very low round
trip rates, tickets on sale Octo
ber 10th to 14th inclusive, limit
ed for return until October 17th.
The Pickens Chapter. U. D.
C., will meet at the home of
Miss Lucia Folger, in Pickens,
on Friday evening, the 9th inst.,
at 4 p. m. All the members are
urged to attend.
Miss Grace Gibson, a. most
charruing and popular young la
dy, who has been spending some
time in Pickens, the guest of her
friend, Mrs. J. T. - Richey, has
returned to her home in Colum
aperintendent of Education,
. T. Hallum, requests us to an
.,unce-the examination for cer
tificates to teach will be held in
the court house 'bn the 16th in
stant commencing promptly at
9 o'clock, a. m.
LOST - Liver-colored pointer
pup, about 4 months old, and of
'hite patch on right
Answers to name
Return to J.--Allen
kens, S. C., and
eet reward.
We are needing a lot of chick
ens just now. Remember, they
will not sell as well after fresh
meat gets plentiful as at pres
ent. We also want good, sound
peach seed, at 55c per bushel, in
trade. CRAIG BROS.
The farmers are busy picking,
and having ginned,..their cotton,
but at the prevailing price of 9
cents, or thereabouts, they are
not selling much. It will pay
them to hold, for the price must
go up, if they keep the staple
off the market.
C. R. D. Burns, clerk of
.court of Oconee county, spent
the week of court in Pickens,
the guds~t of A. 3. Boggs, Pick.
ens county's very efficient clerk.
Mr. Burns was very much en
thused with what he saw of the
courthouse town, and spoke in
the highest terms of praise of
the county and her people.
The editor of this paper re
turns thanks to 'Capt. T. J.
Mauldin and "The Wild Irish
man" for material aid in pre.
paring the write-up of the Pick
ens county fair in the issue of
the 24th ult. We are sorry thai
it could not have been morn
c'omplete than it was, but some
Important data was not kept by
some of the committee.
W. 'J. Roark, of Columbia,
was in Pickens last week on e
the bone. He has been laid u'
quite a siege, but is usinl
crutches and getting about fair
* ly well. His friends in Picken
.were delighted to see him again
Bor, on the 4th in0t., to Mr
and Mrs. D. H. Ke6emore o1
Pickens. R. 4, a fin6. girl.
Dr. A. C. Spain, Dentist, will
visit Pickens on the 13th and re
main through Friday, the 16th
of October.
Capt. F. G. Mauldin, Acting
muander of the Torpedo boat
eral Henry Knox,' spent a
last week with relatives
A. Hagood and family,
At, ha been spending the
te rt at their summer
re ho in Pickens, left for
i e1 hon i in Charleston on the
N_ Yl; T1o ..d others will be
ghi ( spel Tent Meeting at
the M.-Hin JI io? rh, near D.
A. F.> Criday night.
October'h, a 7.2 a ck. The
public cmn (,: laN i, o M attend
and take i'a.rt thtee -rvices.
The Farnw and 1'a e ' J)ur
nal is agitati' o m y r* aV to
be held in Sen:ca e
hope they will s
ing it off. They b
pointers they wan t w' I.
todo it by simply th,
In a town' election ' -
Central, Sept. 29, the toE k i
ticket was elected by a
majority: Intendant - 1 P
Johnsori. Wardens-Fred b 1,'
J. W. Brock, S. R. Kelley a_
J. T. Gassaway. Owing to i
misunderstanding S. R. Kelley
refuses to serve, and another
election will be called.
See change in ad. of A. K.
Park, of Greenville, in this issue.
Our readers know that what
Mr. Park advertises he per
forms atnd that what he says is
so. When trading with
him tell him you saw his ad. in
this paper. Encourage the ad -
vertisers that much and let
them know that you notice and
appreciate their bidding for
your trade. They like to know
that their efforts in seeking
trade are successful, and we like
for them to kney that this pa
per as an advertising medium
is Al.
S. P. Freeman is rushing the
work on his two storerooms on
East Main street, Pickens, to an
early completion. They will
soon be done and ready for oc
cupancy. Report has it that
one of them 'will be fitted up for
the postoffice. A new offide,. a
larger and more commodious
office is needed for Pickens, and
It Is to be hoped that Postmaster
Morris can arrange to get' this
room. The other room, we are
informed, will probably be used
by D. F. Pace, who will open
up a fancy grocery and quick
lunch cpunter, and very proba
bly run a pool table in the rear.
James E. Parsons, of Liberty,
was in Pickens, Monday of
court week, and said that more
people were in his town alrnosi
every day than were at court.
Jim has planted his second gar
-den this year, and is now en
joying string beans, Irish pota
toes, cucumbers, roasting-earl
and tomatoes right along. Witli
the equable seasons we havt
there is no reason why any oni
should not have late vegetables
Everyone should try this kini
of gardening on a srnall scale
As sooi as a crop of stuff ma
tures on the garden spot, plan'
Sthat ground in something else
1and have vegetables until frost
He also hias a piede of land than
~has been in cultivi.tidn over 10(
years, whrlich is planted in cot
-ton, and he estimnates .over tw<
s bales to the acre off of this lani
this year.
B, 9 J. T.
those w wi the perfor
mance of "The Merry Widow"
in Greenville Tuesday night.
The 79th anial session of the
Twelve Mile River Baptist Asso
clation will convene with the
Pleasant Hill BSptist church,
between Central and Six Mile,
Oct. 8-9-40-11. All churches
are, earnestly. requested to send
a full delegatton. * A. T. WIN
CHCTER, Clerk T. X R. B. A.
James H. Hudson, of Pick
ens, R. 8, requests us to extend
hiA sincere thanks to his friends,
neighbors and .the attending
physician for their help, aid,
sympathy and kind and close
attention and peighborly acts
during the recent illness of his
children-Nettle, Ola and Otis
who have just recovered from a
severe attack of fever. His
heart swells in gratitude to
these noble-hearted people for
the courtesies shown him.
Hon. /George S. Legare, who
spends the summers in Pickens
for. his health, has recently re
-rned from a ten days' trip to
bungalow on the headwaters
laluda river, behind Table
He is very much bene
I 'rom his trip. Mr. Legare
recuperate as rnuch as
ind will, probably re
ckens until near the
-ere's hoping that
u ater, pure air and
li nate may cure
%:v>hibits at the
cok ' for a prize,
was A note, placed
by R. en. It was a pair
of hanes, bought by him of C.
N. Reid in 1868. They were
fashioned by Mr. Reid, of this
county, who is still living, and
they have been in continuous
use ever since by Mr. Bowen,
,and are yet in a good state of
preseryation and repair, and are
good for several years more of
service. Forty years qf service
have they seen, while forty
months would be a good long
time for a pair of the" present
day, "store-bought" hames to
Mrs. K. L. Cureton, who is an
expert and an adept in the. culi
nary art, contributed a beauti
ful cake to the county fair. It
is useless to go into a detailed
description of this cake, for eve
ryone who has ever seen one of
her cakes knows what it is; be
sides, the cake was on exhibition
at a public and conspicuous place
in Pickens and was seen by a
great many and admired by all.
It was raffled off after the fair,
and something like $50.00 was
realized, which went to help de
fray expenses of the fair. Two
or three other such raffles would
have footed the bills of the fair
without the aid of a subscription.
During the county fair, our
fair correspondent from Mariet
ta, R. F. D. 2, "Maybolle," paid
this office a most appreciated
call. She is a charming young
lady and is as pretty as she is
vivacious. It is a speck of green
in the oasis, a bright spot that
illuminates and dirives dull care
to a back seat when our corres
pondents drop in on us, espe
cially when these visions of
I loveliness comeW before us. Our
regret is that these stand-bys,
- these material aids to this paper
do riot visit the office of toner and
write more regularly. They
are all always welcome. It is
about time we were seeing oi
) jhearing from "Dreamer," "B,"
- "'Old Riddle"-who has nevei
been in the office-and others.
I All of our correspondents arc
1~o~, srayd ~~4fV~Uthe
morning of the ,th (tzesday)
iitant, one small red hound,
answers to name of "Drive."
About 5 years and shows age
with white hairs around mouth.
Has scar running down face
from cut by barb wire. Very
friendly and liable to take up
with any one munching him.
Liberal reward for his return or
information leading to his recov
ery. Claude Hester, Pickens.
H. Snider, Easley's popular
and enterprising jewelry dealer
And excellent watch tinker, has
a change of ad. He quotes a
world of truth when he says:
"There's'a Beauty in Good Jew
elry." This is so, and we all
know it and try to make our
selves more becoming by wear
ing good and beautiful jewelry.
There is no lady so becoming but
what her beauty is augmented
and set off by the wearing of
natty pins, jeweled collar or ring
or'other ornament. Mr. Snider
realizes this and has bought his
stock to meet these demands. If
in need of anything in his line
give him a call and rest assured
that whatever "Harvey"~ tells
you about his-goods is the truth,
the whole truth, and nothing but
the truth. So purchase of him,
knowing that You are getting
good goods and at as low a price
as they can be sold for. No use
to patronize mail order houses
when you can get better goods
for less money from him.
Beans! Who said 'beans?
Bright Gilstrap, who lives on
Mrs. Harriet Bowie's place in
Eastatoe township, was in Pick
ens the other day with a load of
green beans. Mr. GilAtrap has
been selling beans all summer,
peddling most of them out at
Easley. In conversation with
him we learned that he had
raised 71 bushels-56 bushels of
the string bean and 15 bushelf
of the soup bean-on lan(
planted in corn and just whal
he could plow in a half day.
This gave him two crops for the
same amount of work. You
can figure out this proposition
any way you want to, but, any
way you figure it, it beats a
cotton crop to death. Had Mr.
Gilstrap put these bean's and
corn up in cans he would have
gotten fully ten times as much~
for the product as he did. The
time is not far distant when the
people of this county will raise
more produce, cattle and grain
for profit than they do now, and
make cotton more of a surplus
crop, and pay attention to the~
raising and canning of fruits
and vegetables. When this
happy day arrives everybody
will be in a prosperous condi
tion. _____ __
Court Proceedings-Fall Term, 1908.
The Court of General Sessiorn
convened Monday, the 28th ult.
with Judge J. W. DeVore, of
Edgefield, presiding, and all of
the court officials at their re
spective places.
Indictments were handed out
to the grand jury, who found
true bills in a number of cases.
The followig cases were
taken up and disposed of at thiu
term of court:
Thos. Cisson, housebreaking
not guilty.
Jim Holcombe, rapo; 5 year
on gang.
Thos. Cissorn, burglary; guilty
with recommendation to court
sentenced to 5 years on chain
Perry Dice Masters, murder
not guilty.
ICharlie Bates, violation of thi
dispensary law; not guilty.
. Arthur Hallum, gambling; in
diectmen1 qnashed.
itent tok u
Zsau Jonefan
larceny of ive guilty
to both; 18 months on gang and
$1.00 fine.
George Rhodes, housebreaking
and larceny; guilty: sentenced
to 2 years hard labor.
There were not many in at
tendnce-only those who were
obliged to be here-as bailiffs,
jurors, witnesses and defend
On Thursday evening court
was adjourned sine die.
The grand jury made 1 their
final presentment for the year
and were discharged on Tues
State of South Carolina,
Pickens County.
Fall term of Court of General
To the Honorable Presiding
Judge, J. W. DeVore:
The grand. jury desire t make
this our final report perthining
to the affairs of the county:
We have passsd on all the
bills handed us by the solicitor,
and make such returns as in
our judgment the testimony
We have-visited the poomjarm
and county jail by comn tee,
and find these institutions well
kept and the inmates properly
cared for.
By committee from our body
the county officers' books have
been examined. We find them
neatly kept, but the committee
did not go into the auditing of
these books, not deeming them
selves experts, and qualified to
thoroughly au'dit these books
as the case now demands.
There is an apparent deficit in
the county treasurer's office, as
shown by the comptroller-gen
eral's report made in 1907. This
deficit appears to have come
down from a former adminis
tration. ,
In view of this fact and for
the purpose of arriving at the
precise condition of all the offices,
and that future grand juribs
may have some authentic and
reliable audit to start from.
We beg to recommend that a
competent and authorized com
pany of auditors be employed
to thoroughly audit all the
offices of the county; and that
our delegation to the legislature
provide for the payment of this
audit by special act, not to ex
ceed the sum of $1,000, for fur
nishing a complete audit of all
the offices in the county for the
past six years.
We recommend that the office
of state dispensary constable for
-Pickens county be abolished for
the present, as we feel that that
duty should and now can be.
performed by the duly consti
tuted officers of the county,
such as the sheriff and his dep
uties, the magistrates and their
constables, and we urge upon
such officers strenuous efforts in
enforcing the dispensary law.
We present G. G. Craft for
vagrancy and carrying conceal
ed weapons, and give as wit
nesses B. D. Johnston, E. C.
Sanders,' W. T. Mulkey and
John Grant..
We present Tyler Castle for
vagrancy, and give as witnesses
John H. Reeves, T. C. Oliver .
and A. P. Alexander.
Thanking your honor and
court officers for courtesies, etc.,
and having no further business,
we nowv bog leave to be dis
charged ,from further attend
ance at this term of the court.
Respectfully submitted.
T D. HARIs, Foreman.
SuRnharihn for the paper.

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