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Entered April 23, 1V03, at Pickens, S. 0., as Bocond-Olass Matter, Under Act of Congress of March'-3, 1879.
Most Destructive i
eration %
Earthquako rollowed By Tidal Wave,
Destroys City After CJy in South
Italy and Sicily and Obliterated
Smaller Town3 and Villages With
out Number.
One of the most disastrious earth
quakes inl tle world's history occur
red on Monday in the lower portion
of I1taly incluiding the island of
sicilv. The news of the appalling
disaster w%as io,t adequately conceiv
d when the cables first brought the
mesme. No tollg..,m or pen can de
pict tIe horors of the awful calanity
tiat ]its t allr-n upon that region.
L'afer. def:iils covering more ful!y
felh horrible ceeurence are given in
the following ldispateles. and show
that the first news of the disaster
came iiowhrv near giving the fall e
tAent of tlhe devastation wrought.
The immensity of the disaster in
southern Italy and Siei,ly can only he
meamdnred by the fact. hat it is now
estimated that 110,000 people perish
ed in Messina and Reggio alone. A
--SCore of other towns have been de
Vastated and thousands of victi.ms in
these places must be added to tlie
roll. In the face of this awful total
all Italv stands appalled.
Nor has the full death-list vet
been reacheld. Ship l*oads of furi
tives have arrived at Naples and
other ports and the vast ma.jority of
these are sorely injuied. Other
,t'i -,ari'l remain near the ruins of
err limS or wander half-starved,
ha.l'-nnked oven\the land. The forees
tiat on Monda'.l ovebwhelmed the
cities also dest ro1ed the means of
subs'isten<t(e. T(kni.01communii
caton has been I he with Mis=
sina, lie apparts h '- ir
stalled ini a riha van% t. e -hev
lhave been IIIe inde show
I hat hne is oe. Nothinrema:ins
of, h (ity blit a m s f tins that
ha.we bnswtpt bY fire. A inere
hatlu:1l of si ae 1 ing cared
for h) the rsein forec'i, but. their
dlisross is ereat and it has been in
Cre:sed by the violent i rv wind that
foI lowed the deln1-e oxf1 rain. Dest i
itt,on is everYwhere , -and appalling.
Thiert is little fool aid less water.
. O -sina's, /ID:100 popilation it
e (4nItt fully 70.000 persons
pe'i .
FortY fhousand people died in
R !ri o.
l '-spatches stato that the city of
Pa-,i ceontains 1,500 dead and twice
asl :t injired. Two-th!irds of the
town wis laid wnste. All the vil
las :,djaent suffTeried as severel'.
,-v evomtider of the battleship
Adal Makharioft. confirms the re
por. 'f th le deafth of the Americain
corn '*e tf Messitna, Arthiur i* . Ch an 'v
and Es wife, who were buried in the
r o of the c?onsuha te.
The~1 BritIish consul at Messina is
repotted inintred and his wife andl
chdren t( dead.
TI is dis'aster has resulted in a
1:0rlos of life than any of our
--- fo im!dT;e'idence. Indeed thle
_I.s nlhrnvs pe'r-eded by en er'od1
- hO? frrton th'i s has hiapmene.d
within frivsecoends. While wanr
ord 1'tects the yo'ung and strongr
amot(ng the peeple, thle nrescnt enl-ion
itv' Ins mowved dewn women and chiil
dren, 'i' men antd y'out hs. While in
wvar the armies are followed by the
:mo't vcem',lete cnwn hospitals,. the
number less wvounded in Calabria aind
eastern Sicily hnve been left in many
-100 Miners Entombed.
Mhr,W. Vn.. Seial.-More
Ithan 1 00 mnin crs a r" believed to be
itl wly ioied in a local mine
Il-' Ink Paranch (Collierv (Companov
result of a terrifle exilosion. All
it long reseurers worked tireless
rp to ani ently hour 42 men had
- removed fromi the wine, 12 of
adead. Only the onain part of
-;ine 'has been OXI)lored.
I I I,: .
KILLS 200,00
rn the Present Gen
fsitS Italy
cases 48 hours without assistan-e.
Even when rescued, it is impossible
to house them, everything, available
having been filled by the dend. Lack
of care and starvation will complete
the work that the forces of nature
have left undone.
The King and Queen of Italy has
tened to the scene and disregarding
the danorers pro-od .1 fric 1' - -
cuing trose injured beneath the
ruinl:4. Ani age ia v, ....
abaidoned uder a beami that appar
ently hand crashel out 1!.; le, reviv
Ied for ai moment at the, sho-ts of
greetng to the royal pa:r. H.! stretch
ed out his Iland and raised his head
loix enlowuh to ('all out:
'Now I can die happy. Long life
to tle Kilg.'' IIe then fell back and
It wa;s learn(d that General Colli
lost his life at Maesina.
T'he troops atid sailors have been
obliged to shoot down robbers who
ler.1sisted in lootinlg.
''e resiers at Messina are rapid
ly heecming exhausted. The tires
have not Yet been put out and there
is no water with which to combat the
flames. Aanly of the people still re
fise to leave the- ruins of their
A dispatch received here from
Deputy }-elice at Messina says:
''Orannize a sq-adron of volun
toers for rescue work. Send us food
for we are dying of hunger. A nim
lvir of the survivors are leaving for
Catania. Reepive them with love
and fraternity. It, is the (litv of
every family in Catania to shlter a
family from Messina.'
Only two mnimbers of the mmici
pal council of Messina survived the
Grev Earthm.iates in Histr,'y.
.iatenmiala.Ce-itral Ameri-ae, found
el in 1524, destroved by enuthqJuake
aid volcanic eru ption in 15 ; the
second natemala, established near
the site of th,e first. al-nost destroYed
bv earrtquike in 1773, suiceeded by
tle constilel'on of the present town.
Lisbon, Poirtwal. almest. desroved
by quake and aecomnanyivn, t'Idal
wave, November 1, 1775, with the loss
of C,O00 lives.
Caracas, capital of Venezuela. de
stroyed by earthqupake shoek in 1812.
Aleppo, destroyed in I1822.
Naples. severely shaken. with ne
7ompanying eruption of Vesuvius
Many buildings in Quito, capital
of Eenador, shaken to pieces. 1859.
Manila, severely shocked, 1863 and
Valpariso, Chile, badly damaged in
Earthquake at Colehester and east
ern ointies of England. 1884.
Charleston, S. C., visited August
:ll 19811, basereearthquake, that
Aliock down many buildings and caius
cr1 loss of life and pro(perty damne-e;
':sturblaiice felt over' entire eastern
section of the cuntry.
St:. Pierrec and other towns of the
Island of Mnrt inijon, destroyed by
ei'np'ion of Mos.t Pelce May. 8, 1902:
eartln;1ike skoeks through the WVest
Tndies andl more than 30,000 lives
San Francisco and neighboriner
town'us shauken Wcdnesday, Anril 18.
190f, fire swept the ruined districts
of the city and the proper'ty loss ran
ito the hundreds of millions, with
hundr"ds killed.
Valpnr'niso nd other towvns in
Chile ruined by eu rthoniake August
16. 190G(. andl 2.000 killed.
Kine'ston, Jamaica, partially de
str'eyd Monday., .January 14, 1900;
800 killed.
IBritish Steamer Taken by Chi4 ese.
Hong Kong, By Cable.--The TIr fish
stcamner Tai On was captured by) two
Chinese cruisers, near Kuim (Ghnk.
The reason for the enpture ist be
lieved to lie in the fact 'that~ the
steamer several months ago ran wr
a junk and drowned a theatrical .
pani" which was on board. Fp rther
developments from the captuke are
i ornccted
Thousands of half nude individuals
of both sexes have gathered along
the muddy beaches on either side of
the ruins of Messina seeking food or
trying to .get away by sea. 1VIany
children have died from exposure
and the cases of madness are increas
During the night the warships in
Messina harbor throw their search
lights on the ruins to enable the res
cuers on shore to continue their work.
The work of succor is going on fe
verisbly but the forces are still woe
fully inadequate. The stench from
decomposing bodies is becoming over
A frightful scene occurred here
Thursday amid the ruins of the eus
tonis house. Bands of famished in
dividnils were groping among the
debris in the hope of discovering
food. The first of the searchers who
were sucessful were attacked by
others with revolvers and knives and
were obliged to defend their finds
literally with their lives. The strug
gle was fieree. The famished men
threw themselves upon each other
like wolves vnd soveral fell disein
boweled in defendin.- a handful of
dry beanii or n few Nm,nevs of flotir.
One of the unfortunates was pinned
to a plank by a knife, while clinging
to his hand was his little child, for
whom he had sought food.
The United States supply ship
Celtic will go to Messina. after a
bri'f stop at Gibralta to give a mil
lion and a half of navy rations to
the earthquake sufferers.
New York on Thursday made up
a fund of nenrlv $100.000 as a relief
fund. Chicao's contribution fund
aggregate $30.000. The American
Red Cross is co-operating with the
Italian Red (ress for the relief of
the sufferine..
Marrie,. in Ccnnty Jail.
Birmirea!, Ala.. Speial.-Miss
Jessie Coll-ar, of AdM svillo. Ala..
was married to Chester A. Uni, in
the county jail here. Rev. Thomas
Beard, Episcopil miniister. perform
ing the eereM411Y. A number of wit
nesses, including relatives of the
couple, w-s a1loved by the sheriff tc
attend the wedding. Li!n is being
held as a deserter from the United
States army and was taiken to Fort
Oglethorpe, (4a., WednesdAy where
he will face a courtmartial.
Scientists Working Tor lHumanity'E
Baltimore. Md.. Specini.--That ille
influence ;nd ef'Orts of t hi leadinL
scientists in the <o l!nIt r will b)e con
centr-at(d inl th1(l (ffort to establish a
national or :ania I I with reiaa
tions and rule f 1 iM f own. for th<
conservation of diseas- e.nernfly was
den,onstrated in the symposium or
publie lienith of tle A'nr ean Asso
ciation for tho Advancement of
Science Wednesyul.
Alabama Girl Dies of Uydrophobia
Moulton, Ala.. Special.-Miss RIb'
Green, (Itigliter of a well-known far.
mer' living~ near* Newburgh, died Suni.
day a fternoon from hyd ropimbia con.
tracted in an ~u'umal manner. A
mad dog re!'enly biht a horse ownedl
by Mri. D). Grce . fat her of t he young
woman. Th'e horeo intr wvent mac
and was shot. Miss G reen had
slight abrasion onl hter inft wrist ai
iin SOme manner('i this beenmtre infCected
v.hHie shte was arouind th ht loi se.
Mloving Pictuires Immoral.
New York, Special.--Moved by the
protcsts of ministers of every d"
nomination complaining t hat t he
great majority of the 550 moving
picture shows of Greater Newv York
were exhibiting pictures detrimental
to the ihorals of the youth of the
city mayor McClellan issned a dras
tic order revoking almost every pio.
tur'e show license. The ey'd.'.o.f the
mayor . intimates that thia foca
tion is only temporary, but 'ie con
ditions under which new licenses will
be issued are such that hardly a
third of the licenses revoked will be
'First Doctor-'rhls is a moat mys
terlou' case. I can't make anythhbg
,out oft It.
iSecond Doctor-Hasn't the patient
ITv money?--Puck.lt
Rations, Clothing, Tents and Othet
Supplies Are Pouring in and the
Hungry and Injured Are Being
Cared For. .
Rome, By Cable.-What ' chiefly
concerns the government and the peo
ple is the progress that is being
made towards the relief of those who
have suffered by the dreadful earth
quake in southern Italy and Sicily.
Considerable advance in this respect
has been made at Messina, where, ac
cording to reports received here, the
supply service is beginning to work
satisfactorily. The different regions
on the coast have been a!otted to
various warships and other ships as
centres from which torpedo boats
and launches convey andt distribute
rations and water to the different
The Minister of Justice has wired
from Messina to Premier Giolitti
that large bodies of troops have ar
rived and are now occupying all parts
of the town. The appalling extent
of the diaster renders anyithind like
a systematic seirch of the ruins is
impossible, but persons are being
dragged out all day long and are
quickly transported to the relief ships
as soon as their wounds have receiv
ed attention.
The appalling message came on
New Year Day that the Ripari Is
lands which lie just, north of Sicily
had gon down with its 2S,000 imibah
itants, bit a messenger boat sent to
learn the f:'s has returned with the
news that the islands are but little in
jured. Only the cracking of build
ings make any real damage.
Eatimates of Death List.
Rome, By Cable.-Estimates of the
death roll of the earthquake now
cease to noncern the Italian people.
It is enough to know that the catas
trophe is overwhehning -- figures
would add nothing to the grief of the
stricken nation, nor move to greater
efforts those tinn whoii the work of
relief and resene has fallen.
Every channel open to the govern
ment has been utlized to this end,
and other nations have been quick to
come to its assistance., even befnre
the ery for aid went up. Shiploads
of fugitives bave bc carried out of
the stricken zone to Natples. Palermo.
Catania and other poris, and accord
ing to the Minister of Marine, rescue
vessels to the number of 36 are now
centered in the Strait of Messina,
and 5,000 soldiers are being landed
on the two coasts.
Most important of all now is the
question of the living. Thousands of
those who escaped the falling walls
and the sweep of the tide are starv
ing and without clothes or shelfer.
They can scarcelv longer survive
their sufferings. The first thouhit
has been to carry food and covering
for these helpless people, and it has
nowv been decided by the government
to send a fleet of emaig.rant steamers
to transport them to other places.
Prof6ssor* flieco, e.lirector of the ob..
servatory' at Mount Etna, states that
his instruments have recorded 42 dis
tinct shoeks after the fir-st, but that
during the last 14 hours they have
boen almiost motionless. Etna and
Stromboll are now quiet andi lhe is
certain that the earthquake was not
of volcanic hut of geogrnphical or-ig
in, similar to that of 1875.
The horror of the situation at Mes
sina and Reggin grows with ever-y
fresh dispatehs. One of the correspon
dents places the death roll through
out the entire territory as high as
300,000, but this appears to be ex
treme. Others make their estimate
200,000, but the omcial estimate as
made by the Minister of Marine still
holds to 115,000.
The tidal wave lasted much longer
than the earthquake. During all the
time vessels shivered intermittently,
as though shaken by some huge ma
rine monster.
A naval observer of the destruc
tion of Messina says there were four
tidal waves. ranging in height from
12 to 30 feet. Thirty minutes clans
ed between the rolling in of the first
and the destr'ttve onslaught of the
last wave.
Eruptions Attended by Earthquake
Citizens in Panic But Little In
Jury Done-Rescue Work in the
StrickenI Regions as Soon One
Week Lator.
Rome, By C'able.--A violent earth
shock running north-southwest and
east-northeast, lasting three seconds.
Sunday and during which the Strom.
boli volcano began eruption, occurred
in Stromboli island Sunday.
The phenomenon was accompanied
by prolonged dull rumblings. The
houses on the island were badly dam
aged and the populace fled to the
streets in panic, but no one was hurt.
The weather is intensely cold on
Stromboli island.
The syst er- of rescue work in
Messina has been greatly augmented
by the arrival of troops, who are to
be seen all over the ruined city in
squads of tventy and thirty, pat.
rolling day and night. Bodies of
them also are working in the ruins by
day and until vell into the ni,ht.
The movement of refugees froni
the villages is dailv increasing in
volume. Of the victims buried uider
tie ruins few have been rescued
It is now clear that the enormous
nuirber of casualties in Messina was
due to the suddenness iwith which the
first shock came, giving but little
time to the people to escape from
their homes. The tidal wave was not
so high as was at. first reported, and
would have done little damage had it
not been preceded by the earthquake.
Tie damage done by firo vas com
paratively insignificant.
The first earth shook last Monday
morning literally threw down the city
and alm1oft every street was
eompletely buried under the walls
that had fallen., furniture and other
debris, practically cutting off every
avenie of eFcape.
Then came the tidal wave to in
undate the city and the living and
dying were caught like rats and
drowned or had their brains dashed
out by -being thrown bY the rushing
waters against piles of masonry and
Far i greater havoc was wrouiht in
Messina than was bel'tved when the
Associated Press cor espondent first
passed aruind the onts1irts vith
Frank Perret. of B oklYn. N. Y.,
assistant direcior of t he observatory
on Mount Vsuiviis. ni'ring this to
a most critierl exami ation was m:
of the American <uvIbt. It. a
complete ruin-not inlg bikV,' heap
af erumb+liiw ano" erished stones,
without senblap' of ;is original.
shape. It is..niost doubtful if tle res
cners wil,V 10be able to recover the
bodies y/ried beneath the debris for
a few/day.s, but every effort to do
so wi4l be made. The French and
Turk,h consulates also were raze
cohnpletely, 'and it, seems almost im
pissible that any of their inmates
:6nd have escapled.
Officials in Messina sav that thie
original estimate of the fatalities in
the city probably was not exaggerat
ed. The lower part of the city is
practically totally destroyed.
A Washington special says: ''Pres
idenit Rioose"elt has sent two supply
ships with .$300.000 worth of suipplies
to Italy, that lie will ask Conu'ress
for additional aid and t hat he has of
fered the use of the battleship fleet
to Italy.
Blig Ficet at Sucz.
Suez. By Cable-The United States
Atlantic b)attleshiip fleet, comp!..ing
two days ahead of its .schedule thue
next -to the longest .run o of its w,oirld
girdliner cruise, arrived here Sunday
mornuing from 'Colombo, a distance oe
3.440 knots, from wvhich place the
fleet sailed on December 20th. The
loss of a seaman, from the battleship
ijinois. who fel-l overbhoard and was
the only accident to mar the voyage
from (Colombo.
Fire .Still Burning in Hold of Steamer
Savannah. (Ga., Special-The flre
in the hold of the steamer T.exaq. tha.t
put into fhec Savannah river Friday
rninig. leaving her course from
Norfolk to JTavanna, is still bnurning~
in the vessel 's cargo. It is now ap
naorent. that the vessel will be i:nved1
honLrh slhe is already badly damn..l.
by the flee. Most of the cargo in Ihe?'
after held is a dead loss.

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