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,V'ol xxxviI. PICKENS, S. C., THURSDAY, JANUARY 21, 1909.
n Interesting Communication to The
General Assembly
the Honorable, the Members of kept open for nine months in the
the General Assemablv of the State year, but many of the small schools
of South Carolina: in the rural districts are in session
Another year has come, and you but for three or four months in the
gathered to discharge the high year. Realizing that most of the
honorable duties laid upon you children who attend these schools are
e people. It becomes my duty receiving from them all the school
ve to you such information ss advantages that they will ever get,
ve as to the condition of the are we doing our full duty to themI
and to suggest and recommend Are we thus fitting them for all of
i jslation as to me may seem the duties of an intelligent citizen
and proper. shipI
State riaces. "You have no more important mat
your last-iession. you gave au- ter that will come before you, and I
y to the Governor, the State recommend that liberal appropria
rer and the Comptroller Gen- tions be made for the common
boi-ro, not exceeding five sebPols.
thousand dcllars to meet the The Governor note3 the good vTk
ons' of the State to become of the University and recommends
ring the year 1909-such as that the number of "normal scholar
rt.te scl,liers' pensions, in- ships" be increased to two to eiery
n puble debt app-opriations county instead of 41 as now.
State institution- of learning Winthrop College is commended
r pp'propriations mad- by for such appropriations as may be
orable bodies. needeO to carry on its excellent work.
me necessary for ns to bor- Favorable consideration is asked
ring the year. the full amount for Clemson College for its faithful
e and provided for, which work.
'be repaid out of the The Military APqdem3 iE also com
now being collected. Thq, mended f.; ii.: splendid achieve
saik sum amounted to mentsm
This will bave to be con- IPresident Walke:' o:- th- Deaf ana
fter year unless some Du b and Blind n stit-ie he says is
d to ca'Rtch up. I bring the right man in the inght place. It
Syour attention in or- is doing well and costs less per cap
ay give the same your ita thaln--i stitution of its kind
tion and adopl-,jo..tteirUnited States. He recoin
t will remedy /tfie- mends all needed appropriations.
.I I eIdustrial School ror White BoYs.
iial messag,4-I rec-1 Sirce the last meeting of the Gen
,speciol cral Assemblv, with the appropria
t no tio thade, the Board of Trustees
rnot ave had erected a three-story brick
.ow. ope that building on the one hundred and
be ttken to place eleven acres of land donated by the
h basis. IAtlantic Land and Improvement
the report of our Company near the City of Florence,
ich will give you and have furnished the same with
formation as to,furniture, etc., to accommodate
of the State. twenty-five boys. They have employ
ed a eompetent superintendent and
as his wife, both of whom have hd
U years of experience in this work, and
assets, se inste i as opened on the 4th
Sthis Commission on De i l i een
190R. were as follows: have alreg.Z 1r 11
eSinkIng Fund (for re- schOl and a innin has be
d Oayment of South Car- made. ;
1-2 per cent bonds). I ec mend i eral appro.
and sixty-eight tbousand priation be made to eed appar
ht and -09-10 dollars. tus and machinery to teach ahi boys
Swwho aresent to this institution a
inking F uT, soeenlk- trade, and to maintain the school for
o a u$71.630.12). i The Colored Normal College at Or
Und for Insurance of l angbtlrg.
din fort-five thousand I respectfully call your attention
d and eight-five and 61-;to the good work done by this insti
($45.G&.1Inutri foStecholForie yos.a
eul apeagr by ref- soney the Pestimetn Boardh Gen
reprtf -ear C om io md,-h oado Trustees
Sikn ud Io hvhaereced tat the-st orik
'ow.r B oea uilding in aseon r theoe hunrd mand
e tan to provdin Foure acoes of tnd donateb hve
oth Stateispen Aryvtedantc oanty adIpsroe,t
lo nthe repity of or Compan nerCheseld Chter oflren
Com atsions ofthefurnitu Lre nsc, leain twentyone
- ofain the st county-e boyn wihThere hae couny
y-fvethsnd olar.iesarcometendtwuernt-necntind
undas hin wie h ofo have ypoibi
y hsCommission, n eti'on drte by
i90s were receivedlows: 'thatve are yotrn At b
'eSikingFundfor e elad by povining "hat bet
y was tue.vr o) Ita reome cty disenray appr
pnd ito-eindt thsan pralowent beae sold eet inppara
ary and is10 nolar th:cuns waheryotec theeecte with
FundComissin. p.whoasent. To his ggstiion ao
binn madetT, sevet-ralea to la,tan Ih ncool rew
o it,busn power0.2) wa the Cre.naiad thatl Cllee aidO
ng Fund I nranceof Ac' efute anedbg.n
digs fortyfie thatd al thespcutieslly, hatl your attentio
dnte eiterd1 to lowingoo liqork onbe byti insfte
($45.tim.61)totutiofo the conties outhsan
e ieus mapay sem dsownsaisby vtuo the PrsienendBord
tieport oo whetheoliquorsrshallsb
Sinin Fund Stt. sl insacontesth accordntopria
ensayildtiong. tinsakendrb the borvCf -nAt aid belmeo
t yresiontsitelutrb honor-eDipna peitonben
Ise reiAtepratevidiled with cutes Counthe Staerio hav
myth StaeDspsa ate ccouty sinedy atspenais oe
lot n th iy ofC third ofCheterfied eletors oflaren
nCeommiioen-softh county In Lales reomgn tenty-on
. hs-poprtyloing anyse counties which liuo re isnt
s-pon thousnd ,ol alledise oaresond twenty-oe acouting
undomisaon the plnto mixich we haveondin plant,i
a ad mAyct inei-d thalllqorn. vrykn
s'al, satig te u set In be puasesge In boteoren
ioser recivesfo t and sold Cary-Cthrnal pAckb
t ductio amended comsso prointed toa wnot
y ws .urnd vertoupr thanState Dispnsy disesr pro
ndCmisoythe alowean cunt y where quoe b
pointd towid u the the allowed tabesod Circt Cor from
the funds prowie thaonis. weeteeaecte i
Sorde-hize oto oFor apopul fheliiation ixedn w ntyfv
bn miadeuygevral dethnte taes Coud I respeene
Constiutin roequires th recommendato that ovisaib
ingFun Cmmisin -Ac befther omssion fobtyan
n.Te eieta. l the agntes ofy thix1, ntna
'n thealiz ether tom wngiqontdesodi nyo h
horeanime law toe Deparftmecnti nof Agrcvmgre
ofs ou gsee tisensaring the yoe ipn the agius
otheSate.oe tuiontrs tofthe liquors Ithasb
pr cet old bee istruntlies acordg te the
ate:n comeu riultsand Depuattio the proiedm
nsiertiuonn the tae-otabis seveAl sadeeona
Ireierate tio farm with in Cuthe State.vsro
oomssae t rdo te mulfed telectos Depart
s upon them
ment should devote its time and e
ergies to the agricultural and cot
mercial interests of the State, at ti
same time giving to all home see
ers and home builders such inform
tion as to our climate, resonrees. et(
as 'they may desire. -Toe duties
ced0 er of Labor could ah
be placed on n ..artment, ar
thus save the expense . - offic
should it be established. In this~con
nection, I call your attention to ihe
matter of the.establishment of a De
partment of Labor. I bespeak your
earnest consideration of it and recom
mend that some conser-ative measure
be adopted with such powers and du
ties as to you shall seem wise and
Soldier..' Home
In obedience to the Act of the Gen
eral Assembly passed at the last ses
sion, I appointed a commission con
sisting of Messrs. D. Carwile, J. W.
Reed and J. C. Cantey, veterans, and
Messrs. Milie Jones and J. Q. Mar
shall, sons of veterans, to take charge
of, and have constructed, the home
for Confederate veterans as the said
Act provided. The work was begun
and the home is now nearing comple
tion. The building is commodious
and well fitted for the purpose and
will make an ideal home for these
grand old men who fought for their
country and who are now waiting for
the~command to "cross over the river
and rest under the shade of the
This home will have to be main
tained and I refer you to the report
of the commission on what has been
done and what will b.- needed? to car
ry it on.
In this connection, I desir to call
attention to the pensions for the
needy Confederate veterans. Many of
them are now poor and deserving and
it is our bounden duty to care and
provide for them. I respectfully re
commend a liberal appropriation for
this purpose.
Assault With Intent to Ravish, etc.
There are some amendments to the
criminal statutes that I considor of
great importance and which I think
should be passed by your honorable
bodies at this session. I called atten
tion to them in my inaugural address
and as they have not been enacted
into law, I wish to repeat the recom
mendations now. Subsequent events
have confirmed my opinion that they
were right and proper. I quote from
said inaugural.
"I further wish to call to your at
tention another matter which I con
Pr o _rave importance and that is
th e providing the
th penaly to an 4 person
making an assa -a.
with intent to ravish,
right to the jury trying the
fix the punishment at life impnson
ment in the State Penitentiary.
"It behooves us to make the pen
alty so severe that the women may
be protected from this heinous crime.
"I further recommend that an Act
be passed providing that in all cases
of rape or assault, with intent to
ravish, the female may be allowed to
testify in private, before the Judge,
counsel for the State and the dlefen
dant and that the testimony so taken
shall be read to the jury as evidence
of the said witness on the trial of the
"In this connection, I ask that vou
pass an Act making it a misdemean
or to post or display in any public
place indecent pictures of females. It
is obvious to all right thinking per
Supreme Court.
More room for our Supreme Court
and the Supreme Court library is
necessary'. A suitable court-room
could be built on the State House
grounds. The money for this pur
pose could be borrowed from the
State Sinking Fund Commission and
the same paid back by a small ap
propriation each year for several
I recommend that you appoint a
committee or a commission to look
into this matter. Several of the State
officers have to rent offices or use
committee rooms in order to carry
on their work. If this court build
ing were erected, the rooms now oc
cupied by the Supreme Court would
be sufficient to accommodate these of
National Guard.
The citizen soldiery is a very im
portant arm of the State government
and should be sustained and encour
aged by all lovers of peace~ a.nd or
der. It has been my duty to call on
some of them on more than one oe
ecasion during the past year, and they
have always responded with prompt
ness and performed the duties for
which they were called with fidelity.
I call your especial attention to the
needs of the National Guard and
recommend a liberal appropriation
for its maintenance.
State Hospital For the Insane.
The report of the regents for the
State Hospital for the Insane will
give you in detail the condition of
this institution.
There were on the first day of Jan
uary, 1909, 1,463 patients within its
There were admitted during the
year 606; 262 were discharged, and
251 died during the year.
This institution must be sustained
and maintained.
Superintendent, Dr. ,J. W. Babcock,
has made a very important contribu
tion to medical science in the study
he has made and the papers he has
contributed on the disease known,.as
This penal institution is one of
the best and is self-sustaining. Much
damage was done to the State ~arms
and_the crops thereon by tlvfloods
'Kother's EashN
B. Beas
Iaf a
i- of August last. This. with the oi
3- price of cotton, wili show a decreas
ie in the income. The health of the coi
c- victs has been reasonably good an,
i- the death rate very small.
The seven white boys under the ag
)f of sixteen years who were on th
,o Lexington County farm, called th
.d reformatory, were transferred in Nc
e, vember last to the Industrial Schoc
White Boys at Florence, ss prc
vided Irr* :he Act establishing th
same, and they . re ow being wel
cared for and taught h competen
persons at this industrial ci..e-.
The State Board of Health.
This Board has done a good work
this past year. The secretary has
visited every part of the State when
called on to examine into any cases
of contagious or infectious diseases,
and has prevented the spread of these
diseases. On one or more occasions,
the entire Board has responded to the
call of their chairman and did good
work in examining the cause of
threatened epidemics and preventing
their spread. Their -rork should be
commended and sustained.
I recommend the necessary appro
priation for the present year.
Insurance Department.
Several amendments to the insur
ance law passed at your last session
are suggested in the report of the
Insurance Commissioncr. These are
necessary and essential. Full power
should be given to the Commissioner
over investment companies as well as
fire and life insurance companies.
Historical Commission.
The work of the Historical Com
mission during the past year has been
concerned chiefly with the preserva
tion and orderly arrangement of the
State's valuable collection of public
records. The Commission has caused
many additional records to be so filed
as to make them available for use.
I recommend that the needed appro
priation be made to carry it on.
The Audubon Society.
The preservation of our game and
fish from unlawful destruction is a
matter in which every good citizen
of the-'*-ate feels an intrest. The
Audubol 'ooiety, chartered by the
Geners4-AlN 2mbly in 1907. has charge
of this matter and is diligent and
persevering in carrying out the laws
on the subject. The second annual
report of this Society will be laid on
your desks.
On the first of April last. the
Southern Railway Company and the
Seaboard Air Line Railway Company
P on sale a two and one-half cent
rate on their several roads;
a o ~anm-mile mileage book
for one *n at two cents per mile;
a. two-th '-nile milege book for
four perso!.' nging to one firm
or corporation, Ltwo cents per mile;
and a five-hund' mile family mile
age book good to -,ed in this State
at two and one- -ter cents per
ths mirequired 0thsoeusn
tickets from the agents of the com
panies when traveling from one point
to another in this or any other State,
and this rule, works ani inconvenience
to the traveling public.
The salaries of our State officers
and Supreme and Circuit Court
Judges should be raised to at least
what they were a few years since.
The increase will not affect me or
the other officers now holding offiee
under their present terms, but I feel
that it is due to those who come after
us and I therefore, recommend it.
Conservation of Our Natural Resour
It was my privelege to attend a
Conferebce of the Governors of the
States of the Union at the White
House in Washington last May upon
the important question of the conser
vation of our natural resources. Many
valuable suggestions were made and
much information disseminated. Since
that I have appointed a committee to
get up information upon this subject,
so far as it concerns the State. in
order that I may, at a later date,
make such recommendations to you
as to what should be done along
these lines.
Governor's Mansion.
I recommend that a commission be
appointed to enquire into the cost
and feasibility of erecting a new
Mansion upon the lot on which the
present Mansion stands, and reiterate
what I said in my last message,
which is as follows:
"The prseent mansion was erect
ed more than fifty years ago, and
has served the purpose for which it
was built. Since 1880, it has been
uesd as a home for the Governor.
While it is comfortable, yet it is de
teriorating and will soon require
many repairs. The lot on which
this building stands is one of the
best in the City of Columbia. A
new mansion built in the center of
the lot, fronting on Richland street
with side entrances from G,idsden
and Loncoln streets, would be an
ornament to the capital city of the
State, and an ideal home for your
And now, gentlemen of the General
Assembly, the future welfare of the
State is in your hands. I know that
you will look well to her interests
and prosperity. Let wisdom and
justice guide you in all of your de
I ninvoke the blessings of the Su
preme Ruler of the Universe upon
each of you and upon all the people
of the State.
M. F. ANSEL, Governor.
Columbia, S. C., January 12. 1909.
Wants to Take His Punishment.
Raleigh, ,Special.-In Superior
court Mond yAlonbo Allen, who
killed Jo H. Pierea
on 1ast Se
South Carolina Assembly 1a
presses Its Confidence.
Both Houses Go on Record by Unaz
mous Vote Expressing Confiden
in Their Senior Senatoc-Hou
Resclution Severely Censors t
* President ror His Acts.
Columbia,-.* tside of i
solutions expressing -conT Mr
Senator B. R. Tillman in his tilt with
President Roosevelt, which passed
both Houses without a dissenting
voice, the newly elected Legislature,
in its first day's session, accomplish
ed nothing beyond organization.
The Tillman resolution in the Sen:
ate wes a concurrent resolution intro
duced by Senator J. H. Clifton, of
Sumter. It does not condemn Presi
dent Roosevelt, but merely expresses
and declare "Our coafidence in his
(Tillman's) integrity and honor and
extends to him the moral support of
his and our people with the abiding
assurance that he merits it all." This
passed without debate.
The resolution which passed the
House was a House resolution intro
duced by John G. Richards, Jr., of
Kershaw. This charges the President
with "anmity, malice and anger and
seeking to gratify a personal animos
ity;" speaks of the "frank ai con
vincing reply" of Sena,tor Tillman;
.puts "on record our indignation at
the reckless and malicious attack up
on the good name of our senior Sery/
tor;" does "most severely coiAmn
such unwarranted acts and serMsation
al and vindicative methode on the
part of the Chief Execeutioe of this
nation" and does "heretjy give ex
pression to our continui and un
broken confidence in thd honesty and
integity of Senator 13. R. Tillman,
firmly established by a )fe of purity
and rectitude in this his ~other State
--a life giv'en to the servih of the
people with a devotion and courage
rarely equaled and never excelled."
After electing a temporary ehair
man in the person of ex-Speake'r M.
L. Smith, of Camden, the Hous
spent about an hour swearing i
members. After that ti e n mn
cident to organization toog place.
Richard S. Whaley, of Charleston.
was reelected Speaker without op
position, evidenei'ng his great popu
larity and ability as a presiding of
The Committees In the Senate.
Columbia, Special.-The result of
the four hours' catcus of Monday
night was made known in the senate
when the standing cqmmittees of the
upper branch of the legislature for
the next two years were announced.
~The chairman of the judiciary re
mains the same as last sesion. Hon.
H. 13. Carlisle, of Spartanburg.
~The finance co ' also has the
The railroad committe has a new
chairman, n. T. McKeithan, of Dar
Hon. J. C. Otts, of Cherokee is
chairman of the dispensary com
The chairmen of the standing com
mittees of the senate are as follows:
Agricultural-C. H. Carpenter.
Ediuation-W. N. Graydon.
Claims and Grievances-George W.
Enrolled Bills-Louis Appelt.
Contihgent Accounts-W. L. Bass.
Finance-W. L. Mauldin.
Dispensary-J. C. Otts.
Penal and Charitable Institutions
Ben. F. Townsend.
Commerce and Manufacture-P.
L. Hlardin.
County Offices and County Officers
J. R. Earle.
Engrossed Bills-George K. Laney.
Federal Relations--C. A. C. Wailer.
1mmigration-Niels Christensen.
Incorporations-George H. Bates.
Penitentiary-J. A. Harv'ey.
Judiciary-H. B. Carl'sle.
Privileges and Elctions-B. Frank
Me~dical Affairs-J. B. Black.
Public Lands-J. S. Griffin.
Retrenchments-George K. Laney.
Rules-T. Yancey Williams.
Roads, Bridges and Ferries-W. R.
Legislative Library--W. S. Smith.
Military-W. J. Johnston.
Mines ~and Mining-Legrand G.
Printing-Niels Christensen.
Public Buildings-F. H. Weston.
Railroads and Internal Improve
ments-Dan T. McKeithan.
The Senate on Wednesday received
the Governor's message and after the
reading Mr. Mauldin offered a resolu
tion to place the various recommenda
tions of the Governor each in the
hands of the committees to which
they belong. The following bills
were then introduced:
A bill to amend section 519 of the
criminal code of the State of Sonth
Carolina, 1902, relating to the pollu
tion of water courses. This bill was
introdluced by Senator Earle of Oe
onee and was referred to the com
mittee on commerce ahd manufac
A bill to provide for the inspec
tion of oils and other fluids used as
:luminating fluids in this State, be
ing introduced by Senator Earle, was
referred to the 'commnittee on finance.
A bill to amend section 1710 of
the code, volume 1, relati'
liability of common ca
duced hi tor Eark~
to t
ing mineral water as usual. It was
decidid to use the Columiia water. t
following are named with the chair!
man of each:
(- Speaker Whaley announced the
various standing committees.
The following bills Were presen
on Thursday:
'D Mr. Clifton-To further define and
exterd the liability of telegraph com
panies in cases of mental anguish or
De Mr. Sinkler-To amend section 492
se of the 21 of the criminal code eft- tablis
i titled "Violation of 'the laws iegn- ture,
lating the assessment and' collection abolish t
of taxes." The fol
Mr. Sinkler-To amend section duced in th
e' 2655, volume 1, code of laws of South Mr. Dos
v* -~~.floA2. relating to bailments ture, sale or
by adding to said ierct4dd arms.
of said section the following words: - . S.
"Or to pledges or hypothecations of additio
personal property other than chattel eeedings.
mortgages. Messrs. John G.
Mr. Sullivan-To amend an act Smith and C. A.
entitled, "An act to require rail- for the closing ofI e
road companies to put cinder deflec- ;aries in this Stai and
tors on passenger coaches," by ad- of all stocks of liquors,
in'g a proviso to section 3 of said act. fixtures and other property
Mr. Johnson-To release beneflei- to the several dispensaries.
ary students attending State colleges Mr. M. L. Smith, et al-- bl
frcm the obligation to teach school impose a licene tax upo all
if appointed to naval or military drummers and persons who
academy of the United 'States or to orders or offer far sale '
positions in the army or government beverages containing alcohol.
services of the United States or this The following new bills
for~P the clonnrofth
State. duced in thesenate a
Mr. Carlisle-To declare the word To amend sp
"heirs' u9nMcessary in fee simple to amend L. S I,
conveyince. Carolina,4 po a6
Mr.( Carlisle-To amend section for ten year convics wh'o1
2456 'of code of laws of South Caro- tence on public wofrks of the Y
fin , 1902, volume 1, so as to do away approved February 23, A. D.. 17903, to, by
th the 40-day limit after delivery vcrkaon conty-4haingag.
r execution of deeeds or in instru- Mr. Appelt-To impose aHiee6e ehl-P$ Ill
ments required to be recorded in tax upon all liquor drnmebi rs andrei
order to constitute notice of subse- persons who seicit orde'rs or offer for
quent creditors or purchasers for s~ale liquors or bzverage s conta.inina,
valuable consideration without notice. alcohol.
Mr. Earle-To prohibit unfair Mr. Carlisle-To adnea th word
commercial discrimination between 1 96, volume code of laws, 19
different sections, communities or lo- fixing the miniawy anonnt of
calities or unfair competition provid- a director ef a bank shall own.
ing penalties therefor. r. Weston-to declare the willful
Mr. Otts-A bill to amend section or wanton burning of ny buildi]Rg -
309 of the code of laws of 1902, vol- p e which is insured rseony and to pro-.
ume 2, Tso as to make a aerdict of a Ivide Punishment therefor.c
4turv and on order of the court, in I Mr. Otts-To provide the elosi9 t
the county where rendered, a linof the several dispensaries in this
upon the real estate, or the person, State ,And for the sale of ait stoeka
against whom it is rendered, from the of liquors, bevertgas, fixtures, iia
rendition thereof, till the expiration other property belonging to the Ne7
of 10 days, from the rising of the ernl dispensaries. oth
court, at which same was rendered. Mr. Otts--!L- prohibit tbhe manifae.-t
Mr. Bass--To protect game birds ture, sale. brter. , exchAnge., givi, t
and animals, and to provide a close away to indo'ce tht, trz,- be.'f
"season. -shike at cpublic Platei or
Mr. Bass-MTo provide a fish and dispiosing-o e
game commission. vinous or *'ef
Much discussion was engaged in by whatsoever c
over the constitutional day for eke- drunk to exces will e
ting a United States Senator. The cation, except for sale of slobol
confusion is over the term ontween- certa o ease up cer&on 1onditi0.
ond Tuesday after meeting, as the and except for thi-sale aot ofis't
Senate met on Tuesday. sacramental purpdoesr and o rovide
A committee was appointed to get penalties for the viodlaon thereLf.T
Mr. Ott s--hbleyTo amend seco or wnof bunn$o5n bidn
30 ofica therdet awsiofn 92.o-wihi nurdafln n opo
Te 3 o a to eant e d i ct o an tie pun.shmnt re askedain
r end scons 106e of and 1067t uit filed in the oiede Stesi
upnh realu esat, of the Coesof, bySat . for thel of.alsaa
rengition tesiof," tilprtheexiainohrportblnggtohes
daof Febyr,o the Diin 19 . h ersdspnoie.e
tod panimals bnd o classd a"Cs.aa"o nue h rae
Mr. Wad-To provd asectind dipoi067aoole
ofm voumissiheoeofn.w, v-Inousore 8
cmiscusio wasenagecidb whtsoteverban ivr
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