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ch it appears,
r cents to cover
send you a
of the World."
Pearl St., N.Y.
ic. Ar
Col. T.
tspenL a wh
now at
w ere he
wise: Ne I -Reo
a well- ble 6-cold
-of near Marlton. Col. is a
a veal .calf that will give the
pounds. ,It was 17 per some hc
brought.Aef1." is owned by
tle di;wn in these and he hold
much more terest. So I
imes. More run the rag
isingj pleases.
ho 6
- Here's to
t OMay this yea
state May she pas
without epid(
pa or scourging
to adver- o ei
i C s of her busine
d success in hi
tum-- Merits. May
eHRe brought turn for evE
towens contair
- nateril
eLery sectioA 1
~the motbros
*lns May it
with the joy o
ful to the Hea
rs.So mote it be.
New Year
A mighty go
pie could m
would be 1
most notal
ye f the tow;
Ich land co-operati<
ers are opm ent oftheci
ghat the line.
weight . The man ~
efromu the money in ogU
who .insures I
out-of-town as
nyprosperous vertises in ou
public-spirited and who never
They stand to- ho .i ec
etsmove to somec
.ays can such a nu
~ of his commur
Asa new re
- ~<e a Iresolve to sta
all.in T1obe more pr
imfor the cleanes
iest town, the
.ut a town of its size
* *ews- when we sav
is a we also mean
adez- in the county
.deas, fore, let us sta
inhabitants live in institutions
-ance of what the wherever the
It is inhabite d 'in the counIt
do not know gether, stay t
'r what he is up, and pul
v ndout~ everything t
any section.,
e taxable
ty duri
nd 3
ange the name
paper. Does he
failed .to make it a
ts to change its
him "The Guide"
me he can get for
to go to work and
e it a true and consistent
de. Tell him to make it the
true and honest uplifter and up
builder of souls. Tell him to
mke it the foundation .of
thought and knowledge of this
:ommunity, yes, make it the
Juide and Light of the world.
make it so bright and honest
and clear that every man in the
United States will be glad to pzy
at least one dollar a year for the
privilege of reading it once a
wcek. On every page. make it
!ell the truth and shame th(
Mr. Pce cher, arn't you gla
I didn't say tell the truth ane
kill the devil? If
YOU wyould 1:
ou1 evir t
binz of tr. ins by t I- you are f. oi
nouncing it ursafe. drive all ten
md a menace to the world by Cr
id they arC ri-ht. X)se you qu(
all temptati
Larry Gantt, who what woul(
ile with this paper, quenpes? M,
Whiteville, N. (.. weaker, nir
is getting (ut Ih. if not phvsk<
:ter, a very cle lita ,as its valua
.1 Quarto sheet. The You' say yoi
writer and things and i:
readers 6 - . Pa- 3 w11 s
>t stuff. The paper - round by v
a stock compar)y call him a foo
3 the controlling in- what he was
.hat means he will temptation in
pretty much as he you say the
Well who r
Didn't you say
iod Luck. God made all
Pickens county! God is all wis<
,r be the best yet. the devil was g
through the year world before h
mics, or pestilence, must, therefor(
1. May every one devil for the p
ss men have aU the just what th(
s business that he Mr. Preacher,
there be a fair re- times feel fooli,
ry investment of It is teniptati
- the sensible an<
is teptation1 t
p ure andl chas
nove all tempt
ind wou!d gr
ether into a
sea pot of mu
county and the soon .be no ind
ied therein. May would do alike
advancement of Go into your<
e carried out on what you find t:
Ed1 and successful a kind of conglo
find us all glad ed out of the ra
living and grate- church and the
venly Father for head of the mes:
~, plenty a s- says, goes. No:
-* ~ i- to talk
is expec
with him. If a:
li inmake a speech
Amen. - what the preac
sermon, thatr
Resolutions. most- likely to
od resolution the next day for di
ake for the year OUS worship. M
~o make this Year are one sided. ~
>le o,ne in the his- grow much until
n. Let each cit- so securely inca
his best efforts called orthodox
n for the devel- can't grow unt
own, along every broken and the
ever broken till<
r'ho deposits his Mr. Preachel
t:of-towvn banks, Your creed is
Lis property with you can't act n
gencies, who ad- what your cree
t--tw paesHere it goes:
spends a dollar at "You can and
n help it. should You shall and1
>ther place. How You will and
mf ask the people You'll be dami
Lity for their sup- D)o you recog
nage? will perIsevere,.
'solution let us all learni to think a
nd by our town. May the G:
>gressive and pub- Spirit that per'
I'o work together universe,thti
t town, the health- loves us all, smn
most progressive henceforth and
in the state. -Anid VeryT rt
this of Pickens Ada'
every other town I h
,as well. There- I h
Lfd by our various ________
and enlterpr1i5sw
v may be located
.Let us get to. 01'
o.gether, keep we
l all together foi
hat will bOne'n D Uf
property of thi
g I903. He wh There is one
cure it-Ayei
su1~' oth'It is a regular
_agon.It quickly des
which caus<
s' GOjiThe unhealth)
-tep this~ v'ay- healthy. The
-1? emit 'r pears, had to
IangEW healthyscalpni
""to you-healt
Two Wa, nned
t have some ng
man who ha ion
to call on them, ing
everything he did. he
entered the room his act
was to smooth his hai.. The
girls carelessly stroked theirs.
He looked puzzled for a mo
ment, and then blew his nose.
They did likewise. He then' ar
ranged his tie and yawned.
They followed suit and by this
time the smiles and dimples
could not be mistaken, so he de
termind to put an end to the
nonsense. Calmly stooping
down, he rolled up his trousers.
That ended that.-Oconee News.
Appeal for Revision Unlikely to
Much Effect.
A A SIgu a
uCevii wa of the farmers
drowned out continue to v
e oat of a job. Dit lican party in
tions of farle
link cf that? Y- form. The fa
Ah ernoagh to tiy to Societ( of E
iptation out of th( organization b<
tariff which pr
iminal laws. Sup vised, althoug]
,ceed in removing members have
n frcm mankind, the standpat Ri
granges, whici
be the conse- power in politic
n woild grow independent orl
itally and morally, efit of farmers,
by a Republica
,ally. Teml tation have lately seer
ible uses to 'man. meeting of tho
ir God created all November the
were Passed un
all powerful and "Resolved B
o_'tIrn right in Hartford, co:
'our condiict and ber 13, 1907, th;
. general welfarE
SDidnl't 11know mands an exh,
loin when F, put tariff revision,
this world? \o, removed from e
devil did tira ing sold in for
t)ade,thil tata home.
nde the devil. \"Resolved, Th
awhile ago that mernbers of th
thigs. If o the lYnited Stat4
..is tion aAd use ev,
, he knew what commarrd t6 sec
oini to do in the of the %entlme,
a made him. He Toha*t is tie De:
, have made the there is r6 prob
urpose of doing lican Tafority in
devil is -0l heedtro the dem
g. for..Speaker car
dont you some -Republican roost,
h? mfttee on ways a
M A prevent tariff
on that develops 'is a vague protit
Ihonest man. g-' 4he tariff "aftei
bat devlp the Speaker Cannon
eop CManufacturingI
e woman. Re- that their industr'
ation and man- IE be revised hi
adually run to- there that any gen
tariff will be mad
tieSS, somewhat the Republicans
sh. There would and a majority of
ividuallity. All How can the 13
and think alike, thecttariff "fro e
hurch and [see being sold ina forei
lere: You find than at home?" S
compel the trusts
rmeration form- of their products a
lembers of the Where would the
preacher is the raise its campaign
. Whatever he the trusts? The ri
th e ed and the money po'
preaher.united that if you
the reacer. treet bank squeals
:ed to take issue
nan was to get investigatin
reain ad The presidential
grgto n1raised by the many
in answer to appointments for1
mer said in his President Roosevel
ia ol estatement that the
aa ol emisusing !ederal p
be prosecuted Taft's behalf "is a
st.urbing religi- and the additional
nished from the VM
r. Preacher you this statement is c<
our soul cant written t9 e close f
you die. It is velt's in Indiana.
. this close friend i
sed in your so- Foulke of Richmon,
shell that it of the civil service
l that shell is tons and represents
. that they have gr<
shell is rarely that the allegation:
leath. answering this insi
. pt yu.with the challenge
-Ipt yo.qualified lie, we s
~o inconsistent, certain things expl
ttural. I'll tell In order to get t
. . tion a resolution i
is in a nutshell, will probably be
ate unless the Rei
you can't, termine that it is 1
publicans are afra
you shant. they will have to
you wont. tion of being il
d, if you don't President Rooseve
but it would seen
niZe it'. If you tion should be mat
von may yet would, of course,1
little.lican should offer
but as such chanj
eat and Good bandied about w:
fades the whole it may become th<
crats to force It,
our father and Ity is able to do
ile upon ifs now,
forevel. Amen! Republicans 4
Civil service ref
spectfully, policy which the
n C. *Welborn. yomnpelled to adoj
was the leader c
~reenville Guide- party. For all t
__________publicans have I
civil service refor
-the law whenevg
therefore, nothing
form. Read what
lican Editorial as!
~'huld weearnes
u , be worthy of his
""""to adheartily
thing that will service law, whicl
,s .arVgr of positions unde
'SH rVio- producing a cou
scalp-medicine, class whose futur
tross the germs ten of great con
this disease. et we stn
scalp bec t
The annual report mad to the
Attorney General by Hon. J. E.
Boggs, the retiring solicitor of
the tenth circuit, shows that in
1908 there were 234 criminal
cases tried in the circuit of gen
eral session.
Anderson furnished 66, Green
ville 158, Oconee 36 and Pickens
24. Of these cases the trials for
homicide were 32, in which 11
were convicted and 21 discharg
ed. Ten of the acquitals were
made by direction of the court
without the jury going into the
jury room.
There were four cases of burg
lary, all convicted: 16 cases of
house-breaking and larceny an<
12 convictions.
There v
casest iii
av. - convi-"on.
rnainin cas
r that while a majority ors.
of the northern state.Y The total
)te to keep the Repub- tions WiV& 15(
power all the organiza. Mail.
rs are urging 'tariff re. -
rmers' unions and the T!IAT G
lity have since their After wadirg
en demanding that the turk backl,on
tects the trusts be re- prun- ds :(-d ri
L the majority of the also -alt rs I. , ul
been voting to indorse w."t, f1i.
,publican program. The
t used to be such a- i -; l-le l
s, and now continue as ",ned t0 me at
,anizations for the ben- i'e. Come to III
have been dominated lie i-u ular a-.
i ring, but even these prft an i i, t ti
the light. At the last ,r . S
National Grange in aimmes In lci
following resolutions it v,ry lw p--,
animously: NUr g11f. a )
the National Grange I 1. "Med a 10
in., assembled Noven- attractie in (
it we believe that the
of the country de- I eau s ie yoll III
Lustive and thorough Sre Inth. s as
Lnd that the tariff be
rery article that is be
ign markets cheaper N ic to D -
estate of 1. M.
at we urge upon the present ti en to
a grange throughout pkyU*lI by toe
Is to take speedy ac. be barred 'ArA
ry influence at their said deceesd %, i;i
ure the carrying out day to
its of these resolu,
nocratic position, but
ability of the Repub
congress paying any
ands of the farmers,
non, who rules the
has packed the com
ad means on purpose
-Onsideration. There
e in the air to revise
election," but as
has declared to the
otters' association
i needs that the tar
gher, what hope is
eral reduction of the
e "after election" if
elect the president
rational Grange ex
in party to rem'ove
very article that Ils
gni markets cheap~er
uch a reform would
to reduce the price
t least 30 per cent.
Republican party
fund, if not from
loney power would
lit a trust a WVall
; Roosevelt,
choler has been
reports of federal ~ f
>artisan purposes.
charge that he is
atronage in 'Mr.
n unqualified lie,"
information is. fur- I ~ n
hite House that
ntained in a letter
riend of Mr. Roose
[t Is supposed that.
s William Dudley
I, former chairman BI V
commission. Sena
Ltives who contend1
und for the belief
are justified, are
ired announcementI
"If it is an un
ae desired explana- P>eautiful Laces
or an investigation
>ffered in the sen- ravages of the]
ublican leaders de- overs. Flounc
,ad politics, If Re- Ror nd T1hread,
Id to investigate,
accept the imputa. of Laces at urn.
revaricators, which English Lc
t declares they are,
that an investiga. Checked ~
le. The Democrats sian La v'as etc
refer some Repub- .
such a resolution, Special Sa
~es should not be Samples g
thout investigation adMail O0d
duty of the Demo-adrd
.s far as the minor- All Cloak
)ppose Reform. B l
arm is a Democratic
Republicans, were
>t when Mr. Tilden
f the Democratic
tiese years the Re
retended to favor -
m, but have evaded
r possible. It is,
to be surprised at
of thought in the
resolve against re
ociation has to say:
ly believe that merit
~very laborer should
tbire, we arc opposed
condemn the, civil We wissh1
tmakes lifetime jobs patronage give
r its control .and is Would ha'
ntless office-1olding were taking St(
e is even now;a mat- In taking 9
cern to the ~overn- and ends of a I
I for the ri , red'
ted States a d feel dry goods, 't('
Lat hinders 1 s free such that will
'es Is broken sizes
and song, and sing
cal It is never
~purchasing w
I will be in the court hous:e
ever1 day in January, 1909, for
thTpI)oSe of making out ap
plications for old soldiers and
widows that are not now get
ting pnsionls, and wish to apply
for same.
All now drawing will con
tinue to get pension without
further application.
Pension Com.
Jan. 7, 1909.
Pickens Bottling Wo 7s
Main Stree
i z dispensary I
1 Ande"so" W*tlh 29 Manu'acturers
N o. t of tI e re . '
S Were 11sdean- I - W hb sie
'lumber of coiNvi- A han.s
-Anide-rson Daily c:gars.,
Fa: c
R E \.s'Y T .:rTE.
throughi te (j. .m
's and msI g e u:Isj'
j e e have tli(Im.lL D
S L r ieii rel vial
ADIEzi, S TATr. 0O1.41
011.. 0 'al
us o E York con
ct cf I il s or . wear.~ '""
h , pi.-r thar Wi FFI~
I -Uj! to I i
e miN . . a b 1- r:t*, s t ,
VSUnd o,r S:lr th
- I Ii l ,i*zh *ili- .
H tt 1i . cA l r h'
01'.' ') ~ ~ ~ "11 daofJmwr %
'N ~ ~ ~ ~ J 13.',I i ii
Emilinle (liae
H eL945s -
I I ILN dr L'S' ~ -
.Cur CSI', 9 '' iou
Iie 25c.~& For Sal By:s:
Pck e 'I n s,i S. C.
a Embrore stlb arivn
sual Bargai oricesy
dplai Nainso, Soiete C.
tank Eoidfries anil caring
)as theeas year. Swiss enb
>ngk ansoerlonsked aroe
tgo<k t at found er Boalt.h
ine linf Nsf,f-suctt ondr
c. n a dectWide tLimne
movey tnhed euickl(..IThe arn
in the honusinatit y)urce.
ayd nee,fomisL st (
onaler Too Ia s
Things w
re different in YOUT grandfathers.
ause he didn't know the benefit tf
a checking account in a good Bank,
je is no reason why you shi-- .
ed to be subjected t:such neonv u
ne of the most pleasing cond
modern business methods is .
count in a good Bank like th, -
ANK, Liberty, S. C. H. C. Shirley, Cashier.
)AVIS, Pror'r.
fAll Ki ds Soft Drit k;;
Sl aF. s, p l d Promptly an You
) V YOUR wNT3.
r t retail, Soft Drinl.s
eeos Vanned GOO's,
1's,helf Grocerits, We desire to thank our many custome
:., Lte. r their liberal patronage during the year i
roal t start t:.e new year by hoping to merit a co
AV , Proi)'r. ti lUance of your patronage.
\I. .rWe always try to cater to your wan
and it is a pleasure to us to serve you.
rry, Probate Juiige-Thanking you again for w lat you
. Dartn made d done to make our business a success, andthe
ee 4tofsAd. to see you, as well as many new patre: -
and I ffe(,ts of, 1909, we are yours t-) serve,
to sie and ad
JuIs the kndreid and
11I ne bttharni, de
if) .. he PCKENS DRUG C
bun I' n ber of, tld
- he 91an hed .
nno ei
J. P. C
a Jux-rialit rrvW01.
craato- Llestore Gra7 E
to 0 ht ~tfu ooIeuIarga
)on t Forg,et those 1. n
ou don't stumble on such bargains.often. We
onecy also on Men' rssSo.
~~Iavc Do-n't for et that we buy hens by the poundI
you better to sell that way than by the head.
that we gi've coupons for Cash purchases except
ceries. Don't fail to see our beautifuf~premium
One-Price Cash"Sto
TIhe Anderson Phosphate & Oil Compan
a high grade phosphate rock (bone phos
andc high grade ammoniates, blood, tanka
is making a high grade blood and bon
T here is no better fertilizer than one with
bone basis. Fertilizer is like bread; y'ou
good bread unless you have good materi
with. Flour is the foundation of bread-on
tilizer. There are as many different grad
~ .~ phate rock as there are ot flour. We ha
phosphate rock (bone phosphate of 1'
usually exported to Europe where int
is done, high grade fertiliser is wanted
to replaice the results is required. Our ammoniai
roIenes( m all etc., are the best we can get. It is
Edgings. Val profits but we will have the satisfadti
.nd every kind fertilizer that we can offer our home
door neighbors, with confidence, for
is nothing better made. We want y
ench and Pe r want to sell Our fertilizer at home.
the money that is usually paid out f
ping goods away from home and p
an department fertilizer that we can sell our folks
p:y you to try some of our goods. ,.
J. R. Vandiver, D. SE
C(), Presidient.
? Weare~ now~ rounding up our winter's busines
a ~poy o to carry a.y goods into the next seaso
dsoeof. You will find in our place some
values, in winter g.oods~. TIhe time is short in w
rMiggi!!to dispose of the goods, so the
frt1helral Price Kilife will be ap
''sooner but we Ladies Cloaks, $i 2.oo and $14.00 n
$ 8.oo and $10.00
oken stoc'k-oddS Some big bargains in Blankets. Kersey
[its, shirts. shoes,Fanes2prcnt e
go go~ just Heavy Wool Dress Goods Reduc~ a
your sizes, for a wtight goods will be s'
:staiement is worth you
Soes,early ~

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