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State News I
The First National bank of
Charon, York county, has open
ed for business. It has a capital
of $25,000,
The Ancient Arabic Order of
shriners will meet in Greenville
in November. Four hundred
are expected.
Coroner L. W. Louithan of
York county has a copy of the
New Testament that was print
ed in the German text in 1245.
Constable A. S. Byrd, tried
in Orangeburg county on the
charge of killing a negro, who
resisted arrest, was found not
A commission has been issued
to the Piedmont Distributing
company of Greenwood, whole
- sale gro(e:-s. with a capital
stock of 82,500. Corporators,
J. S. Butler and A. (. Young
If your liver is sluggish .ni out of t' -ne,
and Nou ft I lu!), illiou. eIml spipnted
take a dose of Chambillrlain's stonai-h
and Liver Tablets itiixht 1*rore ret: m ig
and you will fe-l all r fit i. th.- r. -
ing. Sold by all d; 1g1ist.
A commission has been issued
to the Dendy-Hindnian Drug
company, of Greer. retail drug
gists, with a capital stock of
$10,000. Corporators. Dr. W.
R Dendy. C. C. Hindman, C.
8. Lowery.
In the court of sessions at
Greenville, Young Springfield
charged with the murder of his
father, and found guilty of
manslaughter. was sentenced
to two years at hard labor. A
motion for a new trial in this
case was refused, but Spring
field is now out on bail of $2,000
pending an appeal.
When tha digesli wn is all ritht. the
action of the bowels regular, there ii a
natural craving and reli6h for food.
When this i-4 lacking you Pay k now that
you need a des* of Chambe-r ain's Stos -
ach and LiverTab,l. Cs. They streri grl hen
the dig4s ice organs. improve the api e
tite and re.gulate the bowe's. S.l.1 by . 1
The Rutledge county election
protest will be carried to the
supreme court for settlement
according to a statement b)y one
of the attorneys for the new
county people, the state board
of convassers after an all day
session on Saturday having dis
missed the protests.
J. L. Michie of Darlington has
been appointed supervisor of
the census of the Fourth con
gressional district. He is a
democrat. It' was understood
that the democrats were to have
only three of the appointments
in the state and the republicans
four, but this gives the demo
crats four and the republicans
Lois Blackmon, a negro boy
about 14 years old, has been
lodged in jail at Lancaster on
the charge of assault and battery
with intend to kill, his victim
being a small white boy,
Furman Hinson, son of Mr. M.
L. Hinson of the Rich Hill sect
ion. The Hinson lad was struck
in the head with a rock and his
condition is said to be critical.
The Cause of Many
Sudden Deaths.
There is a disease prevailing in this
countryvmost danger'ous becauseso decep
-- tive. Mtany sudden
deaths are caused
-by it-heart dis
.-ease, pneumomia,
apoplexy are often
-j [ ithe result of kid
- Lnev disease. If
e- \allowed to advance
*- 'the kidney-poison
... ed blood will at
tack the vital organs, causing catarrh of
the bladder, brick-dust or sediment in
the urine, head ache, back ache, lame
back, dizziness, sleeplessness, nervous
ness, or the kidneys themselves break
down and waste away cell by cell.
Bladder troubles almost always result
from a derangement of the kidneys and
better health in that organ is obtained
auickest by a proper treatment of the kid
iieys. Swamp-Root corrects inability to
hold urine and scalding pin in passing it,
and overcomes that unpleasant necessity
of being compelled to go often through
the day, and to get up many times during
the night. The mild and inmmediate effect
of Swamp-Root, the great kidney remedy
is soon realized. It stands the highest be
cause of its remarkable health restoring
properties. A trial will convince anyone.
Swamp-Root is pleasant to take and is
sold by all druggists in fifty-cent and
one-dollar size bottles. You may have a
sample bottle and a book that tells all
about it, both sent free by mail. Address,
Dr. Kilmer & Co., Binghamton, N. Y.
When writing mention reading this gen
erous offer in this paper. Don't make
any mistake, but remember the name,
Swamp-Root, and don't let a dealer sell
,ou something in place of Swamp-Root
~ 'u 4 doou will be disappointed.
Prof A. R. Banks has resigned
his membership on the stale
board of education and Hon. J.
L. Glenn of Chester. has be i
appointed in his stead on the
board, and has had quite adomi -
ating influence in its proc(O g
His resignation was seni t: b
cause of his removal fzan the
district for which he was ap
Shako Into Ycur Shoes
A ler's Foot Ease, a powder. It curi -
painful, swollin sruarti.ig, nervous feet
and instantlv iaks the stin- oout !
corns and hunion. an( :ja!es walkirt
t asy. Try it t o-Jay. S lI e ver . w h i e:
Sample FREE. Address, Allen S
Olna s,P, Leltoy, N. Y.
Dr. George B. Clinkscales. on
of Prof. John G. Clinkseales, of
Woford College, has been elect
ed to the chair of Mathematics
in the Woman's College of
Alabama, located at Montgome
ry. He has been granted a year's
leave of absenee in order that
he may fill his engagement at
Mt. Holyoke, Mass,. where he
occupies the chair of mathe
matics at Mt. Holvoke College.
A reward of $100 has been of
fered for the arrest and convic
tion of Clinton Reeves, the dar
key who "entered the residence
of Mr. H. K. Chatfield at Aiken
on the 29th of August. Clinton
Reeves is described as follows:
Black man, about 50 years old,
about five feet high, stocky
build small mustache, hair
slightly gray and dogged and
has sullen look.
Chills & Fever
Loss of Appetite
and all disorders arIs
Ing from Torpid U.ver.
THE GENUINE has the RED Z on
iatua and mea of e a. dEL
h CO. on the side, in REDl.
Mr. J. L. Hamby of W~a!
halla is on the lookout for his
son, Elvin Hamby, who disap-J
peared from his home four or
five days ago. The boy is be
tween 15 and 1 E years of age,
medium stature and has dark
A charter has been issued by
the secretary of state to the
Lucas Savings Bank of Watt's
mill village in Laurens county.
The capital of the bank is $5,000.'
A letter has been received by
Commissioner Watson from the
consul general of Japan at New
York city asking him for books1
and literatue illustrative of the
resources of South Carolina.
The steamer Lila, Capt.
James, left Charleston bound
for Comahee, She will carry
3,000 bushels of rice from
Governor D. C. Hey ward's
Whnaworm ape
trusts you. Millior:
dence on Dr. R. 3
o~f Buffalo, N. Y,
~ ~r(where there are w
~ '~<bear witness to th
working, curing-po,
__ Pierce's Favorite P
-which saves the
from pain, ands
grapples with worn
Snesses and stuborn
'"'*"'~~ ~No woman's rg
* ?.~Z'G ~ fidence misplace
the WORLD's Di
R. V. Pierce, Pr
Dr. Pierce's Pf.asant Pellets iaduce m~he
I similatingtheFoodadRegua
Opium.Morpite norMia&raL
Aperfect Remedy for Coaip
tion,Sour Stonah.D larrha
nessand Lo S5OF SLEP.
FacSimi SignaMre of
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
Webb Corley, a prominent
citizen of Lexington, is dead.
There was a regular carnival
of fights and disorders in Aiken
Saturday, when the dispensaries
J.J. Dean, formerly of New
berry, has opened a furniture
store at Seneca.
Mr. Jacob Wingard, a farmer
living near Leesville, lost his
dwelling house and all the con
tents by fire. He had no insu
George Haas, a young man in
Carleston, shot himself with
sicidal intent. H e will recover.
Te cause of his act is not
William Murphy, a negro
yuth, has been arrested in
Carleston on the charge of at
tmpted criminal assault on a
itle colored girl.
Dysentery is a dangerous disease but
n' be cured. Chamberlain's Colic,
holera andi D)ia:rhoca Remedy has
en succe-ofully used.in nine * pidlemaics
fdisentery. It has ne(ver beeni known
ofail, It is <qually valuable for chili
en andt edults, and when redueded
ith water and( sweetened, it is pleisant
otake. Sol by all draggists.
A good farmer of Cherokee
ounty made the statement the
her day that bolls which were
ore than half grown were drop
ngm' from his cotton, and that
nless the present dry spell is
roken soon he will not make
ore than one-third of a crop.
At a meeting of the board of
irectors of the Y. M. C. A. it
ts been decCided to make an ef
rt to secure a building for the
work in Sumter. The board of
irectors have arrangedl- for a
mass meeting on some Sunday
fternoon in October, Trhe ex
ct date will be a.nnounlcedllater.
n b)uying a cough medicine, don't Le
faid to get C,aamberain-~s cough Rem
r. There is no dange~r from it, an't re
Lif is sure to follow. Especially recomn
inded for couglbs. colds and whoopimg
ah. &-Jd by all druggis.
The dispensary at Sycamore
~Barnwell county, has been
m'nulled" according to astate
~ent by Dispensary Auditor
West today. The action was
bken by the Barnwell county
spensary board on the charge
fthe dispenser, J. A. Lightsey,
regularly conducting the dis
n sarV . ..-.. -.. .''
red by Women
ks of her
rig she
shave be
of confi
omen who
er of Dr.
ufering sex
ins weak
eal was ever misdireeted or her con
dwhn she wrote for '.Advice, to
isdent, Buffalo, N. Y.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
f '
Li' Fi Over
iiriy Years
Tle EaSyI(v grale:l sfoim)1s:
openied Moiday with an iirl
ment of 256.
A. L. Gaston. a !<-ill>r f
the Chester bar, will be a camili
date for attorney geerial in the
next state election.
Return this ad, with $2.95 and we will ship you by
EXpresM, prepaid to any Southern Express office,
one 2-gallon jug of Straight White or Yellow Corn
Whiskey, reduced in proof by the addition of dis
tilled water only. Guaranteed by us under the
Florida and National pure food and drug act. If
you consider the 2 gallons worth $5.00 keep it;
otherwise drink what you want; return the bal
ance and get all of your money back, just as cheer
fully as it was received. This offer is made at a
direct loss, and for the purpose of obtaining 10.000
new customers inside of 60 days. Order today.
Southern DIStribUuin Comptany, JacksonvlUe, FlorIda.
The Descer.t.
"F-athIer. do Hmn descend rom~n mon
keys':" asked anl inluisit ive bild.
"Yes, my boy."
"And what do mIonkeys dlescenid
"The monkeys descend--all--from the
trees!"-London Telegraph.
in summer can be p,revented yI
by taking
It's as beneficid. in~ summery
as in witetr. 12 ycu rc 'weak
and run down it w: give you
strength and build you up.
Ta~ke it in~ a 'ittlo cold ilk or ntecr
Get a small botta~ now. All Druggists.
A newv species of hazir.g has started.
A college student in St. Louis was
taken to a train by a party of fellow
stduents and sent home, with a warn
ing nlot to come back. Ilis offense'
was being a nmollycoddle, which show-i
how the young idea has been im
pressed by the strenuqus life.
A WVellesley college professor re
bukes her pupils for wasting so much
time playing bridge-a game which
she designates as "a sort of mental
chewing gumi suited best to empt:'
minds." Will that teacher dare to
come outside and repeat her remark?
A New York magistrate has decided
that murders and suicides in moving
pictures are immoral and has barred
them. What a pity that the real things
'-annot be eliminated just as easily.
We are usually good-nat u'ed, but
when we found our wife using our~
summer coat-shirts for house jackets
we decided that the limnit had been
Mr. Holland should not confuse his
airship plans with those of his sua
marine. It is extremely annoy in to~t
have an airship that can dive casil.
The British navy estimates lead
one to think that Britannia will con
tinue to rule the waves at the same
old stand.
Export figures show what American
producers can do In foreign miarkets
when they are not too busy at home.
China has apologized to Japan, thuls
earning the contempilt of a lot of woutld
e war correspondenta,
I;. sure andi tl:eIZ a ols of Ciimmher
'an's( Cdic. hohnic~ a! I ij:r;hn It~ilenm
-id wit Io .hen -tat i 'o ur trip
- son - er. It cannoit - tair.edl on
soard hi-~ trai ns or .- ons. Changes
>d water andi cli ma'e rc 'eau-o- sudden
it tacks of diarr hoea. andi it is b'-st to be
prpred. Sold by all druggists.
Tf you are sick, you N
Of course you do. You w
misery, and be happy ag
If your illness is cau
can quickly get the righl
Cardui. This great med
lieved or cured thousand
you from some female tr(
For Wori
Mrs. Fannie Ellis, of Fost<
years. Read her letter about Car
seven years with female iron'>Ie.
die with my head and back. I 1
cured. Cardui is a God-send to
ut (oppe'r canis at th r::t of fLI
tr;li. da,]y InI anl at ;.i:"oL 02 v:
the 1amine in pence in ).d.m and
th; it,rvinces. 'his :ragency al
tys beComes met acut> t:Var-l the
end of each (luarter. The ex!anation
is very simile. Nearly all the En'.ilsh
!as comlanies have adopted the pen
i:y-in-the-slot system of seling gas.
The aut(matic mncters are emptied 'at
the end of each <uarter. The popu
1aity of this system of supplying i
luination is shown by the fact that
durin,g 1"07 pennies weighing ,3G
tols were taken from the meters !n
London bQlon.ging to the Gas Light
and Co'< conpany. This means an
av:a, ,,. (f 41.(*00 penni2s a day.
Medern Socrates.
In that genial form of gossfping
about current affairs that is something
;dignified with the name Cf philosop)ilz.
ini, Pref. MeAdie of the weather bu.
re:' : a i; t charming. U.:ualiy when
he Welts a certain friend on the streg9
the conversatin covers a wide scope
and i-. .iu inated by a droll 1rmor
:hat pervadts the .iAdie speol of
1hilosophY. "Sa they dId in Greece,
said Prof. .cAdie one d "So the
ancie-nt chiloghers of-that highly fa.
voredl !and settled.'All ques:ions to
tir own aisfaction, at least in
thetir dali: com.afunilon of minds. The
philosophy of the Greeks is the source
of wveste:-n uhilosophy.. I supipose we
enjoy philo:-:c1hy as well a the Greeks
dd. --Frc:n1 now I wil! call1 you Plato."
To this the response was: "Greater
art thei. trofcssor. Thy name is S3o
orates. who boa.<s of ha;ing Plato and
Aristotle as his most famous dis
cipleg." Therefore if any citizen hear
one m'u 'oil Prof. McAdile "Sc.crates"
or even "did Soc," 1t is a rtr guess
that the e:xplanation of that modern
day Greek p)henorinon in San Fran
cisco is explained fully herein.-- San
Fra.ncico Call..
The worst night rilis are calomel.
or: io oil or aloes pii's, They r4iri your
-to rob you oif r. s . Not so with Dr.
Nm s New U f. 1'ill-. Taey never dis
r- or in'cont ienc'f(", but S ay
. - s-tom, cai.: ( '>I. Head
*.. sti y inn. .'l:40 ia, :2.. :ait
Nc Mcre Dairc Drewn Sugar.
Yulx:vc no ido~.. !:' T
(tO it is to' m:a:e aonserde
n l-<hal amiO h:n: br:. 1
brf ow'n 'n.'ar th at which
ar,:tvly sw.eeter trnan the light
xnor "C" sugar, as it usri to be
1. TPut those days have pased,
.0 suppose that never again will
ckigtaste ite so go.l
Of course the younger people,
wh~ o have ne.or known the ex
Sflavor of molasses cardy and
"i eke madec with the dara
-.r,....nt realize the difference.
n.:as they! As for myself. I
Se :.:11:. looking for thec sugar ot
Sh: d, and there is not a weck
0:.i I:. e my hopes raised by se
stererTortelling inc he has it; but
*. I: d ta:n-it i th li:ght birown
Io.r : has, and not that which I
Lrnl!stmnent mn tne i.eacefuli army of
pe-:al clerks has hoeruto- been de
nied to ap plicants under five feet four
a:d wei::hin:g le:;s than 123 pounds.
The auttoril les have recently dropped
the rule from the list of regulations. A
phy'sical ginat is not needed to sort
mail with speuA and accuracy.
'1 -~ P. Fi ~~
e bces, pii
- ear of contrat
c an Nt4 ~ood cleansing pre
Tortured: On A 11,rse.
*'For Ven v. i nkin't r, ie a horse
witlhoaut b'ing in 1 .r r. piles."
wri'tqt L. ". .4ar fRds,Ky.,
.i.w all d..r :.n I rr ediei
aip l. nem : .rn--. .1-<-Cured
av !i;uinii illae
-ae a 4 .. -( Ii 1 .4:1l -mn l':
i.- t v t t -. C
l e \' i 'It- 1 !lillIl 44 h iil\'n ' il
rtil alt cav e I1 1 ' ill
4 I I. .%v.
18 1 a i u ' i T' c !I t
i \ , il t! \ it-i il - I 1;1- : -
.11g Nlt :1. !!l t o f l ;O.p t1tG
I.. ti tt 1)v iw iL rive1 I ilT
xv I> Ph , p po e f l. ts ill
li1.\- 11:1 0n:;s for its -
tll:l (I:\'lhI!lI('flt.
Life ..JO ..C--..., A..-.
-/ :. b :m rri who liv d
-4 I e . \ . 14- row
- l ro x-v:!
-!b :n c. m *- for I).
11'. (111 :'i' ..r
4 4 ' 1 -4; -4 ;.h :n'-1
- - 1 -\~~ at i vi ;
to (PUiibe a Is (fl4:1(
Vis id~ ~ I ! t i\j (III i('i x f
*id t !- a . i II \ . :4 i 'ti * :4, ,4lm
--A 4 wi ul i ,. Mr. .44t: th- won
"A*: u b ;m - *"', '4 4:n. I r t,!y t
be 4 n.w r::: ymn 444 4 M. --V4 :4,.- <
ve, h:s :h.- 401i m- -.or 1:,te
44re:k 44r' . !'4:vr : s ;:.ve !r ny1.. 4
ter ' w.d -i :.eh4 a:J. w o.1 in, flt.>r h
aInu::e t b- -, ::n 4.:u-r o !;::n j::a ::p
l'.'nd :::d flJ.' (1nd ti4: - : :. mer's t:
doub1tfulI ii La-::24':4r W'iliw4:!m4 wou!dn'tt
purefer a !>ullI WUl their(: (4 cainen.
A New .Jers.- judge isny:; that a
woman is juOstiieldl nsh;.ping anl
kicking anlybJody who calls her a lia..
UTnder the jud1g:<:; r-ul.s hat pins1,
finger nxail., sideo (ol(bs and1 front
teeth are barrecd.
London :iuff: a--tr.'s rreC flying kites
with bamero~'s nuIachei b'arinug th-3
mlot to, " ot's for '. n n!" [S tue
Lon.tn up~Cf 14;n the a
Juistice Brewer oi n441 i: t d Sa
sup)remle cour' 'UI"' ad44 40r'nehl:;
to the teX ;:I t h4.&ts -4e not
public bless
Youtng !t: - -
Icer. nh. s t
i l. 2. 4 --i (. *:w \. - I
v ' 1 . : 1 ( :\t
-' *l .
'4by -- .
:tiOn11i SeWlig LE.r:cC 0i
vish to get well, don't you?
ish to be rid of the pain and
sed by female trouble, you
: remedy to get well. It's
Licine, for women, has re
[s of ladies, sufferirg like
men's Ills
r, Ark., suffered agony for seven
ui. She wriLs: "I was sick for
Every monti I voul very nearly
to 12 botles of Car,lui and was
suiirg woion." Try it.
and onil th rn:its to h;er
there is now noth"In io do bit to fix
up things generally an:i commence o;
erations for next ycar's crop. On,
good way to begin is to sow rye,
whrever jssible, for grazing in the
spring ard for soil improvement. We
want to plan to make larger yields
per acre next year than we made
tiis year. or last year either. The
surest way to do this is to do better
farn;ing. Rye will hold much fertility
that would be leached cut of the soil
by the winter rains and lost to us -'
there were no living plants to take 'It
up. And when plowed under next
sprin;, rye will give to the land, lu
a-ldition to the stored fertility, humus
which miost of our lands sand da
Imucli in nec -of. -It is late, of -:curse,
to sow rye, but this is one of the
ti about Ihicl * can be truth.
ill said er le never."
Slood Balm
(B. B. B.) Cures Through the Blood
I -, , ah d Poison, i
Rheumatismi, Eczema,.
!tching Humors.
ini.-i i IIel of pure, r-:ch i.a dirtt lo
be' ,kin i'mfce,'. nnes joints, ni1(d
.'S UIr th.e disense i- lu< ated. I t Irs
wav -! ' re-s. u cers pim; les, erI-pti(ens
->.1wa I. and cnr-!. p ns andl artes
i i: ma i-n: e:.ss s' W !llngs 'ubie..
I.B.' c''mu- telyv einrg. ges Q11 .d
-*ti* -- ' nn iwa-lthy c.r dtion r'Fiig
-te iin i ih tl In u. of ;eafect
B' AW 'LC03 BAL fl 8 BB
:.t i- : pt:.-.-:u'. i . e nee
ht N t Il'R I. i ; F .a3b. U, 'i (-U e -!V
Sold att All Drug Stores.
P. P. P. e;prify and vitalize your
b I , cr re ard apptite and givo your
w olesys:e:a : I: a, stre'ngth.
[.' A pr nin e ilroad ~msuprintendent at
'.v:::: '-zrir rwith :.alairi 1.D sp .p
-. a:1 i Rh-enma. -m s.vs: "A fter taking
I'. P. P. he neve- i'sit - O '-li in his life, andt
m l-s - f he c ::- Iiveiforever, if he could
If y~ou are tiredl out from over-work and
Clos~e conf1Ulue:nLt, takei
P. P. P.
If1 -you are feelie br.dly in the spring
and eout of is)orts, t,aku
Tf your digestivo oran need tor.ing up,
- o .-''- with nervcsus proe.trattin,
n -ve - .; :- . a enrf l e~ Ls e,a
Pu P
Pricky FA'., Pa T h2a -
e-- c i ch ni h-r. toar,a
i tOitha P IP.P.is~\ _!: bu Ic
p ri-s,o -P..,rkyAh,Pe
SAV NNA, CA. -i s

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