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(ky I!. i\!. Stackhouse, Sec'v.),
In ivolv to criticisms that we i
sometimes hear, that Clemson (
College will not analyze samples I
unit ss we first know who man-1
nf.-n'tured them and what they
an claimed to contain, 1 wish
to make the following explanali.ilion
of just how the samples
arc drawn and passed through
tlif office to the chemists who
. analyze them, and which will
show that suen criticisms arc
unjust and without foundation,
in t act
The laws on this subject rec<
'tfiiize and provide for but two
classes of these samples, 1st official
samples drawn by inspectors
sent out for that purpose.
aiici '^<l. tanner s or puiuuusei ?
samples, sent to the College by
th< dinner or purchaser when
dnivyn in accordance with laws
gov? ruing this subject.
Section 15510 of the Statutes of
this state requires the trustees
ol CMcmson College to send their
ot!i< i;tl inspectors to get samples
of II commercial fertilizers they
find sold, or ottered for sale, and
. : . i -I-.. ?4 l.,v Mirvl
Sjeim I I > 'lii sii 11 u> i/in- v^v/i-i
le;: tni analysis. Kor this purp<>:-"
the stale is divided into |
t\v Ivr divisions, regard being
had to railroads, factories and I
volume of fertilizer trade. To]
each ol these districts an in:
sped or is sent, and instructed to!
g<> often to every depot and'
i * . 1
cm s roaus wnere commercial
for'ili/.es are sold or delivered,
and draw samples from each
brand. The, sample must be'
t:;ken I'mm ;>1 lesat one-tenth of
the lot. for instance, if there are
1( 0 sacks in the lot, he must
draw foin at least 'ten; if o0,
sacks, then from five; if less
than ten, from all. These several
port ions a-^ drawn are placed
<>n a paper <.r clean board,
iii/l ?i I'ti.v tvi i'i ?fi 111 \r
a sample bottle of '2 ounces is'
filled. This bottle is sealed by!
placing melted wax on the cork,
upon which, while yet varm, is!
impressed a metalic seal which 1
would show any tampering
with the sample. On this bottle '
is glued a label giving the mini-1
her, the inspector's name and j
the date of the drawing. The'
inspector now writes on a sheet
rif nnrmr the same number as
that on the label and an exact
copy or description of eyery
brand or mark found on the
sack or package, which must
contain the manufacturer's
name and address, the weight
ami th?- guaranteed analysis.
All liiif lias been do'je in the
pi t M iict1 ??f a witness who unites
wii)i lis- inspector in a affidavit
ti' .i Hp \sas a fair and repress
m >1 :v -.ample of the lot. and
tli ' ;i v is drawn, sealed and
l-i i . I Mil lie 1 he si^niiltf.
containing; 111*' des<
thui. wrapped about
\ !>'?'' lc and expressed
I it The ilescri pi i v?
I le < -fully pasted in
>':< ' book kept l or t in
i ni !h<; sailipic is soul
I <uii. tot he chcnnst
S *! .-tii mbrr of the sani
i Wo s?Mi(l sample 15(
1 nis! with instruction:
|. i ic throe intern I in its
\ .vcly im? othor mark:
1 - \s h<? mailt4 it. or vvha
i i I. A Her its analysi
is , >pv <>f Kamc is sent t<
i ii i?\ ii<? chemist.. I his i
] ; < < ci'silly I?y \ lie side <>
tiii .11 or'ri description. an*
I n i iltlidied in ;i hullitin
U' > ii *i posit velv.tlie chciii
i t in< re know who mad
tit i /.>r or what it. contain
t ' ' government '.mule.
ve {.lie informalion
u obliged to ha\ e, or
( ,i - in iter publish il for Ili
It in "i lit' farmers who hn
iif /? : C.'tn any bettr
m I ' i 11 dev i .e<l for insnrin
h ii buyer and seller al
II' ? ? (I I I' I ((< I IIIiM 1
l> isvinp: and anlyzin
< ciul samples?
0 UK of fanners nan
)? ijo treated of ne?
v >
Marietta R. F. D. 2,
Mrs. Hendricks visited her
father. Dr. Crenshaw on the
20th inst.
We are about through picking
cotton and gathering corn is tho
order of the clay.
Mrs, W. M. .Jones accompanied
by her daughter Miss Lila,
visited the family of Mr. J. Ii.
Hughes recently, and report a
good time.
I have been thinking the last
few papers that I have received
that all of the correspondents
wore dead. Now, then, we
must all wake up and do better.
Every home ought to take the
Sentinel-Journal and read it and
ought to occasionally send in a
few dots so that when you pick
up that dear old paper you will
not say that there is no letters
and throw it down and not read
it. Write one letter, if no more
and see if somebody else doesn't
write. We have waited on
some one else to write unt il we
think that it is not our place to
write, so 1 hope to see a t*ood
many names to a j^ood many
letters next week. 1 am very
ousy at all times but 1 will unit
111V work to read the paper or I
write a letter. So good bye till I
next week.
1 jonely Sweet heart.
Notice ot Executor's Sale.
Pursuant to an order'niade in re
the estate of J. F. Porter, deceased.
1 will sell to the highest
bidder, for cash, at tin4 late residence
of the deceased J. F. Porter,
the personal property In4- j
longing to the said estate. The J
sale will be held on the 2(>th day i
of November, 1910, commencing'
at 10 o'clock in the forenoon ami
continuing until the sale is completed.
'IVrms nf SJn.li*' ( r?n <1<>- I
livery of the articles sold.
Thomas E. Porter,
Qualified Executor.
Card of Thanks
We take this method of expressing
our profound heartfelt
thanks to the kind hearts and
willing hands that withheld no!
comfort or blessing within the
conception of the human mind
during the illness and death of ]
of our husband and father.
Mav heaven reward each one of
Mrs. Wm. Parker and Children.
Notice of Final Settlement and
NUTICPj m hercbv given t)i:?t 1 will
, make applicniion to J. 15. Newberry
j Krq . Jinlge nf I'rohno- <>r" PicWins ?:onn|
iv, in the Stale of Sonih (J;ir<linn. on
i the 1 day of l)i" i-iiihei- 1010, 11 o'clock in
'the forenoon, or n* noon ilureafter
I s iid application can he heitnl, for leav>to
make linal h"?.ilenient of the estate of
M. O. Hol inson fl**f I. ?ml ohm in
' ditchitrjrft as administrator of ?.?i?I ?'st ate.
Nov. 3 1910
1$ ('. KohiiiHon.
A d -urt. I )< Hoi;is Nun.
j Noticv l<> 1 )<l>tors and C'lvtlitors.
A t 1, |?crs him holding claims iig migt
111?> e.sii.tc nf ill.i lute .). ! . l'ori?*r
! it;its' pivr-?*iit lt'i? Minn- duly pt vi>ii on
or ImiIom* the 1 day of .himi.irv ll'll
or ln? di barVed |> ivin-ill ainl iil i.ns ii:i
ii d. Ir> I lo said i sl'i'", mu it miiki* pay.
i m< Ml on or iirfort? u.,* abovi- dSi!<\ in
tlie tin !?*r-=<nhi l
'1 r. 1'oiur
1 ; A Imiiii^tiKlor.
Notice of Final Settlement and Dig
Notice is hereby jiivon that !
' will make application to J. I>
Newbcry. Ksep, .Jndtre of Pro
5 hate.for Pickens count y. in tlx
' iState of South Carolina, <-ii tin
*j22(1 day of December 1!H() at 1
' o'clock in the forenoon, or a
s soon thereafter as said npnlica
Vtinn can he heard, for leave t(
s niake final settlement of the es
tat cot' Mary ,1. Parsons, deceas
ed and obtain discharge asexec
' utor of said estate.
. | J. K. Parsons,
. j Nov. 21.11)101 1 Kxecntor.
I Cattle Hal!
i. Pickens Lodge * o. 12!
K. of P.,
y 3
T KtftN d con ver.t ion N:;5() j>. hi,, Mond i
r ?>vontnK ?ft?*r I In1 and :!d Kundiiy.
^ Work ahead for all tho Wanks.
)- All vinitora cor'ially invited.
r liy (ii <!( ? of
1' J? MOOKK, c,
K A. M. MOKICJS, K . I <C. <111(1 H.
!t foleys Kidney Pni;
For Backache Xioncvsano Duoots
Greenville i
The Retail Merchant's Asso
railroad fare to anrl from Greenvil
to out of town customers.
1-Como to Greenville to track
2-Buy $25.00 worth of goods :
from members of the Merchant's
buy all from one store.
8-Have merchant to sign reb
purchase. (Books can be secured
4-Yvnen rebate dook snows ti
or solid the book to the secretary
Cleveland Building, Greenville, S
refunded for trip to and from Ore
over forty (10) miles.
Gi heath-Durham Co.
J. Thos. Arnold, Co.
Burr's Dry Goods.
C. D. Stradley & Co. ,
Scott Co.
11obbs-Hondcrson ('<>.
J. Thos. Arnold Co.
Scott Co.
J. Thomas Arnold Co.
J. 0. Jones Co.
Stewart, Anderson, Merritt Co.
Hohbs-Henderson ('o.
Ask your merchant before hi
Merehants Association. Rebates
of members can be secured at otti
Greenville Retail Mi
17* 1 > \ ,1 . ..
Tj. XV. '/vililll lr
A Squa
If' you want a squai
with us. Bringvus y<
have always done.
The women ha
n^ri rlfint, C!rf
i Pickens. They :
Ithei r chickens aru
do not have to *=
the "old man's'7
did when they
away at, (k\, anr
/"in i /. I ' n 11 l VJ 1 _ 4 ? / ?
j v II I V 1\ V . I I i ' t ' I ='A/. 1
1 o crow. ( 'omo a
: W <; a ro you v (Vict
; you on a crndit.
w 'lii p;oo( 1 morei
' a11 )!o i>ric*cis. Yon
ro a ir>
jWI \/aIS'M
One-price Ca
i Cold Weathe
i Is
and wo have the goods to kee
ev<;r known in Pickens at thi
sell you men's heavy lleece 1
suit; boys at 50 cents the suit
p, we will give you men's hea\y 1
SHOES?We have just r
, iall shoes and arc prepared 1
v saving to you of 25 to 50 ceni
goods and groceries at the 1
and let us show you
i W. B. F
i Fare
md Return
ciation of Greenville will pay
lie within a radius of (40) miles
for cash within three (3) months
Association. Not necessary to
ate book and record amount of
1 from merchants or thoSecretai
tiat $25.00 have been spent bring
of the Merchants Association,
. C., and get your railroad fare
enville, provided distance is not
E. S. Poole
J. O. Jones & Co.
li. Rothschild.
H. Eiulel.
Stewart, Anderson, Morritt.
Sinitli & Bristow.
R. N. Tannahill Co.
Oregon Lumber Co.
R. N. Tannahill Co.
Gilioat.il-Durham Co.
Li. N. Tannahill Co.
Jas. M. Ferguson.
lying if he is a member of the
given hy membenf only. List
ce of Secretary.
jrchant's Association
, Secretary.
Greenville, S. ('.,
re Deal
re dral coilk' trade
>ur produce as you
ve become incleiig
Bros, come to
get ho much for
1 eggs that they
1 i nli o ri rvr\ f ^ \ >> >
>ijjv vjiinn^D 11 ui ii
pocket like they
ga vo their eggs
1 hens 15c., and
each, big enough
nd 1 rade wit h us
i (I if' ?I 1
i \ i i ? i \ / vi^'ii v n i i
(1ur st ore is ri! led
miKii.se at reasonrs
.for bus i ness.
sh Merchants.
A l most 11 ore
p you warm at the lowest price!
s season of the year. We \vi!
inevi underwear at 75 cents ih<
and il you think this too hi^l
Canton Flannel Drawers at 25cts
eceived our second shipment 0
r... a ^ a ..11 i.l r : 1.. . -
a> iil you auu an inc: lamuy .11
ts the pair. Also full line ofdr
owest possible prices. Drop i
Old .-1(1111(1"
w am m m
{gflSgl aaBBaBasumi-MuaamniEfi
Send her
The Best M ed
Whito Pino Co
Tar. It contains
and astringent pn
intl limit ion. Bo11
1 ) ? WW) . ~ / .
1 1 1 v V V/ ~ ? * ) \ / -]
Keowce I1
G-reenville Bo
Certain names in the business
MORGAN stands for banking
A. K. Park
Reliable Merchandise
mate I
Our stock of dry goods, i
Quilts, men's furnishings and SI
guarantee our prices the lowe;
and squar dealing. If our <*
representation, bring them br
with you.
Idcle11 a line of men's and i>
iro n the way they are selling, v
! pie want.
Come and see u>
i A. K. f
/! ( n-i UOOClS !~<
:! ^ ^ ^ ^
^ i
v FOR TiL\
P- 3 P
n f n U d rt o n'
k'u m ?. - . #
K \k Mr
IG/W/VG, 1
a box of I
(W.Y.I LLY'S. i
ucine to
lock a Cole
ugh Syrup wit
>oot h i riK ! >?'! !saiifl
nciples 1 hat alia!
(ii* <4'et it now.
I ? > z I> () 1 I
LX'fcitX. C^^lL3^<Ol?3^Li
; world arc at once recognize
LLoyds for insurance, a
Stands For
at the Lowest Legi
mderwear I Iosiery, Blank*
lions is now complete. \
st compatible for jrood ^oo
oods should tail to come up
.^1, ;n ... .1...
i^iv di n i vv ^ win liiaivi: IL l l'v
()) ;> |>.nits to my business, a
inn .1 have tlv: kiml the: pt
; at tiii- old stand
D A O |,f
* i A H V, v %ik V
-oojo/vILXIO. <c
or Lt.ss Money"
SiV?m?n'Ht II ilrnfi
JliiSi Gill ffldMii.
le 45
r* < > >
w I ? M. ? i ^ V I

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