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by tub
043 D Stroot Northwest.
liy tnalt (j'telaee prepaid), 1 je.ir JI 7i
" " " 1 month Ml
'Certify In the city, 1 montl 3
Wellington, 1). ('.
Wakiiimito.v, 1. 0., line. , 1M.
Jlii. Vimsk W vmi Mil" fortunate In life
1.vtmin:uTfiTV, wliicli Jlr. (Vtthijin
of .Michigan my N kIvoii ivcr In llir
wlrkts.lins nf wlni'-blbbiiig, we trust
tlurowtiro ii fmv wlu romi'iiiboroil III'
poor, linluvl, wo happen tukiunv there
wire, ln.1 fi'i but IIHHI.V. Wusliliitrliiii
linrnilwnyi been noted fur fjooil doe.ls in
tills respect. It may li( kIvcii civcr to
frivolity, nt ."nine nuiiplulnlnii cabiM are
plrnuM In iy. but the record show that
ill tllCM'plilll (.'litWiiim times It tlors not
M'llWily forpct its pour. Tlio record of
liVvliiis klmlm. ci ilniu' by tliu fartin.it
iiirn nf Yv'ushliiu.toii would put to iliumo
tho lit'iqinrly iiccmint of ptnil ileed. hy
tliut who arc io ftunl of linpeacliliitttliclr
Christianity. Tito fiitls sliow that llio
fltiufrt Hutu! iimrli higher In the list of
nittmt urhlevcinent than do those truly
Miptrliir titles tio aro io f rult fill of com
plaint nuil ciitki-m. Human nature, in
Iiiit, tin.' chnhgcil hut little nlneo tliu
initio Saviour rebuked the l'liarisues for
Vroi'liilniing 'oo notalty tlicir own virtues,
tiiul (lie Miortcomlnr") of others.
'I here If lunch In the cbroniclo of Christ
inns performance, this yenrto lionor tlia
wuplo'(if YViialilngtiin. In a thousand
iiiict itiul unustrnfallous ways they haro
ministered to. the umts und contributed
1o the happiness of the nllllttrri ami t lid
-unfortunate nt their gates. They lirlvo
initdo great numbers of little ones forget
thcuaiitttpoveity of their own estate, ami
Mricken from many a h.ul hu.irt that
xvori-t or all sorrow the mrtilw for tliose
dependent on them. Let lis tuku heart of
jtrarc There Is hope for Washington yet.
Tin: Miitvi'Ai'i.rj hiiimv a temlencv to
mime I'rofoworKocii'M lymph "ICochlne."
3t Ii ohjecttil Hint tills 'ouiiils loo lilileli
llkiMocalne, ami tliat some other imnio
vboulil lie liiM-litcil. AVhy not call It
vliat It is, lvntnV lymph?
ItU'.oN IIir-cii, the Krc.it Jowiih phllin
Itirripfet tit Lonilon and l'.irls, bus hit
upon the rllit solution of tholli'hrew
lirohlem In Ittiislu. He iiRre 1 i train-
ott X),!J Jew.s from ItU'.-la to South
America iinil to provide tlio oinlraiits
witli the mcins of making a start In their
iH-w home. 'I Ills Is nuieli more sensible
thin railing at the ltusslnu Corcrnment
i rom a ili-tanee and loading the ulrwltli
tinpty resolutions adopted by lniotenl
liiin-s-nuetiiiijs, Nobody ceenis to know
iiiiylhlnsi)0title as to the condition nf
thclews In Itii'sl.i. c.etpt that they are
nnhiipy and liiifortuiiate. It bus not
1km ii Mum ii, thus far, that they ara treated
-with t'Hpeelal himlincsj, or that their des
titution and wretchedness are duo to
talipes for which tho flo eminent isro-t-piniMlilr.
'Why do not thchunianoaud
11m iiitrelful, then, follow the lead of
3Iion llnti-ctr, and adopt a plan of
relief that has Mime senso in it?
f the Jens who are suffering hardship
in Russia ciiuld be transported to .some
new and unduu'loped icglon in South
A in erica, tli ey would soon make the wil
derness lilro-stim liku tho rose uiuler the
impulse of their industry, and they would,
hei-Ide, prtcent to tho aborigines very
Miltitnry and raluablo cxamiile. Let us
flop gabbling about matters of which we
know nothing, ami try (u bo practical.
lUiiv Ddvall now ilMdes newspaper
allontlun with li.iby McKi:'.
iKtil'ii DKMiKitATic contemporaries will
allow us to wiy .so, they haVo bclcctfl as
tile tiller basis of their ridicule of 1'rcM
dent JlMiuitox the onu iharacteristlc
which nnjirejudiicd jieople will find most
touching and most admirable. His do
meitlo tenderness, lite i-iinplc and un
fflgiifd family iifTection, tliu love ho
beats Ida wife ami children and gramV
rliililrrn tln&o are not traits that
wilt 'condemn him in the estimation
of good citUelis. On the contrary, the
nnlion will tie disposed to think that a
man who clings no fondly and tenaciously
to the sweet observances of home and ilro
fldif is much moro deserving of respect
than those, viho revile him on that ac
count. This fctylo of attack is erroneous. It
will be difficult to convince an cnllght
fiu'd"Chrlstlim community that Jlr, II mi
mww Is an ignoble or unworthy wretch
because ho, delights In the pure atmos
plunlof tho family circle; btcaiifo lie
liivfd ins wife and care5scs the grandchild
i.t ids knee. Nobody whoso opinion is
w.itli having can lio persumled to'despUo
him tin'sueli gruiinds. Thero may bo
iliiwe who think Mr. ItAinnsortat fault in
thin or that matter of policy, who resent
his public uets or iiutagonlza certain of
IiIh idnisj but tlicro must bo few indeed
Mini would deny hlin the luippiuess of his
limbic or scorn him for exhibiting those
ufrettloiiK which buuetify the home,
Ciiiiiktmai) id jiatt, Christmas is com
ing. Mr. 'aiim:i.i. dixumiis that ho has been
defeated by tlio improper interference of
the priests, and promises to continue the
light in every nook and corner of Ireland.
1'or a gentleman who has hitherto pro
filed tho most unselfish devotion to tho
Irish cause, and uhc has always claimed
that he cares for nothing except tliohouor
anil happiness of his country, tills an
nouncement seems just a little lne.
pllcahlc, It leaves us no alternative, in
deed, kave Hint of concluding that Jlr.
1'mim.ii. cares u good deal Jeijs for Ireland
than liu does for 1'An.sKix, and that ho
doesn't want tho cause to triumph unless
he Is retained In command. It is clear as
tho noonday sun that if- this Dunnybrook
h'air sijliabbio continues tho success of tho
'ntJonulUt movement will be Indefinitely
jMistponcd. Not only will tlio organiza
tion in l'arllaiucnt ho its btrciigth ond
clttdiiiey, hit the world w 111 withdraw Its
hympathy from a causo which seems to
have no quality of cohesion and no power
of H'lf'control. Tho iiuestlon now pre
ffiitcd to mankind Is whether tho Irish
jircferllome Itnle or a Kree Tight.
flioiinri (Jiuktiivm lHtx, In bin regulat:
weekly letter to tlio JournulM, says, speak
ing nf Tin: C'r.iTlci
TiiiilIvc.NtKO Ciimc has started already
on tho iiiiprorements which wero prom
istsl at tho tiran tho new owners took
charge. Tho mako-up of tho twipor lias
been changed nntl ii now dress of typo lint
in. and in a nhort tlmo tho olllce of publi-
cation will bo moved. Tho circulation of
tiio paper show a gratifying Increase, ami
tlio new cnterpriso promises well,
Tiipf'z.uiwlti-Mr.iu) strongly Imbued
-with tho idea that ho Is capable of running
lwta without uny lnlerferenco from tlio
juuttldv -AjkI to cmnhuslzo his UIsHko ol
nllcn udvlcohelias jiutillsrharged 11.0'XI
foreigners employed In various capacities
by tho government. Jlot of them aro
(tcrnian", n good many KnglMi, some
J'Vciich and Italian.
Tu r.lr. uuius of tlio rarmers' Alllanto
in Kiui'as lite so bent on killing off fena
tor Imim.1 politically that they threaten
to kill off bodily any of their members of
the Legislature ho dare Mite for his re
eltcllon. Tin: New Yoiik lhrnM still keeps up Its
advocacy of lldltor l)xuf the.S'imfor
the I'nltcil States Scnato us Mr. KvAttw'
suiritfor. It looks rery much as though
the Jftruld, In tho ovprosslv' languago of
the utrett, is trying to "make a monkey"
of the MMieruble editor.
Luke Miort, at one tlinen cnuricr of
(itlietnl ( rook In Hie Sloilt war.s, was
slu it mid killed liy n gambler at I'm t
Worth, Tia, l.it''J'utdny. t-hoit had
himself killed fCicrat men.
t'hiirlcs lllnke, ilmmi'lal editor of tho
New York Tribune, died last Monday. Ho
win horn In t'uniu client nud was (it nars
old. Ho was at onn tlmo a rich broker,
but went broke In an attempt to "heir''
llc nl a lime when Cominodovo Yiinder
hilt was "hulling" It.
Jlrs. Jliuiii T. Klmbeilv, mother of
Adinlial Klmherly, t'nllnl Mali's Navy,
died in Chicago on tlio 2M Inst lilt, ngeit
CI. Jlrs. Klmberly and huibiiut went to
Chicago when there were but ono hun
dred people tlicro, the majority Trench
and Indian halfdirccdi. The couple wero
the iKciuiants of tlio first friiiuu hutiso
built In tliesettleiiifiit.
Chiules biuls do .Siueies do Froyclnct,
tho licwly-chcscn "iiuinorlal," was a
iniiilngauil railroad engineer hr tirofM
.shin uiilll Hie reiolutlon of 1871), .slnco
which time he h.is lie almost eouttii
iiously in inibllelife. Ho lias Just entered
upon tho 1V1 year of Ills age.
Tho widow that Is to bo of Kvr.iud, the
l'ntislan stranglcr, who has been con
demned to die by the guillotine, Is about
to siicaii J'nglish insurance company to
compel an acceptance of payment for
premiums due on tho life Insurance
policy of her doomed husband.
Sir. John Tope Hennessy, ii lio lias bc.ileii
tho I'arnell candidate In Kilkenny, lives
In Waller Itiilclgh's house in Yo'ush.ill.
He has had tho good feme not only to
piescrvc its niulent condition, but has
stored It with book", nilinuserlpts and en
gra lugs of I'ah'Igh niid his friends. Ono
may i eo there the window In which lld
tnund Fiieiiser wrote part of his "Cacrlo
(lemral Plierni.iu at tho meeting of tlio
New Ihiglanil Society in l!rooklyn,speak
of tho Indian problem, raid: "1 was down
at Tort Mill four or live years ago and tho
olllcers wero describing to mo tlio Indians
working in their com Holds. livery In
dian win Milppcd, mvo for a htrccli clout,
but held an umbrella over his head to
who his complexion. They hoed tho corn
with one band, Of course thero wasn't
much of a crop In tho fall. Tho Indians
must woik or they must disappear.
Young Jlr. Warbinjjtnii of Omalia,'
who'o beuseof modoty impelled him to
hurl a chair thnnrili one of Huunuoicuu's
I alntlngs boldly plead gu'lty, upon being
arraigned In the district court, until ho
learned what nnstha penalty nflihoflomc,
when he Changed his pica at thecxKii-u
nf his pilueiplcs and hired a lawyer to de
fend him.
J'rofc&snr X, Scharwenka, the gre.it Her
man piiinht.aml IJio director nf theSelinr
wenka Con.senatiuv of Music at llerlln,
xvlll .Iay with the Oetr.'it Philharmonic
Club at a concert some tinin in IVbrinry.
TrofiMiir Peharwenka makes hi i llr?t pro
rtiioiiiil visit to America thlsseas.-ni.
.1. .1. llayard, n dottor, who went to
Sim Antonio, Texas, tnpnty-livo years
ago and led tho life' of a hermit in the
mountains, except to minister (o tho sick,
tiled thero hist week in a log but bo had
built for himself. Ho claimed to bo n
bifither of ex-Secretary U.iyard. and to
have served on (icneial Taylor's staff dur
ing tho Mexican war.
Tlio New York iS'im says; "Jtrs. IJ.nke
Itoche, tho latest heroine nf tlio dliorco
courts, is tall, .slender, admirably pixinor
tloncd, and ii good typo of tho nthlctio
Now ork woman of to-day. Shu lias the
keen love for ort which distinguishes
allot the children of Crank Work. Mhu
Is generally looked upon as ono of the
mo.-t accomplished horsewomen in town.
It mny not bo known that tho llivllsh
society impcrsaro xcrvwannln their de
fense of tho Honorable llurke-ltoehe, tho
Irishman from whom Trunk Work's
eldest daughter has jiiit been divorced.
It Is claimed by llugbsh papers that the
bride's family was fully cognizant of tho
fact that Jlr. llurke-lloehc iiad no mbney
when tbn marriage took place, and a suit
for non-snport lit this lato day is not
cxattly fair. It docs not seem to occur to
tho writers on the Mibjeet in England that
there is any particular reason why Jlr.
Iturkc-ltoelin should not work for his
Hi ing as other men do. It lias apparently
never occurred to Jlr. llurke-Itoeho him
cclf." Colonel Charles Sutherland, nominated
by the President to bo Surgeon-General of
tho Army, witli the rank of lirlgadler
llencral, to take the place of Surgeon
(ieneral J, II. D.ixtcr, deceased, is at tlio
head of tho list of surgeons, so that In his
rase tho rule of seniority was adhored to
Ho was born in Pennsylvania mid entered
tho bervlio from that State In August.
IN'iJ, ns an assistant surgeon. He saw
considerable hard, netlvo service and was
hrevcttcd colonel in March, 18(13, for faith
ful and meritorious services and .tlilljent
difchargeor duties during tho civil war.
In July, 1WI, ho was appointed assistant
medical jmrreyor and was proinn'ed to
tho rank of colonel in June, 17!. At
present ho Is a member of tho retiring
bourd at (Jovcrnoi's Island.
Says the Atlanta Caittlltillmt: "Tor
uwhlli! during tho reconstruction period
tlenerid Teiry was In command of this
military district with headquarters in
Atlanta, whero ho mudo many frlcndsatid
Mime enemies in tho discharge or tho ob
noxious duties forced upon film hitlnlsa
days of h.iyontt rule. In 181 ho wi
mado a major-general. Ho was a lino sol
dier and a man of Indomitable energy.
Tho veterans In grav, as well iiithosuiu
blue, always respected his manly iiuiilltlcs,
and hero in Atlanta, where lie was well
known, his death will bo slncorely roi
"Dr. Koch, as a rule," says "The Pester
Lloyd," "does not leavo fits bed until 0
o'clock In tho morning. Ho drew him
self at once In ills working clothes, with
tho exception of Ills i oat, tho place of
which Is taken by a slevolc.ss garment,
which reaches to his knees. This ho
wears until breakfast time, Instead of
taking the customary cup of coffco. tho
Doctor breaks his night's fast ivith u, thick
farinndoiii soup, with which ho mixes
toasted black bread. After breakfast ho
goes to his laboratory, where ho remains
until '1 o'clock. His luncheon or' dinner,
which liu takes at that hour, consists of
soup, one course of meal ami n light pud
ding, Strange to say, hmrinrer, hu ends
his meal with tho soup. At cxattly 3
o'clock a f addle horse, which is no longer
young and frisky, Is brought from ono of
the livery stables in Dorothoon Starsnoto
the door of the laboratory. Ho mounts
this and rides an hour in tlio Thlergorten,
Tho rest of the afternoon, until H o'clock
in tlio evening, liu devotes to study uud in
vestigation. His supper, at H o'clock, Is
much more abundant than his noonday
meal. Three or four meat illshcs,
at least, must bo Included In tho
bill of fare. During tills meal Pro
fessor Koch drinks many glasses of soda
water. After snpjicr, ami at times beforo
it is cnucii, no receives inenm ami ac
quaintances with whom ho loves to con
verse until midnight. Ho goes to bed at
-' o'rlock. lleforo going to sleep, how
ever, bo reads all kinds of political and
scientific journals, ns lie has no tlmo for
such Indiilgeneoln tho day. Physicians
and strangers Professor Koch receives in
his laboratory in tho ntternoon. To
his frlentbj Jiu complains bitterly
of tho numerous calls upon hfs
tlmo mado liy utter strangers. Ho Is,
how over, kind to all, and has tho pleasant
manners of a man of the world. Ho ho
t'umes slli nt qud uoucoinmuuii'.itivo only
ihen ho Is 'Interviewed' by laymen In ro
giint to his scientific Investigations, Holi
extremely generous, Hu helps many
lioor (itudcius und unfortunate colleague.
IIu has given orders, In fact, th.it no suf
ferer be turned away from hfs door unsatisfied,"
JN Till: SWIM.
Orer Hie tea cnjis- mi liava.Jtid rMnrnnJ
Jrmn your tlult to Hie Vrt, l'.tlirlt"
lltliel Vci", l.iy tlonr; nuil you ImtiioliH
of tlie AW.'iil Mrl.lesioilil equality Is limiting
tlictr. I went to rncTcnlntf party nntl tiiet n
joiini! fejlmv who lalil lie Know Hint I livllicm
icrjr III mil w lint expert! to live. I nsknl
liliiilihn limv lm knew, ami lie replied: "I
know II, Miff, licnura t nntereil the malerlils
In embiilm j oil,'' J'jiiey, the eientnre Wit a
ilrnx clnl.l
Jltf. IIiirmio .Yah llcnbr no a larse
dinner pirl.v on t'lirlitiiins liny tu her jming
Jlrs. V. V. MnitliiRlygluw a piny mi Mo.i
liny iilxM In the younir pronK
Xlr nud Mr. Oulorhrlihro llors'ey, No. I'il'l
Ncn llaiiiimhlrr uMihtie, luito Issued Clrils Mr
nAii'tlmk lea uii Mniidny next. Tho Invlti
linns ari'tmutiuiltiitlieiuiniiirrlrtl. Mlsi:ilic
Iturrry 1ms rcturncl friiin New York, anil tier
(on. In, Ml l.cllrriniiii, n niece of Dr. Cli trios
I'nrrnll l.cc of Ma4lson nrciiue. New York, Is
rxir(te(l (o.-liiDlrow on a llsll.
Xlf Klorrnrr Miller luis mil null 10 n
Imithron mi Tnesilny to meet Ml Kno-s ot
New York,
Mm. and Mist llrecklnrlile glim 3 o'clock
tea Hits ctciiIiij.
Mr. nud -Mrs. Letter she the xnwij psopls
u ilnnce to-night. The Jlhsts Leltc'r are Justly
itmehlerrd two ot the mntt polished mid wjll
brnl ynnng ladles In unlrty. The elder onu Is
it particularly rtylhli mid chinning girl.
Mlfs Diilsy n.irhind has lfvnc.il cird) torn
gcriiinn on New YearV iiliflil, at Xo. tux Jihode
.tnt to nlilt li una nt ihs many rosebuds tin
palnl ut the heauty ot the scasna Is to ba
awarded It Is jet Ion curly to say, Hie returns
not hclngall In, hut allllln Liter on tho great
l.uinfd nvtl who hrunds with hnpartlil dignity
titer tho desllny ot Tun CuiTie will tnlco n
frffli crip nil his perch with Ids right tlaiv,
and atlcr tlcfcrlblng llic ltognrth-Delsirto lino
ntheauty Intherlr wlmhls left, will plago It
oier litis heart and, 111 a t elii ot strained honey,
breathe upon the midnight air llio nanin or ttie
fjuccn of tl'ie liu'chnds, the relmlng hello ot
the fcavin f 1KI0-'J1.
The Jllfsrs ltlilnclander of Now York aro nt
the Shore ham, '
Mr. and .Mrs. tlcnrj II, I'cllow give n dinner.
partj un Tiienlay night.
Mr. Clnrlcs W. field, one nt Ilia loa ling
Jniing nieniliers of tho llsltlmure bar, spent
his rhrlitnia with his parontf, ticnorul and
Jlrs. field.
'I he party lo-nlulit at Mrs. riienlx'rf Is the
next nice Hung hi tuts week's programme.
Mr. Thelitis Tiurf IX nnil Mr. f.lhclhcrt Talr
fax nf Ylrglnln, who helopg tp Me Kjlrfa-:
family nf history, nre two Jniing gentlemen
who nre detlded acquisitions to the swim.
They areot the torncr ot Do Sales slrcct nnil
Conucttlcut ateniie.
"Mi(iiiTYiM'i:i:i:sTi.M; ui:aiin(j."
"Hr'iT lllnlne."
J-'iom lit Xm York Itriakl,
lli'er f.l.ilne, ho lie low .
Colonel. Ilrlre.
7'fli tht (clwM'ji, O.'ilo, Dltinlri.
Persons wm lire InU'restud In knowing
wllcther Coluiicntikfl lhcs to tlhlu or New
Yuri: might to r.ole where ho cals his C'hrht-
iiuis dinner.
"In tlio ltlght Key."
J'ltm IlitXiw Vol I: KoilJ.
The rpcedtes at thn ltcforni Club lunrpict
last night were all In the right key. Tpoy con
nected tho Dciuocratlc party with tlieenacoof
reform hi rtcpett to nearly etcry mm or the
iltal lsne now lieforo the coinim'. Andthoy
were nil hrlcf, tlejr, rorxlhle, and straight to
the point.
"Tight Ciiraets."
t'vttllllblts Ohio) JJllpOtfh,
A wmnnii In Indiana tells come wonderful
stone about w lift flio saw- In lteiven, whllo
lijpnntlrcd. Vt'lulo her mind w.-s mi thlt nl
legttleiiieilltlnn her hody, m fir e tho snoc
tnlors iihseried nvs In ii practically helpless
rnndltloii. MioiUil almost wurn herself out
with what Is know n ns a rtllrlous crae. W'hr.t
she thought shnsaw nf Ileal en waithoreimHor
lnoniui.hph)shMl nud mental strain, In tight
Tlio Snub Illiect.
J'icm IftXca 1'oik Tillnhie.
'lliriclsnodmibt that Dnldll. Hill fares
badly nt tlio hands nt tho representative of tho
Cleveland wing ot llio Domuemtle. party.
Wlienoier Ihoygeta particularly good than
they ndinlnlsler to him a large, well-doveloped
snub. They glto It tu him copiously and iljht
hetiveen the ey cs,
"The Colored Man mid llrnthcr."
Fit M tlit l-l. J.onn (llnbt-Jlemoaqt (Jlep.)
It I eildent that Hie colored man pud brother
Is not Imbued with a sense ot the value of'
those rights and privilege which while men
nrlr ro highly. Ills experience as a free man
and a dllcn lias not lifted li 1 til Io the phuo of
Intelligence mid coiisclcutloii dototlon to his
country and 111 institutions. Undoc.1 not ctre
s.0 much for the franthlsc as many people suo
liuse. Ills tlcws of llfo und society nre rad
Icilly dllfrrent from ours, and nro likely tti
remain so for a long tlmo to come. It Is not to
bo doubted tint much oZlhn sympathy that wo
are hi thn habit ot inj.iliestlng for hlin bcT.r.Be
of his political wrongs Is wasted.
Jlr. XVIlson nT IVest Vlrglrtlu.
Frtm'thiXtw York Tlmti.
"Tlio Vlfty-seeoiid Congress; may It be tem
perate, Just and far Bcclujr." Tbla was the toast
to width Jlr, William L. Wilson ot 'West Vir
ginia responded nt the Iteform' Club dinner,
olrj XVIl'on Is n nervous and fiery orator whine
earneatiiesi rarrled him alon preclpltJtely
with tlm development of his subject, hlcnder,
sharp featured end energetic, liu was the cm.
bodlment of nervousness. Ills dtllrory Is
quitl:, ilear and Impetuous, and he male his
points with astonishing rapidity.
A (liinil Word for tho President.
t'HU Hit XtW Ycik llttvllt.
President Harrison Is entitled to high e-edlt
for his selection of un Asioelato Justice ot tno
Vnttcu Hates Slijirfnio Court.
Jndgellmwiils n man ot character and a
lawjurof nitalninentt. lie Is In thn printout
lite and lus hod a Judicial espeilenco whtch
innst ndd i.uilorlnlly to hlsulher qililllleatinns.
Jin will takn up tho work nt Wiiiliinrton with
a pnuiUfd hand snd can herdly fall to prore u
'lheappolntiiiciit has n special rlgulAciiire
from the fact that it Is the second time Presi
dent Harrison hits mado his selection from the
bent h Instead of the bar.
Don Cameron llltto.
From the JlViir York Sun,
In opjioslng the Torco bill 'and favoring
freer coinage, Mr. Cameron agrees with a large
section of his party; mid to attempt to drlvo
liltu out of otlUe for that toiirse, U simply at
tempting to split thn Jicp'lhllcaii party. 1 boro
Is uotblng terrible tu freer to1nii;r, outside of
tliu Imagination of a fow fanatics, most of
whom are Mugwumps. The country wants to
know Just what Congress U going to do, If It
Is going tu do so) tiling, In regard to sllror;
and .Mr. Cameron, hi seeking to put out the
fnrio bill, Is helping to provent a danger to
business, and to bring about a settlemeut of
Hie slher question one way or another.
Jlniiu Wiixelti llxeeeilliip; Wroth,
From the A'trn York Hun,
'Hie dinner of the Iteform Club, so-called, nt
the Madhoo Hijuarodardcu last night, was as
fine a pit en of humbug as has been seen hi
'ew York for many n day,
Tho adrertlsed purpose of this banquet W.H
totelebrate'-thotarlrt reform littery" of Inst
1'ahe prcteuso number one. Tho victory of
NoicinLer was tha lctory,(not of tariff re
form, hut ot Democracy.
Talse pretense number two. The real nnd
unmlstakahlo purpose of tho dinner was Io cel
ebrate, not llio Democratic lctory of Novcni
lr, butlho personal atnhlllim nf a single In
dividual, who toulrlbnteit nothing to tne lie
toryand did not appear upon tho hitllo-ncld
until tho light was won,
A (faint Appointment,
From the Xittt York 'JVnti,
Henry II, Drown ut Michigan, who u.'i
named yesterday to the Henato to he Ashoi late
Junlie ot the Kupieiuo Court, though not
much knnnn In this part ut tho country, lias
the reputation In his onu region of a pure,
utile and experlcnted Jurist ut sound Judgment
and Biifllcleut training, Iloh;u been fourteen
ytarsJudgoot the l.a'terii Dlssrlttot Michi
gan. Mr. Harrison has plainly dlsreg irdod all
partisan considerations In this appointment,
and has honestly tried to mako a selection with
sole rifreneo lu the Illness ot Ills nominee for
til" ulgh nrjlco.
Tho Itclgn of tho Negro.
Fmn Iht VourUr-Journul,
liuvenport prepared It; Lodge promoted It;
tho Prcildent Ullevea in It; Hoar defends It;
I'ryo pushes It, nnd a horde ufhlgtind Utile
Jlepubltcans tomo trooping after, swearing
Ihal encliti'llot hall hoplnni'lnn i.i i ' of
tvbainiirf Wesaytluso things in no i iln-r
ut hoslllltv or uiiklnduess Inward tli totorel
rate. 'I he ( om lei JiMirtml hns ever be u a cull
slstent friend nf that people, bin w bilicie
that to put It In power nicms Its nun ruin In
Atiicrlin.nnillliatorthowhllCkWtioIr -wli'i II
'Iheworldlsrlltcdwllhcxniiiplcsof frl ill fill
utes. when nlnnn nnd iinilded, Tho bl-ik Is
nble liMiblaln no elvlllr.it Ion slM by pull ulin.
nnd what he Inaim must he Hu 'lit hlin bv
others. He Is tin-inungesi ami ireikest I'i'lil
hi the grrit liuniaii family, and his ibl r
brothers must guide hlin up tho slopes t'nt
lend In Hie upland whero nnnliool d, II
e lieter put the blind to leading tlmo who
inn see, nnd for llio black to sit In jiowcr titer
the while Is an niiomily that can cnltinlvln
utter destruction. The sooner wendmlt this
jintcnt I ruth the better It will 1m for us all,
Cfirlstoius X'olees,
Fivm Muneu' HVtJtv.
Itcv. Dr. Thirdly (conehldlng Ills Christ
inns'VrniiitO And llmilly, helm cd, If ynu
forgtt all elsti 1 hao said to ou this
lnornlng, tarry wllh you to your homos
nud niiitU of trade this great lciiif nf the
happy fhrlsliniis season tho lesson of
loin and thtirlty to your fellow-mortals.
Look tenderly on each other's foibles, nnd
uiiiko idlowiiuies fur llio lullrmitlcs of
your brvlhreii and sisters, llaulsh uuvy
atul ittlfe. IIu i;enllii to tho erring. l.J
forgiving Io those who Injiue you. L'tul
n helping hand to each other. Aui"ii.
In tho Choir Tenor (leader of llismi
tlieiii) (flory to (IihI in the highest.
1!iis (llory todod.
Alto (lliMWMiry to Hod In the high-hlgh-cst.
r-uiirauo (dillcato) III tho hlgh-hlgli-hlldi-blgh-hlgh-csl.
'I omir crnrto) Peace on earth,
v Ila-s I'c.lcoim cnitb.
' 'Alto taiidanltO And good will to
Soprano (mi libitum) And pood will
good will goo-o-o-u-il v.I-1-l-H to men.
(Iiu.d will to men.
AHWiuciilii) And! good! will! to! men!
(Diuilnitendo.) And good will to men.
(Cricontlo.) And good will to men. (Pres
tissimo,) And good will to men. (Legato.)
And good will to men. (Jlorendo.) Ali-li-h-mcii.
In the Aisle Jlrs. (iunimv (ils the con
grtgatlon beglnstnlcave) Whntn fori cut
pennon our ileal- dot tor gave us this morn
ing. Jlrs. Gargoyle Yes, it was a perfect
tieat. Is my hut on straight?
Jlrs. (lummy Yo; how it becomes you.
too. And what reasonable sentiments of
loielr Christmas feeling Dr. Thirdly ex
pressed. He quite i lifted mo out of my
self, liy the way, did you notlio what a
fright of a cloak Mrs. .lavsniltli had tin?
"JIrs. (i.u-goylt Did i! How could I
help it? She sat right in front nf me, and
kept gazing round in such nu unmannerly
way. I don't bcHcufsho heard a word of
tho sermon.
Jtrs. (lummy Audit's Just such women
ns she who intuit to halo listened to it
carefully, for they say sho talks about her
neighbors dreadfully.
JIih. tiurgoyle Dh, she's a regular
slanderer. And she has such execrable
tasto in dicss.
Jlrs. (lummy Xo taste at all, ono might'
Jlr. Illoobiinir Did you enjoy the
sermon, line?
Jlis, llloobiimpcr Oh, It was exmilsllc.
but I would have enjoyed It better If I'd
hud as pietty it bonnet a i Jf in. (limp's to
wear. .Mine's a perfect fright, and snuld
lirhlo!icd. ,JI( lllnpbtinitier I gucsi you didn't
limn u ii inn nu- muit-ii1! pain union eiiv.Y
Jlrs. llliiMiumper Well, I don't cue!
One can't cultivate the CluWItin virturcs
with only two bonnets a year.
Jlr. Uliiodbiunpcr Well, If I made my
money us unscrupulously us (limp imu.-cs
l.t., 1 ..,,,.1,1 ..IT..-.I 1,0 ...... !.... .,11 11. n
lionnctK your heart could desire.
' Jlis. lilondunipcr 1 gite.n von didn't
...it ..., t... ...f..t. t.t :.. i
Ill, III I- Mll.ll ItlU IIIIIH-11--1 I,.llll III, l, til l fU
and charity.
Jlrs.Dlinllng How deliriously well the
quartette sang the last antbcni!
Jlrs. Tolling They did, indeed. The
soprano seemed at her very best.
Jlrs. Dlmllng So did tin; alto.
Jlrs. Totling That is imlto true, fu
dcfd.thctcnornudhassalsodid.splcndidlv. Jlrs, Dimllug Yes; I thought While
they were slnglngtlint thoylhrew'soniiich
fervor into the piece.
Jlrs. Totllng They ceniod to feel in
tlicir inmost wmls tho full wignlllc.iuco of
every word they sang.
Jln. Dlmllng Our qunrtcltti get along
so well. Tlicio is no blckciiugninoii';
them, ns IstiKi tiflcu tho case with vikiii
ists. They aro perfect ladles and geutle
inen. JIr. Totllng Indeed, I tjihik our
church Is to bo congratulated on its
In tliu Choir Loft Ik.ss (helping tho
alto In put on her wraps) You did su
perbly. Alto Oh, I'm so glad you think so.
llass I believe the soprano is jealous of
Alto I know she. i, tho spiteful thing 1
I heard that she told tfudp Morrison I
couldn't tell n 1) Hut from a hole in tho
l!as You nqver speak to her, do you?
Alto-lnilccd 1 don't! What do you
toko mo for?
Ilass Tliat'n rigid! Tlio, tenor ami, I
never speak as we pass by, cither. He's
such noouceitcd puppy.
Fnprano (as she helps the toner on with
his overcoat) What a botch thoalttunada
nf II tiwliiv. T wii.h sn ninrMlleil.
Tenor site thinks she knows it all, loo.,
Wl.nIA S....1 ill-A tl.-A l.nUn '
Sojvrano If I didu'.t know any mqro
about music than she docs I'd go out as a
dishwasher. Sho hud. the gall Ut tell some
nf my friends that I couldn't tell ono note
from another: but If sho overopens her
mouth'to nio I'll bcralcli her face. Well,
good-by. I hopo you'll have a merry
Tenor (lood-byl Ramo to you.
AiF.xiijtAiti.i; roor.iNd.
It tosts n good deal tu ealertila In Wiuliln ;
ton. AHnenkerot the House oarn slid hoi mild
hardly alUird lu entertain a mollint, yv.MJ
Mlrsfplniiej I'ur my part, I believe In slajlo
Jlrs. Wedde So do I, loo: since my hushuitl
end I wero made one- I'uck,
"Hunglng has been nbolishcd In New York
Hlr.te, 1 brlleie," irtnutkeil hklmmlns.
"Yes; whyt" asked Allcrcrae.
"1 wr merely wondering It Christmas stock
ing would bu electrocuted." IVtlthvtg Ciioit
lele, "I hate been giving to tharlty for the last
thirty -years, "mjsn Cincinnati inertnaiuv'and
lodaV'l taunut say that onnsluglo pereoills
any better orr for what I hate done, Out ut
flltydlirereiitprpiilo whiim 1 liaie hefrlrnded
during tho past rltlren yeais not onn of them
has mude tho le-t rtTort to advance himself
beyond want."-eV'f 1'itu,
Traveler (at tho Drand Central Depot)
What tlinu does tlio net train go to Auburuf
cierk.NIuo o'clock.
Tiaycltr Whin ran 1 leave there to mine
Clerk (thiinghtfiillv) That drptnds on your
sentenco. 'Unit tljlhiyt.
At n recent wedding hi New Y'tuk Hie bride;
Who prides herself nu her social position, ap
poured with her pet iIol', n white satin ribbon
oti his link and ti bum Ii of frefh orange doners
twitted u his. forelock,
"We had tho pleasure," writes the editor ot
the Lee Coiintv AV'rf, "of ineitllTg Major
Drown last week, The major Is ono of our
oldest delinquents, and hn seems determined to
keep up the rppiitutlon."
Jlr, llepeivnnnonnirs that he will dine, nt
hmnn this w Inter tor thn good reason. that .Mrs.
Depeir has forlmdo his dining out. With iln
(j'.licr mini It would ho suspected that as his
)ml liiamlliil wit fell Into dlssuso his talents
tor luautllnl sari asm would develop; but In lite
casoof Mr. Jiepewsuch an lmpututtun Is not
io no euieriaiiicn ciiroyu .ctw.
Aliglnmanlarsarondnptlng with ready en
thusiasm thn fngllsh riislom ot hjpbciiillng
the iiamo ufu married woinaii, and stith lomhl
nations as Choliiioiuleley-Mujorlbanks are be
touilng (tiiiiiiKiii, In uuothcr generation or
two. In order that nil tho patronymics repre
tntcd by n conspicuous sotlcty woman mny
luiro due proinlnentu hi her name the personal
toluiiiiiHot tho Now York dallies will record
Ihu departure nf Mrs. ('holuiondelev-MaJorl-lianks
. Cadwallader - Wlthersnonn Crow iilug-rhleld-Tuhlu
fur a tour In Luropo. VMcwjo
Jlr. DoHmjth My (laillng. iny own, uiilost
you i onsen t to wed inn 1 shall cud my inlsnrii
hlo existence by blowing out my brains ivllli
n revolver.
Miss Do Pjtli Idldii't know jo.i lpul any.
Mi. Do Kinylh Yes( 1 bought it new six
shooter to day.
Miss Do Pjtli 1 didn't menu tho roiolver --
JIlCOklljH I.ljt.
He I'd like to sco you women struggling
around a bargain counter Just once, for tho (uu
of thn things.
alio And I'd like to see you men striitfgllng
around a freo luutli counter, Xcii York Ihrald,
The Ktrctlon of Colonel l'rey In tho
Swiss fi'ilrrul Cminelt.
trcclil Correspondeneo.
Hkiix, 10 Deecmbcr.
Colonel llmllo l'rey was so favorably
known In Wushlngton when howns iin
Jtliihler there that his election (VI a luont
berofthe Tederal (.'oiiiilii m dwuzi.iu.ii1
will undoubtedly bn grnlllylng nows to
ids many filends In Washington and else
where The writer was present when the
twohou"csof thoSwIss Xiitlonal ssomblr
nut In Joint session to elect the IVdenil
Council for the eiisulng four years. It
lias a eloso vole with. Colonel Trey, as ho
Is an oiil-aud:out lln'dlcal Democrat nud
wns oplioscd by (ho conservative uud
Catholic members of tho Motional Assem
bly, Persiinallvhiilsngic.it favorite with
lifcmht'i" of till parties, ami ids slight
liuijority was tau-cil by tho strong jiotlll
lllll pusilloii.
As Colonel Trey Is a veteran of tliu
AiiKilcm war his flection to Ids Impor
tant position "fired the hearts" nf u iiulu
ber rf.swl-s und Americans who were his
si Idler coinraili i in America. They or
ganized a torchlight procession, with
untile, uud, leined by many Swiss ami
Ameitcali friends of Colonel Trev, pro
ictiliilto the Casino, where the Colonel
was fcrrniidod. Ho thiiuked llio jipopln
for (ho compliment and feelingly referred
to his. friendship for the I'nlled .States
A Waslilngtouhiu Was present In the
g.ithcilng, who referred In a fow words to
the iilensuio Colonel Tree's election af
forded all Americans, for whom he had
fought and suffered so ninth (ho was Im
prisoned at Llbby ami came near being
liuiirj in reprisal for the rxecuton of u
Conltdcrnto olllter). Naturally llio Wash
Ingtonlan's speech tlo.ed with threo cheers
nnd a "llger, siud ho managed to receive
sullliient support from tho crowd to make
the Cillonel almost believe that ho was In
Alneiliii. llesuld It was the first tlun
that the people of Hern had occasion to
hear an outdoor speech in thn American
style, and the nitifoiity or llio crowd dis
persed under the impression that they had
been present at a distinctively American
gathering. A. JI. T.
A Correspondent (jncstlons llio Cor
rectness of Kciiiinii's Articles. ,
J-Mitor Critic: Droiiplug Into the Arling
ton Hole few nights ago my attention
was attracted at tbrnews"-sliilid by n little
book entitled "The New Ilia In llussla,"
liy (,'otonel Chnilcs A. do Arnaiul. 1 pur
efui'eil tho buul: ami read it with such
keen interest' and surprise nt tlio revela
tions therein that I should bo glad If you
would give spate lu Tin: Cnnic foru low
remarks from menu tho Mibjcct treated of
by Ibis work. I have been a constant reader
ol'Tiii: CniTic for many yearn, anil have
always found It au.xlous to do justice (did
to give the truth about every puliliu mailer
but also bold anil fearless in doing that
lustlittuiul giving that truth. The work
in question removed many impressions
fioin my. mind which 1 had received of
lateycars about llussla, and doubtless thero
are many other porsons who, In this mut
ter, are in the same situation as myself.
A few ycaningo I had mude upmy mind
to go to ltusnia and spend soino years
tlicio in a business undertaking which
would have lesiiltcdlu financial iiilv.iiu
ageto myself and as-oeiutes. .fust about
tho time, however, that I was rend)-' to
make llnal arrangements for my iirop wed
undertaking Jlr. Oeorgo Kennnn'u articles
on the nilminlslratloii nt Itussbiiiji'.-lke
nnd the brutal, despotic and liifamnus
manner lu wlilth thoolllclnlsof that em
pire treated tho ocoplo begun to iijiti-ar.ui
the "Ccnturv Jiugtilne." I re-nl them
carefully, believed their statements nud
abanilontd nil idea of my KuMiau enter
prise. 1 was unwilling to v!-lt and do bushics
in a (ouutty wheic the I'.dminislr.itloti of
Jusllco was a nuttter entirely within tlio
discretion of a brutal and corrupt bureau
cracy. 1 was afraid to tru-t my llfo or
my money in a country where law seemed
to lie only the whim of tyrannical offi
cials, and where a man was liable, nt the
caprice of a policeman, to bo torn from
his bed at midnight aud hurried oil',
without law or justice, to n frozen wilder
ness thousands of miles away to bo
eternally buried thero amid nameless and
indc.-crlbnblo horrors. Mo 1 gave up my
proposed journey lo tho Czar's dominions.
lint nftcr rending Colonel doArnaud's
woik, "The New lira In Uusshi," I have
experienced a great change of opinion.
That book has mado mo revise my jndg.
incut. I begin to think I wits very credu
lous and unsuspecting to nccejit Jlr, Ken
nan'd assertions without further examina
tion. Colonel dc Ainaud, In his work,
carefully examines Mr. Kennan's asser
tions and in a brief space sil lucidly and
forcibly shows their extreme improbabil
ity, uud further, by citing facts that tho
reader ruunot dispute, so shatters Jlr.
Kennan's storletf of ltusslan cruelty 'anil
despotism that no man can read "The
New lira In llussla" without entertaining
thcgiiixest doubts of the Irnth of Jlr.
Kennan's alleged facts.
The whole matter Is a x-cry serious one,
both from n sentimental und from a
biislncs.s.polntof vloiv. Tho commercial
relations between Hussln and the United
Ptates tip to the dato of .Mr. Kennan's arti
,tlcs were of the friendliest character and
were dex eloping with nmuiing rapidity.
No other .foreigners were leceivcd so
win inly and hospitably In ltussia as
Americans. In fact, llussla was tho only
friend wo had in tho world. American
taplial, energy and brains were eagerly
w elcoincd in tho Jluscqvito empire. That
country opcjied a field to us of incalcula
ble x-aluo in the extension und tlcveloii-
mcui oi misincss. mo puoucatioi) ot
Kennuii'n articles had tho effect of greatly
repressing those triciidlv'fecllngs., Many
men, like myself, abstained from going to
ltussia from absolute fear for their lives
and means. Am) the Itusslaus naturally
grew more reserved and fess demonstra
tive in their welcome to Americans,
Novv, sir, Jlr. Kcnnnu, since tlio publi
cation of Colonel doArnaud's work, owes
n duty both to himself and to his country,
to answer it and prove that his assertions
nro true. Culonil do Aruiiud says they
uro not, and proceeds to prove it. Ho the
niutttr rests in u niitsucu. i.uuer ivoir
nan's stntimcnts mo true or they aro fatso.
If they nro true then ho is in
to show where Colonel doArnaud's sttite-
luents aro false. If they aro falso then
he Mauds convicted before the world, cither
of possessing a childishly weak and uu-
rciiitDio judgment or oi misrepresenting
facts. Ono tiling Is clour, Colonel do Ar
naiid lias mado ft absolutely necessary for
Jlr. Kcnmin to come out and refute tho
former's positions, or to rest convicted ns
a slanderer of a friendly government.
Washington, Dec. 'J lfiOO.
jioTiir. AitmvAi'.s.
MilrciioUlaa (lenrge N. Jones, It. Vnn Neas,
New York; H. Jl.lhdt nnd It. I.. Holt, North
Cnrollni; A. Sawyer, lloalnn; (I.J1, Yergevand
wife, Philadelphia; A- Meckel, Loudon; l'rank
,11. Miller. Augusta, (la; Henry Talrfax, Ylr
glnla; Najioleon Levy, Now York.
Xi'tlonat J, T, Miadrlck nnd wife, Ht. Louis;
,D. Howell, Lansing, Mich,; Harry Meyers, Hah
tlmnre: Mrs. and llw Ware, Newarlc.N. J.i J.
(1. Mcdnw, West Virginia; tleorge'. Noune,
Ilhata, N, Y.
it. Joint Vt". A. Nixon, Middle dram llio,
N. Y.; Win. Harrington, Jtoanokc, Vn ; T. f .
Corhctt, M. Augustine. Mi,; Mrs. W. 11.
Croiker, PHUhiirg, Pa.; 1.. II. l'rabaaeo, lllojui.
higton, ill.; I.Hlrsth, Chicago.
irHterrf'ss-C. Winchester, Phlladclphln! Kd.
Cnrrlgaii, Chicago; Nelson Hlooy, .Monfina;
Ldwaid A. Jtobhis, Wliilheitcr, Vn.) W. T.
(illliert nud wife, Helen U, (lllhert, New
HlUQt 11, M. Stinrord. Prcsiolt, Ariz.; S. A.
Itlibiuoni1, Tiisdiln, HI.; J, J, Jsaiea upd
daughter, Kew Y'ork.
HVrtfi'-H. JI. Hohertsnnd J. I.. Mlntr,
New Y'ork; Charlea A. D.ihlwln, Doston.
WinmUy't Mr. and Jlrs. llaymond L. ivard,
Mrs, llnrnard and Miss llamard, New Yotk;
James 11, Mason, Detroit, Midi.
tihoithum Ospar l'oofe, Tnrouia, Wntli.i II,
floodlel, Kansas city: .Xllsi May llalley, Den
xcrj Air. and Jlrs, (. I'. (lurgery, New inrk,
Arlington- Win. P. Ayde, Now York; Hear
Admiral (llierarill, V. H, N.; JI. L. llorlraml,
huii I'rauclsrn; J. C. .Mouteltti, Hun Diego; A
II, Cliiugh and wife, Huston.
A'uiiHinifl-1Iarolil M. Ilattello nod Senrer
llnttdlo, llosion; a, 1'.. Davis nud Mrs. M,
Cronln, Ncvv York.
yi'Mlfe-Oeorge n. Darker, Wilmington,
Del.l II. H, Hall. Worcester. Mnss.i J. 1),
Keltlianvnnd wife, Jlroukbli; J. I'. Tanlln,
Thllnleliilrta; J. H. llauru and wife, Heiv
Jfottl Johiifou Homer Hurst, Hxltlniore;
II. II. Price, Anuapolls, Jld.t J. D. Piatt,
Augnsti, Uu : 11. A. t'olnmn, lto.vnoke, la.;
John II, TOvvlson, New York,
I1Y A. S. W1IITH, F. S. S. A.
The Second Les-nn Jinny Interesting
Point Kxplnlueil and llio Previous
Lesmui I'.lalinraled The Courso Jlocts
Willi I'nviir Among Students An
other Prlre Ofleied.
In this alphabet the namesof tho letters
xvlll correspond always and exactly wjlh
tliclrsoiutds, and, as tliesounds given them
will vary, o will their names. Hut these
nanus will not produce far-fctihed
sounds, but tin1 very sounds which we
are constantly called upon to produce1 In
siical.ing the Molds nf the Kii.tllsh lan
guage. 'IheChlni'so lay claim In ,iyseinot
shorthand now nearly 7m l years old, bu:
the llr-t prmtii'iil iiiipllrattuu of thosuh.
Its t to the llngllsh language vviis made by
Jlr. liiao Pitman of llath, llngltind, nboiit
tho venr ls:'t.
Hut the Pitman system, like tho (.Irn
1mm uud Jlunsoil, fulls short of phono
griiiihie icilttircmi'iits, Muce It cannot be
applied to all spoken languages with the
same rapidity. With lCgnrd to tho dif
ference between (ho short sound of I and
tho sound of c, It may be well here to bay
that the distinction by our best speakers
is not well observed; nnd since It Is the
sound of tho word products! with which
wet deal, this as well as many other
ilellcatoilllTcrcntcs need receive no extil.i
nation for the present, satisfying ourselves
with helm! able to cony and velirodiico tlio
spoken division of the llngllsh language
ns it is at present most commonly sjiokeu.
)Icldcs Ihe iirovlmiallsms In promtnu!n
tlon are such thntvAery few- miles uuc
travels slight tliunge.s are to be observe I
lu vioducuig the Rounds of vvoids which
are spelled nllku all over tho World.
The first eight straight tonson.ints aro
ngnln inserted nsa ready reference for Tin:
CitiTit stenographers:
P in jiet
It in bet
T in leach
1) lu dead ,
Cli-in cheat
.1 in Jtt
K in keep
(1 In get
'J he vocal organs employed in the pro
duction or P are tlio identical ones em
ploytd In iirounoucing 11; hut us mpro
iorco Is rriiulrcil to pmilueo tho sound II,
Its weight is Indicated by a heavier or
darker mark. T, Cli und K mo ll-jlit
sounds and their mates, D,.fnndO, licavy,
Tlieso are thn first eight consonants of the
phoiH graphic nlphiibet mid the reader
must thoroughly fam'lltirUc hlurwlf
wllh these consonnuts. ,
Probably tho most common endlnglln
the llngllsh language Is "ing," which will
beioprcscntcd thu: A small dot Immedi
ately after tho consonant will read Inj,
Doing spelled I) Ing
doing spelled (! Ing 1
Chewing spelled (,'li Ing , .
linking spelled Ilk ing , .
CiitckingspellcdCh k ing i (
Taking spelled Tklng
Kcejilng siiclled K p Ing
Tcaeliing spelled T cli Ing
A hook on the top, left hand side of
uny straight consonnnt'vvlll read R, as
1'nirjipcllcd l'r
Dear siiclled llr
Tear spelled Tr
Chair siiellcil Chr ,
Marking spelled Dr king
Tracking spelled Tr king
Pari: spelltsl Ir king
Hundreds nf other words may be
written by tho reader, but until thocouriB
has been completed 1 suggest that only
Mich outlines us nro given in the diagrams
be prnctiicd.
Mil out tho following with a shwlo
word for each outline and forward to tlio
Shorthand Kdltor of Tin: Cmnc;
"7 .'
Tho iollow Ing letters will show clearly
what Is thought of Tin: Cutio'h courso:
"Tin: Ciniio Is certainly doing a great
thing for tho young people of tho city. ' I
have gained abetter Insight Into short
hand from your first article than I luivo
gained from reading a doicn books on tho
subjett. Jtonnirr C'uikdili.."
"Thn Critic" it 1.1 te 1'nper.
"Tin: CniTiuls certainly the brightest
paper in Washington, Acompletqcoiirse
In shorthand Isallvo feature, and yoir
manner of prcsentlnjr tho subjett Is most
fascinating. L. ('. Womumik."
A Teueher CoiiiiiiriuU "Tho Critic."
"I liavebcen a teacher of phonography
for a tlocn yeans, and 1 luivo all along
believed that tircry Intelligent pcrspn
should limnno fumlllar with thoseienco
of wilting by sound. Tun Uuiricls witli
nut a doubt thn most Interesting paper In
Waslilngton. L. K.AMVlilN,Te.ieher,"
With few evceptions. nearly every ono
nf the contestants for Tin; fume's short
linml prl. lllletl lu tho coupon correctly.
Hut for cleanness and legiunrlty of out
line, tho prlro Is awarded to Sister Ji.
Kiisebla of fit. Cecelia's Academy, 001
Kast Capitol street, Wushlngton.
Tho next lesson will appear in our issui
of Monday, December -1),
Peotho Butts ami Ovcrccoats reduced to
f 11,83. Hiscuum llros,, 7th nntl M,
Hupl. allien Ihopliiislros tlio (Irrnt
Hunger to I.lln nnil I'miierty,
A mntlcr of grave Importance nnd In
terest lo tho citizens of this illy was In
tituled In n letter forwarded liy Superin
tendent Jtlles of the Telegraph and Tele
phone Service to the Commissioners to
day. In opening ho Mates that ho has
rcpcrti illy i idled utleiitlou to (ho deeavod
pole.", of which thero nro nulto a number.
In bis Inst report ho stales he did not In
titule tho licet! of nu extra appropriation
nf ?lU,0tt!fortlicpitrpoo of reconstruct
Ing the nlr lines ut nu curly dale, If pro-vl-ten
was not nindo for burying tho
'Huso Ultra were jimpcrly attended In,
but were in u bud condition, owing to tlio
fait that Congiess tins not appropriate!
money for substituting now tor tho de
cayed pules. Nearly all the polm which
support tho wires of the llri-ularm tele
grajdi servhu wero erected llllecu yenrt
ago nud are rotten and unsafe. frr '
luivo grown so tall Hint tho wires nr.!
licet s'-nrily In contact w ith their lir.meliei,
nntl consequently a largo eicape of tit.'
current oi cicciruiiy is uitavomiimc.
Two years ngo, he eontiniusl, he calif 1
special attention to tlio condition of the
main trunk line of poles running from
hcudijuurtci!) to uud through (Icorgctown.
Congress appropriated ?.Tt,iKi) for the pur
sie of pulling this trunk lino under
ground, and bocniiso tho Commissioners
were preparing n plan forputttng nil wires
underground tliu lleni was stricken out of
tho bill, us it was thought better to put all
the wires down nt tho sumo time. Sinew
that time iiilte it number of these
old linlcs huvo fallen, mill lmvu been
leset with n loss of four feet lu length to
enth reset pole, thus bringing the vvlren
monuerinusfy (linn ever In contact with
the branches of thctrces, and of course tho
polos oie in it in in etui villi eed Mate of da
tux and eoiisciuently in n far more dan
gerous condition than oyer hcfoic.
"Purely," ho snjs, "the llie-alann tele
grai h, on the efficient' uf which depjnds
tlio safety of so much property in the
Capital City of tliu I'lilted tstiites. ought
not to be run at sueh great ntiard.
It has become a mutter of vital Import
ance to tliu safety of properly and human
life, and 1 rannot, in justice lo myself as
the responsible oltleer in tho charge of the
Krvlce, remain silent; the responsibility Is
too great.
"'llio storm lnt week so dornngc.ttho
lines that for two days, notwithstanding
tho rout-taut uud laborious efforts of our
.linemen, tho signal wire of the lire alarm
'w em priu tlenlly uelis.
"Tills state of affair) may occur again,
nnd lieiico tlio urgent noco'slty for lellcf.
He reminds them nf tho comprehensive
plan ho submitted in April, Isss, ami
enrnistly recommends that the conduits
belaid and vviics buried, estimating the
(tstnt8awi,(ll)0, with the trunk lino trom
Headquarters' to and through (leorgetown
If the underground system cannot bo
undertaken at nu early date, not levt tlinu
$1U,0U() slight to bcaiipropnntetl at oneo.
for U'l'lacingthc old poles with thcne.v
ones. One plan or the other he regards
ns an absolute necessity. '
Dull nt tho District lllilldliii;.
Tho nggrcslvo weather null pllcd-up
enow kept disagreeable visitors away from
tho red-brick District capltol on First,
ttrect to-day, and tlio clerks wero obliged
to limit up uulmportttnt work that li is
been lying over for soino tlmo and Search
for the odds uud ends that had strayed
during tho busy rush of (ho past month.
Tliu stagnation of trade and business nil
oxer llio tlty was even cvpciicnccd there,
und the District machlna ground oat
but very rloviy. Commissioner Dotig
ltiss Is still out of town and Is
nut (xiiTCtcd to return beforo next
wttk, and consequently tlio moit of
tliuxvork fell upon Cnmmisslnncr Hosj'
thuuldors, whleli fntt ho don't scon to
mind n bit. Colonel 1 Solicit did not get
Into ids olllce until lato lu Ilia morning,
having been delayed by tho obstructed
streets, llvervbody looked happy nud
contented, anil seemed very much pleased
with the opportunity unconsciously given
them by tlio fleklo clemonts to digest'
their Chii-tnius dinner in peace nud quiet.
Tlio day xv us ended ut noon, and in a few
moments: the building was occupied only
by tho few who had not llnisiied their
routine work.
l'or Itm Industrial Homo School.
Commissioner Itobert hns signed tlio
rttominemlalioii of Superintendent Hay
den of the Water Dcpaituicnt, thatn.two
inch galvanized iron dellverv pipe bo In
troilucetlat tho ludustilnl Homo School
from the present steam pump to the ele
vated water tank, a dlstuiico of 300 feet.
This is done owing to the fact that tho
steam boiler In tho east building used for
furnishing tlio steam for ojicratlng tho
steam iiunlii is suimlicd with water from a
thrce-quaitcr-tneh pipe. This method of
Using tha full capacity of tho steam pump
at intervals for feeding tlio boiler will
soon affect its cillcicucy and consequently
bo very dangerous to the pupils and build
ing. SniierliiU'iiuent Hoyden has recom
mended the change at tho o.xjienso of tho
ltoeU Creek littllwny.
The Commissioners will glvo a hearing
to the residents along tho proposed line of
the Hock Creek Hallway, as laid oijt hi
the bill Introduced Into Congress li-' Jlr.
Turner of New York amending tlio char
ter,, on next Tuesday morning at jll
o'tlock. It is not aiitlcljiatctl that there
will be any determined opposition to tho
,routo as amended, but thero havo been
somo low rumblings of thunder along tho
lino of, residents. There will likely bo a
largo number of citizens present, at tho
hearing, and us some prominent pcoplo
huvo vcsldences Situated on tho streets
named in tlio bill the heating will, no
doubt, be Interesting.
Jlrnlh orjlr. Jlcnry riclil.
Jlr. Henry Field, a brother of Jlurshall
ricld, tho great dry goods merchant, died
in Chicago nu Jlimtluy night. Mr. Field
was a gentleman well-known lu this city.
He was a native of Conway, JItiss., but Jti
leflt hoxvent to Chicago, whero ho en
gngtd in business ns u member or tho ilrm
of Field, Loiter A, Co. and of their succes
sois, Marshall Field it Co. Ho retired a
few years ngo on account of ill-health and
shite then has devoted himself to ait and
literature. Jlr. Field was married In
Wushlngton In 1S7M to Miss Florenco
Lath rim, daughter of the late J. II. Lat)i
ropof lllmliurst, III.
Tilled for firing Tlivlr l'lstuls.
Thomas Piekett uud John Harris, two
young colored boys, wero beforo Judge
Miller this morning accused by Officer
Hums with carrying concealed weapons.
They wero on fcevonth street shooting
their revolvers' off In tho air and acting in
a very disorderly manner. Harris also
had ail ugly looking knife wit 1 1' n blade
six Inches long in bis pocket. Tliu Judge
111 ud Plckclt fill, but Hauls had to pav a
line of WO for currying a revolver and SJO
for tho knife.
Hitler XViiter faellltles.
The eltlens on I street from Second
nudThlid btrects southwest aro In a fair
way to huvo their petition granted for In
creased water faclllllus by tho introduc
tion of a new wiilerinalii. Commissioner
Itobert has placed his Mump of approval
upon llio document sent in by Captain
I.usk recommending that the request bo
carried out. ltnlnpmvldcnfiirtllQcrectlon
of a new llio hydrant on tho northwest
corner of Second and I streets,
I.lchlg lleinoiistialeil
tliat (holiest substitute for normal Human
milk was nut tho milk of any animal, but
mombhiatlon of animal milk, with tho
elements of those grains which aio used
lu repaliliig wasto, building tissues, and
general Ing heat, Jlellln's Food, prepared
with milk according to the dircetlims,
forms just tlio ml.xturo advised by Licblg.
Hu Might (let Trampled Oil.
Fiom I'uck.
"I'm In a quandary for an appropriate
character lu which logo to tho New Year's
"You might go ns a flood Itesolutlon,"
For over fifty yours Mr. Wlnslow's
!oollilngr-yrilp litis been used for chlldron
teething. It soot be tho child, softons tho.
gums, allays all pain, cures wind colic,
and Is tho best remedy for diarrhoea,
Twcnty-llvo cents a bottle.
llvenlngsnt a Matinee Pitimlay.
Poor Jonathan.
Tho I.nlest Success at tho New York Casino,
I'egnlar Prices During This Engagement,
Neil Week HiimcI's Comedians In
Till! CITY lltllUCTOItY.
sr.ATH NOW ON HA1.1I. (le It
livery Ilienlngnnd stnturdny Matinee.
3X101! II
'I he Varrc-Coinedy I.esders,
In their de Luxe Kdltlonot
Surrounded hy a Company ot Comedy Players,.
Intludlng the Three P.nrjiih
Next Week-Marie Walnwrlght In THK
WEIIK OF DIICllMllIilt -i.
Matinee New Year's ('1 hursdn.v) nnd Saturday
Supported hy Her Own roiiips.ii), Under
the Direction of
JlAHCl'S It. MAYHlt and CHAW. .1. AI1UD,.
I'rcsenJIng Planuuette's 0iera Cuinitie,
. l .'c '
Ppats on sale at Mctr.crott's Music r-tore.
J J W. S. Cleveland, Lessee and .Mnusger,-
Secure scats at lint Olllce nnd Jtetrerott
t Co.'s, 1110 i' st. Day for Christmas. AtoIiI
the Jam. (let!! it
Week Commencing Momnj, Dec, 'it.
W.M. A. DHADY'ri
Dion Ilouclcnult'a Tl A TT?"
Mattcipleco JJxJ-XVii.
Next Weck-DAN JIAhON.
THE, 11T1I bT.
THIS Wr.EK-Ladles' Mutlnee To-morrovT.
Burlesque nnd Spoctaoular Oo.
The Latest Hcnsatlou, THE
Next Week William: Orr's Meteors.
TQ3Fonrtccnlli street n. vv.
Ilranclies In Ji'cvv York, Doston, Philadel
phia, Chicago, Paris, llerlln, London, etc:
11 Maseachusetts Avenue,
Affords every facility for acquiring n thoroiiRh
edticatlou lu Literature, Music and Art. Tho
Instruments taught are Piano, Harp, Violin,.
Oultar, Mandolin anil Ilnnjo. I.angcuues, gen.
cral vocal, drawing nnd faucy work free,
sol'My .-' t
I'rlvnte Lesson'a In Languages,
Ancient and Modern,
drii-lm 18 I street n. w.
ZETxzpl SItLoes
Artistically made to measure. Also Knibrul
dcrcd work bottomed, hi tho duett manner.
Ladies, IrluK your work in time for the Hull
da) ,
Tho Boat Ico Oroopor on Eartlr..
No. 020 F Street N. W.
Baltlrnoro Btoro, 4 nntl OWoat Balti
more) Street,
Hot und l'ureit Liquors In tin City, liu
' polled Clears,
' (en M
rnilE HUIllTT,
WA8HIN0T0N, 1). 0.
Army and Navy Headquarters,
Four Irou Flro Ilsc.ipes,
1i:itMH-3nd J I Per Day.
Lato of 'thousand )1. House,
Biiti street iiml pennsjlvaiila nveiiue,
L. WOODUUHY, l'roprietor,
fjgtlijiitiit A
- V - ' VjuifTil iBitjMillntitrllfcii
visit J&Jruw sist tm

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