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Vheat Market,
iy C. A. Shannon, delivered a
♦ 1.812 1 No. 2, - $1 .'lO
' --
c and Hereabouts.
tke contribution from "onf
pie," this week.
3ng Poison, Mouse and Ra
Steels & Bro.
eturn thanks to Mr. Anton;
interesting Western papers
fail to read "Twelve Rea
," in another column of this
young fiiends, Bob and Jos
aid us a short visit this week
i; we always think of oh
n we see you on tho stree
Mayers wants 1,000 bushe
t market price,
how much better had it bee
ad beeu born rich than "good
artic and quinine pills ; also
s Oil, at Steele & Bro.'s
resting Middletown items
jut. Will appear next week,
regret to publish, that Mr.
fer, an aged and highly
citizen, residing near this
quite ill. Dr. Thomas M.
his attending physician.
New York Times says Mr.
a schemer. This means that
ile Samuel is a politician as
statesman. We had heard
f this before.
are pleased to quote a favor
rease in the price of grain,
et is still firm with an upward
le & Bro's King Phosphate
y the lead in this section.
arm us that they have sold
tons already. Hurrah for
Lutheran Sunday School will
x picnic in the grove near the
hurch to-day. The brass band
v attendance.
t Fotomac Herring, $1.00 per
, at Steele & Bros.
c pleased to see Mr. James W.
a distinguished barrister, of
■c, in town. Mr. Denny is a
f this place, and son of Mr.
mny of the White Post. Ho
est of Mr. Alec Grove.
lalonps and Water Mellons at
b McCarty's. j
en another man's wife goes to
id dances with somebody else,
another man plays Key sers dog
with somebody else's daughter —we
wonder whether there is anything
rotten in Denmark —that's all.
—When Thackery and Bulwer Lyt
ton were first introduced, "You will |
pardon me," said Thackery, "for the
unpleasent things I have written about
you in 'Fraser." "You will pardon me
for never having read them," replied
—The people of our community are
interested in our graded school ques
tion now, and want to know the views
of the active citizens pro and con. The
columns of the Star are for that pur
—The weather continues distress
ingly dry, and it ia seriously feared
that the fall pasturage as well as the
corn crop, will be almost an entire I
failure. We would augur a great
demand for feed this winter, as many
stock raisers will be obliged to com
mence feeding very early.
—Our people were much delighted
with the novel sight of three full grown
bycicles moving majestically, but with
noisless tread through our principal
thouroughfare last Tuesday. We learn
that they were from Westchester, Pa.,
destined for the Caverns of Luray.
They travel at the rate of 50 miles
per day.
The Winchester Times contains the
intelligence of a murderous attack
made against Miss Mary Wall, by Dr.
Asa Wall, in a fit of intoxication.
The young lady was quite severely
cut on the arm and breast, and'tis
said her corset alone prevented the
blo»v from striking fatality. Miss
Wall's brother interfered in her behalf,
and her assailant gave himself up to
the officers, who lodged him in jail.
Dr. Love rendered profiessional aid.
Her wound is not considered necess*-1
the completeness of the arrangements |
made for the holiday last Saturday, j
What with swings and ball and cro
quet, and the many games of "ye olden |
times," tho young America seemed j
always in a merry round of excitement.
Whilst stirring strains of music from j
tho violin and cornet served to enter
tain the older citizens in their lapse
of convivality. And again must the
man of "Stars" thank the good people |
for all of those sub-itantial dinners of I
which he partook —the Lord only,
knows how many.
Removed.—Mr. Dennis Fenton was j
t iken from jail on Monday, by Sergeant ,
C. W. Reed, and two of the prisoner's
friends, to the asylum for the insane
at Richmond. He was quiet and made
no objection to his removal. Mr. F.
has the sympathy of numerous friends
here, who would be glad to hear of his
speedy restoration. — Winchester Times
Several large, black .omnious clouds
put in their appearance last Sunday
evening, and we have no doubt that
they were destined togivo us a good,old j
time soaking. But whether they were j
pursuaded of our unworthiness, or
just'left for a short season to tease the
many wistful expressioned, and smile i
begrimed bare heads that stood on the
halconies, and porches, and observa
tories,and house yards to welcome these
despensers cf rain. We are inclined
to the latter opinion. We think thoy
were a little too anxious; but we
know one good it did any way.
A certain youg man of this thriving i
city, who had taken Lis departure
from the dusty metropolis to wander
through "Meadows Green," beat a
hasty retreat, and added one more
soul to the congregation which had
assembled for divine worship—what j
he might have done in the. absence of
these foreboding clouds we blush to
Personal. —Mr. Jos. T. Lemley, in *
company with his wife and daughter,
are visiting their friends and relatives |
at this place. Mr. Lemley, late of |
Q-iincey, 111., is a native of Newtown, j
the associates of his boyhood, we have
no doubt, are glad to welcome him
back to his old home. He if; the guest
of his brother, Mr. Jacob Lemley.
Ashby Hammock, and daughter
were the guest 3of Chas. A. Shannon
several days this week.
Rev. W. A Woods has returned
from his missionary tour.
Our readers will be pleased to know
that Mr. Wise has so far recovered
from his illness as to be able to ride
out. He was in town one day this
Mrs. Chase, of Cumberland, is visit
ing Mrs. Capt. Frankland.
Pro*". Cross, of New Orleans, is vis
iting his father, Mr. Jas. W. Cross, of ]
Mrs. Ward, and her family of inter- :
esting children, accompanied by Mrs.
Virginia Monroe, bid adieu to Rose
Glen, the residence of our Mayor, last
Wednesday morning. Many friends
regret their departure.
Opposite the Post Office can be
found many articles not usually kept
in small places, such as German Look
ing Glass Plates, Opera Glasses, Dou
ble Guns, Fine Carmine Ink, Inex
haustible Ink Stands, Bull Rings, Goal
Sieves, Ox Bow Keys, Picture Cords,
Patent Washing Machines, Kalsomine
Brushes, &c. Prices very low.
Town Improvements.
Mr. Editor. —In common with all
our citizens, I hail the rising Star of
Stephens City with pride and pleasure.
I hope it will date a new era in the
history and progress in our town.
One of the chief difficulties we labor
under here, and which retards the
growth and prosperity of the place, is
the want of better sidewalks on our
streets, and the need of a good walk
ing way to the Railroad Depot. Can
you not give the' aid of your vigorous
pen to these pressing and important
objects ? Now is the season to do such
work ; before the winter sets in. There i
is an abundant and most convenient
supply of black slate rock on and ad
joining the town cemetery lot, which
would make excellent sidewalks in the
town and to tho depot.
Let the attention of the citizens and
the town authorities be drawn and
ktptpraritUmtly to tho subject till the
good work is done.
Twelve reasons why our farmers
should buy Steele & Bros. KingPhos-]
pliate in preference to any other brand
in the market.
Ist. Because it is the be-t article in
the market for the price at which it is
2nd. Because it is manufactured
expressly for us, and there is not two
or three agent's profits upon it. you
thereby save from 5 to 8 dollars upon
each ton you buy.
3d. Because it produces as good or
better results upon wheat than other
brands sold at a much higher price.
4th. Because it stands almost with
out a rival as a Grass Producer, as
mauv of our best farmers will attest.
sth. Because it is dry and fine and
in good drilling condition, any not
found so will be cheerfully exchanged.
6th. Because you can save from 5 to
8 dollars on each ton you buy, and
get as good or better yield of wheat,
j and a good stand of grass.
7th. Because you will not have to
[sell your whole crop to pay your Fer
tilizer bill, ;i3 some of our farmers did
last week, (we admit last season was
a very severe one for fertilizers).
Bth. Because our leading farmers
use it, and recommend it as the cheap
est and best in the market.
9th. Because it has been sold for
three successive years and each season
grows more popular.
10th. Because it has a Slaughter
House Bono Stock base and contains
no dirt or sand to simply make bulk.
11th. Because it is manufactured by :
the well-known and reliable firm of;
Baugh & Sons, who have had 25 years :
of experience in the Fertilizer busi-1
ness. The analysis and proper me
chanical condition of every article on
their list is fully warranted. "Guar
ranteed Pure," means on their part,
a legal binding obligation which they
assume. Their estimated wealth is
300,000 dollars.
12th. Because Mr. Thos. S. Sangs
ter knows it to be the best article of
fered to the public, and has the testi
mony of our best farmers in regard to
its great efficiency for wheat, grass and
corn, besides he would not solicit cus
tom for anything but a good and tried
Send in your orders at once for
"King Phosphate," Potash, Soda, Am
onia, Raw and Dissolved Bone, &c.
Formula for mixing Fertilizers furnish
ed upon application.
—In addition to the lino of shoes
received last week, we have again re
plenished our stock. We have now a
full assortment of Ladies' and Misses
Gaiters, Men's and Boys' Congress
gaiters and Plow shoes, which we are
offering at extremely low prices.
Adams & McCakty.
Why Is It ?
We often hear the question asked,
"Why is it that G. F. Mayers succeeds
in distributing such a large amount of
merchandise among the people each
year?" We append the following as
our answer :
Ist. His purchases are made in a
large measure direct from manufac
turers or their agents, thus saving to
his customers the usual jobbers' profit.
2d. From his large and varied stock
(probably the heaviest carried by any
one establishment in the county), you
can always be sure of getting just
what you want, and not be compelled
to substitute something else.
3d. The prices at which he marks
lis goods are fully ten per cent, lower j
than other houses, depending for his !
income rather upon the quantity hau-!
died than a high rate of profit.
4th. The prices he ' allows for pro-1
duce in exchange for goods will al
ways be found to be a shade higher
than the current market rates.
4th. His modest but pointed adver
lent is always found in the col
of the Star, the statements cob
d in which are fully corroborated
visit to his establishment. 4t4
Favorite Remedy.—Simmons'
r Regulator is one of the most mer
)us and popular remedies ofiered
c public. It is entirely free from
ious mineral substances, and as
getable made of Southern roots
tierbs, it is a sovereign remedy for
ver and bowel complaints. The
Is of this remedy commend it to I
mblic as a standard to be kept
antly in tho family. It has the
unqualified endorsement of thous
of our most prominent citizens in
arts of the country, who have
it and testify to its excellent modi
nd curative properties,
trchasers should be careful to see
they get the GeJUJUTE, ii'.anuf ic
lon'ly by J. H. ZEILIN & Co.,
To the citizens of StepbcnsCity and |
vicinity : In cider to clo3e out sum- '
io made some sweeping !
brands of Prints at 5 i
goods at from 8 cents!
>r yard.
Umbrellas and Fans. !
ik of Groceries in the;
M that defy compel i-:
1 invitation is ex end- ;
spect my stock. No j
ion to buy need be
it prices given for all
y produce.
obedient servant,
Market Report,
ens City, Aug. 27,1881.
print, $ lb, 20 |
10 |
—live. ~$ do/. |1.80@2.00 i
W dozen, (gjll.OO j
H bushel, - 50
(1, - 5 j
lor.en. It
-pitted, "jp lb 13
ips, 33 lb 12a
ifi - - M
ushel, - 50
per bushel, - JO
ly Cure Sick Headache!
r will positively cure this
We assert emphatically
) be true.
arded ns a trifling ailment. |
the utmost regularity of
icrefore assist S'alure by
i Liver Regulator. It is
ad effectual.
id for those who suffer day :
les. It has cured hundreds, j
avoid all attacks by occa-1
a dose of Simmons Liver I
:p the liver in healthy action '
r from disordered stomach,
by taking Simmons Liver
:r Regulator soon emdirati .
mi the system, leaving the I
esh from all impurities.
ring with Colic soon expc-1
en Simmons Liver Hernia-!
ered. Adults also derive I
m this medicine. It is not j
is harmless and effective.
Genuine in White Wrap
, prepared only by J. 11.
'or sale by
& BRO., Druggists. ,
to C. B. Meredith,
5S & Jewelry
sin and Springfield Watches |
I Sole Agents for the
doun Street,
Winchester, Va. i
irp St., Baltimore.
Ned, executors of the estate |
deceased, will sell at his
between the Cedar Creek
die Road, four miles north-1
ns City and nine miles from
y, August 31, ISSI,
in the forenoon of said day,
roperty, to wit:
table Tar in, Horse*
c Two-Year Old Colt,
ep, 21 head of nice hogs, a
tsmlth tools, and some car
! road wagons and beds, 1
li, 1 cart, 1 buggy and hal
ed reaper and mower, two
le nearly new, fanning uten
-3,1 wood saw-horse power
one apple, mill, one buggy
at fan, a lot of good harness
>, Chains, &C.j 300 bushels of
vLB tons of hay will be sold
I time. Also, household and
Lu,E.—A credit ol 8 months
n ail sums of $10 and over;
Hint the cash will lie requir
t will be sold for cash,
ill bo offered for sale at the
place. It contains
d and Fifty-Nine Acrei.
fence, and in a good state of
i sufficient amount of good
Improvements consist of v
bio and roomy
house, smoke house, ico
heat, cow and wagon sheds,
; house, blacksmith shop, ami
sary out-bulldlngs. All y»
lent fruit, altogether making
it.i:- home.
! Known on day of sale,
f. P. SMITH.
Contractors for Fine House Painting,
Main Street, Stephens City, Vn.
The above tirni are now prepared to do j
all kinds of house, sign, fresco, scroll am!
ornamental painting; also, kslsomlnlagand
glaring. Purchasing, us they do, pure
paints and oils, at lowest wholesale prices.
the) arc enabled to do durable work nt the
lowest possible rates. Iv
Steele & Brother's
ithe Cheapest, and Bat!
1 the attention of the public to the
[ increasing demand for our Farm- j
g Phosphate, We now have in;
rgo supply, and will euileavor to :
istantly on hand from 75 to 100!
Or Fertilizer is made from
slaughter House Bone Stock j
f for our trade. It is undoubtedly I
[ of Fertilizers for
ieat <fe Grass '•
take a specialty of Pure Animal
srtUlzersv and can furnish you Pure
1 Dissolved Bone, Ammonia, Sodu,
Kainit. Ao. Send in your orders
j early. ' STEELE & BROTHERS.
City Stove Woris
Main Street, Stephens City, Va.
When will be found a full line of Excel
sior, Parlor, Cook and Heating Stoves, i
Manufactured and kept constantly on hand
a superior quality of
Tin and Sheet Iron Ware. I
I era tors. Water Coolers, Fruit Cans,
Kettles, Boilers, etc. Special atteu
cullud to his new
liaiii Pumps,
are now being introduced. Light
tod work, Rooting and Spouting done
times, and at reasonable rates. lwS
ltral Agricultural
'letown, - - Virginia.
ricultnral Machinery
Ixrdwarc, Fertilizers and Grain.
i constantly on hand at their Btore and
ware rooms in Mkldletowu
ivs. Harrows, Wheat Fans
iat Drills. Cider Mills, Fruit Evapora
rs, Sliovels, Forks, tfce. Farm Bells,
Axes, <Ssc. We arc agents for the
kfori & Huffman Mi Drill
the southern part of Frederick county,
5 northern section of Shenandoah,
and the whole of Warren county.
It is acknowledged by the lead
ing farmer of the country
to be the very best
drill in market.
Wo Have Thirty on Hand !"&«
1 car load—but as the demand for this
rill has ever been above the supply,
we advise an early order,
c are agents for the Agricultural lu
ace Company of Watertown, N. Y.
1 correspondence promptly attended to.
1 persons indebted to or having claims
list the late James Albinarc hereby no
-1 to settle the same with the uudersign-
njust 8, 18SI- iwS Executors.
KAsTwutn hovni>.
J3 O:V7 631 605 9SS
" A. X.IF. V.
Lvc Staunton, 11 00 815
A. M.
Harrisonburg, I 7001199 9SO
Mi.VuUson,' i 911 1 1"> ' W
A. M.
Strasbnrs ; 0 40,1100 2 15! 994
Capon Road I 0 9011 2« 2 9fij DO3
Midi', town, I 7 12:1150 ; & 2:>
a. M. P. M. |
Btenhens City 7 SOU 40 2 57 0 17
Wlnchester,' 800880 148 8 21.10 13
Btenbi nson's, fi 10 837 207 :S -If'!
Charlcslown. 047 0 50! 326 42711 89
Harper's Fern 71819 90 415 4 55.12 15
P. M.
Martlnalrarg, !2 14 : 12 14 10 8"
Hagerstown, 8132 48 9 «>|
Frederick, 8 38! 2 90 8 13;
A M.
Washington, 045 2 or, T9n 890
Baltimore, 10 801 819 B _:W:_7 40
St at ions. OHH 040 636 .">*
A. M.IA. MJA. M.|P. M F. jr.
Lye Baltimore, 7 18| : 4*l
i Washington, 840 ; 4-u
Frederick, 818 •»*
j Rafforstown, j 9 49
! Harper's Perry .115 7 ISfll 10J 1 B*l > '">
! Charlestown, 888 8 0911 31 0 10; BSi
I. M. |
Stephenson's, 4 54, 0 98HS 07 :.! 40. «00
Winch.sler. I 9 17J10 48J1S 23 1 80, 9 1(1
Stephens City, 6 4811 18 12 40 45!';
Mkldletown, 9 99 11 9»it 50 519
P. M.
Canon Road, 017 12 20l 1 07i 542
Strnsburg, 0 9812 MM 1 111 5 58
Ml Jackson, 8 mil 2 46i 2 37|
New Market, 840 023 242
Harrisonburg, (10 00 4 s(>! 3 25
Air Staunton. ' 4 20' J
N'os. 638 and 033 daily. All other trains
(i.iilv except Sunday. Tsos. 010 and 909
connect at Strasburg with trains on Vir
ginia Midland road. Xo. 005 runs to Hal- •
timorc via Washington without Change of
cars. Nos. 010 and 005 dine at Mt. Jackson.
Passengers for Jordan's Springs leave cars
at Stephenson's; for Rock Eiion leave cars
at Winchester; for Capon Springs leave
cars at Capon road; for Orkney wrings
leave cars at Mt. Jackson; for the Ihiwlcy
Springs leave ears at Harrisonburg. Par
ties visiting New Market and Luray caves
Supervisor of Trains, Winchester, Vs.
W. M, Clements,
Master of Trausp'n., Camden Station.
Professional Cards.
Will promptly attend to professional
in town or country. Has been in practice
over thirty-three years,
HfOffice »t residence, near the Luther
an church, on Mulberry street. ly
Having permanently located at Stephen*
CityioTfers his professional services to the
people of that eitv and viein'ty.
Offlec. two doors north of the post office.
Dr. Thos. J. Miller
Appreciates very highly,and returns thanks
to the citizens of Stephens City and sur
rounding country, for their confidence and
patronago during the six years he has prac
ticed medicine iii their midst, and solicits a
continuance of the same. In the future, as
in the past, he will devote his whole time
to his profession, and can always be found
at his residence on" Main street, unless ab
sent professionally.
Hf" Special attention given to the dis
eases of women and children. ly
Allan B. Magruder,
And United States Commissioner,
Practices in all the Courts in Winchester,
Perry villc and Woodstock, and in the Com t
of Appeals at Richmond and Staunton, and
In the United States Courts at Harrison
-15/' Special at tention paid to the security
and collection of debts.
Ofllce at his residence on Main street.lni3
liaslness Cards.
Look Here!
The undersigned takes this mode of in
forming the public that he does all kinds of
Light Wagon and Carriage Building,
Painting, trimming and repairing a t) v
clahv. Also, clocks cleaned and repaiml.
jewelry mended; In fact we do a little of
almost every kind of work. If you have
anything to repair, bring it to us, and wo
will insure you satisfaction.
Stephens City, July 23,1881y
Millinery Goods.
Mrs. Kline would inform the ladies of
Newtown and vicinity that she still hason
hand a good line of fashionable millinery
goods, such as ribbons, flowers, fcsliio,
and all the trimmings used in millinery,
which she is selling off at extremely low
prices, in order to make room for her new
stock of fall goods.
Hats Altered and Re-Trimmed.
All work at moderate prices, and on shnrl
notice. She can be found at all limes in
her rooms ono door north of the postofticc.
Would respectfully inform the citizens of
Newtown and vicinity that since the death
jf his sou he has re-opened his
Tailoring Establishment.
[laving had forty years experience in tho
various branches of his business, he feels
jiintitied in saying that he is prepared todu
»11 kinds of cutting and making in the most
fashionable manner. Mr. Ytanle would te
pleased to see his old frii-uds and patrons

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