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Tile Evening Post.
Spcclnl Sale nrlliirnrss, Ac.
Weeks A Co.. auctioneer, nt U7 Louisiana
avenue, will sell tomorrow morning, nt 10 ill)
o'clock, within tlicir salesroom, an cleg-intM
"nrtment nf harness, Ac. Dealers and consumers
will no tt ell to attend tills unction silc. h tho
goods must ho disposed or, us the owner Is
about to leate tlio city.
Thin A lues iiml Liquor.
Chr. Xnndcr's, Will Soicnth street northwest.
Tho mot complete l.lqnnr Homo and stock In
the city. Pino old t hlsklos of lrtits-'70. etc., n.
spoclafty nnd alwaysc n hand. Direct Importa
tion of Foncrheerd Bros, and M.JIWiHno
Mierrlcs and I'ort. Aynla A Co, Chateau d'Ay
ClmtnpuiuiJ, Cruso A Kits l'rorcs Clarets.
House-Pitt nig i:tnbllsliiiicnt.
John ltuddcn' Instaltmmt homes, which nro
irntrally located at 0 10 and IM'J .setcnth street
northwest, Is tho plncetu buy our housekeep
ing outfits. Ho has tho lareot stock of stores,
carpels, furniture, etc., that lm has ever kept,
mm Is doing an Immense. bulnes by selling
them atrisn prices on tho Installment plan on
easy weekly or monthly payments.
It Is tlio llest.
Ask for It, S?hllta's Mllwaukco Lager Ilccr.
For sale by all leading houses.
Pleasant Vnlloy,
Drynnd Sweet Catawba, SI per gallon. '
Joseph 1). Donnelly, 1 Itliand lstrcetn w.
Is Your 1'rupprly Insured ?
If not, consult GcmiT linos , 131l)Fst.n. w.
l'nr Washington Pressed ltenf
oto John It. Kcllv. stalls ili.il.'l) and (WO
Centre Market and anil and 'MS Northern Lib
erty. Coined beof a specialty.
Ladles' Itoyal Kid Ilutton, Common "Sense
and Opera Toe.ttlth I'ulout Leather Tips, SU.5U.
tjinmi ll, 1)00 Sorenth stioet.
"Alderney Ilnlry AVagons."
I'resh Ahlcnicy butter, churned ctcry morn
ing and dcllyi red In tj lb "Ward" prints, loo.
per lb. Also cottage chcce, buttermilk und
mcetrnllk, fie. pcrqt. (.ream 15o.pcrqt.
Tim h ('l)XSTITl'TlUXAli.
Colored People Ilac Itlghts to Hold und
lleiineatli Property.
In llio Court in General Term to-duy
ttic cfisuof Mllly Thomas ngalnst "William
F. HoHzrmui, involving tlio validity of
elnvo marriages in Maryland, tt hero no
ceremony was performed, was decided.
The original aetion was for ejectment
to rccovei property on Third street near
G, nud tlio lairs of Mllly Thomas had,
after her death, continued tho Milt, ask
injr for accounting, etc.
The defense claimed that they had no
rights as heirs of Milly Thomas, on the
Sroiiml that tho law legitimatizing the
issue of colored people was unconstitu
tional, denying to tin; whites equal ad
vantages with the blncks.
Tho opinion of the Couit, delivered by
Justice- Merrick, characterized tho law
at "wise, proper, humane and just." If
the plaimlllf, upon showing tlmt they
wero thu Usue ot Milly Thomns when
the latter was living in the relation of a
wife, they wcie entitled to the property,
A Dlspulo About .Moling Tj pe,
Howard 0. Douglass lias applied to the
couitforati Injunction to prctcnt James C.
Wright and Charles II. Van Iturcn, dolug busi
ness us printers, from rcmotltig tjpo and
other printer's materials belonjrinirto hlni, and
which thoy reuted, from room ltt) Corcoran
building to another room. He states that
thny have threatened to mako the removal,
coutnuy to their agreement, unless lie trans
ferred to them a icaso for tho loom, which ne
1. lid from tlio owners, and tint the remotnl
cjimot bo cflected uithout Injury to the prop
er!). A Complication of HrnwU.
"Hlg Carrie" liotvlc, who prides herself on
litr reputation as a fighter, tried to whip
William 'lalor at a negro dance some tltno
ago, but she was bertclf badly whipped.
i inane mr man aim sue sworu oui ii.tyjy
tain for William and ho was arrested last Fri
ll) night, 1 lie next dav William's uncle of;
fend "Ills Carrie" $10 If eho would not pro'"e
(ule William, and so Carrie did not go to court
fcatiirday when the enso was called A u at
tachment was Issued for "lllg Carrlo" nud la
the Police. Court this moruiug she was lined
SlcFforcoiiteraptof court, aud then William
was. tried aud lined i'iO for assaulting lur.
light In Click's Alloy.
Thcro i as a tlnht In (lllcK's alley Satunlay
night belwtcn John Maou, Alice Mercer and
her datiebtcr Mary, who gave birth to a child
during the excitement. '1 ho fight was over a
youuc negro man who called on the fc
mulo members of tbu famllj and whose pres
ence wasobjtcted to by John, und while ho
was trjing to put him out with a Hat irou he
truck Mary aud was fined i iu the Police
Court this morning.
Tin Perils ol tlio Hunter,
Frank Nelson and Asburtou Wormlcy, two
15)ear-old bojs, went hunting on Mr. Ma
grudcr's farm, nboto (Jeorcetown, ou Satur
day, 'lliuy dldi.'t shoot an) thincr, hut they
were arrested foi ticspiif6, and thilr personal
liouds not to do It ugalu were taken Iu the Po
lice Court this morning.
tVantt, an ,f minting.
Kllas Jamleson lias Hied a bill In cqultj
against the heirs of the late Joseph C. (!.
Kennedy, asking for an accounting for renin,
aud that the title to a part of lot U, sipiare 51',
bo vested In him. Mr. Jnmlcson claims that
he neer coutejed the ptopcrly, though there
Is a deed ou ricord
lili-d to Ituii the City.
Thomas Holdeii, a joung up-country ncro,
came to the city Saturdaj, became drunk and
tried to run tho cltj according to his own
Mc.i, with the assistance of a razor, lie was
lined f!i foi beliiL' ills rderly and WO lor the
ruur hi the Police Court this moruiug.
A .Marlivt-llnusu 'Xhltf Cuiiglit.
William JoLiii-oii, who was arrested Sattir
di bj I'ollcunau Iluiscy, pleaded guilty Iu
the Police Court this morninj; to suatchhig
Mrs Illudckopei's) pockctbook at tho lilggs
iiKirl.it baturdii) morning, aud was sent to
tbu giand Juij Iu i.M bonds
A DomeHtte (Juarrel.
Dennis Iluchauaii und his wife Harriett,
who litis Iu " llloodllcld," quarrelled about
a plump jellow girl who called on them
Saturday night, aud In the melee Mrs. Hucli
aiun was cut on tho head with a hatchet br
tho jellow girl, Jane btanton, and she was
lined flu In the Police Court this morning.
A. Shoo IlileT Cuiiglit.
George C'arr went Into Maik's shoe shop on
Betcuth street fiaturda) attcrnoou, grabbed
two pairs of ladles' shoes and ran down tho
btreet with them, lie was caught by Police
man Kenny and lined j Iu the Police Court
this morning.
An Artist Cliooc Wnalilngtnii,
Mr. .1. Auton lleekklng, an American ailht,
whu, for neeral ) ears, has spent most ot his
tlinu abruail, has ruceutly returned to this
roiinlrj aud has determined to mako Wasli
logton his future home.
A Derelict Ciili-Ilriior.
lieorgo Coileo, a cab-drlvei, was lined iH In
l'olico (Joint this moi nine; foi not hat li)!-
lilt curd of rates fa6teucd conspicuously In
ide his cab.
nuniRetniiii Noli'B,
.Ii'lm Scott. I.ewlo Mnltli and Joseph Kan
sum, three colored hoodlums from I'ifidmon's
village, weio arrested Saturday nlxlit for dis
turbing tbu peace uud quiet of Ueoigetowu.
llev I. I Moirow, u well known evaiu.'0
lut pieucher from Ualtlmoiu.will bcin u wiles
of luvlvul heliuous to-night, to last iho cntlio
ttiek, ut the Congnss-hticet M. 1. Ubuich.
sertlccs, It to VI uoou, 7.110 p. iu.
On IbunJay ntcnlng Mr James It Walter
and Miss lidlth Holtman will be married at
thu Cougiois-Street M. I'. Church
'leinptrutiiro and condition of water at 7 a.
iu Limit Tails, temperature, US; condition,
11 rceeltlns restitolr, temperature, IU; condi
tion ut north connection, ill; coudlllou at
koiitli connection, IU; distributing reservoir,
temptiaturc, I-!, condition at lullueiit gate
house 11, condition at elllucut gate-house, 15,
I'ull List us Completed by tlio Various
Tho following is n full list of the In
auguration Day committees, ns reported
by the various chairmen on Saturday
A. T, Hrltton, chairman; M. M. l'arker, lco
chairman; It. II. Warner, treasurer; Vrcd
111 ni'l.ctt, recording secretary; (icorgo K.
Lemon, C. a. Nojes, A. M. Clapp, C. C.
(Hover, James l). Herrct, J. W 'I hompson,
rrcdcrlclc Douglass, C. II. rurrls. E. F. llcalo,
i;. K. Johnsoil, II. V. llointon, lliomas Horn
ervlllo, II. A Willard, Y. Wlrlcht, A. H. S.
DaMs, J. E. Hell, Oeorgo (llbon, Albert Ord
way, E. A. Ad mi, y. Wolf, .1, ,1. Edsou,
Kobcrt llojil, I.. . Wluc, John McF.lroy,
Oeorgo II. Williams, 0. 0. Staples, Stllson
Hutchlns, Lawreneotlardncr, Gcorgo A. Mcll
henny and Hallct Kllbournc.
(Icorgo E. Lemon, chalrnian: Hobcrt P. Por
ter, New York cltj; Colonel Elliott F. Shep
ard, New Vork city; A. S. Tnbcr, secretary.
M. M, Parker, chalrman;Gcorge W. Mos, A.
A. Thomas, L. II. Merrill, E. II. Chamber
lain, Charles A. McEwau, Ell Halls, .1. M.
Yznatiga, II. Dlii(;niiii, 'lliomas Luttroll, II. A.
Hall. A. P. Lacy. Wm. 11, Morgan, James
E. Waugb, Wm. II. Eaton, John Paul Jones,
John Vt. Carson, Austin llrown, John It.
Thompson, T. N Ilurrlll, A. T. Laugley, Hoss
1 hompson, It. 0. Foi, E. L. Stuvcns, S. C.
Palnur, N. It. Spear, George Hill, Jr., S. A.
Johnson, H. I). llarr, John II Magrudcr,
John A. Prescott, 1,. S. llrown, I'rcd W.
Pratt, 8. S. Shcdd, Frank Cancr. Janes
Haul, W. W. Belknap, Jntncs II. Marr, J. 1).
O'Connell, A. Paris, Warren Orcutt, M. Sells,
George E. Carson, C. P. Lincoln, E. W.
Wbltaker. Thomas G. Hcnscy, II. D. Cook,
lliomas C. Pcarsall, W. II. lialdwln. P M.
Hough, L. M. Saunders, W. II. Moses,
lliomas Cavimiugh. E, S. Parker, William
Gibson, John F. Waggaraau, Oeorgo II.
Plant, Jr.. It. 8. Fletcher, Charles L. Uurley,
J. C. Mcninn, 11. U. Kejser, W. K. Darker, C.
C. Duucanson, A. . Fox, Ilcujimln F. l.clgh
tou. It. C. McCauley. Gcorgo C. Mutuant, 11.
K. Willard, George Tiucsdell, Frank B. Con
ger, Smith Townshend, Frank Steele, A. W.
Kelly, George W Evans, Florcnco Donohue,
Jumcs M. Sample, S. E. Slater, '.. T. Carpen
ter, E. S. Smith, J. II. Baxter, B. F. Gilbert,
James L. Norris, Allen Rutherford, W. A.
Croflut, E. L. Mattlce, Lawrence Sands,
Frauk Aldtlch, A. I.. 1111m, G. It. Wil
cox, W. II. Hams, Allison Nallor,
Charles Thompson, r.. J It. Smjthc,
W. Calvin Cbac, Frederick Douglas, Jr.,
C. T. Yoder, II. H. Clapp, E. J. Stellwagcu,
Harry King, Fred Mack, W P. Odell, F. B.
Notes, lliomas Howling, Gcorgo E. Emmons,
C. ll. Pearson, J. J. Upplsli, Charles Graff,
Cbailes Schroth, A. F. Marsh. Gcorgo W.
Pratt, A. Ocrry Johnson, Oeorgo T. Dunlop,
Andrew Gleason, Perrj Carson, T. II. N. Mc
Phcrson, A. B. Brown, II. J. Gray, II. A.
Jones, Burr K. Tract, M. C. Hooker, Julius
I.ansburgli, A F F anion, J. S. Swormstcdt,
Charles S. Bradley, 11 1). d'L. Frcucb, rranh.
J. Tlbbctts, Thomas E. Waggiman, Horsey
Clagctt. W. F. Morse, W. O.'Koomc, M. it.
Thomas Somen tile, cbilrman; Kobcrt F.
Huston, Frank K. War J, W. S..l'.ooc.
rnu.it oitiiEii.
Col. Kobcrt Bold, cbalrm.iu; P. M. Dubant,
William J. btcphcuson, C. C. Duncausou,
Joseph Hodfon, Charles Hates, L. It, Cutter,
W. W. Curry, Gcoigo McElfresh, Georgo M.
Lock wood, Itobcrt W. Feunick, William II.
C'laggctt, J. It. West, Henrt Hurt, James L.
Norris, Col. W. G. Moore, MaJ. A. 0. Kick-
stiim:t UECoittTiON.
Louts D. Wine, chairman; J. II. Cheslcy, C.
I. Kellogg, S. B. Ellery, T. II. Hanllng, Tal
bert Laogston, Walter It. Wilcox, E. II.
lliomas, Charles N. Heatou, Jr., Warder Voor
bees, .1. Maury Dove, William A. Yatis, A. P.
Fardon. E. 0. Leech, Charles B. lUlley, W.G.
Duckett, Clarcnco McEuen, Samuel 1. Davis,
W. B. Bryan, M. 0. Copeland, It. F. Baker,
M, Goddard, J. J. Hclbcrger, J. B. Lambler,
Caltlu Wltmcr, Frederick Gbeen, Fred A.
Tschlffely, ltobert Mllburn. M. W. Ileverldge,
James K.Cleart, Philip II. Ward, Harry M.
bclinelucr, tiblin i.uurcll. ttin. v. Clarke,
Montague D. Jacobs, 11, II. Stluemetz, B. F.
Whiteside. Daniel Shannaban. C. H. Pearson.
Thomas J. Klug, Wm. S. Thompson', Thomas
13ovllc, Charles Leanuanl, George M. fcinltb,
F. II. Smith. Wm. II. Harrison. W. C. Blck-
-Xoi(l.,AlJt. (Sharp, II. Charlatan, E. G. Dal Is,
tt. K, urown, ticorgo t. t swartzcu, Jonn
A, Swope, lliomas 11, Towner, James Lans
burg, James II. Utran, S. It. Ficcmtn, Dr. It,
11. Donildson. Dr. Gcorgo N. Perry, II. O.
Towles, F. P. Davis, G. F. Guy, Melvlllo C.
Sinister, C. O. Craft, W. A. Hoekc, Ed.
Droop, A. B. Mullett,W. M. Polndettcr, Sam
uel lfoss, W, F. Ciusor, Aaron Kuscll, John
B. Wheeler, Charles F Moore, B. P. Snyder,
J. W. Schacffer, Frcdeilck Schmidt, Clarence
McClcllau, ltilph Baldwin, Philip F Hall
Frederick Carter, William P. Lipscomb.
Dr. E. A. Adams, chairman; Robert S.
Fletcher, George It. Wilson, J. W Howell,
James 11. Adrian, N. Dumout, S. J. Blcvlcr,
Andrew Wall. William Vaudoran, F. P.
Dowcs, E. W Stone, Applcton P. Clark,
Charles W. King, A, P. Fardon, Benjimln II.
Miller, It. Emmons, William Dickson, E. II.
Simon Wolf, chairman; A. S. Solomons, It.
Goldachnild. llcnrvO. Morton. Fiank E. ltaw-
llugs. Wm. Frederick, I. L, lllout,0. Uuppert,
It. M. Drinkard, 11. Lewis Blackford
Gioige Gibson, chairman; Johu Cameron,
William 11. Hupp, Samuel W. atluemctz, Matt
Trimble, F. B. McOulrc.
A. II. 8. Davis, chairman; Wlllhtn E. Ar
rlek, James 1' Wlllett, Geoige II Walker,
Charles E. Glbbs, G.A. Wbltaker, Jartls But
ler, William Helmut.
T, E. Bell, chairman; Horaco P. Springer,
Fred. S. Smith. Col. J, F. Bates, Ale Grant.
Henry Sherwood, Di. Geo. 11. Welch, Iliad.
K. Sailer, Dr. S. S. Bond, D. W. Zantzmter,
Henry S. Merrill.
John SIcEIroy, chairman; J. C. Parker, W.
H Lowilermllk, A F. Chllds, J. S. Tomlln
son, Charles E Beach.
L. P. Wright, chairman; F. W Evans,
George W. Balloch, S. J. Ehcrly, W. F.Holtz
mau, Johu Knox, J. Harris, Mills Don, II. P.
Gilbert, A Heltmullcr. '.. F. Curncntcr.W. II.
Seidell. Lotl Woodbu rt, JohuE. Ilerrell, 8. B
I lege, J. F. Cook, L. I',. Nicholson, . E. Mat
thcws.F. 0. Keeves.W. J. Newton, J. 0. Hewcs,
A. J. Hchwaru, W S. Brown, Thomas Queen,
II. llrirrulug, C t. Spollord, II. Iirueusln
gcr, ltobort A Park, William Cioshy, 0. G.
Staples, C. C. Loefler, Peter Duffy, Patrick
O'Farrcll.M. D. Braluaid, W. E. Donulson,
.1. II. Brooks, W II A. Wormlcy, Johu A
Gray, Frank Madegan, Henry Brock, Morris
Murphj, Thomas Kuby, Gcorgo W Hurvoj,
E. L. Johnson, L L Blake, Joseph II EiUon,
M. Wallace, Courad Becker, William J. .Mur
tagh. I.nnK Out fur thn Ai coniinodiitini: Agent
A book ugent cauvasslng for tho works of
Dlckeiib has sprung u decldcly clover scheme.
To those who uecd the dollar ueeessart for tho
subscription, this enterprises a gent offers to
loan tbu amount, taking a receipt therefor
'the day folluwlug the linn's collector appears
aud delivers thu book aud collicts the Hut In
btnlhiiclit which pi oves to bo thu dollar so
ktudl) loined bi tho advance ageut. Ihe
little receipt which was signed by the sub-,
ecrlbcr turns out to be u guarantee to pa
twice the amount tho book can bo bought for
from au ordinary dealer.
I.mtkliiir for his Meat,
Dave Curtis got lull of South Washington
whisky jesteriUy md looked mound for
bomooueto whip. IIo selected (Jcorge John
Min, an uudcrsUut ntaioojstcr-liucksttr man
for his "meat," nnd when lio got through
with Mm the njBteimnn's stock hi I rude was
seiitteiuloter thestieet fo a sipinidor two.
Ills men oat In iuc,s, aud his facu bbiodt Tlio
bul Hern nt Date was utiectid nnd lined $10 in
the l'olico Court this moruiug.
'IIih Duud-I.clter hulu.
The Dead-Letter Oflleo sale will bo bold on
tho ITth ot next month, 'the schedule ot
miscellaneous articles includes I,1M lots, con-
Uilnlri' cterttliluir Immliiablo Of books
there nro 1,1)01 lots, of Jewelry thcro uie IDS,
from' a diamond to i
u time!
filtibnhow M'nx Strunu'l"'il tu Death,
Coronor I'attersou testenluy found that
Orconhijw, tie nemo who was found dead m
his lione, died (loin straugiilutluii, caused
piobutly by bumcthlng he tried to swallow.
I'ruspccts That tlio l'onco lVur Will Con
tliiuo for Souietltne.
Tho fence war at I.o Droit Park has
not yet ended, and fiom present indica
tions it is not likely to end very soon.
David Washington, tlio special policeman
at tho Park, has Just been tricii'.by the lo
lico Trial Hoard on a charge of piovcnt
ing citizens from entering tlio gules of tlio
park. Tho cliargo was brought by Mrs.
Uriah Dalley, who lives in Howurdtown.
Slio sttoro that whllo attempting to drive
through the Maplo avenue gnlo her horso
was stopped by Washington. Tho peo
plo In Ilowanltown hato recently been
nblo to p.iss through tho park by entering
at tho openlug in tlio fence on Kim Btrcet
and passing over the lots of Charles 12.
H.ines, which havo signs up telling them
tlmt they havo such permission. Tho
Dark authorities could not prevent this,
but they gavo their policeman orders to
prevent them from entering by the park
gates on their return. Tho charges
against Washington wero dismissed, as
ho violated no regulation of tlio l'olico
1'EKJUUY AliliEflEl).
IVhat Throe Witnesses Tcstincd In a
Kecctit Ilhnrce disc.
Last October Clara A. Hcalo sued for
divorce from Edwatd M. Hcale. Testi
mony was taken by commission and
Florcnco Jew ctt, alias Sarah Thompson,
Btvoro that one tlay whllo Mrs. llcalo was
away she was criminally intlmatu with
that lady's husband. Parah Hawkins.
Mrs. lleale's servant girl, ulso testified
that one night Mr. llcalo brought this
samo Florcnco .lowett iu, turned down
the lamp anil thoy laid down on a big
rug right in front of Sarah.
A negro man named Turpln also testi
fied to seeing Mr. llcalo and Florence to
gether. It now appears that at tho tlmo
all this Is said to havo happened
Florcnco was in tho Albany peniten
tiary. All three of theso negroes wero
nrrestcd yesteidav on chtuges of jicrjury
and tho cases will como up in tho Pollco
Court to-monow.
A Watchman Arrested fur Thoft,
For a long time Saks ,1 Co., the clothing
dealers, whoso storo Is located on Setenth
street, hate been suspecting tho theft of nu
merous articles of clothing from their store.
The thefts hate been in small quantities and
distributed over about a tear, but the aggre
gate Is something like $1,000. On Saturday
night Detectives Home and Hall" arrosted
Thomas Bit Ins, anagedwhitomau,n respected
citizen of Unloutown, wbo was emlo)ed by
Saks A Co. as u night watchman, for tho
Saturday some goods bearing Saks & Co.'s
prlvato mark wero found In the room of a
ncgrcss on Armory street, nnd she said that
lliomas Blvlns had given them to her. When
Mr. Bltlns was taken before the ncgrcss bo
said he didn't kuow her and denied that sho
was his mistress. He was locked up In tho
South Washington Station-house and will be
tried to-monow.
Trnuhlo llctween l'leiueu.
Plebaker Feldm)cr and Plobakcr Lclnbach,
fellow cmplojcs, hi the Connecticut Plo Com
panj's factory in Georgetown, quarreled Sat
urday and Lclnbach was whipped. Yesterday
he got a razor, aud, after drinking a consider
able quantity of whisky to nervo himself, ho
said lie was going to cut tho vh toifous fellow
plcbaker's heart out, Fcldmjcr had him ar
rested for threats, and hi the Police Court, tills
moruiug the caso was dismissed.
A One-Sided Giimo.
The Junior Kendalls defeated tbo Orients
In a hotly contested game at Lincoln Park
last Saturday, lbs score stood 18 to 0.
.I .
Tlio Votinc .Han Who TrTod to I'lay Com
edy on u Street Car.
Fiom the notion JJmlytt,
You may havo been a passenger on a
horso car ata tlmo when someone picked
up a coin off the cushion or from tho
straw, and anxiously inquired for an
ovtner. At such a time every man in
stinctively feels in his pockets. Every
man feels liko saying that ho is tho lucky
party, but an Inward voice somehow
restfnins him. The mouoy is invariably
pocketed by tho Under, and ho Is set
down, in the opinion of his fellow pas
sengers, ns contemptible and mean.
On a South Boston car a young man
pin posely dropped a silver pleco on tho
lloor, Uiiu ot n propor moment he picked
it up and observed, "Who lost this quar
ter? ' Kteryono looked at him and
every mouth watered, "Did any ono
drop thisV" continued tbo young man, as
ho held it up. Thcio wns another em
barra&sing pause, Then a burly man
reached out for it with the remark, "I
dropped It, master. You aro a gentle
man to return it." "Arotou suro you
dropped itV" "lam. I am not a liar."
"iiui you see you " "You glvo mo
my hard-earned money or I'll wring
your neck," interrupted tbo other, us hu
reached out for his victim. Thu young
man gave It up. IIo looked whllo, and
red, and green, and ho felt so bad over it
mat ne hoon uioppeu ou mo car nnu iook
to tho sldowalk.
llmiMihnhl SuirRCHtlou,
Uso a penny to remote paint spots
Different flavors ot cako should be ktjit In
separate boxes.
Uso a silt tr spoon In cooklug mushrooms,
The silter will bo blackened If any Injurious
mialtty is present.
If cream soups are to stand any length of,
tltno after being prepared placo a dump towel
otei the dish to protent a scum from rising.
If ou aru obliged to lgatc a basket ot
clothes that havo bicu dampened by Ironing
longer than usual nut them In a dry pluco
uwa) from artlllelal heat and they will not mil
dew or Hour for da s,
ll mu nannies oi move urusucs are Kept clean
fiom the llrst that part of the work will seem
no dirtier than auy other about the huuso. It
Is an excellent plan to use a paint brush for
pulling ou me oiaci,ui
fresh uuwepjpers.
also uso plenty of
AbsoSiteIy Pure.
I his powder nver varlei. A marvel of nurltv
; rtiiBi'li and wlnoloinene.s Mure economical
IliaiiihupiUlniiry kinds, and eM.inot lmffl '
tompeiltlon -with (,e niultltu.leot low test
SiW."! n"ri S'"mt,) "'w'"
WIihI lllnnliiR HO Miles mi Hour-
Iho I'lrm Humv of the Mciisou,
A sovcro storm raged throughout New
York Stato ami New England yesterday
and Inst night with tho prospect of con
tinuing to-day. In this Stato a haul
wind prevailed all the afternoon and last
night ll blow a gale. Tho Hist snow of
tho season c.imo In tho night, and tho
avenues and streets nro whllo to-day.
Followlug are some of tho stonn reports:
At Rutland, Vt,, tho fall of snow hns
been three inches; at Ihtigor, Mo., seven
Inches, and at Concoul, N. II., six Inches.
Much damage has been dono on tho
north shore.
Hosto.v, Mass., Nov. -'0. Snow fell to
tho depth of live Inches ycslciday at
Springfield, followed by hall and Is so
solidly packed as to Impede tralllc. "Wires
aro down nnd communication neatly sus
pended, Passongcr trains aro from ono
to thrco hours lite, and freight trains
havo been taken off.
Tho storm tit Ulnlicestcr wns tho heavi
est since tho blizzard last March. Tele
graphic 00111111111110111011 wns nearly cut
oir. It Is loportcd that two unknown
schooners havo been dashed on Norman's
Woo, nnd that bnly ono of tho men
aboard has thus fur beon rescued. Tho
coaster Medford was wrecked in tho
harbor by tho brig Allco being diiven
into her.
Tho Boston, Itovcro Ucaeh it Lynn
ltallroid was badly washed out midway
between tho Nnirow Gringo Hotel and
tho Point of Plucs, stopping through
At Crescent llcnch several cottages
havo been undermined, and somo of tho
hotels threatened. Tho Wintluopshorcs
havo felt tho fcico of tlio storms, and a
number of buildings between Point Shir
ley nnd 'Wlnthrop havo been demolished.
A washout on tlio Wlnthrop & Shoro
Hnllroad prevented tlio running of trains.
Tho storm Is tho worst over known on
this part of tho North Shore, nnd danger
is feared from tho Incoming tide.
Tlio wiuit lcaeheil litty-ono inue9 an
hour yesterday at New Haven, tho
highest velocity over recorded here, aud
several Inches of snow fell. Travel on
tho Shoro Lino was stopped by thohieak
ing of tho drawbridge at Lyme. Many
vessels havo put in at New Haven for
At Block Island tho w ind blew eighty
miles an hour.
Nr.w YonK, Nov. 20. The storm which
prnvniled here yesterday was a reminder
of tho blbzaid of last Match. The snow
began to fall about 10 o'clock in tlio
morning. It camodottn lively all day
and did not ccaso until evening had set
in. About 2:P,0 in tho afternoon tho wind
was at its hclght,going at the ralo of thii ty
miles nn hour. At tho signal service
othco it was said tho storm would not
last throughout tho night,
The mercury registeied 31 dosiccs tit
0 n.m., tho muiio at 12 m., !!0 degrees at
S.'.iO p. m., nt 23 degrees at midnight.
Average temperature, JJOg degrees; aver
age temperature samo day last year, 47
dcgiees. Heavy winds and drifts aro ie
tiortcdatDanbiiivnnd'Waterhurv.Conn,, and at Albany ,LTtIt'a. Auburn, Rochester,
and Amsterdam, N. Y.
Tho Widow riehtliie; for an Incronsed
Allowance oftlie Mltln Left,
from tht Ktw York 11'oiM.
Portland, Ore., Nov. 23. Tho div
ision ot tho cstato ot Bon Ilolladay, the
founder of tho Trans-Continental Pony
Express, and tho ploncor stage-coach
and stcnmshlp man of tho Paclllc coast,
is causing trouhlc. Keccntly tho Court
appointed appraisers to II x the valuation
of tho cstato, but! Joe Ilolladay, lien's
brother, who is executor, refused to 'give
them nnyriiinfonnintionnc Then ,Mis.
Ilolladay filed a petition asking the
court to compel him to pay at rears
amounting to "J3.000 on her monthly al
lowance, and to require him to submit
tlio property to appraisement,
.loo Ilolladay camo forward with an
answer, denyingdhat Hen Ilolhulny died
possessed of propel ty worth 1(10,000,
und asserting tliat at tlio timo of his
death he did not havo tho means to pay
tho expenses of his last sickness and
funeral. Joo Ilolladay also accuses .Mrs.
Ilolladay aud hoi legal advisuis of con
spiring to omhai ass his management of
the estate, and says that Sirs. Ilolladay
Is not in need of money to support licr
bolf and hor children, and that by econ
omy she can get along nlcoly on illOO u
month. Hu also dcclaics that if hu is
foiced to sell pioporly to pay tho In
debtedness, enough cannot bo icalized to
pay claims duo and piescntcd, amount
ing to moio thnn 70,000.
Mr. llolludny's daughter, Jenny Lind
Ilolladay, was married to Count Arthur
Pourtales, who is now Picnch Consul nt
Newcastle. Shu died Jltiy 15, 187:1, leav
ing ono daughter named Marie, who was
horn in 1871. Thu Count hns slnco con.
tractcd a second niariiago with -Miss
Jlaiio A. Iieauvar-IJoosior, of Now Or
leans. -
Mnjor 2Mc1ihiii Miurlcd,
MoJorAzor II. Xlckcroon, whose divorce,
obtatucd over ajcai ago, mis vacated on the
grouud of fraud and perjury, bos asaln
married Miss Carter, to whom ho was sup
posed to be married Immediately on obt iln
in bis fraudulent divorce
NhwXaius DitCiS .1 iixruitns.
MIA'ION l'llltltV,
(biicceisor lo l'erry & llio)
OVi;i.TIi:S IN Itlt'UI(TKI) DUK'-S 1'All-
iiics, l'UitriifAii.ii in nuw vniiu nr.tiMJ
I)lt(Ji:i) l'KIOIlS
I'LAloa AND BTHU'I'.S AT 7Sc, 81 AND
ltAMHNU i uoti sm 'io sun,
"HI'l.OIAL IIAltllAIXV l.N ln.INt'lt ALI
7."o. AND SI.
"i.XTitv ori'HUtsn or nn inch fuenoii
Till'. CI.LIlUItt IKDHKMUH 1 MHOIll 1.1) TOS-
"lll.Nl INU".SOLlMl MTl'l.MIS
NUtvitii'oiiTUPiiorir wii.vi'n, .iacklts,
KIlTi. .tTl.OWht'1 I'l.ll 111
SI "I OS 10 I
i:Li,lh.Nr rtiiAt. push svjuhs, all
H(ZKs. HANOINil 1 uoti S. n TO i."i()
"h.VI'UA hl.llb" IN SIIAL 1'..iII WIIAI'S
A.NIIItll'Olll'KIiUl.iiIll HA .LANS, 11ANU-
HI,i.C!AI.."-HAVDim ol'IJN illlt I ATLST
I'Attia NuvuLrit's in oaiiziix, milk il-
(II.Ol.b. '
l'erry Ilulldlnl'c'in jiunlit at oniio. corner of
Ninth stieel l.-tiinlUhed 1HIO.
(Successor to Henry Leo's Sons),
I'll.NN At KNUK N. W
Ilrancli oftlce, 4l)n siarjland nvo, s, tv,
Aumwr liuiH.iuiiiK
1'UllNltllllNil UNDKIirAKIlIt,
illljl'enn. hvo.ii t; , between ad uud lHsts,
ilvur j iLlujj arstcluss.
Tho Only Tlmo
In Ills Llfo thul Ho Cast
n Voto,
"I was present," says cx-Prcsldent
Hayes, "when General Slierldftii cast tlio
llrst voto and tho last of his life. Mc
Clullan was tho candidate on tlio ouu
side nnd Lincoln on the other. Sheridan
had never voted, as ho was an army
olllccr, but ho understood that under the
laws of Ohio nn Ohio soldier could vote,
aud that thcro wns to ho soiuuwhcru in
camp among tho.OJtlo soldiers it polling
place. Ho soon learned it was at my
headquarters, so hu camu over tho day
before and talked about it. 'I never cast
a voto hefoio In my life,' said General
Sheridan, 'and I don't uudcistniitl how
to do It.'
Next daySliorldancamo over wlthGen
eral Porsjth of Toledo aud General
Crook, who also.wantod to vote. I passed
tho word around that Sheridan andCrook
would voto about 0 o'clock, and live
thousand soldiers and two brass bands
wero ou hand. Tho polling place was n
wagon, and tlnco non-commissioned
olllcors wero judges nnd two young
fellows clerks. I said I'd voto flist, so
as to show Crook and Sheridan how it
wns done. I was an old voter; thoy w ere
greenhorns. I stepped up nnd said to
the judges: 'My niimo is llutlicrford B.
Hayes; I voto in Hamilton County, Ohio,
in the Fifteenth AVnrd, Cincinnati,'
"All this was put down. Then Slierl
dan steppod tip. IIo was a llltlo embar
rassed, for all tho men wero looking at
him. It ttns a now part for him to play.
Ho looked ut the judge; tlio judge staled
at him. 'Your name, sir,' said tho judge,
with infinite dignity. Sheridan spoko
up; 'Phllln II. Sheridan. 'In what Stato
do you voto?' askod tho itldgo, Impres
sively.' 'In Ohio,' Shcrldun lcplled.
'In what county?' 'Pciry County.' Thou
camo tho dllllcult question: "In what
ward or township, sit?' asked the judge,
with solemnity. 'My father lives in
Heading township,' Sheridan replied,
in an etnbanasscd way, for it was nil
new to him,
"Then Genetal Crook stopped forward.
pulling his mustache nervously, as was
Ills habit, lie gavo his namo and said
ho lived in Dayton, Montgomeiy
County. 'What wind, hir ?' thundered
the Judge, 'I don't know,' General
Ciook Baid, 'I always stopped at tho Phil
lips House, though.' 'Oh, call it tho
Fiist "Ward,' 1 said, and down It went
that way. In sneakinir with Sheridan
nftorwards ho said with feeling; 'This Is,
my first votetl don't ever oxpect to voto
again, but I did want to vote for old
aTjc.' "
A Warning to AVhlst l'piycrs.
I.oniloix CabU.
A gentleman in Brussels has shown unusual
enthusiasm for tho gamo of whist. In tho
cour60 of a gamo his partner trumped the
trick which bo had already won by deep cal
culation ami skill. Instead ot swearing, as a
gentleman would oullninlly bate dono In such
circumstances a few times, ho gave his unlucky
partner twenty stabs in mo rinstviiu along
knlfo nnd left him dead. Ibis didn't cool his
nrdor for tho game, for later iu tbo evening
tin was found quietly plajlug In another cato
with some otuei friends. When his second
partner learned the facts bo oppressed great
satisfaction that tho gamo should have been
Interrupted by tho police.
In Jlcinnry of Jnliu McOulloii;h.
Tho ceremonies of the unveiling of the
monument erected to the memory of tbo late
tragedian, John McCbllough, will tako place
ncNt Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock, at
Mount .Morlah Cemetery, neir Philadelphia.
Tlio committee having In charge the ceremo
nies Is composed of John W. Maclfaje, Wil
liam SI. Conner, William P. Johnson, W, J.
Florence, John 11. Caison and William It.
Thomson. T hoy havo Issued 1,S00 Invitations
and a special train will convey tho invited
guests to wo cemetery.
A St Joseph,
basket, firm, Jg
gnged upon n largo order from ftow Houln
I nrti
The "Lord Climulej" Cape Ulsttir.
Every one we sell intro
duces it and us to new
friends ; society men, bus
iness men, physicians,
clergymen, lawyers, all
find it exactly "the
ticket." Wear it to the
theatre, over your dress
suit; wear it to business;
to church; drive in it;
travel in it, we had nearly
said sleep in It, but we
draw the line there; we
don't care to injure our
own business by limitinga
man's wardrobe to a sin
gle garment. No, the
"Chumley" Ulster is not a
patent night-robe, al
though it might on a pinch,
and it doubtless will, some
times, be made to do such
humble service.
We have a variety of
Cape Ulsters for Men and
Boys; of overooats-the
subject really demands
more space than we have
left in this article.
319 7th 9. S, E, Cot, D St,
" FiITTIil3
PjJ-ffl J j-TTT CIA I 'll
Tlie Oldest and Largest Music House in the City,
NO. 937 PH, TWL'B.
Dealers in Pianos, Organs, Foreign and
American Sheet Music, Music Books,
Musical Instruments and Musical Mer
chandise of all kinds.
Pianos for Rent or Sale at moderate
prices and on accommodating terms.
Pianos Tuned and moved by competent
workmen. Telephone, Mo. 18.
ACQUST W. NOACK, l'rosldcnt. FUANCIS OAItLICKS, Secretary.
1881-1880. llsTAiiusitLD 18ut
(Sitoccssors to Bhoomaker & Horizon,)
Fine Wines, Liquors, Cigars, &c,
Tolcphono call, 017. WASHINGTON, D. C.
Assorted Casos of ono dozen Wltics, Liquors and Cordials at dorcn prices.
Divided, We Stand;
TJnited, We Ml.
That is to say, if we unite
with others to uphold big
prices we fall, because we are
not patronized. On the
other hand, if we divide our
bargains with the people we
Therefore, we are going to
do more than divide with you
this week, and hope it will
be appreciated.
10o Ladles' Black, Colored and SIrlpod Hoso
ioo Misses' llhitk, Colorod and Striped Hose,
i'Ma Misses' and Boys' rionch Hlbbcd Hoso,
split feet, OMc
2,1a Mlses" full rcmlar mado Black Hose,
larso sizes, 12Mio. , .......
'J.lo .Men's full regular mado Half Hose, plain
and stripe. 12Jo.
20o Ladles' silk cmbroldcrod back Casbmcro
Clot os CM to 8, JOO
ll)o Ladles' slik-cmbroldored back GIovos, B4
to 8, 2l)o.
4l)o Misses' Knit Vests, silk finish, pearl but
tons, nil sizes. Ill to 28, 25c.
Ul)u Ladles' black Itiisslau Ilnlr Muffs, 31)o.
SI. IU Misses' Alio Heaver Stuffs, satin lined.
S 1 40 ILadles' Alaska Hush IWlMutt, Matin
lined, S1.4U.
21e Jllsses' hand-kntt Tobo(tsau white nnd
colors, 21c. , , ' ' ;' " '
lOo Misses' hand-knit Toboesans, whlto and
colors, U5o. ...
wio Infants' fluo hand-knit Toboggans, all
whl o, -lUc.
4(io Men's Hod Knit Urdorshlrts, flOo.
71)o Men's lted Knit Uudcrshlrti", Rile.
hllu Men's lted Knit Undershirts, (ll)u.
l)i)o Men's lied Knit Undershirts, 70c.
Sl.llll Men's lied Knit Undoislilrts. $1.10.
81.11) Men's lted Knit Undershirts. SI 21).
81.70 Men's lied Knit Undershirts, $1.17.
Drawers to mutch all.
Youths' solid Heal Calf Lace ilioos, sizes 11 to
2, 8UC.
Hoys' solid Ileal Calf Luco Shoes, sizes 1 to 0,
Youths' Seamless Hook Shoes, all solid, 8l)o,
Ladles' solid hat her Uongolu Button Shoes,
worked holes, wc.
Ladles' solid leather Pebble Button Shoes,
warrunted solid, OUc.
t2TNotv, It you buy a pair ot Men's
Shoes thiH week tto will noil you .Men's
Ilubbcrs for 25c. If you buy Ladles'
Shoes you get Ladles' Hubbers for 15c.
If you buy upalr of Misses' or Child! en's
Shoes you enn got it pair of Mibscs' or
Children's ltubbers for lL'Jc.
Double Combination,
1241 & 1243 I Ith St. S. E.
0U.0ltr'ni,K, 01,1) I'OIHT ash Tin: soum.
btcaniorOKOlt'H! LKAHY loaves Wmhlnuton
Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at B p. m.
rtloaraer L M)Y Of TIIK LVKK, TOosday.
Thursday mid Saturday, ut 5 p. in., (rum Sixth
Street Wharf.
Steamer Learr lands at PInuy Point goliu aud
Lady ot tho Laka lands ut Curnlleld Harbor
and Colonial lleauli em rtiturdayH Steuner
iroinWttshlniitoniliilly.lniiludliigSunduys, until
lurlber notice, Sunday ut lip in.
Pure, Hliirdiiy excursion, return Monduy 7
a. m . S'l round trip.
Connections inaile nt Norfolk with Old Do
minion btoamshlu Company for Notv York.
Knox and Lloyd Hxpress will call an I cliaolt
v... , .,!!. ne huttds an,! iu Watrt reslilonuiH.
Tolephouo oall-l.u.iry, 715U, Mjsetoy,
i. S'J.
P. S. Co.
UKU, i riiu.i.uo.
sunt, i, &
X tlio OxxXy Shoo
U0J l'HNN.V. AV1J.
S CO.,
una iu.wj.f-jn
Excluslto stylos In Children's Suits,
mado up In ajstipfilor manner of tho
finest of this season's fabrics. Xoter
beforo wero tbo styles so unique, nt
" tractlvo nnd becoming, nnd wo bollote
you will admit, uftcr looking thioimh
this stock, that It pays to buy them
rcadi-inado. Wo can selljou nn excel
lent suit Jor phlldrcn 1, 5, 0 and 8 years
of ago ns low ns$1, nud from thlsprleo
wo go, with fremicnt stops, up to SIS,
What tto lmvo said about tho Chil
dren's Suits Is equally nppllcablo to
Misses. You will bo surprised ut tho
excellent tusto displayed In tho draping
and finishing ot theso dresses, whllo tho
ttork would bo no discredit to any first
class dressmaker In this city.
Wo hatoagdn added to this already
largo stock, pud wobcllotoour prcent
lino has no equal hereabouts. Many of
thostjles closely follow tboso nowpro
t ailing lu the Ladles' Long liarmcuts,
and weJutltojour early Inspection.
, iThlid floor.)
Ladles' l'luo Ilrald-trlramed Cloth
Modjeskns, In N'nt y Bluo und Black. A
tcry stylish und tertlieablo Winter
Wrap. Only SO each.
L idles' "Cold Medal" Seal Plush
Hacques, real sealskin ornaments, and
lined tilth a lino grade ot quilted satin.
Only S22.no ouch.
These hnto uo equal for good monoj'g
(Third floor.)
Tho now Jerseys hato como at last. Yot
who hate waited will be fully lopuld, as tt
hato not shottn tholrcqtial this season. Plain,
Plaited, Smocked, Braided, uud other cntlrol;
notvnnd cquully iitttactlyo stjlos, at piloet
tthloh bate heretofore protallcd for.Tcrsoji
not nuarsodcsbublo. If you aro In coareh of
tho best nud "lutcst" In Jcrsejs, you should
see theso,
(Third floor.)
Slcndld lino of Boys' Kilt Ovorcoats,
'-kjtoilycats. S3 to Sll).
Extensile assortment of Boys' Ovor
coats, In all the popular heavy cloths,
with and without Capos, sized to 17
years, $." ip SKI oanh.
Great tanotyof Hoys' Ono and Tno
I'lcie I'aney Kilt i-n'U, In Plain Shades,
I'anoy Chcc'is, Plaids and MJxtuicB.
' 50, $.1. $.) 50, S 1, S 1.00, S 1.75, S'i up
to $8 nil each.
Do j s' Suits, I to 15 years, 31 per
Suit. Hotter qualities up to $10.
bulls ot every popular winter fabric,
mado up In the most attractive styles,
at the lottost posslblo prices,
(Third floor,)
Corner I till unit f Mreots N, It',
importor and Tailor.
Fall and Winter Goods,
All of (he Late.it Novelties,
MH. MAtlll personally llti ull garments made
lu our establishment.
1111 Penna. jvenue.
English Diagonals"!
Our stock of IV Ido tVnlo Diagonals Is Oom-pleto-
lluelts, llluos, llrnttni nud drays Wo
miikothesulu Uutuway Hulls, tint briMud, fur
SJ.ino. Theso inugcntilno liugllsh Wnrstols.
L'oirectstjlestiud peifeut lit giurauteud.
1411) JSTow 5Tordc Avo.

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