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From 8. P.i
Manch.-Hon., Jan. 29
For 8. r.x
Sonoma, Jan. 26.
From Yaoceever:
Marama, Jan. 21.
For Yaneoivers
Makura, Jan. 28.
Evening Bulletin. Est. 1882. No. 5452.
Hawaiian Star. Vol. XX No. 6493.
W ,V Ji J JO
M tit JII
.1 .
v .. f
, :-:f
'. ' : r
'V ; :
Cl I HI ill v 0 1 y 0
Correspondence Befween Masters' As
sociation And lnter-Islarid is Made
. : S PublicCounsel For Meii
Makes Statement '
' c 'lLjeibers of the Masters nd Mates Association of Honolulu will
tivs r,i 'rps t?'' "president Kennedy or. the . Inter-Island Com
-'i p !'i other. words V?e are not going to carry the -f
7e are trji- tally o the terrabf the
- - VN-e
-s. -
k 4
AsBociatlon ct r. . rs, mates and' Ui
n - -pilots ftr.J to stnxe.w
K ; if Ittcr-IiIs.-i dlscLarces cap- tt
U ; tains, v v -
.tt CorreEpondenca .between r - cla-itl
n . ' tlcn , and
InteMslanJ nadeitt
tS rtitUc;
H lrter-l!ar.i ccnpany decUr.es ia tt
Pivot. of strike sentiment appears
n -v tote rrcrosed discharge of
85 UTr Si;
8 ' Itf r .'.-tora from mainland.' tl (
;i uUuuu U j
lUcl ujust .treatment lot.
That, a
-taptains'cf the Inter-Island.' fleet by
President Kennedy has - aroused tho
most intense hostility ..to him in the
ranks of. the local Harbor, of the Asso
clatlcn of llasters,. Mates' and Pilots,
Is evidenced tot alone by a statement
trade to? the Star-Bulletfn this motn
mg but also by a series of letters from
the officials of the Harbor to Mr. Ken
nedy: and, the Intcr-Island directorate
some of which are printed below, r jn
spite cf thli, however, it was positively
stated this morning that the captafis
are determined to let the company Of
ficials taief the first step in the con
flict they assert is coming. Accordih.t
to Judge "A.' S. Humphreys, attorney
Tlor the Harbor, the captains "are nol
going to carry the fight to the com
pany." Mr, Kennedy, president of the
t company, ;ref used again to make any
statement for publication, saying jthat
; "there is nothing to say." v ' i
'Judge Humphreys, although confined
to bed, made a formal statement for
this paper, in behalf of v the associa-tlon,-
He said:,';.;
. Stick' by Agreement. ":
-The captains .have been , and still
; are determined to live up to the terms;
of the. contract made with the; Inter
Island company after thelf .successfal
fight for -their J rights, last summer.
They acted then ' in. good faith and
thev are still acting In good faith,' -1
have advised them to bj particularly
careful against doing ' anything - that
could In any Way; be construed as a
violation of the letter and spirit of
that agreement It is the wish of I1
to keep the good opinion of this com-
: "I (Contlnuea from Pago 2.)
- ,:-:v.t,vAID FOR GOOD
' y-t ' r-V -'.-f
On. behalf of the Men" and .Re 4
- Ilgion Forward Movementwe ear-;
' pe8tly request the. businessmen f
-f of the -city to allow their em- 4
tployes, so-.far as practicable, to -f
leave their of tices - at four-thirty 4
o'clock "today, Monday and Tues-. -f
4-d at afternoon, to attend the 4i
fvSmith and Robins institutes.
s- This is a rare Opportunity for 4
'men to receive . training v from 4
f leaders- of, exceptional ' power 4
; -f and forco
i f . General Chairman. 4
4- . Chairman Exec Com. 4
7' . .. - '4
44ft4t:.44t4i 4 4.4-4 4-4
Rfial Motor Cars
-Two passenger
Taut passenger
X-Five passenger .
Call and Inspect
v , Merchant fc'Alakea, Phone 2648
: r
Scrvics" 'Cire!:3;;Arousc'd !by --a
: : Gratuitous Insult to Second u
r . ; ; t . :
T an (ntm iheotM II lnhP Al
-could be :t.;:i-;vv v v
They gave a drunk civilian room bt
: . aan i room ior merr. v r vy
They sent me to the gallery,. or, round
the music 'alls, : -,
But when it. comes, to fightin. Lord!
, - they'll shovo me. in the stalls! x
y . 5 For it's Tommy this; an' .Tommy
.: that, and JTommy,. wait out
' 5 ; , side; ; .M ''-i : '
:-; iBut it's Special train for AtUn'
? when the trooper's on' the
:,; v -v- tide.
"Yon talk o better food tor us.4 an
v . schools, 4n fires, an all: v
.We'll wait for extra rations if yon
treat us; rational ! V -J' : r
Don't mess about the cook-room slops,
' but prove it to our face'-: -n-The
soldier's uniform ' Is not the ;sdl-
v dier man's -disgrace.?, ; k v
:i v:" ' v, .
A case ; of gross . discrimination
(Continued on Pegs 8)
v (Special t8tar-BulleUn Wireless! , ; '
HILOv Hawaii, Jan. 24.-Accordlng
to news received here today, the big
storm of the last two days has prac
tically ruined the Mahukona wharf f
Last night heavy seas washed away
the retaining wall and a large part of
the wharf Itself. The landing at Ka.
waihae is also badly damaged. It
will be impossible' to use either now
for freight or passengers.
(Special Star-Bulletin- Wlrelewl
t H ILO, Hawaii, Jan. 24The Wailu
ku river water license was today sold
at public, auction, being bought in by
L. S. Conness on behalf of the com.
pany that will build the Hilo street
railway line. The license went for one
dollar. There were no other bidders.
Special Star-Bulletin- Wireless
HILO, Hawaii, Jan. 24. That the
Kapoho postoffice had been burglariz
ed waa discovered this morning. It is
reported that less than $100 was taken,
Wells-Fargo and federal moneys being
kiki Inn will give another dance this
evening in honor of Dasseneers on the
i Cleveland, tourists and townsfolk gen
erally. Kaai's Quintet club will fur
nish music for this occasion. The
public is invited to attend this beauti
ful moonlight dance. advertisement
mm u
Afl 1
. - : : , r ; 1 ' " ; . '..'!'
' " " - - - -v': .v,, t:t-:r.: :J:.Ty
.-i,n.. v- " Cv-,vv.'- y'7 - v I-vi-v vV r-'i--- i'A'
fW. v v.-,
" - "' ;r
I?; v-:-r T
i " 1 ' 1 1 ' iii nil iii i'
- AboTe-"Costnme Tea ' Party
llner Below -Left: Rajld Transit
GloberBirdling Tourists $ee the
V Beauties of t Honolulu;? (rom
' Trolley Cars and Automobiles
rand Wind Up ;at'i Waikiki tor
; Elaborate Xuncheon at the
Moana Hotel
- w
Cleveland tourist news will be found
today -on pages 1, 8, 7 and It
The Cleveland will take mall for the
roast, sniltnir tomorrow moraine. Mail
for the Cleveland will close at 9 o'clock
Three hundred and seventy globe
girdling pf.venger8 of the steamship
Cleveland sat. down to luncheon at the
Moana hotel shortly after noon today,
and in the restful atmosphere of cool
ing breezes, well appointed and well
decorated tables, and good viands,
tried to segrfate their kaleidoscopic
impressions of Honolulu anc environs,
gained in a whirl of sightseeing from
trolley cars an'l motors. Less than a
score of the ship's passengers were ab
sent from the ,noon repast arranged
for by the Famburg-American Co.,
to vary the rouUne of shipboard fare,
and of these most of the absentees
were lunching with friends in the city,
or had elected to make a flying cir
cuit of the island.
Before 8 o'clock this morning the
big liner began to empty of passen
gers, many of whom boarded the spe
cial cars lined up to receive their
loads Of sightseersv and take them for
a run of er all the trackage of the
company so that the tourists obtained
a fair idea of the city, getting a sight
of Nuuanu valley, Manoa valley, Puna
(Continued on Page 3)
HILO, Hawaii, Jan. 2X-A Hilo rail
road wharfinger, Hayden, has been ar
rested for the theft of two bags of rice
from the wharf.
i 1 '' " ' " " ' .' '' ' v ' ' "-- '- ':''c1'j.
;on; - the Oevelan'! last Moffdsy. f Antipodes Dir..vln the party are seme f
ears lined s? this morning. to take the
Leaders Strike Note of Vigor
ous CrusadS from the
With addresses in various parts of
the city by both leaders, and with the
men's noon massmeeting in Cooke hall,
Y. M. C. A. building, the Men and Re
ligion Forward Movement campaign
here was formally opened this morn
ing by Fred B. Smith, of New York,
and Raymond Robins, of Chicago, who,
in company with the National Associa
tion quartet, arrived in Honolulu yes
terday afternoon to conduct the week
of work in this city.
From the moment of their landing
the leaders in this movement have
struck the note of a vigorous and
practical crusade of religion in every
day life. Raymond Robins, the social
service expert, has dealt with facts of
commerce, industry and social clash
ings from the beginning, and the talks
he is giving at the institutes" are
along the civic betterment lines that
Honolulu is trying to follow.
Fred B. Smith, heralded as Aineri
cr'b greatest speaker to men. has grip
fed the imagination of local men trom
the time he stepped from tbe boat A
remarkable address at the Commercial
ciub banquet last night was foliowed
by remarkable talks today.
The mass meeting at noon was per
haps the most important event of toe
i. orning, and was attended by about
forty of the leading business men "of
tht city. Following a short song ter
ice, the quartet sang several selec
tions, after which Mr. Smitb was intro
di ced by Secretary L. R. Killam. Be-
7- mt' i ' i ..inni'ii'fcip ii i -" - . ,7 ' L.
tonrtsts sightseeing.-, Sight i Group
9:30 a. m. Address at Oahu Col
lege, Mr. Smith. Address at McKinley
High school, Mr. Robins.
10 a. m. Meeting of ministers and
missionaries, Cooke hail, Y. M. C. A.
11:30 a. m. Address at O. R. & L.
shops, Mr. Robins
12 m Meeting Cooke hall, Y. M. C.
A. Mr. Smith and quartet
12:45 p. m. Meeting with board of
directors, Y. M. C. A., Mr. Smith.
4:30 p. m. Social service institute
in makai pavilion, Young Hotel. Mr.
Robins. Religious work institute in
Odd Fellows' hall, Mr. Smith.
8 p. m. Social service address at
opera house, Mr. Robins. Meeting
Nuuanu street Japanese church, Mr.
9 a. m. Conference with the Y. M.
C. A. secretaries. Mr. Smith.
10:30 a. m. Address at the car
barns. Mr. Robins.
1130 a m.Boy8 meeting at the Y.
M. C. A. Mr. Robins.
6 p. m. Social service address to
the Hui Pauahi, Cooke hall, Y. M. C.
A Mr. Robins.
8 p. m. Address at the Methodist
Church Mr. Smith. .
Address at the Fort street Chinese
Church. Mr. Robins.
fere giving his address, Mr. Smith
v,ent into a few details concerning Hie
(Continued on Pago 8)
the fifty "Xerry Widows" aboard the
of local 8hriaers greetlag toorlng .
"-, (Associated Press Calle
' STAMPS,; France, Jan. 24. Charter
Nieuport, designer of the fastest aerc
plane yet built, and his mechanician,
were ; instantly killed today when ttv
wings of the machine collapsed whll
flying some, distance above the rac
track field here.
f Associated Press Cable
TERRt HAUTE, Indiana, Jan. 24.
Eugene V. Debs, candidate for the
presidency of the United States on the
Socialist ticket, was arrested here thli
morning by United States . officers
charged with having obstructed jus
tice. It is alleged by the governmen
that Mr. Debs encouraged witnessi
in the case against tho Appeal to Res
son, the Socialist paper printed ir
Kansas, to leave the jurisdiction o
the court. The accused in the case
are charged with having printed ob
scenities in. the columns of the paper.
' (Associated Press)
SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 24 Judge
De Haven, for many years Federa.
judge of this circuit, was stricken with
apoplexy this morning and is reportec
as dying by the physicians in attend
ance. Judge DeHaven is one of the
best-known Jurists on the coast, anc
has . in the past" been mentioned for
even more prominent and important
posts-than he now holds, but alwayc
declined to leave the bench.
WASHINGTON, -an. 24. The fed
eral food bureau today issued warning
to all dealers not to attempt to dis
pose of frost-bitten. California oranges;
This is anot:ir blow at the Industry
of the southern part of the state.
nr r
Elevated to .Ch!
-of Stali-2::o;
ar Ick.
The city .
Murder Is i -' , m cn :
5horou;hfarc an J ro cn a '
A prevent. Th 9 nsn y:.
'thct down' and kiilei fiw i "
:Mif of staff, toiiy c::.;yi t' ; ;
)f the man he s'w, "a, r-:r
hat, is a p:pu!ar rfo, v,-:- ;
.tr.es on th; s'.r::'j er i-r :
i;-.:t fcr s:!v: i cf - f. .
v?- trzzr! - - - ' -.
A'r::t i - ' : ' - -
arr.ir:, Cnv:r'C: . ; .
r s-lun-s-J "
)ifered ths r:t : - - 1
irl'v;. 1.
hsre.lt fell. All cf f-,
'ead man'were p!s::J l.i t . ,
ls murdersrand thi s.-:.';.i t
igafn'the deadly peril, 1 3 ths .
til'' Europe. It lost fcr a tima ir .
nds of Narim Paiha. ;
, In the YJIdez Kiesk, where tv:
an has been living sines ths c;.
' f the peace conferenca In Lcrv ; .
;ews of tha murder cf riaii.n ?
vas. received with narked a;;r.
;md It has been hinted that Enver ;
:cted with the. foreknow!e;s cf
master, or at least v,;th ths knc:.
f the grand council.
Upon his assumption of the a-th:
f chief of star; he at ones proc::
, 9 enforce the police rejulatlcns ;
s a result several hundred arr
avs been made and it Is said t
thers may be expected at any tin;.
The foreign residents of the c
ave been , ordered to keep to t:
uarters and if posslbfs to their he:
:nd In the main this order has t:
heyed - Reports received here t:
' aornlng that the Great Powers r : .
rdered warships rushed . here ;
peedily as possible caused a fresh c .
reak that was quelled.with diffie. t,
to far no Europeans have been Irj
j& in the rioting. . ? -;
It ts regarded In welWnforr--Irctes
here as certain that the Tu
sh delegates to the peace confers r:
n London will be recalled at once a
hat the conference will be abandon:
ind preparations for war rushed f;r
vard with all possible haste, ;
- . - -
LONDON, Jan. 24-Reports frc
Constantinople reaching hero destrc
ill hope of immediate peace, and t.
lelegates of the allies are already pr:
jaring for the reeall they deem inevi.
ible. With one accord they announc:
oday that they expect art immediat ;
esumptlon of hostilities within tha
eek, If not before.' vl" ' -
Dispatches from Germany tell of a
amic on tho Bourse, which is reported
o have broken violently on receipt of
llspatches,, from Constantinople this
norning and last night. r :
" Other dispatches from the different
chancelleries announce tho abandoning
f all hope of peace and the accept-,
tnce of the Inevitable war, with pre
arations to meet.eventualit.'es. ,
- CARSON, Nevada, Jan. 24-The
first round 'of the final fight for wo
man's suffrage was won by tho women
here today when the -tower house cf
the state' legislature passed -a. bill
granting the right to vote to the wo
men of the state. It Is believed ce--tain
that the .senate wHf, concur ar.
that the governor, win sign-the bill i
soon as tt comes before him;
SEATTLE, Jan, r24i Reports f
Wellington, in the Cascade
teir of a mile-wide sllds in ths
tains that has completely fciocV .
tracks of tho Great Northern r-, :.;
and wilt take at least a wetk-to c
away. No one is repert-d injurei.

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