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What is Best for Maui
is Best for the News
' If you wish' Prosperity'
Advertise in theNews
' J
Old Coins Discovered In Pineapple Field Spanish,
";- Mexican, French And Peruvian Money Turned Up
By .Worker's Hoe-Will lifmt For More.
A treasure trove story come true,
s ii rare event, but t lint's what has
itippeued at least to a degree at
uamalej, Makawao, recently.
In 18G5, or therealnuts, an old
Jormati watchmaker named George
iVeutzel owned Puuomalei n6w the
iroperty of W. 0. Aiken.
It is stated that ho being an
cccntric man, distrustful of banks
md lacking faith in human nature,
uiried 85000 in coin somewhere on
lis Makawao premises. It is also
elated that soon after the eonceal
nent of his treasure ho made a
isit to Germany during Which ho
led in the year 1SGG.
As this story has been well-known
ii Makawao, many ustmccessful at
einpts by different persons huvc
eeii made to recover the money
uring the past forty-eight years.
Hut, on last Friday, December
7th, "the unexpected happened"
nd Joe Fi'i-reim, a Portuguese in
the employ of -Mr. Aiken, whilef
oeingin.a recently-plowed pino
pplc'field knocked up with his
,ioe anjiincieilt coin and then anotli
. r and another until .he had collect
Id thirteen silver pieces wlreh with
jreat excitement he .took to Mr.
Uken -and then upon further
earoh. by all hands, six more wero
iiseovercd. Since then despite
iiany efforts and much digging
inly two additional ones have been
inearthed making the total number
wenty-ono. ,
An interesting eircunistanco of
Once more the "Little Brown
3rother" is in the limelight, and
he Sheriff is out hunting for some
if Taft's friends.. A Filipino has
'iieeu buttered almost ,to death and
'ie is now in the Paia hospital,
jvitli but poor chances of recovery.
It appears that on New Year's
Wi.f. tlioro lras'-n 'frfitlipriii! nf Kili-
riljpino Is
Nearly Killed
i I Vfvw w.w. ' ' CI o
5 (."''. ,. . TT 1 1.,. A ,1 4
V Ml liaiUUKiuipuivU. iu vi:m
If m ivcll tor a wniie uu me wine oegun
f f' - circulate at a uot VacQ' 111011
v trouble started, and the end was
) ' ,fyiat several Filipinos are said to
i nave attacked a countryman and
dmost killed him.
The attack on the man who was
nearly murdered was witnessed by
number of people. The Sheriff
ias one man in, custody, and ex
pects to get the. others today some-
There will he special Music at
tho Wailuku Union Church on Sun
day evening and it will be as fol
lows: Duet from Slabat Mater
v "Power Eternal God and Father,"
1 to boBung by Mrs. Louise Dlftr!.fafi
Jones and Mis Caroline K. Slioltif
"Falls now the Even," an aiithfni
t to bo sung by tiio choir. IJf.th
pieces of music are, iiiniatially bw?iiti
.' 'fob
, time. '
(j. On-Sunday
1 W .
the discovery is that tlio hiding
place of the silver is situated upon
the highest part of the land, the
top of the hill- called Puuomalei.
Most of the coins are French five;
franc pieces, some are Spanish, one.
i3 Mexican and one Peruvian. The
oldest dated 1790 js a Spanish real
with the name of Carolus IV
stamped upon it. Several of the
French coins were issued in IS 1 1
ii'id 1812 in the tinio of Napoleon,
first consul. Another French piece
bore the name of, Louis Philippe,
the citizen king" who abdicated
in IS 18.
. The Mexican dollar was found
three feet under the surfifco in a
sort of pocket made by the roots of
a kukui tree.
It plight be imagined that Went
zol &as a numismatist 'as well as
watchmaker but the explanation of
(he matter is that prior to the issue
of the Kalakaua dollars,- halves,
quarters, dimes during the reign of
Kalakaua all kinds of money passed
current. American, English. Span
ish, French, Mexican and others.
On Maui here, Capt. Thomas Hob
ion then owner of the Kahului rail
road, issued copper reals and re
deemed them at the rate 'of twelve
and a half cents in silver.
Mr. Aiken has written inquiring
as to the present value of the coins
that he has found and it is unne
cessary to state will not as yet
abandon the search for the balance
of buried treasure.
mes umpsie
Now Manager
Several changes among plantation
managers aro announced .lames
Campsio, late head luna of the Ha
waiian Agricultural Company, Pa-
hala, Hawaii, has been appointed
manager of Olowalu, Maui. Mr.
Gibb goes to Hawaii to become
manager of the Hutchinson Sugar
Company, vice Carl Wolters, re
signed. James Campsio is well known in
these islands. lie has worked on
seVeral plantations. Kauai, Oahu
ind Hawaii fields are equally well
known to him. Ho is a brother of
V. Campsie, who once was employ
ed on Wailuku plantation.
Campsie's late position arf head
luna at Pallida has beeililled by
Fred. Martin, one of tl most ex
perienced and popular overseers in
the islands.
Dowett Quits
laui Ranch
Alexander C. Dowsett has re
signed his position as manager of
the Kahikinui Ranch. Alika,'
a; he is known all over the group
vill go to Oahu for a while.
i lie news ot tne resignation ot
JOowsett came as a surprise to the
many menus ot the rancher. It
was thought that he would settle
for many-years on Maui.
It is not known at present who
is to Succeed Dowsett, but it is
rumored that a man is to be im
ported from Hawaii.
How England
Won Trophy
Davis Cup Play Shows That Aus
tralians Had Weak Team
On Courts.
Since Maui is such a stronghold
of tennis, and everybody is interest
ed in the game, the following story
of how Australasia lost the Davis
Cup, will be .read with interest.
The Davis Cup is booked to take
its first sea-journey for four years;
and whether it will have to no a
nuielc return depends mainly on
Irishman Parke being soon lynched,
roasted, hanged or otherwise dis
abled. Ior Parke is the real causo
of the disaster. The destiny of the
Cup really depended on whether
Norman Brookes could beat him;
and the Australian Napoleon of the
game couldn't manage it. The
doubles were regarded as a certainty
for Australia; Brookes was looked to
to beat Dixon, and it was somewhat
of a foregone conclusion that Heath
couldn't stand up against either of
the Englishmen. In the struggle that
mattered, Brookes won the first
three strokes. Then Parke woke
up with n bang, and put the acid on
Brookes, who was regarded as acid
proof, to the alarming extent of 8 G,
G-3, 5-7, G-2. Brookes didn't seem
to have even a look in; he stood and
wondered at the drives the Irishmen
brought off. Their deadly accuracy
was something new to him. and he
was demoralised. Australia's tail
showed a downward curl, llfit all
was not lost yet. Hod Heat' facd
the music with Dixon. Heath won
the first set and lost each of the
other three (4-G.) So the English
men had one leg in tho.Cup, so to
speak. The doubles didn't lake
much arguing. thooKcs unci
Dunl'op romped away from Beamish
and Parke by G-L G-l, 7-5, and
that kept England's second leg
momentarily out of the way. On
tho final day Brookes met Dixon,
and Parke faced Heath Both were
almost foregone conclusions, and
only lasted three sets. Brookes took
his match G-2, G -l, 6-4; and that
left Parke and his Heath to worry
out what was the happen to the
Cup. Parko decided and by win
ning (G-3, G-l. G-l) collected the
Cup for England. A. B. Jones (N
S. V.), the emergency Australian,
made Brookes, who must have been
upset utter the nrst day, still more
uncomfortable on the second da'
Lowo (Eng. ,9 who had donkey-
licked Hice just previously in the
Vic. tourney, clashed with Joijes in
an exhibition match, and. Jones
emerged from tho wreckage on top
(G-l, G-2.) It must have make
Brookes w,onder why he hadn't
dropped Jones into tho big . match
and kept Heath out.
As nieirtioned last week, the Eng
lishmen's weak point is their service,
as tho following list of service games
Won Lost faults.
Brookes .., !10 12r
Heath 15 21 i)
Dunlop ... 5 2 0
Parko ... M 11 G
Dixon ..f 17 IS 2G
Beamish ... 5 2 2
Thus the Englishmen sorved IM
"doubles." to Australia's 15, Dixon
((Eng.) bonSgtresponsiblo for 2G. It
.was Parkols drivo and nothing else
rthat hroiiglitjBrookos'his Waterloo,"
ind incidontitMy shifted .the silver-
i. 1 ware to other quatora .
. Sydney Bulletin'
Paia Tennis
Mill Crowd Lose By
Margin As Regards
On New Year's day, at Puunene,
there was a tennis tournament in
which the Paia team met the home
bunch. The result was a win for
Paia by a score of 95 games to 83-
The home team went down in de
feat by the small margin of 12
Asfar as sets went', the Paia
players took 11 totheir opponent's".
There was a good attendance at
the Piiiinene courts, and the efforts
of the players, were rewarded with
nearty applause. 1 he mil scores
were as follows:
Thomson-Sawyer (P) beat Bevins-
Hebert (Paia) 6-3, 6-2. Thomson
Sawyer (P) beat Bowdish-Collins
(Paia) 6-1, 6-4. LindsavCollins
(Paia) beat BaldwiiisWalsh (P)
6-2, 6-4. Rosecrans-Richardsou
(Paia) beat Baldwin-Walsli (P)
6-2, 6-1. Young-Campbell (P)
and Mellor-Burns (Paia), one set
each 6 - 5, 3-6 Bevins - Ilebert
(Paia) beat Young-Campbell (P)
6-3, 6-4. Mellor-Burns (Paia) beat
Taylor-Lougher (P) 6-0, 6-5. Tay.
lor-Lougher (P) beat Bowdish-Collins
(Paia) 6-5, 6-1. Lindsay-Col
lins (Paia) beat Savage-McClaren
(P) 6-2, 6 1. Savage-McClaren
(P) beat Rosecrans - Richardson
(Paia) 6-5, 6-5.
Another match may be played
some time in the near future.
Year Dances
Thero were several dances during
the holidays, and both at Wailuku
and Kahului the lovers of the light
fantastic had a good time.
On New Years Eve the dance given
in the'Kahului Gymnasium, was
great event. The big crowd that
attended had a good floor, good
music and good refreshments. The
dance was kept up till the small
hours of January 1.
Host Field, ofMhe Miiui Hotel,
gave an enjoyable private dance on
New Year night. Those fortunate
enough to bo present had a good
There weremifny private hops"
111 waiiuiui, and tne sirains ot
music were to be heard everywhere.
Good cheer was in evidence all over
the town and the old year was seen
out" to the best of advantage.
Many Masons
Attend Church
There was a solemn and impres
sive service at the Church of the
Good Shepherd, Wailuku, last
Sunday morning. The Masons at-''
tended in a body and there was' a
good attendance besides.
The Masons met at the Wailuku
depot, and then forming into
marching order, proceeded to the
After service the Masons again
fell into fours, and marched hack to
the depot whore autoniobilcs were
waiting ,to convey them to their
homes. .
Many New
Concerts, Dances And Horse Races Kept Citizens Busy
Rumored Changes In Departments L. L. McCandless
Got Big Wad Of
(Special Correspondence.)
HONOLULU, Jan. 2. Follow
ing in the course ot my remarks
uncut water last week it is meet for
mo to remark that Link McCand
less on Monday received the sum of
one hundred and seven thousand
dollars in part payment fortius in
terest in the bin of Waikane. 1
understand there is a balance of one
hundred and forty three thousand
still to coinu to him. But even this
sum does not seem to change his
political heart and through his
henchman, Barron, he is throwing
the hooks into Fire Chief Thurston
with some hope of getting him re
moved from olliee.
This reminds mo of an incident
I heard repeated this morning. It
seems that Thurston during several
conversations with the mayor asked
to be retained in his office as the
head of the fire department. The
mayor made no promise. Whether
that set Charlie guessing, or whether
the talk that came from tho stree t
disturbed him, I know not but the
other day there was a petition pre
sented the mayor requesting that
Thurston bo continued in olliee.
It was, 'I beljeve, signed by all of
the merchants in the city. Yester
day! learnfcd thatThurston called oif
the mayor aiyl presented a written
application for the office and Fern
received it and said he would have
time later to .consider tho matter.
Within an holii from tjio time of
that meeting with Thurston the
Go To Coast
McBryde, or Tripp, as he is
known in the Army, will go to the
mainland with his Company. The
youth who deserted from the Fifth
Cavaly, and made his home in Wai
luku, was returned to the military
authorities some time ago. "As the
Fifth Cavalcy is returning to tho
Coast, McBryde will go along too.
It is said that theyouth 3huJ.1l
several positions on Hjiwaii before
coming to Maui. He worked in
I lilo and in' the Kohida districts.
Sheriff Crowoll went down to
Honolulu during the week and gave
evidence as to tho arrest of tho
Banks Have
Good Year
. Roth the First National Batik ' of
Wailuku, and the Lahaina National
Bank have issued statenients)f their
jinn ncial condition as. on December
hi, 1912. The showings of tliu
banks aro very good, and tho stiiok
holders have every reason to con
gratulate themselves on having such
excellont managers in cllargo of
The Wailuku institution sent out
a New Years souvenir toill its cus:
toiners and frjonds. Ayioafii purse,
a card and a piipof -cutter, 'jore tho
articles presontol. Tho gifts are
very aecoptabltfone
vae win
Money For Water.
mayor is reported to have said that
he had told Thurston frankly that
ho would not appoint lintt and that
he had thrown the petition
signedby the loading,, merchants
of the city ii.to the 'waste
basket. This is proven incorrect
Fern was talking for effect. Per-,
sonally I do not believe he would
dare do anything of the kindi And
if hcdid so it seems to" mo that it
is up to the merchants to sow-their
opinion of Fern by sending another,
petition asking him to get out of
office and allow someone withrgreat- ,
or respect for his superiors to take'
his place Hearing Barron offer to
bet one hundred to seventy fivo
dollars that Thurston would go out
constrains me to believe there will
he a racket and tho public will have
an opportunity to let the mayor see
just what they think of him.
conccij is.
, Honolulu has been treated to a
couple of concerts by the famous
violinist Maud Powell. Those who
enjoy tho fiddle say the music was
enjoyable and jthcir opinion seenijto
be shared by ninny for when I pass
ed the opera house shortly after
seven o'clock Monday night there
was a queuuikloiig enough -toturn
the managers of otherjshows in the
city greeji with envy. I suppose
Bob McGreer would have turned
green but for the fact that ho has n
company at the Bijou, the Brissac
fConlhiued on page 5.
New Books
For Library ,
Tho following interesting books ' ",
have-just been added to tho Maui.
Library Association : t, n,
'A famous book bj; ProfessgriWtil-
tor Riiuschenbusch, entitled 'Chris-j
tianity and. tlifc S.ocial Qrisisf'" a;
book of most attVactivo short stories
by Laura, IS:. Richards "The' Goldeii
Windows;". ':Fhe Daughter of.
Heaven " by Judith Gauthier 'and.
, n T -----
of Religion,,' by James II. Leublirt'
ru rra ioli: j rHYUiinmmnm n . v
Sociological tudy of the HibleJ j
by Louis Wallis. A number of"!
ineso oooks were securou inrougir
sources other than the membersjnp
uues, winch this past year,'' haye
been spent largely for now fiction,,'
The Hamaluapoko, Makawao
ram and jaiiaina circles have lieen f
made up, and the, books begin nii t
this p.ir'filoK those week. r ' "
K. of P, And .' v
. New Officer's':" '
Aloha Lodge No. 3, 'Knight! of
Pythias, has installed officers fort
1918. Tho list ii us follows: . "
W. A. Sparks, Clfancollor Coin-
jnander; J.H'f Fantoni, A'ice Chan
cellor; E. J, Walsh, Prelate; (5. -
Hansen, Master of Work; D. L.
Meyer, MifsterofFina:ico; I. Struu
back, Master of Ex-chequer S.
Scott, Master at Ajma. '
Tvrusteos D. . II. Case, G. A.
Hanson and h. M Baldwin.
IJctora W. F. McConkoy and
Win'. 0-niers. i
Tpo Aloha Lodgo is a vary strong
0110 and thore is a big niomborship
M . -
" ?
k ' jr. y

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