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... A (!. . " '- -
represents the
v country
. J$f the future.
Gardhn Island
ESTABLISHED 1904. VOL. 9. NO. 46,
A deal in which the entire out
put of ice and soda booze of the
Waimea and Lihue ice factories
will be produced under one pressure
has been cousumated, the Lihue
factory absorbing its competitor.
Manager Hills of the Lihue Ice
Co., has assumed managership of
the tjjvo, concerns and is .con
soquem' one of the busiest men
on the island. At present the two
concerns will be conducted as sepa
rate institutions, but later on, it is
thought some sort of a consolida
tion will be made wherein the same
satisfactory results may be obtained
with less expense to 'the manu
facturers. A Day In School
I recently spent a few hours in
the Lihue Public Schools, and I
feel it a matter of justice as well as
pleasure to record my satisfaction
with what I saw there.
Teaching is a science in these
modern days, a verv complex
science and I am unequal perhaps
to an intelligent comprehension,
much less criticism, of the work
done. I remember that fools rush
in where angels fear to - tread and
modestly stays out. Yet the cat
may look at the Queen, and rejoice
in her beauty, in a simple way.
Recurring to my own school
days, which I frankly admit were
a long time ago. I was very much
. . imrssed w i t h the change of
I. mi Massed
1 . V .
f; '&T$l, m'ethfftl during the interval.
A. - at? rvejry' much interested in thefer
Ififcfebifmt Q-varietjfueeafie7itTto n
interest and enthusiasm on the part
of the pupils; and I could not help
feeling that, had such methods
"ueen current in my childhood I
might have been much better fitted
for the requirements of life, and
might, furthermore, have enjoyed
the process of education, which I
frankly confess I did not. With
such intelligent and entertaining
methods, the early stages, anvway
of the road to learning, must be a
holiday outing,
But I was specially impressed by
the interest and enthusiasm evi
dent everywhere. A well worn
road runs easily to ruts, and the
ruts of a primary school, struggling
painfully with rudiments o f
English, must be very deep, and
very hard t o avoid. The slow
, evolution o f intelligence and
facility, must be very discouraging
indeed, and the inevitable tempta-tion-Slitist
be, to jog along the
weary'road without much interest
but to put in the time. This
passive fidelity was conspicuously
its absence, and instead there was
everywhere an active, alert, interest
and enthusiasm.
Each child was evidently an
absorbing problem calling for
special study, and a possible work
of art in the process of develop
ment. Throughout the w hole
school there was an atmosphere of
earnestness, amounting almost to
tension, which augucs well for
success. There was a burden of
responsibility resting on each
teacher for the children under her
and an evident determination to
have no stone unturned and no
sacrifice unmade, to secure the best
The best machinery is generally
that which runs the smoothest,
and makes the least noise.
The quiet cheerful order which
Us in the various departments
of This great school is perhaps the
best guarantee of its efficiency, a
condition which rellects credit on
all concerned.
A complex mechanism like this
does not run quite by itself, how
pvpr excellent the parts, the engi
neer must be about to keep things
going smoothly.
That this engineer is little in
evidence and seldom lifts a hand,
this is siirelv the best indication
of wisdom and good management,
and the best insurance for loyalty
' on the part of her assistants, a
Royalty that is ungrudgingly given.
Sperry flour t h e best every
where, the bakers declare. tf.
Hofgaard & Co.'s big opening
was a social event i n Waimea
yesterday, the occasion being the
opening of the big store's holiday
offerings. The holiday display of
ferings were the most elaborate
of any ever brought to Kauai and
embraces everything one can ima
gine. The firm has recently en
larged its store, the work having
been completed just in time to get
the Christmas goods out for the
opening. Manager Malilum
is to be congratulated on his alert
ness to the needs of his customers.
The Makaweli Store, is the first
of our big island stores to an
nounce to our readers that Santa
Claus has arrived. St. Nick an
nounces in a big ad in this issue,
that on the 18th. of November,
he will have on display in the
Makaweli Store, one of the great
est varieties of suitable Christmas
gifts ever seen. Manager Bayer
and his assistants will be prepared
to meet the visitors on the above
date and to give all purchasers a
discount on purchases for that day.
It is needless to say that the 18th.
will be a red-letter day for Christ
mas bargain hunters in Makaweli.
The Koloa Trading Co.'s big
Koloa store fairly bristles with
good things for Xmas. VThe holi
"day'ttademseeanticipafed and
all is in readiness to accomodate
it. The store's sales of Christinas
goods last year were the largest
in the history of the store, and if
seeing is believing, this year's
sales will far exceed them.
The Eleele Store, Hon. J. I.
Silva proprietor, has never y e t
allowed any store to outdo it in its
preparations for holiday bargains
and a peep into its beautifully well
regulated department store, will
convince you that this live-wire
business man is as alive to the up-
to-date business methods as of the
past. Great shelves fairly "groan
with Christmas goods, of which a
detailed statement will be made in
a big ad in the near future. To
shake hands with the genial J. I.
is to like him. To buy once is to
buy again.
Tabulated'statement of returns of County
Tuesday, November 5th. 1912.
- 3. F f n f ?
J .w g-
V p P g
Niihau 1 ' 32 0 33 33 33 33 33
Keka'ha 2 39 12 " 37 "35 35" "34 34
Waimea 3 66 52 j 61 59 50 55 49
Makaweli 4 " 6224 69 66 61 65 58
Wahiawa"5 "" 72 59 49 46 47 45
Koloa" 6 -g 43 35 30 31 30
Lihue 7 " 119 172 148 147 135 130
Kawaihau""8 " 8l" "79 " 80 70 56 66 58
Kilauea 9 17 "T "23" "23" "Iff "22" "l9
Hanafer""b"" 73 51 57 53 45 51 40
Total " "l99 88 111 119 81 79 90 59 634 571 521 539 496
Lihue, Kauai, T. H. November
The regular monthly meeting of
the Board of Supervisors of the
County of Kauai, T. H., was held
at the, office of the Board in Lihue
o n Wednescay, November 6th.
1912, at 1:30 o'clock i m.
Present: Mr. H. D. Wishard,
chairman, W. D. McBtyde, oe
Mr. Gay, Supervisor for Wai
mea was absent from the County
(of Kauai.)
The office of Supervisor for Ha
nalei made vacant by the resig
nation of Mr. James K. Lota was
still vacant at this meeting.
The minutes of the last meeting
were read and approved.
The Board examined the several
demands -presented to it, and ap
proved them to be paid out of the
following appropriations, as fol
lows: Salary County Road- Super
visor $225.00
Pay of Police:
Specials $135.00
Waimea 240.00
Koloa 140.00
.Lihue 150.00
Kawaihau 90.00
Haualei 135.00 890.00
County Lot & Bldg. 30.00
County Jail 339.71
District Court & Jails:
Waimea 40.00
Koloa 10.00
Kawaihau 40.00
Hnialei . 5.00 95.00
Discount & Interest: 90.94
Expenses of Election 222.00
ExpenseS'of Witnesses 65.00
Eleele 50.00
Koloa 100.00
Lihue 125.00
Waimea 100.00 375.00
County Attorney $37.25
Auditor 86.85
Clerk 46.71
Sheriff 95.00.
Supervisors .75
County Road
Supervisor 106.00 372.56
Office Rent 30.00
Repairs etc. Schools:
Waimea 19.50
Koloa 472.06
Lihue 1,373.47
Kawaihau 1.968.29
Haualei 88.15 3,921.47
Spec' Deposit Schools:
Waimea 82.44
Koloa 110.45
Lihue 104.53
Election held within
Couhty Clerk.
7th. 1912.
Kawaihau 65.20 362.62
Support of Prisoners 310.30
Water Works:
Waimea 249.65
Kalaheo .85
Koloa 11.25
Omao 536.92 798.67
Road Work: '
County Road Machinery 55.91
Macadamizing 78.47
(Rd. Tax Spec.
Dep. 5.00
Oiling Roads 15.04
" " (Rd. Tax Spec.
Dep. 19.85
Rds. & Bidges. 885.25 978.76
Macadamizing 33.75
Oiling Roads 433.37
" (Rd. Tax Spec.
Dep. 40.75
Rds. & Brdgs. 524.36 991.48
Macadamizing 1,060.76
(Rd. Tax Spec.
Dep. 1,088.05
Oiling Roads 18.00
Rds. &. Brdgs. 799.18 1,877.94
Rd. Tax Spec. Dp. 38.65
Rds. & Brdgs. 159.40
Rd. Tax Spec. Dep. 272.90
Rds. & Brdgs. 407.88
Rd. Tax Spec. Dep. 19.80
Total $14,084.64
Mr. McBryde moved for the
appropriation o f the s u m of
.$4,125.00 as additional appropria
tions, which shall be paid but of
nfoiieys "available iii the County
Treasury for the payment of
salaries, wages and labor for
materials and for the maintenance
of roads and bridges, as follows:
District Courts & Jails:
Waimea $100.00
Kawaihau 100.00 $200.00
Hospitals: Lihue 325.00
Repairs schools etc:
Lihue 250.00
Kawaihau 850.001,100.00
Rupport of Prisoners 500.00
Water Works: Waimea 500.00
Roads & Bridges:
Lihue 1.000.00
Kawaihau 500.00 1,500.00
and being seconded by Mr. Rod
rigues the same was carried.
Allowances for road work in
the different districts for the cur
rent month were limited by general
consent as follow:
Continued on page 6.
the County of Kauai, T. II. on
Mahiai Kanhakua,
County of Kauai, T.
Arbor Day November 8 , was
duly observed bv the schools in the
community with appropriate
exercises and the planting of trees
in the school yards. Enthusiasm
and industry in this latter respect
were however somewhat checked
by the very restricted a r e a i 11
which to plant. The Garden Is
land dotes on trees and on the
manifest advantages which they
suggest but i t doubts the c x
pediency of planting them in the
confined school grounds of Lihue.
Every year we have a fresh crop
of school buildings which swarm
over the grounds until there are
only little scraps of margin left
where a child can hardlv turn a
somersault much less stretch his
legs. Accordingly the Garden Is
land views the farther reduction of
this plav ground space by the
planting of trees, with doubt if
not with disfavor. There is how
ever one redeeming feature of the
custom, and that is the trees will
probably all die in time to b e
planted over again next year.
Religious Notes
By Hunuv W. Waiau.
Nov. 10th. Sunday: Today was
a great day for temperance subject.
With the Sunday School agitating
on general facts concerning the
danger ot using alcoholic liquid
was evenly proceeded in the same
manner by the Christian Endeavor
Prominent citizens of .Kauai,
Judge Lyle A. Dickey made liberal
remarks which were in substance
very advisable to youngsters
as well to oldsters. In part he dic
tated the different necessities of
preventing injurious alcoholic
liquid in anyone's body. The
absence of drinking and smoking
prevents the death of ex-president
Roosevelt when the life-seeking
bullet peered its way through his
chest. He urges children not to
substitute the places of drunkards.
The Sunday school attendance
reaches 190. H o m e Sunday
School 69, a 11 d Church Sunday
School 121. Credits should be given
to committees, who performed their
duties by making earlv callings in
homes in the various neighbor
hoods of the Lihue District, on
Sunday mornings. The experi
menting o f this Sunday school
method, h. as already produced
pleasing results to church hustlers
thus allowing the total attendance
of Sunday School classes to arrive
at an unusual height.
A Classic French Play
At the regular monthly meeting
of the Mokihana club Nov. 6. Ra
cines 1 rageuy l'naeura was pre
sented in character under the
leadership of Miss Ayer. The prin
cipal parts were taken by Miss
Ayer, Miss Albright, Miss Mcln-
trye a n d Mrs. Lydgate, while
Miss Elsie Wilcox gave a brief
but discriminating resume of the
lite of the author. Mrs. Hills and
Mrs. Coney were hostesses The
meeting was well attended and is
commended as one of unusual in
New Man Is Here
. G. K. Larrison. recently con
nected with the Geodetic Survey
Dept., in the Philippines, i 11 the
capacity of first Assistant Engineer
is on Kauai looking over the
water sources of the island. Mr.
Larrison succeeds Mr. W. E. Mar
tin (resigned) of the U. S. Geo
logical Survey. He is so well
pleased with the people and t h e
Garden Island in general, that he
will probably change h i s head
quarters to Lihue instead of Hono
lulu. ... .
The Lihue Store is before the
public this week in an annouce
ment to the public. Mr. DeLacy
has gone to Honolulu to prepare
for the opening of the big holiday
The many friends of Mrs. E. B.
Bridgewater will learn with regret
that her recent illness has developed
the necessity of treatment b y a
specialist. She will be taken to
San l'rancisco on the Mongolio
sailing from Honolulu to-morrow.v
A former illness necessitated a 11
operation which was performed in
June from which she recovered en
tirely, to return to her home only
to be suddently stricken w i t h
Spinal vSclerosis, a numbing of the
nervous system, rendering ' h e r
helpless. Her eyesight which was
also affected, has been restored to
normal condition a n d sufficient
strength has returned to her hands
to allow her to feed herself. The
disease is one o f rare occurrence
and upon the advice of her phy
sicians, she is being placed in the
care of the famous nerve specialist,
Dr. Moffat of San Francisco.
Savonarola Recalled
The first of a series of Sermon-
sons "Great Religious Heroes" was
delivered bv Rev. J. M. Lvdgate
on Sunday last. It was a graphic
and luminous sketch of the befe
tunes of the great reformer Savo
narola transporting h i s hearers
back 400 years to a condition of
civilization a n d morality very
different from our own. The dra
matic incidents in the reformers
career were so graphically present
ed that one bov was overheard
snvintr. ' tree but that sermon was
m 8
t'Ji u
adaudy. Uike that. . . . - , ,jjg
Mrs. Hopper Entertains
The rain fell in torrents'and the
wind blew great guests but that fact
d i d not deter a happy bunch of
friends from thoroughly enjoying
themselves at the home of Mr. and
Mr? K. C. Hopper last Friday
evening. The dining room a n d
parlor were cleared and dancing
was in order the fore part of the
evening. After partaking of re
freshments the guests assembled in
the parlor and indulged in some
lively uld-fashioned games. Those
present were: Miss Jordan. Miss
Day, Miss Mclntyre, the Misses
Avre, Miss Muniford, Miss Witt,
C. S. Dole, Wtn H. Grote, Mr.
deLacy, Mr. and Mrs. Leslie
Branch, Mr. and Mrs. Moragne,
Mr. and Mrs. E. Palmer, and Mr.
and Mrs. K. C. Hopper.
Fand Contributions Are
Coming Through
The appeal to the public in be
half of the Lihue band boys has so
far, brought forth the following
C. W. Spitz E. H. W. Broadbent
S. K. Kaeo C. S. Christian
C. S. Dole F. Rutsch.
To the Voters:
The undersigned hereby wishes
to express his appreciation to the
voters of Kauai for their support
in his election in the recent
Harold Morgan,
Treasurer, County of Kauai'.
E. B. Bridgewater returned on
the Hall this morning.
If all goes well and the County
Fathers are willing we will soon
have a tennis court in the
teacher's cottage yard.
Mrs. Hans Isenberg has just
donated to the Lihue Library a
valuable set of Goethe s Works, 7 '
vols, in English translation. They
will 11 o doubt appeal t o many
readers in this community.
We note with pleasure the re
turn of Mr. and Mrs. R. T. Pur
vis from an extended trip in the
Eastern States. We congratulate
them o n looking a good deal
younger than when they left.
We believe in Sperry Flour
every day and every hour. tf.

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