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In . HWIr I tHihJit I III llir, till ,uul
I II M li. ., I BWOjM I I" I'l.i I
Margin ti lh 1 1 i 1 1 vit.miri 1 1 1.. , i wuii
HiiiiI.. nl ItM ! ill.
V t
T I E I M hM
long Ih'i-m noted
for -iti If
1, am- nr Sunkt ii
Komi,' chok id
. ii h Oonfalettttt
iliud. vit h tttivfl
COttPptCUoitfl Jititl
tlloi I rim -i ly night
a- n li nMnv(1 by i
t IioiwumN of sol- 1
tfcUtn of t.tii ;n
mtm on m putt of
t hi- lit lil I i n l: mt
ittcenl ami tin-
NNM of tin name fttfflgrgle which OAUftWd
Ihi lnimlitfi- ai ItlniHly I. am'. 'I'hat wa-a
It mi u Hn of proHtntto men which cf'wit
in-- s, JudftttiK offhand fftnn ftppwtranpi
bntnnd tin "Dead Rejctment."
Tht kry of tin Cotiftdvrate position on
their Wt Hahk Hi Aiitii iaiii was an rlrv.i
tioti in t lit- i init y of the Woodland ttnsag
naltd (lie Wfsi wood ftlotlVI tin turnpike
ni-ar Duttktr'ci !httrch, ttorne of t heoholc
I'st roopt of tin- mm it ii wen- manwd t here
i he tii ry I food's splendid division, si uart '
caalry In it prime, (lie falftOtta Wmhlltfl
t 'in ai t tilery aud Stonewall Jackwiti'fl origi
nal Army of the tfheuaiidoab l.n- him
elf, Jackson, Lungstreet, !. II Hill aud
Hood were there in person theapol where
tin- battle was to be decided, On I In- Con
finlt'iati front ol thai position upward of a
Quarter of atuiteeaal of the turnpike And
Llif toiii strip of wooda parallel to it was a
stuatl group of timber known in t In hat t le
reports as the "east wood." The apace bo
I ween t heae two pieces of woods was oleAfed
ground, partly pasture or meadow, partly
stubble aud partly covered with tail stand"
lag corn that is, the corn waa standing
when t he battle opened, hilt hum before t he
end it had gone down as if under the blast of
a terrible storm. The Confederate line ex
tended in a direction generally north and
south, the troops facing eastward. The
Union columns were approaching on th
north and east, and in order to bold them
at arm's length t he ( Confederates t brew
their skirmishers into the east wood, and a
bloody collision resultlug naturally from
that maneuver decided the nature of the
combat over the whole field throughout the
memorable day of Sept. it.
fighting Joe Hooker set the ball in mo
tion at an early morning hour by marching
bis corps southward aloug the pike, ilia
lineof battle extended east and west at
right angles to the Confederate. The Con
federates were of course t he m rouge.- t near
the pike and the west Wood, where their
masses and reserves lay, and they checked
Hooker's advance in that quarter so effec
tually that ins left columns, moving down
on the east wood and t he open space he-
twt that point and the pike, ot ahead
and started an independent fight in the
east wood and along the northern edge of
l he corn lit-Id. Those t roops on I looker's
left were Meade's division. ltwton's di
vision of Confederates were hidden in t he
t orn, with their skirmishers posted tti the
east wood. Meade's brigades came to a
halt along a farm fence thai separated the
Cornfield on the north from an open field
and ridge, over which they marched and
where they dropped their artillery to go
into battery ami stand ready. When want
ed, eH her to cover a retreat hack over the
riil lie or ti shell ahead to clear t he way
for advance,
Meade'a left brigade--Seymour's struck
i he eaat wood, and close and deadly shoot
ing instantly broke out between Luwton'a
OtdieCa on one Side Of the WOOd and Sey
mour's on the other. Hooker s artillery
hack On the ridges meanwhile threw shell
ami occasionally canister uUi the corn.
Meade's brigades along the fence, west of
the little woods, were Anderson's and Ma
jf I ton's. Resting under fair shelter, they
poured bullets into t he corn on I he It. ink of
Lawton's men. and t he latter tjUlckly
turned from attention to Seymour, who
waa getting terrible punishment, aud ad
vanced northward to the fence. A wild and
unequal hut frightfully bloody contest then
raged tor an hour over the whole angle
formed by the east wood, the west wood
and the ridge where Hooker's batteries lay.
Majilton's brigade hacked off from the
fence to move around the east wood and
give support to Seymour. Lawton's men
saw the gap made in the Union line hy
Majilton's withdrawal and rushed for h a
blindly aa sheep over a wall.
Hansom's Union batter was on a ridge
just behind the gap. and the impetuous
southerners clambered over the rails, bay
onet in hand, to cap! ure the gun-. Ransom
opened with canister, mowing down the
men in gray, who fell like the stalks of corn
behind them under the same iron ball. Sey
mour's men iu the woods on Lawtou'a ex
posed flank found easy sbool Ing in t be new
turn of affairs, Majilton's fresh ranks
United with Seymour's, and the tWO bri
gades, firing from the east side of the
angle, with Anderson's men on the north
aide beyoud the gap aiming obliquely,
caught the luckless Confederates in a pen,
from which retreat was as deadly as ad-
Cic,.... -t
sffl. U fx-
a i Vj ic
a. n
Tin. hi I4KK Of HA i 1 I t
vance. The doomed nu n halted, they closed
up ranks, they Mood for a brief moment,
and then and there the pitiless canister of
Ransom'a cannon, the unerring bullets of
Meade's Pen nsy Iranians, laid low in uui
form tu-tler the first goiy tletaehment on
I hat lineof QOrpaos, afteru aid known tot he
tens of thousands who shuddered over the
ghastly picture us the "Dead I tag! man t"
Lawton'e division had entered the light
Mfttt strong In laaa than aA boor over 1,100
were bow dc combat. Lawton was wounded
and BOrfied away; Colonel DougUUSI who
leil Lawton's own brigade, was killed, aud
live coloneU of regimentl were shot dowu.
Hay's brigade of that division hM 01 ei iialf
ts rank and file and all of us colooola
When udrdoo'a brigade mu obed opto
the angle, Meade's right br le Auder
son's - and Hooker's troops on the right of
Meade had oroaaed the (enoe into the ooen
in pursuit of LawtoB'a and laokaon'a man.
Hood 'a division, that had beefl lying in re
serve in the west wood, then took the Held
and showed its gaudy banners and glitter
jug bayoiiei-. above the tall corn nearest to
tin pike. Kcjl Meade's men draw hook
and halted at t be fence. iuid the 'nnfedamta
batieriaa on t ha pike at the west end swept
it ilb canister atttl shell, while the men of
UawtOO and Jaoksoa who bad uuy light
laft lg litem, - t ilyud'n fresh "oluUers,
Ston.Msll .In
tvP If amntt
thrtf buHii. JarkWn in n, like l.iw
ion's, Might both o the ems front m M
the north.
Tin Twelfth t'nlon corn under the pa
triarrhal Mansfield meanwhile marched to
H i - mil, William's division following
In Meade'a tracks and Its left brigade no
der Utejdou atrlklna the angle f the corn
field and Woods where the line of deem lav
Mansffc id w.s mortally wonnded while
Jumping bis horse over a pile of Mill into
the cornfield. His horse wheeled and two
rled him hack Within the I nlou lines or
bin body might have helped to swvtl the
ghastly pile.
poured iu i heir bullets from t he whole front.
In tbhi way the growing regiment of dead
was re en fori ii by many a squad of boys In
blue who fell among the men in gray.
The leading brigade "f Hood's division,
when it rushed Into the com toauooot I ,aw
ton's and Jackson's men, was Woftord's
Texans. Those t roops had been Iu t he east
woods t he da pre lints, and believing that
t hey were expected to regain i hem preased
on mokleaely without support, regiinlless
of the fsjBl thai 1 he open field bi yoml the
fence north of them was tilled with In ion
regiments and batteries. Meade's men had
fallen back behind 1 he fence, but tin- fresh
regiments of the rwelfth corps, led byClen
erals Williams and Crawfordt weea close
behind, moving to pierce the com field mid
way between the eaat wood and the pike.
The leading regiments, facing southward,
enveloped the left Hank of Wofford'a line
as ii moved eaat ward. WoAVwd faced hie
left regiments to the north and engaged
the new enemy, while t he right of his line
dashed on its blind course toward the east
wt tod.
( tordon'a men still lay at t he angle of t he
Corn field adjoining the east wood and hi
surely peppered away at the enemy stealing
among the tall stalks of corn. When Hood
entered the corn from the west, another
fresh Union division under General Ureene
of the Twelfth corps penetrated t he east
wood direct ly from t he eaat . drove I .aw
ton's and Jackson'! belated stragglers be-
',' VI
fore it and met Hood's dauntless soldiers
almost at arm's length The Confederate
line facing north was buffeted back hy
Williams and Meade ami the bat teries, and
that facing east was broken into detach
ments by Greene's resistless mnsaon.
Though it was a hopeless tight, the men
turned first one way and then another,
wherever a Union flag waving in the corn
or a shower of grape mowing a swath of
stalks gave a sign of the enemy's presence.
The Union art ilferists, having a ch ar sweep
of the field, held their lire until the awful
harvest was ripe to the deadly sickle.
Slaughter so sudden and terrible was nev
er known. Toe cornfield was u trap to both
sides alike, but chiefly to the Confederatt a
when the Union columns once became firm
ly planted iu the east and north bottlers, as
they were when Wbfford's Texans entered
the st niggle. The Texans gave the lirst quota
to that portion of the line of dead which
curves from the north to the southwest, as
shown on the accompanying sketch map.
As i hey turned from i freene's luvuluerable
wall of bayonets advancing through the
corn on the east they confronted t he ranks
of Williams on the north and the biting
tire of Hooker'-, batteries still hatntuer-
Ing away from the ridge. Qallaut but vain
was the ooutest as they charged forward to
the feme, sometimes reaching it ami tailing
dead on i he si ndght Hue wit b those of Law
ton, Jackson, Jones, Meade. Williams and
( ion ha i i he blue and the gray Intermingled
who made up the mournful phalanx, aome
times dropping back a few yards to gain
force for another dash.
The second time tbej did not go so far
north. a ud I heir dead st ruck out anew line oil
the now reddened soil, which receded more
uiitl more from the direct westerly course
until it reached the pike, where it camo to
an end. So t he margin of the field of st rife
that counted Its thousands dead in their
Mood and tens ol thousands wouuded was
outlined by the ranks of the corpses that
aeenied like wrecks cast upon the shore by
angry seas, as though t he gods of bat) le, now
on this side a ml 1 hen on t hat. I. ad Maid 1 0 t lie
onruahlng hosts, "Thus far and no farther!"
and Keeled the decree with a smitlug blast
Of death. The fates obeyed that deeieee,
sail the seethiug Roods of southern pride
Hiitl northern will come to aSUtlden hall at
the dead Hue.
Hooker's colunuia under Doubleday ami
Gibbon, Meade and .Anderson, Williams,
t 'raw ford ami Gordon swept across it only
to be hurled hack as by the arms of Titans.
The men of Jackson and l.awton.of Starke
ami Hays, of H""1 "'id SVofford, of D. K.
Jones and U. H. Hill tore through the tem
pest of canister and bullet 1 and the ragged
wall of bayonet-, strewing the line with
victims as marker of high ! ale, t Iu n re
coiled in a panic of dismay. At lOo'olook 'I
was all ended) the" Dead Kegiment " waa pa
raded, and the armies of both sides stood
afar Off, Not a regiment or a battery. Union
or Confederate, bad been hit within hun
dreds of yards t if it, front or rear, and the
cornfield ami the grass field remained neu-
t ral ground. All that day ami t he next t he
thousands, of soldiers under arms within
light of that prostrate column beheld It
with wonder and awe, for it was the moat
startling reminder of war'a awful carnage
ever found on any battlefield.
GgOttOI L KlLMBtt.
He Had seen the M'itro niH.
One Somen i lie young man who was
anendlng a fortnight iu Use country lost ail
chance of making a favorable impression
(lithe farmer's pretty daughter the very
lii -i day he came. Her father caana by the
trout of the bouse, where the young mail
was trying to make himself agreeable, and
the girl Introduced him, saying:
"This Is my father, Mr. Smythc."
"Oh, yes, responded t hi young man,
turning lowaid (he old man, anil slowly
holding out Ids baud. "1 saw 3 on standing
over iu the cornfield g little a Idle ago, when
I came up the road." Kooierville Journal.
Behafcs of a Purist,
unprotected female in Maasacbu-
1 In
hflls," hiiyn llm lllnli HithIUi "lilid- Una
MUjlluaetU 11 bet tar ploi to lira in than any
otbav paii 'f in oouatfy.'' Dili you inuuil
futif K in uk in apply to ii in, ill- uala uul
olilukaim and oyatara anl otbar auob crea
iiu i s, ooutamporary, at only to "famalaa"
uf lUf tiuruaa apaelaii Ami il you meunt
in -j. -.ii. hi wrouiaii, w 1 1 y nut oaij tbaMi
yi'faiirn ) UharlaatMi Kawa aiul Couiiaf.
- J j ' "
-! :. ".
"C- .t
k,-,V ' T.i
Ml' Mh M t UV 1 0 UHA CO
1 ' . .1 li out. u o la 10-t Mm i nn
10 t iti in laisary.
Tohac 0 coiisNt of t he leaver a ltd Malk
of a plan) ohafged With oi aromn pnrtfv
1. , aaatalnlngi m hllaratlng ami fragrant
tot he human DBlng. I ake the aroma of a
rose, this aroma should lis Inhales! in the
form of ooot rapot hy lh hnwaa 1110. Thsj
, hewel , like t he eab hot e. t al til' lea ON
and at alb 1 lie ttses the b ibacoo at the right
temperature, but in the wrong loiui.aml
pUta it itito his moiit h.
The Miuti. r mini 1 -1 be leaveand atalki
Innowderond puts it into ids nooa, He
t .s the tobacco at the riant ternnerature
Ind pttta it into the right place, but cuu
v. rtg i' Into a Wfong form, The cigar
Hooker gets the tobacco Into the right
form, but puts it at a w rong temperature
Into a wrong 1 1 ice. The cigarette atnokat
blends the filth) rags and other materials
OUl of width paper Is made with 1 he to-
bt coo. The i tpe Rmoker puts his tobacoo
Into a racoptne(c which is need for an In
definite time, is very difficult to clean ami
tends to produce cancer of the tongue and
Moreover, iu all forms ol imoklOg the
tobacco becomes saturated with the amok
it's breath. Tldl Seems to be almost poi
sonous. It Is this Which Causes the lower
halt of a hall smoked cigar, if left on a ta
ble for a few hours, to become Indescrib
ably rank. It i- this which make- the
moke of tobacco in a foul pipe noxious
and the atnokeof tobacco not pressed down
to the bottom of a clean bowl nauseous,
even to the smoker himself.
Nature protests against this abase of her
beauty. She I Weak it the incipient snuffer's
Hose. She weakens the cigar smoker's
heart aud sometimes threatens him Witt)
paralysis. She inflicts cancer of the lips
god tongue upon the pipe smoker. A child
who sucks a foul pipe she BOtnet iines strikes
dead. What isthe leaaon she la trying to
teach f What is tin1 right mode of using
her delightful gift?
Obviously to reduce it in vapor, to cool
the vapor and to apply t he pure cold vapol
to the nose, l-'or this end a combination of
the hookah and odorier is all that is need
ed. If you stand on the grating of a snutT
manufactory, how delicious la the odorl
Buck would be the contents of a tobacco
scent hot t le, equally exhilarating to both
aexes, a disinfectant, a restorative and a
perfume in one! Gen tletn Ml'l Magazine.
Ainetieuio lit KliropSt
On the crowded Munich railway platform
a soft soul hern voice was Saying! "Honey,
don't set down there right in the way;
they'll tromp on you.'1 A small girl rose
up, clasping to her bosom a cigar box a ith
a perforated cover. There was something
curious about this box, because hurried
travelers who came too m ar it started sud
denly away aud regarded the little party
of three, an old lady and two children, with
Undisguised horror. After some paeeof
struggling with tho intricacies of that badly
pelted ami poorly pronouuoed English
which dwellers beyond the Khine choose to
call their (ferman tongue, it was delightful
to hear the accents of one'e uative land, and
an excuse was seized upon to make the old
lady's acquaintance.
She was from Georgia and knew no other
tongue than her own. She Was 65 years of
age and waa traveling for the Brat time iu
Europe with her two small grandchildren.
She had experienced no difficult y whatever,
and, indeed, without a word of German
managed to secure for herself till this 0000
Blon the best carriage and get her luggage
attended to before any one else by mere dint
of gentle, sweet voiced persistence. The
Teutonic officials merely shrugged help
lessly and obeyed when she said: Xo, yo
don't lake that bag - yo' hear ine! Set it
right down there like 1 tell yo'," all in tones
as soft as rose leaves.
Another traveler at this moment shied
violent ly away from t he little girl's box,
from which the serpent like heads were be
ing thrust, and thiaattraotcd the old lady's
at tent Ion, causing her to ask geutlj :
"Honey, ain't those turkles of yo'ra bun
"Tea, grandtnaw, reckon they are,"
saitl the child. " They ain't been fed since
We left Flawrenc ." And the train car
ried t he Georgiaus and t he hungry t urtles
away. Cor. Harper's llaz.tr.
Double TliaiilfA liouiely Expressed
Governor Hoffman of New York delight
ed to tell an amusing incident which oc
curred tim ing his term of office. A bill waa
passed regulating the SUM of apple barrels,
which was of W trivial a character that the
governor vetoed it.
In the following summer an old farmer
from the Mohawk valley came into the ex
BCUl ive chamber, and producing a letter of
lut rod mi ion, said:
"Governor, I'veooroe to ask you to par
don my son out of state's prison. He's been
there goln on two year, ami his time'U he
up in about two mont ha. Harvest is comin
on iu two or throe weeka, governor, and I
kind o' thought I should like to have him
up to the farm. He'd be quite handy. Don't
you think you could do iU"
"There was something about him," said
the governor, "that impressed mo ha was a
gOOU oltl fellow, and 1 told him 1 would
pardon his boy,"
The old man beamed with delight and
rose to take Ids depart ur
"I thank you, governor, for pardonin him
now, because bauds are scurce, ami on he
half of my neighbors I thank you for veto
hi the apple barrel bill." Youth's Com
panion. sending Msssstfeti I China
China has not 3 et established government
poatoffioes or a post a l system for the masses
of the people, with all her adoption of mod
ern wa s, but private enterprise is depended
upon to render communication easy bet ween
Various part-of the empire. This private
transmission of mail is conducted through
what art- called ' letter shops." Noslanips
are used, hut t he "chop,'' or sign of the
keeper of the "let terebop," is always placed
Upon t he envelope.
In ( 'blua imperial edicts ami other official
communications are carried from city Lo
city ami province to province by oouriera
Generally they make the trip afoot, hut in
oaaeof great baste they are provided with
Dorses at convenient relay stat ions. ( Mhcml
lettera or dispatches an thus convey ed in
Oaaaa of emergency '(0 or NO miles a day.
Comments of a Kiok Urchin.
Kittle Leslie, 7 years old, the quintes
sence of affectionate sweetness, was sick
one day when he said to his mot her,
"Mamma, I don't make myself sick." "I
know it, my dear. It Is .God's wilL" "Then
why didn't Qod make me well:'" "He will
q his own good time," answered the little,
mother. "I reckon he's 'tending to some
other business." rejoined Leslie. - New Or
leans Hica) una
Almost the sole hereditary trade in the
Jolted States is that of the deep water
1 it If it-. At innJ ..f t.hm ImnfuAanl uMinAa
pilotage has been con lined for general ions
to a few families The Delaware pilots
oongwgat .it Lbwm, wbofo t hty Imv
I hni tuny gananitioua
i in a olaar day an objaol wlaafl rma fool
above a lafal plala oaa in- m-i h i.;ti miU's;
urn- in fm-i l ijb, iu milea; onaVXaal high,
&.M niilri-; line 100 feet bticb, li-1 inili-K. uud
one 11 mill- liili as tin- tup of it luouiitaiit),
aiin,-t !! imili-h.
Aottiio dealer ut a&Mp90Mna, avaaa
groupof ttMUfaa narrefl from ejuarled u-a
runts waioa etaoda 9 feel alga, waiglM ujo
pininiln unit la vului'tl 111 11.
Wrought Steel Ranges. Chilled iron
Cooking" Stoves.
HOUSEKEEPING GOODS: q rpu npr r n i o kiT
AGATB WARK (White, Gray and Nickel-plated), PUMPS, WATER 11. 1 1 V 11A IlA Jrl i CAT.
Full and Complete Assortment of
Plumbing, Tin, Copper and SheetLi n ... . 0
1 iron work. Woo ens. Comprising Worsted, Cassimer,
Just Received by Last Steamer
Km (yi.ovtis in k Button, Undressed 1;.n. Dkahs and Gray:
u Button Mqsqi etairk Evkninu Shades
20 l)i tt.on Evening Sn vdes
White and Colored Dimitys, Muslins.
Swisses and Percales.
These are the CHOICEST LINE of DRESS MUSLIN we Have Ever SbOWli
and Cream Point de Irelande Laces
Suitable for Trimming V;ish Dresses,
All Widths, from 3 to 12 inches.
Pout" Strbbt, .-: BBbwbk Bi,ock.
New Furniture Store
Ii imiw upened Tor busloossi snd list in stock the Quest sssotf nent nl
Antique Oak Bed Room Sets,
Chiffoniers, Sideboards,
Extension Tables, Etc.
Alwi ii Fine AMortnienl ol
Reed, and Rattan IFiarnitvire
iijjr, Haif, Wool, Mi Msaad Straw Mattressus, Live Ueuse PeatbersauU HUk Floss
iikivt'A, Si Ut Hi tioDoftUedto our latest styleof WIRE MATTKES8EH.
1 1n-in'st ami - i ' vim- brougnl to this country. Hint LouuKe and Hof a
Bails, ai :in : HH-isr priosi, Comulata assorttnaut of Hnby
UurriaKO-i L'liVs, Cradlas aud Hili t'lmiix
Cuhnmci Poi.kj in Wood ok Brass Trimmings,
We uui.- a Spaoialt) oj Layiuu attliif (utorlor Daooratinff
Irumltiire atiu Mai ' i
HOWMaON Ut-00K, Ilnnx Si ukkt.
PETER MICH, Proprietor.
Ofpich ami Mh. i. on Alakea and Richards, uear Queeii St., Honolulu.
Prompt Attention to all Ordera.
Fort St.eet - Opposite Wilder & Co.
II. J. NOLTEi l'rop'r.
Kirst t'luf . i.tiii' -Ih-s lerved wtth Tea, Ooibe,
8mlii MTater, Qkejer AI ' ililk
rm Smokers' Kequisitss a Specialty
iiH.ii from S a. at a i 1 10 pin.
tMj py rirsi uumi oi kiik-ii,
Cabinal afaklna in nil its BranoliaM
(Bell, 198,
TKI.KPHI inks:
'Mutual, 55,
urTli 1 HaaiiKic tkmi'i.k,
Ouruef Hotel aial A uikea siroi'is.
OrnOI lim its: III lii i'J a 111 , -J Iu -I p. 111..
llusp 111. St Mi.ws: '.i :ai tu 10-JIU 11. 111
TblchuunKii Mutual HM-Olnua-rMI UN.
Raaida Mutual eM
life Assurance Society of the United States
dm k- iNltURANCI ' 1 N Ml 1 III P( ill 1 K I'l an-, viz:
UrHlnwy Life Flan, TdhUim Initalmenl Plain iNkw. HI v
Knlowimnl Plnn, mmI Attraotivk),
Nitinl Tiintltw Phin, Join) Life n i-u -.
t rrr Tout Inn IInim, Pitrtowvlilp tnMnincD,
Indomnlt) Bond Plnn (Uoupon Rond Chlldrwi't Rndowmnt,
.-I unit m il . If diNilnNl), AnnultlM,
Endowment Rond Plmi (0 psfcmti guamnMwd), Term Innurwiw, ntc,, o . i d'.
li will caul von nothing to mil b) Ih nffloi ( tin- nndvndgned and
make further Inqulrte. Rhould you conclude in iMure, 11 mtiII be money in
your pocket.
Bruce tv A. J. Cartwright,
Hanageni for iii- Hawaiian lalanda BHjUTTABLK Ufe Amu ranee Society of V, s.
BURIMKRN HUITH I'll mi. nil. I ItlMl wii UP, RimiNttM PA NTH TO
Groceries, Provisions and Feed.
New Gooila received Uy every Packet from (be Eastern tuti's nnd Burope
Kriwh Califumin Pnnluee by every Bteamer. All ordeni t';iitlii'ull attended to,
ami gooda delivered to hii.n part of t in- city fi'ee of charge.
Inland ordeni solicited. Satisfaction guaranteed Telepbone No. us,
Post 1 MHce Box No. 14.'..
23 Nviuanu,
Lemonade Soda, Water,
( linger Ale, Hop Ale,
Flam Soda,
A Trial Order Solicited
Honolulu, H. I.
Sarsaparilla and
Iron Water,
Seltzer Water,
etc., etc., etc.

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