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The New Orleans crescent. (New Orleans, La.) 1866-1869, November 05, 1868, Morning, Image 1

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leteng to their heads eple seemlh wtUsh il beh toed
dleadous Ia relierviJ sad caulg aamed emy am of them
treuablsrme emptlanie piearlr l th se
BuJedt asier at aIn dleuM , sad kundre of othere apply
vaitly to dragists id doeaoo, who either merely tsataue
them with the hep ae a se or apply emeien wid k mask
Ibm worse I weuld uas w to -semwt sthit would
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althbmgh It may be predrd fhom amas a- ebti ofthe
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t is meet paltal to cantemplate the atogdast evil ems
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mmerant a few of the may addltloal ceasm which so
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mast to be wrMd a pervertod n te restraints of dee,
the erly ceafiaemet of echool, ad apeelely Ia he an
bealthy *edmat of the bael room. Thu, with the body
Wlf dothed ad the mind unduly excited by pleMsre per
Trting In midalght wrel ti hoar dasiged by sature for
lmep and ret th work of deftol is hallf eoompllshed.
In emsqmIee of this early maina spa r system, an
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eeMp tbhe mad marbidly MsaUTre to impresln, while the
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telm ete o organc helth ead tregtr the expcsre to mght
air, the amddoa ehag of lomperataf, the mplete protra
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dam their lgitimato ffest. At lost m early marriage clap
the dimea of Smery, and the unformea.oe, akthmo me
utterly regardles of the plain detaes ad remontrame of
ber delicat o tu, beeemea eaw m itg saeet of medleal
treateiW n This is buta trtl picture of thseepeira of
teojmds of em yeag wmsa
laIn before the aOllty to aeraa the thecteios of the gn
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Hd bold's CompouaAd xtract of Iuhu.
SDhInrtiemar Use, Diet ad Advisaompey.
Frrm latey teime ey, will d ii t a remedy to sid
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lafinitely Uafer and ao.re Pleasu nt.
BewIg rteeIlved the Idlssentr of tS moet premiluet phy
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Ialty as a CrTAIW OUBE fri tb folleta dise& ad
omeal Deblity, '
Mietal and PhysicLa Depression, h
Deter:Tantion of Bled4 to * Head.
Co"msed Idea P
OegleaM Irrtahil ty.
RBt emeIs and Iffoplmaeo at li~ht,
Abence of Mucula KEctrry,
Les of Aippetit,
Dre topel.
Disorgnistiro or rPamlroI of the Orgal of Gemeraren
relptatila o th Neurt, ad, a, act. Ui thbe uocoJeuta at o
serov sad DMaIted al the eitm.
e BB UaLaoLD' A Tax MO torul
Sold by Dnitfle ad Dler eroyw~e. Prtei 1 B W
Ipe ttlr atte, at d httie f M everd to d ye a drem E
Pescrite ympteem t a ma Addre I
n aemmewa. Nw York.
New mee g ae dso up ta ind-emd wro
per, wihi bs f ormy a emiml Wasuhems, ead daed
5. T. ER&E-EI.DL W
* MOeoz, Nov. 4.-Fair eeUiates the Dame
Scratic asjority ia fth district oeanot be given
to day. Vienas Democratic majorty six hanred
ad twenty-slx. DoL gi ffty-foe. DeoI oo
hundred and fty fer-- o ReBepblioan votes Oat.
s Minden four hundred sad twenty-4ght. Units
t rish almost lmes. Oaael a maority for
Seymour two hudrd and xzty-reve. McCrasle
two hundred and eleven. No dietarbace at
Hoci-A, Terrbene. La.. Nov. 4.-The Radical
majoity in Terrebonne is ehoot 192. The eleo
ton pased of very quietly. F. 8. o.
St. Helena pas-Democratic majority 1009.
E Coecordia parih-Claimed by the Bepabloaas
* by ~10 mjerty.
SourTwair PAs. Nov. 4.-Total vote 190. De.
mooratio 183, Repablioan 7.
r QIAauNrra SrATIOn, Plaquemmla Parish, Nov.
S4.-Precinct No. 8, 130 Democratio, 49 Republl
co. All quiet t the polls. Prenlact No. , left
bank, Democratic 33. Bepablinoe I. Bight bank
did not hold an election-polls not opened.
PONsTa- LA-HACsI, Nov. 4.-No election n
th esvenlh preedl. At *At e , fu" Podsto
a-la-Bach., Demoratic mJa ty 75.
FrA"Ju , la., NMw. A.- tar have bees re
aelved fre tlhek ltU prcnse: 8tembary
48 Democratio moty, urt 26, Doty 88, C
premot 38, Churea 196, thid plee* (r aklio)
329; Centevtille giv a Badical mojolrty of 1.
Pattersooile 91 Democratio majoriy; Brashear
Cty 23 Radical majority.
MnsIuMTv. LA., Nov. 4.-Demoorats etimate
their majority in St. Landry parish at 3500. Mer
mentea preceast give 42 Demooratic majority
no Radicals.
Parish of St. MaIrt will give not les than 1200.
Radical majority in Terrebonne 152.
Democratic majority in Lafourohe 177.
BATON Bores. LA., Nov. 4.-Col. Macon, presi
dent Democratle State Central Committee: West
Baton Bouge gves 150 Badlcal majority.
East Feliciaa gives 767 majority for Seymour.
BAvor BAA, Nov. 4.-This persh ha given a
Bepublican majority of 460. Pull vote.
EstimatedDemocaetc majority a St. Bernard
Nzw YoBx. Nov. 4-Seymour's majority seti
mated at 5000. The Legislature i Republican.
New York elects 18 Republican and 13 Demo
creti oongressmen. First to Eleventh districts
Inclusive elect Democratic congressme.
The Times say Roffman ha carried the State
by 8.000 majority.
Seymour' reported majority in Kings county
s 13,189. Hoffman runs about 1,200 ahead of
snw Yoa, Nov. 4.-There seems so doubt
now that Seymour ha carried New York by a
majority raoglog from 7000 to 10,003. Up to this
hour returns ahow that the Republiooan have the
Assembly by a majority of 10 on Joint ballot,
thus securing the re-election of Feastor Morgan.
Niw YORK, Nov. 4.-The latest Tribune extra
gives New York unofficoally to Seymour by 4955.
The Telegram (Dm.) claims a majority in the
Assembly and in the State, and asemr that Seay
mour will be the next United Statese seator from
New York.
ALBANY, Nov. 4.-Seymour's majority in this
county is 1900. Hoffmua's 22n The Evening
Journal coacede the hatte to eym'our by 8000
majerity, and to Hoffman by 20 00. It claims
the Anembly as 74 Republicans to 54 Democrat-.
The Argun claims 10.000 majority for Seymour,
25,000 for Hoflnan and cooedes the Atsembly
Republican by a small majority.
WAInmorow, Nov. 4.--ood authority makes
Seymour's majority ta New York nearly 5000.
The Legiaslture is claimed by both parties.
Niw TYon, Nov. 3.-The Post says the author
Ites have evidence that over 15,000 frandulent
votes were cut i this city, and Roffman's elec
tion will be oneetetd. It is claimed that the
seventh ward to Jersey City cast twice as many
votee a then are -ao tho ward. The Beo
puboleas defeated i ditrit w il oatet.
ParLAD.PsIrA, Nov. 4.-& pecial dispatch to
the vnoing Telegraph says additional returns
from the State aince moralg are favorable to the
"Mno3 IsW laJsur.
TRInTON, N. J., Nov. 4-Democrats elect gov
ernor and four members of Congress.
New Jersey etimated at 6000 for Seymour. The
Democrats elect four or ve congressmen, and a
U. 8. enator. Bepublican loeig.
NswAXZ, N. J.. Nov. 4.-The whole State is
reported about 1000 majority for Seymour. Hud
son county elects the Democratic ticket by 3000,
electing l rpre atatives and on snamor to
the Sate Legilature.
The State gie about 1000 Democratic major
Ity. andolpk, (Dem.,) for governor, has 2500
majority. T east will have 12 Demoorata
and 9 Repubsioas, and the Assembly 32 Demo
crats and 28 Republican. thus ecuring a Demo
cratic eseator a plaoe of Frelaghayen.
8IA FPANcraco, Nov. 3-Midnight-The oIty
has gone Democratic by about 1500 majority.
Returna from the Iaterior come i slowly, and
indicate large Republion gal. The State is
confideatly ooated by the RelMeaas.
BArx PuAcIco, NoT. 4.-T 8h Stte retur areu
meagre. The Timee (RBad.) lateam the St.te for
Grant. The Alta also claims the Btte Republi.
can, unles great frauds have been perpetrated In
the Southern connties by the Democrats. The
Morning Call (Dem.) claims the blate by 3000 to
5000. Johnson and Aztell are elected to Con
ro0 O11001.
WAstrwooNo, Nov. 4.-Oregoa returns indicate
that she ham gone for Seymour by 500.
BIA FPancisco. Nov. 4.-Oregoa returne show
large Republican gains, but hopes of carrying tue
State Dtmocratic.
BPa FuActeco, Nov. 4.-Nevada is conceded
to tLe Republicase.
AVKAArN, Nov. 3, EvenIag-Great excitement
ia the city. O uaoonat of the diaturbease this
mornaing the negro threatned to br the tows.
Only two negroes were kiled this mrwnag, and
from Aftee to tweaty weoaed.
A large body of negroes marched towards the
city, on the Ogeeche road this eveniag. They
wezre met by special police aed ordered to dis
perse : on their refusal to do so troubles enaued,
and two negroes are reported killed.
AUGosTA. GA.. Nov. 4.-All quet here. Lead
tog ettiMens are acting with the military to pre
serve the peace. No further trouble is appre
The Isdtla Extted--tla s lasl4ted-The
AmerveaI C(emel, ete.
Nrw YTou. Nov. 4.-The Herald ha8 the fol
lIcwlg from Cuhb: " The whole iand it ta an ex
lited state; blusiness is prostrated on ascount of
he aearm and distru amog the people. The
epei general i very reticet; a deputatito of
Ieding itizens who called upon him were lault
d by n officer of hi. A telegram from the
Ameriga conosl asking that a few United States
war ves be sent there was refused treaomi
ion over the wire. The lansurorgents are 00
mtroeg, s rtm be ay Sa eade amoeg them.
Their cryk ' , Prim, ad errao. sad doew
with taxatL Th troops number 10,000. and
are ackrow d I ancleot to esppres the re.
beUlie. Lersdi, R eld., has reved ample
instructi frm e t p rovmlesal gawramet.
New by the Ca- Imer is udwm ex
Lewnox, Nov. 4 - NoOs.--O IBol 94f041.
Beads 141.
LnWooL. Nov. 4--oon.-CottN tadina up
ward. Salee 20,000 balea. 6000 aledaold after
Cls yemWriay, maig -1ee r'e msls 17,000
LiAnroos.e Nov. 4-After-ooe.-Cott irmer,
be ams quouealMhlr. Lard fat at 87o.
LrVProoL, SoT. 4-Evenia.-Oottou closed
firm. Middiltg plands IllOllij.; middlion Or
leans lillid. ales 18,000 bates. Turpentine
25. 6d.
SBAV, Ir. L-Cotton aoat doll.
SLoAm Kitv. 4.-Rods, common, 6s; fine 14s.
I Torpo bim U. G&
LMwm,v. --Beavls -Cs i *M . Boads
' tifnrol', Nov. 4.-Bonds fn demand at 79).
)IsW Youn, Nov. 4 -Fve,-Sreatie of '62, 108 :
Sof 'S6, 106 of '66, 106 ; of '67, ' 81 ; of '68,
10f : 10-40 a, o4at.
bsw Yom, Nov. 4.-Cotton teady. Sale to
day 290 bale. Middui l a upmb . 1lour
opened mwer. but eed and drooping.
Wheat declhed 3.5. duriU the day. Crn easler
-mixed westerna 1 12@1 17. Kfes Pork $27 12t.
Whisky S1 065108. rocerIes steady. Tar.
pesti.e 44 n. Bodlna $2 505 37j. FreIghts
drooping. Cottn, steam . Whet 7. Gov.
ernosate week. 6.20's of 1862 108), Te-ssee
new 671, North Carolnas new 63, Virgnlas new
57. Money striagency usrelleved. C llons 7
to gold, with commissions kj added. Sterina
quiet 1li. GoM week 1321. Blooks nshe doe
pressed, co g weak ad unsettled.
Beesurv m 83.00oo 0.
OimrcerA, Nov. 4- to Wobt atS..
a-- . &- id Oft.. sne -Otto. Otas
57e. Oo tt i rm; midlings 2Ijo. Bacoa
clear rib @des 17e;. olew sides 180. Lard
15018c. as nSn. Butter 37@38o.
ST. Lore. ow. 4.-Tobacoo stiffer. Saperbae
Floor $4 2506. Wheat $1 402. Corn 81@t*e.
Oats 4652o. Pork $29 75. Baoon shoulders
14c., clear sides 18j0. Lard 17@190. Whisky
$1 08.
LorSVILLs, Nov. 4.-Tobacco market firm.
Flour--uperlae (606 50. Wheat 1 8.5@1.
Corn, old, 90091e. now. 45050c. Oat-13@.5e.
Rye $1 30. Mess Pork $31. Lard 174c. Bouon
shoulders 140141e.. clear rib sides 17j018c.
clear sides 14018o0. Whisky-raw nonini!.
Cotton 22j23c.
I LorrvsLL1, Nov. 4.-IUver falling slowly.
Weather clear and warm.
WArHINovoT, Nov. 4.-H. F. Wilkins has been
appo'nted tobaeco inspector for ffth Virgijia
* oal Jnttligtience.
IT Is Ova.--The long, fierce campaign, the
stirring up of men's passions, and hopes, and
fears, the feverish longing for any intelligence
that may chance to throw light on the election to
come (ld. the desperate efforts made, indivdually.
as a people, by our citizens, to at least throw off
from Louisiana the intolerable yoke under which
she has so long groaned; the hard struggle to
believe that, in spite of all prognostios. victory
might be on store for us -all there emotions and
deeds are things of the past. The processions,
too, that from the frst mighty demonstration in
sultry July, down to the last turn-out, which was
that of the Jewell Ondets, on the evening of the
2d. have nightly filled the streets with waving
banners, and bright transparencies and blasing
torches: the mass meetings which, in both the
cl'y and the country, were of almost weekly
occurrence; the club meetings; the Com
mittee discussios, wherein it was de
cided how the campaign should be conducted, the
barbecue under the grand old moss-covered oake,
wilh flags waving in the air all around, and as.
sembled multitude listening to the words of men
to whore ophions they loot up. all these are
over. No more will the exultant shouts be heard
for Seymour and Blair ; no more will transparen
cles and banners and flag. bearing those names
be displayed in procession, and the only token we
will shortly have that thgir names have ever rung
through the leath ad breadth ao the lad wit
be the Utvig Iaory of the principlea which they
repreeente wh is, es Taoedeay
doomed to temporary defert, wil yet ex for.
ever In the bosoms of those who have once cher
lbed them.
Yes, the campaiga is over-the die is cast, and
the throw i agalt us. There is but left to us
now to pocket our defeat a philosophically as
posible. "Let the dead pat bery its dead."
Turn our attention to the improvement of those
lrade interests of our city-sor as the reduction
of wharfage dues, the present Ikense system, the
present freight charges of tessele outward bound
from this port, and the insurance question, which
have latterly suffered materially. Let us devote
coreelves to these things, and then, in spite of
the defeat of our presidential candidates, we
shall, with Loouiiana redeemed from carpet-bag
dumination, yet restore her to the proud place she
held of yore.
TuaXm was A MArnED InCRstZs In the attend
ance at places of amusement last evening. Now
that the suspense and anxiety of the campaign
are over, people are doubtless determined to
forget care for awhile and seek recreation. The
orabstra, drem eircle and boxes at the Vareties
last evening, presented a spectacle which re
minded one of that theater's palmiest days insea
sonu gone by, and gave pleasing assurace of
their retors.
A nrw wDy AGo a gentleman connected with the
cotton business and well known In this city, be.
fore leaving home after dinner wa advised by his
wife that she wold, that night, exchange rooms
with her mother, for some reason which she ex
plained. All right, thought our Benedick, and,
according to his wont, he wandered about the
beer aloom, for he Ik fond of hbi beer ntil a
late hour, and returned home brewing in his mind
the possiblity of creating a rie or fall in the fnan
cial market next day. Having entered his room
he proceeded to divest himelf sad prepare for
bed, every now and then addressing words of
endearment to the supposed partner of his boseom,
who was snugly ensconced under the cover.
One kis aroused the sleeper, when of a sudden
the occupant gave a terrible shriek and jumped
op ruthed from the room crying au voler', a
l'arsiasi;n, with all her might, and pursued by the
husband, whose eobrts were unavailing to abate
her fears. From room to room, over table sad
chairs, did the chase continue until the whole
LoWe and neighborhood were aroused ad afoot,
armed and, we were goiog to say dquipped, be
lieving that another riot had occurred. At last.
the person who had been so badly frightened, fell
down from exhaustion, and wase arpried to see
her son in-law instead of a midnight murderer, 1a
quiring of her bow abe happened to be in his
wife's bed. Matters beIog expllaned, the bhe
band was let off with the reprimand that hereafter
he should drink les lager or remember when his
wife exchanged rooms with her mother.
Wn A~rs erecmnty onrrvm to learn of the
serious. probably the mortal illness of Judge T.
L. Lemley, an old and highly esteemed member
of the bar of Loulsiana. The jodge has been at
tacked, a eeeadtime, with appoplexy, and Issald
to be at the point of death.
Ts IrnPAisr AT nTH CornT H0ot' are still go
ing on wih great vigor. By aturday the
Seventh District court room and clerks'aeoe will
be ready to receive their occupants.
Tas Crrr is exceedigly dull inoe the election.
Tua Wnavem we have now is genuine, de
lightful Indian summer. The blune empyrean of
the Mediterranean may be the theme of poets
and travelers, but give us the hazy skies of an
American autumn.
A onalvarwr Rimtseranb Dnaocurta Vontas
neglected the right of suffrage yesterday, on the
plea that the Radicals had refrained from voting,
and there was no necessity for them to visit the
polls. If this had bee otherwie New Orleans
would bave given 27,000 majority for Seymour
and Blair.
WE A IrmORMID by a gentleman of respond
bilty that Wicklid, the State andicor, hae guard
of sax eoldiers at his ofoe. Wherefore, Mr.
Wickliffe ? Are you also a knight of the phantom
A LOanS AND C.rTNA.-iTn Gretna the vote stood,
Democrat, 321; Radical. 5. In Algiers, Demo
erate, 8(-; Badicals, 902.
TaR FILLING Wor in on of the writs of arreet for
alleged catrages on the Badical partisans in St
Mary, iessed by a Badical functionary, is in tech
alcally sad gantly corret lague. The
writ charges " mid Wood sad eth- es having
on the 17th October 18 elonio- y, wilflly
sad with malice aretboht killed sad mar
dered on Hoary W. Pope and Valttlae Chase In
the town of PaBklin, by Joih ISk." Ver
the New Bagand schoolmaetr alked roa,
a ss mn lr a nae aite . Not
ose Iy, bn thfe e prI e rso, wione wo havr
men, teIn opelOB of the person op whoa er.
vie wais meto. The meet fwun- of New Vug
law's peiagoguee was the illo.trionu Anthos.
His editions of the lAtti claeio were as popular
at Eastern America that some Ignorant pnutiag
howm aI Loadon republishld ese of them for the
Enalleb sbools. hbe coasequence was hattheo
pilrtlP fir was ned in damaes for breew of
copywight upon the Dep*ini editioe. It ws
proved <a the rial that the pgat Is Esalead
scholar bad plaglarised bodily and in otoo bm the
works of the rench Jesuit. ad the damages al
lowed were considerable. New Eglad'as eoiar
ship, statermanlhp aad lellore g o had i hand.
l1t Merchant-Did you her abot the electio ?
2d M.-Yes; did you?
let I.-Yes; what do you thibk about it ?
24 M.-ITm! ah! I don't know; what do you
t'lok aboutit?
aIt M.-A! Um! Well, I don't how.
Ti Poeenm GuArne meet to-ight at 20 St.
Cwarls street, to peirmneutly orgadse. Its
friends wil Join as in the expression of pleasure
at these tdi , a the Possil are a body tat we
would be loth to see broken tp. Baoces to them
In their ew field.
Ta- CrC.L were disusing a short timeasiee
the feasibility of pavoig Rie street with Neol
son pavement. Would not turf be ma~ appro.
pXlae ? * f
ya ay M , adg amarvro epre
*lon that Col. T. L. Lemley, a well known and
universal'y respected practitioner at that bar, wa
deceased. We are happy to be able to state a
late hour last evening Col. Lemley, although s
rioouly il, was ati!l living.
Two corrAItm of the first United 8tates ia
fantry, who had been stationed in the city for a
week or ten days, were yesterday ordered back
to their quarters in Greenville. They made a
very fine appearance a they marched down
Camp street in regular order, preceded by the
magnificent band of the regiment On Cnal
street they took half a dosen Magazine street can
and went up to the sound of martial music.
CAPT. MALONI reports that the dwelling of Mr.
McConnell, 47 Burgundy street, was entered with
false keys, yesterday morning before daylight,
and a diamond and a traveling box, valued to
gether at $70, stolen. The inmate were awakened
by the burglar's attempt to force open a armoir.
ONLY HALr A DozmN ttififag arrest made in the
Second Diatrit yesterday.
Burgundy street, was entered at 3 o'clo-k yester
day morning by burglars by means of fale keys.
The lamatts were awakened by the ittraders
attemiting to force open an armoir, whereupon
the latter decamped, carrying with them diamond
pin and a traveling box, valued at seventy dollars.
Wi BELIsEV one of our contemporaries ie wrong
In attribuilog the remark, about the crow flivng
over the valley of the Shenandoah being obliged
to carry his rations with him, to Grant. Sheridan
was the talented author of the memorable saying.
TaX Cosowna had little or nothing on his hands
RECOR(PER GASTINnL'S CorRT resembled some
banquet hall dererted, except that a few cases of
assault ad battery. drunkenness, etc., altogether
unworthy of mention, were summarily dis
IT is TO BE norED that the Democratic c'ube
of the city will not only continue, but reilafrce
their present individual organiations.
Tos Neono PorrLATIro have apparently got
over their sulky ft, and are as cheerfully disposed
towards the white people as ever. They seem to
realize the fact that the only people of Uaucasian
race with whom they can make friends, fast, hon
eat, obliging friends, are the people of the
THE BODY OF A MALE INFA T, bearing marks
of violence, was fouod wrapped in some coare
linen, by Oficer Lohreoner, on Clalborne street,
.on Monday. An inquest was held by the coro
WE CHZnri'LLY make room ia our columns for
the followg: :
" Ww OmLnws, Nov. 5, 1883.
"To the editor of the Nw Orl ea Casar :
" Sir-ln your ssue of the 3d wst. I ad that
you state in sbetance that the olered people
were advied from the pulpit on Sunday by
' Brother Steptoe to keep away from the poll.'
Your reporter, I beg leave to state, was very
much mistaken. I never have spoken of politics
in the pulpit, and think that religion is too ared
to allow of my so doing. Even outside of the
church have I never advised any one to keep
away from the polls.' And as for myself, I de
posited my vote, saw so sign of intimidation, tried
to induce others to vote, and know from an ex
perience of forty years residence that it was the
moot peaceable election ever held here. I feel
sorry that all of my race did not do as I did.
" RosaT H. SBarrot,
" Pastor of 4th African Baptist Church,
"Magnolia street, between Common and Gravier."
BoNx COKcSALED Psao fired a shot at a Mr.
_mbold, who was pasing along Elysian Pields
street, between Craps and Love streets, about
seven o'clock on Tuesday evening, the ball taking
efect la his leg.
Tuz NAMxa or A NUmBEn or POLICi OrFmCn
not itreeent for duty on election day, have been
submitted by Superintendent Cain to the poliee
board for dismlsel.
A CAts.-Nete O-leans, Norv. 3, 1868.-Editor
Republican: The evening Times of to day state
that "Ca.pbell, of the Legislature, voted the
Democratic ticket at Pelican's No. 4." This le
untrue f it refers to am. I voted as open ticket
for Grant and Colfax, and the Republican ele
tore, with my name fdorsed on the back of the
ieket. I voted not became I demed it a fair
and free election, bat to ahow that as a "oarplet
bagger" I would vote under any crcumstanoes.
Hues J. Ca-saLL.
Thu card appeared is the BRepbUeil of the 3d
inat. Strange to say, the Republican of the 4th
pablbshes a full account of tim election in the
city, and in It there is a brnk repruenting the
Republican vote "at Pelican's No. 4." A gentle
man of reputation aesures as that two others,
who were present when Senator Campbell voted,
are wll'ng to certify that Senator Campboll voted
a Democratic ticket. The qaestion which sext
ariee is, what ticket did the Hon. Isac O(ur
minmg vete? Tell us, Isaac, and we'll believe
your statement.
Tns Tranusm y lsray, as show by the
thermomete at C. Duhaoi's, Ill Cal treet,
was as follow : At 6 A. u. 5i degreea; 12 .
.5; 3 r.M. C9; 67. m. 68.
Naw BHAT were numerous yeaterday, cons.
quent upon the receipt of election returns, and
the Impetus given to that partlcolar bsnch of
trade moat have been very apprecoable. People
paid up their bets good bhumoredly enough, what
ever may bave been their d tistlfacton with the
result. Oysters will oome in. too, for a heavy
-bare of punaiohmeat at the bands of those who
have wagered them, and we fancy many a d·lap
pointed ader sad a-bettor of BeGmer s election
will find a temporary solace over a doen juicy
raw, or a plut of fried Barataris.
PBAne sun CLcB-At the SBam l election of
oficer, held at their room last eveag, the f ol
lowing named gentlemen were elected to srve
for tre easinog year: Geo. H Braughn, presi
dent: Joe. H. DeGrange, vie president ; T. D.
V'an Born, treasurer; Paul J. Robert, secretary;
T O'Neile, stage manager; Peter Hart, asiltaat
stage manager: Joe. P. fBror and BeaJ. Otway,
itewards; Geo. H. Braugit , Mark O'Boorke aad
Frank Kiag. easting commiitte.
The club adopted a new coectitution and et of i
by laws, aid may be considered a permanent ia
Tni BLAlR ZOCAVMI met lart night in their wig- I
wam, corner Magase and eventh streets, to
efect a permanent organlzattlo. They did not,
however, aeeomplih thal, the Ut-aIdJomdg i
before an eleetint wa gor into. Te gallat
Zooaves wll aemble again next Moday eveaag,
this time to comptoe their orgaaladea.
Ten SMTuora Lrilox.-ThL dlub met lat
eveninl at their hall, BSt. LMi Hotel, . P. Joas,
EM., presiding, and a fail attendaoce ia the roem.
Ihe preeident stated the object of the metay i s
aa appropriate mamer, wherepen it wares tved
to continue the orgasdoae under tin presat
oficere ad name, aeioetc the call of the prel
dent, for futare emegencies.
A vote of thanks was teudered to the varoous
omeers t(r their efdcit services dure the late
campaign; so to the poprteter of thm hall for
theeof the am; nd a dosatimof 40 from i
the funds on hand to the widow of C. Sullivas,
who was assaselasted lately by the Badtoals.
The petrai of the Besr. Bosaet Mey , wa.
oa -memo, deated to the presatof thf elaub,
B. F. JeasB.E I
f itnmr- i- - ramd the dlb In wrdb of
cheerful hope, and co larend the hoaur coafrmd a
iB.a jms-ae the he--al.he - h vtMtS
*a A bass aaalka
had theasowl
Thr M oeers wanl- fo a uatd
the club, rawhldsk w ita n ehdia.
Ts Namues OUM--Ts b met 11" oes.
beg, Dr. Dow, oag.' Aftr th trs-ausel
of ease hbs it emed shedle hr abe per
pose of MsI Mtu.M W oweLr as selwd
go to. PW667, PM teat no w a af t
*4 to ppeat eoamntmee of to e ant a s
ituiea gad bytl e reaet at a fuat -st
iegr. The mobse weM rwrolmed--ermT Stm
prm.-- - te rell.
O8a w- : J. mte wy t , treedast;
Walter L. JM. I" visa ptmdM; llae .
Barrow. M viceo perdlm; W0 . . B , J. W,
Waldeo. seoresarr; A. A. . d, Uessmlr e.
IThn. M. beoo, anrm L.
Sevedral u i as aary dbe In te aeM
try brfa ee" reooed, u sihg 0e B.
oik eltb rtisse It rg- i a So** *.
knowledgod d of NW 1as k oeab of a s the
soms, " ' ..
Tan SarMxov Sourn; a, 140 strong.a clb
who did eomsu servic dai lg th eas san t.fr
the eae, meets to-lght to *soLt a peIrm set
orgulsatio. The oooasoM ia Imporlta eas,
ai we urge upon every member the dey of
prompt atsuudt ce.
A rnu SeOe our bout I o'eolok to u asooca
pled home, owned by Peter Csauold, ead site
sted on St. James set, betwes Sith and
Bevosth. The roof of the khitoh was bured of
sad the r r wart of the maa btildi was bso
partially detroyed. The Ire is sppoed to have
been the work of m ancendiary. the propert
Mas sured for $1800.
A Youma MNx riding oa horebk rloeg St.
Chrles street about Ave o'olock lst evein, fll
to the pwaemat sad was badl braised. was
conve)od to bls reldenoe on Carondelet stret.
THt crvnrL smureP prirvate oeo yesterday
was nearly full of poll boxs from the oros
prenetoet. They wr all dulyseleod labeed.
A crncr. s rpiorig to emate fro " the
Ooounl of Ton" wa broht to a promineat alti
se, MoDday, by a gro named Addon Jekins
wbo said that simfl doomatse had ben sat
tered broadcast In every nghbbood oo d
by negioes, sad in every segro olb usd o r
poUitical or religious gro assooito Is t the par
h.The roular a laughable appeal to he
"Oscuiesan race," fall of raw head us bloedy
bones, sweeping the poor darktis from the fte of
creaton. A weak lavenion of the assy.
A rAin or nBOns attahed to a earrlg took
friant at the corner of Jackeon sad Ceo at
streets, yeterday morno*r about 8 o'elook, aad
dashing off almost Immediately overturnd the
vehicle, whieh cootained a gentleman ad two
lades. Both of tbe latter were brown vitleetly
out, and sustiled svere though not fatal ija
MADAMI ROLax, residaig at No. 216 Toulouse
street, made an attempt to commit suicide, about
12 o'clock on Tuesday night, by in·acting a terri
ble cut opos her throat. The occupants of an
adjacent apartmet, beuiog the grones, buar
open the door and found the unfortunate woman
lying on the foor welteriag in blood, bat still
alive, and holding the knife with which the deed
had been committed. She was removed to the
Charity Hospital, whern sargial cae was
aforded her.
FonD DxowMna.-Ooroner Boche held yester
day as inquest o the body of a" anknow white
woman who was foaad drowsed in the river foot
of Third stret, in the Foarth District. o vi
dance wam adduced to @bow either who she wasr
the maer of her death, but a so marse vie
lea*c of any kiad wer found a her -n . is
-uppoeele &Wi wa a eae ela - e-r1-e= - o
the body: Nkettead UM . whe ad atr l easo
eeo. lk hobe, broges aha, rwats oa We
set aiel under arop a knonted Ilrg ren
thafiast; age, aboOt 26 years.
A yonue Mn employed In driving a water'g
cart wa thrown from is seat to the pavemet,
at the eornr of Poydras and Camp streets, ye
terday moriatg, about half-past 9 o'clock, by his
cat comr In oolliYson with a pasng dray, and
lad his arm broken by the fall. He was arried
to the drug store n the corner, sad therereceved
a irgcal treatment.
CoMO GrLsRax master of a schooner lying la
the New Basia, who. oa Moday night, was ftond
stsbbed by some uakaow person. at the eorer
of Tr4 m artet sad Caroadolet Walk. died yester
day morning freo the efeots of his wounds, at
he residoece No. 216 St. Peter street, sear M
rae. The airchu aaces of Capt. Gillorme
death are wrapped I a pateful mystery, althagh
the dicovery, ear ta spot where he was wod
*1. of the dead body of a Sielisa, asmed ielre.
tore Paelie. Indaese the suppalitloe that naa ay
had occurred between the two, re"alag. as eavets
have proved, famlly to both.
VARIWnmi--Te sprightly comdy "Masks and
Faeas," was ropeatd lest neigh to a amsree
and appreciative sadisae. ims Isabel Premes
in the role of Mael Vane, displayd her ual
good tast, both is the otg ad drm g of the
character. The Peg Wolagtos of JEs Ortes
was an excellent ehareaterissia of the sbtle I
tot eaneroe hearted wemau who knews bho to
sanoooe even her ardentapeeao tosesare th hap.
plaeasoli eanbj d wife. We mast, aserthless,
remark that hit Ortoa oceseally oversea her
boisteros seame or ie e thas a Triplet's
cottage io wmewhat eaggerted, eal she is far
happuer when, i theo ame seae, she struggles
with that "tyranos hato" whlo fis about to
o'armeter her more humea emotious.
As to Mr. Bheridaa' James r iplet, t Is O~e of I
thoe capital hits of character sotla aeloO mset
ith oa the stage. It has palpably shown the
New Orleans publio that Mr. Sheridaa posaeme0,
to an eminent degree, that great endowmat so
often ridlealously claid by ators, "tre veara
tiliiy." We have already had oocasio to oa»
pitesnt the geatloman peroaelly, sad we m set
cas es o tt eorpeaee by far
il hat we hav yeea this year the Varieties I
f.te,. except, perchace, Mr. Byer's Mster .
i o ight we e The LJttle Treasur " and
" Miriar's Crime "-an excellent bill.
r. CHnAntr. -To-morrow evenfog, net to I
night, the regaier dramatio seesoa at ie 0d d
Drury will be tinogorated by the performaae of
herendano' sterlyg comedy "The Rivals,'" i
which Mark Smith w ma e a s fit appearoase
ltre la eight years. inthe role of ir AnUtfnny d
AbatrIe. espported by Ben DeBer as Bob A-es, .
Charles Pope o Captain Absojufe and Miss He .
ritUs Osborne (ar bfrt ppeara ) aa Lydia
Lnyuishrl. M Belle Hewitt will so, in the
atfipees, "Jp ny e od." make her ret appearu.
aare th* et of Jenny Letherluhe. e
We haa e M to see the spelse t
wel lled wteM rs o the oaeso ofthi I
attrneveo ontertaamet, and hope the aler u aa i
aouepie of Mr. DeBar, Mr. Pope and Mr. Gtea
son tho eason may prove a briiant and uacoe- I
tel on.
A. AlAry or Mrsxc.-Prominent among the
features of tbi evenalng's enttetainma t will e t
th frce, " That Rsieal Iba.s," in whih Me
Aadrews, Edwards, Carter alph, Mb- Qelate
and Mi MIBler re to tae t. The Bthopt
Somdy, *" W's Dreai." also ,aoesee, ad
rmnbace a e ast ery m amober of the bart 5
cork ecrpa. M . ZbUisasy's beget, " The ells a
o the Vllae," ise to l repad, al n oartel
merits reptttlBe, ortafl, ftat episode ae
sentr a dru sr'ke sa Idoe, asaeaeud y
Ckrilkel, IMalv , t ae ttLlik and tae -.
iitable a do beRBet. We are promaied
-o-rtly a eadditieal arsetia la the appeareaee
of M'le Teraelr, a young fmale gImnai et 5.
ceedg merit a
Arms' MIsaenn arn Crucu.-Rmemaber, U
admirers of wi aais, eqaestrassmal t Pha P
saw dust rir tat tls eveabg at Tivell inr
*be eatraao to te enat oava pevris e l be
thrown open to -e pblio. Col. A' tralY ag *
enagerfeand *esaa mras to hew OrLtsaster tl
Ssuccessful tour trough other Btat, bteai g am
bek with iN n-ros sad varied nevesI fear
b entertainment of the rowds wha wm u .
Sabutedly foae t ho em. Wt he eIst
macag thbe is th bel Oad lrn aus ea U- e
ese, wa to Mea8 ** e rsosete wome.
Thre mey b sen tee of heseme v
shp, a Lmioy al sfX t ret as aUty.
*wo n f ele s, a a W rarae elsauilei f at
Beausti jesaica in the Aaarais cabiant h ao- l
idaredL t IrY i we r reamrisam. a
h - Ii^lilr!X gNSin_ gl
oThe leow. i1y " c w a
a*uestganew %ha
The a* Eeaig eMmilo
O ft* ifu~g
TM Jstitatioa. or Nis Deaf, Do* O W.
rw. i.. .... ' * , . l e, s,
Thekek to the aliasrs at thof M
fork oapepes.L
- D epeI . .: .
Victor Hugo pielot a gavamlles Ia Fres if
Napalm . as we yam tosges.
Sa wowe eGORWOO he insoema oeat Oe
Austrast Us M. aa h '4 *o hat do ,set
fe B the leafts t hlo a m e.
TM Moab e DMo t dle whoe eyt dm ftess
SItattao per mes.
The atotoag ofhwTtbPtrideboMt 6M,000,
000 bufo els t anflly.
The grape erop t o o ot ble of e barr
Nwea w2i be homae MI year.
A CMape ftio Je cghe, Frmce, yaer4
arsU gold. Iel o las w elbt of gap.
mttef uJ N a w)or Park fl .
Brigadlt . Gemar eCreok hae Med the aMer
of the Anrmy ad avly CheteIS t Mbal.
A m e wM a coldt his head eta be esa to
be Ma v ty olema aso() s tars te r.
BeritS le bovt h sa made a. eM blme, ae at
artifles is whoeb, umbering m3a than a tkhon
--g, a mrrnwp» l N f hff to r wn
&ad, wrn e w l1ht owem r.
Ihe spdai la at naervir Park, New York
city, it ia reported, he destroyed all the worms
sad trcubeasme rtessro at that p tat e
Tw auisdlaT expedtOs to lthe Not ae
_a-ol l res d«hM, Idskere mo tho e th
fttng out a rWp -kl eoae Bm at r a at
tfe secnd emr receve a alary of 3,000,000
As Ameriea phogicalsaMoletay to er oaims
Ied at the New York Ualversity -a ka Itft of
the prwoseat meath.
For the loes alsr peyrls the a be er of
ehipwreeka o the Brit h eMsee hbas been MI
Dr. Holled wrtea fkm agtado at he ha
yt to be onfta veed the ptbadatperldi of
t aglbuam Is athe Ameasr .
Ches. A. WMMy a OS. agest of the Wargs
Iie of ateam dlp, havor tha ka for la to
Dr. MEa , ca PetoMbW. V1., who, gnarw a
vow, bad mst ihvel i bawrt dasoe the drftat
of Mr. Clay fW~enloMt 18, ed Io tle 19t
Iowr has I lodge Mt Odd Pallown, wit a
ma*betM of l 0, of wis 18 were ietidtat
hi year.
A mari toe tk Pa teo T , n e., hi. io
Satiray, ta weMe thl brilgream wa eighty.
Av ae she , brl eghim
The peopl of WMdport, . Y., have lavstm
a Dm shoew h estortaam-a " mh adt a
In tBhe vicinty of Ptt a largi aumber of
coal dmigge have rtr k lh a gM wa, aei
everl cea work hao oeppe epersIS.
Nearly all tbe ha fetedl a aM eal of
prairie two mae , qua, Bsr lao a ioe,
bha takaes lek, ad mato f othem ied.
In the m vlaOge ot H80heo, Mams. .o oe
elat June, the lives of thrteer as Aorn mhe bee
lost soeMtly a or takes woe mrderas lem O
Colosesl banej - fetr eabbegas waIWu
18a peeals, 13 rtstha a bsarel, a pets.
toes tt Oale ade a btaw, Ma a asresk rev
and a half r feet ln tabr ase.
We have eo al om toa palbleIsA , e
set, Nw Y ek, Meakweolb agdene r Oo
tober. It catalm ima artcles.
The Prnk empress Is-oa , Aerny a smaD
bet Seoth mle-, Meal eo erm . TS h m halsm
-he prefers are gray sa lore.
Botalee are ma leqar as the toble of feaslee
aroe does pari-all athe wi, with the ox.
ceptia of bhampeae, beg served ta glate
Thesi ha nmer «elet tlas ha tthat PIs to
t r Im brielt, with the oappeegeM to so
..title the as rria, Maob -abut to da~mml
lam imps ieaemr diny tel Mais anehate
te MI , Laba (0tOe) patetM , e abd tlalmmd
stamp., eavelo t., to the Moat of parIy
Qo u Vietarl r pet dlx totsad peao t t
swluarlad. ad yet ar ody, mot mfa te lead.
lord- that Seld ar, em to wi or her r.
MEr. Basml W amiom dils rocalty ha typer
tosty. Va., aged w sIgtat. She saied be
Ide to (a. Weshlot ftor tLo a rpar's Parry
pperMy- a toe which be rhmf batl oeS for
Archbtop K arlok, a tderil by the eeee
alestloal aherity at Blme to toredUlre be
-tar Dgl Ctom age b UOMltp D g.
pa. or Chbq, MNrepaatl Sls O teplat to
be mafoodaade<t Ma. belammiUe4.
The U18s vdhge of Chameea we. irst broaght
hto maria by tw Daage evlwers. Earms.
Pocock sad Wymbam, Sm 1I41, by a report wMo
they made at i woderfal aceMry before the
Boyal sooelay *o Leadc.
Bleway ws mtimalty feollow b teimboat,
tad a Nagitk ompey s mow erragtlg to
apply the b haae wIth 5n awar eystm t os
eat 4e priMlpal clea, d eptially to tap the
iaijter lstrit, where e water oomulaleat d
are Iasted.
The Mormoas claim to ambr ia Utah ftro
*,005 to 100,000. m Newe Ter there lec a
mal helroato aebo0 . Ia the oN werh Ste
eselmatdat t10.00, eblty to WMpe, teagh
me aM faml to Asta, AfrMbg A, rail ma
Mr. Krop, tho peat urmap oa sea.-,
rhe barga thirty t ueia «hi for eah at
he heavy asal gM e- at 1 i c1 estaibe
meat, ha odeAnd to 0 tkSe mw Pruuml
saefawar with tSeega at hrprye. His
Lifr we. hamoU nyesips.
tr. weh, who a bes *( r same ee, a
aged t.te altary t medical eaaltolee of
hat *a tLeto pel let Ib lat sk enat
.Mlhi »a ie f *hel arsf a. daMpe
r aO oecultatlo. A book cm this mbjaot may
bertl he empectd from the dotor'ts ear

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