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Entirely New Shapes and Finishes in
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TXE have also
many new
shades and colors
in the regular fin
ishes, and many
new ideas in
The liOtlis Lawn and the Lawnette are the latest finishes and shapes in the popular Hurd's Station
ery for personal correspondence. These new papers will appeal to you.
We will be glad to mail ypu a sample book of these papers.
Johnson's Bridge After-
Mrs. Gerald
Mrs. Oeralc! Johnson entertained tlio
Wednesday Afternoon Hrldgo Club at
her bungalow on Matlock Avenue.
The Iioubo wag profusely decorated In
Australian and maidenhair fern. The
afternoon was warm and the cool
green of tho feniB lent n delightful
and pleasant atmosphere Tho prizes
were Canton plates. Mrs. Johnson's
guests wero Mrs. James IMno, Mrs.
IMvvnrds, Mrs. McDougnl, Mrs. Uoss
Kingsbury, Miss Edith Cowlcs, Miss
Kthel Spaiitdlng. Miss Lydla Mc
Stockcr. Miss Prlsrllla Kllcott. Miss
Julio McStockcr, Miss Hetty Case,
.Hiss noronco liotlman
Miss Lydla McStocker's Luncheon
on Friday evening. Tho tablo was
charming with Its center pleco of Lu
Marn.ua roses and fern, beautiful
chlnn mid twinkling glnss. Tho place
enrds wero tho coat of arms of Ha
waii. The candles were shaded In
white, which was most charming. Mr.
and .Mrs. Cartwrlght's guests cninved
a social hour of pleasant chatter after
dinner. Tho guests wero Admiral and
Mrs. Cowlcs, Major and Mrs. Timber
lake, Mrs. Adums and Mr. Harry
Major and Mrs. Wendell Neville
Mntnr nnd Kirn M'timltll V....I11,. .-..
Miss Phlcger KnI1K t0 entertain tho Wednesday
Kvonlng Card Club nt their delightful
homo on Mnati Street next week.
swimming party
Zepah I'lschcll,
The wedding of Miss Kthel
and Mr. Kills will tako placo tho early I
art of July at Central Union Church.
Mr. Oswald Llghtfoot's Week-end
Mr. Oswald Llghtfoot gave a pleas
III honor of Miss Charles F. Wood, .Mrs, Helen Card
who Is her house well, Mrs. Douglas MoDougal, Mis.
James Madison Kennedy, .Jrs. (Icorgu
Harmon, Mrs. Hclshlcr, Mrs. Francis
Illakely MrStockcr, Mrs. K. It. Came
Angus and Mrs. Ilcssom.
Mr. and Mrs. Klrby Smith a Bridge
Mrs. Klrby Smith entertained tho
Thursday Kciilug Bridge Club at the
Courtland. Thu rooms wero prcttllv
ant week-end party at Wahlawa In decorated In jialo pink and lemon el
honor of Mlas loulso nnd Miss Pearl low oleanders, A delicious collation
McCarthy, who havo Just come homo wns scried tho guests nt ten o'clock,
from school. Friday afternoon tho Mr. and Mrs. Klrby Smith's guests
party left town, returning Sunday, wero Mr. and Mrs. Hartley of Fort
evening. Mr. Llghtfoot's guests wero Shnfter, Mr., nnd Mrs. Joseph H.
Miss Louise McCarthy, Miss t'carl, Sheedy, Mr. nnd Mrs. Ilois Kingsbury
McCarthy, Miss Alllo Lucas, Miss of tho Marino Corps. Miss Prlsellln
Violet Lucas, Miss Psycho Ileny, Miss Klllcott, Miss IMIth Cowlcs, Mrs.
Annlo Parker, Miss Pearl Llttlcjohn, llostwin anil Mr. A. II. Clark, Jr,
,!.... I ...ll ir.. i . .
.u,o jejuni .Mcoiocitcr was uosicss -k it -k
iwi uiu i.uiiciiukii uiuu on inursuny. ... , .. . , . , ,
The tablo was simply but prettily dec Ml" "uth Anderson's Swimming
orated lu pink tin! lavender astorB,' ,,,',, ,, , , , .....
The afternoon v..,- devoted to bridge M'88 ""th Anderson has Invitations
Miss MrSinrknr's l.,ipri worn mib out for a swimming nnd surllng party
Kdllh Cowlcs, Mrs. Iloss Kingsbury, ' tak ,nIaco "'J8 afternoon nt tho
Miss Prlscllla Klllcott. Mrs. Klrby homo of tier grandmother, Mrs. oung.
Smith. Mrs. (Jerald Johnson. Mrs. nt "". ""8 !"y ' K'cil In
slid Miss Triinipler as champcron
Mr. (Jeorgc Cassidy, Mr. Charlie
Lltllejohn, Mr. Shcrley Hush and
Mr. and Mrs. James
Mr. S. Northrup Custle was a do
parting passenger In tho llonnlulnn.
Mrs. Casllo remains lu Honolulu for a
bit lunger.
Miss I-otilso I .nens lefi III the Ho
liolulan for a thrco months' visit to
tho mainland.
Mrs. Percy Morse left Honolulu In
til,. I l.tiwittiliiti mi Wt.!tifKilnv for ii
The Wednesday Evening Bridge Club. tev months' trip to the mainland.
Mr. and Mrs. Clinton (I. Owens en
trrtnlncd the Wednesday evening
Ilrldgo Club at their Thurston namm
Blcknell's Card home. Mrs. "Hnmloloh Mooro wa3
I given mo indies girt for lop scoring,
.lames Pino, Miss Julio McStockcr and
Mrs. Harry Hepburn.
Mr. and Mrs. Cartwrlght's Dinner
Mr. and Mrs. nruco Cartwrlght en
tertained nt ono of tho dainties and
most prettily appointed dinners given
this season at Ihclr pretty bungalow,
i...n..n si,fn, n.i mi.. i'..i'i.. luncheon hostess on Thursday at
''liw. Iinniitlfiillv niuiftlntn.l tnlitn Tli
Miss Pauline Sehaefer's Swimming
On Tuesday afternoon Miss Paulino
Fchnefcr will entertain fourteen of lards wero bit
her girl friends at a canoeing nnd Mrs. Wootcn's
Itholr wedding anniversary,
I will be tho nlcasuro of thu
About thirty friends nro expected.
Mrs. William P. Wooten a Luncheon
Airs. William I', women was n
beautifully appointed tablo. Tho cen
ter of I lie table was massed In golden
shower and feathery fern. At tho four
corners wero bohcmlan baskets filled
with tho shower, tho handles being
licit with golden tulle. Tho placo
of Island scenery,
guests wero Mrs.
Mrs. II. II. Itenlon of Kohaki nnd
her two daughters left in Iho Holm
liilau for San Francisco.
Miss Hay Sheldon, who hns taught
Mr. nnd Mrs. James Hlrknell nro a cut glass ollvo dish, while Mr.
rnlnrlnlnlnr thin nvnlilni? In linnnr nf Chester WHS. the lllcky roi-l III l-llt nt
.. . ... - . ,1. .......... ir. .. t, . . .,. ..I..1..I. ...!.. , tl....n1..... r..n II...
UarilS l,,u IHVII -, l.lll. H UrillKO SCI III a I"" .iKIMU hill'"' " iiihiihh iw in..
cnnsis. leather case. Mr. and Mrs. Owen's past four years, left for her homo In
.......a.. v..ntt ..I,. tlllll .mi
guests wero Professor nnd
Dress Pumps and Slippers
For the Fdurth of July Bails
Our, stock is resplendent with new
styles and features in evening foot
wear. White and Black Satin Pumps,
Colonials, White Velbuck,
Canvas Pumps
The styles are those being now worn
in New York and Boston.
We want your trade, and
will appreciate a call
Regal Shoe Store,
GEO. A. BROWN, Manager
McCandless Block King and Bethel Sts.
Mrs. An- , tho north on
nrnu-'a t nml Mpd ?.... m.. f..... '
-..,.. , ..... .,... ..,,a, wvifl ku iiiiij.i
Mr. nnd Mrs. Itandnlph Monro, Mr.
nnd Mrs. Chester llunn. Mr. nnd Mrs.
Fred Potter. Mr. nnd Mrs, Samuel de
Freest. Mr. and Mrs. .1. L. Young.
Miss Mnv Thomas, MIsb Katlicrino
Wood ford, .Mr. Will Thomas and Mr.
Mr. and Mrs. Ceorge Davles' Dinner. .
Mr. and Mrs. (loorgo Davles enter
tnlned on Thursday evening at a large
and elegantly appointed dinner.
Miss Kopke's Luncheon.
Miss Kstliqr Knpkc entertnlued nt
luncheon on Wednesday of this week
tho Honolulu!!
Miss M. II. Williamson, n teacher
at Punnhoii, left In tho Houiilulnii for
her vacation.
Mrs. J. P. Cooko and children liavu
gone to Maul for a short stay.
Miss Mudge leaes Wednesday
fi Unco mouths trip to the coast.
Mrs. Isabella Crelghton lenves on
the Venturn for a two months trip to
thu mainland.
Miss Molllo Graco mid Miss Lulu
Mrs Snllle Hume Douglas will leave
in tho Ventura for a three months
Uslt to friends on the mainland.
Miss Mnry Wlniio will spend her
summer nOntlon with friends mi tho
Miss Mend Ico Holdsworth left for
Kniin )c8torday for n short lslt with
Mrs. Francis Mills Swnnzy with her
two daughters left ealcrclay for Koua
lor a short lslt.
Mr. Wills and Miss Irene Wills left
lu thu Kllauen for their home In Pa
linln. Mrs. Wells camo to town to
lslt with his brother before his de
parture for his home lu London.
Miss Killlli Cowlcs nnd Admiral
Cow le lenvo for Hawaii this evening
for a short visit.
Miss Harriet Hitchcock leaves this
evening for Hawaii.
I Juilgo nnd Mrs. William Wliltnev
for Imio gone to Hawaii for a short visit.
' Mrs. W. H. Wlshard nnd Miss
lllautho Wlshard lenvo for their
Knual home on Tuesday.
Mrs. Itobert T. Forrest ami liei
daughter left for Ihclr homo I11.JIII0
(linco leave on Wednesday for tho on Wednesday. .Mrs. Forrest camo
Tho tablo was dainty and sweet wIlhJHuniiner to bo spent lu San Francisco.
Its decoration of pnlo pink roses und
forn. 'I ho placo cards wero bits of
Japanese scenery. Miss Kopkn's
Mr. and Mrs. Harry F. U'wls, with
their sou Donald will leave for San
m ,i o """'"" ' '"mi 1 -raiiilseo III ho Venturn, niter a
t fll 1 Hi su UlmSlii.i.,1 1 ...... t
,"1 ii "'""""" -witiy, airs, pleasant six months spent uniong
I'icdcrirk Lowroy. Miss Itcntrlco friends. Jloiiolulii Is sorry to lose this
!!",."wo.r,h' MK" ora hturgeon, Mlsgi ..i.nrinlm.- fiimllv If onlv for u little
.. ------ .. . -. --.. .
Wllhellillnii Tennev. Miss .lessln Ivnn.i
neily. Miss Muriel Hovvutt, MUs
Hcrtha Kojiko and Miss Violet
Mrs. William G. Irwin's Luncheon.
Mrs. William (1, Irvvlu won hostess
nt a luncheon on Friday. Covers!
wero laid for sixteen gucBts. Tho I
1 rour alter lunch was devoted to
Dr. and Mrs". W. L. Mooro nnd
.Mail a in Lovvrey nro going up lo Tan
talus for a month to enjoy Its cool'
breezes nnd mountain air. !
Allan Lowroy, accompanied liy
Irlemts will urrlvo on tho Munclmilui
lor thu summer. I
Mr. Vctleson's sister, Mrs. Fdeson
ol Norway, is a visitor In Honolulu !
HI10 conies to superinlond a hoinu for
her brother. At present she Is a
1 guest of tho Donna.
Mrs. Carl 8 llollovvay and Mrs ,
Fiances Drown camo in on the Ven
tiira Mrs llrovvn brought as hoi
guest Miss Tots Ilcven, who visited
here last hummer nnd became such a
hoclat favorite with the ) dinger set
Mr. Illlss Klllipp, C F II., left Ho-'
110I11I11 on the Nile, this morning lo!
continue his lecture tour of the world
Dr. and Mis McCby will occupy thu
Doctor Pratt residence '1111111 thoy de
puil for Maul.
Tho next meeting of iho Thursdnv
Luncheon Club will be hold at tho
homo of Miss IMIIIi Cowlcs This
luncheon club is a delightful compnuv
of young people who come together
over) other Tliursdii).
A special s.iln of bountiful tilmmd
j hats will ho held at Miss Powers mil
, llucry bhop Monday, Tuesihu and
; Wctluchdity. This sale oriels an om
I porluiiity to Have from I wo in mm
dollars 011 eneli hat, uciorillng to xtvb
lltld prlee The sale Is In Inal.i rimiii
for lien models which will he 1 1 1. 1 , t '
I Inline floui I'-'iihlern miiiki-is sbuiilv !
b) Mil's PoAer. Pui'lois mi I'nii,
, street. Huston biilldlliK, sviuiid lluui I
Mrs, Chas Lucns, Miss May Lucas,
and Miss Harriet Lucas will leave 011
Wednesday for a trip to San Frauds,
lown to seo Miss MnrKarct Forrest
Miss Ircno Dickson has gone to Ha-
wm lor a short visit.
Mrs. L. N, Holmes returned to her
home lu Illlo on Wednesday.
.Mrs. I-.. A Jones and tier three
daughters, Miss Helen, Miss Margaret
and Miss Catherine Jones, nre going
10 tho Peninsula for two mouths, oc
cupying tho Oovernnr Frcar house.
Dr. mid Mrs Cnvvnti havo feturned
to I heir home on llnvwtl latter ii pleas
ant visit In Honolulu.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Itosccrnns mid Miss
(trace ltosocrans havo returned to
ihclr Island homo on Hawaii.
The Service bridge club hns discoti
tinned luiivit) until the autumn.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Frederick Jevvett Uivv
ley havo moved up to Xnnlko for thu
Mr. nnd Mrs. Mitchell, who arc on
11 seiouil tour of tho world, nro tho
house guests of Mrs. Raymond llrovvn
at her homo on (Ireeii Street.
Mr. John ('.alt
requests tho pleasure of your company
at the Oalm Country Club
to meet
Miss Kllrnbeth Carter
Mr. Carter Call
Saturday evening July sixth
nineteen hundred mid twelve
Dancing Klght lltleen o'clock
Tho guests of tho Donna enjoyed n
delightful swimming party on Wed
nesday evening of this Week. After
a delightful swim tho guests returned
to tho Donna, where n delicious colla
tion was served, and thoroughly en
joyed. The Class of 1!)12
McKlnlcy High Schol
requests tho pleasure of your company
nt Its
Commencement Danco
to lie given nt tho Moaua Hotel
Friday, Juno twenty-eighth
Nineteen hundred twelve
Dancing nt eight-thirty.
Mis. William Hlscriiian leaves for
her homo In Illlo next week after n
plcnxant visit with tier mother.
Tho Henry Frederick Wlchinmm
have taken the Hall home nt tho
peninsula for tho summer and nro
planning nil sorts of entertainment
for their friends.
Mr. Hvclyn Wood !.nvv wns n home
coming iiMHenrnr on the Venturn
yesterday Ho inines cspcrl.illy to be.
present nt the wedding of his sister.
Miss Annuel Iow lo Mr. Albert Hud-dell.
It Saves Labor
White Soap
A pure white soap that will not
injure the most delicate garment
Your grocer sells it
1 m
.' -.ii- itfsrihiiiinrfia8.
Hvw.. 4,.jJisiui4ii-J'x.'4.UJJ
'ft.. & . ,1 -iM.' i-
hK,1,.j"-1iiS!j.W i .u,

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