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the ravepotrt jiJtwL .
ITo. Dickinsone, Editor 4-Proprietor.
lF'JOB PRINTING of every
description, plain orcolored, oxecutedon eas
reasoaableternms as the times will admit.
Far Terms of S&bscription and Ad
#ertisiag, saee frst page.
A tt 0 n 1 ie Y!-Persons arriving
with, or receiving, late southern or
norther-n papers, will oblige us and
benefit our readers, by loaning them
to the editor, if only for an hour.
Items of news also solicited.
We return our thanks to Mrs. and
Mr. M. lner, for an invitation to at
tend a party given by tlhem, and are
sorry tlhat ,business engagemennts Ire
vented our being pres.ent. The'
atlair passed off pleasantly, we are
Our drawer is full of peetical effia
sions; we cannot publish theltm all
at one time, but will give them pub
licity so soon as tIhe press on our
columns will admit of it. Let com
posers be composed.
Mr. James Burke still holds forth
in Houston, as will be seen by refer
ence to his advertisements. He is a
prompt business man.
The attention of merchants is di
recte" to the card of Messrs. Sap
pington & Owings.
By general Orders from Hlead
quarters, Capt. IR. T. Buckner. Depot
Quartermaster, has been relieved by
Capt. Udolpho Wolfe, who has en
tered upon the duties of his otffice,
and will be found at the old office of
Capt. Buckner, ready for business.
Our friend, Maj. J. V. Lindsay, we
found on taking a trip to the celebra
ted city of Muggius, commonly rall
ed Mugginseville, is pretty well fixed
up in the candle line. Hle is turning
out six hundred candles per day, and
will soon be able to turn out over a
thousand. Though we did not find
him as comfortable as we anticipated,
yet he was as clever as ever. The
Major's factory, we trust will be en
larged, and classed as A No. 1, before
Last Friday, the day set apart fur
thanksgiving and prayer, by General
Orders from General Smith's IIHead
quarters, was observed as might be
expected from a people, who look to
the Almighty for protection and help,
in trying times like these. We were
pleased to see that all business was
We understand that most of our
citizens contemplate contributing to
wards a Christmas dinner for the
workmen in the Arsenal. Major
Rhett is to allow them a day of feast
ing. Let all send what they can;
beef, pigs, turkeys, vegetables, or
anything else.
On the l5th inst., thle detailed men
at the Shreveport Arsenal, presented
a fine black horse to Lieut. N. W.
Murphy, Ordnance Officer, in token
of their regard and appieciation of the
impartial discharge of hiis duty as an
officer in charge of the general dis
cipline at that place. The horse was
purchased by voluntary contribution
of the arsenal corps, and presented in
their behalf by MIr. IR. D. Sale, with
appro'riate remarks. Lt. M. replied
in language expressing his feelings,
and showing that the gift was highly
appreciated. We are pleased to
notice this, as it speaks volumes for
our friend the Lieutenant, who has
filled his position to the satisfac
tion of all parties, if this instance, is
a criterion of his worth.
The Houston papers say that the
sugar crop in Texas will not be as
large as was expected; instead of
thousands of hogsheads, there will
only be hundreds. We are sorry to
hear this.
The Louisiana Democrat says; a
well grounded report brings us intel
ligence that the yankees have left
Morganza and gone up the river.
The San Antonio Herald is again
amongst our exchanges; we welcomt,
it, and hope that it will not be r' no
pelled to suspend for any cattse what
A prnject is on foot in Mexico,
says the Dallas Herald, for a railroad
from Matamorna to the city of Mon
terey. The distance is so miles, and
the estimate cost of the road, witlh
the necessary machinery &eo is $3,
100,000. The Monterey Era says
that the Emperor is protecting and
indacing a spirit of enterprise to all
projects of internal improvement.
The Houston News of the 7th inst.
says, that negroes are now selling in
:that cit)F, at from 8700 to *800, for
1eLd heads, sad 4500 to 8600
g.SpCen resEo women.
IFrom the Ro Grande.-T''le San
Antonio H[erald, of 3d uinst., says:
A gentleman direct from Brownsville
who is well and favorably known
here, brings the intelligenie that two
Confederate steamers appeared oil
the mouth of the Rio (Gradtle a little
before he left, which no doubt gave
rise to the report in circulation Ihere,
that the Yankees were being rein
forced. But the steamers, instead of
lauding Yankee soldiers, pitchted into
the blockaders, sinking one boat and
disabling another.
In the meantimne our forces in the
vicinity of Brownsville had been in
firmned by Gien. Mejia, who manitifsts
anything but a fellow feeling tor the
enemy, of what was going on. They
hurried down and attacked the ine
my on the mainland; driving Itheini
to the Island, and giving themn such
a scare that they put to sea the next
day. VBy iwxt mail we Ihope to learn
the particulars.
Jackson News. Th'Ilis is a new
daily paper published at Jackson,
Miss., by Cadwallader & I otison.
A nice commninient this upon tIhe war.
Last year the Yanikees destroyedl
Jackson; now there are two daily
papers published there.
The Shreveport Glee Club's enter
tainment on last Saturday, was a
complete success. We hav niot as
certained the exaclt atountit of motses
taken in, but judlge it imust be about
For the latest news and state of
affairs, we refier our readers to tihe
telegratms in to-days paper.
The Washington (Ark.)Telegraph
isays, a-we have received inifiormiationt
verbally fromn sieveral reliabli sources.
I that the FedIlerals are sendituig large
cavalry andt infantry force-sot of ti e
State. by way oif White and Arka:
ss rivers. 1 loadedil transports have
been counted. 'lih-se- forces are
doubtless hastening to relieve Sh,"r
man, by operating in Ttnnessee"
They are in a tighit placei, and In.i
to findl out that they hicave put in 11 nre
crop thaln they can well' tlend" with
their forces this season.
The Chicago Tribune of the lIth,
commenting on an article in thei
Richmond Sentinal ad vocating anrm
ing of negroes says : the rebels are
to adopt emancipation without refr
ence to slavery, and says taunitingly.
that the chivalry is to otithit tlhe abto
litionists in their bribes to thle 1negro.
Are to give them lands anid homes,
and freedom, and cl5ses byV saving,
what think northern cop-rhead] of
their ancient detioeratic ailies it,
overthrowing blaVery alid establish
ing negroequality. Is it worthI wlhile
for them to still cling to slavery and
treason, after tlheir allies Ihave abtan
doned slavery and outbid the auoli
tionists in their zeal for lth, negro.
(Froni the Riichrinnt l E:1l'tiirr. Nov- 4th.
A citizen of Virginia, a resident
in the coiuntry, thus protests against
the arming rf menrois:
(E.sTIrrLEMatEN :-Iii t1." ]:n,1uirer
of the 1tli ult., you advanli ce n111i
recommenld the lproposition to con
script the slaves of the Soiithi, for
the purpose of makinig soldiers if
thtlii, andt claiin tlhe honor anid lelrit
(which I suspect none will dispute
with you) of beinig tilhe tirst ad
vance it.
Can it be possible that vyou are
serious and in eiarnest, ill pioiposilng
such a stepi to be taken by our gocv
erminent ? Or were you tmerely dis
cussing the miatter, as somiething
that might be done-as an elemenet of
power that might be used-meaning
thereby to intimnidate or threaten
our enemy with this weianponI of
offense, which they may drive us to
Can it be possible that a Southern
man, editor of a Soutlhern joiurnal,
recoginizing tflte right of property in
slaves, adittitting their intifrioirity i
the scale of bein, anil also their
social inferiority, would recoitinitud
the passtigo of a law, whichi at one
blowo levels all distinctiotis; deprives
the master of a right to his property,
and elevates the negro to an equality
with the white man ?-for disguise
it as you may, those who fight to
get htr itna eitnco iton cause, by success,
win tlhi- same frecilomi, enjoy eiquid
rights atid equal pisitiot, ant, i
this cnst, are disti tgitishied ol ty ly
color. Arc e 'cyc recprcd fr ti, s ?
Is it for this we are contewlting I
Is it for this we would seek ti- aiil
of our slaves; to win their free
doin with our independtience; to estli
lish in our midst a half iir a qitartur
ofa million of black frecineim, famil
limr with the arts auhl discipline of
war, and possessed of large military
experience I
Has the bitter experience of Vir
ginia, with her free negro population
already been forgotten 1 Has that
vexed subject of legislation fouind its
solution and remedy in tine wise ex
pedient of arming and training to
arms, not only her worthless free
negro population, and is this class to
be multiplied ten-fold by sweeping
slave conscriptions I Will ignorant,
brutal free negroes be rendered less1
ignorant, less t hi evish, tttore ho ititiit,
by this trainting of tie canp ; by
the cauipaigns of Iithree and four
setrs I And what i., tin incentive
ot friedom to a negro' I Thisru rude
ideal of freloim is ia tate of idleness
and indalence, and most, if not all
tsensible n'egrte., prefi-r laveryi, with
a good ma ter, to freedom. )ievotitit
to his master is tlhe l grog's hlighest
impulse ; hence the folly of otfhring
the negro fieedotm. lhtter otflr hinm
a honit' and friettds, atnd a no.t/Cr.
4 it ilupon tlthe phlilosophly that ofhers
freedom to tihe negro as ia l+in."
Thait will dto foir i arrisonI orl'ltillits.
When Iretsident lDavis said "we
are not tighting for slavery, but for
inhdepindence," he meanut that the
tquest ion of slavery was a matter
settled 1mongO ituirs Wlvt. and one that
adouitted o'f no tii .lut.. toil that Le
inteindedi to he fre' fronm all tore igu
itit terit nci e oi this s w,' Il as on ail
tither stnh.jei"'s t free.t" in own-it lays-.
frue to ,nv oar own tax nii' i tree to
`overn ourIl elvc II. nevt'.r me t.ut
to ig rtite tlhe ju-tic" i'..t v l ive . "oto
do :utght el 't but ex 1.r, :º "h~ III ii.
ationl to Ire free iu thIi- nuntoer its to
all .t11 hIIs.
W intt as it that ,'toiitt.-t. d thi.
t''elinig's of the,' in tuft of th.. · rri",n
ot' the old I ni an t What tati--ti
thtn tIt ~ sep-ih ratio- 1I t ht t is it..
that it::k -. th two tiatii-' !
SII/re rty. It %: iI that 0hich mus
thma t~ dcen nee it :t- intIri r - it
was that, that mnade the dd aw
is our contgr -si,.nal rt"pr. ncttatly -
It was l t that uts le th." dill 'Ir
One.C . I[ out' III1·t-: i o r n: . t'.-t
in l' tr It t.li'lg 'i in O t il tr :l
a ti t ehtic l lhit". It Vl 1'' , t'
'which io'. uItt nk u-- tit l~ I ,
wide ly a t.' ni.,tc 1n, i ,r,. :,
anyii two peoph. enb' bi., 'Ilcnd lnl..i
attonly a ,lit } r-- nce of lott uao.- t- m a le
t-Ilthe lltrtttl ir antid the I I t: ~rt ll t
It to, . ife s c at-t l2 k l tu n aRi a:
!"gof oh ilr s s "o.ntlt o ci
irulut 'lii"I' I L~cit~~ I it' t'tt'lit
dot~,.l' itnr .' i t "ý fii nll or rl. l t :, n
anttr t i i'ttl t/ Iy nato ii, it ' iin 1 ,
\ri.."or." in ol d in ttii.t -tti i tth
stl. mit oi t i- nI :i nalit ..' n
woutl b lt ,r - ..w:r ' iln ::ul " '
tu a Itg !si- i. . sit t -t - t l in 1 t
rut1 . whi his 0 itt tati' ill 'ttI' .0)1
ytlu .i ..elio I lnk u- alni ti nl .. tt wit
to e ux,'h ti'l lv is. ltif t
qarter illitt o f. it 2t'u had -it .tilt
tnidt? of'd terlav..,n 115 itIIlc- 'ttto ar~c
in thehi t tiy iin ithl th ti at-tl'
Sney. ttf tr-str ai.t"o.t at ui Bich ii I
diplined antl ai.. sit ta to tl o h...
arots." ht-itli p't a t! l c:t,: t .to su tch a
he grossly turi it ir ; t1, ; igi ltrtii t"
ittitlitit fixelf ftt prittiplt flior thev;
a lt y of."t , lr. - ln-t tii t hi, .. n t
duty I1., - m t his - n i : ry and~ tl,
.n-tiututionhe itle flid.areeto nstr.
dtitli , it tfie It- i t on. h oumn-it h, in:
who is not tire g ""t ii thes, e ititf Io.l"It
hav fllir wiveiattl Fltcliililr.'nnd· slvs
laie ary lhile -tateiya to enit tl:
. ained :n I d.'s.latted" manv ptarti..n
of opr iviegved lofr hrott. t dW int
hto m. t r. noon', and t a tt a Il.
thin r tin a th rt. tthe do
tntied ora ifnotn by tt otl Vin gratin
let hidt p erh inoligrcy-, to 1rte
tuch e 1.wv and carry out Ichi il
sge otun, ant ead tofhai- that lh:.,.
befa ng roes ino t"r th.s t. rhat!i:.
mhall hil. fat ofit. resent ltiaen
popu'ltion. ofa the Cofedrate Staots
th~at int:2:1- in w b ht It tv":r"t. so w . n
aow ln, t.il ti l ia ..tir l .ts tind r
turn:do i- t". I 'th.- .in -;mum rbI."t.Z,
as thi strainI Is lwtiot .your po psiti
blh t n is-im 1 in t i t :o,"
surt we ..t ti -n.up., mot~'t uaiin lak."
'1h," Y'ank.",: -tt..J. Inc ,Ilant and.
milk.' a soibli."r a t, a Ii'r.: n
hits to det-trov tn.. Yunt tt,. : tak
slaw :u'! make. ii dleir andl~ a t
Mat alt iont t', d.-fend" it,'. 'I'll,
Gortence Ill Visa' ildel''1 ti- 1i< y ."'
'rent, brit, is nte Ill. It..:1 ",t .,
equatllyVl. p rvicious to Ill.- s-lave and
des~truecive t., tho . ". ' . t
at the ."xpiratuns it !en y.-ar- atf .r
peac." is unad".". what w''tils I.. tL.
relative diitit.ren Il.-t b'1n' mInsa
stoch-n and fr'e d Iby III". Lnke.. t
mny negrw taken.l :::,. to ed, by t. .; t
W.oulid to l not he qu l , wor;;t t. , :' t
and v'iciwus ? Mott wunti. v.oI di-
tingiii-It b"'tween tit. : ! lla . .
vent the n Iretur wt hits 11! i
red wvith his onus:.'r',hb".uk~ati pi.
vent et his onjoyunent t tbo, a privesh
which con so lavishly betwttw Ill .ti
the thithiful flre."dmanu.
Hlave y'ou thought of Ill. infin."nct
to he texrted by tho se half wr
quarter million of free ntegroes in Ill.,
midst of :-lave,, as tyou propose: to
Misers.+ Editors. we ciaii. nit live it
such a country iinhabit ed by such a
Either they or We wonhit hr IrEi'd"Il
to leave. Which would it lie aid
how and wher, woil1 we goi
Cal steal : volt n\vY lll tnli i' tk n l'I ."an - .
eilato on hlt it a woiiI,I l i k at all
ivents, you iiiin. thke a:! iiann1i1
aitte that iiirtuio , wtit iout ai on thie
ithe-r po ttion wo II h. valu."l-s anll
iti e.jl"i.iuse ip. nt h Ith .iitlivs. i" o
Oil cx pills. pt ii. iii hut i
our c:aiise is jint deh- at .ie, t i'i its
,ouiitiui si low as to tied tie' aii!
at ariy uit fiire iegrocs. There .rc Ir
stout arias anmd brave hearts enough
itong thei whiti tuwu 'it" the (mnfih
et:rne" I. will andl uscure it, indil.l,ind
iantc? min It. whli witii ll call uiio li
~th pmr ignoratai slai, to tight his
batth-s: t i' the. h~o"' n t it 5a ~ v~ worh -
free m It.,? rIii hi t ,.g l' IlI. 1it sl
- ` i.li. II. bit v..ii i )amb - . of
Ant ti."- ho m e t.'_- I h' L _ u- nut , t. hi
uwgrn: u·ld t "' h i is t ·It ie - not Ii
th -itnv* . it t o ..i Iii \loan ttr
t h" . w nte tn at ..r t'. n the. \.hil. mlan
t - r.k. tih." \" .." .t' 1 .ink. --ubin .:
tint. 't: it iý or the ý.m the rut
.fi', m ...n to. wl, .- . ii s .' i..n
t. lit- h In . the -. re - . ... ;.. . . a
pend I* , ii
' I (·11NI 'lii! i.II*
ti ii mi ii r i ii ii! rt ii ii
{,"", I 'a l Wti. t mi, iiiaai.ii \.",t.. triik
.. "i~ .,~ ., ,'" _. t \ ,. 1 1', l l it1 .
ov. 21, . [ti . 1 i'- liar.' .It. ri1
fr.Ti ti tii ii lititi : ' ie. i v ci them'
..Ii .. u-i ..riI. It i still i.t.ilcl. h
whtli \i.I.' i. itn is. { . i ll atc or i .
Ail mu ictiu poin ti A egmista is
1: 11 ý . "1 . .. " " 1 , " ,
" ..1 .I 1 , .1, . . .·1 ,I t
th ro t 1 tai 1 l i 1 tl i . "infan ty. .
"1a iir tuit _aurigard.hare oi !1,
" ra 1o i , . co .niu!uien io" 1,-l, w.. ti
t.." " , tl l " n " .:' ,rý. t : u_ 131. u·
Io i.ir l .t mls .l-. . t
. .... r 'r a 1t i t. r it s . I I ,I I . .
1' . . - . . I I. Ilh i .- .ti !.. :.,, ·
.t."1 t , .... t. ..t II\1: ···1 . 1.l
Ia1o NoI 23.-1u troo a
_ .. :,11 IlI Iill·( ::'1 t.," t tl 1 (t il " ,. -.
h!-tac m dr11 oe. It: r ii In1t it i
.treu thm itm. tor . i: y t o ta i th 11. it: 11": -
s 1ide o rII 'il ol'i, 'i.i" lytl.-;, I 'l Thin l rtia
wCi~ll he alo toirnt*rl**pt unIt cptr, Cn.
ISv true unrnbe- cllfor** rwIlng e cur.·int
Navann U 10i, pubncli lica the 1iit- t my thel
wi?- lwr mbuntatr .Won(rns~ui s : tin amyha
but eIIl vison o p f iip l I as to hi lestin
him ~l1inl· eve· ryctn engagemet.nklr
i ou ith.=nti lf I~oillptche.-Maco~in, Ga
Nov.r ru1. Thc·1 , mtore have retired
cT~y. No illnfntry~~r whatever inl~ thi
rorineihoho.I s tl neie
whethe the malin~ nyl wlnl attc rn
Ailon indientions point tro Agst at
itheroutllel takenby. th, minfantry.i
The.11 -i ssippi~vile Tlrin says Dick
ftttigftt Italc. vt'tti:ata. I~u l Izi to'-. v'
!1t 0t, btt*W 4l w 1100i iii 4 tu mif r hull- Ij
IITrcl. +I
Atlanta is now iln oiur i jutIi int .
'lii i'aaa Ln t's burna l all its hut its und
t!tiI I iatilitigs -uitabl' ftr givetri
ifs'u t.'.
l'I .i',' fn at i- ' tin :i -hI I illt . crsit i -t I
ed thi Tb nn -""i" at I .r"er.
For1rest i- '.; wilt,- ill lfr tt coin
nan'at)ln all cavlr.t~''
II, c'apturtnedt I h'cattor- with a largt
t Itlit fwaig o , ti l rtil rv Latn. aI
tl· Iii''i'".'vn ii.' iii i:,? (.itlIttI 1iii il'tii.at.'
othtetr ..to'rt.;
11" ial-' ca-itur,"d L wrnv l .lI
ritr. it' it lii f~t ''ititit ·111 'it .' iii Ii
'wi tl !I f 1) iii 'Ii' lin'rt. i
ttr-nan'.s go trainti 'it 'n. il..
liri c'i :irit g i s at Mill' witht
l nrdh-c.
\l'n. Nov. JG. T'nt" en'"mv l-ft
Mlill'tlnvilh- nudl lGordonu ,i Friiday
mo'rnin;:. ti--tr'tt'in tit, ratilroadu a.
t -n v 'iti"l v ".
At .' illh- Ig.' ille th."y de troyv d
th. <1t~."t, p.' M rnil aiary- and~ b:idges
n" l' t l j" !t' na-- baret ,
l j' t I .. t ai o.I-i'' i h I' . fti a
tIn. i ý .· .: i - 1 i d vilb", ( v. B rownti
s-trnbl.:'t tht.- t''onvic:-w utt in""-4 the'rc.
ura n t! o I1:,t I. il that th,.-v. wt It,
nt rt t iling t~ S'ahant."'' c. tild d.
nan tlh:ti in ca-. tit . i t
tiI t I - :7 " t I a',, ': I iti "' ' fl its
\ t !thi to I ii i i u:.!..ft- t I' ,
.- i i.· , ,I 'i t -' i ti.-l t. . Ili .o lt.tt
IAr!- 1-t
I '' .. it i.t tI t" ,"t- ., ' ·!· 't. it 'll . 1
: i ii"t't , i t. II T i .t' . f n i
Sf. it nan's ulitymI 'I .i 2 t t if' ft
i. t' at t ft" .r' f :l i t it t f, 1·t
Si. ··~-ti fu iiir'. fi.'.ltr faint .u'iri. i
Oit gt - ti r ft ' i." '.f t -t i . .' f. tt -.gti f ir'' .t . r " r` I . t S~, t ir t
I\:' i h..a trite f ..: . it .
tý. ..iti trt's- ttf ,utu'f ,tt't I. ietti ... ft'
Iii ft.t;: 'ii ' !ti llt\ , i t iit' Iii if l.'
fi .,, -'i i i' i 't i' ! l. t '
1f ..t i i ift i... t .- it i
lti r. t to' K o if ft i b'f r
'bti'ftrf'-fta .l-i'ty i fu'-f-t
s s . Tb. "sh·II ny fun.' l.W fi.: it t.y
'Irtai"tn Mirs saI B.ii-t..at
titu . ri: .? ' ti' fi t t" 1 ' i.itaritt-l tit . tal
i the. b a. I . h a v e a n l io t to ta o
nI \!··;··i~ li'l . L I. II
1i~r -, . Grw H ila asman l
Mi.~n II'III~ Ival .i,,~ T \ l; ~ v .-1 b li\.rl R
1 .11 . . n r i.* h v u t r
Srll-p ledbyth 1~r T.--~~l:6'· lsnu I b at
1':1l In** st. rl "r t 11 . rl l·ine ·l1 wh i r.'r
\Yer ', b av . no - in · roI: · 1111 ore- ! i by
w agnc1. ·~ tra in I~ 0.\. 1 U. iila to br. ig.1n1~
Z IR9P w l )ht fi II. flr - Iilrc~ 101 )Ild);
~r·ln;\ crn s awsrr n of the *.1 :;.sy- K 1p neh k -
til rh I toy clh st he~ b3Y y so n( sof r .sta (
Ptj I ln +' at Irii tt Iut.tll . and nlix i i nI1 the I rt -Ilt.
44 1114 44 41111
tItltt -parai . sl 211'tic.tie a attack 11 C191 rl l i
Ite .'I vnPtht i ' epu liesn l r thet. r.n:nt'
t\\ ll '~~I' j·lll. nl (1 1 11 ·1()1
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iuyai. L 21h 1k 1 1 t1)t',,"t t .dig pre.
palation. In, .ibewnrmtn' n<rvival.
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its" he s. alum;; g I!, ll Ii ' 11114tto . ' 111 1, at
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(':mbe.rbsnal :jil evawuatedl f1ro g.ý
_~ingý to 1\I1..\t iil."
I un.1. 2 , 1 I I I.·. 1 11 k ., (.. ,n .te.le
s- b en ti .. 1t1''".1 a 2t I.i t't . t 'I. ' i
I . I:I "t. itee 11i. 2.tr- "n Brownlow b*
1." t :.1 i .Ii m n te11 f r 1·o *rn st
* \1 . - l 1n .- 'i . .
II I pre. ent '.v. p 1: t.ol.rn Ither ...i ." -i
\ . l .mel \tL- n It :." 11 ",1 fttt e r I .n h 'll
n..1, ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~4 ii,'r..il.IIn ilnga d%- 1
1'. 1 -1mlins e p ilve fl . 4 r
ilý t In.~ c thn., :It! I.in t u th n
."" I II O - l I il 4r.oba .le.11o
I.: .111 .4 . 1 I .- II . n4 11. ' L 11414
:I," 1 2 1 .4. I 'I' 4~. I ,n~ , t I".r
lin-mas·! at Fr.·ikan Teno.' In te:~
m'.' . e ly l' ro 44n I· n k 4'4in 4 in' lit.'
\i44 1I . l 4ri .tii t \.,i
. t.i t.t1 . tliv 12, 1 144 4''2 .1 421.1. .r i 't'r
- , ." -. inl l. II g l 44y 1i:- 4i 1
."tl ."I'.:el 1.1 ft - ,It .u r- I rit al oa n It .i t
l1.t.; I ,.. .. 1 1 I: '. I .t e iI l f
1 . I' 1.."t_ a."t.".!. a lil"'1 . .21 2i41 1 . ti l
l '.Lltt'.l " 11 ,-'t.t ..".. t,.ilt i '.l2'1 1 jtl t' tit..
r:.1' 11 III i 1k 1111n I;- ..'111
1! .'. _ * ý :I t, 1.t :t* I, I at." i l rentw ood..i
1141. '4.2' . 11. 4 I'..2 Itiat i II' 2an ti4 n I'
t. . I . *I.. i th at th. I."1, I- fl .ItI 'alnt..
:t i. 1il' .iI 4 this eittjI. l' r tat 4 e.' it.".
III nt vx int.
'! \ "a 1., w IN e,. 7. .. s ton. ,nisl.Illing.
I 142 tit' ..4499I
I' . lt h'". hit, ,. "II n i "0I" in t'1.
24 1 4.. r o.I t t e a e *8
\ . , 1 i "" s;t I.".,"a l . I 11."
I' I, t tl tflnn:l 'r 3i. n. 2 a1t4 t l :r.'1 ' .12
\:I" Ii"l d %t 44124 . Frt I 1.t44't'r gI M.32kI
II .a 1 1r1 .'. ja to1. I; 41122 I). ~rn 1car
l..t .. ).... I - i "34 44' r "2to 1 .\ig:1.r,.
... . I t h I42 '4 , ."It ,I I. tN'1. ."x1.1 32.'
021 14 r .4 12 1 t.-i il ;1 22 , 14I i :..li ,
it I.- a 11 Us- 1.*
I I. I It tiii IN ·r.ye 't'ln.k y. 'xra
lI .I :t iIltI I 0 per
doen d 1 , n" .1o ttc 2 .. 51.
a'm 14< Ia illr, . I . 1
It it I1 1
Le-t -hall v'i.1.1on ,u " .
mIlo I-pp . t t"" th," .-t.
r:nut" nt .I Ill, I:! l. :au
W - Ii-il --:,i<. t~ .,t li' k or 1-:L
n .mpi.ti t l .I itul na.' Iure.r tuo ,int
th:.,, I ;',lwira tkhe ctrr. atl ."t t ".t
ti. ," , tt a"'. u' ,'h an' irl. l an l 1,r, t
."I! . tb.. r.:tlliti pubt lic.
\t, till t. ! .I: bhore:t t., Islte t"r
! _ bj~e. t u,.tt. r "1".3 a b Is l'litiontl. r,
1 1i.u nl .::t. - eI ,l. -to t." tik . lit,
t v \' alt, a-m. n. t "rldl
\1 . 1 \t Ill a-".n, . - .tl ,t ta to ~rn
r in t",, th.* con,:u. on . .n1.1 Il. tr.us il."
unter. -ti .t' \l .11aran. n-. Iby otflirm;,
-U.0 till: Mnttterety llonitor, No.
vetruher ti :
Mi- uoIrts Ox ibA Emperor.-H is
JIn j" qty, Mlaximlillinn I.has been vie
ititg the Su:te of '1orttllt, where the
w:ts rt-ctte-id W ith lvt-r tltdetmon2stra
tionlt of respc:t atuid -nttlhusiasitic alle
,:,-ner.' His M.Mj,"sty, on Approach
il-i t- city of M:rtell, belted his
hl...dy-gutund amitll adttance-ld into the
1ci :0 2.-ne. 1h2- distlay)Iing his confi
d nc.2 in ti,.' tititftfulnes.t of the pen
p al. - it. htad - h2'e rlepresented as in
iii.. t t2. I,: !.erin2i1-t. rThe city
sta. illumuinastld, and the peoplpe and
tih authl:,riti".e vied W11ith elacI other
4in mu:it--.22r2i:.nt of d.-voted loyalty.
4 ht Ii' o-tt i., t'e city ofr t Mtr Oexico,
tit.' 1 ulu- roe was me."t half a days'
jotlr. t' .r2n ti-v city by the IEn
pre..s. Whe"n Ow* two royal rarteg>es
tr··" w nithi it i sh 1irt distance of each
..Ili,':.. < h:th tlw, 1:mp,"ror :sod the. E m
l" -'I, -l 'l'u .l't 1 fot" un th, "ir convey
n",i:-- an-I tut' t . --l-h other oit foot,
TIil, Jut p. llrr t..1i4.41 tl 2142toleback.
andl the I:mil" .- in hlwr carriage.
Letters 2,tra2 the capital intimate
thatt t1i. Ia' tpror intends F(oots to 1V'isi
. ra ('ruiz, iad thetc' he intend; to
ext.o22l hi- trtip by sai to this State.
It afford- iu 2 nailoed happiness to
took.' this anmtoutc-tent, as we are
l-rtain tha,2t hii- Majesity will Inmeet
12 Ith :, rer. -pti- : it2 this great com
Srtciatl .op~ittnt which will assure
hint that tit.' peoplle tit TIamnatlipas
2re 22ore than ,-otistied with the lan
p 12rial g 224rno2nt. The wealth,
hl'at:tt, inti.lIect a:tl aristocracy of
t 2i- -.''I ,i:t ' 1ity will no doubt ttake
th. iti r tcyi, ,f t. he E m p eroree ips
any fte-t that hats graced Mlontetey
,L./'u ,, (antes.-In the last
uninuhcr .J tin.- .i.nitor we gave in
"pn:to:h the . flicial necountt of the do
t-,t mid dispir:-ion of till factionists
tt1.-r 2 '..tties, by the1 i11mperial troops
undl. r c",nnud of1 Ill' ner"1al Cortina.
1'h 1' :l''nw tit *oo.k p1122 at 4 iuer
t ., I" n I 2- 2--lidn-t2 on til part
o. I ' 2 2220212 witi t 2c2ommttttnate
-kill. Th..- timllp- ial foitr:- sitf-red
n . L . I" whl t I"·l::. w ioni ts l".st Con
-2Am - t-e kil1.2. we2 re
iil.. ti-1tt-' I -,-'enor
' . 1! u 2: . ": r of the fdito
" t ., fr ·r" :: t , a:."1 a gen:1ntl l of
1 , i tr . _ 2 at L:.g4th in
. -. h 2W:-.-tt e l ous
i :-:..!!e i 2- r2t 4 2t via
fIlnt oni T.-*.-graph.
.1,. 11ir 12tat2
11 ~ ., r n": 1 - r 21 -, 1: s n :'sot.' I
I .,," . , -.1%'. iiiuit I think ilt.
l , urn .n I u i tilt- est pos
.' ,:2 . . .. a,. i tit- gr:eat
: m sim ume th- 2':tali
t o i~! p it.- -ee It
I It: :-,". ,
i. 1 : I. tt . IL'adli : i : :r
:222:,- a- yi ." - r 2tion1 2l. to2 -
i'1...:."!' I . ,Y ti tocir anatt." i
2' !. "." mi :ail 4 :2 u-1 It ' f tl;, di-.
S- utimt." :t !it -- N .,rth.
t . . _is .t. 1 "'net t. tll.. twon
.:t: til ý.R t h a Itfl,:. in 1111i-(- s.,
: .: - t '\ in an h tt. r t I t -. 2 1''.
" , t ,: !" : .t . " r t~ .o rT Ile pi l itert
* m:ý : . n- -I .. It :hI." i:, t1ill t 2 O
I.. t t c:1i1 2. : " a r 2:I:01: 2 t a 2
. , r tr 1 . It . , 2tn t t 0.2 . :.
.:. f w ar -o th." Star. ,
2: t2 it2: t it 2 iat' . I: : n: . r s,
f : th. : - N' ,rth m - t2 - , 2 . ttl2 h."
:22:lt r- . 12-1- -:2 21,2
." -- ,n" hat';,:' tlw an~it.ns. *t thl.
''242, 22 . h.- 2:: -2 :2
i- .'. : i ' ra ::o" '2-h. t:2 ,.2
t 1'." in ts th a-,'", "." stet
..t till
S-.vily i p p os t1-,'th
- l -lt. :1,-ly
i l Ill " aiI In 1112 -:,' t 2 til
t : 2 i" thi' - .t, ' -2 f . ,t f 2 a 1
2221:t 'ii'i .Its '.2 - 2ntim2-2t 12::2uld ho
- 2'" n h . 2 i t gr.- 1 - .. 2 .ttc 2n the
"IiPlannt.:11:41 ll, '"Pl,:0" " " ""t Litt
c,:iu. Ir22,, thi- thI r." 2 mignst rt.-sul t
1422nt2 -.2 ti.' V,--,-t :tl vantag.t to us,.
it :otr :-.:n: iils V. er-* gui* 2l-I 2:y a ms1t2 -
t,-riv .%i j- ::t2.
It, molt r that 21i2 111j12211t r.", We
c.1ld Ilig tu21 tihl I..-ad i 2t f liih1ell iu2.
,or Lti' \oul.I, r -rten t12:- head of
:i.' ia t!:. tit,- gr.:.t 2 Il :2:en 2 1Eng
U:nct. ntI l put it. full 24f it, origintol
wo1it 2m th i, :o-2ed 42to t our.n:d
r.--. 2411 e l ithralld. War is
1221 '2 2bl:42 'i:2n2., -triki22 22 2t 42r2)Itm,
un2,1'-- 21h2 X.'11iu- of ldijploma2cy
:2..t- th 2:l:o: . I:1:a.- are then
22:42 121i22222:. - .2 th~i- sultilmatary
- rbI I ..t 2- 2: 220.2u12 th otur or
As rl'g'22:I th: intStructiton22 2t, 0ur
:1:l:- g:2t4-l I htav1e 222: ibj.ction1 to their
l:4i24g if 22h2 4 ch22r2t:E 30.2 intdicttte.
211y gret'it j:Ir 12:2' 10 ltor2'k ,12wn2
II. :tIIl222 tire which1-1 52-I12ra2t2' 22
t'totth 224 i21t122nttei' f :22144:2 North.l I
ihav'. gr4-2t 2t22ith, 2 thit it Lin2coln tatnt
hIto p::licv '2. r.- (22c( r4-putdiatcid, and
22g 42 jotiti :22 :r j44ic24 tat,-rtd 241402,
222 1-2' thtt 42y nomet2 we1' w41uld a1p
' t pr.,a:- nea-2r2r 2t4 all liit.1:2:ilut re ult.t
- WyII. W.. BOYCE.
Mfr. Janw11'1 (. IHolmes.
A St.EI-Pt2U Wo21AN.-lIhe wife
of Wltrr.-n P.12242r, of Gr..tnfitld,
,Miss,, 11222 222 2lhtp 022 12tidaty 2tight
2251 ult2., aitl 1222 221: wttked since.
no 420eii1unt22 f:.r tite ,11222254. A. littlI
-noturishtmnt is forced into her and
Iher lift- ptolontged.

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