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The Concordia eagle. (Vidalia, La.) 1873-1890, July 04, 1885, Image 1

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Sd wvonsi M roseWO.
wh e loo mra
*o e n la htl thyaattoa tol
* d p c-4* P es(gtHtt^d
op ste uevtelo rt wa to s.e
-io ] fhtonls- B -rsuad.e. d.
Otrone feBlabod 0 th eoarteda
l hn th e evoledheary otrtitg
amonate to eyr thirteew tshoo
and. Tbea toveu tffrlsbe4 tb
tra Lme tGoverume S for tbo
avel servic bof the yteaS e
VSltiJe a ure et din& -48 ahlis
og Me_ 1doi sr. _q oaws.ik
d imoi r wMl l vt n more e.
eas* tben ama or vessels at
rtain periods of the coatest,
tad whoe the e'mcequer of on
4go" was empty and the ~per
ebalm had eead to represt
ay positive value, loans woe
aimced by the French UovT
SewreMt amounting to Seven
- _lMlns of dollar. o r was
ibs all, for we flAd anoober ao
uat of three ships despathoed
*eie Frase to this country, Ia.
de4 with military tores, loca
Ing9 plew ofeartilerv. 4.000
w teo mal eloth~ig for 80000
ae, AMd to this the moral
Wb"t of the Fench alliance on
the ttagglioc Americans sad
a tim EBropeas despotisms,
We diterion the war of France
v od we oam realise the de
0a itfoMal ladepenidenae.
ia o0a2r 0a dm WA.
* 5ale to muaano rate- the
bau ldshi a i -A icau and
- ioh peeo dtM tbsr gre n
are ww-hviet#en. K.
'- »il relates tho lreum
*alsot ke orit tB One even -
*ti0ety yeans ago, be was
t at the slideoce of M.
* . laye, whose Ilfe-long
0eU46 for the United States
NO iluenee to preven.
Oeson UI, from inter
war are well known.
i wgathefl of men emi.
Poities1 and letters, abd
.astliom having turned
Ua relations, some
m c ked that gratitude
* b N int among nations
* l at Franee, for ex.
: omM e aes nat on the
ct the~ gteto reid
Jbd h (argued
aed poitbe meaibum d
stpggle ea t Ms of
moan sapfralttoes. * w.Mt
- ie.str e tir e0rlears Ia
depea4.eie notf a5 hple Si
viee rendered to a Meadly na
tion, bat a fraterty of feelings
a eommunity of ,orts and.
entionm ' and wvbib bartI
hav~ belia togethe biendly
'ftrpolHOa *ct(on of ir e e
er'nt of. Fraome, ad evio
thetreaty of Versi~lles, igbt
ot e popularly know In Amatr
tof btt Lafayette was, a.d f a
Ioabmenot wve to be bailt in
AmIeo aU a memorial of tbeis
ldepedree, he should thinl
t very atural If it ~or baUt
by unifd detort-lf It were a
0ormon wk ot both b.ti~ e.
Them rmika of M. Laboa.
iLye were ly litiee4 to
i M. Bart - and roeloaim t
Axedlp his a e r. livar.e.a
pssed by; the'yo
tar mpe, aod &rto4 wr. t
tie Aray of tlIe' it. While
shapaiHtendiDg tgbretfption of
ome arnus and Ialtitfona JOt
arrived Bror Americbe sys
tebeird wittbpaln s b ofloers
et t" velepl speak of U doep.
omatrations i the United Iltes,
in favor of Germany. bto be
was told bhat these reJoliojIuof
ina-Amerloans were an a"
prsooln n favor of a United
bitioo of hotility towards
The war over, Bartbojdi' could
ot go to his nativeprovince of
Alsace, held by the Germana.
Paris was in the bands of the
Commnne and civil war was
raging. He resolved to take a
journey to withdraw his mind
from the painful impresions
through which be had passed,
and the idea came to him to
visit America. He visited bis
triend Labonlaye, whom h bhad
not seen for so many dolorous
months, at Versailles, and there
met a number of distinguished
men whose sympathies towards
the United States were well
known. They again talked of!
American sentiment, of the
shipments the Americana bad
made to France and the diverse
opinions that prevailed in Amer
Ica. Laboulaye again declared'
his his views, and added that
without any doubt there would
beat the one hundredth anni
rsery of the fadependOence of
the United States a public dem
oastration of affection for
France. "Go to that country."
said he to Bartboldi. " Vou will
study it; you will bring 'aerk
your impressions. Propose to
our friends over there to make
with us a monument, a common
work, in remembrance of the
ancient triendship ot France
and the United States. We
will take up a subscription in
Franeb. If you ind a happy
idea, a plan that will excite
public enthusiasm we are con.
vineed that it will be sueeas..
fal io both continents, and we
will do a work that will have a
far reabhing moral effect."
It was la these convictions of
I. Laboulaye that the germ of
the mo·Is eut of the Freneh.I
Asliriea Union was .toed.
Sartboldi started for Ame
'ieim a the way femnd s0e0
t te
was mdeo
o thte .et
sol-4 toa *^M;
anu* is ary -l-
lA Statq OUA
anee s O his
rntheoo , -. ..
the ieIo .I ld
to the West
Ipber.I UIg.)nd 2iT ;
o ed.. . mo " .r. l
sereJi oeW O' . f. u'brsndi.
"tbt a thy witRpold B
the ea.uWyf out t i thoi id"e t
Iaes. Mth oit« asimi Btwe
eothes, aliad t hee t j drae
drawai, ly 9eW1K. Lwet aye,
their .trndOl Upe6 Abaerlean
Pttlihmts obedi ht pot beprnq
T XUasI Ow AT . 3LApJOvAT3'5
On beh retnra I eboulaye
alled a meeting of bfi trleids
t his btise. Bartboldi imopaO
ea the ersaln of bth jourbey,
bit impreestioow, thb wetsoe he
be had uiosaeod, bhe e6l4berers
Viited fthe plan oflre monu-s
mfe* be had made. Henri
NMao, whose place has seoent
ly beep filled in the Fresob
Aca4enoLby DeLesseps, spesak
lug o(ths mteeting in an offlel
al adressessid :
'lras nseftl for as toillaover
thi t In ba*mony with the object
to b tainled Tih artist presented
it to g r In a rorm that bore the ihtmp
qt patus. He had concelved the oel
lbkunl of the anliversary of Ind
o .inmis, applying it to a sublime
which sMms up the
Otf en terms: 'Liberty iTblt
Silogtho World." M. Bartboldl
*,p ed to represent this great idea
i sstuet of colossal proportions
whbleo would srps all that have
ever existed shioe the most an
toet 4imes. WE adopld'tbhs plan
WCtUhnthuslasm. A eommiatee was
coauedw. Artllte, ptbli mp, oop
stiteud bodles, general onpl, n.
aletil t1ounells and ceambers com
mi uassouiated themselvsa together
la USi terprise, and the miVeamfn
w wb bhad started from so modet an
Sor15 became a geauine ualiomnt dem
The plan of the Franoh-Ambtoaa
Unlels, he eooltey which has under
i tsk the oarrytin out of tle esioosl
Stateo of LibeJty, was not launelod
upan the publie till 1874. Up o that
tie it had beenorganlzed, the means
had been prepared and the Arnt mod*
*ls of the statue had been made. ub
eription Ibss were eroseate
throughout France, beadrng ai tbe
head the ftblowing, prepared by M.
"The m6aament of ladependeane
will be exoat4 In oamaoo by the
two people aoeiated In this fratf
al worlas they were of old In i
t"bllshi lijl deefdswe. In thasl
'Wy we deare by as biprlhbable
memorlal the bfreudShiP tha t h
blood spilled by our tthers of old
sealed between the two nations. It
is the tretr of friendship whleh
should he dined by.all hearts whioh
fel the loe of theIr oountry."
This appa met with a reody re
sponse. The birth Ct $ae work was
'elebrateda New. , U35, tlhe ( o
tel of the Lesvre, by a banoet whieh
was iatteLdi by lUastreas represem
tSaives i tharte,.letter, pres and
poltlios, eIan both Amerle saad
Framces: bliste. DepeMas. Manic-1
Ipt1 Comaallrs, Geneesl, aavate.,
aedemnleM, ad athe at *.1
shade of YIrat Ad iiSeeM.
bled to s-'Se esedih th. f r pe.
jeat. To t4s(so ItawkeAmer k
,ea an lde« . g-gI t l« the
|work th S Mrfth. state
sh- riMtfiW illies as
• Etow sp --"
lu tO o was au*to%
V sal be mthe
"_4.- arn a On 0eAnsL
oN.eort of web U
p On lao . Ju l,
nEl5t wr SOIUCo 0 _
a lf l lite~ wtotnd to
Ite ap derelherivU
i- was tho bfe sebsd
e Lesboulmye 1ofb-.
[MOBM) & the gb ttm left. e
kpa O . to srihe. Ot aIsae 14a
1 oie 1ioaerpery, at I0
Shlot lao tobu mon «te
di tfi minister Mti bre t
ie n* oihy Ministeo B MI s ml.: .
I i.overnment, der lared tba
wri hl the goverMotent Oeaerun -
e itat'aw Woei be
S1asrpor Now York ons a Stae
hvessel, the oflbeal baer t
Irarne. eomctal prosentatlo qti
the the Mitlster of the Uid
ted -4ta· ok place July 4, 184
The on was made by Cordt
do the Presidentb t a i
Shandil tothe Untond 8MteI
thi gres _etlot monumont, the
it, or to which have con
tributed Ir otes 180 Oe . for
ty gnral all, a large number
of olsea of commerce and of mot-s
otoes and a hundred thou1and,
sbsert ~He oonoluded by maylg:
a"Thish Mr. MinLu lte , la tbh
predwst hoeasm, of devotuen,
odf and o the noblest sa
is great l conception and In tlr
growatil through 1e. moral
by foundoal entb.ll, Intr wob aam
worth, to the r.emeotranoe
ned the ea which It Is St per.
ate. mit t to ybOr care
BMr. Uis ati may rman for
oevel abu 0 of the bndrvnoihch
should un France and the great
We do recommend "*I
Beo " to all tb 1IAm baMeto
deot Is beir bat we know wh y are
spWrlorb eA ry reropect.4 oathar
W -t I IIe I I I lir er, be plIle
An mldo a =toei One
'i a dorne. Theydod ot grip,
cMHg tSb stomeob or weaken thea
pWoyeal. Try te wone a ou w*ill
cents Per bo rte .h
INotionM-Ins meo column Will
be fomd ;a vo0le In which all
IA knowledge a et mertI and the
bonert eao e r fmily mayr dt
rive Lno asibei t will save not only
health hO Slw dollars otherwLse
upenaed Ina 'Drturla blln."
Vegateill6 a VTalsAble AklM.
The p*sMbher fthe Madisro 00oun
ty(wbrnec4~ wrH *BeO Hunteville,
IAr,., s Sh 4i rt o rown'. Irt n
BIttenestis b w tn. Daughertly
prn ays," *r hlai he suMgB the
Biuingtfookee*Lr ethr; the a»d
In yr seabs" a M also
laeot ole
be& brdla obe o
too af [te
brit m tl i it me .
they eal It l| the Poee
I; fl· uaI w
'ddens *e the set
son for " sene ap*
o e etier words,
'h'owedev i- " ti lit
woul a*06m *«A^ ^ ^ a , ýVy
rule . theselt.^ w.er&i,
it something is dim 6 in the
wyt ofthrwl4 oil harpe
troubled dwateri people of
all parties at tb t eleetleno
in one big wave, bt slik the
admiavletration" p. While
showed oven in a little
method ia their .La ty.i
ilune these let 'were writ.
tent tehas ibolmi o as the
writing on thei ol dthat .Mr
trlevland adoes a aetly of
ine oode wlih the v. bof his em
inent advisers. - ea teas
other sources et ai aSion and
aboed eve i saau n little
as tdisve trei the State
administra le not reiproi
tno it ha e leor wila - te
sent the majtore the party.
Tie will of the *ifty can be
gates to aonven a by ways!
that are dare, n the tweaker
can be made to appear the
stmrongQr aid. The. tre prm
jorit ty laim A they di not
have 8 fair sh ing else Ogden
or Nichells would be the Gov a
ernr to -day Of course they
are not satisld sor will a few
cr bs e  a e t abe of the
White 4r ide. a.tis them.
They want the ezisting abuses
in the State don%' away with,
Mr. a levelo4 o a fair i e ind
ed man. ead is ray strike him
thar is lthel ud h ty wingo
erour to-al y f I t t!re a
cWite may be evident tmt.j
the atalidoot aa ha et
yet espt ma d it ay trik h
i loesa rl as ow
whcM a»ekie t AsiUUBt tI
t w obUsetatf astob a. s
tat ooreiaa lIe lemie,
W446 lie
my ." so sft~
you.41mA " m
We" ot Iw
an y anews
uh* bow Is M
#A;~rBLI- ZO
"110d ZTS" baktH ~ ·~·3
be$ 6 bw ord bm·
wow* oom h
about~ umd ~i,
Da ·rl bauab
rhound do L 0i s
~M- r mafir~·: *l~
a.r ~km..ho emwSr~
o8 ·1Ar todimoesInmo
sealf thee oar*
nomormi at , -w
woul and A slmf
Ae (bel B. anni ate
vistsm., 4 bue aw we
noth"adosme Sad
Wd nowwv
~iu must bererieib
Mel bomb for
rounrd the~r~r deIste ees
or to dls~mee so uLIt
·Beside the sureCI ·
mesphreofa thebes.illr~
thet Gekto rUgefe LU*·s et L
en~etsakt 501.i tkeb4h
Ipliei hte fnlethwsW
thea, ewe~v ter~ae h
urnC ei thuh-r II

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