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The Princeton union. (Princeton, Minn.) 1876-1976, November 30, 1911, Image 3

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A Steel
Range at
A good sized oven, nickel
trimmed, high warming clos
et, made of best cold rolled
steel Warranted in every
iii $ $28.00
X -?6^S^S"*%"
vens Hardware Co.
We wish to advise ou that we have arranged with the Standard Oil
Co. for a carload of Steel Barrels, which can be used for storage
tanks. These bai rels are for your use and should last a lifetime
When empty, load on to your wagon, bring to town and we will fill
them with Pei fection Oilthe Best Water White Oil on the market,
and you can get it trom us at any and all times.
Read the Following Description
of the Steel Barrels
Made from IS gauge STEEL, welded throughoutchimes reinforced
with inch non bar-2 inch bung and inch vent plug in one end,
gaham/ed both inside and outpainted black on outside. A inch
BRASS LEVER FAUCET with each barrel. Take out vent plug,
screw in faucet and ^ou have an ideal tank.
One of
These Barrels
George Newton
Evens Hardware Co.
C. H. Nelson
Mcllhargey Hdw. Co.
J. C. Herdliska
P. P. Stewart
We wish to impress upon you
the importance of buying a P. P.
Stewart Heater. It will reduce
your coal bill, and give you more
heat than any other stove made.
We have them in different sizes
and styles from
Notice the
Low Price
One of These Barrels
Filled With 55 Gallons
of Perfection Oil for
Filled With
Place ou order with us now. If you cannot come in, 'phone us
so we can set aside what you want.
R. D. Byers
A. E. Allen & Co.
F. T. Kettelhodt
Caley Hdw. Co.
Princeton Auto Co.
Slate News.
The Cbaska sugar beet factory has
been sold by the trust to an indepen
dent corporation.
Arthur Purseley, a conductor on
the Great Northern, was killed at
Fergus Falls last week. He was
about to take out a train and, while
walking across the yards in a snow
storm, was struck by a switch engine.
Arthur H. Denson, prinoipal wit
ness for the state in the trial of Fred
A. Briggs, pleaded guilty to robbery
in the third degree before Judge
Wilbur F. Booth in Minneapolis on
Saturday. He was given an inde
terminate sentence to the state's
prison and placed on probation for
one year.
Michael Carney died at Faribault
last week, aged 100 years 1 month and
24 days. He celebrated his 100th an
niversary on September 29. Mr.
Carney was born in Ireland and came
to America when 26. He lived in
Minnesota more than 45 years. He
took the pledge from Father Mathew
in Irealnd when 12 years old and
never used tobacco or liquor.
Savings representing the hard
labor of five years at a tailor's bench,
were stolen on Sunday night from
Frank Towell of Warren, who ac
cepted the invitation of a stranger
and shared a room with him at 124
Second avenue S., Minneapolis. The
stranger and $1,200, the money Towell
had saved to visit relatives in Bul
garia, were gone when he awoke.
Three years ago Erick Erickson
bought a home south of Cokato and
moved his family into it. Before the
purchase there had been a death from
tuberculosis in the house, and Erick
son bought a quantity of furniture
and bedding from the former owner,
the articles and home having not
been properly fumigated. One of
Erickson's children died last spring
and last week two more died, all hav
ing contracted the disease. The nine
surviving members of the family are
also said to be infected.
The body of Mrs. W. E. Sivwright,
a woman universally beloved and
prominent in all good work, was
found in the cistern underneath the
kitchen at her home in Hutchinson by
her daughter. Mr. Sivwright was at
tending court at Glencoe. Bruises on
the body suggest that she must have
opened the cistern, probably to
ascertain the amount of water it con
tained, and then stepped into it, the
bruises being received in the fall.
She was about 65 years old and an
aunt of former State Senator W. W.
State Treasurer Walter J. Smith
issued his annual report, covering the
fiscal year ending July 31. He com
pares business done by the state
treasury in the first year of statehood,
1858-59, and the fifty-second year.
During the first year receipts, includ
ing a balance of $5,943 carried over
from the territorial treasury, were
$291,911.79, and $250,000 of this was
realized from the sale of state bonds.
Disbursements were $282,839.18. In
the last fiscal year receipts were $15,-
612,048.79, and including the balance
from the previous year they were $19,-
873,280.46. Disbursements were $16,-
364,789.21, leaving a balance of
Ruined Each Other
Two broken down paupers met in
the poorhouse yard, says the Cleve
land Plain Dealer. lb was evident to
each that the other had seen better
days each could see in the other's
face the sign that a noble and in
genious mind had succumbed to the
blows of an adverse fortune.
"Friend, what has reduced you to
this sad condition?" the first asked
"It is an old story," answered the
second wreck. I was an inventor.
And every time I invented a great
thing some heartless capitalist got all
the profits. And-here I am! But
what brought you here?"
"It is another old story. I was a
capitalist. And every time I invested
in some inventor's great idea it
turned out worthless. Shake, com
radewe have ruined each other!"
The Riverside Hotel
Having entered into possession of
the Riverside hotel I am now pre
pared to cater to the people's wants
and solicit a share of their patronage.
I shall endeavor to give my patrons
satisfaction at all timesthe service
will be of the best. Try the'Riverside
hotel under its new management.
33-13tc Alex Simpson, Prop.
If you are suffering from Eczema,
Psoriasis or any other kind of skin
trouble, drop into our store for in
stant relief. We will guarantee you
to stop that itch in two seconds.
A 25c trial bottle will prove it.
We have sold other remedies for
skin troubles, but none that we could
recommend more highly than the well
known compound of Oil of Winter
green, Thymol and a few other in
gredients that have wrought such won
derful cures all over the country.
This compound, known as D. D. D.
Prescription, will cool and heal the
itchy, burning skin as nothing else
can. Get a regular bottle and seeon
our no-pay offer.
C. A. Jack, Princeton, Miun.
Rev. Service's subjects for Sunday,
December 3: Morning, "Down Hill
evening, "Old Shoes." The public is
cordially invited to hear these sub
jects. At the close of the evening
service there will be a reception of
members and the sacrament of the
Lord's supper will be observed.
Special music morning and evening
by the choir leader, Mrs. C. A.
Caley organist, Mrs. Ewing. Sun
day school at 11:45 a. m. Brother
hood class at close of sermon all
men invited. Epworth league Sunday
evening at 7 o'clock subject, "Repro
ducing the Model leader, Kriede
Marshall. Bible study class Monday
evening leader, Miss King.
Rev. Service will deliver a Thanks
giving address this evening at 7:30
subject, "Our Republic." All are in
Sunday, December 3Morning
service, 10:30 subject, "Christ Funda
mental." Organ prelude and pdstlude
and anthem by choir. Mrs. H. C.
Cooney, director Mrs. Benj. Soule,
organist. Sunday school, 12 m.
evening service, 7:30 subject "God
Over All. Music by chorus of
young people assisted by the Sunday
school orchestra.
If the weather permits the pastor
will preach next Tuesday in the King
school house, Wednesday in the Rust
school house and Thursday in the
Judkins school house.
Next Sunday morning services will
be held in Saron church, Greenbush,
at 10:30.
Afternoon services will be held in
Emanuel church, Princeton, at 3.
The Ladies' Aid society of Emanuel
church, Princeton, will meet on
Thursday, December 7, at 2:30 p. m.,
with Mrs. G. Swanson. All are
cordially invited to attend.
August Lundquist, Pastor.
Wheat marketNo. 1 hard, 65 cents
No. 1 northern, 62 cents: No.
northern, 57 cents.
Spread the news far and near
Princeton has the best wheat market
in this part of the state.
Aug. Rines had the honor of receiv
ing the first paid commercial dispatch
over the railroad telegraph line.
Levi Vinson of Princeton township
thinks he has slaughtered the boss
hog this season. It was not fat and
when dressed weighed 548 pounds.
Mrs. C. H. Rines and daughter,
Jean, were the first Princeton ladies
to make the round crip from Princeton
to St. Paul, which they did on Tues
day summer or winter. A farmer hauling
a load of wheat to town does not care
about having his load upset more
than half a dozen times in a distance
of three or four miles.
Amos Chadbourne, the depot
master, has been at his post since
Monday morning. Amos is a steady
young man, an expert telegraph
operator, understands his business
and will prove satisfactory to the
company and the citizens of Prince
The ball at the Palace rink passed
off very nicely. The music, by Sid
well's band, was all that could be de
sired, and although a few whiskey
bloats and beer tubs in Minneapolis
have boycotted Mr. Sidwell, his serv
ices will always be in demand on
special occasions.
Hon. C. H. Chadbourne, although a
resident of Sherburne county, mani
fests a paternal interest in everything
that pertains to Princeton. He can
be found at or about the elevator and
depot buildings most any time of day
suggesting and advising, and his ad
vice is always sound.
All aboard for Elk River, Anoka,
St. Paul and Minneapolis. Train
going south leaves Princeton at 7:30
a. m. every day except Sunday.
Train from the south due here at 6:30
p. m. every day except Sunday. You
can eat your breakfast in Princeton,
have five hours in St. Paul or six in
Minneapolis and return home in time
for supper.
Horses Tnat Will Salt You
Last Monday my special represen
tative arrived here with a carload
of young native mares which are
strong, sound, and adapted to vari
ous kinds of work. They have been
selected with great care from among
hundreds by an expert horseman and
they will stand close inspection. On
the whole these mares cannot be ex
celled in this part of the country. Call
at my barn on Monday and judge for
yourselves. 47-tfc Aulger Rines.
For Service.
The registered Hoi stein Friesian
bull, Pride Junior De Kol, is for ser
vice at my farm. This animal is one
of the best in the northwest.
43-tfc P. C. Cater, Princeton.
The union believes in good roads We Pay Highest Market Prices for Butter and Eggs
Main Street,
No. 1 Cranberries, per qt |QC
Grapes, per lb. 10c, per basket 4g
Grapes, per lb |g
Walnut Meats, per lb 5QC
Almond Meats, per lb 5QC
Mince Meat, per lb |2c
Olives, per qt 35c
Raisins, per lb |QC and |8c
Figs, per. lb |g
If in Need of Table Linen Look Over Our Line
E Princeton, Minn. 3
Let Us Help You Figure It
If you are figuring on building, or making some repairs about the place.
can't figure out just the amount of material it will take ana how much it will cost you,
come in and let us help you with it Right now wouli be a mighty good time to figure
on building as we have a first-class Jot of material at the lowest possible figure, and i
can save you money Whether it be a large or small amount we will give you the
right price and prompt service Get our prices before buying
BENJAfllN SOULE, Manager
W handle an up-to-date line of groceries. W have
also secured in trade a stock of dry goods which we are clos-
4. ing out at very low prices. W have some ladies' waists left
which are going at 25 cents and also some dress goods at cut
prices. Notions for less than half their regular prices. Give
us a trial. W are located in the Opera House
Dealer in
Fresh and Salt Meats, Lard,
Poultry, Fish and Game in Season.
Both Telephones.
Main Street, (Opposite Starch Factory.) Princeton, Winn
you I
L. E. SVARRY, Proprietor
~111.1 1 ~I.I~T.I~II.. ~IL ~i i_ ~II ~i nn_ ~i nil mum
Dealer in
Prime Meats of Every Variety,
Poultry, Fish, Etc.
Highest market prices paid for Cattle and Hogs.
N iMi.
Skins, HORS E UinCC*
an CATTL tllUtO
and al kds of RAW FURS.
fo spot 1 to 50% more money
0pages, leather bound. Bestthingonthe subjecteverwritten
Animals. All about Trappers' Secrets, Decoys. Ira Ga^T^
to trap, and to become a siaecessful tSpper/It's a reiVul^FV^^JS0?
To our customers. $1.26. Hides tanned intobeauttfafKs^r !%&%&n &
Decoy attracts animals to traps. $1 OOper bottle Sh^yc^^i^^Sw,
ad -ft lushest pnces. Andersch S7os.. oluCifz^lS^^S^^
The Union Gives All the News All the Time.
i $^

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