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Indian chieftain. (Vinita, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1882-1902, August 24, 1883, Image 1

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Derated to tlio Intercut of tlio Clicrottcc. Climtnws, Clilcltnsiiws, Sen
Crocks unit nil Other Indium of tlio Imllmi Territory.
YOL. I. NO. 49.
Glcnnrrt by Tclesriipli mid Miill
It l stated at the Treasury llepartincnt
that by reason of the vigorous notion by tho
Government In prosecuting opium smiiR
Klors on tho Pacific roast, tlio duties col
lected nt Han Francisco, on opium for the
Inst fiscal year, vcro more Uinn $7,000,000
In excess of net collections from thnt source
tho previous year.
Tiik Trensury Department on the lfith
purchased S,O00 ounces of sliver for de
livery nt tho I'hllndolphla mints.
1 Tiik Burgeon Oonornl of tho Marino Hos
pltnl Bcrvlco In Washington rend red n
telegram from Dr. Itobcr MaluecVa, an
nouncing his nrrlvnl at Vera t'Tur nnd re
porting yellow fever raging in thnt city
and ninoiig vessels in the hniltor.
The Trensury olllclnls nre snldto bo very
much puzzled nt tho nppearanco of uuother
counterfeit coin ivhlcli Is likely to deceive
ovon tho average export. It is n flvo-dol-Inrgold
piece, nnd Is worth $1.5.1 in gold,
lids counterfeit Is said to lie tho lst ever
innde, nnd its perfection hns created tho
grnvo suspicion that the Government dies
hnvo been tampered with or nil impression
taken from them. It Is imtd thnt when
placed sldo by sldo with tho genuino five
dollar plcco, tho dllTcrriico can scarcely lo
detected by any but oxperts. Tho weight
Is nearly tho tame, nnd enn only bo dtteclcd
by tho gold scales. r,
Oun result of tho now Civil Servico act Is
said to bo to mako of no value npplicatlons
of men strongly Indorsed for n plnce, nnd
the Interior Department is sending back
papers to appllcnnts.
Thohah II. Kllinr, of Tennessee, n clerk
In tho I'ostolllco Department at Washing
ton, wns recently dismissed on tho chnrgo
that he shnred with Houghton, MltUIn & Co.,
Doston publishers, hnlf of the postal guide
profits on nil pages above tho "number
spoclllcd In tho contract. Houghton, how
ever, denied thnt KIrby shared tho profits.
A decision wns rondercd by Judgo Mills
In tho I'ojlco Court of Washington City
recently in tho civil rights ense of Hov.
(leorgo II. Hmith, colored, of Norwich,
Conn., against James W. Hell, proprietor
of n rostaurnut. Tho ground of cnmplntnt
wns thnt Hell had denied tho m-C4m)ioda-tlonsof
bis restaurant to thef lnfullir on
account of tho Inttcr's color, nnd suit was
brought to enforco tho criminal provision
of tho act known as the Civil itlghts net.
Tlio decision was in favor of tlio plaintiff,
nnd tho defendant was found guilty of a
It Is reported that tho postal rovenuo de
rived from tho sale of postngo stamps hnvo
fallen off as the time for tho reduction of
letter postngo rnto approaches. This Indi
cates thnt tho public Is making preparations
for the change, and nre not milling to tho
outstundlng stocks of stamps, and that
when tho 1st of Octobcrcomosa very large
ly Increased demand for tho new stamps
will bo tho result.
Tub Kocrctary of tho Interior has 1mcii
Informed that tho Northern 1'oclflc Hyii-
way, fli uniting tho. tlto mhUC nrar Mlllnno
tunnel, has been completed. Tho company
has requested tho appointment of n com
mission to exit ml no and report upon tlds
section of the roud.
Fl.Acm were displayed nt hnlf mast over
public buildings in Washington upon tho
announcement of the death of Judge lllnck.
tho largest rcflnory In tho world was par
tially destroyed by fire a few days ngo.
tiik i:.!tr.
At tho National Convention of tho Anti
Organ faction of tho United Presbyterian
Chuicli at I'lttsburg, l'n., Hov. James
l'rlca of I'hlladc'phlu, presented it scries of
resolutions in effect that tho propriety of
holding local conventions similar to this
one, and of forming an association for the
maintenance, of tho principle nnd especial
ly tho purity of tho worship of tun church,
demanded carious consideration and at
tention. Foil tho six months ondod August 1, ouo
hundred and sixty persons wero killed nnd
four hundred and ouo Injured on tho rail
ron,ils in tho Htato of New York.
'Captain J. I). Kiiodes, who tnlkcd (it
Jwinunlng tho whirlpool rapids of Niagara
lttvor, lookod at tho waters and abandoned
the job. An open letter wns addressed to
, lthodcx by tho Canadian authorities, (.till
ing that any attempt by him or others to
swim the whirlpool rapids would bo looked
upon ns tho act of an insane person, and
they would bo provontrd ns far as taking
tho water from tho Canadian shore was
HiciiriEl.i) Rrm,NOH, N. Y., offer a
purse of $1,000 for n loat raco thcro In Sep
tember between Haitian ami Courtney.
The Kbsox Havings Hank of Massachu
setts foreclosed a mortgage of 170,000 on
tho Bt. Mary's Church of Lawrence, Mass.,
on account of the inability of the priests to
ralso sufllclont funds to pay tho Interest.
Tho property is to lio sold at auction Sep
tember 7th. Tho structuro originally cost
The body of L. V. Grlswold, n prominent
cltiron of Uurllngton, Vt., wns found
drowned In Lako Clmmplaln recently.
Thero were no marks of violence. It was
accIdcutallrowiilng or suicide.
Tins Kxccutivo Hoard of tho Telegraph
ers' Urotherhood notified all assembles that
the strike was a failure ami that "all mem
bers who can may return to work."
John Devov, editor of tho Jriih Xatlun,
sentenced to sixty days Imprisonment In
tho penitentiary In Now York for libeling
August ltelniont, completed histcim, and
was released.
Philip HamiAjf, o Trio, l'n., recently
sont his llttlo girl to a saloou for liver. Tho
bar-tender refused to hell liquor to n ihlhl,
nnd she (Hied tho Jug with water. When
Hoffman swnlltiwed part of tho water he
struclthijulaughtor brutal blow on tho
head-Bhe wns not expected to live.
WtltLB Hlchard and William Halns, two
young men of Williamsburg, N. Y., wero
recently ouTln a bout fishing, William fell
overboard anil was drownod. Hlchard was
so overcome nt his brother's death, that ho
made nn attempt to strangle himself with
the anchor rope, but was prevented by a
fisherman who made his nppearunco.
lit rone the United BUitos-Hub-Uommlt-tee
on Labor nnd Education, in session nt
New York, Samuel Yompers, President of
the Amalgamated Trades and Labor Union,
denied that tho socialistic element had
gained control of nil lnbor organizations
in this country. It might be tlio case In a
few of the smaller ones, but tho object of
the great union was a..ly to secure benefits
for their members by mutual combination
and by legitimate means.
KltA.cis Kkbb, on hi- way from Trenton,
N. J-, to Dsming, N. M., wus drowned in
the Missouri Illver nt Kansas City.
Jodob JenEMUU Black died nt York,
Pa., August 10th, In the 71th year of bis
Pcjiino a late storm on Long Island,
N. Y lightning killed forty beep and se
verely injured twenty, on the Stewart
farm, near Garden City.
An unknown schooner of MO tons, recent
ty.sunk with nil on board olt Beach Haven,
N. J., wbll being pursuod by a steamer.
It was supposed to be 8 pirate.
JI. Caurn. ot Box's large paper mill at
Umbertvilio, N. J , was recently nlmot
entirely destroyed by nre. The loss will
probably exceed $.V,000 Insurance about
Tue Ecllp OH Hennery at ranaun, ra
Tne call for thn seventh Annual Con-
grcssof the National Liberal League, signed
by T. H. Wakemau, President) Klizur
Wright, VIcp-Prcsldent, and T. C. Leland,
Hecretnry, was recently Issued. It says I
"All the citizens of the United Btatea who
beliovo In tho fundamental principals of
our Hepubllc, separation of Church nnd
Btato equality for nil citizens liefore tho
lnw without distinction of creed or-rnco or
sex; Justice for nil, nnd privileges and
monopolies for none; need of universal
secular education, free speech and free
press, ns n basis of universal suffrage, nro
invited to Join the National Liberal LenRue,
and nppcnr or to bo represented In Its
seventh Annual Congress at Milwaukee,
Wis., Friday, Saturday and Bundny, Bop
tcmlier 21, 'ii and 2.1 next."
IlK.vnr L. Yovsti, general ngont In Cin
cinnati of tho Grand Haplds & Indiana
Hallroad, recently fatally shot himself at
his ofllce in that city. He dad been In on
Intoxicated condition n short time before
A letter found on his person purported to
1)0 from a cousin threatening hlin for im
proper relations with tho writer's wife.
A NiruiiKii of Bt. Louis cigar makers and
dealers decided to kuep their shops open
on Bundny herenfter.
About sixty shoo lnsters employed by
six manufacturers of St. Louis struck for
higher wnges. About three hundred other
workmen wero thrown out of employment
by tho action of the lastcrs.
Tub superintendent of tho United States
Holllng Mill Company's shops nt Chicago,
which wero destroyed by fire recently, said
tho loss would reach $500,000.
A coal oil company recently struck n
vein near Canon City, Colo., yielding forty
barrels of oil per day of thn liest quality.
A family of live persons wero seriously
poisoned nt Davcniort, lown, by eating
canned Yonied beef for supper. Whether
the poison waif contained in tho meat it
self orenmo from tho enn could not bo de
cided by the physician in attendance.
AN attempt nt n genernl Jail delivery
wns made nt Council Bluffs, Iowa, recent
ly, nnd cli'.it of nineteen prisoners got out
through n hole cut In the lloor. Four woro
O.N tha night of August 8, the safe In tho
depot nt Republican Valley, Neb., was
blown open and $3,000 in cash taken out.
At tho tlmo the deed was dono tho officials
I ml no idea of tho operators, but n fow
days Inter a young man was missing.
Cards were Sent out, and later M. O. Kali
ler was arrested at St. Joseph, Mo., upon
tho charge, of being concerned In the rob
bery. The Second National Hank of Warren
Ohio, has failed. K. M. Fitch, cashier, Is
reported defaulter to tho amount of $70,000
or $fl),000.
A collision occurred on the raco course
nt Charlotte, Mich., recently, botween tho
trotting horses I lay mo ml and Banker's
Hothschlld. Raymond was killed outright
and tho other homo dangerously hurt,
lllcht thousand dollni-aihad boon refused
for the xlead horse.
A I.KTTISB received In 8nn Francisco from
Alaskn announced a largo gold discovery
near Yukon Hirer, Alaska. On lug to tho
extreme cold weathor, twenty-eight degrees
below zero, It was Impossible to do much
prmpectlng. Tlio miners who made tho
discovery wero partly fitted out by n man
who uinclo discoveries In Arizona, and who
cleared over $1,000,000 In that section.
Tun saw mill of the Keatcr Lumber Com
pany In Moliue, Ills., was recently burned.
Tho flames spread to the yards where theto
woro piles of lumber thirty feet high, tho
main portion of which was seasoned, and
they were soon a mass of flames. Tho fire
spread to houses across. the street. The
mill cost $90,000 nnd theri wis about $200,.
000 worth of lumber in tlnvsrd most of
which was tiumcd.it , ,
Twocasosof li'lfAy among'clilnamon
wero recently illscoTfred nt Heno, Nov.
J. II. AnMSTnONO, alias II. C. Hechtele,
was anested nt Chicago for using the
malls to effect tho sale of packages of coun
terfeit money. His circulars wero dlrrctcd
mainly to points in Colorndo.
In Bon Francisco, Sunday afternoon, tho
10th, the preliminaries to the meeting of
tho Triennial Conclave wero Inaugurated
by religious services In tho grand pavilion,
which to many welt, nigh proved fatal.
Klglit thousand persons were In tho build
ing nnd four thousand were left outside,
who continued to put forth every cffoi t to
obtain nn entrance. While tho scene In
side wns imposing, the lloor of tho pavlllou
bolng n mass of handsomo uulfonrs nnd
flowing plumes, n Inrgo police forco wns
Inndciytrate to preserve order in the crush
ing multitude seeking ai'mlshion, the
greater numlier of olllcers being employed
carrying off fainting women nnd children.
So hot wns It thnt boforo the services were
half over tho people commenced streaming
out. only to make room for others to get In.
An expression of thntikk was repeatedly
beard from thoso who managed to get out,
lclng nearly crushed to death.
AT Nebraska City tho other day, Kzrn
Douglass, a printer, wns shot and Instantly
killed by his wife, who nftenvnrds com
mitted sulcldoby shooting herself through
tho temple. This was her third attempt to
do thnt which ho Anally succcssfull ac
The other day n man and woman regis
tered ns man nnd wife nt tho Commercial
Hotel In Chicago. Not having reported for
In eakfast or dinner next day the proprietor
ordered the door of tlio room to be opened,
when the man nnd woman were found lying
bn the floor unconscious, dressed in night
clothes. Tho window nnd transom Mere
closed and the gns escaping In tho room.
Tlip man soon died and tho woman re
mained unconscious.
At Cincinnati, Ohio, Burt Bohelbel shot
nnd killed Joslo Btubb, n sporting woman,
In her room, nnd then shot himself In the
fnce, dying instantly, Schellicl wns from
Dayton, where his father Is proprietor of a
hotel. He was charged with embezzlement
of tho funds of an insurance company there.
Silas Mkhciiant, of Cleveland, Ohio,
manufacturer of Ico machines nnd water
pipes, has failed with liabilities of over
$100,000. lib attributed his failure to a
variety of causes, mainly tbo want of
a she 1 adjoining nnd went two hundred
feetJji thn air. In descending It struck a.
slaujjhter house, crushing through the roof
and floor, brining up In tho cellar. Though
several persons were nbout the boiler, not
one was Injured.
MAnTix HitAOLKV, a negro, was banged
by n mob nt Torrlll, Texas, for nil outrage
ous assault upon n white woman.
The Lower Houro of tho Georgia legis
lature votctl $1,000,000 for n n new Capitol
Lieutenant TATLon, commanding tho
detachment of Marines nt the Peusacola,
Fin., navy yard, telegraphed the Depart
ment that one private died of yellow fever,
three were In the hospital, two doing well,
and ono very sick. Strict ipiarautlne had
been established.
A toiinaijo recently swept over Chat
tanooga, Tenu. The O. T., Vn. fi On.,
and Ala. Creat Southern Depots woro un
roofed, nnd a largo number of buildings
were unroofed and several blown down.
Flying timbers seriously Injured J. II. Jen
nings, going through a box car befort It
struck him. There wero several other
casualties. A hoavy hall storm prevailed
which caused several horses to run away,
one being killed and many Injured. Tele
graph wlrrs generally were prostrated.
The XI t. Sterling, Ky., accommodation
going to Lexington ran Into tho rear car of
n train on the Kentucky Central at Win
chester crossing, recently, exploding four
hundred kegs of glnat owder. Tho depot
was wrecked and the euglno blown to
atoms. Engineer Behuler was not found.
Yardmaster Randolph was killed. Con
ductor Michel was fatally and several other
persons bndly Injured. Tlio explosion was
said to li perhaps tho heaviest ever heard
In America. The debris was thrown iu
high that It did not coma down for fully ten
minutes, and peoplu from flvo miles In
tho country rushed iu to seo It Winchester
had suddenly liocn destroyed by an earth
quake. It was regarded as tho worst rail
road accident that ever occurred in Ken
tucky. The cotton worm is doing immense
damage to cotton In South Carolina.
An Incendiary lire in Ioxlngton, Ky.,
tho other morning destroyod Hush tz Son'
planing mills nnd several other buildings.
Loss nbout $3.1,000.
The other morning E. M. Mooney, City
Marshal nnd Chief of Pollco of Helcnn,
Ark., war 'hot and killed by some unknown
A late flro in Crawford, Miss., destroyed
twelvo stores nnd six wnrehouses. Loss
flOO.000; Insurnnco $10,000.
Colonel Casey, of tho Engineer corps,
nnd Acting Secretary of State, Davis, went
to Westmoreland County, Vn., recently,
and visited the old Washington homestead
thcro for tho purpose of selecting n site
for the monument nuthorized by net ol
Congress to bo erected nt tho birthplace ot
General Washington. Tlio slta selected Is
nliout three hundred yards from the house
in which Washington wns born.
EinilT cues nnd thrco deaths from yel
low fever nt tho I'cnsncola Navy Yard to
fflm OOMi
Pl-.VTII 01 .U'lHiK 11I.AIR.
II Prd lVneefnlljr nr. Lenilnit llnstt
uf Riirrunlna I'rlendt tu Mourn Ills Loss.
YnnK. l'A., Amr. 19. '
Judge Jeremiah B. Black died at 2 1 10 this
morning. Though not unexpected, his
death wns sudden and was n shook t the
community. On Saturday morning he
seemed somewhat lietter, but the Improve
ment was too slight to Justify n hope of
lecovery. An unfavorable change liegan
nbout four In the ntternoon, nnd he grad
ually grow worse, but remained "onscious
nlmost to tho end and died peacefully.
From the Wglnulng of his Illness Judge
Black believed he would never recover and
was perfoctly resigned. Mrs. Judge Blaek.
Lleutenant-Oovemor Chaunccy F. Black,
and wife, Henry Black, Mr. nnd Mr.
Hornsby, A. II. Farquhar nnd Dr.
Meisenhelder wero present. Many tele
grams of condolenco havo len received.
Shortly bcforflJudgo Blaek die.) ho said
to his wife: "How can I fear to cross the
dnrk rlor when inv Father waits for me
on the other shored' nnd added, "Would I
wero ns comfortable nbout nil I leavo lw
hind unfinished In this world," nnd then
iin-ntlied tlio following cnrnoti prayeri
"O Thou beloved and most merciful Ilenv
only Father, from whom I had my lielng,
nnd tu whom I hnvo ever trusted, If It Iki
Thy will, grant that my suffering end ami
that I spvedlly lie called home to Thee; nnd
oh, mv Ood, bless and comfort thee, my
Tho Immediate cause of his death was
oxieinlii, produced by nlnni-pllon of retained
urinary constituents prior to the operation
of Thursday. Dr. McKcnttnn, of York.who,
had spent tho day with tho patient noticed
tho nppcnrnnro of unfnvornhlo symptoms
alxiut four o'clock In tho afternoon. Dr.
Meisenhelder, of York, who relieved
Dr. McKeunon nbout six o'clock, also no
ticed tho change for tho worse, and from
mat Hour tho increasing growtn ot ins
symptoms Indicated a gradual failure of all
the vital forces. Judge Black suffered great
ly during hU illness, but his last moments
wero without ncuto pain, nnd he passed
quietly away, retaining consciousness until
within a few minutes of fds death.
Washington, Aug. 19.
Tlio news of tho death of Jeremiah 8.
Black was ret etred wlt't grri; regret here
where his face bad been familiar for many
years. Jtldgn.j.Hlack was In Washington
very often of late years. Ho was best known
as ono of tho foremost memliers of tho Su
premo Court bar. At times ho appeared
before tho departments, but plenty of peo-
Clu lemembcr him as bo was Iu Ids prime
efure tho war. Tlio last tlmo that his np
!aranea hero attracted National attention
was when he came last winter ns counselor
tho Mormons and attempted to negative Ihe.
work of tho Utah Commission. Judge lllaek
wns one of tho most familiar figures in the
lobby of ono of tho up-town hotels. Ho
was always tho center of n group of list
eners, lielng accounted ono of tho best
story-tellers In public life. When he wns
i ot entertnlnlng bis friends, In Ids rest
hours, ho was reading French novels, of
which ho was verv fond. Ho wns glad to
enmo to Washington at any tlmo mi nci
count of bis daughter, Mrs. Hornsby, who
has a delightful homo iu the West end. In
hor company her father saw n good deal of
Wnihtngton society. Ho was universally
liked. Ills oricinalltv. his nualntuess. and
Ids old-fashioned manners gavo him pcsi- I
liar interott. Ills big heart lieia um, incims
wlioui ins urlllancy attracted. . .
A Poiriler-ljiilen Cnr Him Into bjr an Ac
ri.iniiKiilnl on Train I'nur Hundred Kfi
ot 1'onA r Iliplo.Wil lr. the AT reek.
I.EAIKnTOf, ."v., Amtust IT.
This morning n terrible accident oc
turfed at AVinchester, eighteen miles from
here. For four days past n cnr containing
400 kegs of blasting powder, consigned to
II. r. Mason fi Co., late contractors on ha
Kentucky Central extension, has len
standing on the shllngat Wlnrhoster.whern
the Kentucky Central ami Chesapeake fi
Ohio Trunk lines cross. This morning : this
car of powder wni standing nn the C. fi O.
track, Just opposite the Hnllrond Hotel nt
Winchester, when the Mount Sterling fi
Islington accommodation, due at l Inches
terittl; 28 n. in., arrived there on time.
The treln is n mixed one, composed of n,
smoking and baggage car, two pastniger
cars anil a lot ot ircigiit cars, it wns mi-
essnry for three of the freight cars to Iw
shippeilotbe sliling, anil mere wereenrs
next totlie engine, and liefore tlio train nr
rived at the depot the thre lm A tho
engine were detached, nnd s...-d Uown
the read to make the siding at tho
went end of tho snitch. At this time tho
yard engine was shifting cars on tho
Kfl'itueky Central, aqd tho train lay across
ine i uenakc K unir, irncK. iu rnni
nrer of the accommodation train leversed
his engine and tried to back, but tho de
tached part of his train had no brakes, linil
gotten under headway, nnd ran Iwhlnd tho
three freight cars nnd engine, forcing them
forvard. The engine struck the car loaded
with 100 kegs of blasting powder, nnd hit It
with such momentum that it was broken
nnrt several of tho powder-kegs were ru
tured. This was Ignited by spnrks from
the engine, and nn explosion followed
which shook etery homo In Winchester to
its foundation stones.
Iwo men were killed nnd flve'others serl
oinly injured. Captain Chnrles C. Me
Mlrhsel, who ran down on top of the
fitiiilil train at thn whittle of down
brskes, v.as In thomldtt of the explosion,
nnd was thrown nt least fifty yards. Ills
even were blown out, nnd he was blackened
all over with the powder. When assist
tanro reached hlin h said, ns ho grojied
around upon tho ground, "Boys, 1 am n
PJCiT- Good by. Bend for my wife and
children. Tell my ifo that 1 was doing
inv dutv. but I did not know thnt there wns
ponder In that car. Oh I oh! my poor wlfo
and children." Tho wife was summoned
br telegraph and left this city by special
train at nine a. in. for Winchester. He
was taken to the residence of Dr. Hubbard
Taylor, but niter great ngony hn died nt
twrlre in. Randolph Martin, conductor of a
construction train on th Kentucky Central,
saw'tho collision, nnd ran to render what
assistance be could. He reached the train
tu I lino to be blown ndlstnnco of fifty ynrds
and killed instantly, being mangled Into
nlUJp, Jin lertv. wlf ami four tlillilisll.
Tbtr engin.cr of the accommodation train,
Dennis Schuller, has never been seen slnco
theaccldei(.J The fireman, named Baxter,
ran oft", cried with fright, but afterward
returned, and he thinks that Bchuller is
safe. A negro man named Augustus Mc
KiDim, who wns standing 100 yards from
the scene, hud bis JawUine broken by fall
iitvtlmlier A lirakeuiaii named Johnson
was severely burned, but It Is thought that
lie will recover. rrniiK iiucm-imim,
carpenter, who was nt rfoik on tho new
passenger depot, was badly Injured, but
may recover. Kd B. Hawks, Junior partner
In (he Railroad Hotel near tho depot) Will
Baker, Jlcnry Jackson. nnd sev-
rrai uiovr itu v ---v -
" tiik muttii.
At Oakland, Miss., tho people, white and
At Quebec, Caimdn, all tho telegrapher
who went on a strlko returned to work, and
at Atlanta, (la., all strikers applied to be
Businehr failures for tho week cndjng
August 10th, 170, ns against 1R2 tho previous
It hns recently been learned thnt the as
sassinated informer, James Carey, early in
1S82 sont two men to London to shoot Win.
E. Forstcr, thon Chief Secretary for Ire
land, but their courago failed them.
Twenty-two young men, who were
students nt the university ntBt. Petersburg,
nnd connected with tho Nihilist Journal,
bnvo been sont to Hlerla.
The Fmperor of Germany contributed
00,000;nark to the fund for tho Ischla
earthquake sulfercrs.
A deciike has boon signed In Paris ex
pelling from Franco M. Roland, tho Belgian
A Halifax (N. B.) dispatch states that
in December, 1872, the brlK Mew Dominion
sailed from Cowboy, Cape Breton, for Yar
mouth with n cargo ot coal, and nothing
was ever heard of her. A diver working
at tho wreck nt Cedar drove, near
Torbay Orovc, recently discovered her
hull on the bottom, making out easily her
name on the stern. She is supposed to
havo run on somoreef nt Cedar Grove, slid
olt and sunk with nil bauds.
Thkhk wero forty deaths from yellow
favor in Havnun during tho pnst week.
Mn. Eaton, President of tho Civil Borvico
Commission, bnda conference with the Act
ing Secretary of tlio Treasury recently in
regard to tho right of tho latter to mako
certain promotions In the Treasury Depart
ment, under the Civil Scrvleo Law. As
suitable regulations had not been completed
It wns decided thnt the Department could
mako all necessary promotions at once.
The live story atono building, comer of
LaSalle and Washington streets, Chicago,
occupied by tho Western Union Telegraph
Company, Union Natlouil Hank, Interna
tional Bank, Associated Press and numlier
less commission of! Ices, was partially
burned on tho evening of the 21st, and was
made completely uninhabitable by the
streams ot water thrown iu tho building.
Tlio fire originated on tho fifth floor, used
as tho operating department by tho Western
Union Telegraph Company. The telegraph
coinprny estimates Its loss at$15,OOOto$20,
OUO. No Insurance. Tho loss on the build
ing was $JO,000. Tlio loss to other tenants,
$100,000. Tho building was insured for
The Dublin trtrnanU Journal deprecates
tho violent language to which utterance
has been given In tho House of Commons
recently by Irish members. It soys It
servos no good end.
The procession of Knights Templar nt
Ban Francisco was reported to bo tho
grandest affair in tho history of tho Pacific
Slope. Soventyflve thousand strangora
Joined tho people of the city In witnessing
the parade. During the march three
standard bearers fainted from exhaustion,
and Sir Alexander Weed, Grand Com
mander of California, was thrown from bis
horse and had both legs broken.
A dispute over a laud grant and cattle
ranch in Now Mexico recontly led to a
tragedy and death of threeof tho wealthiest
men of that Territory. In a contest bo.
tween Manuel II. Otoro and J. O. Whitney
for Kstancla Ranch, near Albuquerque,
vulued nt near $2,0(10,000, thocourtsdecided
in favor of Whitney and when he went to
take possession n fight eusued In which
both claimants were killed, also the broth
cr-ln-low of Whitney, named FernoLdez,
The fitrlkliie Telegraphers Itrturnlng to
Work Where tliry Cnn 1 lnil roslliotis,
NEW Yoiik, Aug1. 1.
Tho main ofllco of the Wosturn.UulouTol
at trin: miT-iW AriiT.v l Wwi
i. rciiUii' HnI it happened 'twenty-inlrniteh
Inter the fair train from uicnmnnu noma
have been In Ith n largo croud and the
losrof life would havo been terrible. The
roefof the new pf ssonger oejioi anu n por
KHJixli Cole, of Nortlivlllo, N. Y.,
ilx fout nnil n IinK tnll, nml known ns
tlio " (ilnnt of tho North Woods," died
reeotity, nped seventy yours.
Samuel Francis Smith, I). 1)., tlio
sutlior of our Nntionnl hymn, "My
Country, ',ls of Time." now resides, nt
tlio n;ro ! sovcnty-fotir, In Newtown
Center, Mns.
Senator Kiiroiio Unlo In Iho prac
tice of 1 iv lms mndo h little fortune (or
himself of about 150.000 to $100,000.
HU wlf Is said to hnvo .?1, 200,000, and
with her mother's interest 91,600,000
Boiton l)it.
Isnao Adams, tlio Inventor of tlio
Adnmi power print itiff.jirvss, died re
cently nt Sandwich, iS. II,, where )io
had resided for manyjears. Ho was
elfjlitj'-ouo years of ago nnd qtilto
Mr. llenry T. Paddock, who some
years slnco married Mangle Mitchell,
the actress, Ii genial, eduented and en
teriirislnir, forirctlliiir liliiifolf In Ids
ivilb, nnd promoting hor fortunes with
real and Intcillgonco." llarjicr't
Miss Louisa do la Hnmeo, " Oulda,"
wrHos to tho London ZYtnej In favor of
making n copyright treaty with tho
United Slates with tho concurrence of
publishers. She opposes any admission
into I'.nginiiu oi American reprints oi
KnglUh works as ruinous to authors and
lo literature.
Mr. Cliarlos A. Dana, of tlio Now
Yofk Nun, puts on nwlilto beaver alnuit
two o'clock oven- nf teruoon nnd goes to
lunch. Ho straddles ouo of tlio swing,
ing seats at n counter, nnd, tilting his
hat gently back, nods familiarly io tho
wulter, and orders a pinto of soup. He
is as modest as if he did not havo an In
come of $20,000 n month. UMcwjo
IV Oliver S. Taylor, of Auburn,
N. Y., the ono surviving member of
Dartmouth CoIIcbo'h oUaJ of 1808. Is
now In his 100th venr of life, wid enjoys
perfect health of mind nnd body, lie
lias never been stek but n day and n
half, mid has never had a headache.
The one slight attack of sickness occur
red some sovcnty-Uircu years ago. AT.
J'. lat.
KaV. NlWI"nlt Hall' " Qirnm to
Jesus'' has been printed In twenty Inn-
f;ungcs and fl.000.000 copies of it have
een sold Mr. Hull Is tall in stature,
not robust, genial In manner, and with
n faco kindling with sympathy. HIj
homo, called Ivyllonso, half hidden by
vines. Is full of pictures and hook
gathered from all parts.of tho world.
Chicago J'cw.i.
llaynrd Taylor used to say that ol
all men ho had over seen Hawthorne
was tho most rcmarkablo for poisoning
eyes that Unshed lire, tho pupils oelng
r)Jiiutlluo.,odllu!uUni UMiiIJilonthf,
Iris invisible. Gladstone has slmllnt
eyes, and iomcf ,bnffrIeaiUi'o.ltribtitcd
to thomQuoen Vktorln'rmik of fond.
juw.fCHfUiiH jtMoaman, a&a-JdsiliMdx,
they ay, has on sovcral occasions been
actually tcrriiled by Gladstone's gaze.
A Mnilngasran Itemlnlsecncf.
Tho prohibition of Christian preach
ing ir; , 1835 was speedily followed by
tho limning out of a persecution that
waxed ever llcrccr nnd fiercer, till it
prow intontorcn-fold furnace of wrath.
Neither ago nor sot was spared. Old
men, children, weak women, tender
girls, went fcarlcsslv to denih. Inslg.
nllleaneo could not slileld thn peasant
Who tolled In tho rico-flehls, high lilrth
and long service could not savo the
nohlo who stood hesldo tho throne. "I
must obey God rather than man In this
matter," said ono gnllant fellow, "but
1 will servo tho Queen faithfully never
theless." Tho words wero hardly
spoken when ho was a corpse. And nt
last thero crtmo n day wlion eighteen
victim- nt once, among whom wero sev
eral of the noblest names in Madagas
car, wero ilrairccd beforo tho ludircs
amid tho yr'.' of a bloodthirsty multi
tude ami .i.l condemned to din four
teen lo bo lr.irlcd from tho Hock of
Nnmpamtiinrl . and tho remaining four
to lio burned at o.
Then tho lltlio hand of heroes hav
ing refused every oiler of lifts camo
tho last sccno (' all, tho description ot
which, by a nntlvo cyo-wltiiost, may
boar comparison with anything In
Foxo's "Hook of Martyrs" or the annals
of tho Scottish Covenanters: "And Iho
eighteen appointed to die, as they sat
upon tho ground surrounded by tho sol
diers, Bang tho hymn:
" There Is n blessed land.
Making must xlaili
There rest slia,ll never end,
iiiuro none oo sail. -
lion for tho tablo, -wo took somo pains
to lnqulro how it is cooked by the wire
of the fishermen tltomsclvcs, who ought
to know as well ns anybody; sccinfji.it
It constitutes a staplo article of thclif
diet. From several methods reoom
mended, wo glvo tho two that seem tho
most promising:
The first method Is to cut tho flesh
Into slices nnd parboil them to fret rid
of tho supcrlluous oil, and then fry tkm
In a thin Imttcr.
Tlio second method Is to cut up th
meat Into squares two Inches thick,
which nro lo bo thoroughly boiled, and
thon pickled for two days In spiced vin
egar, after which they nro ready for
eating, and nro considered excellent by
the fishermen.
The usual way of preparing sturreon
for market, however, Is by smoking.
Strlns nn Inoh or two thick are put
thiough a pickling process, then hung
on hooks over a slow flra of corn-cobs
or sawdust of hard wood. After thus
smoking for u slnglo night they ara
ready to bo shipped to any part of tha
Tho preparation of cavlaro Is an Im
portant part of tho business. Vhllc
this Is not yet In ns general uv? ;i this
country as In Kussla nnd other. tnrUof
Kurope, where It Is eo lujrhly esteomed
that no repast Is served without it, it is
coming Into favor, especially in tho
Western and Southern States. Them
nro two sorts of cavlaro. tho soft ami tho
hard; tho latter being worth about
tvleo ns much as tho former. Tho
vAluo of tho best hard caviare. In tho
South, early In tho spring, Is said to bo
black, turned out en masse and tried, con
victed and hanged Joe Payne, a negro, for
tho murder ot Townes Bayles, a young mor
chant of tho town.
Pn.bTiuCTEr drought nearly ruined the
crops in Virginia. In many place tbo
corn was cut up for fodder, but recent
heavy rains niado farmers more hopeful.
'- .- . . ..: .
TlIBClty of OalvestOD, Texas, uasawaier Otero was a near relative or. ex-wongress-famine.
Cisterns have been drained, gar-1 man Otero and Whitney was of the wealth
dens dried up and the effect ot the drouth i lest families of Massachusetts,
plainly seen in the poverty of tho vegetable Tniccase of tho notorious Frank James
market. Persons who lor weeks bad de- Was taken up In the court at Gallatin, Mo.,
pended on their neighbors for drinking 0u the list. Dick Mddlll and Charlio Ford
water have had even this supply cut off. ! apjieared as witnesses for tho defense.
Bunoro.v Owe reported a case of yel-1 kirkland M. Fitch, the defaulting and
low fovcr In tbd Marine Ouard at Pentaco- lbcondlug cashier of tho Second National
la. Fla.. and two other probable cases. irianVof Warren. O.. surrendered to dllcerii
....... .... , . ...
( Measures were Immediately taken 10 !&
egrnph Company was besieged from nn
early hour this morning by nearly 100 op
erators seeking reinstatement. There were
but few women ami girls among tho num
ber. Superintendent Humstono was busily
cngnged discriminating between the nppli
catlons from flrst-clnss workmen and trios!
who wero considered second and third rate,
only thn best workmen lielng taken back,
and qulto ft number ot operator
wero disappointed by lielng reject
ed. Thoso operators who naiL lieeu
taken nftor tho strlko commenced wlHTrl
retained by tho company In their jireseut
positions. Forty, live were tkon bnck yoster.
day afternoon and last evening. About thir
ty more tlrst-class men wero rclnstnteJthli
A delegation of striking linemen visited
the oftlces, but wero told their places had
hern filled by competent men. Later thoy
held a meeting and resolved to apply for
work Individually and go bnck ns soeu nt
the compnny would take them. Oiicrntori
who wero unsuccessful In their u indications
for reinstatement also held a meeting aud
pnssod resolutions of thanks to the press.
Quito n largo number of tho female opera
tors hnvo failed in securing positions, nnd
tho Brotherhood Intend to see that they
receive regular salaries while out of em
ployment. AT CHICAGO.
Ciiicaoo, Ii.u, Aug. is.
Up to noon to-day to exceed fifty bod
made personal application to Superintend
ent Tubhg for reinstatement nnd thirty-
nine had been given places, running tele
graph operators kept applying for work at
tho olllco ot tho esteru Union iu small I
squads up to ono o'clock, when n stampede
occurred and from that on till a Jate hour
this afternoon tha hallway leading to the
olllco of Superintendent Tubbs was crowd
ed. Practically tho entire working forces
ot tlio Baltimore nnd Ohio wero taken back.
AT ST l)l'IH.
Ht. I.OUM, Mo., Amr. U.
The strike Is ended luKt. Ixmls. Twenty
flvo operators havo been-taken back by the
Western Union, only two of- whom were
women, and nine of (he men were sent out
of tho city by Superintendent Baker tc
points ranging from (Inlvestuii to St. Paul.
Much sympathy was expressed by the men
who still held out for tho women nnd girls,
They had been faithful 'to the cud, and men
who had mado Uie first break were thou
who had encouraged them to Join the
Dlthoit, Mich., Aug. IS.
A larco number of operators applied to
day for reinstatement iron eleven hav
been taken back in Dotrolt, four or live In
the interior of the Statu oflloos, live have
been rojected, aud this evening tho Super
intendent has applicatlons'uf sixteen more
on file for consideration on Monday. The
most desirable operators will be selected,
anil tho balance rejected. All, who have
worked during the strike will bfi protected
and will bo retained.
AT MEJtl'HlV.'
Misjinns, TtNX., AuV. 19.
After thirty days of solidity hero on the
paitof the strikers, they hnvo, under in
tractions from tha lvsnt, disbanded and
placed their services at the command ot the
Manager of the Company, Only thrco so
far havo been reinstated.
at riTTNnriioir.
l'lTTiat'iioir, ra.,Aur. IS.
Manager Lloyd, of the Western Union,
was very busy all the morning rocciving
applications from strikers tor roinstate
n,rii. rint nf slxtv.flra who oult work at
the beginning ot the strike all but fifteen
woro taken back upeji promising to re
nounce tho-Brotherhood.
BAN I-lU.ClCO. (UU Aug. IS,
Up to this evening no application have
la-en inadi) for position by striking tele
graph operators to the Telegraph Company.
One striker says "We "-111 apply in
body Monday, asking tho Superintendent
to reiustate thorn all."
I ...J.. ittt.ttm I j. t (a nnulii n"mDil
' And when tho sentences wero all Jn on,cr (0 ,wko tj10 bl,gt nJ,Iolo lt ,
back to tho nlaeo of tho chief authori
ties thoy took thoso eighteen away to
put them to death. They tied thorn by
tho hands pud feet to long poles and
carried. them on men's shoulders. And
thoso brethren prayed and spoke to tho
people ns inoy wero ueingcnrried mong.
Ami somo who looked upon them said
that their facos wero llko tho fnocs of
nngels. And ns they took tho
four that wero to bo burned allvo to tho
placo nf execution, these Christians sang
tho hymn, ' When our hearts nro
troubled then remember riu.' And when
thoy enmo to Karavohltra thcro thoy
burned them, fixed, between .i ri.
And thero was a rainbow In tho heavens
nt tho time. Thoy prayed as long ns
thov had any life, and they died softly
and gently. And all tho peoplu wero
nmazed who beheld iho burning of them
Equally cruel was tho fato of tho
heroic fourteen who were doomed to
tho fatal rock. With n savago refine
ment tif torture, their murderers pro
longed tho last agony by suspending
them with cords passed round their
bodies over tho brink of tho fearful
nrcclnlce. ns If to wakn them tasto tho
'fitU-bfttrrncsT of thaf-hfdemirrleirtft-brrr
fore a. Mime An nwint, niili ti apes
tliourco multitude Hint civhji . uiol
in.iliHr.tn,,. -1t."!'r "'' -V1
tlon of its walls were blown away. Tho
depot was In procoss of construction and
was almost finished. Loss J.'iOO. The Hall
rojd Hotel, owned by tho Hawks Brothers,
wal damaged to tho extent of $1,000. It
was a new building, lately opened. 1 hreo
,.r il, r...iiiu,.kv f'.-ntrnl liebdit-cars wero
blown to atoms, jKirtlnns ot them being
carried n dUtanco of ftOO yards, nnd the en-
Sine of the Chosnpenko & Ohio accommo
atlon train was almost a total wreck.
Thoj-itizens of Winchester did nil that
plJjrfnd humanity could ioroiiipt to alio
TfiPQhe suffering of the victims. C. D.
Eujnons, the Local Agent at Winchester
forpoththe Kentucky Central and Chesa
peae & lOhlo Iload, Is held responsible!
UlWnmnl. nf Winchester for tha whole
tut, from the fact that ho held a car-
' ... . 1. .. .I.llui. ( I. ..ha In. fnll
powucr on mo muutii mci .. ."".
n antagonism to the laws of Ken
l.vM1, itAi-llli-nllv status that HOW-
all not Ihi kept upon a railroad switch
than twenty-four hours at a time.
Mr,'tinmons is highly esteemed person
ally. Jltrange to say, four out of the 400
ir uiu not expiuuc, uu, io-
necessary to strip the roo from thn stur-
f;eou as soon ns possible after the tlsli
ins been calight. lleforo being dried it
Is rubbed through a conrso slovo to
break tho eggs apart and to free them
from membranous tissue. Next the roo
Is thoroughly salted, after which it
Mauds a ccrtnln length of tlmo. Then.
It Is emptied Into lino slovcs, where It
remains till It Is so dry as to roll llko
shot. Tho llnlshcd cavlaro Is packed
into casks previously lined with napkin
linen, each layer being salted with lino
table salt, l.aeh leg holds about 150
pounds. With proper caro tho caviare,
may bo kept for n vcar or .loneerv. "ou
tno iradintls olteu canned like fruit, Jn
which condition it will stand transpor
tation to warm countries, and will keep
an Indcllnlto length of time. It may bo
eaten as put up without furthe.r prepar
ation, though It Is thought to Bo itn-'
proved (n flavor by tbo addition of a llt
tlo vinegar or lemon Juice-, Pressed
cavlaro Is a fuvorllo with Russian sol
Hers. who are said to take a liberal sup
ply in their knnpMAka whenevcr'thcy
nro going on a louwnrclu Jinprovc
mentH might bo made, no doubt. In tbo'
preparation oi .American caviare, u
too suoioct is woi
t i,'--" -M'."-
..... .1 .. . . Mill !
aiuml l.mCK iisnirvcmwei-tHiinpiinsr-nt' """ ,v -i,i... ,. T,tri-t V
...trlf.nf ovll imlrPthn ntint wRern thn Dr.C. W. rftlmer, of Ixwjkport, T.
kvlnMmr form hovered' In mld-alr. m who WW onool the pl;ytam.lioui;
"e"r - ----- -- i i. ...,
with tho glorious panorama below
-. "H
-MW - -J
,.A,.. .",
I1 "W1,U1'UV
Asleep on the Trnrk.
- Atciiisok, Kans., August IT.
A section gang this morning discovered
tho tvigMns of a dead and mangled mini on
the track ot the Omaha extension ot the
Missouri Pacific. On investigation lt was
f omul to be tho body of a voung man twenty-three
years old named Burdott, a mem
btr of the gang finding hlin. Ills body was
cut rijfcarely In twoj from tho armpits up
was on the inside of the rails, the balance
on WWend'of the ties. He came to town
lost night, and lielng quite ill 'ink, Iu com-
riauy with some noted characters, evident
V went to sleep on tho track and was run
over.Jlv the Incoming train. A coroner's
lury rttnuereu a vermes mat no was khu-u
tlieeait-lmnnd sorclal train from Oinii
ha, Wng the pay car. A letter from his
sUler.TiaiiHul Eflen Hill. Osborne, Mo., Is
the only clue to his people.
,A Well-Enrned llennnl.
OMicrcsTr-R, Mass., August IT.
A purso of about yifiOQ has boon collected
amour iho passengers ot the train ot the
OlouMtcr Branch ot the Eastern Ilnllroad
which left HockiKirt on Wednesday morn-
Ling, Aigust 8, at 7:40. This train when
p...-!,!.- Ituu.vlv vaii1iI hnvA rnlllilMft rltli
the Poitland train on account of the break
ing of an nir brake had it not been for the
presence of mind of a switchman stationed
there, Vud an engineer whoso engine was
revcTaVJanil backed out of the way while
the -rinSyhman threw open the switch Just
Iu time to have the incoming train pass over
in safely. It Is proiosed to Increase tho
amount to J3.003 and divide it eciuatly be
tween ho two men who no doubt by their
quick perception ot the situation prevented
a terrible accident, and consequent great
loss of fife.
. T An Open Switch.
j. CllAiiuiTTi:, H. C, August IT.
The fassenger train arriving here from
Atlanti this morning ran on a siding and
rameisicolllslon with a freight engine,
Flreruoj W. S. Ferris, ot Atlanta, was
kllledJ;Jobody else was hurt. The en
gilies i&1 the mall err were badly damaged-.
jTfio accident was caused by an open
-j' Over an Imbnnkraent.
I ' ('Allin. Ilu. Autrust IT.
AAfsSKfStMraln on the Chesapeake &
lata the patients.
A Bortrn at tha Falls City Brewery,
situated outs.de the city limits of Louis
v.lle, Ky , exploded the other morning. It
Vjre out the VoUr house, passed throueu
In Boston. Mass., and expressed his will-
tngness to be taken back. He confessed to
taking Wflto ot the funds ot the br U and
losing It ' totk speculations,
HtAVr forest fires did great dioco
ihe vicinity of Bar Harbor, Malne
Wasuixotox, D. C, Aug. 1).
AtlJil.Mhe striking operators railed In
a body upon Manager CUik, Pf tha Western
union, ana sinuu uuiiaSue'inaskM
Uen nerlarea endri; V-t'
Ohio lUilroad yesterday, having oil board
Qenora,Kcbols, Vico-Presldent and Mana
ger! OeaerallSuperlntendent l!rovn, Sup.
arlutenjant of Construrttlon lluntlncton.
lOencraf Freight Agent Mitchell, and a
iMtiinbiirlof Invited guests, struck a steer
Tho good dyo young if their nun
tacho happens to bo white.
Hitlers sway tho people, but tho
school-master sways tho rulers. Il'ufcr
loo Ubserver.
A clergyman said thnt ho nddrcsscd
his congregation of ladles nnd gentle
men ns brethren, because tho brethren
embraced Iho ladles.
" Thcro Is a tied in tho affairs of
men which leads on to fortuno," re
marked a young man after marrying
an heiress. Cincinnati Merchant and
A four-year-old child, visiting, saw
bellows used to blow an open lire, nnd
Informed her mother that "Ihoy shovel
wind into tho flro nt Aunt Augusta's."
The llomchohU
A lloston achool-glrl can not be
mado to sneak of ovcrnlis. She prefers
to call tlicm supor-omnos. Now let
somo of thoso wild Wojtern sheets ngnln
sneer nt our culture. If they dare! Jlos
ton Transcript.
Ono ot the loveliest spectacles In
this world Is to watch tho expression of
rapture thnt passes over tuo nice or mo
dtldo as ho Micks lemon up through a
straw, roll his oyes and nibs hts oars to
gether at tho back of his head. (7oWen
Tho fair thing: "Now, Mr. Ovur
chargo, what will it cost to havo hot
mid cold water put all through my
liouso." "Well, I can't glvo u very
close estimate until tho job is com
pleted. I will do tho fair tiling by you,
though." So tho plumber wont to
work nnd three mouths latter ho owned
tho house. Detroit 1'ost.
A musical journal discusses "Muslo
us n Healing Art." If a man were to bo
treated to a serenade by a couple of
bagpiper, ho would havo to ho pretty
ill if tho Inspiring ttralns didn't lnfu.-o
enough strength Into his system insldo
of flvo minutes to cause him to jump
out of bed and look -around for a shot
gun. Scotcli Fun.
John Hull (who Is nsked toward
the Cottage Homo for Ovor-workod
School Hoard Children): "Confound itl
my hand's never out of my pocket.
First I have to pay for their education,
and because that lias mado 'era ao 1 hi
I am now asked to nav tl rtwi!"'
l.llll'l i'u.iii.1 Vnltn.
- -Ella Wheeler says, in a m, thnt
it was "au tho twilight hour vlwn '-a
dream camo to my stern lwart'it bolted
door a sad-faeeif dream, robed In the
garb of woo." If she eats Icecream
and a ploklu just beforo retiring, an
many girls do, such dreams will surely
como loallug tirouud her stern heart
bolted door, andho' lucky If they don't
oniwl about her head and frighten
tho wits out of her almost, KorrUtovm
spread ns if In mockory beforo tho
that wero so soon to bo closed forever,
Once more, nnd for tho last time, mercy
was offered to each victim in turn on
condition of renouncing the Christian
fnlth. Tho iirm refusal that nnswered
It was barely uttered when the dooms
man's ,ix Unshed nnd fell, nnd In the
tomb-llkoslloncowero hoard this "snlg"
of tho parted ropo and the dull thtuj of
tho mangled body on the cruel rocks
lar below.
No churches havo been founded, no
shrines decorated, to honor thuso nnmo
less heroes; but many a saint whoso
uamn stands high on tho miistor-roll of
the nohlo tinny of niirtyn, and whoso
memory lives In costly silver nnd Im
perishable marble, might fn'rly yield
Ids placo to tho "witnesses" of Nam
pamlnarlna. Of all that doomed band
one only csrnpod with life from flint
Golgotha. This was a young girl,
who wnlkcd quietly to tho plnce of exe
cution, snylng thnt thcro was no need
to bind or carry her, for sho was quite
ready to go. Hopes wero entertained
that sho might be induced to rrcrnt.
nnd with this view orders were pri
vately given to tho native oflleers who
superintended tho butchery to reserve
her to the last. Sho was set close to
the edge- of tho prcciploo and hold thcro
by tho exectil loners while Iho slaughter
proceeded. Ono by one her fellow
martyrs were crushed Into shapeless
hldcotiMicss beforo her eves till sho
nlono was left. Hut the brave trlrl uov
cr lllnehed To nil offers of life sho re
plied simply. "I will not give up my
fni flu let mo go to my friends." Infu-
been declared eadr&J
resumlmr wore. MUimKfT mMrir
them atfaliey and infailtied UUenik
nd-rat placed :'H ; So mej .who
Id b deslgnat, -. L ftp ojaqg sfe
Wrs to yrtipy tbyfMji'y no.dfchyaV
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mmJif puct? F' r
H.fSSSSkaaTSJPe VC iuMi:i-J,1
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r ...i oj r t ta
twW wli4fj
I. -. diiatejiAar
ii ffiar i-iissiiMisjj.
rlatrd by her htendfast calmness tho
chief of tho ruffians who directed tho
massacre struck her savagely on the
faco nnd bado her tako tho oath ot nb
Jurgatlon and do liomngo to tho gmls
of tho country or dlo forthwith. Hut
her answer was still tho samo: "I will
follow my friends." "Sho Is an Idiot,
and knows not what sho says!" ronrcd
the baillcd savaco: "take her awnyl"
Sho was accordingly removed from tho
spot nnd drngged away tort distant part
of tho Island, where slio survived to re
count, years lator, all the details of a
scene worthy to bo commemorated, in
words of lire llko thoso wherewith tho
greatest Englishman of tho seventeenth
ounturv bRrtPfed thq PJedmoutcso mas
.. i.; i Cor. A', i'. TiiHc.
y -
The uir(rcjH Fishery
Tho sturgeon range from Georgia, In
winter, to 6t. John, N. It., in summer,
nud nro followed up throughout thosen
sonby mon expert In their capture.
Lnrge gill nets nro used In this business,
each nbout two hiiudrcd fathoms lung,
and with meshes n foot In size. The
Delaware Illver Is tho principal Held of
operation. Sturgeon enter this stream
about the 22tl of May, and In such lm
menso numbers that nets about n quar
ter length havo to be usptl, larg-jr ones
being at that tlmo unmanageable. Mr.
Il'.ackson. an expadenced lishornian.
iells mo that bo hasnsVcu them so abun
dant that his net would sink with their
weight- asKJou n It wiwytkrown out.
Tho average fcatch por net is from
twenty-five to thirty fish apiece, nt each
cast. This lals about two week.
The sturgeon move steadily up stteaiu
toward too tieau oi me river, ,hbu iiicn
suddfuly dltnppear about tho lQth of
June, alter which they must be sought
elsewhere How they cot out of the river
T u-n nnt relumed. without bolntr caunlit Is a BJVStWV.
.. MM WW. .. ...-. .... . . ... ., . .. ft , V.. I .-fi
Then ho jumped up. grabbed the tele- ah ma me nsuermeu lyiow ououm
jiuh.nole around tho waUt. aud at- Is, that ono day thoy are busy catch,-
.ttroad were badly wreckca; near ', feuipted to trip It up. There was: a log fish, and tho next all their nets aw
u oianon. iuo engineer .Aua tn rlted tucifing lorderuraiscconus, ami cimnji
w" eliit under the debris and 'then he made a tcrritlo kick at tho The beats useil in tbWtHlBsar ail
"feet" of his adversary, ml tho result constructeo. oa inn same geserai piai
was tb&t ho kicked himself over on his about twenty-four feet kwl.Mvau wr
owuhead. I eight feet beam, capable of emh;tS
As he executivized himself he moved about thirty sturgeon apiece A UCM-
off, eaylagi load of. biz one loovs, oiwiy OBOHffl,
".' Ing a liost-mortcm examination on tlw
"" bildy of Cuptatn Webb. furuUhen the
ii-.e I following account of its
There, was found marked rigor mor
tis. Tho bbdy was In a state yf active
decomposition. All, tho tlswea were,
greatly distended by gnes. There was
a scalp wound on toji of tho eranlum,
three nnd one-halt Inches in length, not
involving the bony1 structure No boues
woro found broken. Thero wqru sev
eral other local Injuries of the body,
but unimportant as to the csunw-of
death. The scalp wound wiw evldently,
produccd "after death.
The muscular textiiro was ixwullar.
ity a cut longitudinally with n In
sculi.ol khreds of desslcated, mtiecki
wotilil bo carried along with and collect
on the. edgoof the scalpel. All the
blood picsented a iHstluctly, retl color
In some places remarkably red
showing that tho blood was not deoxide,
!cd by asphyxia In. drowning, but that
death ensued prior to that condition.
None of tho characteristic sjmptems of
death from drowning swere present,,.
neitucr was inern nuy ioobi injury -eui-llclent
to ticcesarlly prmltiv tleftUi.
The muscles were pale ami preegnted h
the peculiar appearance ror WHyn wei"
could llnd no better name ttseAix
deslccatlon, the filament 'being rafgwl
nnd broken iind separating wkhrernark
nble facility. Tlie,eaminatkH.on each
extremity and upon the various portions "
of tho trunk ami neck presented uni
formly tht-do conditions.
As tho result of our examination I am
led lo the conclusion, and In this 1 ant
seconded bv mv colleagues, that death
was caused r.ot by asphyxia or drown
ing or by any local injury by the "body
coming in contact with any hard sub
stance, but by tho shook from the reac
tionary forco of the water imthe whirl
pool rapids coming In contact with the.
submerged body with sueh force na Ut
Instantly destroy tho respiratory power,
and, lc Tiict, all vital action by ilirect,
nressuro and forco of contact a shock
of sufllcj 'nt Intensity to paralyze tho
nervti ccuters, partially desiccate the
miisuuinr tissues. wmi uy
Tho time was midnight and tho situ
ation noar tho World ofllce. Tho man
.. f...fnlli nnil urrtnrinWillle fill! lln
(hlle MsUins along forty miles an hour I ,. . .. .' ,i.n trB.nlaim al-rnal-bas:
rJwa?Srown down a fen-foot embank- walked up to the iire-a aim signni-ojx
nent. Knglneer Miles and Fireman Hwlft, and placed a nickel In IU Ihen ho sat
ot Elixutflthtowii. wei-Ahadlvscuided in ad
ditlon to othor Injuries, but none of the
others vjre hurt. All wero well shaken
up, Ttiiitlre train, consisting of englue,
baggage i car aud coach, went over.
A Misplaced Snitch. ,
.1 InClintntlve. tender and four frlr-lifc
jur oji freight train on tbo Itkletgh &
death. The accident was
down on tho curb.
Why don't tho car start?"
He recolved no auawor.
" Why don't tho car ilart?"
Mill no nn&wor "
Glmmo back roo faro, then!
HI-tI.VHIA, Auauitu.
Wtt Cbfcstcr Branch
t.liallroad, at Angora,
y-BvclTatnl itf
"Yor a smarter conductor tbau I like
small logs!
probable sequel of utk by drowning.
Tho cnuso of death iu peeking through
these rapids being thus constant, and
In no way accidental, as might bn
drowning or an Injury received front
rocks, forces the conclusion that uo liv- '
jug body can, or ever will, paes through
tho ramus uiiyo; a ici eeMoiieiiett ot
no little Importance, and an omliioun,
warning to all future, adveaturen.
Tlio river bed at tho whirlpool rapid
Is much narrowed, ml stW tidlu1y
assumes greatly increased precipitancy. "
'Jlio water strikes the. imyVekHnjr rocky
bunks with great vlolcnoe, n4 by reac
tion meets with such resistance si tt
form in tho centrr a hkhihUIihhis rldg -,
ot encnmuliW water frow twenty to
thirty feet in height, law W.t Captain ,
Webb was submerged 'after eaIug thn .
first breaker, and, HutaiMly ajtbjsMrtvtl to
tho immense nretfqurtt hsslWiUeal, upon'
his body as the eauee of his death. "
MIlBkers. (,"
The qHetIe km oAei W "aakest
"Why dohwsea w'eer Mini tun I"' We
can not answer the qiwstlon. It seoiua
to us that Uwy ara uUnw, rlr. and,
to seme o.xteut. tnhtriow to tw eye
sight. Th, most beautiful feature. of-,
tho hse ia iM eye. I( It were not "bid
from ur f,'," it wouW Mm to de
note eickneM, pl or ptaettre." Mm.v
at-ImewoisWa driver spare the whip,.
on eifrtttt nl)a's mflorrag eye,
TImJ awvisseut la ? of Winkereie.
we Uriievu, VhM home t.iurel4 t
paaiisg; eenlagee Th jcttni, .'i
vahVl. U ef Utile welm m tuck UmM- ,
Hy would soon be overeome. we tit,
aw the cruel bearing rela ka, Wm eoat
mUU, thtUikerwlirbe aheiniwied
a eAttree wWeh would, we iel wnmA, j
be Udi wifit.'aulTM'tafi tolwOiWM
anu mm . isiisiis
V , .
rrrn .1
thought yer wti?, but Ibeloye now that ' Th eeh the tturpe. m U veil
M (IMP jtJr Jl3fc tdti l,uWnJ""kBOia, Ii rather eor3Qai Ty i
i !&)
ia-,"-x r,
-! iiil
rhlistw reXy'gftTiy
fs; rrluiii!Jla',g .
.... -. j"...,.. .. -.-.. : . . . .- t-. - ...i-1. .i
us axwm. uepeiva n gn1- f "" " '&vf ' -' -'
, n- , . Art
- -t A - ..
I J s - t Jt
-',- V-
i .Jt --Ar
--.. i.Xmi.,i... .--.- -il
71 v:

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