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Indian chieftain. (Vinita, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1882-1902, August 24, 1883, Image 2

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y J b4F
6 vin
J or thp c Aitw that tnokg ahtnrice,
for tln wrong that needs resistance,
1 or the ruturc In the distance,
Ami the eood that wo can do.
V..1.1I.1...I f...... I.'.l.l... 1... Il.
Indian Cii'Kftain Puni.tsiti.vn Co
Roiimt L. On kk,
J. I.. &HKD1Y,
V1NITA.I. T.. AUGUST 24, 188.1.
The National l'artj.
Tho National parly has boon
Miccessful in tho election mid will
noon enter into tho dischargn of
tho mo.t rc?i)oneiblo of dtitieH.
It should over bo borne in mind
by nil mombcrB of tho community
that government, or tho euro of life
and property in the most important
of nil functions, whether of thn in
dividual or of n party. Thii party
Miiudo tho community some im
! 'vil promises in thoir platform
p., ' r bodv. nolltical onnononls
s and good Nation
' "'o tnon who
i j o'i, rv nt ili
.''mC I " Ii
N it. i mil ; trty
, i.r.
r '
i out of it rnnltH,
i'lnil patty fail to
!I nhouliior, then
T : kick' the National
A It, v
tr..mi th
o; K
U ii a man is elected on
nfiol ticket ho is pledged
1 be Nalionnl platform, and l.e
duty bound to carry out its
; itOH. Ilo got his place with
. tacit understanding, and ho
t to stick to it like n man
iced, tho principles nre so
lain nnd just, it would bo hard to
p) honestly against thorn. But
tliero nre many temptations to
swerve a man from tho true path.
J or instance, in tho selection of
V 'JahiaincalhDre.JajoflcJLHtronK
4 tcinpfation to put in men who ufo
," really unworthy, simply bocauso
' .they belong to tho National party.
Itcrnembor National men. vour sun.
; Jtiil P1 8 to thcl)C3t man. w riLdicd bv
f: tho standard of integrity nnd en
- pneityl If you liavo cot a man in
-Jho Nalioiial'partywjKp is the equal
ofauy othor, you can honorably
and conalfctently put him in, but if
nets not oijiml (M,d you should
HyjLyr imljjiaenV ior.o) .then,
you 8h6uld jmnyort th) other man,
If you would bo consistent nnd lion,
ornblo. Thio cdursa may not bo
popular, Init wo arc convinced that
it is honest nnd right and that the
National party obligatea you to
this course fpr it invites all men,
without regard to party, to adopt
its principles, and plcdgos itsolf to
(ho best men, Some men say thoy
would A-oto for a dog if ho wero put
up by the party. Such a sentiment
is moro express! vo of strong pnrti
nan spirillum of wise, honest citi
zenship, S.jmctinies it is wiso to
fA- ,Bt4port a weaker man- in ability
-41 vho- law. UV -proper prineiyles
". ? "."" ifm nwofeut. without
roa every
' Jria,vnnblo.uppvKtunitytQ
6upliortcra. TlusslinnliVi.nl i,n...
ovor.bc'carfieiUroo x el'so tho
haro .of ptirffstmship may Iiq
jtf tlyjiiado. W dealfng fairly nnd
justly X thtfbottcrnen of oppos.
.-' aarties, mid convincing them
'- ' ho.nsty of your purposes,
, ' vdrnrtv Ui9in t) your party
h ; . . . .
firm lriontiB, uut 11 you
miscs and thus got
ii-n ..'.-t tho narrow
-- 'I mon'whoso
worth having, can'
'' being a hypocrite
i tnu't.
TtiQtimo to build up
l' Uy in n iv, that you have tho
Jivei jt. yuur hand, Show your
nest doird to eerv tho whole
flu, and eonvinco the people
yu have, good sense and tho
win to uo this. You need
iieiigobegginfoi" votes; you
I tM a warm, iicnrty support
'NtyYH keep you In possession of
tjiortiusjust ns Jong ns you dej,
Jor i. them. Tho judgment of tho
common people at the polls is gen
erally correct nnd may bo relfptl
Wo nil know thnt tho country is
HOUiug hotter, regardless of ihnt
tho calumniator and mahgner bays'
Boo the asylum for the ng0(l t,,0
. holpless, tho insano and tho or.
phan. Tho .country is covered
with i puhllo schools, with two tern,
inuries nt their head. Thieves nnd
rascals don't build such things
Tho poor phildren of tho Nation
, havo a. homo in tho seminaries,
i where tho breezes and cool zephyrs
kisses tho roses of health bncl- in
n thin, pallid choe"ka. Rascals nnd
thieves do not do this. Lois treat
Vl mg tlieir womon better and Jovos
u ma cjuiurcn more, outo to the
littt fair anil find that
wo linvo
KST lo1 J y0" 'o truth.
1 M
"Ugh!" imintoil Uiiitfstor nttlw,
'. dinner table, "thin tnii;u icn
t for a hog to ct." The hoard
ing mistress, wlio ovcrhcaid thoro-
nitcrk-, smiled sweetly as she said.
f JJTIiejj I wouldn't eat it. Jlr. Bigg.
Uiidli'iufcil Kniigre.
There is contddorahlo tliscttHsimi
among (lie men out west as to what
persons nre entitled to sublet un
der tho leanc to tho Directors it)
trust for the Association. It goes
without Raving that only those en-
lilll'll III llll'Mllllri)lili lin vi. Mm rlittit
I .
... . ..,, ,,,, u1l(, ... , liu.
puted range" in tho Cherokee strip
and who agree to pay tho common
assessments and tho initiation fee.
Tho essence is ''undisputed range,'
who hold it? Tho man physically
on it? Or tho man holdinir it le
gal title to it? Some maintain that
tho man who has had tho power to
horn oil' tho others in tho man en
titled to it. This sentiment is the
usual tribute of tho wost to prow
ess and valor. A repetition of
trial of right by mortal combat.
This idea makes a man bulldoze
his way to n range and by violence
and forco repel all others who are
weaker; ho then has nninntf and le
gal right, according to these philos
ophers. This fancy springs from
the eustom of squatting grazers to
givo range to the prior occupnnt,
which is wo'l enough among these,
none of whom have a legal right. So
that n man is encouraged to put
liiinsolf in tho position of "prior
KMUpant," by driving out some
weaker "prior occupant" by force
or fraud, and then resisting the
right of all other porsoiiB what-so-ever.
This is natural, but when
tint squatter is intruding on Cher
okee lands, subjecting himsolf to
lino and expulsion by tho United
States government, and under
takes to deny the right of the Chor
okoc Nation or thuji licensees, who
for the time being have tho rights
of tho Nation,snid sqlintting grazer
is going too far. For him to nsk
tho directors of tho Association to
sustain him in his violation of tho
law and to repudiato tho legal
rights of the licensee, to do
gross injustice to favor fraud,
to rink tho forfeiture of the
Jupstu. tho JogfrAiul incoii vtnioiico
-.! - .1 -,..TT .TT-?T-;r rr
ui a uamago suit, wiu jubi enmity
of tho Cherokecs, and, many com
plications. Tho squatting grazier
tins gonu too far.
Tho fact is, tho Choro
kco Nation ulonc can trivo undis-
pitted and undisutaplo rango on
Chcrokeo lands. Jt is tho owner.
tho licensee is i(a renter, and for
tho limo of tho license- is tho
on nor. Tho Nation did not pro-
nose to IroMo itsdflhdHto Jho.se- wlfi
'ovfitaed or dolled Its-law, injnreM
Us property and defiaudcd its
treasury, but to the members of the
Association who wero thoso hold
ing undisputed rango. Wo nil re
member the urgumeuts used to
pass this bill. That wo hnd hot
ter lenso to theso men who hnd
honestly pnid their taxes and wore
acting honorably, than to other
men offering moro money. We
know very well that it was not tho
purpose of tho Nation to leaso to
intruderu, hut only to our licen
sers or those holding undisputed
rango. It is not to bo believed
that tho Directors, after all
thoir rffnir prom is'es, would in
Btirt Ufo Cherokeo ncophS un1 stul
tify Ihcmselviby .refusing to rec
ognise tho right oour'licoiiHeosrto
iindisputcil.fatigo.' Thoy havo'not
dortQ so, but on Ufo, contrary havo
taken tho honorable, and legal po
sition that those ".persons without
license hfrvo no range right," in
tho case of W. nnd R. vs. Love
it Son, This was tho decision of
both tho Arbitration Hoard, com
posocl'of A. M, Colscn, Win. Cozino
nnd D, It, Stroctcr nnd of tho
Hoard of Directors, K. W. Puyno,
Cha. lildred, A. I. Day, Kd. M.
Hewins, J. v. JInmiltoh, S. Tnt
tlo, M. II Uonnett, Androiv
Drunim nnd Hon S. Miller. They
have shown thoir respect for our
laws and have shown plainly what
thoir vie'wa nre. So that tho intru
ders on our lands will do well to
mako other urrnngoinonts as tho
Chorokeos expected thorn to do,
when tho lease law was passed.
4V,. 1-.1..I.. .... ... I
s...u v.i wn.y p ay very wen n ro.a ,,, b , , , b
(aid tho niusio teacher, oncournc-TWrtJ,, r,...,ti.. t . i
ingl v, "but you have , oL h,d f P. ?"f,u V'1 forty-ciBnt years niidj
instruction, it you will
lo practice four hours dailv I will
mako an artiste of you in two
yenrs nnd only ehargo you my rcg
ular rates. By tho way, whore do
you live?.' "Right next door; just
got board tliero." "Ohl ah! yos
I forgot to say that your finger
ing is bad, and it is now too lato to
correct it. Tnko my advice nnd
givo up music altogether."
Uccausehis girl went hack on
him, n North Carolina dogun nam-
ed Comfort, committed suicido by
swallowing a paper of pins. It
may ho ho found some comfort in
pining his grief to the lining of his
btomach. Pome people aro soft
enough to make a pin cushion of.
nn exenango eonstiierathoetriko
of tho Noiv York boot blacks for
higher rated, ''A blow at tho .soloes
of mankind." It looks from n dis-
tanco more Rico a roul on tho pock-
etbook- of mankind. Tho raiso.isO.K If not wctretnb'c forlhc'
it-iii inucii iiiango, nowever.
Tho luillnn Territory.
In tho n'aturo of things the In
dian question commands interest.
And we think it is n safe assertion
to say that the United States Gov.
ernment has continually pursued
the worst policy toward her Indian
tribes of any nation on earth. It
would seem that vour eastern
statesman had forgotten tho his
i... i ...... ... . ...
wi.v nun experience oi ineir lotli
ers nnd hocomo so far removed
from tho sovoral tribes ai to he
come incompetent Judges of tho
policies to bo adopted in the solu
tion of Indian diillculUes. And
yet we helievo they arrngnlo to
themselves superior wisdom on
tho subject of Indian affairs. As a
mntter of right, it seems to us tlieir
advice is entirely gratuitous. In
tho first place, the original states
having till tho rcpresen(ntion in
Congress pursued n policy toward
tho Indians then inhabiting the
older states that drove them west
into tho wilderness, nnd lelt tho
Indian question as unsettled as
when Columbus first set foot on
tho American Continent. The po
sitions then that they occupy, be
foro the country, is that of ridding
themselves of nil responsibility
for tho Indian, and that through
bloodshed, war and cruel crimes,
securing his lands, and leaving the
Indian who have been driven away
from their own doors, on the lands
of tho future statos and territories,
and then denying to tho cilions
thoieof tho right to settle tho ques
tions growing out of it according
to their own judgment a judg
ment formed out of actual exper
ience on tho frontier. It is clear
then that tho west has tho bos-l
right to say what policy is right
and propor lo be pursued toward
the Indian tribes.
If tho old states had pursued a
wiso policy by caring each for its
own Indian tribes and lifted them
up to a state of enligtenniont, there
would be no Indian question to-day
to perplex tho brains of statesmen.
precedent. It is still called
upon to sctllo this quesfloiimd do
it in a way Hint will bo compatible
with national expansion. It is not
surprising then that public atten
tion is directed to tho Indian Ter
ritory, occupied by 70,000 civiliz
ed lndfans and about 12,000 white
and colored persons, and biir
rouiidod by four states. It seems
to mo not straigo jthnt .public sqii
timont HhcmluS demnnd that we
clothe oursohcs with consistent
government, so this country tan
havo n commercial basis, then .cap
ital and labor will causo tho dovel
opmont of our rcsouices.
Tho young man with two watch
chains across his vest boarded a
Woodward avenuo car nt 11 o'clock
yesterday forenoon. Among the
pnssengors was an old woman who
had been inquiring nbout taking
tho liny City train at tho crossing.
Slio lookod across nt tho young man
with great interest for a minute or
wo and then said;
Tour time must ho very valu
able, young man."
Ilo bowed and mumbled some
thing which she did not catch, and
leaning forward she asked:. -
"I s'poso one o' them watches is
for whin you go down, and tho
other is when you como up, oh?'l
Ho shifted around to look out of
tho window, and seeming some
what vexed at his want of eoilrtesy,
sho continuod:
"Sccina to mo it would bo a
Kiuiii, ueni encaper to iiitcu an
eight-day clock to your shirt
Ilo didn't reply to that oilhor
mil tapping him nn tho kneo nith
tho handle of the umbrella, sho in
"Young man, I wnnt to catoh
tho Ray City train,"
"Wliut timo is it by all your
waloh chains."
"II about 111" ho stammer,
"You didn't look. Come. now.
novor Jiait an inuh of brass chain
hitched to it. I'll bet it shows the
right timo noarer than anything
you've got.".
Sho hauled out a watch almotitas
lnri;o as il saucer and inttlod It
around and waved it about, and ns
ho slid along tho seat towards tho
door sho continued;
"I'd let them chains run down
and hitch to your boot-straps! Any
young man as will go nnd togglo
himself nil up and crisb-eross his
vest nith chains and spangles must
liavo got htrayed away from some
twonty-fivo cent store and wants to
bo roturned. Have you got baked
'tators hitched to Iho pocket ends?
Say "
Hut ho dropped oft" and fel! down
nnd got up and got away before rite
could further abuse him.
A fashion gossip, writing from
Long Rn.nch, says: "Nothing but
coral necklaces can bo seen upon
society belles this season." If the
nerkJncos nre of the nmnnr Kf,n u
i llfViifiiri
Okmumiei:, J.vd. Tb.
Aug. 20th, 18S.J.
e, 'the Conimitteo of twelve
now assembled, representing the
Loyal Creek Indians nnd Freed-'
men, do hereby crtnto this plat
form of principles, as our declara
tion, as a basis for tho government
of tho Loyal Creeks.
1st. We hereby agree to keen
faith with tho Government of tho
United States in al! the stipulations
..r .... i. ... ...
ui uur i rumy, ailtl Willi Otlr Bister
Nations in tho spirit of tho com
pact laws.
2nd. We desjro tho preserva
tion of our nationality; to hold our
lands in common, ns tile treaty of
1FC0 provides; nlso protection for
life and property and that impar
tial justice ho meted out to evory
citizen of our Nation nnd that
peace and harmony bo maintained.
8rd. Wo desiro and will do all
in our power to support the li'ntion
al and roligious institutions ot
learning now in, or that may lip es-'
tablishcd hereafter among our peo
ple, and we will encourago and
support whatever will advance tho
development of agriculture nnd
stock raising.
lth. Wo desiro nnd will cn
denvor to secure nn act of .Council
to legalizo niariiago, and which
shall include tho enfranchisement
of all who have marrir.l among
our people, according lo ..ur laws
and usngos, irrespective of race or
fith. We desire thnt all tho offi
cers elected according lo the laws
of tho Creek Nation, shall consider
it an iniperativo duty to see that tho
piinciples of this platform nre fully!
uxi-euiuu, niiu vu iiureuy picugq
ourselves to their faithful obsor
vance, and to support tho cxecp-.
lion of tho laws of our Nation with
Oth. That our party organisa
tion be frco and open to every citi
zen who wishes to work on tho
terms set forth in this our declara
tion of principles.
wh IolHirjdjyflOrnin
Ispieccheo as'oui caugidua
Principal Chief, and Judgjfawi
1'iioas our canuulato lor toecol:
Chief, whom we will endeavorft
elect to tho rcspectivo ofliccs.lnj
men wnoin we irust 10 sccureflin
oxecutionoithe propositions her
in set forth. f.
cojimjttf.i:: . . M
Couchnrtle Jlireo, Sum Taylor?
Gabriel Jiniesoii, Jnmes llafriH,
Atimn imrnntrs. tj- 1,n-Vs..rHiff
NoVoHJllnrjo. t, ? i1osJllIftlWi
I'oklta, ThohiaiJ Hi,
Manuel Jetreruftiii
Itobuit Grayson, Clmirmtui.
Biiintu'1 It. Lowo, ir'ccretiiry
Ncolio Collejflnlo Iastlttite.
On Jlonday, Sept. Jld, 1881
gins tliti tourth Hi-lmlastic yea
tlio Neosho Collegiate lnstift
under control of the AI. K. riiji
South, in Neoi-ho district. Ai
ier location is not easily fi
Neosho is noted for religion!
vantages, healthy climate
othor requisites necessary fol
support and prosperity of,
schools; situated on tho St J
A Sin Francisco railway, 31 1 &,
nuiii iui'ki. ii'.iii. ..r i .i..c. n. .
-, --- ....... .-,. ...MHO, I"JPJ1
tion ahout 2.000. and is tlm fift.Jr
seat of Newton county. In nyM
uon lo tlio present buildirnHt,
largo and rommodious brick
mg.irJxlSO feet, pleasantly (6
u"i "-'B"iiuy siiuaitm ana well v
tilBtod will ho ready for use in
fall term. Tlmtm In a,,,. ,4 it1
ImiuMi fnr flu. ,i.ri..n ,.r .i... rtri
thoirchildren andthoso who'vifi
to attontl school, will do w.
givo tho "City of Springs" d J
Tuition lou; good facilitifi ?
bonrdinc in reiMilnr lml A
houses, kojit for that purpose; U
private families at from gi.'ifs
SJJ.OO per week. For further n.Si
ination wrlto for catalogues', til
I'residcnt, W. C. AIo.ntiiojik .
'' ACOtllp
I'n III,. I... I. II,. '
w ""u ".'.iv. .
Tlioro will not tin nny "jirltoi
anno vinita fair this x car.
R. W. I.iyn,
rres. fair A
f. t
mjm Wjf'. i;
l.OU A 'I ii .-. ft
1 1
1 w
. 1 s v
niu. rRCTii'K i.tw
'At DeUucnre Court, Ciioiceetcomctc
Court, and Tahlequah Court"'
. AUn Ifore the Cttitcnthtp
ana we oupreme uourit.
Direct Hout J2nt!
Pullman Pnlaco Hotel Cars through
to St. Lonij, via Kedalia, daily.
Direct Route West and Southwest
At Kanojjo Hifif Un,,,n nw
"' unyuo uiljf passengers
for Kansat, Colorado, New Alcxi
co and California connect with Ex
press Trains of ull lines.
At Atchison, SS!S
press Trains for all points in Kan
eae and Nebraska.
flf nmohn Connection is mado
Hi UllldllUi witli all lines lead.
ng to the North and West.
Superior A ccom m oda t ion ft
V. CHAXliMin. rion'i i--.- . .
kU-ilr Hi)Aii. Ass't Gon'Ll'nssV Af.'t.
.i;TCIIi:it, Agent at V
jg:fcfcfattiVuwnf .- " 'r
) Aro Rnn Daily. (
900 000 ) or rlr'' fnrnilii
JyAjJ) & .Mineral lands
uSlOXUlHS; j for sale by this
3"y Company, in
JSSouthwoat 3VXiflsourl.
jAtor full nnd jiartlcular information
with Mnps, Time Tables, Rates, Ac,
rail upon auy of out fetation Agents, or
riwui vi uiu uiuuirnnmcu.
(J. W, CALF, 1). WMIIAItT,
tlen'l I'rt. Aid.. Qen'l J'nss. AKt.
T. 1.01)1)1, MO. T. 1.01'IH, I0,
0. W. ItoQKiis, Vicc-I'residcnt
iu:d Xincral Manager,
Tcmfilo Ruildinji. St. Louis, Mo.
'DO nIM 'I t'l'H HltiI "H
sxxicrr jcq
3SnpH3'dVM d3dVd
The RoTHrf OohTtri '
tul March ted SrU, eacli
wf ,sS
otrwi H an,JJntrt on all roodi
0t pMfHikl r .'iitarU) VMS. TciU how
to owrr, 9la4 Bwwni'et t of ercrr-
fflsmyru. ii
JM "1 ". ...
ill a?
3 s(tt:Dicork
St. Louis and
1 C.JIX&1 . Knneac
?: mi naiiacia,
Hiiiuitui xurriLUi y
AfiL Waorter thau any other route between
Effinifo 8 W Tniiio
11 f X .1 Ii A
si "mxiu uwimumui
mm 'mmu
L tkUHE jroa hm, fit, ikii, wear, o hvc
5 .fun Kill. TheM bjjr!t abl book con-
ttn Ufiimrtfon ImuV from tu,iai
,IiK VoU of lk notld. 't Kill wall coivr
"'re v any idd
. ..M . - .1 "
' itfnv7 rnLt I
r . .
01 111
w im irg you.
rf'v wwjt:
rr i , ' ii ( IVafu
Tho CHIEFTAIN hn a Titonoooit circulation throughout t ho Cherokee Na
tion ntnl TAtn, through the TiA. T,nnl adjncorrt towns. After March Oth Wo
II niHerllso Bramls and wo icpectfully solicit tho potronnt;o of those inter
esteil In stofk. Assuring tnem wo will do all in our power to place tho paper
Mhero It will bo of service krthctn. Llnblo ns stock is to stray or to bo Btolcn,
the imi-omanck ot ad'vcrtlsing;the brands and marks need' not bo dwelt on.
Very Sincerely and Respectfully,
i.-aAir' i - j. j.irlmn i-T"HPT
Mitchell, Lewis & Co
Racine, - - - Wis.
JsiANcricri'itKitM orf-"1
. Fan ai Spi Wain.
Latest Improved Road Carts.
OuT Send for Catalogue and Prices. -ws
Mitchell, Levic & Co., Racine, Wis.
-to on
Vinita, Cherokee Nation;
TIjlo Ixa.cXl,n. DNTvtloxxs Oonsro;
SKPTI5MBIC1118 TO 20,1883.
Iom iSTorLh, South, Etxat And "Wct-
A large sum of Money is approbated for a Premmltim List
Tiinjtu wir.x. Di3 jl rKTn ciapia.Y or
Wild Blanket Indians, War Dances. &c.
for C&lologuos and o-blaor Iniornaa-feloa Addxeaa Moor jtary.
-- J.Sl afl
iinx.13 a.z
D. W.UPE.Y-Pras,
Twhloquot ., T.
Hr.ittifftf on left side. Homo branded
00 cm hip and shoulder, either side,
with nrioiiB marks. None sold only
to shit., iiANOK-'HIinois river, 4 mile
Swnliow-fork and undcrblt ItV
ear and underslope in tho other.
Vlntta, I. T.
Ilrandedou bath sides. Crop oirleM
ens amt split In right. .wsoe Ijeus
Fost-olllce, v
PrRlri Olty, IT.
ftrandisl with same brand on liotfi
MiVsnnil both hljii. ihnom Hkndof
HoaHo Creek.
J. Vf, ELLIOTT & Co.,
VInita, I. r.
Hon marks utiderbit In ocJi car,
cropoiroftholefU Cattle IimiuUmI nn
left hip nnd shoulder, iiwik Caliit
EoftcT, I. T.
Ilriiiul-Hivcii-iip, either Hide. Mark
rmp oil rlt!ht nir under idof.o' tilf U-ft
ear. Rane Horso Creek, C. X.
EvnnBvlo, Kanoos.
Half breed cattio all brande.1 1
on left sldoand hip, Snno i-iir-
iiuirKCil HMUIHI homo
10 at-1 ter nicall.Kaw ed
jiiinju- mm mark." TIn.
steers ronil-baaml tt jpij on near
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