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Berated to the Interests ef the Ckcrekccs, Chectaws, Cklckaaaws, ScmiBelcs, Creeks, aatt all Other Indian of the Iadfaa Territory.
VOL.H. NO. 58..'
JeywKcffetfcestMiefktMt stare. U llw Iadla Territory i tkat r
W. O. PATTON fe CO.,
Im ma. get mijIS i
Asia Ml
OR r NHS FASTXI3T rtnWhT a hwwaso stack erery Tariety of the best and most scrrlojaH Brj
fee, la
, - Eu. WUV
ffrp WigJjaBBKT JsfsPjimrEyr faMap to tactiats baaJl tha Latent Stylet and FashioES. .
mm WWLMIir ASTJL13T k replete wIUiCTerjklaierSUpIcandTMMr Groceries, Flonr, Bacon, Cawed 6e4s,
r MIX WlTMimn PXaTXKrr has a faH Bm of Saddles, Hanta ami Leather Goods or aU kinds. la
MOt AafGLT!JXAL JXELEXEST BEFARTXEST ye caa rrtWapea, Bustles, Flows, Spring TTareas, Etc
tCg HAWfTAJtE tttXSXXEST H twH stocked irita 50, Screws, Chains, Hinges, Tinware, Axes, Utensils, Teelf,
Sis. ToawiKfaiki
MS 0LA9S A aCItS5WAXE MTAXTXEST ercrj- Tariety of Dishes, Crocks Jars, Jags, Etc While la
MR STtBS MHPAXTXEST yon trill fad a splradid stock of runs, Xlce Brass, Xedlcincs, complete la eTery re
eaeet Praserk4loa earefclly copoB4e4 by a skilled apothecary. In this connection we hare also aa latateate
too kof lothas, Lafs, Oocks, CoafecUor.Etc And a
gCAIMMKY XSB MK MTAKiattST where yea will Ind eTery variety of TVrlUn;: Materials, Paper, Blank Boob
2Me aad lieeipt Books, School Basts, ad a Itae of so3 Eeadla? Bosks-L'rose and Toetry.
Our Prices are as Low as the Lowest Come and See TTs.
W C, PATTON & 00., Vinita, Indian Tgritoiy
W. L. TROTT, Proprietor.
1 muling 1 1111 Til ill -1 rr-'r ---v-" jy-.i.Wh. Lumber. Also ab-
1 Ui.Tlniin.Tnti.niliii.rT "'-"-I- Tha
fiiOlin.Ira-" lnmnrj- OSDEBS SOLICITED.
HSglteet Cash l?ric Paid for All Grades ol "Wheat.
9rden fcr FLCUE, BK15 cad SHITSTUFrS rroaplly Attended to.
7. BOGLE1, cniaraieit tekm Kaaa-cr, SEXEOA, MO.
ar oaisaatite Choicest Staple
M, YiptiiK, FNi, Iwwswi, Gfesswart tnd Tinware.
WM. LIHLE & GO., .
Wktlnd n H Sar la
Ales carry a coscplete liae of
Dry Goods, . Hats and Caps,
Groceries,. . Qnf ensware,
. dothmg, Tinware,
Boots and Shoes, Notions, Etc.
laici Sifffe k SlGcliei iliays in Stoct:
Dcm'tiail to see onr stock and learn our prices
before bnying.
VOf. X.ITTIJE & CO., Vinita, Indian Ter.
rsr Xiles from Prairie City, oh Grand RiTer.
GEO. ABJCSTRONG, - Proprietor.
Ail Kinds of Hard Lumber Always on Hand
and for Sale.
o- :f XjXjxsldb,
isfies' ud Ckitkffri's Fue
PA9 Mi K9C TO aad
wt sad Oat at tie wry fcet qaallly to be had la U. eei a ry.
assotfawat rf CTerytaias wasted by oht customers.
-idli fa the krgeet Stock of frrt-class Clotaln?, Boots, Shses, Hats, Ladle,' aae'
5ave Kuc, oeui-snippea raia too utwuw
or esxHTAXBr smcx, vxxrri.
aIFancT Groceries Sa tha Mtrkrt. Alo
r. a sKELTox
'9 I
Skm and &Ls a S
FSMUCS. Caea or CatUe takra la Ex
MP tawftAtt
.vr.a littles.
Tor the pnichiM and wJ of
13 XatlMiml Ftock Ttrdi. E. St. Coula.
ETXXbcnU adr aces mmdc oa ccnaltmneasti
Xrftcattd at East SU ZriiHli, III.
DIirctlj'orcsItethedtj'ofSt.LonJi. Bnjrn
foralldcvcrliitionorLIra Stock alvajaSaaV
tenJancr. and -within the grounds of the Stock
Tards am a Brcf Canntnr Com pan J-. villi a
capacity for afeuzBtcrimr 1,10 bead of csttl.
dJUlr. and rnrk PacUn? F.ttb!ltnaaits irlta
a capadtr for siancfatering- iron bosi dalij--
ISAAC IL KXOX, Presldcat
CHAS. T. J05ES, Snpt.
i D
an m
Pullman Palace Hotel Cars
tlirougli to St. LouiSjTia
Sedalia, Daily.
Direct Boute West and Soatk
west tia Kansas Gitj.
Al rARoAo Ul I I for Kum Colorwla
w Mexico and CaUfornia connect witi Ex
iweas Trains of all flncs.
Folnu in Kansas and I ebraska.
IT RU1U1 Connpction is made, with at
Al DmAnA lines lrodlng to tUc.onl: nc
v. rniKDLEB. Gea. Pas. Areat,
n. n. KISSAX. Ass't Gn, Pass. AReaU
F. L. DECKEB, Agent at Ylnita.
Tho Direct TnrouRh Uouto Ilctirren
Fast Express Trains are Kun DaiJr. 5
Change of Cars.
Tarooen Pullman Palaw SIrrplnjr Cfrj art
rondilr.wtibout-hmip.bclwnM. IJUIS,
SuyiO acres of tiih farraliif an-mincTTU
land foriwleby UusconipHnj-taSOLmiwKfl
rjr"For full and part cular InrorraaUcn. wiib
Maps Tim- TaU-. Itatcm c-cll uron or
dress any of ou- taUon Asrnts, orcithrrof ths
D. WEHJUrr, General Passcnjcr Asent,
O. VT CALE. Ceoeral Fretsat Agent. 8t Lcuik
C. VT HOOEUS. Vice PrraJdcW acid Grarrri
Manager Tempi. UuiUin$. feu Luulv. iiw
m m
cuxbest coaotxirr.
At Shnbnia. Miss., tho bojs tako Ujo
girls ont riding la buggies drawn bj
The President appoint 2.323 post
masters. The olliers arc at small offices
and arc appointed by the Post-office
Joxatbas Depledce, who died at
Jacksonville, UL, the other day, fought
at the battle of Waterloo under tho
Duke of Wellington.
The authorities of Upper Burmah re
cently captured two hundred and thirty-
live robbers between Mamlalay and
Bhamo. Fifty of the prisoners were
A married woman of Sacramento.
CaL, .who was in the habit of. using 'ar
senic for improving her complexion, re
cently took an overdose and died The
See was ssirilegions enough to hope
that "her complexion, is now satisfac
torr." IIadji Loja, the once famons de
fender of Bosnia on the invasion of the
Austrlans, has, on the .termination of
his five years1 imprisonment in tho-
fortress of Thcrcsicnstadt, been liber
ated and conveyed to his native
The Postmaster at East Pcnficld. N.
Y., is charged with using postage stamps
in large amounts to pay debts and as
substitutes for money in various direc
tions, thus deriving-comparatively large
revenues from the Government as his
The new sculpture room in the Brit
ish Museum will soon bo opened to the
public. In this gallery have been ar
ranged the remains of the Mansolcum at
Ilalicarnassos, erected "by Artemisia
about 350 B. C, over the remains of her
husband, Mausalu..
The Ottoman Porte has Liken in
hand tho preservation of ancient monu
ments. They arc -not to bo disturbed,
to be used as building materials, or
worked up as limo. A useful provision
forbids the erection of a lime-kiln with
in some miles of such remains.
General Goueko. after inspecting
the Powouski camps, recently, was twice
fired at by an unknown person. A
number of Russian residents of Plouk,
including several magistrate, have been
arrested and sent to tho citadcL It is
charged that they are members of the
Central Nihilist Committee for the Po
lish Propaganda.
ErroKTS are on foct in France for the
amalgamation of the townofCalaisand
Bl Pierrc-Ics-Calais, between which for
twentyycars acntc rivalry has existed.
Formerly Calais when it had a popula
tion of 14.000, desired to annex its
neighbor, then a much smaller town,
but SL Pierre now having a population
of 25,000. thinks it ha a right to swal
low up its smaller rival.
The latest wrinklo in the styles of
photography on tho beach is to be taken
in a yacht 4sailin the ocean blue."
The subject is placed in a small paste
board boat with gigantic sails painted
on a background, the camera b leveled,
the photo is done, and tho pbotoed goes
home to tell his friends bow he had to
pay a handsome sum for being photo
graphed on the real live ocean.
In Massachusetts women and chil
dren are, driving men out of many in
dustries. Tite trades in which the for
mer are a very Large majority arc awn
ings. tenL. buttons, dress trimmings,
carpctings, clothing, cotton goods,
woolens, fancy goods, flax and linen,
bair work, hose, rubber, mixed textiles,
paper, silks, sporting goods, straw
goods and worsteds twenty in alL
Sixty trades show a preponderance of
A compact has bacn formed to estab
lish, a New England colony in tho high
lands of Florida at Bcllcricw, in Marion
County. It is desired to form a model
town, which shall combine natural, so
cial and Vligious advantages, with
freedom from intemperance and pauper
ism. The .deeds to lands will be given
with the provisos that no intoxicating
'iquors shall be sold, and that no duell
ing shall be built at an expense of less
than fire hundred dollars. A school of
tventy-five -pupils is now in operation,
a good hotel is now being built, and a
church edifice and an academy aro to
Intense excitement was said to exist
in Jersey City over a report that a num
ber of C3cs of leprosy had been dis
covered in that city. It was claimed
that there was no longer a doubt that a
number of lepers could be found among
tho Celestial laundrymen. Not only
was the disease feared in Jersey City,
but in Iloboken as welL Within a few
days past several sick Chinamen have
been removed from laundries and taken
no one knows whither, except that they
were taken out of the city. It was the
removal" of tho patients that aroused
suspicion. The sick men were taken
away in every instance at eight, by their
friends, carefully wrapped, that only a
glimpe of their skin could bo seen.
Aqceer story of how a lady attended
a part of her own funeral has leaked
out in Oakland, CaL The lady in ques
tion was a resident of San Francisco,
and early in May had one of her legs
amputated for a tumor. A burial per
mit was procured, as shown by tho
Ueallh Office records, in proper order,
ind the lonely limb was placed in a
handsome caskeL The bearso which
ronveved the remain" to its grave in
Mountain View Cemetery was followed
by a single carriage containing the
balance of the lady. It was there
buried with solemn ceremonial. Tho
unfortunate lady bcrscll died on July
13, and on the following day was taken
across the bay and buried alongaide her
one foot in the grave.
A SjiBwarr ef the Daily A'cvrs.
Ancnmsuor Rtjl.t was Installed at Fht!
adelphia on the 20th, in the presence of
abont ten thousand persons.
Emma Abbott, tho prima donna, arrived
from England on the steamship America
on the Slst.
The Kansas Besnbmissionists coalesced
with the Democrats at the recent Conven
tion at Topeka.
-fGovrmfOB Gucs was renominated by
nodamation at tho Democratic State con-
-rention at Topeka, Ka on the 21sL C
K. Jlollnlar vra nominated for Lieutenant
Governor by acclamation. En;ene Hagan,
of TorHu, Socre:arr of State; Hugh V.
Gavigan, of Cberok'o County, Auditor of
State; VT. E. Hutman, of Barton, Slate
Treasurer; G. P. SmiUi, of Allen, AUomey
General; IL J. Keys, of Ottawa, Superin
tendent of Public Instruction; Judge W. P.
Campbell, of Sedgwick, Chief Ja"Slce;
Judge S. A. Hard, of LaVcnnrortb, Asso
ciate Juttit e
Prssidkvt Aurora recently received at
the Filth As enu? Hotel, Jfew York, Cora
raandrr SchIjyuCommander Ccda, Lieu
tenant Emory, Chief Engineer UelvOIe
ami a lorn other tfllrers of the Greely ex
pedition. GrxnuL Lcsor Tori; Whjckb, first
Secretary of War in Jeff Davi Confeder
ate' Cabinet, and who gave the order for
firing on Fort Sompter, died at his home in
Hontsville, Ala., the other morning;, after
a brief illness.
TJTjF, Sronrr, of the Chicago TTflicr, has
ben pronounced an imbecile.
. TatD-HrssT, the noted EoglKh'.ranner,
resjntly died at Wilkes barre. Pa., from the
eSocis of a wound inflicted by Thomas
Rev. Pjteick 11. Txnnr, pastor of St.
ratrici's Catholic Cbnrch, of Chicago, died
on the iltli of heart disease.
A mass meeting of Irisb citlzms under
the am pices of tho National Irish-American
Republican League was held at llcbin
son's Opera House, Cincinnati, recently.
SrcruEX Saliseuct, LX. 1)., died at
blsresidence at Worcester, lla-w., recently,
aged dgty-slx. -He wa gradnated at
Krv. W. M. Courts, pastor of the M. E.
Church at Galesburg, 111., and a very
prominent figure in Illinois clerical affairs,
has luysterii.udy disappeared.
Dn-iLE. Register of the 'ew Tort
Dur.au of Vital Statistics, has received
frcm lb. Navy Department a certified copy
of Lieutenant Cicely's report on the exe
cution of Private Henry. On the authority
oLthis roport the record in the bureau has
(x4n changed to road instead of "starva
tion." "shot by order of LleuUnant
A mas named Genlnger,. employed In
the Salt and Lumber Company's mill at
Eut Ssginaw, Mich., fell against the edg
ing saw. The saw out through every rib
on one side of his boJy, making a terrible
and fatal wound.
Tuc Government launch Dafney, nt
Uetnphis, exploded-her boCer theother
morning, killing Paymaster K. Toddsr,
who was blown overboard, anil seriously
scalding Engineer A. Graham, Pilot C X.
Ryan, Deckhand Peter Walsh, and a news
boy who was on the launch.
A lauoe and enthusiastic meeting of oil
producers recently held at Oil City, Pa.,
unanimously resolved tJ stop ths drill un
til January 1, 1SSO. This will control the
production to a gra' extent, as seven
eighths of the producing wells and drill
able territory is in tha hands of members
of the association.
CoRXWaix, rx-Scretary of the Dublin
Post-ofiJc-, was acquitted of the scandal
ous charzot brought by tho editor of
Ctited IrtlaoiU
Tnr First Xstiaaal Bank, of Albion, X.
Y., suspend-d on the 5tst, in conrqueni.e
of the mysterion disappearance of the
President, A. S. Warner. Waraerwas ad
ministrator of the Burrows estate, valued
at S,0D0,CW, and with bis disappearance is
coupled the poisoning of William It- Bor
rows, one o the heirs. A very dark cloud
was reported to be resting on Warner.
Ix view of the presence of pleuro-pueu-monia
in Illinois, the State Vetericar.an
has s-nt notice to owners of all infected
herd compelling tbcm to maintain a strict
qaarantine until notified to tho contrary by
proper authorities.
Tnxac was talk of an early reorganiza
tion of the Eist Tennessee Road, under the
Presidency of General Haidckoper, of
The elaborately carved Italian marble
column of Governor Elward Morgan at
Cedar Hill Cemetery, Conn., was mined
by firo the other night.
Governor Bate, of Tenncsce, has of
fered a reward of 1,000 for any or oil
parties engag'd in the massacre of Mor
mon elders in Lewis County.
The English Privy Council has fixed the
boundary line between Ontario and Mani
toba along tho Lake of the Wood and Eng
lish River.
Failcres throughout the country the.
last seven days reKrted numbered for the
Unite i States, 17; Canada, 52; total, 519;
as agalnkt 52) last week.
W. L. Rxtsolss, Cashier of tho Tcxm
Express Company at Houston, committed
suicide xecently by shooting himself
throng", the had. It was believed, finan
cial difficulties led to the snicid;.
Ix attempting to extinguish the fire in
the Buck Ridge mine. Eh' mokin. Fa.,
seven men lost their live. The Intention
was to flood the ralno by luring a hole
through from tha Greenback mine, thirty
six feet long. While thus ngaged, gas
and fire broke through, kiting tho seven
workmen and setting tho Gi teniae's mine
also on fire. Loss thus far, "ilWJKO.
Two freight trains collld-l recently In
the west yard of tho Pcnuylvauia Rail
road at Columbia. Pa. Th caboose and
gondola car of the front tin and the en
gine and four cars of the n-ar train, the
latter lllled with shecy ani hogs, wcrs
masbed. Tho wreck r aught fire nd was
consumed. Upward oi eight hundred ani
mals wrre killed.
TnE failure of Werner & Merritt, fruit
Importers of Philade phia, is rsported.
Liabilities 5KO.000.
Jddge BanTLETT, of New York, granted
an attachment against the property of John
P. Dickinson, defaulting cashlerof the Wall
Street Bank, in dt by the bank for the
recovery of ?LV,t00.
Tnnxx Abjsnlan envoys havo arrived
in London, bringing as presents to Queen
Victoria an elephant and a largo monkey.
Two boys of Uaic Beard, white playing
wiUi matchcat Springfield, O., recently,
fired tho stable, which was burned The
elder by escaped, but the younger, five
years old, burned to death.
A XTllDtB of Chicago cranks were' re
cently airested for cruelty to children.
They pretended to conduct an orphans'
borne by faith, keeping ths children in a
starving condition. It was asserted that
tho enterprise was only a cover for gross
Til cue was a heavy rain, accsmpsnled
by thunder and lightning, oa tho 22J at
Dover, N. H, Many persons wef killed
by lightning, and bosses ware daasged.
Miles of telegraph and telephone wires
were blown down.
There was an unconfirmed report that
Agoro, tha Cuban leader, had- been cap
tured. Gcxxbal Casasxs recently sold to an
English syndicate a hacienda in the center
of the State ot Tamaullpas, Met, for $32,
000 cash, the purchasers agreeing to taka
several thcusaniLhead ot cattle at eleven
uouare eacn. .
iiie irencn tjcnsuiat rttin nas lowrrea
his flag, China absolutely refusing, to
make the conceyjions demanded. Admiral
Courbet was oidered to bombard Foo
Advices from Africa state that tho na
tives of the Zimbezi country have revolted
and killed or wounded yieen tire Portuguese
force. Reinforcements were asked for.
The British Vice Concia was missing.
AT Shelbyvillr, IniL, recently, a child of
Mrs. Trees was poisoned by arsenic The
mother mistook the poison for baking pow
der. Mcs. P. Jjlmeisox, wife of a farmer liv
ing near Rock Island, UL, recently met a
shoeing death. A herd of cattle had
broken Into- a corn field near her house
and she attempted to drive them out. The
cattle became frightened and ran over the
unfortunate woman.
Tux steamer Newfleld has arrived frcn
Siblo Island, bringing up Captain Lucas,
of the wrecked steamer Amsterdam. All
hopes of floating the Amsterdam have been
abandoned. Most of her cargo has been
The seven young men reported lost on
Lake Ontario turned up safe. They lost
their bearings and were a long time with
out food.
Thomas Jonxsox, a young Englishmen,
was drowned la the Iroquois River near
Watseka, UL, recently. He was a brief
mason by .trade.
The Bankers' & Merchants' Telegraph
Company denied the report ot then-embarrassment.
The survivors of the Greely expedition
in Boston have adopted resolutions, thank
ing the relief ship crew and surgeons for
ths attention and skill to which they ewe
their lire.
At Cynthiana, Ky-,a score of fine horses
bnrned recently, among them Long Branch,
Chestnut, Wilkes and Jersey Lily.
Tobee hundred facuses were recently de
stroyed by fire at Raws, an Austrian town,
and three thousand persons were left
Hexrt M. Etaxley has writton advis
ing Germany to recognizs the Congo
Free States, which wonl I be an advantage.
to the German trade, instead ot effecting
an agreement with Portugul, which would
expore Germany to the customs chicanery.
Stanley declares that the Congo must be
free to the coast.
Tito Bank ot Windsor, at Windier, Pa.,
suspended the other day. Deopsitors will
probably be paid in fulL
Caftaix J. W. Kormax, ica master of
the Thetfs ot the Gresly relief squadron,
denies that he ever made the statement
that cannibalism existed among Lieuten
ant Grecly's command.
It was stated that cattle shippers at Mon
treal havo lest heavily.. One firm, it wai
said, dropped a quarter of a million dollars
and another ond hundred thousand dollars
during the past three years.
A committee of the Ohio Legislature re
cently took charge of the body of Mac
Gahan, the late war correspondent. He
will be Interred at Lexington, O.
At Salt Like the memorial services, in
honor ot the Mormons killed in Tennessee,
were largely attended.
The World's Convention ot tho Young
Men's Christian Association close.! at Ber
lin, August 24, with a great faro well meet
ing at which addresses were delivered by
Couut Burnstorf and Baron Rothlrie, ot
Berlin; Mr. George Williams, of London;
Revs. Dr. Dolton, ot St. Petersburg; Dr.
Schaff, of New York; Dr. Welch, of Au
burn; Captain Legareran'z, ot Sweden;
Baron Schleambach and others.
Tue sliver mining excitemsnt in Ritchie
County, Wt Virginia, is assuming tre
mendous proportions. A streak of almost
pure silver ha been found, and the excite
raent runs very high.
TnE losses by the late fire at Duluth,
Minn., were as follows: Little & Simonds,
loss $110.00) to $120,009; inscrance, $74,000.
Cutler & Gilbert, loss $31,000; insurance,
$23,003. Tho mills will be rebuilt.
Teomas Hcuxo, ot Bell's Bend, Tenn.,
near Nashville, shot and killed his little
daughter whom he had mistaken
for a burglar.
ADDITIOXAJ. dispatches
Da. Jotrx C. Waters died at St. Vin
cent's Hospital, Indianapolis, aged fifty
nine. He was chisf of the Fenian organi
zation, laving succeeded James Stephens.
Eumoxs Blaixe, who claimed to be a
brother of James G. Blaine, attracted
somo attention at Republican headquar
ters In Chicago.
Tnc forest fires of Michlcan recently
did much damage near East Tawas.
Prkcess Victort,, wife of Prince Wil
liam ot Russia, was very sick with scarlet
Ax assignment to securo liabilities of
thirty-five thousand dollars has been made
by the Dunbar Coke Company, of Fayette
County, Pennsylvania.
TnE United States Charge d Affaires at
Rome has notified the State Department ot
a sudden outbreak of cholera at Sperria.
Of sixty-one cases on the 231 forty -nine
proved fataL
TCBKET was considering the advisability
ot sending a fresh circular to the powers
on Egyptian aifjirs.
David Prestos, of Detroit will run for
Governor of Michigan on the Prohibition
A colosed citizen ot Logansport, Ind.,
named Noah Wilson, who participated in a
prlzj-flght, was killed by Policeman Grifin
for threatening the officer's lite on bein?
placed in jaiL
The Baltimore conference ot colored
Methodists havo suspended Rev. W. W.
Wilson for immorality and maladminis
tration. Thomas Corejoas, owner of numerous
street car lines In Kansas City, was ar
rested and ImprfooiK-d for a few hours oa
the 23th for not paving between his tracks.
He was released on a writ of habeas
The Pittsburgh Chronlele-TtUgraph has
changed to an eight-page paper and added
a fast perfecting press and other ma
chinery. Tue liabilities of Blarney Bros., manu
facturers ot morocco, at Lynn, Mass-,
are from twenty-five thousand dollars to
one hundred thousand dollars. .
J. L. Jacxsox. of Saginaw City, suffered
a loss of twenty-fivo thousand dollar the
other "lay by the burning of bU machine
shop and damsga to his foundry.
James Hagoirt, Superintendent of tha
International Bridge at Buffalo, was killed
by an engine.
The citizens ot Macon, Ga,, recently tel
egraphed to the Governor for troops to
prevent a riot by negroes.
Joseph Kexteot, an Englishman, was
killed by the cars the other day near Vln
connea, Ind.
Reports from Manitoba say the cold
weather has net injured the growing crops.
Frost has damaged com and buckwheat
r& French, Hombsrb and Destroy
Arsenal at Foo Chaw Other Ferelfn
SRAxairAt, August 23. The Foo Chow
arsenal was destroyed Saturday after a
three hours' bombardment by Courbet's
squadron. Seven Chinese gun-boats were.
sunsiand two escaped. The iuropean set
tlement was undisturbed. The bosabard
ment began at two o'clock la the afternoon
andseased at eight p. m. Only one Chi
nese battery replied. The report that two
French vessels wrre sunk during the en
casement b unconfirmed. Tho French
Beet sustained no damage.
Loxcox, August 25. The Timer' Too
Chow dispatch dated Sunday. 3 p. nv, says
the French shelled the barracks and camps
near Qaantoo, and there was no reslsta&ce
to tho attack. The consulate buildings were
looti-d by tho Chinese soldiers who were in
uniform and armed. The French
chief ot staff reports the French .oss
at six men. The Times correspondent
believes that this estimate is un
true. An English pilot was killed daring
the scare Saturday night.' ben the French
opened their (Ireland it is believed sunk
their own boats. The bombardment Is de
scribed as ot the most sickening character.
The Chinese fleet lately on the Mln IUvct
witn the exception ot two ships, was blotted
out No surrender was allowed tha dis
abled and siuklng ships. Their gnus were
silenced, and they were shelled for hours,
romint rAirncvLARs.
SnAxonAL August 25. Of the Chinese
men-of-war which escaped the French bom
bardment at Foo Chow one was stranded
and bad her back broken. The other met
with no mishap. The French recommenced
firing Sunday, directing then- shots against
the pagodas. It is surmised that the object
of the renewed attack Is to entirely .obliter
ate the place. French transports are shell
ing the vlllazes on the heights around tho
arsenal. Admiral Cocrbct opened fire at
two p. a. and the Chinese answered
almost simultaneously. The dock
yard arsenal fired Immediately, bat
with only partial success. The eleven ves
sels forming the Chinese fleet were merely
light river and roast transimrts and were in
reality toys. The French had eight heavily
armed ships, namely, the Volta, Duzay,
Troaln, Dclavine, Aspic, Vlperr, Louis and
Yillars. Several Chinese gunboaii main
tained bravely a desultory fire for about a
quarter of an hour, when the survivors of
their crews leaped overboard. Tha
combat was practically finbhed in seven
minutes. The superiority of the French
artillery mads the contest ot her dis
ables ot the Chinese vessels no fi'ht It
was a massacre. This Is the opinion ot
every spectator. Two eight ton gunboats of
the Chinese fleet fousht well, one sinking
near the English man of war Champion,
while the other was stationed about the
Junks and made a good stand. The French
kept up tho fre on the arsenal 'and neigh
boring buildings, forts, barracks and
villages till two p. m. although the
resistance from the shore batteries eeaed
abont three. Some French and Chinese
ships were engaged In clo-e 1X0x101117 to
English men-of-war. Vigilant and Cham
pion. At six Sunday evening three burn
ing gun boats Coated down the stream, oca
carrying the French colors. Numerous firo
junks blazing In a dangerous manner Im
periled the English men-of-war, but were
fended off. One English bark, was
saved by the En;Iish man-of-war Tho
scenes on the river as the dead and
wounded floated by were terrible. Tho
English saved many wounded. The forts
loner down nave not yet been attacked.
The Times correspondent was the only
nesrspaper representative. lie was on
board the Champion.
rAUts, August 25. It Is hoped that tho
Chinese trouble may be arranged under tho
auspices of Bismarck. It is regarded as a
noteworthy fact that Baron DeCourced, the
French Embassador to Germany, was sum
moned to Paris Fritay and returned to Ber
lin on the same train with LI Fong Pan, the
Chinese Minister. Baron De Courcedwas
overheanl to remark to a member ot th
Chinese legation at the depot: "Let Ul
hope that the Jcurnoy will be favorable tc
each of us."
stoijec bonds.
New Yorx, August 23. Tho following
was received by the German Consul from
Frankfort on the Main: "A great theft of
valuable Austrian Government bonds has
taken place. The list of securities (s on tho
way to you. Have it posted on thiiExchange."
The consulate officers have no further In
formation ot the matter nor have the nank-
rrs who make a specialty of continental se
curities, any information as to the manner
and amomit of the robbery. Those visited
so far say the securities will probably bo
difficult to negotiate.
Viexxa. August 25. There was a Itrsw
robberv of a lewelrr store here yesterday.
The belief is widespread that the robbers
were anarchists. The numoer or ores
Saturday and yesterday cause fresh alarm.
Cattla Companies in braa and Colon-
do Charted With IllrsallJ rencug Fun
He Lands.
WAsrrrxcTox. August 23. Some time
since the Commissioner of the General Land
Office ordered a survey ot certain public
lands in Colorado and Nebraska
with a view of bringing suits at tha
npxt term of Court against cattle com
panies that have Illegally fenced m largo
tracts of lands In these states. A special
agent who has been superintending th;
survey iu voionuio kj iti"" ""
CmwUiut.. mv Allit- ... havA bep4
Toond against the Prairie Cattle Company,
composeu or ccoirumcn. a cui-
natton naa oeeu maue. vi
containing respectively one hundred
square miles, twenty-nve square runes,
sixteen square miles ana seventeen sqia
miles, and the agent is at present examin
ing a tract containing over one hundred
square mile. AH of these are under con
trol as the Prairie Cattle Company, and tha
agent says are Illegally fenced In. The offi
cials in the land office say the practice of Il
legally fencing large tracts ot land and mak
ing fraudulent entries has been greater tho
past year than ever before. They claim
that between five and six millions of acres
arc now Illegally fenced and that several
million of acres are fraudulently entered.
Com plaints from the settlers are being re
ceived daily by agents and at
land offices here. The JctUcis say cattle
men are driving them away and ai
ms from them lands whioh they have set
tled upon. One i nd office officials
.said it the pr.ico is t itlnned, cattle
men will ha-e entire control of the
best public lamls in the United States
within twenty years. Restive to
fraudulent entries of land, the land
agent In New Mexico Informs the General
Land Commissioner that of the entries in
that Territory ninety per cent are fraudu
lent, ami another agent In Kansas, writm;
upon the same subject, lays that seventy
five per cent of the entries are fraudulent is
that Territory.
rlrntisj Gntherlnf.
Moxtreal, August 23. Threo hundred
and fiftj members of the British Scientific
Association, which opens IU annual meeting
here mi tbe 27th Inst., have arrived and en
tered their nxaes. Among5 them are scient
ists ot the highest dlsLnction from all coun
tries In Europe. They are upon explorfns
exiiedlUuns all over the continent, many be
i. . ...ocjmt In th,. Itnekv Mountains.
Some forty papers will bo read by Ameri
cans and Canadians. I no numavr oi Ameri
cans from the East, South and West whs
).... utMiM.1 ftartments Is lai-r tnau at
any previous demonstration here. Clttrenj
are dispensing uttipuawy w ra iuu capac
ity of their mansions,
overoor Clere!aa4'a LeMrc Aacptr tsM
Democratic JFoml.fftaw fer taw -Ft ill
Albaxt, y. Y.. Acraist 54. Governor '
3evelanrs letter, formally acceptJn; tb
Democratic aominatiin forfruuiitautof tb?
United States, is aa follows:
GexTLEMEit: I havo received yossr cora
cnunicamon doted July r IKSi. iclorsasna- ise
at my nomination to theossce of Preataeat
oC tbe Cnited States, by tho KatAtswt Drsso
c ails Convention lately attempted as Cfci
eaxo. I accept th? nomination: wMk aret
fnl appreciation ot the supreme bocor rest
frrrcl and a solemn sen of the reapoosf Ml
Iry -which, ta Ita acceptance. I nunasr. I have
tarcrnlly considered the pUtfonn adopts fer
the convenUcn and cordially avprovoxke
same. So plain a statesseat- ot a waaiii'
faith and the prlndplr skJt -Una
party appeals to thr suEraars of taw pop .
needs no supplement or explanation. ;
It should be remembered that the ooa
President is essentially executive la 11 na
ture. The laws enacted by tbe-Ltrttati
branch of the Govcrnatent; the Chief - -.'
ecutlve lsbound faithfully to ealfe.a
when the wisdom of the political party whiefc
elects one of Its members as a namlans' tot
that off ce has outlined his policy and k stared.
u principles, is seeta to sr was nouunsr :
tae character of the oSce or the aetuaeUtea,
of the cae. renoirrs istoro foaa taw candi
date accepting ruck nomination tstaa U
tnjrsestlon of the well-ksosrn truth so atao
luteir rasentlal to tbe safety sad -welfare of
tas notion tnat iney cannot se soa iumss
recalled or two seriously enforeec. n
rnott oTHEit rtizasi.
Wo nrosdlvcall ours a Government by th
people. Itlsnctrachwheuaelasalatoiecated
which arrocates to ltwlf tbe mauaECSBesit ot
public affairs, seek in? to control the people tsf
stead of represeuUmr theso. Parties ore th. -nccessar'
outsrowth ot our Intlotioabut
a Govcrrmest Is not by the people wheas oa 1
party -is'icns ica control osmu ceantry- .
snd perpnuates tts power ty caJaHaa: aad b
trayinx tHe poople instead of servtasr thetn.
A Government is not br the Deoale wbwa a re
mit wh.ch should represent the lateillavnt
will of free and thlnkmjc men. rs er con bee-.
lermjneu oj me soameicas Lunifwpn ok ibct-
suirraree. warn an election so iwi asnu m
tie- scVectlon by the voters of oaeof their
number tn assusse for a time a smbtta trust.
Instead of hU dedication to the protta-ioa ot
politics; when tho holders of tho ballot.- .
julckencd by a setreof duty-, shall aresute
truth betrayed and pledjcs brosen. anl when
thesuffntco shall bo altogether freesd un
corrupted. the full realixatloB of a Govern
meat by the people will do at hand.
And of the means to ihis ead. not.
would In my Judsment be more sweeUvr thaa
an amendment to the condtlrsniea sUaauailfy
tnr tha President from re-electloa. When wa
consider the patronase or this great wsaim. the.
allurements of cower, the tesantatJeo to re
tain public place once raised, aad aenra than,
alL the avuIahiUty as party Sad In an lr.- -cumbent
whom a horde of otSce holder, wit it
a zeal bom of benefits received. aw fostered.
by the hope of favors yet to cosae, stand; tow l
rraay to ua wjin money ana trsuaea swocn
service. We recoraizs In tho- eUdMUtr ot
the President for re-electloa a mam eeriou
lanrer to that calm, deliberate aad tnartllrect
pollUcal action which must characterise a
Government by the people.
A true American sentiment reeoarsM xsmtV
dhmltyor labor and the tact that aoaorUest
InhooMttolL IVUlpaid labor Is a slau of,
catioful prosperity: abillts; to work, aastKi
rutes the capital, and the wans of laBor. ttt
Ttcome of a vast number of oar poanastfafir
snd this Interest should be aealoceir pro
tected. Oar workwomen are not. Mfcfnc ssa
reasouabla Indulcedce but as latelHatat aad
manly eiUzeus. they seek tho sasae eeoaliWr
atlon which those demand, who havo other,
Interosu at stake. They saoaU receive
their full share of the caro aad attenttaa ot
tho- who make and execute tee law, to th
end that the wants and needs or the employ
ers and the emntoved shall alike be ssbcerreL.
and the prosperity of Itbe cocatry. tha ooav
Don ncntaye or ioio. oa aavascea. as rwiaseu
the emlsTatlon ot thoee who came to ackaowl.
edse allegiance to our Goversaeat an add
toourciuxcn pppuieon.ypt as a means or
protection to our workhuraes. a diatom
rule should prevail ooncernlnr rhote who, if
Intend to become Americans, but rt!l iaiur-
they come, or are-brocsht to our land. not , 1
touslv compete with thoso justly eatltlcd SO. I
vuruciuutMivr. au ,cc-r mxuhs m,
nomination otthe oflca of Governor nearly
two years ago. I mode the foUowlarstatoesent
to which 1 have KeadHIr adhered
Tho laborisg classes constitute tht-v j
miu pnr wuur puiHtuuua ia aanwH
be protected. In their eSOrfs- veceaMrft
as?ert their rishts when endftaaeredb anrs-
a-ated capital, aniNUl ttsihtesoa this sucject r
fhould n-cosnh-i the car of the statftr-w
nonesr toil and Trasstfwitii a new ot las-. -
proving the condition ot the wcrsiaasaast. A- 1
i i.n.i ifn. ih. M.lfi r i.. .n .Ei 1 1 1 . -
manccint;inscparaGiyconnccica,wiia laaia
tecritr of our constitution -noae of oaridtt-
tens ere more laterrsred than they lit wnardk.
in- as-amst any corruption jnmtcnees sues
seek ta.pcrvcrt the beneaeeat purpncea cCojt
Government, aad -none shoo bensore .sracs
mt of the artful machinations ot thoeawao
allursthem to eejf-lnaictcd Injury.
sorrTCtur tasrs
In a free conUrr tha curtaJlraeot or saa
absolute rirbU of the Indlrtdnal should only
be such a la eeAcnrial to the peace aad aoect
order of the community. Toe limit between
the proper suojects cr jrorernoseaiat eaacrot.
and those which can be more cuiaair lett a
the moral eense and sclfdmpaaeJrssirsr
the citizen should be carefully Kest Us view.
Thus taws unnccescarUr lnterfertosr Ith t-
habits and customs of any ot our people "
which are not otTensIre to the asoral sentl
xaents of the dvClzed world and which are
consistent with rood citizenship aad o
public welfare are unwiwaad vaxaUooa.
The commerce osVavaatloa to a arret extaav
determines Its snrremaey Cheap- aad. easyv
traznsortatlou should therefore be Ittxraliy
fostired. Within the Umluot tho CbaMitutloa
tho arneral Governmect shout so tstrnv
and protect Its natural water ways.aawti ear j
able tbe producers of-tao'eosjatry to rcadTa
profitable market.
cmi. sxtfricx mrwau
The people pav.the wusm of tha poh.
Bo employes and they ore entitled to the- fait
snd he nest work whiah tbe nosM she aaM
should eommand. it I the daryot the en
trusted with tho Ekuuuement. of these asutri
to dm that inch tmblie service Is fortz-eosauar.-
Thesciactloa and retention ot subardlaate
m Government empioyrcent snouta ccpeeo
npon ueir sscenaiaea Btsess ana m'
value of their worlumd the; shout be neither
expected oor allowed to do questionable party
service. The InlertH br th people wiU
be better protectrd;tb estimate ot pubis
labor and duty wtir&o lmsaeasaiytatsiroved.
Sublic eraplormtnt win bo open teal wit
emosstratc their fitness to enter It. Taeun
rcemly scramble for aplaceuBdertbeCos
erament with tho cooacqu-nt. iataot incite
which embitters public Iif o trill cease, and tb
public departments will ta bo filled wli
tboe who concetvo It a a taeis
duty to aid the party to which
they owe their places In&ead or reader
las a patient and honest return to ths people.
t believe that the public temper is sack that
thevctersof the land aro prepared to sup
port the party which Eirjs tae be, pmealw
of admlnlstennx; the Govemmeat la the hoar
est. simple nxt plain manner wMee U cocr
rtjtant with It charaWer and purposes- Use?
have learned tha mystery and coacte mear
tn the maraureracBt of taehr aSairf
cover tricks and betrayal. The statesman
(hip they require consist. In hoaerty aa
f rurality. a prompt response to the aoeJs ol
Uk people as they arise, sad the via
ilant protection of H their verted In
terest: If I should be called to the chief
maxistracy of tha Nation. Hy the ssiatrace.
.r n. mviv riUzTBt llll asanas the dutie
r th.t hih offiee with a aoleetn detemlus.
tlon to dedicate every effort to the cpuntry'l J
rood and with an humble reliance upfco xh ,1
favor and support or ine arrerae jsrraav
who I believe will always TewaN
honest human endeavrr in tho consefenftoot
t;u-iifM of fiuzillo diztT. '
lidsuedl GnovEttCutvEtaaaw;. ..I
To Coicntl wmiioT uaa. uaaiswaa.
Chess is the oldest game sow la
nsc. It was origtnallr plowed itt ladia.
where tradition says it war InvenMc)
five thousand years" ago. The Iad'iaa
came, however, was mBch isaptoved.
as it traversed other natfoaa- II
rex-bed China and thea casae tirocfb
Persia to Europe. Before the sixteenth
ccnturv there had been fifteen writers
on chess, of whom seven tms Aaiatica.
-At Amsterdam, 2T. Y., k a jcrrlwho
has two tonj?sv tho upper caa beitve
two-thirds th? length of the osfcer aad
bavins; tbe appearance of a aarural
tongue trrned'ovcr. The cfcAM -not
use tho upper toagae fai eatbap
though she can moTe it sllgktly. Troy
A newspaper fays that asms have
been comparatirelv fenaMrrtafea taia
year within the field ot itseUanattooa.
It beings leap year, says tUc jottrnai.
the ladies aro afraid ta aaarry leat $t-
shonld be thongat ta tfcef popped the
In India cats are sometime, at-'
ta.tmt -with chn!rra afcorilin? to a
French authority, aad may oemm n
csto tno ujeaso u i-j.

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