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9 k a
Dr. Price's Baking
a pure, wholesome
which makes the biscuit and cake oil
highest healthfulness at medium cost
and protects the food from alum, which,
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Tfce fotemost taking powde in all
the world.
rmoi BAKINO rOWOBH oo.
tatohood Issue To Be An
Important One In Pres
ent Oklahoma Cam
paign. 0SITI0N OF FLYNN.
n the Important Question
Causing Dissensions in Re
publican Ranks. He is
Afraid of Democratic
Indian Territory.
.In the present poimd eiMptrgn
ilahoms, th position of the
two parlteH on tho statehood issue
Is being definitely determined.
This-Fame alignment has extend
ed to the individunl voters. While
)ll declare for immediato state
hood for Oklahoma, the absorption
tf Democratic Indian Territory is
a much disputed question in Re-
"rmblican circles.
.After flouring out an elaborate
scheme of gerrymandering, DenniB
Flynn is not satisfied with the
probable political complexion of
tbe nerr dato in case the territory
is annexed Tho evaeive position
of Flynn haa earned dissension in
tho ranks of his party among those
who nro broader than machine
A. II. Classen, recorder of the
land oflico, and a prominent re
jiubljcon, is one who is afraid that
fflnleM 0)t territory ie immediately
.absorbed without any oi Flynn';
chicanery, that it may ultimately
Ibelost to Oktahonu.
In a Washington interview Mr.
elusion has said:
'Individually, I am not entire
ty satieficd with tha provision of
tho Oklahoma etaleuooa bin pro.
yuilng for tho Addition of Indian
territory when the tribal forms of
government thero becomes ' ex
tinct. The wording of the provi
sion is not eufilolenlly explicit. I
Ttnt to seo that changed before
the bill becomes a law so that it
will provide either for tho throw
ing of the boundary lines of Okla
homa around Indian territory im
mediately upon the admission of
Oklahoma, or for tho union for the
yarious tribal territories in tho In
dian territory as soon as tho tribal
Such a provision could be inserted
and nravleion made wherebv the
territory is to be annexed by pree-'
idential proclamation. It should
also bo made mandatory upon 'the
president to issue such a proclam
ation whenever tho Indian forms
oeaso to oxist.
' - "I realize that if this question
j, Is left open untii'afler tbo admis
sion of Oklahoma it will cause
muoh trouble and friction in tho
.future. It ought to bo disposed
of when Oklahoma la admitted,
and I hopo to seo some epeclfio,
direot declaration which will have
tho force of tho law in tho future,
and which cannot bo invaded, In
eroded into the bill befora it
passes the aenote."
Jn tho territory thero is a pro
It yonderanco of sentiment In favor
f-cf single sl&Uhood, provided that
tho territory is taken in as a unit
F?intl lii tint illvlflnit nnd fttianrliAil
i i)iocemoal to servo the ends of tho
machine politicians,
iry - Km, pnwnrn
Powder supplie3
leavening agent,
XoTr. Alum baklos rowdjrs f lo
prltcil, Ium cots but two cents
a round ) tout tum U corroilro
poWon nd it rendtr th baklnjr
powder dangerous to oso in (ood.
J. N. Holland of drove Thinks He
H s Solved the Allotment
The question of what constitutes
an allotmont of the different
grades of land is being much die
cussed throughout the Cherokee
The estimate published in the
Chieftain sometime ago is disput
ed by J. N. Holland of Grove who
has furnished the following table
which he thinks contains a more
correct estimate.
Clam Total ho. Acre Acres Uec'd
1 11.046 50
2 .1,026 GO
3 a 743,339 70
'b Wjfo SO
. - wr.fw w-
4b 899,207 100
6a 812,655 110
fib 034,018 130
Ga 414,800 160
Gb 5.G73 180
7a - 7,700 200
7b 014,302 230
8a 15,600 270
8b 150,301 320
0a 12.0G2 410
0b 41,142 610
10a 220,341 820
10b 4G0.320 1030
Under Heavy Bonds to Appear Before
Qrnnd Jury.
Judge Charles W. Raymond
Friday fixed the bond of Dep
uty. Marshal Frank Jones at 85,000
for his appearance before the grand
jury next month.
Jones is held for the killing of
O. D. Howard a bystander during
tho fight at Checotah Saturday.
Sam Baker, who was shot through
the body by the marshal is report
ed as improving, nnd will probably
Postmasters Appointed.
Tho following fourth class 'post
masters have been appointed for
tho Indian Territory: Delaware,
Chorokeo nation, Bertha D. Hen
dricks, vice John O. Johnson, re
signed. Smlthvillo, Chootaw na
tion, Martin Deadwiley, vice Ray
mond D. Roberts, removed. Wy.
ott, Chickasaw nation, W. A.
Uutchius, vice W. M. Schrivner
Judge Bryant Denies Application ot
Cattlemen For Injunction.
Application for an injunction
againBt Indian polico to prevent
them from ejecting largo herds of
cattle from the Chiokasaw Nation
into Texas has been denied by
Judge Bryant, on tbo ground that
ho has no jurisdiction. The fed
eral government 1b enforcing the
tribal cattle (ax of 25 cents a head
on cattle in thn torrltory. Several
stockmen rofused to settle, and
thoir stock was driven to Red river
and put across Into Toxas,
Recommended by Burton.
Senator Burton has recommend
ed tho appointment of S. T. Os
born, of Cofleyvlllo, Kansas, to bo
an attorney for the Dawes Com
missioner, to succeed Howard
Leekly, recently appointed a
United States Commissioner.
When you want tprlng chlokons and
the very I rcolnst, beat Of vegetables
telephone Cowan k Smart.
ExVlnltan Has Inaugurated a Cam
paign of Purification.
Since hit nppointment as United
States district attorney (or 'he
Western dlstriol, Wra. M. Mcl "j
haa heen a lurid nightmare to the
joint keepers and gamblers of the
After a period of training at Ok
mulgeo, bo has now entered upon
a campaign of purification in Mua-
kogeo. The joint keepert have
boen notified that thero are eorae
empty bunks at Leavenworth,
which they wilt soon occupy if
they do not throw away their cork
sorews, and the gamblers have die
oovered i U rtforu chips will go to
the government tb?n the- "kilty"
sinco the new prosecutor has taken
a hand.
One of these gamblers, Jack
Johnson, paid 8200 for hie Beat in
a game, when brought before Com
missioner Marshall Saturday.
'Frdni present indications, Mus
kokee wlli.be running a close sec
ond to Aehbury-Park before the
enow flies.
The Com mission to the Five Civilized
Tribes Will Continue In Session
at Tnhlcquali, Ind. Ter.,
From Saturday, August 80, up to
and including Friday, October 31,
1002, for tho purpose of receiving
applications for the enrollment ol
such infant children as may have
been born to recognized and en
rolled citizens of the Cherokee Na
tion on or bofore September 1,
1002, and still living on said date.
Tamb Bixdv,
T. B. Nekdles,
New Territorial Incorpo.atlom.
Clerk Freeman, of the Uuitod
States court of appeals, haa issued
a ciiarter to tho Miami Artesian
Water and Light Co., of Miami, I.
T. The incorporators are W. L.
Williams, JaniM K. Moore, S. D.
Hooper, H T Boniker and S. C.
Fullerton Tho capital stock is
?50,000, of which ?G,(XX is paid in.
The Checotah Hardwaro Co., of
Checotah, is now a corporation,
having received its charter yester
day. The incorporators aro R. J.
Kochf, Jackson Thompson, G. 6.
Hcndrix, M, II. Hensley and W.
H. Hooker. The authorized capi.
tal stock is 826,000, of which $18,.
000 has been paid in.
Arrival of the Townslte Commission
Causes Excitement.
The Creek townslto commission
has opened offices at Sapulpa and
is actively engaged in arranging
all the preliminary business pre
paratory to appraising the town.
The advent of the commission
has caused considerable excite
ment, and arrangements are being
perfected for launching a roal es
tate boom as soon as their work is
Col. A, J, Blackwcll's Monument Dis
mantled and Another Suit
Is In Sight.
Col. A. J. Blackwdl of Black
well, Okltt., who builds monu
ments, cureB mad dog bites, sues
his town and makes life generally
interesting for bis neighbors is in
a claeh with bis (own authorities
On the Fourth of July tho colo
nel unveiled n monument dedicat
ed to tho city authorities who had
enaoted ordinances against his
wishes. It disappeared the samo
night and the colonel entered suit
against the city for $20,000.
Friday its successor was dis
mantled by orders ol tbo city coun
ell. Another suit haB been filed,
whioh makes fivo now pending.
Negro Suiters Little From a Shot
Through Ills Head.
A bullet fired by Maater Mo
otunlo Dave Luckolt of tho Okla
homa a weatorn railroad, at an
abusive negro In tbe railroad yards
at Oklahoma City, Friday, bit
the negro at (he point where ho
was supposed to wear his brains
and courBed straight through bis
The lead failed to locate any
gray matter, and the negro wns
only slightly inconvenienoed by
tho ventilating shaft which the
bullet left. Luckett has not been
Groat Southwest is Now a
Financial Giant, Says
Tells tho Eaflt of tho Marvelous
Development of the Indian
Territory nnd Contiguous
Territory, and Predicts
Great Future.
President Yoakum of the Frisco
System, who has shown his confi
dence In the Indian Territory and
the great eouthwetl by penetrat
ing every section of it with the
steel ol tho great corporation, haB
given an enthusiastic inlorview in
New York in regard to the pres
ent conditions and futuro pros
pects of Ibis Bcclion. Mr. Yoakum
said in part:
"Thero is no cause for unoasi
rets on the ground that the West
and Southwest will not be able to
take care of the present crops, bo
far as supplying (unds is con
cerned. Conditions down there
uniformly point to prosperity. In
Tfxns and the territories alone,
estimating the cotton crop at 3,
500,000 bales, tbo farmers wil!
realize on cotton and cotton-seed
products alone, at present prices,
about 8135,000,000. Putting this
one product on n per capita basis,
it becomes evident that the finan
cial position of Texas and tho ter
ritories is immensely strong, as
compared with tho position of a
few years ago.
"This npplys not only to bank
eis and commercial interests, but
the farmers, stock raisers and
thoee eDgaged in local industries,
are becoming so independent that
instead of being borrowtrs they
will shortly be lenders of money.
In time, a large portion of the
money token from tho Eatt for the
movement of tbq crops will be
Western money, placed .nere to
the credits of We torn banks i a
withdrawn lempoiarlly. Thii
partly true of the present
'Today I regard the lvatt as
more dependont upon the Wait
than the West has been uron the
East lor many years, and from my
knowledge of the conditions, and
tho substantial growth nud devel
opment of tho West and South
west, I behve that the independ
ence of tho West will Increase as
timo goes on. Not only will this
ultimately prove to he true in mat
ters ol manufacture and industrial
life, but it will also apply to money
The greater Southwest, by
which I mean that territory bound
ed on the east by the Mississippi,
north by tho Missouri, south by
the gulf and weBt by a line drawn
from Kansas City to El Paso, is
going to afford a tremendous mar
ket for the products of the manu
facturing centers of the country.
The new towns that are going up
there now aro not by any means
like the boom towns of ten or fif
teen years ago. To illustrate this,
when our lino entered one of the
new towns In Indian Territory a
few months ago we found there
woro eighteen brick .buildings in
process of ereotion. Ten years
ago there might havo been the
same number of buildings, but
they would have been cheap frame
structures. When it is understood
that this same substantial improve
ment is going on throughout the
wholo of that section, it beoomes
evident that the manufacturing in
dustries of the Union will find a
constantly widening market in
that prosperous region.
"From ray knowledge of the
past and present territory in ques
tion, I am confident of its future.
Its diversified interests and tho
headway that Is being mado by
rapid development of a permanent
character must be known to be ap
preciated." CLOSING THE ROLLS.
No IVJore Applications for Citlrenshlp Will
Be Received.
Today will witness the final
olosingof tho Oherokeo rolls and
uo more applications for citizen-
Bhlp will bo considered by the
Dawes Commission. The work
of deciding the contested claims is
being pushed by tho oommleslon
and will be completed within a
few months, when the final roll
will be published,
A largo, convenient room to rant;
within ono bloclc ot town private
famllyi furnished or unfurnished. Ap
ply at Qulcttalnqfllcp. d
Confronts Willie Hakcll CoHcRf, Which
Opens For Ihe Scfaolutic Year Sep-
temter 9.
What promises to be tho most
successful year in tho history of
Willio Halsell oolloge begins Tues
day, September 0, when the open
ing exeroisos will bo conduoltd in
tbe collogo ohapel.
Many Improvements have been
mado in tho oolloge buildings since
the last torm,and with an enlargod
curriculum this splendid institu
tion will not only offer a homo
liko oorafort to the Btudsnts, but
will offer exertional educational
President Browning haB sur
roundod himself with n most capa
ble faculty, and 1b using every
oflbrt to make Willie Halsell the
ideal school. The lumbers of the
faculty for -the app oaohing term
O.L. Browning.A.M., President,
Science and Ethics.
J. A. Parke, A. M., English Lit
erature and Modern Languages.
B. B. Mooney, A. B., Mathemat
ics and Ancient Languages.
Mies Allle WiiliamB, A. B., Pri
mary and Intermediate.
C. M. Oakee, M. A., Commercial
and Shorthand.
Mies Cora May Brown, Music.
Mrs. Jpbn Miller Drake, Eloou
ion and Physics! Culture.
II. Leo Clolworthy, military in
structor. Tho attendance promised for the
approaching term iB most gratify
ing to President Browning and
those interested in tbe eohool, ai
it it aoctp'.ed as a recognition of
tho exceptional moral, physical
and intellectual training which
characterizes tho work of the col
ClaiaM m KUltd Ml
Uncle In Self
Dan Coody who, in a dispute
over the pomssion of a farm near
Cht-ofth, nrt rid killed bis un
cl4, J 5 j ' iv. YbQT Jay. larran-
i't ! t - ii.r v m, ft StalM mar
'im v i i Jj(. . htnrday.
1 i in :r ubln batvauk
tbe OK.N lor eoiuotime over the
right to poiesiin of a hay field.
The courts decided tbe dispute in
favor of Dan Ooody and the shoot
ing oocurrtd when his uncle at
tempted to lake foroible possession
of the land.
Both men were armed, but the
nephew was thf quioker on the
trigger. The ehooting caused a
great deal of exeitement, as both
of the men were prominent Chero
kee farmers. '
Campbell Bros'. Shows Will Uxhlblt
In Vlnlta September 10.
The Omaha (Neb.) World-Herald of
May 27, 1902, contained the followluL'
notice of Campbell Uros clroue.whloh
will give two performance hero on
Wcdnosday, Soptombsr 10th:
"Circus day oorae-s but onoe a year
In South Omaha Yesterday the
Campbell llrcw. elrcase care two per
formances and both were well patron
ized and highly spoken of by all. The
Campbel) boys, incidentally, are Ne
braska natives, having left their fath
er's farm at Falrbnry ten years ago to
try their hand at tUe circus business,
They ore regarded as thorough show
men, have built up an Immense bust
uets and their show Is noted for IU
scarcity of gratters and leecuet.wblch
usually follow a circus. Iast nlght'a
performance crowded tbe big twit to
Us utmost capacity."
Ilody of U. V.Dkkey, of Uartle-svllle,
Pound In Chsnute Knllroad
The body of tho Fman found in
the Fante F railroad yards at
Chanuto, KansaB, Friday, has been
IdenliUed ns that of B. V. Diokey,
a prominent grain buyer of Bar
tlesville, I. T. The body was
identified through aleller of credit
found on tho dead man.
Tho nuthorlliee feel oertaln that
Mr. Diokey was tho violim of foul
play, and as he waa well supplied
with money whon ho arrived In
Ohanute, the day before hia body
was found, robbery is supposed to
have been tho motive for the orimo,
ob he was known to be in Chanuto
fur the purpose of buying grain.
No olue has yet been obtained
as to the perpetrators of the orimo.
Doctors Could Not Help Her.
"I had kidney trouble for years,"
writes Mrs. llnymnud Conner ot Sbol
ton, Wash , "and the doctors could
not bolp uic. 1 tried Toley's Kidney
Cure, and the very llrt dose gavo mo
relief and 1 am now cured. I cannot
y too much for Foley's Kidney
Cure." 8old by Peoples drug storo. dw
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Iptti, and beautifying tbe ridn, ior
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lltl. m BH.ui.rsmT l'lll .r.r. Ik t awN
and cleat-M tbo Movd
Owwcti ar
s tri. t hi., i
.Tnctrni RaaotriT.M'wibatioranatuar
Moa.1 tmniKn ana aumoar oares. ukrw
eap rtatt.ooatainiacso does, pitte Sea
lS4 IkfMtkMS - vtlSt. MSk Mi tt-sv
For tho Joint Koopors In tho
Indian Torritory at the
Approaching Torms
of Court.
Against Sailers of & Called
"MeadsV'NVbicli Will be JPre
sented to the Grand Ju- -
rioe This Month.
A general orusade against the
joint keepers throughout the Ter
ritory is expected to follow the
convening of the grand juries this
It is reported that a mass of evi
bence has been aooutuolated by
detectives employed by the anti
saloon league against the vendors
of the so-oalled "meads" and other
intoxicants whioh will be submit
ted as soon as the grand juries
Sensational developments are
expedted at Uuakogee, where the
Hal of both the petit and grand
jurors who will serve at tbe pres
ent term of oourt hove been kept
Suporinteudenl Woolen of tbe
anti-saloon league spent several
days in Vinlta a few weeks ago,
and is thoroughly conversant with
tbe situation here.
Specimens of all the ooncootionb
sold have been thoroughly analixed
it is said, with results that will
make It interesting for those in
gaged in their ealo.
Tho work of semiring evideaoe
has been conducted quietly, but
most thoroughly, and not only the
joint keepers but tbe druggists
throughout the Territory who have
been oneaeed in illegal t?afiiu in
intoxicants will be vigorously
uody Is Idcnttllod.
Tho body of tbe unknown wo
man found besiJe the Missouri,
Kansas & Texas tracks near Caney
Friday has heou identified as that
of Miss Barbara Hates, of Knox
vllh, Tenn. She was about 10
years old and was on her way to
Texas. It is thought MUs Uaes
foil from tho train,
Coffins and caskets.
Funeral Director.
First National Bank,
tSJJ.hJ.licfJ?t;. SURPLUS, Sjo,ooo.
Old! and 8troBRett National Bank In the Cherokee Nation.
Uoa8f General
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Wil! sell in numbers to suit purchas
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the agency for the Globe hard wheat flour.
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they are leaders wherever sold. Will also buy
and sell produce, chickens, eggs butter, corn,
and oats, the last two items at retail or car lots.
Call on
L. P. GARRISON, The Hustler.
CaiMl Bros CoMituM Shows
Vinita, Wednesday, Sept. 10
Two performances) Afternoon and Night. Two Rings. Elevated
Stage. Mueem and Menagerie.
rionster Majestic-Spectacular
Unapproachable in Wealth and Grandeur.
Larger, Greater, Grander Than Ever
before with an entirely uew allow new elegantly finished cos'umca
and wardrobes throughout.
Menagerie, MU3tim. Exhibition ol Trained flnlrrtals
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