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gBaaioeti dnrlnx the wrrk.h wu exrtcd, feetn
IxwmlBS," mall and bolcf k deilrrt alike Tecclr
it- plfotjof ptroDCfrom the resident! of tbe t.tj
e'd tie Itfxe nflaz of Tliltor- from the other JeUndl
fcm to Bay it preent InteBd-d for the tf lios. at3
bTtaelittriIon to ce BfrchiBU Keoeral.j'to
drclxrf toil trntlneti arc Rood.
CommmUlIr there bil been tome .,SM thoir or
cUtHj; the arriTaii fromthe Cct of tbebartjoea
C-.fbri.n and LaT LamiotuBd P -tj of
(jdaey, the Utter with mall dte to thr IA !at, d
the departure of the O 8 S finer for the Cout. all tend-In-
to W-hlCB op trade In commercial circle.
The Import for tte weekconeUt of the caroe- of
-enera) merthindi. Lro-.-t by the Ladj Lamon.
Calbarlen and Cltj orr-rdaey -"rwa the Cout. lamVer
p-r KUVlUt from Tod Towofend and coal per Loch
Lee from wcatJe, " S W. The Br ttmr Madrai has
arrived to fcarborea route to Hon-konj.
The onlj export- for the Veel. the tar-o taken
tj the bx 10 the Coat amount for; In domestic talaa
lion w J100,p.
Det-M-Br altar Madras, Bradley, from Portland
Am oV Calbarlen, Hnbbut, from b F
Br bk Ladr Lampeoti, Mar ton, from b T
j. Brb-t Lch Lee. from 'ecaue
St-ry f-n City of fcydnej. Dearborn, from S F
2-rMbb City of fcydney, Dearborn, for fctdaey
About Tenor.
?"ew rrenlions are the order of the day.
The Christmas Bale at Adams', LeTfj's and
EhlrV received a ReuerotiB patron ape.
We hear that Madame Adelina Tatti ha beta
inrested with the Order of KapioIanL
To Mr. J. C. Glade and Messrs. J. M. Oat & Co.,
we are Indebted for special nevs f aTors.
The Minion Children Society meet neit Satur
day eTeninR, December 30th, at Hon-S. N. Castle's.
Here's your cood health, and 3 our families
good health, and may yon lite Ions and prosper."
Dunne the year. 3 Tessels with immigrants have
armed ; they broach t C27 men, COO women and
1051 children, all Portuguese.
Mr. Henry Corawell had recovered sufficiently
from his late illness as to be able to tale passage
to his home on Maui per tUtTUt on the ISth inrt.
Our thanks are due to Mr. J. O. Carter fur a
pamphlet upon Japanese postal matters, and to
the Hawaiian poatal authorities for a report upon
the new Money Order system.
The Hand Concert nt Emma Square on the eve
ning of the 23d inst. was rather poorly attended.
the damp weather assisting in a crcat degree to
proTtde a cause for the absence of the fair r.
Vecoels in Port,
Am bktne iwmj, retrlman
Am bctne J 1 bprcckels, i'riis
Am bk I) C Murray, Ha&Enn
Haw aebr -Jennie walker, Underwood
Am ach Claaa bpreckela, Confine (repair, a j.t
Am bytne Contoelo, Howard
Br bk Lady Lampoon, Martton
Br ttmr Madras Bradley
Br bk Loch Lee
Benort of F X S S City of bydney, Dearborn. Com .
Hcnolaln pilot Dec 'Alb, a in Ml cabin aodSS
lecrar pan-mien for llooololn; 3D cabin and 2
teera;e -acncera for Aattralla; I'd ton freight and
JS htz mall for lltwolala. Mm 21 hoar, tron
irindf from N W and & W and heavy ki: aince S W
wish ine enure rmZ- iu nearj rwcu imn m
from ban FraaclA. per Calbarlen. Dec 23- I'd II
taio rnern noae; .aue iooae, Aenis.
From San Francisco, per Lady Lampoon, Drc CJ-A
run carp) aiamae; ircwer vo, Jceni.
From baa Frandrco, per City of bydney, Dec3 A
From Seweartle per Loch Lee,rc S3--Care toal.
From Tort Townsend per Kllkf Ut, Dec 51 Cargo of
for the Colonic, per City of Fdory. IW Sfi S2 b-a
For the Colonies, per Ulty cl l
arrowroot . domestic Value
Fnr Sat PrandkcA. txr hoez. Dee 23 ISKi tons roar.
lnl tMnanaa, aomcauc vainc oumiira jr"j,w.
From fan I ranclwe. tirr Oonanelu, Dec 1- A U
Smltb. and wife, K A White, Jno U'lkox, AOonzate.
D Liopez. It Lopez.
Fnr windward I'orta. nerlJkellke, Decl9U R II
Mra Kapena, Mr Boh,3liM bhedont Mra Cltrk. 3lr
C A Klin. T V UUdcUlM Baldwlo. MUaTnrton. Mi
Itatoa, Mlaa Horner. Mlea Hindi. .MraodMrt Henry
Corn ell, ft Homer. Mr and iUf D It Vlda. V 11
liolme. L ontempaKT, Jdr hynncnly, ua eimore,
Cant Baler. A ti Uurkbardt It learcn. JV Oilfillan. G
Campion, J Brown, A A Hern, F b Pooo, Mrs Maboe.
w Li wticos, h r jonnaon.
From Kauai, per 3atnea ilakrc. Dec SO-Capt Hat
field, MrCulsan.
For KaoaL per Jamei Makee, Dc W HoU-
For baa Francisco, per bBa.Dcc CM V F Jones,
wadi inire, api vnru, u smun. 11 jveiier, i.ut-
iijhlll,JlchJcnoa.JlV'iiiamp,J Gnlbalt.J X Low,
v u ivuinua miner, jur ji nrpnyt iuikoh.
Fmtu I'net Konnd. im-t KIIkilaL Dfr 22 11 rim n
Fmm Kahnlnt. per Kllanea Hob, Decd-r X Makee
Mr Mailer, Mias bheeiey, Mrs Farafwortb. Mr Jackeon
From Windward I We, per LikeIike,Dc 2lth-H R
H l-rtnceaa Ullnokalanl, Var Dominic. Mrs Itosh.Mra
Wiln.M!M bbrldon, J Tucker. W Martball. W R
Catbbnrt,CaptIIarlry.H It Smyth, J T Downey, Oco
Klnr.JCbmtlh.FLbtolcF (tlade.W II Tbwu,
11 Alexander. Mrs Lewis, Mra Kapena, Capt Taylor,
From ban FrandKco, per Calbarlen, Dec 23d DrTT
bclT, Ceo tioodacre and wife.
From ban Francisco. ier Lady Lanipiton.Dec tMth
Kev Mr Edward, VJI Jcnolna and wife, Dr A JCaxer.
jur iieuuaio.
From ban Francleu, ir City f bvdney, Dec S5th
Hon II A I' Carter. MUe Carter. I C Jon, W U Irin,
bant Tarker. Col C H Jodd, Itr IkAnett, J Morray, Mra
II C Johoaon, 1'erley, Y K Foster and wife. Chaa
Mlchrla, F F l'orter. Iloa b U Wilder, B Hlork. b T Al
exander. J Haler.Mrs Palmer. Mr C W Kello-rr. John
lUtbtsaoa. MUk Mclnerny, Mlii Mlcheli, A D 111 and
wife, D Woteott Mi A Morle, MUa Kello-;, C hrar
borvarh. Father Bachard. 11 Matcrbmife. Ufa F Mad
dQi, J Thalbcrs. J A JlcNrar and k Ife, J Hay. U btne-
oeit dq in aieerac.
For the Colonics, per City of bydney, Dec 2"VW Lid-
Saie, t jiavraoaa.
MesriTS. Leners &. Cooke are now the owners o&
the American ship Ifojf which came intj port
here from pea in distress, having purchased her
from Cap t Curtis on the 30th mst terms private.
Pr, Thomas See ley of Cleveland, Ohio, a brother
of President St-eley of Amherst Collece, arrived by
lheCaifcrrtNonthe S3d inst. Me hear that tie
returns to his home by the way of China and the
Suez Caual.
Mr. Montano has joat finished a senes of view s,
forty-eight in number, of the VTaimanalo Planta
tion and frarroundinc country. The Tiews are well
worth beinc inspected by lovers of the weird And
The Crown has arrived: two Crowns have ar
rived ; bo has a Sceptre and any amount of cor
ceousne&A. Thcbe were whole crowns. The Colo
nial patibengers carried along with them a number
of half crowns.
The new building in progresH of construction
for Mr. Thomas Waller, situated next to Messrs.
Castla &, Cook, on King Street is rapidlv ap
proaching completion, and will be a decided Im
provement to the locality when finished.
Yesterday Mr. Adams bold at auction the bakery
business and property ,'to dofte the- copartnership,
belonging to Love &, llrolhers, which was knocked
down to Mr. Kobert Lore for $J0C0. This 'sale
includes the bakery and premises and a boose and
Chiefs, subordinated, messengers, and everybody
but the silent and steady librarian, desert the
Government buildings at the noon hour. The
general puuiic may not nope io transact any uafii-
Among the arrivals from the Coast are a number
of kamaainas: P. C.Joncs,JrS.T.Alexaader, W.
G. Irwin. Sam. Parker, Col. C. II. Judd, Hon. S. G.
uuer, lion. n. a. i uaJter, Jiissuaner, w.t.
Foster and wife. Miss Mcluemy, C. Scarborough,
u. uiaue ana uenry natcrnouse,
A rifle match toot place at Wailuku on Christ
mas day. The prize was a 'cup valued at
There were 45 competitors, each of whom had 3
filiota. ine ingnest possible score was u. ait.
w. il uornweii won witn a score ot is. . a.
Vrrv 11. J. milantine II, C. A. Hailey 9, J. lbuley
One of the happy episode connected with the
Christmas season was the presentation of a' purse
containing $100, to Miss flax man, by the members
and friends of the Kawaiahao Seminary. The
anair was a complete Borpn&e anu me nappy re
cipient could only blush her acknowledgments,
woras lauing.
Edward Dcllex, while laboring under the effect
of alcoholic influences, on the evening of the d
inst. made a slicht attempt to sever his jocular
vein with the assistance of a razor. Not being ac-
auainted witn tbe locality, lie only managed to in
ict a slight cut under the chin, and his courage
lining, ue ueniaicu iruui a mimes iriiii.
Ihe many friends of Mons. the Count de Lou-
vieres, Chancclier of the French Legation of this
Kingdom, ill undoubtedly be pleased to learn that
his government has notified him of his promotion
In the corps, and has ordered him to duty at Sid
ney, N. S. V. The Count and bis wife will not
leave more me juarcn steamer.
AMILEYTOKBERT In thlf City, Dec SM, JR!,
ltyj. A. L'roiao. pastor of Fort bt. Cbnrrb, Y. Geo,
AofiLCr- of ban Joe. Cat to MIpb Krma E. Torbert.
-ol llonniaia, II. I. oCaraf.
tff" ban Joee, Cal., papers please copy
In I hi city, Dec Stt, to the wife 0f L B. Kerr, a son,
AUSTIN At Kapalawa, Dec2M, I8S, by a fall from
a noree, m a, ji. dcima, arro, do years.
Pastor Croxan't Christmaa Sermon.
" Chjubt the IIabtix or HisToaT.
The most wonderf o! life of al history is that of
Jesus of Nazareth, L is characterized throughout
by a singular coinbinition of humility and gran
deur, of simplicity aid sublimity, and of tho hu
man and divine. In this it differs from all others.
Christ appears in tie world as a poor child, in
one of the smallest ttwns of a remote country, in
one of the lowliest epta in that town a stable 1
and guea oat from tint stable a helpless fugitive
from the wrath of a cruel tyrant. Bat Heaven and
Earth do lltm honoras Ue J tea there nmon- tlm
animals in helpless Teaknees. This child bets the
angeue nost, ine eoiiiersol iierod, tbo slicnherds
on the hillside, and tie Wise Men of tbo Kaolin
motion. He attiacs the beit elements of tho
world and arouses tie enmity of the worst.
Of His boyhood ws have but one glimpse; wo
see Him for a few burs in tbe Temple question
ing tie doctors of tie law. (Jf His young manhood
we have only one aatence: u Is not this the car
penter r But we kiow that he was no unnatural
prodigy in those oaly years. There was nothing
forced or promatun. And yet there certainly was
a degree of wisdoc, an innocence and punty. an
intensity of religion feeling and interest, which
made Him a market youth. He was an obedient
eon, and yet He 1W His parents with a eacrvd
ChriaVa public lib lasted only three years. He
died in the full bea.ty and vigor of early manhood,
at an age when orunaxy men have not reached
maturity. He nevi became an old man. ILith
His person. His tachings. His work retain, and
always will retail, the brilliance and vigor of
youth. Other mei's works and thoughts grow old,
mildewed and ruoidy. Christ's grow fresher and
fresher with the ctituries. And yet, unlike other
men of His years, Christ combined with the frcth
neaa and energy aid originality of youth, the wis
dom, moderation aid experience of age.
Christ's short Ministry contains mora from a
purely historical mint of view, than the longest
life of the create; and best of men. It ia nmt.
nant nth the deocst conn col of God. and the des
tiny of the race; t is the ripe fruit of all preced
ing ages, and thefruitf ul germ of f nture ages; it
is tbe end of axrandleas past, the center of a
boundless preset, and tho beginning of a bound
less future. Am yet three short years bound his
uie-worK. kjuic men require a long succession of
VKtiw In tnttnm hir tnlnil anrl tnnnM 4 1...;- ...
lemsof thoughtand makealastiug Impression on
the world. But3hrlst,in three short 3 cars laid
the fouadationi of a spiritual kingdom, which
stands to this dy, and is every year extending its
domain, and wt one day possess the world.
Mark still another contrast between Chri&t and
the other heroe of History: Ve should naturally
auppose that ech an nncommon ncrona(r. t.
ting up such abounding claims, and proposing the
most extraordiary work, would surround himself
with eitraordmry circumstances, and maintain a
position far abve the vulgar and degraded multi
tude around tin, We should expect something
uncommon an striking in his lout, his dress, his
manner, his ode of favors and rewards to dis
pense. He waian humble peasant, without friends
or patrons in the Sanhednn, or at tho courts of
Herod or Ca-ar. He selected bis diannlai fmm
among illiterte fishermen, and promised them no
reward in thi world, but a part in the bitter cup
of his own stf enngs. He dined with publicans
and sinners, without ever condescending to their
low habits xi manner. He was so poor that He
had no plao to rest his head. He depended for
the supply d his modest wants on the chanty of
friend. Vfihout science and learning, he abed
more light a thinrs human and divine than all
philoAophemnd scholars; without Ike eloquence
of schools Li apoke such words of life as were
never spokesiieiore or since. itnout writing s
single tine hi set more cens in motion, and fnr.
nUbed more hemes for ncrmons, orations, descrip-
uvub, iruvo Tviuuica, whim oi an, anil BWCCt
wngs of prose, than the whole army of great
men of ancutit and modern times. Horn m a
manger, and crucified as a malefactor, He now
aiantu aioneana solitary among all the heroes of
hiatorv. Hi itreovnta an iiiooltaMA nmMnm
tuuW e bw our heads, and with the lEoman
ivntunon,sy: l tvxr this wis nir box or uod;
School Examination at Kotuu
On Thnnlay last, eceniber ?st, the children
attending lie Her. S, H. and Mr. DavU school in
Kona, Hkwiii, assembled for their yearly examin
ation, and! must hare been very pleasing to the
parents to-ritnetu the happy, healthy look of the
papua, tner oraeriy ueporunent, ana ue inor
tfUghnesH Tiih which theT had been instructed,
Iteatatiotswcre given by eighteen ofthe children,
cominnnciifr with the KleTihinla Indicna ami Af.
ricanus, followed by shorter pieces from the First
and Seocud Headers : and with but a sohtary ex
ception rut an eriui was made by the little ones.
4uuisuwa 01 wuicn mere were iour,
were exajuineo. in ueauing, SpeUing, Dictation and
Anlhmetx. with occasional o ,n,i a(w,mmni.
ments 01 the piano by Mis Mary Kalomika, the
qaiawMi.L fccacncr. 1111s ooara-
mr acnocl for nrl baa lieen mj.. ,.
meet of Hr. and Mrs. Davis for several years, and
fatal rffse bdaa for their careful surcrribion of
the ctnLLtnt the attention to their health, and the
luwfTOSLocaa wiui wiuu, uey are tauiit.
Carp Raising Success on Hawaii
Ettna Giirm. Some eighteen months im.
Dr. Trousaeas imported a lot of carps, which
were placeU in one of the reservoirs of the Pacific
Sugar Mill Company, To-day some of the carps
were taken out rueAAricg U to 18 inches in length
and wyaghiag from 2W to 3 Iba each. These were
numbers of yotng fiih have Wn observed at
varions tiojes (swimming on th snrfaDe of the
tswtwxi iroia one to f inches in lenctn. It is
nocfnl that t)ui Kiuvwe r rt. t.ZIT
eauvi following up by others in the same
enjoyed Lhemselves in the "procrarcrne of dances
arranged for the occasion to the music of Berger'a
Band. The Hall was tastefully decorated and the
supper was one of the best efforts of Hart Bros.,
the caterers, liis Majesty visited the Hall at a
late hoar end after recti ting the officers of the
irganizauon, renreo.
Amongst the Items of the festivities connected
with the proposed Coronation of His Majesty, the
special one of illuminations, appears often, and it
ia nniierstoou mat ine powers tnat oe, iniena to
make the tUuminalions as numerous aa possible.
The insurance agents of the city however, have,
in protecting the interests of the home companies,
a word or two to say in the matter, for if fire
should result from exposed or other lights used in
illuminating wooden or other buildings, they, tbe
insurance agents would most probably be inclined
to defer payment of insurances on buildings de
stroved and would probably allow owners of such
buildings to sue the Government,
Our Celestial brethren enjoyed the novelty as
well as did their Cancassian friends, of the services
connected with the Christmas tree celebration held
in the Chinese Church, Fort Street, on the after
noon of the 22d insL, under the direction of Mr.
Frank Damon. The exercises consisted of ring
ing, eading and addresses, and were participated
in by the Chinese Sunday School scholars and Mr.
Damon, the latter delivering an address to the as
sembled Chinese in their own language, which was
received with respectful attention. Master Chung
a youthful scholar of Miss Fayson'i care an illus
tration of his proficiency in the F.nglish language,
the enunciation and delivery being most excellent.
After tbe Cistnbuuon ot presents ine company
We hate been favored by the publishers with a
copy of "Tributes of Hawaiian Terse, a little
brtfhrt t containing as indicated in the preface,
verses selected from among a number of local
poems. Tbe selections consist of specimens of
the poetical abilities of Judge Jones, Itollin M.
Daggett, Chas. Warren Stoddard, T.lU Walker
and Geo. W. Stewart and are interesting on ac
mnnl of the anbieeta relating entirelv tODortions
of Hawaii nei, isles where the Muses dwelLV As
a Bouvenier 01 lue Holiday season ana 01 inese
isles of mid-ocean, the little volume is a most
timely and appropriate present to forward to
friends abroad and the meritorious character of
the contents should afford it a place amongst inoro
pretentious and prolonged efforts ot the more noted
authors on the library shelves of our on residents.
Messrs. . O. Hall &. Son have again displayed
their characteristic business energy by the pro
duction of an one hundred page catalogue
illustrated with over one hundred and seventy
five cuts of the different articles that may
bo fouud at their establishment and which include
bcemingly everything in the lines of agricultural
implements, builders' hardware, kitchen utensils,
sloven, cabooses, and other articles too numerous
10 mention m a newspaper notice, nut wnicn may
be readily learned by a study of the well filled
pages of their bew catalogue. As a specimen of
the work done at the Uazette printing establish
ment wc feel a little proud at tne tangible evidence
presented of our ability to compete with Coast
tcrprihiog firms like Messrs. E. O. Hall 4 Sou.
The toasts to be given at the Masonic banquet
which takes place atjthe Palace to-day are seven
in number and as follows :
L His Maiest v and members of the ltoval Familv.
HesnonBe bv Hon. A. S. Clechorn.
2. The Supreme Council, Grand Council of
France and Grand Lodge of California. Response
by Governor Domims, and Hon. A. Fornander.
3. Worthy Masters of Local Lodges. Itesponse
by Geo. a Howe.
4. Worthy Wardens of Local Lodges. Hexponse
by J. M. Monsarrat.
f.. OftWiW nf Trfwal 11.16 ltnnnu l.v C. T.
i'oner. .
6. A luting and Sister Lodces. Itesnonse bv J.
7. The Masonic rrnternitr. Itesnonsa bv 1 Collin
M. Daggett.
uawu iv.ijiuu imj., untuck an tunai-mamcr uu
me aus picious occasion.
At the request of Dr. I lagan, resident physician
of the Insane Asylum, an inquest was held by Cor
ontr Dayton on the -1st insU on the body of
Charles Dias, a German, aged about 45 years, who
had been fouud hanging, dead, in a cell connected
wuu iu? .-ujtuui, uu iuc morning 01 ine .viu.
Coroner Dayton obtained tbe services of six arti
sans employed about the building, saa jury, whom
after beinc sworn and viewmc the bodr and hear
ing the testimony of Dr. Hagan, the attendants
nnd Superintendent -Wright, returned a verdict
that the 44 deceased had come to his death by his
own hands. The jury exonerated the Asylum au
thorities from all blame in the matter. Mr. II.
Johnson, clerk of the Police Court, took down the
testimony as offered. Nothing it known regarding
me ameccuents 01 me suiciae inrtner man tnat lie
was found in the streets of the city, and commit
ted to the AfiTlum in Jul v. 1881. fie has been re-
garded as daugcrous, hiving displayed homicidal
Ilesideu the passengers whoee uameti appear
among the departures by the Sw:, there were two
others in transit who, made their minds up hur
riedly, and took passage for the Coast. Whether
vpeciallv dispatched as envovs to meet di&tuicuifih-
eu visitors, or not, will probably appear in the
next news irom tne i&asi.
His Majesty paid a visit of inspection to the
Commercial saloon on the night of the -Ird inst.
His presence there produced a most unwonted
stillness and also induced the natire element who
felt thirsty to iatronizo some other saloon. As a
coubequenco during the hour that His Majesty re
mained tne commercial was as quiet as a met-iing.
A horse attached to a hearse belonging to Mr. C
K. Williams, the undertaker, made an attempt to
clear himself from the lugubrious trappings and
vehicle on the afternoon of the 20th insU, but
proved unsnccesdfuU The hearse however is
damared to a considerable extent. The nresence
of mind of tho driver prevented collisions with
other vehicles, which might have resulted serious
The little U!ltttH raises its voice for " fair play"
on the supposition that the Gazttte has suppressed
an VJrU reply to Mr. Pilipo. Your youthf ulness
dear Mullet in has allowed ou to be gulled by the
insinuating and unreliable -Irfmfwr. TJflorta
nave oecn maao to nna tnat repiy " m me r.ieie.
Futile! Suppose the JiulUlin tries and pub
lishes the result of its labor? That would be fair
1 he attention of our readers is called to the
fplcudid showing, financially, made by the Liver
pool, London and Globe Insurance Company of
London, England, and of which Messrs. Bishop
A Co. are agents in this city. The fire insurance
alone for 181 was 5,GU0,00O, total amount of claims
here are promptly adjusted and payable at the
omco 01 tne agents.
The regular meeting of Lodgo Le Progres do
rOccania No. li'f,A. F. &. A. M will be held at
their hall on King street this Wednesday evening,
Dec l7th, at 7i installation of officers. Ha
waiian Lodge No. 2i, F. & A. M.f will also hold
a meeting at their rooms this evening, at the same
iiour insinuation 01 omcers. wsiiing uremren,
in cood slaudinc.aro cordialtv invited to attend
citucr 01 tue aoove loages.
The cauoe assigned for the appointment of tho
manager of the J Irtrtuer to the post of Secretary
of the Board of Health was, that Mr. HsRHuiger
uau to resign on account 01 overwork. nat a
1 err capable man tno present incumbent mutt be.
as. notwithstanding bis duties as temporary
Minister ot Finance, Milk Inspector, etc., he still
retains the position of Secretary to the "greatest
suow on cann, wtuiout a murmur.
Previous to the departure of the steamer, Col.
Spreckels gave a dinner to the Hawaiian in San
Francisco, the affair was a brilliant one. the follow
ing gentlemen uero present: Gov. Low, Meters. S.
T. Alexander, G. Spreckels, Sunter, W. G. Irwin,
H. W. Severance, W. H. Dimond. J. C. Glade, Cob
C H.J add, H. A. P. Carter, J. Tabcr, P.O. Jones,
ji. rprccaiis, oam l arger, o. u. n uuer.
Mr. William J. Austin, a well known and re
spected half cable, met with an accident, by a fall
from his horse, on the afternoon of the !2d int
and which resulted in his death at 720 p. ra. on
the same date, 1 he circumstances connected with
this Mil affair hcems to point to an almost exact
similarity in the injuries received as in the acci
dents which resulted in the deaths of the lamented
irfipt. nope anu inas. 1. uiuinguam.
At the regular meeting of Post Geo. W. Do Long,
Grand Army of the Republic n branch of an
American institution,) the following gentlemen
verecjecteu as omcers tot tne ensuing term 1 n.
W. Lainc, P.O.; Samuel Nott, S. V. C. ; W. It.
Lawrence. J. V. C. : Dr. M. Ha?en. P. S. : Dr.N.
si. xnerbon, umcer 01 me iy; il J, (jreen,
uaanermasTer : o. jucrveasne. uuapiain : J. him
onson, Officer of the Guard; F. L. Clarke, Adju
Ihe second of the series of entertainments which
the Honolulu library and Heading Koom Associa
tion intend to give bi-weekly, took place at the
rooms of the Association on the evening of tbe 22d
in&L, and consUted of readings from Dickens'
"Christmas Carols Hon. A. F. Jodd, Miss Lottie
Carter, Mrs. K. P. Adams, Mr. A. T. Atkinson and
Mr. E. P.Adams were the readers of the eveninr
and the various selections were satisfactorily re-
New ideas to attract the attention of the public
by means of advertising circulars are constantly
being brought to general notice, many of which,
besides the uniqueness and originality of the pro
Uuction present useful and v&InAble information.
iueiaiedtoncreii ia one presented by air. Joseph
K. Wiseman, the well-known real estate broker and
general business agent of this city, and contains
the sailing dates of the foreign anq island steam
ers, world's time, fire district. .tr A nratal will
obtain one of the circulars for such as have not
been supplied.
The scholars belonging to the Sunday School of
the Bethel Church, and their parents were present
at a Tery enjoyable Christmas festival held in the
Church, on the evening of the 23d inst. Literary
exercises were held in the Church during the first
part of the evening, afterwards the assemblage ad
journed to the vestrr where Santa Clam mad his
appearance and donated gifts right and left to the
merry faced, but wonder-stricken juniors. Re
freshments were then supplied to all present, after
w&icn tne icsuvai enaeu, me occasion navug been
most joyous one win xor young ana old.
Prizes to the amount of $30 were distributed
among the Sblar3 of Fort Street School on Fri
day lash The Principal waa "enabled" to do this
through the liberality of Mr. Hobert Lewers: who
gave the money as an incentive to good behavior
and sound scholarship. Two prizes were given in
each room : the recipients were Annie Perry,
Edmund HartV Oito Zintaro, Hattie Brown, Leta
Wilder, Zaida Cnnha. Willow Baldwin, Chas. Gur
ney, Slay Ward, MoUy Atkinson, Leslie Scott,
Lucy Ward. The effect coon the school, of the
promise ot tnese prizes, naa been very gooa.
Tne Ancient Ordsr of Kantexs gays their first
anniversary ball at tka New iltuic liaU on the
evening of the IXXh in-U The attendant was not
as large aj was hoped for, the waaihsr tending in
a great degree to keep away many who had par
chased tickets. Those who were thus thoroughly
I he semi-annual examination of the Kawaiahao
Seminary last Thursday and Friday was very
creditable to both pupils and teachers. It showed
the scholars under most excellent discipline, the
school premises neatly kept and the scholars quiet,
prompt, trained to habits of attention and accuracy.
1 lia titaehfira warn nlsst dinirn tn tui snlliniiiaDtin
and skiUfol in their work. We published the pro
gramme in last week's Gazttte. Miss Norton's
classes in tustory uiu luemseives great credit, as
did also Miss btorrs' classes in language lessons
nnd in arithmetic We have no room for any de
tailed report. Prizes were awarded for neatness
in the care of text books, for general attentiveness
and improvement m stud v. It was verv evident
that the efforts made by the Principal, Miss Nor
ton, iu raise me niauuaru vi ucuoiarbmp naa ueen
a thorough success, nnd Hawaiian inrls under her
care hive had the advantage of most conscientious
and skillful training. Her ideas of school man
agement have n ably earned oat with the hearty
co-operation of all the other teachers, Miis Flax
man, Miss Chamberlain, Miss btorrs and Miss
Wett. Very few fore ign children of the same age
... .-..It ... 41 !.. t ,. J- T-
tne eigut years course 01 staay ot mis scnool.
Hi wilt.
The schooner Itht Sfhuanei; Capt. Joseph Spen
cer, arrived at Hilo on Saturday Dec 16, sixteen
da a from San Francisco with a full cargo of gen
eral merchandise.
Tho three masted schooner Mary A. Ilirt A.
U. Paul, master, arrived at Hilo on Saturday Dec
16. twentv-onc davs from Humboldt, with a carco
01 reuwooa lumoer to estate 01 vv. xi. new.
One of the passengers on the schooner Mn
SchmtMtir just arrived at Hilo, was arrested and
convicted on a charce of smnzulinc opium. Four
tins of the drug being found on his person on com-
mg on uiore irom me schooner. lie was fined
one hundred dollars and one week in jail.
The weather during the week has been fine,
with Iiiglt winds.
Last Saturday a meeting was held in Wailuku
for tho final organization of a Itifle Club.
Ever body is busy on things for Christmas.
Sprcckera store at Kahului has been crowded
from morning to night.
A Snaniard f-mnlmpil nn Ifnxta ulanf atim
ab lrcmau, was thrown from a horse he was riding
on the 15th inst, and the horse falling on him in-
jureu iuc uiau Kuvertij.
Last Tuesday week, . Batchetcr, for many
jean baker in Wailuku was seriously injured. He
was trying to jump; on to tho .train as it was
fiuiuL; mu iuu ut u 1 usi u until m nauuiui. nc
Uippcd nnd fell, his foot being crushed by the
citrK. jy ini nccoania ue was uoing wen.
Ihe skimmings from the mills atSprcckelsville
will in future bo run into the sea. A good thing for
the sanitary condition of the place, but it is likely
to hao n bad effect on the fishing. Fish used to
swarni at Maliku, but as noon as the skimmings
from Haiku were carried to the sea, the fish left.
However health in more important than fish; and
ine uau wiu nna poiiic more convenient ftntntat,
O110 of our most voiced Boston, Mass (.U.S. A.)
exchanges recently commented on a certain matter
thus: Whenever Boston rises to speak, Boston
mcauH just what it says. whether as a crowd or
an individual. One or her well known citizens
and builders, Mr. Chas. S. Strickland, of9Hoyls
ton Place and 10T IiarrUou Avenue, after minutely
how the hichent medical talent failed to reticvn
him, how bo would be imptisoncd, months at a
time ia a sick Vhambcr, and how in the Last attack
his case nearly appeared hopeless, said: "By
chance I heard of bt. Jacob's Od, applied it, and
in a few hours was entirely free from pain in knee,
arm and shoulder. 1 cannot find words to convey
King 01 rueumatum,'
A Friend of the Treaty,
We welcome to our shores a brother Editor, A.
D Bell, Esq., of the &ttt Franci Merchant. Mr.
Bell lias done noble work for nt in the columns of
his paper: when other journals refused to grant
any assistance or even to publish communications
refutinif the ChronUU libels, Mr. Bell stepped for
ward and both by editorial work and other means,
manfully defended us. He has also consistently
supported the continuance of the Jteciprocity
Treaty. Mr. Bell comes here for rest: we may be
sure that he will meet with a cordial retention
from many who, though till now, personally unac
quainted with him, have known him long by hU
the best commercial paper published this side of
the ICocky Mountains and competes ably with its
oiucr cstxousnxu nretnren in tne jjabi.
Burial of William Austin
The obsequies attendant upon tbe interment of
the late William Austi n took place t (he residence
of the deceased on the afternoon of the 2i(h inst,
and was attended by delegates from the Knights
of Pythias, Fire Department, Cavalry Guard, and
a platoon of Hit Majesty's Household Troops.
A Largo concourse of People, friends and acnuatn-
tenanoes of the deceased, embracing members of
me ioyai ramny aa wui as tnosc in bummer po-
eitions in me were aiM present to witness tue last
sad rites of the funeral. Iter. Mr. Parker eondnct-
ed the services, and in his remarks regarding the
character of the dead man, spoke of him in hichlr
eulogistic terms. After the last prayer had been
saia, tne comn, borne by delegates o: associations
present, was taken from the house and deposited
near the vault where laid theremaios of his father.
Here the ritual of the Knights of Pythias was gone
inrougu wiinanu at tne ciose me oooy was depos
ited in the vault. The Household Troona then
fired three volleys over the grave, and the Urge
assemblage departed leaving the dead Tjjth the
dead and in its Last long steep.
The deceased' wa4 highly respected by all who
knew him, and his sudden Uking off will be a loss
not easily replaced in the circle he was wont to
make clad bv his nresenee. He learea a vifn and
a large circle of friends to mourn his sudden de
St. Andrew's.
Christmas services were held in natire and Eng
lish at St Andrew's pro-Cathedral, ' Tha church
had been vtxy tatef qjly dtoarated, with kaHl, feres
and flowers, which in this cocntry take the place
of the traditional holly, A number of the familiar
Christmaa hymns were sung. The 7 toe was
Euns to music compoaea ny Mr. wray Taylor.
The Kev. A. Mackintosh preached. His a Majesty,
accamrjanied br tha DeontT Chamberlain nd llu
Ex. W. M. Gibson, were among the cmgreaUc2L
Treaty Toplca-
The sibct of the Bedprocity Treaty has been
taken up in the United States Congress so tar aa
referring the matter to the Committee on Foreign
Affairs and who have ere this returned a report.
Following we give the comments of the Eastern
WismxsToiT. December 3th. Talks with Beore-
resentativea hare elicited manv expressions of ao-
prorai of the report of the Tariff Commissinn, and
strengthened the impression that their recommend
ations will.be likely to receive the snpport of most
of the republicans. At the same time, the Demo
crats express Ihemselrn as favoring the recom
mendation in general. There are intimations that
representatives of the sugar trade may find it to
their interest to form some sort of an alliance with
me Hawaiian Commissioner, who has just arrived
in Washington, to counteract, if practicable, the
influences which are at work looking to the ter
mination of the .Reciprocity Treaty between the
United States and the Hawaiian Islands. The
prospects for tariff legislation by tbe House this
session are very favorable. While the extreme
Free Traders will be willing to talk interminably,
and be ready to offer e miles amendments, it seems
probable that a decided tendency toward practical
action, and the willingness to 44 give and take
will prevent any prolonged discussion in Commit
tee of the Whole.
WakhctotoX. December 13th.--A delegation.
representing the suirar importers and refining in
terests of Boston, New York and FUUdelphia, are
expected here to-morrow to urge upon the Foreign
Auairsixmmuieeoi tne iiouse ana tne foreign
Belstions Committee of the Senate the abrogation
of tbe Hawaiian Reciprocity Treaty. The Eastern
sugar men nay mat anoniy aiter merauncauonoi
this treaty, which the Pacific Slope people thought
would prove of immense value to that section.
Claus Speckels, the millionaire sugar dealer of
San Francisco, acquired by porohase and rental,
absolute control of the sugar product of tbe Sand
wich islands, and he is now the virtual dictator of
the Government of Hawaii. By the employment
of Chinese labor, which is cheaper than was slave
labor in the .South before the war, he has made
competition Impossible. Spreckels, tt is said, has
driven out of business every refiner in San Fran
cisco, and enjoys as absolute a monopoly there as
in the Kingdom of Kalakana. Spreckels is now
invading the markets of the Eatt, paying no duty
on sugars imported from Hawaii, and also, It U
averred, bringing into tbe country a large quantity
of sugar produced in China, which is landed at
Honolulu duty tree, bprcciels is nowattemting
to open a market for his wares In New York. Two
cargoes of bis sugar have been brought around the
Horn and landed irrNew York, and two other car
goes are en route. Tbe Eastern sugar men will
urge on Congres also a reduction of the present
duties on sugar.
New Yoax, Dec. 13. The Board of Trade urcea
on Concresa the Dassaco of an ennitable and uni
form bankruptcy law: that a tribunal be estab
luboJ for the supervision of carriers in inter-State
business; tnat tne Hawaiian Treaty be discon
tinued at tbe expiration of its term, and that a
Government postal telegrapy bo established.
A 13HI5GTOX. Dec 11. The Uanna CommittM
on Foreign Affairs will probably consider on Fri
day the Hawaiian Treaty as it affects the sugnr
unwi vi uiu uuiiuu Qutieo. .uasb session uic win
mittcowas evenly divided between retaining tbe
reciprocity character of the treaty and modifying
it so as to put sugar imported from the Sandwich
Islands on a basis with sugar from other countries.
New Yoek. December 11. A larra meoftnr vii
held to-night to insist on a reduction In the tariff
on sugar to 1 cent on ail grades.
WisniNOTOX. Dec. 15. The llooso Committee
on Foreign Affairs to consider the Hawaiian sugar
question met this morning, and after adopting a
imuuuuu uakiuj; iur mioimauon irom tao state
and the War Department, postponed farther con
sideration of the matter until the first meeting of
tho committee uftcr the holidays. There was no
hearing of interested parties at the meeting this
morning, aituougn tnero are present several gen
tlemen who desire to be heard for the sucar trade.
The committee found themwlrcs equally divided
in regard to tho bill abrogating the treaty. They
gave out as a reason for postponing the matter
that they wanted additional information from the
Treasury and State Departments In connection
with tho bill. Orth, tho absent member of the
uommission. will cast the decidinc vote, but a
message from hira is to the eilect that he will not
ne auie to come 10 wnsuington mis session.
Sccretarr Foloer has addressed a letter to the
Collector of Customs at New York on tho Hawaiian
sugar matter. The following is a copy: 44 1 have
considered the sppcal or Watjen, Tael & Co., from
vour assessment of dut v on oertaii sonar imnorted
by them from tbo Uawaiiau Islands." After recit
ing tneir protests, tne secretary says: " 1 be treaty
reierreu 10 guarantee tuo ire importation into
ports of tho United States of muscovado, brown
and all other unrefined sugars meaning thereby
grades of nugar heretofore commonly imported
from tho Hawaiian I&lands and set down in the
markets of San Francisco nnd Portland at the
time the treaty was passed. Sandwich Island su
gar, samples, 01 lminrtaiioii, nave ueen su omit
ted to olhcers of tho Customs of San Francisco and
Portland, who declare it to be a grade of sugar
which was commonly imported from the Hawaiian
Islands into these ports prior to the adoption of
the treaty. This sugar is unrefined and was man
ufactured by the vacuum pan process, and is of
quite a high grade. Assuming that tho question
involved is one of fact, tho weight of evidence sub
mitted 1 iu favor of appellants, such sugars hav
ing been imported from the Hawaiian Islands,
both before and after tbe adoption of the treaty,
in largo quantities. The appeal is sustained, and
you are directed to reliquidate the entry free of
u"1. .. .
ine iiouse uommitteo of roreiim Affairs will
probably consider on Fridty the Hawaiian Treaty
as u anects tne sugar iraue 01 tuo united states
At the last session the committee wrern event li.
vided between retaininc the reciprocity character
01 me treaty anu moau ving it so as to put tne sugar
uusis witn sugars from ottier countries,
asnisoTox. Dec 15 At ti meetinc of the For
eign Affairs Committee to-day it was decided to
take a final vote on the proposition to abrogate
the Hawaiian Treaty at the first meeting of the
committee iu January. The committee also agreed
not to receive aiiy further oral arguments on the
subject. A delegation representing the united
Bugar interests of New York, Philadelphia and
Boston arrived here to-day and are working like
beavers with the members of the committee to in
duce them to report favorably on a bill to abrogate
the treaty. The committee to-day ordered that
letters be sent to the Secretary of the State and the
Secretary of the Treasury asking their views as to
the propriety of abrogating this treaty. It is ex
pected that replies from these officers will afford
the committee abundant means of determining
the importance of the treaty to this country from
a political as well as a commercial standpomt. It
it believed tnat tne secretary 01 state will tippose
the abrogation of the treaty on the ground that its
political advantages more than counterbalances
any lobs in a commercial sense derived from a
freedom of importation of Hawaiian sucar. espe
cially in view of the fact that the loss of ttie Sand-
wicn isianus as a oase 01 supplies lor me American
nary in tbe event of a foreign war would be
severely felt, and that Great Britain stands ready
to negotiate a treaty with the Hawaiian Govern
ment as soon as mia uovcrnmem abrogates tue
present treaty.
Washington. Dec 17. A resident of California
now in this city said that while he might, if he
were a San Francisco merchant, oppose the abro
gation of the Hawaiian Reciprocity Treaty, vat he
would labor for its abrogation be were a member
01 uongress. lie declared mat aituougn ait tue
sugar used on the Pacific Slope is imported from
the Hawaiian Inlands free of dot v. vet it costs the
consumer more than imported duty-paid sugar
costs the consumer in the East. '1 he entire crop
01 sugar on tue isiauua is coniroiieu uy me mu-
the suirar to San Francisco and refines it there.
The entire- suirar business of the Islands and the
i'aciuc slope is tn opreckeis" nanus. , it was assert
ed uy mis gentleman irom uaniornu, mat wmie
Spreckels can, because of the treaty, afford to place
ma uupar uu iuu 1 acme oiupoinaraefcaiapnce -y
cents lower than tho nrico of duty-paid suirar in
the East, ho charges consumer there cent more
than tho price in the East, so that California,
which oucht to have the benefit of free-trade in
sugar, h coni (Milled to pay 2 cents per pound more
for the Hawaiian Inlands product than residents of
tuo rjist pay lor duty-paid sugar Irani Cuba, He
also said that by means of tho arrangement with
tne transcontinental railway lines in ruation to
freight chorees 011 Westward bound sucar. Snrcck
els defies competition from the East, and that his
sugar cut be bought much cheaper in Montana
and other Territories than iu San FraneUco itself.
ibis great sugar rnonopoliht seems, tberefore, to
hare control of tho sugar market west itf the Rocky
Mountains. The Gentleman was askedtf the abro
gation of tho treaty would benefit tho consumers
of sugar on tho Pacific Slope, and he replied that
uc was not sure tuat 11 would; it mignt do tuem
more harm than good. Spreckels could then sell
his sugar at the pnoo which now prevails there,
and, by a combination, with the trans-continental
railroad companies, could control the market as he
does now. Eastern refiners could not affect tbe
racinc market in eituer cue so Ion" as the railroads
could be induced to tako tha place of a nrohlbitorr
tariff. It possible that if tho treaty nbould be
aurogaieu me price 01 sugar 10 consumers on tne
Pacific SIopo would be raised, in order to make
good to the monopolist tho duty which he would
ue oungeu to pay.
Mr. M. H. Jones and the response, 44 1 waited for
the Lord, by the choir are deserving of special
mention as well as the novel rendition of an
OffertorieV by Messrs. Yamdtey and Jones who
played a duet on violin and organ. An original
number, "Jubilat," by Mr. WrayTaylorforthe
organ was Terr well rendered. The sermon of
Pastor Cruzan at the evening service appears ia
another column.
To the friend wko so kindly aabtcrthed tatmoacy
for my assistance, and particularly to Mr. feter Hilton
who collected the same, I desire to rrtarn my moa
earned Utanki for their en front kindness to aa afflle
ted brother mechanic.
Kalawao. 3IolokaI, Dec lta, tiro, llonas.
A Card-
HosoLCXr.il. I., TJtfC.SAfa., 15H.
R. W. Laus, En Uonolvla, General A cent of The
Pacific UnituI Life Insurance Company t California!
DiMxSm: I desire to ackuowlcdfe tkronrh yoa to
the company yon represent the receipt of $2..Q0. he
lnr the amount of poller Joed by them npoo. the life
of my husband, the late Charles T. Dillingham, Feb.
lt, Ia connection t bejr'to eontmrnd the 'Com
pany for their liberality, and to tender my tlncere
thank for their promptnesi Jo. paying the claim im
mediately after Alia proofs of death.
HkJt Frascic November THh. IStti.
Tbe Pacific ifntnal Life InsnraneaCo. ot California,
aa Fraacieco;
Otmius! We icknowletlco receiptor youcheck
for $3,OU6.00 la payment of the amoont of Policy No.
11,583 npoa the life of Chaa, T. Dillingham of Ilono
laln, who was Insured by your Company, February lit,
1961, and whoee death occurred beptember S6tb, ISSi.
Two premiums In amount $Xi.7i had been paid and
payment ot claim followed immediately after Sling
proofs of death. Vcryreapectfolly,
alined. WELCH & CO.
One Price Mechanics Bazaar,
Cor. Fort and Merokawt Sts.,
JL aid Mtnnjp will be held at the Fort M Chart h, on
nuNU.ti VAlM.iaDaaryltt,lss3,at7ii o clock.
The Trnpteea of the Church are requested to meet at 7
ciock 1. 1 , u.iu.ie, jr.. Met y.
Co-Pariiiprsliip Notice.
Tin; fikm or jvkk nor & co.,
don-'bnlnea at Wallnkn, Maol.aa Retail Store
Ke.'pert, Furniture Dealer, tcAc,ii comDoeed of
Tam Lnm, Aana, and Chtng Tow. all residinzln Wai
lnla. LEE HOP tt CO.
ttailakn.Mml. Dec Ik, ItaC TOT 3t
JAUKb ItlCHARDtUN. ou behalf of tbe KohaU
Store, are hereby reoaested to make immediate pay
ment to Mr. Joaanln Zablan. of kuhal. wlm u authnr.
lied to si re receipt In distbarje of tame, and to take
irzai pruccniin;a in case m oeianit.
3Wt 1I1LU, II. lIAWb! a, to.
The uiitiiXKss nuiun'oroKK
carried on by the uuderelmcd aa Aactioneera and
Commi9ieu Mrrchanta nnder tbe name of Y. b, Pratt
Xl'o. kaitb4 day been dlafoWed by mutual con sen L
K. 8. Pratt will continue in the butnfl and will pay
all debts contracted for by the late Ann
llonolila. DecSBlii. 188i. 3ai St
Oar Hilo Letter.
HtLo, December 21st, IbttJ.
We have showers and genial sunshine. It i reg-
nlar May weather in such a climate as old England.
ill vegetation seems to grow as rapidly iu Decern'
ber as in 4 une. The mills are all grinding, and the
prospect of a sugar crop is good.
ine Hoard of Tax Appeals has ceased its labors.
Over 100 cases were heard, and all appeals were
sustained. The rottenness in Denmark has been
exposed, ind the people sustain the right. It has
lifted the veil from the false prophet of Rhorossan,
and exposed his hideousnesa to the rmblia gaze.
We hope for the dawning of a better day, at least
after the well, will wo say the (la-co of Feb. 12th,
Five vc&bels are now in port the Lil thlt. If- V
Htett, Mi na. Ida fkhuauet and a vessel from Pmret
Sound. Our limited rooin and shabby wharf his
been the theatre of business and excitement for a
few days past , there ii the miserable appropriation
of $uOOQ for the Hilo wharf, out of upwards of
made to better the condition of the wharf. Our
port might as welt belong to Samoa or the Fiji Isl
ands, for all the good tbe government does for it.
An appropriation of $3300 was made by the Legis
lature of I'vO for the construction of a market
house at Hilo. Not one dollar of that appropriation
naa ever oecn expeaueuior me GDiecx indicated;
but I understand the former administration put It
In the Palace. Where will the $3XX) go? I hare
heard nothing said about the crown jewels at the
coronation. Who wQI rise to explain F
Kawahi cave a erand luan on Taeadav. Dee. 10th.
which, I am told, equalled the wedding of BalLa
paxque, as far as the abundance of viands were
concerned; but as I was not present, I presume it
uu wci huu iu iuuw vngageu in ii,a,nu every
person came away happy.
There is but 4tUe busines 14 the Police Court,
excrat ft few cases of assault and batterr and de
serting bound service. Not a drunk sine the 1st
oz uctooer. 1 ne new liquor law works welh.
Chrlatmaa Services at Fort Street Church,
The Christmas service at Fort Street Church on
Sunday were most interesting, the choral service
at both the morning and everting meetings being
the moat effective ever rendered or; a like oocaaion
in this city. Tbe church was beautifully decor
ated. The moraine exercises were devoted ia the
Instruction of the Sunday school children who
were arrangtd in a body in front of the pulpit.
Tha Christmas carols were sung in a hearty man
ner, tha singing being led by Prof essox larndlay
and the choir. Pastor Crozan then gave a brief
sermon from Luke 2J1, iUostratinz the same with
the aid of a blackboard. In tha evening the
church was thronged. The nnuicJ services were
Gents' Youth's and Boy's CLOTHING,
General Assortment of Furnishing Goods !
Just Received Ex Steamer Zealand! a.
Jr dttrtiscmntts.
las Children and for cenertl faoo.e .mlk
V- ppirt ttg it) ftacloOL ST.
Married Couple Wanted !
A 3iarrieu Cvople. Apply In
11. N. ItltEENWELL,
Kona. Hawaii.
IX lv.tiAl.irA, u wit.
for the iait nxteen yeara orcnplrd by the W alalu
Female Seminary, eouufnin: an area vt it acrea.
mo toe onuaiogs inereon. la iwr aaie. nile perrecu
Honoliilo, Decerns r ad. li-ti. U37
-L Offlcera of Lodze Le 1'nwreade 1 Uceanle,tl A V
A A si, will take I'Uoe at tneir notu, Kin Mrerl
THIS nEDXtnDAY V. KVtJ. Her. 27.at7.3ti
Hawaiian hodzt. SI F A M. n III meet at the r Hall.
Queen Mrect, at the name honr, for Jodallatlon of
umeen. ww-jx ifiiin- urfinrrn, jn uoou staiain;,
are Invltod to attend wlttwttt farther notice.
HyUrdetof I J. UKiulNn, v M.
It ti. K. lltlWE, W M.
Punahou Preparatory School.
X LEUE hare purchased the Armstrong Premitei. 73
ucfrunia irrci.Bi lit unu ui nicmvrus Pircei. tne
house Is now being llted and furnished, and next bep
tember tbe Preparatory Department will be removed
the Trusters bcllee that there are enousb achoUra to
lorm at once a ciaaa 01 ibwp who woum rnter the rre-
paratorylicpartmetit nextyear. 3n I.LLA L. iltMJHE,
recently from the Public hoola of Nana Connir. Cal.
a teacher of apvcialqaallflcation, ability and experlenco
naa dtod rn:i;ru. .imputation inriumiioQ io tno
chw 1 ahoald be made at once to C. M. HVDC, Secretary
nfthe Edncational Committee. The eta f nlllben
Jan. 15th. 1341. The ttndir will be Sln-ln. Drawin-,
Writing, Keadln;, Ueoraphy tbronsh ort)t Amenta,
Arilhrnitlc thronzh Lons DtvUlon: the Life of Chrtut
through the rirsl l'aorer. If enough ccholara nf lorr
truur ruouiu ajipij ivr auniiaimit 10 a iTimary urpart
mrnt, another clara will be formt-d and teachera en
cared. The Trnitre uroDue to fnrnlth aihoronh
traded, rclentiBc, Christian instruction and training.
uuireiiftciciiturj uut r in vain i ir raraiory cnoot
what many parent batelous dcelreu for tlielrchll-
area. r a
Aj.Tj pkicsoxs iyj)i:nxEi) to
3 nested to maVe iiutuedlale payment of renta or other
ebtstothennderalned at II. It- H. rcsideuee. Kapa-
W -Agent for II. K. H. Jjiuh KerllVoUiil.
A Ijfi lAKTIi:S HAA'IVO CA'rri.K
aa 1 .... r-:.-
- 1 if T uo uuotOTiini oriracu ny me
UrHlu; itock except on the Monday of each week, and
id land at auv time but ibu dar lUn mmnr ni.i
anthorlicd to daau br m In urllln. sill -
Manager of tlm KohaU lUnrh
the Board of Ilrallh- PhrntrUn tnr Ik. TlUtrlr Af
Makawao. has taken hi rraldi?nm at (h 1mti,r ln .r
of Norton Co.a fclorei and harln; ratablikhed Tele-
yuvuti. vuniinucitauon wuu ine rariona poinii 01 onii.
nesi ln tha vicinity, will attend promptly t all calU,
eilht r by telephone or by tneaeeagcra. Uenill also vlait
e-nlarly, unlend prevented by prureDrlonal enRe-ment-,
IVa, Sprwkelavllle and hahnliil onTneartay
andTbard4yofeaclineck-,arrivln: at bprcckelsTlUs
bvlioclnck. and remaining avr rrh ni"h( tn hu
.b - --
oocc ai ivanuini.
roan rE. BAILEY, M. D.
Executors Notice to Creditors.
Exccntor of the but mill of J. E. Chamberlain.
lale olllonolula drccatetl thereby notify all parties
holding c la I mi aatntl tbe tald Ketate topreitnt the
tame uuij irricni a pie vrimin aix moniua iron uale.
or incj iu ac loreicr parreu.
llunolaln.lHh Dccrmber. li. ftn ixr
40 More Cases to Come per "Suez" and "City of Sydney."
T REMEMBER The Price i PLAINLY MARKED on Ech Artie!., from
nhich there is do dciiation.
HT TO PORCHASERS To the rnnoant of $5.00 or oier, THREE PER CENT
DISCOUNT. r No Book Accounts Kept.
Store open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday Even'jr. till 9
Grand Holiday Gift Sale !
Honolulu Clothing Emporium.
A handsomely painted Palette or Placque will be pre
sented to each purchaser to the amount of SI,
or over, at the grand opening
A.. M. MELLIS', 3STo.l04t Fort Street.
a. . 3X. 3rt- 73L 3F" "X",
Has Received, Per late Importations,
A Lars d Varied Asoitment ot
Optical G-oods,
Eye Glase, frpectaelM bboolinz OU m. etc
O- El XV BLR. -ST,
In iiuhl, bllrrr anil Plated Ware and of lhc
Fnm the Kactorlea of the Mol ppro
ed 31aker. In OoM and Hlvrr.
CURIOS From All Parts of Oceania
Stools. Brolx.or,
'o. S9 Merchant St HonoUli, II. I
Sngar PlantAtlon, Railroatl. TolepHone nod
other Uiirporation stocks. Bonds and
timiljar aeenrities Bonrbt and Sold
on Commission. Money Loaned
on Stock Secnritle &c
llonolaln, II. I-, October fat, MS. Jl tf
Infonnation Wanted !
aoonta of my bnaband Mr. McPnAt SE3. vbo
waa married tome Irthe Iter. IL If. Parker in th?
mouuiorre&marj, 13... aot inronaauon reepecttn;
blmor bit whrreabonta for the (5) flre years last pt,
will be ttunkf oily recclTed by bt unhappy wife.
ilAUi Kt'AMOO.
il on oiain.jJce.icm.
Ox Teamster
X WAGES, ul iUalr lob rill be im In
tt Uble tnd eiprtiml l;olljrk Urirvr.
-Apr)Tlo L. A. ANDREWS.
Klllllll . JIHI.
k.w, Xail
IlonoUI. ipih -LEWEB3 A COOKE.
Ho. 235 Bretnl St. (9
Jfttv gictttistmtnts.
T...,. or the .j
O-DAY ! j O-DAY ! !
t"IS -1
-J.H TEQ3 -
On Tlnrsdajr S. aiik,
Dry Groods,
Line of Fresk 6reorMfi!
. r APAim, Men.
Jai: vi, Bstatb!
Ir rmrttt. .1 iJtm Mint Ml. ttii.,.,.
Lot 1 Contains 4 Tare Patches, ia.
Hauhaukoi. 1 6-160 A ere.
Lot 2 Contains 14TareFatcbe,ai
HauhaukoL 2 31-108 Aere.
Lot :t Contain-i Tim latea, at
Kamakela. 'i 3-100 Atrf.
Lot I Contain 1 Tare Patth, atKa-
malrla. 17100 Am.
C P. ABAJM. AatTr.
Has fLeca.ULcec3. Rates
For Hulling and Dressing Hawaiian Paddy
TO .
A Yield of 70 lbs. Merchantable llico from
lOO lbs. Wo.' 1 Glean Faddy
San Francisco and Other Markets in tho U. S., not onlv tho preference, bnt
BETTER RATES than tho Troilucl of tho Hawaiian Mills which, as u rule, is
delivered at those Market in a moro or less STAINED AND ULLAGE D
Consignments of Paddy Solicited,
AGENT IN HONOLULU, Proprlotor India Rice Mill, San Finn
Who will make Liberal Adronoe-i oa Consignments o( lKddy to S-in Franciso . X aal
Silver ! Silver ! Silver !
A- ConsigtLment or
43 CASES OF HOLIDAY GOODS Has Been Received bv
The Leading Millinery Store
Corner FORT and HOTEL streets.
Consisting: of:
Assortment of:
Mcriden kilvcr plate Castors, Handkerchief Boxes,
Meriden silrer plate Cake Baskets. Assortment of Glove Boxes.
Meridcn biher plale Bntter Dishes, Assortment of Writing Veil;
Meridcn silver plato Pickle Dishes, Assortment of Work Boxes,
Meriden silver plate Goblets, Assortment of Ladies Toilet Setj,
Mcriden silver plate Spoon Holders, Assortment of Photograph Albums,
Meriden silver plate Card-rtceivers, Assortment of Traveling Necessaries,
Meridcn silver plate Vases, Assortment of Leather Card fates,
Mcriden silver date Cons ; ass'tcd, Assortment of Shell Card Cases..
Meriden silver plate Napkin lungs, 1 Assortment of hmbroidered School Baga,
Sleriden silver plato llcsacrt Dpoons, Assortment 01 uauies miming sous,
Forks, Ac, Ac, Ac. j Ac., Aa, Ac
Bargains can be expected, as these Goods have
to be sold; bring whatever they may bring,
on account of the want of room.
At the Leading Millinery Store
iousek ronr'AJO iiurxi.srit.
21 pes
I pes
21 pes
40 pes
6 pc
30 pes
"l pes
30" pes
48 pes
At Bailey's & Co.'s Great
Holiday Goods I
Useful Articles
Orders from the Other Islands
Are Respectfully Solicited.
78 BAILEY J. CO, 103 Toil S.i'.
Leading PHOTOGRAPHERS of Honolulu.
Water Colors Crayon.
India Ink, or Oil.
Photo. Colored Jec
The ObIjt Complete Collection of
Island Tlevrn,
rem, Shells,
Curiosities, r.
I ?I
T X. T. A1AXI.
At 13 tWi m, I
Choice OrsfM Ajifios !
Et t fc BJt9a9 AsWIt.
Holllster cfc Co
Xaoim St tiki On Fort A Htrtkut .u ta
ot RUxVWta. .( U. WAIHEZ (COAX
COMPAXy. k!4 it tAlr OSUeU Wilt.tr. Xi.I. ra
T.rtdJj-. bfcok, 5ch. 18-, U. fUrl.x rtk.
T. S. HA . .hnUnl
c. n. jikr. .... ... ..vut-rmiuwt
V.U. Inrt.. . . ....Tm.M'f
K. W ntsun.... Hui
: S IV. rtmiAX. ttcnurz.
...1. nlmrtOmA&Sn . ...
Caulks ! Cailes 2
WIU h fot k ! all PrwilLHlAi. WU ifm.
u4 ruanlaL cuMlast t
Fruit, Found,
Sponge, Citroa, ke.
uimirii. .t!r mctv teaim
Ab.. . Eur uauK AQiiTUxirr
or sir ow XAitrAt rraaA3
Snanntecd to b ?rM of all rWiHH
COLTtp mi txTcaiiveiy ta Ik
XaaafactBri of
Tmportcct Candies
nir HHi.Er A'soi.iinit.T
or injr onn jfanurulure, n
(!l AKAXTKKI) to bo
Strum Caadjr Tactory it Hiwj-y
U im lloin FT.. ,m. i Mjft
iiiu:it 1.1 1'Mnca.
Hiomp Oovcla.go
Of .tm'rt... m4 IihI H..fvrti.'
Huh Bmtl JUf
Huh B3mi.
t. Sin. .
All M .tick UI . .4, h. H rt if mn
p.rll. I. ....tM,
To Be; Or, Not Te Be,
jit 9.
. tk PU) . Z) aaUsH.a mI to ft MftrnvtAUa
htrvtt. llr. larr aitt Tmr with iwm ' U7.
A VEUT aval C4t W re BrrUa.i Wxse
MilttrUliMlat M TtlLXftt hiMlw. am vWa
Hrf VV.tsrf DIMM. CwiUhi. ts KiMt. St -WiUt
UKIm, eu tW LmL M- meal
tit LtMIIA M mm LIX4. a a Ml -
CotUpc ltk Wtnr Mal IkMwx Jl-
ItPBlAU llftrlMU.
OXLlLIIU.lhfM.nMlLM ifuy
of room m in ai p9 mmtfk.
Cottar at $W ft stoat
tktTfrMoai (.wtUx to hm, al M yt mmiX
ftt t raoat i'Ua- U rrU Jjj ar mtmmiik 4 tr
tar to a rav4j4 Uit.
OS lac Carat fiUKU a4 ROTKt MrMt, a
Bcaatlfil Larya Uoqm ta La. mum II Raata
tm iUb. tula. A. Ta ! t ctr) is, t
vltaU tor Lotfeiaj. Umm rrH
ATPCNAIIOt. a-rVt..t R.44rt. ii4Ltt
bi tMlI; TFfat acrtf Lmmr t mH, datac,
Thta Itmtn ! lh fvrl Rnt4awwo rata rtka&a
dlrrctUrtu ArtcaUa Wl T mypH w ptmmm.
Ttrma rro-i.
AT KALI III. to Mk, fro . A aJtMfw
llotsetta4 l real ar mmtmm Xtrt 4 Qt9
ALfiO-WIII Un .Um ml rUat La4 aim!ax
HUVEapIemai4BalMlajLrta XaMAm
Mr tha Srt. Iwtrfxa, to aolf tac CtUBL lt TZtXi.
Thrro aaull Ikm mr ttum mm U Laawi. Vtajtl tt
vmxt la a tomj, -tr) Tmu TtssaaaM
I HAVE A Mm roar LEASE is M -m 7 art n
Oa Uixtdccp L It Uiix ritit CwtUfTi Itri ii.
lriS)af iMaamilfety tUl mt fl tn mVA w
cfca- IL CX-I aa4s9t aMfarr mm r arxr.
Pjtl la roartlm I t a4 il '-mra , ca u m sa
0oa yV. T Lmt ml) t mmlj w f-rr
oa Um tttmi BaUav iral fat $ln.
Tata i a liU M'-taM't a rtalUa Imty mtui
WaW m- b dUpvd ot pry Va-fi floSiiits,
B-tikUajc IwivBZ t-v pwcaarr
1 1L1TC a a Dathtlsx Lmt ta hm far t ytacs. af
ia aal f Enaaa mi-rvt to a mmnp oafit- t ftatt-
CotUzt tirrvwi.
UTIIEK tLi. OT11CI Liahwiwfl a4
UTIlta zmi tflTlKrkU otfrmi mm, aryrcaao.
ItMUtS. ECMICS 40 LM34ICJC; mm ta-s -rr
EjaoHrraciil tomtom Mmmj mmmmr fear MMlfW
aaU tkaa mmy afkn hi Uk- -,Hy
oeEJUL omcE WO&. vm samut
tb-MKlot-oa ilfnirt V
Real CaUU Braktr. lfhrjtimmA Jaavat
and GaTi Baalaaaa Ac-MtC
tff-TILKril05E ITS r
xntrfTi asm -,r ai
Ladies, Mias aal GeMtIaem.
tfr All nim cm"; uttKM u.
.ii T. K wmmXt HMMM
Bge-Sfciriy. Qtrriiat MMiat; aM
pairias;, Mki Wk i(Iwt
noxrr o onus ash wrrx ks. itr
vx a cau.

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