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lr His Majestrs' mlriscrs are mndi piven
lo talldsg, as well as to writing, have
many confidants, and a liabit of saving
It 1181; not my idea or by ray advice, bnt
did it or wanted it," when anything
nnpopnlaror crooked lias boon done, and
each for lumeeU claims the credit when any
thing creditable has leen accomplished
and Irr the divereitv of their Etatemcnts
to different parties prove the old saying
mat -tiiosc wiio taic a greet aeai wui teu
some KeC and if the raemlers of a
Cabinet are not honest with dot trae to
each other, what title have they lo confi
dence and respect? and has not thepnblic
reason for expecting a break rip? The
proverb '-when thieves fall out," Ac gives
hope of lietler things to come.
If high officials wound each other in
the dark, and often take a shot at the
burlier came, is it strange that snliord
inates tbnM also tell pome disagreeable
LaT Satnrdav Jndxre McCrdlv read, an
opinion in a ca of much interest, in
which Qneen Emma had brought an action
against the Commissioners of Crown
Lands to obtain the possession of an nn
divided half of certain lands, by right of
inheritance from her husband Kamehame
ha IV. The lands claimed in this action
have always lwen regarded and treated
as Crown Lands, although not in the list
reserved by name in the Act of June ISIS,
of Kamehameha III; the Court held,
however, that-thev were not Crown Lands
asd that Qneen Emma was entitled to her
inheritance in them. Her Highness Iinth
Keehkolani has brought an action for the
other moiety of the same lands. Still
another case is pending in equity by the
feoffie iwiies to obtain certain other val-
BaMe property claimed in the same nglit
Judge JlcCmly s opinion which will be
foBrid in oar colnmns. will attract niton
two from the prominence of the suitors if
lor no ouier reason. ithout now com
men ting on the reasoning of the Court in
this case, or on the result thus fnr reached,
it is pleasing to oWrvc the fullness with
Miircu Lue poinii, arMi anrumenis oi conn
m4 on ljth f-ides are stated Irv the Jndxre.
al his evident desire to consider lioth
sides with impartiality.
The -Semi -official" Organ has lieen
hinting at changes in the currency and
informs the public that it is tlie purpose
of the Ministry to make some change in
this direction The meddling with the
currency of a nation is a very serious
matter and we hope that the Cabinet will
lake no step without very careful consider
ation and only with the advice and co
operation of those lrasimao men in onr
oommunity who are thoroughly qualified
h speak on eucji a subject: not one mera
ler of the present Cabinet is fitted to
ie witn Uie quesuon.
i"e have n larrre rmnntitv nf alenreifltrxl
tilver in the country, if there should lie
added to this some hundreds of thousands
of alvesr dollars coined for circulation
here, even of the same weight and fine-
new as uie L . a. i-iandanl dollar, a great
injury would be done to the business
community. In the fut place as the law
now stands it could not lie a legal tender.
In the second jilace. when we came to pav
debts in the United States we should lincl
that the Hawaiian dollar would only pass
for it tWuuir not itsno? value. At pres
ent we have the advantage, when using
the C. S standard dollar, though it is a
denreci&ted coin, nf 1 w; n " nl,1 (a tnv
ueuis in oaa x-ranasco at lis lace value.
ITooding the country with Hawaiian dol
lars would have a verv serious effect mxin
oorCnandalwroilibriuin. Tien the Gov
ernment have laid their plans Iwfore the
jiuuuc, we win give very uiorougu atten
tion to the snbjnct.
W'z offered last week that the editor of
this paper should meet 3Ir. Gibson before
ine HamissKiriers of three of the Great
Powers, and that he should repeat the
statranent that had been made relative
to Captain Cliateanminois' demand for an
aiioJogy: lmt the IVemier has notdaml
to accept the challenge. After stat
ing that the remarks in the Gazette
were an " unmitigated untruth," his
organ now proceeds to try to split hairs
auoui uie ;oinerence uetween a demand
for an anoloirv and a rennest for nn or.
pianation' The organ admits that the
"request for an explanation" was made;
we add to that admission that it ms
coupled with a threat of steaming at once
oat of the harbor if the "explanation"
were not made. We did not pen the
charge without intimate knowledge of tho
circumstances: a gross mistake had been
made, we exposed that gross mistake, the
Premier's onran. instructed bv him. for
only through him could it get correct in
iurmaupn, siaieu mat our cnarge was an
untruth, it has now admitted that it w
true. AVexnay add that glowing eulogy
put into the month of Captain Chateau-
minois, existed only in the brain of tho
wnier oi max paragrapn. Jlr. Gibson s
knowledire of French was not sufficient in
enable him to converse with the Captain,
we uaruiy iuick mai uie translation as
furnished the Premier warranted bis
sarjctioiimg the publication of the enlo
gistic lines. AVe must however allow for
that excessive Eastern Imagination, that
poetical license, which is part and parcel
of Hawaii's worst Minister.
Orfi next mail -will itifi-irm c wl.oll.a
Treaty during the session which has just
v-mw, auu aiso wneuier an extra session
of fnnfnsesc is 1 1 caamc -. 1 .-
itnaimlwlja 4tio cn :..i . ... j
I - ' .-. uujiuiuuii 11 uutSUUli
of the foreign policy of tie United States
m 1 l i r -.i
ir utrtru wiuni 111 euner xiouse
without an extended delete, or further
reference to committees. If this conjec
ture shall prove to lie correct, it will then
remain to lie seen wnptlmr (snmsce Ann
determine upon its final action in the
matter during a short and crowded session.
Vie trust that the Hawaiian Minister at
Washington may through tho State De-
ioiuupiu muuee viongress to send to
Hcffiolnln n sravial vtir,i4twi in .
rxTsonally into affairs here. We have
everj-thirig to hope from the results of
such an enquiry, at the hands of anv
competent and honest committee.
Xoflimfr WOnlll lllAncJi lit mnm 4nn ,n
see such men hero as Senators MorrilL
iauaisaiM oonn ouerman,who have
actively opposed the treatv. If General
Grant, John M. Forbes from "ew Eng
land. Senator Gibson of Louisiana and
one of the Haveineyers of JTcw York
would also come along, and spv out all
that can be seen in the land whether it be
in our favor or no wa will l...-..n.-
abide by their decision concerning the
Wauu, Ul OWIWS, Ulf UlfniS OT
demerits of the Treaty.
. r-' t.. wui-
tmttee cannot bo had, then let our friends
at the East bend all their efforts to bring
ing forth and laying before public men in
AVnsninrAn ilia f,Me C - .. .1 t .
"'.' I' v m.vw, uiura nuuiiiuuiB
on which we rely for keeping the Treaty.
Tiff Tllllll f 111. i. uwn . 4 -4 t J 1 .
i ...... .i.. . oiiv: ui LJ.f
finances of the countrv and the balance in
the Treasury tip to Feb. 21st, as set forth
in the Gazette and in the Sturdy 1'rat,
and are beginning to ask when they will
Ma till. KJlTnrt Li., Trr. 1 ... 1 1 ,
" - - - - . uiv .Vltll.UJl
General, through his chief the Minister of
- --v. w . u . ii.! ui uie .vuu.L ui
. . An urvuuu AO.
Part L that the "The Minister of Finance,
as soon as conveniently may be, after the
eTlnration rt t-i-.- inBi4.J . .F , 1. .
I - - -.' -j ..... . u. mm ii-
cml period, shall publish in some public
cfjajKr a- cuiieilieui. Ul UCiail OI Uie
receipts and expenditures on account of
ilia Tlll lllf. uimna .lnnn , .. 1. .
7 I " ' - ' "lUIUii CUW IjUiU K'J .
together with a comparative statement of
such receipts during the corresponding
quarter of the previous year," .tc, &c
This Act was approved on the 4th da v of
August, 1SS2, and was to "take effect and
I l-.-- . 1, , . .. r , -
.-.-wu. un vu mi- At. JL - U I Kill .KT in
trio vh. 4nvts
that Mr. Auditor has at least four months
work ready for publication whenever the
uuiicuioji I I ll 13 JUilV iUTTITe.
UTvomaww- it ,1. 1
it will be well for the public welfare if the
, . wu-ima xuua; weu IO see
observed, that the Auditor publishes a
-statement in detail," .and not accept
massed statements, as 'Public works" so
much, without knowing how much of the
Pali road went into the Cockatoo cage, or
how much of the -$G0,000 for armed force"
has been expended by a committee that
has never reported, or without statement
in detail showing what the country has
gained by the expenditures on the Pedi
gree, Museum and library votes.
The Premier's piper some months ago
told us that the vote tor the -completion
of the Palace which was to have covered
two years expenses were run through in
less than six months, the Auditor General's
lleports will also inform enqniring tax
payers as to the expenses of the Jlission
to Japan, and the results therefrom, as to
the Chamberlain's "toun en Priure," who
Kid for them and what beneht the payers
The solution of these and many other
"cognate"' questions makes taxpayers look
anxiously forward for the first report of
uie .nuiiur ueiienu.
A vrav remarkable little episode of the
week past was the case in the Police Court
of ivawainui vs. A'arKe.
The narticnlars of the outrage for out
rage it was committed by one official at
the instigation of another, arc too well
known to need repetition, are not it seems
sufficiently appreciated m tneir more sen
rras aspect.
We have one official, the head of the
police of the Kingdom, at the request of
another official, the head of the Royal
Household, guilty of a grave breach of
the law, in the streets of the capital.
guilty of a trespass, H not oi larceny, the
abstracted property carried iv ttu Palace,
the contents noted, and after notice served
of legal proceedings taken, returned to
the owner Xow what was the first out
come of these unlawful proceedings at the
Palace, why that tho name of the Hetim of
these law-breaking officials was forthwith
struck off the list of Privy Councillors!
this could only lie done by the hand of the
King. His Majesty has been exercising
the Jtoyal pleasure in rather an imperious
manner of lato, as witness tho dismissal of
the lato Board of Education, and His
Majesty s Ministers have obsequiously fol
lowed suit, as witness the dismissal of the
Iteiristrar of Public Accounts now when
two officials combine to commit a distinct
breach of the law, does it not seem strange
or would it not seem strange anywhere
else-- that the lloval displeasure is directed
against their victim the actual perpetra
tor gets off with a small fine, and the in
stigator without any punishment at all.
unless indeed he pays tho fine for his tool
as in common fairness he ought to do.
Nor are these tho most serious consider
ations which arise from a review of this
case. Here we have the Marshal of tho
Ivincdom. the head of the recognized con
servators of tho peace, committing an
offense against the peace, at the reqnest
of the head of the King's household, and
when brought before Justice the law
breaker is defended by the law officer of
tho Crown, whose special duty it is to de
fend the law of the land against all wrong
uoers, ami luc ruwii visiung un me sui
ferer of wrong the displeasure which
snoniii nave laiien on me ouenders.
Tho people mav well take into consider
ation the question of tho reliability of
their police, tho Cabinet may reflect on the
action of their Attorney General, and the
Honorable Members oi the Privy uonncil
moralize on tho instability of human
grandeur, and form an opinion as to the
lino of action best calculated to ensure
their future usefulness to their country
Tut Adttrtittr last week republished an
article which had appeared in the San
Fnihrteo Chronidr.in which quotations had
been made from the Saturday Pmt and
Gazette rclatine to the condition of
leprosy in these islands. The Clromdt
had naturally treated tho matter as the
(.hnmieu always does, but the Government
urcran has tried to construct a charre
against ourselves and onr contemporary
out of the material.
The articles in question were written
only after the present Board of Health
had had ample time to commence vigorous
action, about five months after the mem
bers had assumed office. The attention of
the President had been repeatedly called
to the matter of leprosy, letters had been
written by the district physicians, one of
the members of the Board was indiimant
at the inaction of tho President Nothing
was therefore left to do but to bring tho
matter before the public: not till the op
position press began to stir in tho matter,
did the President begin to attend to his
duties. Moreover not a lino censuring
the present Board of Health for the man
ner in which they had so grossly neglected
their duty, had appeared in our eolnmna
or in those of our contemporary, before
uuiLivx iassuritiujiiuoaiiArancisco.
Both the Ezaminer and .Vwj Lttter had
commented upon the condition of leprosy
on these islands in very severe terms,
the former in an article of considerable
length. It was indeed time for comment
and for indignation, and we bnt voiced, as
we hope ever to voice, the strong public
sentiment on the subject
To make out a point for the Government
the nsual direct misstatement is made. It
is said that durintr six months of 1S81-S2
"there was not one lino of discussion on
the subject (leprosy) by the editor" of this
paper, bnt that "the moment that the
editor and proprietor of a much older
established paper, (Mr. Gibson) became
President of the Board of Health, the
howler of the Gazette beuan to howl
about leprosy." The setrreization of lepers
has always been ono of the main points
1 1 1 ... it. : i j - ipm
ouiiMitii tiua jviuuiu; uuniig icol
articles advocating setrreiration or com
menting on the Kakaako Hospital were
fiuuiisueu on August Jitn, .list, Septem
er 7th, 21st, October 19th, November 23d
and Ueccrnber 11th. In the early part of
1SS2 the subject was also freouentlv
handled: it is simply an untruth and, as
far as we can , a wilful nntroth to make
the statement which the AdteHhrr has
allowed to appear in its columns.
The Airertitcr is plriming itself on what
the irovernment is doinir now. We wnnld
ask what is really being done? how many
lepers are being brought from the other
islands? Those about Honolulu are at
last being removed, but it has taken a very
long time to make a start even here. The
letters which we have irahlished from cor-
respondents on the other islands, shew
the condition of things there. How little
care had been taken by the Board of
Health, months after they had assumed
office, to cope with the evil is shown by
tho following letter of which the original
is in our possession.
Honolulu, September Ita.
H . 17. JlfttHinvm!. Af. J- liWriW Avlif,u. IT.
fawn, Eeat. DcikSih: Yoar favor of 7lh insiu,
requesting inttractians nrdinc your duties in
reference to lepers is to band, and I am-reqnested
to say in reply that at present the Branch Hospital
here is loll and there are no accomodations for any
more. It is therefore not at present desirable to
remote lepers from their retudenrM nn the nl W
islands nnul increased accomodarious can be built
cere B-uicn it is Doped -will be done shortly.
I hare the honor to remain very resnectf ully
onrs. Faro. II. IUteilois.
r-y JUardtirilrallh.
In September, 1S&2. the Board, thonrrh
hiowiniT the condition of affairs, had no
means of relieving the islands of their
burden of leprosy.
Tho Board have been nen-leetfnl. their
neglect has called forth tho indignation of
tno community, the commumty have used
the only available means in their power in
make the Board act It is they, and they
alone, who have "troubled Israel." It is
on their shoulders the odium must rest of
having called forth the criticisms which
have gone abroad. There was nothing
nuaiciwui iHjiiut.73 in me matter; iauiers
and mothers, the health and happiness of
whose tender and dear offsprinsr were far
more io mem man government or jiarties,
had to speak, and on those, whoso indiffer
ence or inactivity caused them to speak,
the blame must rest Could thePresident
of the Board understand how awful the
jMi7'i7i7jf even of a child contracting
leprosy must be to a parent, he would
drop the idea of pMUa in the matter at
once, he would brave unpopularity rather
than expose the innocent to contagion and
he would hang his head with sjiame that
he had allowed the mere desire of popu
larity and holding office to inflict such
serious mental anxiety on every mother
and father in the community.
Ox Friday last Mr. Robert Grieve, as
representative of the firm of Robert
Grieve & Co proprietors of this ionmal
and Mr. Win. Anld. Secretary to the
Superintendent of Water Works, were
charged before Judge Bickerton, the one
for printing and the other for pubhshing
the programme of the King's coronation
hulas. Severe comments have been made
from all quarters npon this progrtimme,
and no where has it been treated with
greater severity than in the columns of
the Gazette. It has been characterized
by those who profess to rmderstand the
Hawaiian language as obscene in the ex
treme: for ourselves w are happy to say
that we are unable to understand a word
of the mistiness said to be contained in
the PTOsramme and Mr. itolwri firievo
knows no more Hawaiian than we do.
How the programme came to be printed
by Messrs. Robert Grieve & Co- the mem
bers of that firm are desirous of setting
before the public inasmuch as they feel
that they snare with Mr. Grieve the full
responsibility of whatever may havo been
his action in the matter.
The manuscript of this programme was
brought to this office by Jlr. Wm. Auld,
who informed our foreman that it was
for use at the coronation hulas. The
manuscript was handed over to the
foreman of our printing establishment
The proof was taken away to bo read
by those having the matter in charge,
and was returned with a request purport
ing to come from His Majesty's Chamber
lain, that tho royal arms be impressed
npon it The programmes when printed
were taken to the Chamberlain's office by
Mr. Wm. Auld, and were distributed by
staff officers at tho Saturday evening en
tertainment at tho Palace grounds. We
were as ted to send and did send tne bill
for me printing to Mr. Gibson, Chairman
of the Coronation Committee.
Xot one of our firm had cause to sup
pose, or did suppose, that there were any
improprieties in tins programinu. it nen
those who were informed of, or knew, the
significance of certain portions of that
document expressed in tho public journals
their indignation, the Pacific Commercial
aarwtner nntrutwruiy and maliciously an
nounced that the programme was got up in
this office, and that we without anthority
had placed npon it the royal arms; that
journal the day after our printing bill was
sent ns requested to the Foreign Office,
declared that its editor had seen the bill,
and that it set forth that the programme
was got up by us.
It became essential that Mr Grieve's
reputation for good faith and integrity,
which is as unsullied as any man's in this
Kingdom, be entirely vindicatedKand the
blame placed upon tho shoulders where it
belonged. Whatever may bo the view
which His Honor the Police Magistrate
may take of the law of the case, that
object nas truly been accompnstied. e
greatly mistake if another object is not
already attained, namely, that no gentle
man or lady tinder any pretext of ignor
ance of its possible significance will here
after care to bo present at hula exhibitions.
It is worth some temporary annoyance to
nave sncn a stigma placed on mat tinii ot
To tho Hon. William It. Castle, ox-Attorney
General, by whoso manly action
these results have been reached, this com
munity owes a debt of gratitude which
ought never to lie forgotten.
This is a plain statement of tho case.
Mr Grieve's character as an honest up
right and worthy man stands too high for
any breath of detraction to even smirch:
his career here has been ono of the strict
est integrity, and no ono can even imagine
lor a moment that had Jlr. uneve been m
the slicrhtest ileereo ccwrnizant of tho
alleged contents of tho A'inj'a Corewiffoa
Jluu j'rosraimne, ho would havo per
mitted one line of the wretclied stuff to
have been set in the office over which ho
presides. If there has been error, it has
indeed been iinwitting; if he has trans
gressed the law, he has done so, lured on
by the idea that what he was doing had
the sanction of the Kintr and was as inno
cent in character as such a document
ought to have been. Tho fact that Mr.
Grieve was led to believe that the King's
Chamberlain, Col. C. II. Jndd, authorized
me imposition of the Royal coat -of -arms
is in itself sufficient to shew how ho must
havo regarded the pamphlet Could lie, or
could any ono else imagine mat an enter
tainment to which distinimished f oreicners
were invited, at which European ladies of
culture were actually present, should bo
heralded by a programmo of an obscene
cxiuracier: it cenainiy passes uenei mat
either Mr. Grieve or any ono eke could
have even suspected such a thing.
But if Mr. Grieve and his partner
Alatau T. Atkinson, have tiawittingly and
unknowingly printed a document which
tho Courts of tho country shall stigmatize
as obscene: what must ho the guilt of
those who initiated and got up tho pro
gramme of the King't Coronation. Ilulat.
the document was circulated where? in
tho King's palace. Bv whom? by ono of
41... I..7..
If Mr. Grieve and his partner are to bo
mulct in a penalty, how much greater
should be the penalty of those, who know
ing the pernicious character of tho docu
ment lioidly and in defiance of all morality
circulated the filth among tho innocent
and the pure. If what wo are told is true,
every pure minded woman and man in this
community will revolt at tho shocking im
morality of those persons, every pure
minded woman and man will sympa
thize with Mr. Grievo that ho should havo
been trapped into an apparent conniv
ance with those whoso hideous immorality
of thought exceeds tho worst phrases that
stain the pages of tho Roman Suetonius
and Martial, whose mental depravitynakes
one well nigh'hopeless for the future of
this people, the leaders of whom can
acquiesce in anything so vilc.
Mr. Grieve will come out of this ordeal
with unblemished character, a morally in
nocent man, would that tho same could be
said of all who have had anv connection
with the King'! Coronation Hula Programme!
Parle's Pillltla.
'the Marshal of the Kingdom havinc received
intimation from the Chamberlain that, if a bnlle-
im luaceu on uie uoara in iront or the nnmia
Pat Aina office, was removed, as it commented
npon him. (the Chamberlain) he would be pleased,
Marshal TarLe acunc upon the spur of the mo
ment drove in a carriape, accompanied by bis
clerk, Mr. Charles Hopkins, 'to the I'ae A ia oQioe
and eiri the bulletin board, carrying the contents
w iuc Nicmi precincts lor perusal uy ine
servitor of HisMaieetv. Mr. J. 17. Kntrainni the
editor and one of the proprietors of the paper,
complained against this unwarrantable ezeidse of
authority on the part of Marshal rarke and to
test the legality nf the proceeding commenced a
civil rait for trespass, uatnap.es beinc rlaced at
$200 the limit jiernussable for the case to be heard
in the l'oheo Court. On the 2nd inst the case was
heard before Judge Bickerton and the following
was the testimony offered :
J. U. KawainnL sworn, stated. I am a ionrnaliel
and editor of the native paper VaeAiHa. On the
23rd Febrnary, between quarter and half-past four
o'clock in the afternoon, the Marshal ot the King
dom drove up to my office, jumped out of carriare
end went to the place where Ibong my bulletin
board on the wall and without warrant nr word, lie
seized the board, sapng "I take possession of this
board." He ran to the carriage quickly. At the
time, I did not demand mr property, as I was ex
cited at the action of the Marshal. After he was
in uis carnage, i asAea mm ll tne frame contain
ing the bulletin was of any valne to him. He re
turned the frame bat kept the paper on vihich the
bulletin was written, without my permission. He
gave no reason whatever. 1 did not prevent him,
being frightened. My brother and working boys
were there at the time. Mr. Hopkins was with Mr.
Parke. After returning the frame, he said, " I
want to take this bulletin of yoors to the Palace."
After he went away. I went to Mr. Cecil Brown's
office, and he at once wrote to the Marshal.
Cross-examined by the Attorney General I am
not certain whether myself or my brother took the
bulletin out of the frame and gave it to Mr. Parke.
I am confused regardim? who opened the glass.
Mr. l'arke had the paper in his possession all nieht.
1 Went to Mr. Parke's house that eveninir. I hnr
that he had been looking for at, I was f righteried
and thought I was going to be arrested. The Mar
shal offered me this paper, provided I gave him a
receipt for it. I-told him the matter was in the
hands ot my attorney and I preferred to let it re
main there. I received the bulletin back next
morning at naif-past eight o'clock without a re
ceipt Ke-direct by Mr. S. Ik Dole : I did not read the
roceipt offered me, only glanced at it. I asked Mr.
Parke who commanded him to take the board
down. He said the King's Chamberlain wrote to
him commanding him to come down to my office
auu mj una ouueun oown. air. l arae told me
he did not read Ike letter rutrpfnllv ci li mA
instead of asking me to take it down, took posses
sion : he told me he was in the wrong.
Wurmen ; i work at n.awainul 6.
n as at the office on Fridav last. T uiv Mr. farb
standing at the door looking at the board, Mr. B.
W. Kawainni and myself went out to see him.
Something new to see Mr. Parke at our office door.
Mr. Parke took the board down and got into a
carnage with it. J, u. Kawainui came oat and
spoke to Mr. Parke, and I heard the latter say
I am COim? to tatre this hntlettn httnl 11, ,lt
not ask permission.
Jross-examlned. The bulletin was inside a
frame and I do not know who opened it.
Mr. 8. B. Dole Who annealed for the nrrKeentinn
rested his case at this point
The Attorney General appeared for the defen
dant and placed on the stand as his first witness
Charles Hopkins, clerk to the Marshal who testi
fied as follows:
Charles Honkms staled: Am a clerk nf the Mur.
shaL I was with lam on Fnday last between f onr
and fire o'clock, the Marshal told me he wanted
me to go down to Kawainui 8 office and read a cer
tain item in the Hawaiian language that was on
the bulletin outside of Kawainnf a office. We
rode down together. On arriving there, Mr. Parke
asked me to j amp out of the carriage and see if
the item was on the bulletin board. 1 got oat
found it was there. and said an 1a Mr. Pari
jast then some people were coming oat of the Pee
a i omce ana air. I'arae took the board down off
the hook. As the Marshal was entering the car-
nace J. fl Kawainni rama nt. unA ha aclul ts..
Marshal what he wanted with the bulletin board.
air. rarae repned "1 want to take possession of
this." In the meantime f cot into the rarriura
on the mat-Hi side. Mr. Parke was sitting on the
mauEa siue. is. ii . nawainni and others were
atanding round the carriage at the lime- B. W.
Kawainni Said. th.t is nut tlie Vina, thin ia It..
one," TOmting to another board with a lot of
printed matter on it, 1 said we don't want that it
is the rnasuscript we want, Joe Kawainui was
stantjixtgonthernackasideof the carriage at -the
time, HoarainaskedtheMarshalwhathearanted
with the bulletin board. He said also "If yon
want the bdletin yon might as well take out "the
sheet and leave the board;" and the Marshal re
plied, "All right" Kawainui then nnscrewed the
back and gave the sheet to the Marshal, and he
took the board. From there we started nn to the
Palace, and than we vent bark 1a thj If aealial'a
office. After being there ten ruinates, a note came
tip from Cecil Brown. A little while after that
word came to tie Marshal to go, to the Chamber-
lam's office, and go oat to the Attorney GeneraTs.
Che Marshal went oat and left me alone. At half-
past eight he came back from the Attorney Gen
eral's, and told me to go to Kawainoi's with him to
deliver this bulletin.
W. C Parke stated r I went to JUwairmi'a
office on Friday the 33d Feb. taking with me my
clerk Mr. Hopkins. In addition to what he has
stated, I asked him on alriral at Kawainafs,
whether it was written tm the board that people
Toing to the tata without an invitation would be
kicked out by the Chamberlain. He said it was
I told J. U. Kawainni that he was wrong in
publishing that, as it was placarded about the
streets that anyone could go in without an invita.
tion. He said "yes, that came out after I Issued
the bulletin." I then said, ' I want that sheet"
He opened the front of the frame, handed me the
oar and I drove off. Afterwards I caUed several
times at his office to return the paper. He came
to mv house and said he was afraid he was po un
to be arrested. Ithen drew out a receipt reading
uibi wiuu i i eu irum luce, uuiicun in same
condition without mutilation or change, and
asked him to sign it, offering him the bulletin.
He refused to sign the receipt, so I told him he
could take it without a receipt He refused to
take it
Cross examined: 1 had the bulletin board in
the carriage, do not remember whether I or Hop
kins took down the board. 1 had no warrant. I
had no authority. I have been Marshal S3 years.
He refused to answer the question, if he knew of
any rrccedent for his action. I did not offer a
receipt for the bolletm when I took it. After tak
ing the bulletin, I passed it into the hands of the
Chamberlain. If what he heard was on the the
bulletin was there, he wanted Kawainni to take it
uown. lie uia not asa me to onng it to him.
1 wished him to see the exact words on the board.
as it had been represented to him there were words
there mat were not mere.
The Attorney General In his first words in anm.
ment for the defendant acknowledged the weakness
of his side of ths case saying in substance, that
the case in its whole bearing was a very important
one. Marshal Parke although not acting in his
official capacity had made a mistake and the
learned counsel could not say that his client had
any nght to do as he had done. Every person has
a right to be protected m the possession of their
property. The Marshal had however only taken
the bulletin board from the office to the express,
that action the whole trespass. The trespass if
any, very slight, and would be more beneficial to
Mr. Kawainui in the sale of his paper, etc., than
air. Dole attorney for the prosecution, said, this
was a most important case. The evidence on both
sides showed that Kawainui regarded himself as
in the hands ot the Marshal Instead of resisting
ue iiiuseu upon mt. x-arae as tne symbol or author
ity. This trespass took place, be did not retst.
The Dlaintiff asked one small favor nf thia MMi
official that had trespassed. He said, "if you must
take the bulletin, give me back the frame." The
bulletin did notgooutof the Marshal's possession.
It id true that the actual and pecuniary damage
uwue swan , ine Tame oi lue paper is nothing.
Asatoatterofnewa.it was not of matt ininort-
ancc as it occurred near the close ot the day, bat
the case as a matter of nnncinle is not small: it
was of vast importance. 1 "here were four articles
oi ine uousinuuon onirageu. mr. Hole quoted the
4th mil l,h anlllh 1m,.1.ai,
t..u, uuu ...u A. UMRtA 111, JUUBM1UIIUU,
ich have particular reference, tn the nm.
tecnon of life, liberty, and property, according to
Xow, almost immediately after the ending of a
great ceremony when the highest official executive
m tfce Kingdom, next to the Ministers, outraged
foot of the Articles of the Constitution he looked
npiai it as a matter of great importance. It is not
simply tho case of J. U. Kawainui against w. C
Parle; it is the whole population against official
aggjession. If the Marshal can do this with im
putlnity other officials can also. Counting-houses
mav be entered, lmnts ami tuivra nu, tie. lol-nn
to uie Palace and after being read by the Cham-
ueru-in rcturneu. r.very nonsenom may be
searched. It was a usurping of the personal rights
which the Anglo-Saxon held as sacred bnt which
wert not yet properly appreciated by tho Hawaiian.
mil 1'iiw.nuo mm uisuiuicu uuuer lue magna
Charter in the rcicn of King John. Official des-
pota-m is a direct invasion of the constitutional
rigid of citizens. The Marshal was not authorized
to tb as he had dono but he received the sympathy
cf officials and the bulletin was read within the
"sacred precincts" of the Government. This bnl.
letni uas held in possession ot an official in the
Without warrant or nuthorilv. Ihe Mil renal tnM.-
tbe alace of a discretionary Court And iu this he
repiesenicu a certain set ot olhcials who are care
less Or ignorant of the rights of citizens. If such
actions were permitted, citizens could no longer
hare tho protection of courts of law which Beck to
prevent oppression, there will be no use of courts
if Palace officials could order thus. He quoted
manv instances where hearv damanes had lieen
iafliclrd for apparently trivial offences. He quo-
.... . ,,..K.u tiuui uHi.ii4 mm u bis-vcu til Aioni
Caradms. Mr. Kawainai was fnghtened, think
ing he a as going to be arrested, and for what, he
did notknow. Ho considered that the Marshal of
the Kingdom was not acting according to law and
his actien should bo remrded as nn nntma.. The
matter bould be recognized and not passed over
lightly. Had the desire of the plaintiff not been
to settle this matter quickly, he would not have
ninueu tuo uamages to saw, bnt would have taken
it to a higher Court. All officers throughout the
Kingdom should take this matter to themselves,
that not one be he King or commoner and all
officers from the King down had taken solemn
oaths 'to protect those rights can lay a finger on
iuiuuici luiiu Minium n uae uuuionty.
Judge Bickerton after hearinir tho arguments
presented, deferred eivint, imlpment nntil the nt
dav, the 3d inst, on which date he rendered the
ioliowing uccision:
"lt has been argued by the counsel for plaintiff
that the net of the defendant was an official act. I
cannot find it so. Tne defendant was not acting
as Marshal of the Kingdom or in any official ca
lacity whatever. There had been no legal pro
ceedings or process of law resorted to, neither was
he instructed by anyone in authority to tako pos
session of the bulletin board. 1 understand from
the evidence of the defendant that be was told to
have It removed. I will therefore treat the case
as that of a private citizen, and not as Marshal of
the Haw aiian Islands. It is argued by counsel for
defendant that Mr. Kawainui gave his consent to
the paper being taken by the defendant. As tho
plaintiff says, bethought the defendant was acting
as Marshal, with anthority, and he therefore gavo
uip iu, uuiicuu, it-eiiug imjuuu io reBpeci tne au
thanlT of the Marshal. The defendant filnlatthil
he made a mistake, and that if he had read carc-
imiy me leiier mat was sent lo him on the subject,
he would nrobablv not have arred n ha la,1 Ana
When he found that tho article did not contain
what it was -said to contain, the matter ought to
uuto enueu. jir. 1'ariie acted nastily, and 1 can
not find upon examination anything to justify him
it taking the bulletin board, ami l mnut dei-iila id
the law directs me. The defendant must bo held
luuie in uamages. 1 he autbonties sustain such
a'course, as also docs the Constitution of the coun
try. The damage to Mr. Kawainoi's property or
business, if any, is very slight. The damage to
h feelings is different. The authorities anatnin
lfirge damages in cases where one's feelings are
imii luuiu laise a caunot uuu any intention on
tte part of defendant to insult the plaintiff. It
cimiot bo denied, that in his capacity as Marshal,
if he had seen an obscene writing or picture, he
had a right to take it down and destrov it. The
tliject of this case is to settle the question, as far
i iuis ioon is concerned, wnetner or not the ac
tion of the defendant was lawful or justifiable,
'faking all tho circumstances into consideration, I
find it was not so. I think justice will be done
Irtween theo parties by giving judgment for tho
'T- i"siciuicuio juugiueui loruie plain
tiff for $30 damages, and costs lt.40."
ptriitl diVk.
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alt), nuiaaleli'rUa, IS7C.
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. iit-apn, Jiani. aiar. 1st, isa. SIT St
the Board of Trustees of the Qaren'e Horrjtal
will be held at the rooma or the Chamber of Commerce
M71t 4l1?rt- F.A. SCHAErEK. gee1?.
J- Dera uuiy appoimea atrigaees in Dankraptcr ml
to all persons owing said bankrupt lo make Immediate
partaent. or aucb claims will be sued. All persona la
iMMsessioB of any property of eald bankrupt are requir
ed to make immediate delivery thereof to tbe eald at-llcneea.
J the nonolala Iron Works CaaniiiT. liflr! tn TTt.
n 0.0,1a Feb. 51, 1S&, the following oflcers were elected
To Planters & Investors.
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1 4
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Sole Agents Tor American ami European
Tin: i'Airrxi:i:snip iikrkto
X fort exMtloij between J.Francis McKenile and
A. S llood,dolnsboftinf at Hosnapo, Kan, Hawaii,
nnder the name of McKenafe Hood, ts this diy dis
solved br the withdrawal of A. Hood from the firm.
air uaDiwiee oi ine nrm are assumed oj t MCKrn-
KiaioTtnom an ccdis one tne nrm are io re paia.
A. 1. HOOD.
Honnipo, Km, Hawaii, Feb. 11th. 1SS3. 917 St
of March. A I. l"SSt ot subscribers to the stock of the
Reciprocity fengar Company, it was roted to accept a
Charfrof Incorporation, granted to them and their
w;iicb rj- ine -Minuter oi me interior,-oy ana wjtn
the consent of tdeKlne In rrlry CoanelL nnder the
corporate name and style of the RECIPROCITY SsU
GAR COMPANY, oc the 7th day of Febrnary, l$3,and
that the corporation nnder the said Charter thereupon
onniiedit-elf and elected UiefolIowlnsoClcers. Prea-
iticnt, niic; Mte-iTes.arntand3iat.accr, w ii.
Cnmminte; J-ctrretarr. U. L. Honklns: Trvasnrer. II.
Macfarlane, Auditor, C. P lankea; Roard of Directors
J. K. Both, AY. It. Cnmmtnf4, J. llayselden. C. L. Hop
kins and T J. McCwson.
Notice it farther given that parsnant to the terms of
said Charter, no stocLhoIdrrrfaall Indiridoftlly be liable
for the debt of the corporation beyond the amonnt
which shall be doe npon the share or shares held or
uwnru uy nimsru.
C. L. HOPKINS. Secretary
lloxot-nc, March 6th. l1 tH7-lm
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Particulars iii Future Atlvertiscm't
ISIItomi; 1 vol. nf Trlrnrl frrtm 131 tn 1
vol. of Sandwich Island News from 1545-7; lvol. of
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Copartnership Notice'
ryiuz uxDEiwicxKn iiaam;tiiis
L day entered Into copartnership under the name
oiiu P4jto ui niiMvu u niaii-.?u., rnrinc transac
tion of a General Tlnninr, Plnmbin and ifes Fitting
Dusineifs, at No. R HolelMreet, Houoluln.
1? KIbTJ..i:K W'llAi PAY ALTai
,L DILLS and Collect all Accounts dae the late firm
to date.
Honolgla.Fib.Htb.lS3X t9li3l "E.KISTLER.
Upox Tin: piti'itiox op i:mmi
LINE GILES forchantre of miao. ih f(.11.iine
decree was made by Ills Majesty In 11-lvy Council npon
the 3d day of Pent-nary. ISO, via :
The name of Emmet I tie tiilo Is. on her petltlou,
chanrcd to EMMEL1NE APONti. This decree Is re
nnirrd to be published for four consecutive weeks in
the lUvtms Gatctte, s newspaper printed and pirti
llsheil In Houoluln.
Secretary Privy Council,
lolaul Palace, Honolnla, Feb. If-th, ISg. 9n
The Jarvls Furnace Co.
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ary last, bv the Minister of the Interior, under the laws
of this Kingdom, for a !as and Cane Trash Consuming
Furnace, this I to warn all persons ajalnst an lnfrtn-
A "Til t a of the JiTt Kiifnari(!n
er J. O. CaiiTTe, fcec'y.
iionomiu. r coruary nt ink. vu
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ieauins caioons in tne my.
Onlcrt from the Other Islands Promptly Attended lo.
nin: uxii:i:sigxi:i iiaa-ixg
X been duty appointed Executor of the Estate of M.
J. HOSE, deceased, and fnardlan of hlsmlnorch
drcn, all persona having claims against said estate
are hereby notified to present the same without delay,
and within six month after the date hereof or they
will be forever barred; and all persona Indebted lo
said estate to make Immediate psj ment.
r. , rt-ii.i.r tic.
Executor of the Will of M. J. Rose, deceased,
Honolnla, Febrnary 2d, IHtO. U16 2m
Dissolution of Partnership.
rpm: rimr or kkntox, jjivkx
JL iCH dofn? business as General Merchants at
Kobala, Hawaii, has been dissolved by mutual consent.
KohaU, Hawaii. Feb. tilth, lSL 311 Im
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3ADS ajJIASl-.
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Directions In Elerrn Laajrnairct
JUltlmore, aro., V. H. .1.
Hollister Sc. Co.,
I t-ole Areata for the Hawaiian Islands.
Hlemp Cordage
Of American and Russian Manufacture
Bassta IWlt Rope
Manila Bolt Rope.
Etiiinc Miriin. Uonslin,
Spanyarn, and Rattlln.
All of which wfl! b ild as low offered by other
panics, ia any .aiuy oenuva.
I3 t C13L O "t L 1 23- O
Messks. t,v. irTciTbssMaor & nno.
WUI Dispatch Another A 1 Vessel for this
Port in all the Month of May.
OT Merchant, and other- rfeslrlK: 10. -MP JTJW
pipnlar and tarorite Line, will do " ?3Z'S;
ready secorcd for the Teasel
,T CAbTI.E Jt COOKE. Ateal
For 5an Francisco.
The tine American IUrk
Forost Quoon
r ti wlxniNV. Master.
Will haTe quick dispatch for ahove port
ror ircini .na j,.ifa, , ars-M
"47 TI I1ACKFEU) .t CO., Acrnt
For San Francisco.
The Clipper Erlpinline
3. -FT T, X jN"
uin CP Maater
Will have quick dispatch for above port.
017 O. W. JIACFAI1LANE ICo . Ajents
ll-rVTlT Ma.ter.
Will have QuickDispatch for the above
For r relent or passajre. apply io
an r, A t-CHAKrEl. Jt CO.. Acenls.
Tne Amencan iwwKenunr
MliKaa' I'ERRIMAX. JIasler.
Will have tluick Dispatch for above Port
Forl'rclshtandl'assase Apply to,
m T11EO. II lUVIES.Jt Co .AsenH.
Charles Brewer & Co.'s
& "Martha Davis,"
Will Vosithcly Sail from lloilon for
tliisl'ort OXJl'XK loth.
Orders filled promptly, and frcicht taken at the Luw
estlEalra Apply to t'lIAS I1UEMEK at Co.. So 27
Kllhr Mreet. lloston. or to
Otiim C 11HEWEU Jt Co, UnccnSl. Honolnla
Oceanic Steam Ship Comp'y
Will Leave San FraiicNco for Hono
lulu the !th (lay nCcach month,
Retarninr from Honolnla on thr 22il IIY
of each month.
an Franct-ro Ajrents, J. ll. &FUECKELS A BKOS.
a2T Market r-trecL
Honolnla Agents. W O. IltVVISACo. M
TIIMCS T" A. T3.T ,-prj
t 3IASTK1:.
bteamcr LIVpHLe willleavi. Honolnla each Tuesday
o.-aj . ium.uuiKt iuiaina, Jiaaiara ixy. juakena,
Mahnhona. Kanalhae. LacTtAhnphixt ml Iliin.
Retnrnin- will touch at all the above port, arnvinj;
JfiNo Cmllt for Xnv-ace1 Jlonei jirl
We positively refuse to open accounts for Paesartrs.
and we particularly call the attention to the traveling
public to the necessity of havlns Baisrar and Frcljrhl
L'WB'j Biikw; ine steamer win noi oe responsible
for any nnmar!.ed Rajcn.Re.or for Frciaht or Parcels.
Preicht Moaev Ono an Demand.
In all cases or frelht for iartlcs nt responsible, ut
atikuunu, i ue imcm money wm oe uae in auvance.
I'ACKAUrN r l.l(l'OllSi.mnMM.S.in sT
in. ri.iiALt jiiiiit:n.
For the party whom they arc for. or plainly stated i
the receipt to whom they are con-lniied.
All demands for damage or loss rotut be mtlc within
In no way liable for loss or accidents to ilvr stock.
Car Hack Privcrs, Roys, and rach HU. will not be
anon cd on board the Mcanier t n nrriv.U, nutil after the
iia-crncrs nave oeen lanuett
For San Francisco.
ii;ai!Iiohn. tM.-i.M)i:it.
On or about Monday March 12
Tin. si'i. i:ni i MTi:.jtsiui-
ur.iini:it. ui Ji mii:ii.
On or about March 18th, 1883
For Prelfibt and 1'aaiu.ce apply to
UH5c II. HACKKELDattO Aceutn.
CitMMlt tor Slilitmeiil ncrMrntiirr run nail
he Stored, Tree l llinrr. In the l'lre.irtot
nnr-insr urnr hit ntrnmrr i nun.
The Agents here an. now pri parvd to
Ise Tickets to San I'raucNco anl llcttirn,
Established 1840.
Two Sailings Every Week
From Sew York every Wtdnesilay,
From Boston erery Saturtfay,
fit I, I .,,... KHO, mill IOtt tJoltl
Accordins to Acccmmodatlon.
Mcernice-" J2h Currency
Good accommodations can always be secured on ap
plication lo WILLIAMS niMONIi.tCO.
t.w.v.,,,, Sn mntlo.
vj siaie snrvrx, iwsion,
MTUVfaV Tt TllliTI-x av l-r.
4 Itowlioft Green, New'S'ork
Notice to Pasencers from Australia. N'cw ZmIiki)
and Honolnla The Cnnard Line aflords more than nul
fid lilies to through passenrera from Trass-Pacific
ports, the frequency of ita salllnira pirclndlna all posl.
Ti'lltv s-it rrail.ae In V a,w VAa-a.-
t2T"Good accommMntitins always reverved.
4 Howling Green. New York
Wallele. r2 Malolo
Wnloll. JnlU
Walehn. Filth Walmaln.
Oen. Slrsel J,?m;, Italuna,
and Mnnau
KI..tr K d with Whlti Ball Oder -CornerofQaeea
UU.1llH.nU CKRll I
tn cri
Hollister cfc Co.,
Nanaon St. and Cor fort jt Merchant sta OK
awsivife wiatfj.aa aa aaa a sg JS i A AlaVJ QltlXuZ IBf XTU
denee of C. Afonj, Esta. Tha Ccttaira bas all ttt
essarr onajoases, subfts, etc and extensive cronsda
aiiacneo. 'Arnaa wwi, rot partlcnlara apply at
theensce af C. Alone. Em, rorer of Nanaan znA
laf at tm a fn I . . al .
WAlIANMS.LASps.Ia Proo.!, Hi.
deceaseJ.al Chambers, oefor. Calef jSh2 jB5 I
On read-In;: an. tllai tha PWtloaMaiS I
Albert fanrer, Eieeotor ef thelIlTl CaU7!l I
late of HonoW doreased. lrrel. W2 1
lowed $H.s.3", and chanrea almselt VhkTjf 1
and atks that the same aaar ha eri..a. I
and that a fltuU order may 1 mad. ot 4S!ff-5
the property retaalni.i Jo Ma haao, T. 551!?
thereto entitled, and dftcKartlne him aoaV?.'.
from all rartherre-ponslWlltyaXanca. '"'SS
Ills ordered, thai rRIDAT, tha Bth a T'
D. 1V at ten o'clock a. au before lit liPU
the Conr- Honse, at Honolnla, be ut tha T59..
I. appointed as the lime and plan foi Ssa,
petltioa and aecoanta, and Ual all tairaaiaIH aai
I tha. and ttirr. intaiT and .S .. '. laallaa
hare, why the same shoald not b.rriir25? I
present esidenee aa to who are euliYlwl t7 Jf-. I
rrinled and pnbllshed lo IlonoInrC t
slve weeks previous to the tlmeiwheMnairJ!
Midheartor. rfas
Dated at Ufnololo. fl. I-, this SOi Am, rrfv-,, -
orruraiK coukt or toesTT
wusw r..uit. w. iionoiara, carta cm !
fort A. Francis Jndd, ChleWstk aflilslL
by the said Jastler, that Taesday the 27ta dtJJt
in-tact, at 10 o'clock A. M. at the Conn ni& i
iopreme Conrt. at Alllolanl Ilmiif, Hoa.jljei4 !
ttmeand place to hear and detldt theBsniMl 1
itWfT. and that notice of soeh henrii, hm .i- !
the Ifawatix GAinrc for three eenaeenUvawtS'j
Jnn E Barnard.
Clerk of theSnpreae Covrt
If any there be.why tte said WOSQ PAKJt
be decreed banknrpw
AndHlarurthefbrdcredthatallrredttonerth. ,
WONG TAIiK appeir at the tia aa4 place
to prove thelrvlatms By Order, "i :
Maith N 1MJ.
Executor's and Administn tor's Kotici
rrm: uxhkksigxkij hatv
X I dulyalntedExenttMtndA4itiJiSi?
of the Estate nfTitnsCoan.decased.alpe
claims apalnit said Estate are hereby soused S2f
sent the same within six months frem this data, iS
nil uv imt-i. MHimi MiUM "V-H IBGfW?4 Ufil 1
Estate to snake tmmed atrnarment. M1 I
v L. CflAX "ax,
Executor ami Atolaitrata.
llllo. Mar. 1st. ISfa
Noticeof Mortgagees' Intention to Fortdn
ana oi oaie.
X of sale eon ulned In a certain mortaze maaTw
Ails and Asni to Cfcalan and CompanT, it'tlrsT!
day of Anjrnit. mt, recorded la liber & pct,
ana 17.. Aoitce in wreov ntni itiit
Intends to forclose said motif ace. for condition
and npon said forrelosnre will sell at public aaciw
day, the Sist da? of March. ISO, at II . of aaU4i
premisei described In said moitrar as below
Fnrther parttcnlars can be bad of A S llmwtirr
tornry at Law. 11
iionoinin. .narca, ikvi.
Chnlan and Company Vortat
Prcmle to be sold are- -All of the latmnf,
said Asia and Asat in and to tbe followinr ladnttC
ot lease, and thepremlsea thereby demised, to mtu
1 ljease by Kahsa. Pal and llaahaa to Asal Ca.
dated May SI, ts. for nine yem, and recorded tt uw
G6 on pases M and 59. "
3. LeaM from Paahao, Pli and IV E, HI to Ami
dated April S3. lswT, for ten yeiri. and recorded la K
CO on bare 59 and COL n
S. Lease from Emaiia. Haahaa and olhinlalM
and Asin. dated January S2, PTI, for seven years, m
1. Leaff from Pnnpan to Asal A C dated IW
ber S2. 1375, fur aeven years
5. Lease from Kamnnn and Krkah la Aislu-
Asin, dated March i,19HU.fir ten year and rectrtS
in Liber l on pases h and 31.
. Iast f rom liaaba to AaaiandAsln, JatftlXM
21. IS79, for ten yeara. and recorded In Liber Ben p
3TH and S79.
;. Lease from Kahnla to Asni 4 Co , datedAtnia
for se-n Tears, and recorded in Liber M ng,
TU and 71.
8. Lease from c. M. Llmbtirc to Asst. dated larfl
10, for fifteen tears and recorded la UhnU en Mm
69 and 70. 'jp
Administrator's Sale Real Estate.
X thnllon F !. Lyman, CirenitJndre Third JtH.
rial IMftrirl. the tin.le-ni,'. Atv aTT
lie Auction.
at noon, on the premlea, all the tlrht, Utl sad in
terest ot P Kamakala, of North KohaU, Hawaii, dec C
inand taacerui&pleeeorparecl r land sinutM tt
Kawalhae-nka, Soma Kohafa, coatalnlns ABOUT 3Q
TI ACBEs, together with the IioildintaTthemm; at
npset price cf Jii Alo. at the same time ti4 tutt
will be sold, the Brand of said deceased, lacotilnT t
property in some 3) head of Cattle rutm or wa
rnnninc astray Tcrma Cash.
. , , , H. P WOOD.
Admlnlstrahir of the Esutr or P. Karu-Ula. deceawi
Nnrth taTfahnlal. tlawall li-anK t(k taan ...
Mortgagtt't Kotice of Intention to Fortclcn
"MOTICK Is HKItiaiY Gnus
-1 thatporsnant to a (Hra-er or eali- rontaiaed tn
certain Alortsrtc deed dated Anrnst 11. ISTf.nuuls tr
JJf - M-.KALE1KIXI K.rESA."nd JollN Jl KaVE
5?: f ","'"l". laland of Oaan. to JAMES CAXT
BhlX. of lAhalna, laland of Slant, of record la tks
omce or the IEenistrar of Coarryancea, la Uber M, aa
pisra 37, aad inrl Tor a hrf i-u of tba coai:;i4i
in said Atortsae deed contained, to wit The noa-nrr
jncnl or the money secured thereby that all aad atari
larjhe lands, tenements and hereditament, ta nil
Jlorlrare dert contained and deaertfced. m, arm ill
.. ?.i"lvbJ '"';'? 1I at rnbl.c AacUo. on ac
connt of the breach ir the ronditiona aa hereinbefore
..V?, ' ' Mottjtared.-Krtbed btla.allaatc
atlenla. Iloolnla, aforraaid.and mora parfica-utr
iVZV1 '"K" falent So J4W. eontalnSlnrare.
r, . i1??""- ""rr JAMES I AMPBEU
Dated llonolnln. Febrnanr aah. l!ecl
l.ini. Baowa, Attorney for JInrtiracer ,CJt
Mortgagee's Notice of Intention to Foreclose
ATOTiti: is m;i:i:itv ol us
a. mat pursuant to a power of sale ontalaed la a
SI"! l;'rtE,se d -ed dated Dec. jotlv l7.inad b,
Jolin Jl Kapenaand Kmroa M Kapeaa. Us.lt.. at l
"f r aiani, io James Campbell, of as
labalna. of rrrord In tha lacs of the Itoctstrar of Cat-
at the conditions In said monsace deed roaulsat.
In tlt- the non-payment ol tha money aeenred thcr.br
tnat all and slnimlar thelands. tenemrnuandherediia.
mrlBI0 mortras, deed contained and described,
.ill. after the time limited by Uw.be tout ,t ma
Auction on account of tha breach of ii cnd..unts as
hereinbefore mentioned.
.aTa- n",?Vr i Irt? irtltalribeal beta; ,1:.
ate In the Island of Molokal, and mora part alarly at
rg1!??,,1.? runt yo. wn. eoatalSlni a.larcVar
? i Acr- ""i '" at Uknniehamer l,Iaa of
w . , "w,iJ"wnDroiai!oyairatm
0. contalnine aa area of 32 Acre,. f.Ral tr.
V,. .. ... JAMES lAMI-BIll
Bated Ilonohilu. IVbrnary SUth, lsta
Caen. Brow., Attornrr for Mortrasr, ts tt
Mortgagee's Notice of Foreclosure and of
t- accoi:i).vxck with a row.
ih.V ".' l?Je c!,.u.1.I10i ' . eua!n mortrase mad. Vy
Knhole lo Chaa Al Cooke, dated the :1th day of rei
17T. rceorded In Liber . pas. ITS. aasteaed so step-iea
'r. ' VHr aaaieoraent, notice ia nert hyeirea llal
aid morta-a-ee Inb-nda to foreeloae aald morWe for
eonilltlnn l,rnfca an i.nn ..i.t a. , .
iKATl"f?av V?rS'tr W. ""-." ncHiaiala.
tiN SATl KDAY. March 5llh. al IS M. of said day. la
l"remlsea described In said mortcaiaaa belowspeelSei
ITemlsee to be sold are titnatcd on Fort street. Ilea,
lain, la luukopna, described la Koyal Pateal Ul ta
Karns. altaated near the premise, of K. Kn IkuUa
and containa a food hoasr
1 Erthrr particular, can bt aid ,.r W R lASTLt
Attomeyat Law Merchant Mreet
3ct A.etgnc. of lha Mortgarer
Notice of Intention to Foreclose
. f.'tlaf!? ; ci KTEB, Assltneea la Baakraprcy
or Batld irownlnitbnri:. or Maaa.ao Maai herab;
rlre notice that by Yirt ae or a power of aala coatalaai
U a cerUln in.wttaaedecdtl.enby W- H K,a. aa
a !h ? "LM"1- 'lall. aald trowniacbarr.
dated Jnly SM, Ink recorded ia Uber (L. folloa afl-i.
tber Intend to foreeloae aald mortearr for ceaditsoa
I?.. 'J? -arsaat. when Jae of a nolo fa
Sl and Interest sacred thereby, and will sell at ma
lic Aacllos at the Salsa Boom f r Adams, o. Satar
lay.Marca Jlst, atM .the folio. In.- parca.iot laal
cooTeyedby sstdtaorteaa.-
I All those Premises at aald KohaU. kn-wa a. Knn
apoaa, detwd la Royal Patent 0 rr, toatalaU).
an area orssi IS acres w.iau4.
In Koyal Patent No asss, eonuiulns aa ar-a of in
J!',l"l', "! "fd ' rownl.itbnnt haiinr beeoeaa
P C J0HK1.it
. i , . J- CAKTElt,
V M ijSSra B-PVT " V- Cniwulnstarj
F M llalca. Attorney for Assignee.. Mj
Sl'l'Itian: CtintT THE Ha
waiian lKi.avn. ili...
Oaha, Hawaiian land,, '.a
l.SUTOX?de'."" "T" OI 1IAE1 . t
A ilaaaeatnrrartiae t. taatka U.l i -. 1 .....
meat or Kkhaid CojIniMn. deeeaeed. aaeiai the
fSJj7 a" IS . 1 l"enti!4 ta said Frobat.
toort, and a petition tor the probate thrrror aad for
the Isaaaace of Letlera Teaumentary to Anno Char
kvtl.C..lnf1, haslaibeen IWli l ' tiaordai
that Tl'KsflAV, AritlL iltb. lUS, it l I m It Si
day. al Ue Conrt KjomoI aald Conrt, at AliusUal Bala
In llosolnlo, be and th. same la hereby appointed the
' J';1J aald will aad heariniullp .Sui
amenUry;.nd the said Anne Cbatkii, I rr.nrtoa U
2iL,lff$7 ordered. that &tle Ueif be elf '
pablteation fu totu sacceasive wrt-ks -u the AawalaUn
JeUe.anewsiMferpriatnIaBdpublAshed ia llw
And 11 i4 ft-ther ofdrwd. ibat ritatioaa I ftne-J
.y if". t appear and . tu nntatn-
aid will at th- time anpelktcd. p
(j.iDUl tM. 11 I, ftfO tMk. IVC,
Attest Cbl.f Jll.ll...r.V. ui . .
JE lla... l-,i,Y.rneV X SZU
Trf, ViK tjV!aUEn: conrr orTira
li..l , r . ikaaaaa. s-y :ha tiraca al
od, or the Hawaiian Islasula. Kla T.ttlm..i
n!2ff "--i Marshal .1 ike Klajdom, bla benaty
r. u. raSaTr"a tw',sr i?e?.A?r"
the Island or Oahn, o. Muimx,, dafof ila.
aly Beit, at In .Vlock a m. to .how cL lVla.
"d h-r paranaat to the temat .f her a.
i.V !'t !" ". "."TreaM loark at Iloaol--thja
1th day of Jan nary, A. 0. 1XX,
-n .Jat. E. Baaaia. Ctok,
r.,a m."-i . thafoUowlas
LSI .t5 "Jile llltfent ..uchrortkc.Ltkla
tarniLL..." 1. t.VtwMjM. Jr I hereby rs
tU$Lai'" tartwrljtlir.J, tai"l.KIa?l.
.(SlCnedt V V PABICa! V.ralia.
llonafnln, January Hi. nn.
Hawaiian Islands. )
. a-JiSi:X'" ...
W "Wr. TharfS CartirlSS "!J Tua
lmt&M?.V3ril'i-fx ""'"ll iUrahal-. re
ntar. rth.!,3 .'..'. tJT t taldMmaara
Ji& iu 1 orfS?l." 1!" J'-rrTerailkcxe.f.A. D.
T. . Fi!L contlnara to Ike ant AprU
cddt ii .'.M "tr '3 ' taeaatlnw aa aliened
?U?. r'Snl'ffin."
aald April Tenor e....
- ' waereo. I aAtaaerraai.
" IL fseJk k" r"truIT
Vktfc 8abffsi, Cogtt
O O rv er. a-a .
- " -a. W -A- I, asa
Plana and EwlmatM Faraliaod fo, Tfceks of Coa
. itmcUon
civil Englnoorlnganci Surveying
(tnr-tt h tar . .
y nuiii Jrtreet, abt
w Robert! oa a co,
1 BOX Hi,

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