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m. s s. Co. ft Timo Ta Die Tor 1 uo
e( w Vert jmjiamuiim -'
a.arrhllZoaUSia.. ord.T
AptH PJCUj of t-Ttliiej April! 5
.May t Aai-tralla . . Nay "
Jonc'CitTtrf Nrw York Joatl"
ft- JnljS'ZeoUoCa-
fcT.t 9K itj or ew lors
.Oct c'ZrtUndl. -Otis
r of.- "
CltT of brtiw - -- Nw25
i IT AaotnlU
mjXoLCLV.MAHitr- i
e w t pu: Hat rtoo-a tome
- " . .-.t um of Ut Year a
, ' rr nli. aJUioszfe not trios m7
r r - U-oW. sided witb
- irtnn to tw a Unr amount or
"V---rf blinco 'rre.alt.rclr? ,
' --U. conlt or toel-lfTt
tu ' iStihi' mltbco1 ana i -"-
port or HO NO LULU.
Arrived. "
m frnr I'STiania, iiidim. usnwroi
4.n Wh!r Starr fraant Barlrrr, ruUc
g in : - iKwr. 3cweai. w
AmUKiTt ilclniyre, I'ort Towmcud
Brt I S fcwjcttwlswtki, IorUid.
Atat- JIp-MjEelft.Friw, Sin rnona.
Am kr J t Ford. Le SaMttcr. bw Inncleco.
Arabia. Ore. Coulsea. rro.c.
Am wh:-r Mary A M.an. lUrker, Arrttc.
Vnuli in Fort.
BUhMi. .a Edward
S S Wi, .'carton
a fct.! IIi-iF- Tepailinr)
.uonU Starch S-Fnll load of
a 11 cab.:-'
jr aa Frantifeo. Ter Eorrka.t ihrcary 2 6,W1
: H . 1 W -.T.ir, IPlllrUn. lITl'nll
Stodc QaotAtioiu. for March, lfeB2.
Peer a cej bt IVniiii 0 Sitmi,
ikm $ v $ n 3 ....
. wo y .... sou .. .
. 15) PW 2.""!
Sl iM !!
t am ....
. rumi w iiN itc ....
11 KM 19) 115 ....
Kl 3W
Sli 3W .... 185U ....
. 1U1
aw WW
3i aw tfiu
tW 2S0
. taw mu i) is ...
. 10) iiiw
m--- h 1
t4t) M ..
1T90 10- ..
GUI II ii ..
aw sw ..
3W Sil) ...
150 WW ...
WW 10 ...
imnlB.l Iron ULsf,
ttln It It Co.
IJrrws A'Camm'ule SiO MO HW
U per -t Bond WU) ouutiodtac IVr
siwMOBuiauainK. r
4W0oatBUndiDr. Vr
S frr: tm Got.Ui inw..VodT Act
MortuJtry Report for FeTiruary-
1 -.1 Cipt, J, 1L Urown. Aent of the Hoard of
Fcbrn&rr. execad in nnmbcr bv tvo the deaths
wTenui oi ujo iouunamucruiairom " cn-
aaaisinras. nAra u ma uio iiiwh nnmuvr oi
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.0' 55
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: ill
4,AUims . . 4
.lAneorira.. . 1
UCCT. .. . U
l-ODTaUlona. 2
DropT. . S
Drtrotrry. . 2
rtiiVe llriln 1
SjKtkliplicu.. 1
rcw 6
linacrbafc 3
Old Arc 4
(orurr it".., gnmi -m,,..,i.
'"""J Unknown T
,. -A lr.itu- y.i.
Si 4 Si 4
oi.i.ei citj-itmm ..k
Jomx n. IBonr, Agc&t Board or Health.
Thc l.-.' J 7r. -f.HTof FebroAlT2Dd.inTethe
"in connection with the discaftaon rclatiTe to
PCUlcr ox reuinimr Ibe rpmrit' trftv. it
mtionI domain. Th intimation that this
Roch a thirc no duUcnltj woulJ bo experienced
froua the launders. The uatter has been fnoa
U oooKblcred, bet pi ren up. England, Trance and
the United States narantred the independence of
Hawaii neaxij; forty years ago. Any Attempt at
acquisition would be met by a rigorous rrmon
Ktranoo from those powers. The quet considera
tion of this matter has caused the delay by the
House Cknamittee iu acting upon the treaty.""
In View of recent annf latinn Mnmniii vttich
bare appeared in the Ministerul orcan here, the
v "r tr v Airrrttrn , xl would seem as if
the present Ministry were not onaware of what was
coins on. Can it be possible that the patriotic
Premier has been forwarding 'intimations" that
annexation would meet with "no difficulty1 from
Uw islanders That the present coarse of Hawaii
an affairs ii leading us directly to annexation can
not be denied br any one v ho cart-fully thinVn ot
er our little proUenu but it were better for the
Premier that culhUone were about his neck and
he cast into the sea than that anything on his
part fehould lead to snch a reeult. The fate of
btraJford, who tnt serred the people and then lie
came subecrrient tnhe King, should be before his
eyre, Those who i4ay fast and loose with the an
cry eea of popular feeling uv always OTirwhelnied
by it
Life Insurance Companies.
Life Ipso ranee companies are wont in advertis
ing themselves to the world, and many find a field
here for mating thms-lTcs known. Fraternal
insurance orsanuations too are seeling their way
into the Pacific, last amongst which is the Knichti
of rythias Endowment Kank .Section JCo.2231
iustitulcd in this city by D. S. C. David Davtonon
the 29th of February IasL, with the following
officers: Geo WilUams, Pre.; John Coot, Vice
Fre4 Hcnr Smith Sec. and Ireaiu J. A. Uodanet,
Chari 1L H. Webb, Guide; J. D. HolLGuard; and
1 McIncrnyF SentineL Although a part of the
order of Knights of I'yiLiaa, the lUnk has its
own ritual and laws fur its porernment. Eubordi
rule only to the Supreme Lodge of the World, all
tho who are Knights in good ending are
privileged to select one. two or three chutes,
tfi00 being the most a member can insure for
tteinc a fraternal crga&izatiosiwitti no stock
holders, and no one to be enriched thereby, there
is little danger of an attempt to defraud the family
of a deceed member. To show the good tne
fraternal insurance organizations are doing, a few
figure may not be inappropriate. From the time
f their organization up to the 1st of November
Iat the total amounts paid in the United States to
beneficiaries of deceased members of the different
societies are as follows:
Kalftua of Honor JTaieljtfl
Aaeiffif Order Ualtrd XVorKuea. 6.ttE0U.(H,
itayai Axeantn. IQCjOW.U..
America Lrglaa of lienor. MiJTi.t.
Kt;aur rjuui m. i&Z-sv.
t0 in the shade on Saturday at 3 p. in. Wind
light, nouttenr.
One of Mr. Farneani's latest sketches in cil is
on exiubtuon at J . AU lat, J r.', on aiercuani
The LotlmaiMM, Waeltnttt and X"tHf, were
Tinted by members of the Ministry on the morning
or tne mu insi.
Dodd is cocanifncinc to get his watering carts in
order lor ice coming season, nope oe oe
eraliy patronized.
The Y. M. C A. building on HoteF treet has
been plastered inside and windows are now being
placed in posilion.
TV n'fir-m kaIm of Mr. Adams have been vcrr
well attended during the pnst week, noticeably so
mm 01 xue uqok wue m
TV rivJ;i tnnk a number of lepers, cathered
together from different places on tlds Island, to
the ftettlernent on ilolokai, on tne m itisu
Tli mnrtturr rmTd as at nrment kent bv Cach
llrown, is stated to be a self imposed task.no craol-
umeni ieuig tvqcitvu ioc uio wnnw nuucini.
The regular monthly meeting of the Teachers
Association will be held next Tnday, at 2:15 1. U
at the Fort Street school bouse. A cum excrasc
will be civen.
Drivers f cxprees carriages are all ordered to
wear their badges on the outride of their coats.
Any infringement of the rule is apt to cause the
loss of license.
A quarterly meeting of the Board of Trustees of
the Queen's Hospital will be held at the rooms of
the Chamber of Commerce, at 11 A. M. to-morrow
1 Tharsday.
Another building on Nuuann street, below F. T,
Lcnehan & Coa, is being remodelled for a Chine
restaurant, making three of thatnationalityalone,
within one block. ......
The Attorney General is now in the toils of the
calm and peaceful Shepherd Saint of Lanai. and
is beinc led like a lamb to the slaughter of his
profcamonal reputation.
KATOnmiMmr-anntheEwafiidoof Fort fitroet
below Merchant street have been moved back on a
line with Messrs. Wilder & Cc's building, thos
giving a good sidewalk.
PrinrMM I .iliruAnlani held the uual monthly re
ception at her residence pn the afternoon of the
f ormed tome choice selections.
The inter-island race between the schooners
.Yrf Merrill and UmlmMtt resulted in a victory
for thc.VfV. It is now in order to haul the Hale-
fflvrff up on the Marin. Hailway.
A irw iiMin vhiitilfl has been added to the Ho
nolulu llaning Mills by Mr. Geo. Lucas, the pro
prietor, and now announces in loud and fihrill notes
the hours of 7. 12, 1 and 5 o'clock.
Police Jnstice Ilickerton entertained A largo au
dience of curious ones on the 2nd insL, the casev
of Kawainui ra. Farte, Hex r. Griee, and Hex r.
Aold attracting considerable attention.
The Snm-eme Court decision. Oacen Doaacer
Emma vs. C. II. Judd ct al- of the Crown Land
Commissioners, was tried by the Hon. Judge Mc
Colly and not before the full bench as printed.
Who was the Minister last Fridav who took too
laoch giu on board, and as he was being taken
home, said in a voice chocked with sobs H 1 am a
tool ! Can it be that there is truth in the story?
The Punahou preparatory school, on the Arm
strong premises, at the head of lUchard street,
presents a neat and orderly appearance both in
cide and out and reflects credit on the manage
ment. The Hoi is now entirely repaired and is rigged
aa a barque instead of a uilp as formerly. She is
at present in mid stream but will shortly tail for
I'nget Sound in ballast, Opt. Penhallow in command.
1 he cuns of the U. S. S. HVAwwf f were brought
into use on the morning of the Gth inst. being en
gaged in target practice. Shell and solid shot
were used and the marksmanship from a shore
view seemed to bo fair.
The Ilcahim. built bv Mr. Sortnson for His Ma
jesty the King, and which for beauty and speed is
to boused as a nee drogher between this port and
Ewa. "Ton hat base uses,1 &c
The Hawaiian Guard. Co. A. one of the volunteer
corps of this city lias found that the "boast of heral
dru the pomp of power" alike aait the inevitable
from the list of existing corps (es).
The auction sale of all the household furniture
in tho residence of Mr. J. C. Glade on Judd street,
takes place at 10 a. u. to-day, under the auspices
of Mr. Adams. Dodd's omnibuses will afford a
means of transit to intending purchasers.
IL It. M. S. StciftsMrr. Admiral Lyons, is now ex-
jiected from the south. She is reported to have
skilled cricketers and lawn tennis nlavers. crack
shuts and good riders among her officers, -no that
tier arrival win io a boun to me lair sex.
The Coronation Lottery was nartlv drawn ou
the cveninc of the Sd insL. but an informality
being discovered by Mr. Eckart, before the com
pletion of the drawing, he declared it void and
another drawing will take place on the ISth inst..
Anew street is in iwocrcsa of construction to
open out the property to w hich access was had by
means 01 lora s lane, jum iain 01 inoursi
bridge. This is an improvement lourr reaoired as
a means of entrance and exit to dwillers in that
Monsieur de Louvicres. Secretary- to the French
Legation in this Kingdom, expects to leave by the
next Bicamtr lor E?yoney. 111s wuc accompanicit
him, and it is with regret that Honoluluociety will
bid adieu to so polished agentleman and so charm
ing a lady.
In this lbboe vie anain publish our Stock He-
port," its nonappearance for some time back being
caused by the absence of the compiler Mr. W. O.
Smith. This report will be as accurate as possiblo
and is intended to fnrnish reliable information
relating to the movements in plantation and other
The baraue JubiUe armed in port on IheCth
inst. from Newcastle laden with coaL While
about being docked she collided with the GtttHs
burq carrying away the fore royal mast of the
latter Tusatl and injuring her own headgear.
The harbor-master is rejiorted as having charge of
lue jHiMet at we ume.
The nooni of the " Crownincof the Dread Kino1
by Geo. W. Stewart which originally appeared in
the cola ran 8 of the Saturday I'rrts has been pub
lished in a neat pamphlet of thirty-two pages by
Mr. Thrum, and a coot forwarded to this office.
rbishtuo trofAwrr U becoming companion to
"Hawaiian Wrwi1 nrcnon&lv nablishcd brMr.
Thrum, both being appropriate presents to friends
Tho Postmaster General. H.M.Whitney Ewi.
has examined the blanks already prepared for tho
local money oruer sjMcra : ue onus ioai mcj re
lanro and inconvenient. It is his wish to model
our money orders upon those of Great Hntain or
tho United States, we know that those Iu use in
the former country are quite small, and require
very little clerical work.
The Hawaiian Amateur Minstrels gave a per
formance at the Music Hall, Saturday evening
whirh wks well attended and was thorouchlv en
joyable. The Amateurs displayed more confidence
the performance went off wnooth and plea&antly.
The closing tableaux of the afterpiece was well
A fine I r encraved calendar for 1S3 has been
presented us by Messrs. Castle &. Cooke, agents for
the New llngland Mutual Life Insurance Co, of
Hoston. The months are represented by juveniles,
twelve in number, who pass onward from recep
tion by Father Time to his final adieu. This cal
endar is engraved by the American Hank Note Co.
and is the most artistic specimen of calendar work
that wc have received.
Tho old hmldinrm necennied bv Messrs. Hoff-
Rchlaeger Co., aVV, Itichardson & Co, and 11) os.
G. Thrum are to give way to the march of im
provements; the occupants having moved, out the
linitilinm trill all lie torn down, to be replaced bv
a substantial and handsome block, a prospective
sketch of which by Mr. Isaac Moore, the architect,
ts now on view in tne window 01 v . at. uai r. e lo s
store in the Gizcrxx building.
Prof. Hitchcock's lecture at the Honolulu Lvccum
oa the evening of the 5th instant was well at-
Euenaea uy aa aouieoce w uu juu ciuxo nmuuuu
to the discourse and diagrams presented by the
lftnrrrin relation to the "Carboniferous Period.
The next lecture will be on Life in the Later Ge
ological Periods," and will be delivered to-morrow
evening (Thursday), at the Lyceum, the mtn,
and probably the last lecture of the cocrse, will be
given on the 101 inst., at the same place.
"We are in receipt of a cony of" the Kouilnbtt c?o-
xrttt, a paper issued under the auspices of the Equit
able life Assurance Society of New York, and for
warded to us by A. J. Cartwright Esq., the Agent
of tho Company in this city. The magazine is
quite readable, and also presents one of E. Strauss'
latest galops. From this organ of the company
we learn that the amount of business transacted
during the past j ear, $?,2ri0, exceeds the largest
business ever done by any other company in one
j ear.
Mr. Henrr Smith the fourth clerk in the Interior
Department has been appointed to the position of
Deputy Clerk to the Scpreme Court rierD.K. Fyfe
resigned. We congratulate Mr. Smith on his ad
vancement and also Mr. ltarnard the Chief Clerk
on having obtained such an upright, trustworthy
lutua-MijiiK U98HUUIW w uuuiniun auiuuwo
to Mr. Smith's position In the Interior Department
and Henry V. Auld is appointed to fill Mr.
Smithies place,
Tho Veteran's Home Association " of Califor
nia appeals for aid from all American roidentson
the Hawaiian Islands, towards assisting them in
accumulating a sum safixnent to enable them to
build a home at Napa, California for all aged and
indigent soldiers who served in the Civil war.
Subscriptions may be forwarded to 1L W. Laine,
1 onjniander of the Post of the Grand Army of the
licpubuc in tnis city col J. 0. ?paioing, A.anaa,
Kauai; G. C Williams Esq., Spreckelsvillc, Maui;
C. N- Arnold, Hilo, Hawaii.
At the regular meeting of the Honolulu Library
and Heading Room Association on Friday evening
last, Mr.G. H. llarton was elected Secretary, in
piace 01 Air. u. vt . btewart, w&o nas reeenuy icr;
the country. The Constitution was amended so as
to provide for quarterly meetings of the Society
tasioad of monthly as heretofore. The I Resident,
Ytae-l'residcnt. Secretary and lreatiurerwere then
added to the Itailding Committee, which now con
sists of nine members, viz: Mew. A. J. Cart
wright, A. S. Hartwelh A. Marques, JT. G. Thrum,
& T. Hodgers, S. R Pole,M. M. Scott, A. L. Smith,
and G. H. Barton.
Nearly all of the dry goods e&tabli&hmenU m
this city have found occasion to change their
places of business during the last year and follow
ing is this improvement in in ten or arrangements,
it ts noticed that Mr. A, M. Mellis, the proprietor
of Ihewell-tnmrn Honolulu Quinine Emporium
on Fort street, Las made changes in the interior
arrangements 01 uis euaounmcm wnc ui
greatly add to the comfort of his numerous cus
tomers. The store in its entirety has been, on the
lower floor, thrown into one large room, enabling
him to display ids stocks of silks, satins, ahaals.
drexs goods, shoes Ac- more to advantage. A
suitable division for the fittinc on of gentlemen'
clothing has been made and cratoxaera are now
enabled to fit themselves at leisure with desired
clothing. The ground floor H entirely occupied
by Mr.Mcllis for the diaplay of his goodi In ladies
and gentlemen1! furnishing good?, trimmings, etc
etc., and the rentilation and tight notifiable must
be a comfort to customers. The upper apartments
are occupied by Mrs. Mellis in connection with
her dressmaking and millinery establishment and
are also light and airy. This ralargment, neces-
buhifu m 11 wai oy increaseu onsmesa, is a proof
w . -11 mi ruicri'riFe, noa an constant u in
creasing patronage.
Wm. Collins mlia Wra. Koeter,while about "half
eaa over, visited the Police Station at a late hour
last Monday evening and was very indignant and
uuu iwktu iu uia uvniuciiiioQi bi me reiusai 01
the native captain on watch to allow a chum of his,
who had been "locked up, liberty. In the mean
time Captain Merhtens arrived and a glance showed
him that Collins bore out the description of a per
son "wanted for larceny of a watch. A flashy
chain dangling from the vest of Collins snggested
the presence of a watch and Captain Merhtens
proposed to compare timepieces. This being done
gave the officer an opportunity to identify the
watch, by the number, as the one stolen, and al
most before he was fully aware of the fact Collins
was behind the bars on a charge of larceny, a much
HurpriBru ana crcsuauen lnainuuai.
The Schooner Jrfi rharr Cant. Luce, arrived
at H1I0 on Thursday Feb. 22d Is days from San
rranasco wun muie lor uaEaiau ana general
assortment 01 mercuanaise tor 11110.
Monday and Tuesday Fob-CCth and 27th was
rery rainy days even for Hilo. On Monday be
tween noon and 8 p. m. five inches fell. All the
sugar mills in and around Hilo are cow grinding
ana are worxing large quantities or sugar oauy,
A Celebrtd Caa.
In connection with Ih c coronation of His Majesty
a series of hIt had been arranced for the even
ing of the 12th nit. but the weather not permitting
lilO pL-IIOrUlBDCBS U1U HOI ia0 piBCO UOU1 1 DO .U1.
They were arranged by those in authority and
wero brought to the Gmette office to be printed
their official character being a passport that they
were couched in proper language, as permission
had been obtained by the person who provided
the inanusenpt to use the Itoyal ooat-of-arms.
After publication it was found that some of the
lancuaco nsed was thoucht to be obscene and on a
complaint made by W, IL Castle Esq. Mr. 1L
uncve, one 01 me propniors ox me priming es
tablishment was brought before Jndcc Hickerton
on the 2nd inst. charged with the pnntimrot the
objectionable matter.
A. S. Hartwell, Esq.. appeared as counsel for
air. unevo anu toiacuiiate matters tne piea 01
euiltr was made with the extenuation that' Mr.
Grieve was ignorant of the matter contained.
Mr. Hartwell said thai the manuscript in question
had been placed in the bands of the foreman of
the establishment, Mr. James Auld, a Hawaiian
by birth, who had not seemed to find anything of
an objectionable nature in it and it was printed as
ordered. The programme after being printed
passed from the control of his client and he had
no hand in the publishing of it. He desired His
Honor to pass judgment, bat to have in new the
extenuating circumstance, Mr. Grieve being to
tally ignorant of the meanings of the objectionable
Although a copy of the programme had accom
panied the complaint Jodce Hickcrton declined to
render judgment until translations of the pro
gramme were made to enable him to jadge of the
extent of the offence. His Honor stated that
although he was acquainted with the Hawaiian
language he did not consider himself competent
to decide upon the meaning of the words which
had been pointed oat to htm as objectionable.
Mr. Castle the complainant and prosecutor,
Attorney General Preston having declined to serve,
stated that he had read the programme of the
htfJat1 as printed and having asked someHawaii
ans the meaning of certain words that he did not
understand, was told their objectionable nature.
Hh knowledge was obtained from hearsay and
not from actual acquaintance with the words.
Judge Bicierton decided that an official trans
lation should be furnished hira before proceeding
further and the case was adjourned until last
Monday un which, day it was again taken up, Mr.
Hartwell appcaringToT-Ir. Gneve; Mr. Cartle
Skcon-d DaA
Mr. Hartvell for his client wirTodrew the pica of
"cuiiiv wuicu nau oeen previ;
substituted a plea of " not guilty,
in? testimonv was taken.
u. uripve, ino programme snow nwnaeninieu
Para Kuhikuhi ont hula Poni MA Irecoc-
niz as having been printed at my establishment
I did not then nor do 1 now know of my owa knowl
edge the meaning of the words and phras there
in contAinod. I understood that the Derfornmvnces
were to take place at the Palace. No one connet.
ted with my establishment got up or assisted in
getting up the original manuscript The maua
script was brought to my office by Mr. William
Auld and given to my foreman James Aald, he
being the worjilogforeraan and having charge of
native jobs, ashen a Hawaiian and understands
the lancnace. He did not seem to find anvthinc
objectionable in the manuscript. I was not in at
tue time tne manuscript came. 1 nau no conver
sation with William Anld; he transacted his
business with James Auld. I was afterwards told
it was a list of Coronation hulas, it was to bo
finished bv the 12th. Coronation dav. The lEoval
coat-of-arras was placed on the work by An order
from the Palace, I understood by order of His
Majesty's Chamberlain C. H. J odd. The first
proof taken did not have the ooat-of-arms on. I
was led to suppose that I was printing this for use
in Coronation ceremonies. It was distributed by
other parties, I had nothing to do with that. I
wasjdirected to send my bill to Walter Murray Gib
son as the chairman of the Coronation committee.
I did send it last Thursday. Mv foreman lias
gone to Maui I hear, and has not returned yet to
my knowledge, 1 nau nouung 10 uo wnu puon&ii
ing it, I did not circulate a copy of it.
Cross examined by Mr. Castle. My foreman
found nothing objectionable to my knowledge,
there were no remarks made about it If there
had been anvthins unusual in the content, the
natives whom I employ would have been apt to
remark it Am not in the habit of having the
nature of native manuscript explained to me.
miam a urn, lehuueu ; 1 gave tne manuscript
in Jnmr-A Anld. nftsmnntintr first nroof I took n
copy and asked permission to put the itoyal coat-of-Arms
on it His Majesty's Chamberlain C H.
Judd, pave me permission to do so. Obtained the
original manuscript from the hula masters. Did
nothavoany converse with Mr. Grieve regarding
printing. I read the first proof myself at my
office ; did not take the copy to the Chamberlain,
after the programmes were all struck off they
were sent to the Chamberlain's office.
A. S. Hartwell Esq. for the defence Argued that
his client had no knowledge whatever of the
meanings contained in the document And thereby
established an absolute defence. Whether the
court found that the programme contained obscene
language or not, the qnestion was did not Mr.
Grievo's ignorance of the nature of thepublica-
the world would have done different from the
defendant? The clerk of the Honolulu Water
Works brings tho manuscript to the native fore
man of the printing establishment And orders the
Crinting. The foreman causes a proof to be read
y tho party who brought the manuscript A
ianze is made, the Itoyal cwat-of arms is added
by permission of His Majesty's Chamberlain 0.
or who shall impede, or refuse to allow the Inspect
ing officer to perform hia duty, U liable to imprta-
uuuit-u a wuu wi jar no over six montns, or
to a fine of not over five hundred dollars or both,
and all such offences may be tried before any Po
lice or District Magistrate.
Inspecting officer to receive one dollar per he.id
""inraaauwiua uupmeo, uiiy cenu loreaca
sneer, and ten cents for ererr other animal inject
ed, to be paid by the owner or consignee, and in
certain cases, when the inspection shall be epe-
of the Minister ot the Interior, not to exceed five
dollars a day.
One half of all floes and penalties to be paid tu
The Inspecting officer shall receive such compen
sation as the Minister of the Interior may think
just. Heuiar make neh Bfemarr dnhnMMnbi
as are required for the execution of this act, in
cluding payment for animals and property des-
The Minister of tho Interior to make such rules
and regulations as shall be necessary for the
efficient carrying into effect of this act.
Act SS. Tho Itostmaster General with the con
sent of the Minister of tho Interior is authorized
to establish a domestic and foreign Postal Money
uuct nj Btriu, iu maao ruira auu ux rates concent'
inr same.
Act $6, Indemnifies the Minister of Finance in
the sum of if 7777, paid the Heir Presumptive whilst
acting as Regent
Act 37. Provides for more efficient protection
of I etnale Hoarding Schools,
"Any person Intruding without proper authority
upon the premises of any Female hoarding School
may be arrested by any constable without any
warrant," and may be punished before any Police
or District Justice by fine not to exceed f30(X or
by imprisonment at hard labor not to exceed sit
months. Such offender may also be prosecuted
for any other offence committed on aueh premises
uu aiou i-t uwwev oKnuiBh civiuj ior uamages.
-u iot nix montns, tne ume in
which foreign corporations nur file the deslgna-
uuu requireu oy me act Ot W UT oU, 15tff, iniS ex
tended time expired on the 7th of February, 1883.
ActoO. Amendment nf thn 1't1 Ii mthn..
uiog iu i oHi.Ria5ier uenerai to appoint postmas
ters and with the consent of the Minister of the
Interior to fix their compensation.
No ship Arriving at any port where there Is a
post uuice suau oe permiuea to report, make entry
or break bulk, until mail is delivered, for which
tun (urtiuirr nuau jiay nocu sum 01 money as IS
required by rules of the Universal Postal Union.
The Captain must make oath that he has complied
herewith before the Collector of Customs: and nn.
on failuro to comply with the above provision,
may bo fined not less than $100 nor more than
cow, uiu m ueiauu 01 payment, nis vessel snail
be liable to seizure and sale to satisfy such nen-
Tho master or agent of any vessel about to leave
for any foreign port shall give doe notice to the
postmaster of the day and hour of the intended
departure, and shall make oath that such notice;
has been given before securinq clearance papers.
Provides for n svstem of lleeistration nnon thn
pvrment of ten cents registration fee.
l'ostoffice is not responsible for loss of an inter
island registered letter, but shall pay $10 for everj
registered letter which may be lost when sent in 1
foreign mail.
Hates of postage on newspapers, pamphlet, al
manacs, calendars corrected proofs, handbill vnag;
Azines, mans, sheet music, occasional publications!
(not bound) posters and other publications (not
bound) designed primarily for advertising pari
poses or free circulation, one cent for each font
ounces or fraction thereof; where such matter i
sent 10 or receiveu ironi any toreign country, twi
cents on each two ounces or fraction thereof. j
Newspapers published in the Hawaiian IsIandJ
and mailed from the office of publication to subj 1
senbers. free in inter-island mails. 1
iiie l'Ohtmastcr General with consent of thi
King in Privy Council is Authorized to adont al
the present and Any future rules And regulatiora
of the Universal Postal Union. 1
Act 40. For the relief of the Hoard of Geneal)
ogy of Hawaiian Chiefs, appropriates such sum(
as may be required, not to exceed ten thousand
dollars, to be paid by order of tho Minister of thi
Board of Genealogy.
Act 41. Anv nfnepr AuthoriTP.1 fit lfcn nnVtrra L
edgments, who shall knowingly Incorporate in ths
certificate of Acknowledgement any false or mil
leading statement as to the facts therein contained,
to bo punished by fine not to exceed $100, or by
imprisonment at hard labor not to exceed tvo
months, or both. He shall also be liable for cipl
Act 42. No Commercial traveler shall be Hcenfrd
to sell goods without first filine with the Miniier
of the interior a statement of the name, lini of
trade or manufacture, and domicit of the housJ or
concent which he represents. Upon filing suh a
certified statement And payment of $.100, lie siall
uc ruuucu 10 n license toseiigoous in iionoum
forone year; or, upon the payment of 2T4), toMI
in any other part of the Kingdom.
Such license Bhall not be used for the sale of the
goods of more than one house or concern aul ii
not transferable. !
Any person selling without a license shal be
fined $Ti00.
Any person making n verified falie statemtil to
the Minjster of the Interior as herein provited,
Bhall be deemed guilty of perjnry, and punched
Accordingly. (to if contained.)
BawaHant went to consider the character of the
petf ormances they blushed for sharae, their eyes
hung down, and they averted their faces, aaying.
"theA things would do for our darkest age but
are not suitable for this period. v We have also
jearneq 01 a roomer who took her little daoghte r
front a certain boardiug school where she was a
scholar, 10 amuse her by the sight ot the perform
ance; but when he saw what was being done by
. huh uuvi-in, niv lliiur-u,irij lUIIl1 BOOUl
and took her child back to the school. We cannot
restrain our praise for the others who have robed
their Toices in condemnion of thee deeds of
darkness. They should be commended, and their
good purpose should be strengthened that they
may be enabled to stand fast in their good purpose
and that they may not relapse ag-iin into the dark
ness of heathenism, and into a bondsge which is
k-.7 lit Atlornts antral, JliW... II tit.
in irunHln, II. I. lj
the ruM.owi.Mi ncwniBcn
lalnuil. will b. at rtfette Kt1fn In
1 RUck Mirr, hnit& L; 1 Whttc Ilnnc, brands: 1 TU
liar.. whit. f.rcfcra4. brand V 1 WMte Xart.timi
2; 1 Roan llont. brand ax
W7lf A. n. KA rKtl. ronml Mastrr.
Ior Solo
At a Great Bargain.
Well Built Store, Two-Story House,
Poln; a rath Batlnesi of $90 per month. Rrut $35
per Month. A flrt-elaM opportunity for a man with a
i-mall CapltaL Half Cah, balance approved bill, three
aaatix mooui
W2t Home and Land Agent Merchant Street
If. Judd. Hv special direction the work when
done is forwarded to the Chamberlain's office and
from there distributed. As far as the defendant
was concerned Mr. Hartwell considered that he
was entitled to an acquittal and he hoped the
court would consider that it was important to the
delenuant tnat tie buoaiu do vindicateu, judicially.
Mr. W. It. Castle, for the Crown, said that from
the nature of the circumstances, be considered that
Mr. Grieve was responsible as proprietor of the es
tablishment At which the document was printed.
There was no question but that the defendant
knew that tho programmes were being printed, the
only question bciug how far a man carrying on a
business is personally responsible for the acts of
his employees or agents. He did not charge Mr.
Grieve with being cognizant of the obscene matter
contained in the document under adjudication as
he was satisfied that Mr. Grieve did not then nor
does now understand the native as printed.
Mr. Hartwell said that the intent mast be shown
before the defendant could be found guilty as
charged. A great many instances occur where per
sons are presumed guilty without the intent being
proven, but in tnis case me intent snoujaDecieany
shown. This was a question of how far it is the
duty of the proprietor of a printing establishment
to make himself familiar with the contents of doc
uments presented to him in foreign language, for
printing. He thought that & civil action in tho
case might be sustained If any one was proved to
be slandered etc- but not a criminal action. Judge
Hartwell asked leave to file a brief on the subject
of "Intent" and present authorities, which his
Honor allowed. The case here rested and until
notice is given by the Court
Mr. William Anld. charred with publishing the
document which Mr. Gnero was charged with
rrinting. was also brought before his Honor at the
'dice Court on the I'd inst, and pleaded M not
guilty." A continuance was had until the 5th inst,
on which latter date John Uussel Esq., the counsel
for the defendant, asked for a further continuance
until the 8th inst The request was granted by
Judge Iiicksrton, the prosecution offering no objection.
Review of the Session Lavrs or 18S2.
rasr ui.
Act 31. Fertilizers to be admitted duty free.
Act 32. Amendment to the law reculatinc the
carrying of paseengers And freight in licensed
vehicles in Honolulu, whereby only those are al
lowed to drive who hold a license, under a pen
alty of not less than five, nor more than twenty
five dollars. A like penalty upon the owner of
any vehicle driven by an unlicensed driver.
Any one desirous of obtaining a license, can
do so by satisfying the Marshal or his Deputy
that be is competent, and obtaining a certificate to
that effect Presentation of the certificate and
payment of one dollar to the Minister of the In
terior entitles the holder to a license for one year.
Any licensed owner or driver who shall violate
any authorized regulation made by the Minister
of the Interior is liable to a fine of not more than
twenty-five dollars.
Act 33. Is an important change In the labor law.
It provides that "no contract for labor hereafter
to be made shall be penally enforced, if more
than fifteen dollars is given on a contract for one
year, or more than twenty-fire dollars advance on
a contract for a longer period than one year. These
icMiicuoDS kuau nut appiv io cuuuacis luaue wiiu
immigrants when large advances are required for
the rarment of fnwavi incident to their intro
duction, m
Act 34. Whereas new diseases have been intro
duced by means ot imported stock, occasioning
much lot- to the owners of stock, the Minister ct
the Interior is authorized and directed to establish
at all ports of entry, quarantine stations for ani
mals, and to appoint three "Inspectors of Ani
mals i or iionoiuin ana one ior eacn ox tne outer
ports of entry; such officers for the purposes of
this act to potMesa all powers, rirhts. pnrileces and
immunities of customs and health officers, and to
cause the quarantine station to be kept in proper
No animals, nor any food, water, or effects con
nected therewith, shall be landed until the inspect
ing officer shall have inspected and passed the
same. All live animals such as canary birds and
other bmall animals as shall be specially exempted
by the inspecting officers, shall be subject to be
quarantined at expense of the owner or consignee,
for not less than 14 days and for such longer period
as shall be deemed necessary by the inspecting
If anv animal is infected with anT disease or
distemper dangerous to live stock, it, as well as
all food and effects connected therewith, may. In
the discretion of the Minister of the Interior be
Live animals passing between the different Isl
ands may be quarantined on good cause shown to
the inspecting officer.
ice Al mister of the interior may, by proclama
tion, prohibit tne introduction of animals from
any infected port or country.
Animals, fodder, fittings or effect! landed con
trary to the provisions hereof, or removed from
Quarantine until discharged, shall be forfeited to
the Government. .
Any person violating the proriAioat of this act,
Pastor Crtuans Sunday Sermon.
Tho ideal Lome docs not consist of two tersons
only. No, its bloom ami fragrance there are chil
dren. They tell us that children are becoming
unpopular, and give facts and figures to prive the
Assertion that even in PontanNewKngtindlbe
family i dying out The world needs a revival of
tho family to return to the llible idea that to be a
devoted wife and self-sacrificing mother, is the
highest position a woman can Attain ; that to be a
true husband and father is the acme of manly
r The quantity of children in a home Is not bf
boiuucu importance as inequality, ineenarnc
ter of the children brought into a home depends
largely upon tho character of the husband and the
wife, and open tho home atmospher. When
fatherhood and motherhood are turned to a heroic
key then are heroes born. Much of the mental
and spiritual, as welt as the physical characteris
tics of children Are due to inheritance. There Is
such a thing as virtue and moral excellence, as
well as a strong physique, being hereditary. The
Bible tenches, and the world has long recognized
the fact, that "the sins of the father are visited
upon the children unto the third nnd fourth gene
rations." Hut this law has its hopeful aide : the
strength the truthfulness and moral uprightness
of the fnthersis also visited upon the children.
Like begets like1 in mind and morals as well as
iulodynud feature. What you would have jour
children be you must be.
After the children have come into the home,
w hat aro the requisites that it may be a true homer
1. Parental authority. 'Iheremnstbegovemment
or anarchy. Parental authority should be mild
but firm; it must bo firm that it may be mild.
Washington's mother, when asked how she trained
her boy into Buch grand manhood, said, "I taught
him to obey roe!' 2. '1 here must be right teach
ing. Teaching of some kind there will be. Parents
sometimes question, hen should the edacation
bf my child begin; nt seven years of age, or later,
or earlier?" Education begins as soon as the child's
eyes open opoa this world. It goes ou every instant
of time. It goes on like time; you cannot stop it.
Itight teaching is most broad nnd comprehensive.
It includes nght development of the body, the
mind, and the morals. The means are right pre
cept and right example; but the former will be
worse than lost without ths latter. Josh Hillings
well sas: "Your child should tee in you a con
stant object lesson. 3. In the true home there is
the most exact truthfulness; not the words only,
but oice, air, action, gesture, every putting forth
should be truthful. Ihe true larent can use
Chnst's language: " I am tho truth, not in its
full sense, but yet hi a very important sense, 4.
Ihe true home is a house of prayer. There are
few memories so powerful in after-yenrBastbe
memories of the home-altar. Some of von can
travel back over the path of 30 or 40 years and re-
null ill1 vrv tnnu n( enn ftluiiiqilH..k.
call the very tones of your father a voice as he
read tho Bible and devoutly prayed: sometimes he
prayed for you by name, and the blessing of God
came upon you as he prajed, and comes upon yoa
now as you recall those memories. Sin may come
with its defiling nnd debasing powers, but these
sacred memories linger, and many a time the
father's hand, though that father has been dead
many years, leads the wandering boy back, like
another Prodigal, to his Father's house, A fam
ily ought to be a little Church; the father should
be its pastor, conducting its daily worship and
leading the little band in the way of truth and
duty. That house is not a true home, which, like
Bethlehem's Inn, has "no room for Jesus.
Tho Sellna
, Captain 1 J, Miller, lying
The new brie Sett,
at present at Sorcnson's wharf, has been visit
during the week by a number of people Tersed in
the points of marine architecture, and has won
praise fiom competent judges for the staunchness
and comfortable appearance noticeable in the ves
sel. There are several of the latest appliances in
rigging attachments, pumps etc which are well
worthy the attention of shipmasters, noticeably
the hanks by which the mainsail is fitted to a trav
eller on the mast, doing nway with the use of
hoops and thus Rarng the wear and tear ot the
mast The pumps are of the " ltivaT pattern can
be manipulated by one man nnd discharge a large
amount of water at each stroke. The wire rigging
u mm op wun turn-screws anoiner laoor BaTing ar
water line. 31 ft beam,
tons and has a displacement of TSOcnbta
i ne camns are Arrange! to Accomodate seven peo
ple comfortably. The mainmast of this vessel is a
beautiful stick X feet in length, ths topmast 29
feet additional. The Set inn was built for her
owners Cant. Miller, Cnpt Douglass and others by
Matthew Turner of Ban Francisco and launched
on the 22d of Janaury.
She is a splendid sea boat and Captain Mdler
says that the Hprcckels boats may leave him astern
in a light wind but "the itim can drown them
out in a blow.' As a specimen of her rate it may
be stated that Captain i bayer of the French Bu
reau Veritas, certifies "that she U one of the be t
vessels lately bmlt on the Coast and has leen
classed by us 3.3.G.I.I. for 12 years. Captain Mil
ler, tho commander of the StfiMt will be remem
bered in connection with the trip of the 7uronl
with laborers from the South Seas, his wife ac
companying him on that perilous voyage from
which the vesf el returned with over one hundred
laborers for Spreckels plantation on Maui. At
that time considerable praise was awarded Mrs.
Miller for the time and care she had taken in ad
vancing the heathen cargo in the wavs and man
ners of a civilized Cbristain life, many of the wo
k u: "J mini in uomcsuo
service on their arrival. Captain Miller is now
discharging the last of the SW.W cargo, and the
vessel is in a suitable condition for inspection.
The Native Press.
From tat Kaokoa, ' If arch 3 lSX j
Acconling to previous advertisement an immcnsi
feast was pven last Saturday in the Palace jard,
and Tom, Dick nnd Harry were invited. If thi
loan had been the whole of the affair it would
have been all right and we had said nothing about
it Hut here comes the evil. After the feasting
was over, heathenish hulas belonging to the period
ot their nation's ancient days ot darkness wert
Introduced. It seems as If the whole perform
ance, bad been otrefully argued beforehand with
the greatest forethought for there was a printed
and bound programme of the subjects of the
meles sung by the hula performers. Abominable
subject, shameful expressions, which cannot bo
uttered by good people", vile thoughts of the lewd
est and grossest son ; these were the performances
that were enacted last Saturday in the ralace yard,
before a multitude of people young and old. Tho
performance began at 3 o dock in ths afternoon,
and can tinned until near midnight The result of
the p;rf ormances of that evening was drunkenness.
Numbers of people were drunk, and out of fMt
grew a diiturbaLcs ; such was the report made to
us by those who went to the place.
Are these the proper kind of peiformacees to
give to Hawaii cei the repatira of an enlightened
natian? If performances of this sort are made
jnblic, foreign nations will not see in them a rea-
on for esteeming" ui. It it said that when certain
-JlT-ls Day.
I have received Instruction from J. C GLADE,
Eq.. to offer at Public Auction,
On Wednesday, Mar. 7,
At 10 o'clock a. m.
New Ottoman?, Cphotitered Chain. Chandeliers
Fine Engravings, Iteaatifnl Inlaid Tables,
Onyx Table, Ebony Table Side Lamps,
large Handsome Mirrors,
Mu.tc Stand, Bronze Statactt, Lace Cnrtaln.
Walnat Boolri.e. Walnut Table femoten' Table.
llandiome Carred Chair,, In nresped leather:
Arm-chair), Canwlt, Writing Dek, Sewing Table,
White Oak Sideboard. lory handacme
White Oak Extension Dining Tabic.
White Oak Dining Room Chain and Roand Table,,
Variety of Fine Plated Ware,
Iu White, Black, isllver and ltcd -complete:
MoultoXtlo, FoMIn; Chi , Chinese Lvonre,
Walnut and Koa Bedsteads
Feather IMIlow,, Chlldrena Bcdfttadr.
Hair Mattresses,
Spring Mattresses,
Walnut Bureaus,
Table Linen,
Bed Linen,
Toilet Furniture,
Mirrors, Washstands,
Commodes, Iron Tables,
Veranda Chairs,
Common Sense Chairs,
Chlneso Flower PotsandlStands
Sewing Machine. Wardrobe,, Tow la.
Meat Sare. Ice safe,. Water KiltiT. Rath Tub.
Iron Feed Bnsee, Lawn Mower,
1 Union Gas Machine, 100 Lights;
(rntDWIcApraratRf, Step LaiUere. Tool,, etc
Dodd's Busses
Will l.caTf K. 0. UnllV Corner, Fort St.
ui 0::l(! A !):!.-, A.M. on tlif
' H.1J- r Sale.
. I- I" AIAI. Atie lr.
'n Friday, March. 9th,
At 10 A. H.nl.Snle Itoom,
line of Fresh Groceries !
At 12 n'eloek til hi. let Room.
1 DnllocV Cart, Ox Jk. Chaina and Volet,
ewlnfr Machine, Parlor Organs,
i Wardrobe, Chairs, Etc- Etc.
I E V Al AM S. Anct'r.
Evening Sale!
Saturday Evening",
a. Boavor Bloclt,
ne,t door to 0 W MaeUrlam A Co. .ill be .old,
' Engravings
kandsoine Mirrors,
Brackets, Albums,
JSM&SSiHHmy and Gilt Music Stands,
lacemcnt of 750 cable tons. I . J
Music Backs,
Wall Brackets,
Assorted Placques, ice, ice.
IU IV An.MS.Ane'lr.
CyontToflbe Affl-seet of th tNtatr ofT.il HCTt
UEbS, a Baakrvrt, 1 will tell at Auction.
ON MONDAY, March 12th
. at id a. a. on tne nmaWrs, at tne Carpenter a Stop,
Hotel Street, and at the llozpr nwh opponttr tar fo
iirw id .trucira:
4 Step Ladders, :( Carpenters Hench
es, 1 ISougli De-tk,
- Carpentera Ladder. 15 Kera SalU. S irA cft
t -", n urawrra. larpeaiers iiarnware.
.-oim j, oa;irj c. on m iff.
ejfw gtktitistmtnh.
gy TL. JIAf.
L'lnnlm Hbtmi 1 rfc.T f a a, .f T imiha
I Cadlt Feace Picket. S Ftni? birxvra, t Jpdi,
Straw and Spring Mattresses
B-dtad,triltirt.l9'hert.Mocnlto SeU,
II Chair. 1 Snail Dareaia. Lookia; Gia-f .
1 Chamber-Set, 1 Xioung'e,
I More, 6 Tablea , 9 Lamp. 1 Saf t t'totct.
I Xarbletop Table, Chain. tntcbert. 1 Ckt
Even and Baalni. a Lot of
Crockeryware, Knives and Forks
The Unexpired Lease of Premises,
Corner of Union and Hotel ;iMi. ocraDtn! Vr T. 11.
Borreaa at a Lotljinr llonto The tun fcartaeThxf
Tear to nra, from Jtarth Uu lJ. at a Rental ol 73
E. r ADAMS. Aortkrom
New Goods! New Goods ! !
One Price Mechanics Bazaar,
Cor. Fort and Merchant Sts.,
Beg to notify their Friends and the General Pnblic that
Just Received Ex Steamer Suez.
tgr REMEMBER The Price is PLAINLY MARKED on Kict Artirte, from
which there is no deration.
t3T TO PURCHASERS To tho amonnt of $5.00 or .icr. THREE FRR CENT
DISCOUNT: fgr o Book Acconnts Kcpt-
Store open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday Even'g. till 9
Cor. Fort and Merchant Streets, Honolulu. aui
NO. 113 FORT ST.. HOXOLl'Ll, 11. 1.
- Wc aro now mannfactnrm t ! ne t -
Superior in quality ami flavor to anything cr i before pr.tlai eI n tin It1'-'' "
OUR SODA WATER is Unrivaled
Onr Oinjrer Ale it equaled only lir the imparted. Oar cidr w tvirt to U Ji h
the pnre jnice of tlm apple. These delicious drinks sr. lncrwaS ' ptfaiUnlT a
the place of lijht wines for table nse. Our extrenelr low pis fcrine; Ihmm miMm tfc. Haiti
of all.
Soda Water, per doz- -. -Mt
Sarsaparilla 30c
Cider - -30c
Ginger Ale 75
The patent wire stopper oted It us on xt of oar latttlts liots wm wiA cwks nitaiil.
snd for cleanliness and case in opening is npcqualed. Oar lttk s are brewtal
On Saturttoy. Mwofc t7N,
The Tit ItTff,
H nma amnrtwg aw. Sm, mam.Hn
60,000 Square Feet, smtlj mm
and one-half Acres. Ah.
Tfiat Certain Piece of Larf
Containiaaa Arm of 51-IM f
an Aer-i.
With the ItdliiBfs mi
Coaaisttaf; efTro rnfingrjn
asd OHtlwwcs.
t r Asvam aw
st na
Krii!rnre of A. LoewrnlWrs;
.SWiiiMwil. ..i W. mi .iBai.
alt a. St wta s.aVatK SSfHS
1- mm r.i. H tkM mtmtt
UlarL.walont I'arlor t in nw
SaSTjUn. S m nl ii, aaSia'..
S. w Caraat liina awt .yy o. it, , ni
STsf cgTS&T' 2"!'"
jaMaijK:vr Was Mwt awifi
K. tr. AaK mfWm
t w
On Saturday.MaxcJa 10
Land at Kalrmimi, KtH(aiNs. ihsai
We deliver our coods tn aur
TELErilO.Vi; No. S97.
art of the rttr and ship t- anr (act ,t ;V 1laai.
i'Al.MKi: & THAI UKIt. Pb.mac.la.
Per Aberaman.
From liivei'pool His Handsome Eesidence,
Pale Sherry. In case.
Cm. Irish Malt Whiskey, best brand.:
rjno Quality Scotch Whiskey, Old
Superior Old Stock of Glen Garcy
roitVKi: or Ji'tiii a i.ilih i t.
This Property is in the Healthiest
Part of the City.
It taciliUa. tm
tarna. Mftft Sm
rssmT.il ajillslfl.
.1 fc tW jlillSm. tm
WM 118.
and Glen Loasle.
, F Sah Jij
R"h1ne Wines:
Marcobrumlor, Hochholm
er, Schloss Johan-
.r tm tartar, m
' The Main Hour Is Larcr and Com
niOalionH, r AmirrtiY dciit trx m mk
ron tK BY
u 41 F. A. SCHAEFER A. Co,
tn viiETirKorTAvo i;xi:cutiox6
i Unrh'R.t' nirkerton. m . IKr Jartler of
llonolala. poa tfce trl Jttdsmfai walaif Ja. Kni.
ib fa nw of iL W Ina, to tLa fan ot fn h4ml s4
tfirttrmidoIUrtaiMlCMii. ,$11: 4 a! im
favor of Kamaaawal. tm tkr iiartknfo4M4
blortj-flrc dIUr and 7x.HK ($lK.?hiri I hwv UrU4
poa d4 hall ripof f.r aak- to tfcf htglkeat vMoVr.
ON V EDSESI. V. April ia. ai s p . at ta stutto
lloaae, Honolila. ibt Miami mm4 prafMftj. m
All th r!kt llila. ud lilmst lo Ktwl ta ft cfrtalic
fi.a pond kaow Kawill. wUb all iV M ii ti.
CtrnU, ttclBX ahjt to a rvtit of .W pet aaamo.
j lra datrtl Jan. lib. I?", tram tar MtaMrr of ik
latfTlor to ttie aW Jinn Kraa. al,3 tuptoc at
Kalla. Kalikl-aka; alM, 1 iny ot.4 ka waxna. pm
baml, 1 tlazle barn ei. t hr, aaNwa thr nM imAg
Brail and my Mpena arc trlT
1JaHk. Vawhal
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Very Desirable Property !
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i Tatm
As we aro Making a Change in onr
Business, we Bequest
To Settle the Same Within Thlrtj
Day from Dale.
T. R.
Ilraalala. Feb. IXV 1351-
('eneral Jferrantlle k ComisInl.E .tmld i
joscrn o-cairrstt.
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.Main llonp Contain. S Konm.,
r.ttare sJJoIslnx, i lim C-.
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1 2-Story Building !
1 Carriage Room. StnuU Room
Stall for two Hors. ClUckn
Ro, Wood STaedL
Tam ia a fl of W rmtmt 4rtmm.htr mT wftSi
tvrd rt rasp aa4 wufwr toM frn fc- imrtnstuz
Wai Work
TTtc pfcMa i to toe 4v. wota oowtol
Fruit and Ornamental JTrees.
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o CLASC, W4k of Kooo. Ha-S. tka fbrvM
no. CHAtt. R. BIHOP. no If. A. r ACTX1T- WKLL M CLlir
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WorkUrt,Hor-o Icrk'jU-pjt npm
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Ad m inirstrators Sale
I5Q ft Front and 223 ft Dtrep,
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lot or sew eRocioiimutt
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SV 1 Jh. SV fsasaft, SaSawP1lla w
ant, is. i.stsTWsm
ON SATURDAY, Mar. 17th
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10) fMm 'JsO. timomo Vm9mmm
JF'or Sale.
One 2-Story Hoae,
Artesian Water
H4.t-i .
$50,000 nr
Wr. RK rTHiitxeiaTr'i5tE,
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