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Hawaiian Gazette Supplement, March 7th, 1883.
Ttt ration in Hawaii-
I jshocld say, in the rs pLice, let Mm the
jarrrxtftvT,ni have a cool efemtntarv educa
tion." "Further, I should like
&cb to fcsow th efenMnts of physical science and
especially oi physics nrri chemistry, and I should
taxt cue that this elemeutarv inowlwlsv was reaL"
-Well, but yewffly, your 'tech
nical edncaiica is singly a sood education, with
TTfire attention to physical science, to drawinc Ac,
it-it. is cor-r-on. and there is aothfrg especially
technical about it.
-Zractly so; that rernari takes us straight to the ; -dished in cataracts, the waved "beat on the show
heart ef what I hare to say-, which is, that, in my j with load reverberations, and everrthiw: appeared
- r t - , , ui uwu, kukv mwewaica ap-
- tt Kith iwif t1tk nf eMt mill ; i 2rr . 1 rx
narjly craierstool by 'technical" about itT Pruf.
Huiey' addrrzs n Lattdtm Wortiitimtn.
Pro J. Euxley is the creates: livintr exponent of
coders, scieatifc arti technical education, as
against a conservative, hterary culture.'' Every
see who Straws anything of the man, is aware that
ha, by richt of both scientiue and literary attain
ments, has earned a right fa speak. He is not. so
t speak, act trim has no "mental twist,"' a
tendency which, too often; is seen in those who
hare been educated exclusively in the one or the
other war. And now, what has this apostle of a
rgTelcticnry edncHTtnrr to sar in resnrd to the
dispatch. There is a fine stream of water falling
into the Bay, fed from many lake-like springs a
hundred yards from the beach. One fisherman's
hot occupies the beach all else is in the primitiTe
wildness of nature. Messrs. Shipman Bridges
deserve the thanks of the public for their costrv
enterprise. The Government should take the en
terprise in hand and indemnify them, thus reward-
i aAiiv auu -m-inTTTt7rr isKxuu enter-.
I prise.
j The windows of Heaven were opened on Monday
, and Tuesday. The rain roared in torrents, the
lightning flashed, the thunder rolled, the streams
pear in the traditions of the past Xoah's or Du
calion's, or those of savage legends.
We hare no local news. The steamer arrives
early in the morning. leaves at 10 A. IT- and we
have not time to read the letters and business cor
respondence and reply before she is gone. This is
a very bad arrangement for Hilo, the terminus of
the steamer's route. This fact must account for
the meagreness of my letters.
The Augean Startles on Maui.
Esrxos GazErxsi There has been so much
written under this headinsr. that oeonle bee in to
PCTparatary studies of what he -siUs handicrafts- s th r1 travellers, like 'Mark Twain',
H?addressLrrclubofndonrk- make somany unpleasant remarks about the ma-
aagement ot our government, e.y. " ihe machi
nery of the Gnruf Eastern to run a sardine box"
He is addressing: a club of Ijondoa work
incmen. Evidently, theje men represent the vari
ous earrings of their class, usually found in large
cities: and are exponent of laborers and artisans
sf a somewha: higher order than what is com
raaeiy called manual laborers. He is not, then,
to a body of men. who have had what is
known in Europe and America, a 'technical" edu
cirwc. and what kind of eienentarr outfit would
he give to the yocng men who are to rill their places
is the ctcre? first, a good elementary education.
The oEcers are so numerous and have been
multiplied to such an extent that "you can't rest."
Bat when so many of them are piled on one indi
vidual a person must think that there can not be
much to be done in each of the oSices, and that
there must be some particular reason why that
one individual is selected to fill them alL " How
ever the irregalarities of the ofiiee holder will
ZZZ&rZZZrZr i sooner or Liter come to the light, and whenHer-
?refT to read, write and etcher a little. Then we I C"23 bgins the famous task of cleaning the
merety to read, write and cipher a little. Then we
must Kree that it means, in addition to the three
E's. the elements of physical science, and some
risae; else m. mathematics than arithmetic; say the
firs: poaciptes of algebra and geometry. In so
far as the rudiments of education go, it would
seem that Prof. Huxley woaki nave all boys educa
ted & the same branches, and we heartily endorse
his sentiments. The tritium and the quadrieium
are ra longer sufficient for the clergyman, as they
were for the "A ngebc Doctorr" neither are reading
and writing deemed succient education for those
wfe febor in a "feuse and mechanical" way. In
cher WK&s. this radical, in present day education
is racScal only m trying to impress it upon parents
andsebeul boards, that education should be of a
bturi.r scope ami more thorough than it has been
morder to seet the exigencies of the times. He
fcefceves, as every thoeghtful man believes, that all i
leBBtary edncatmc. is one and the same thing,
wfcrber tie Bortaker thereof be the son of the
detf inn, sue lawyer, or the scullion.
ft is an undeniable fact that, in the higher de
pimrenls f learning, the training of joung men
Sis wcieeed in lis scope, and changed somewhat,
wiefcic the list few years; vet it is equally true that
n ' i ef what was formerly taught in a prepor
aMcy edceatKie. has bees left out, but much has
!ree added thereto. Old, and even middle aged
sea and womeo oa visiting a well con
ducted primary school, &r the present day, be
' W, weh astooisnmect, toe change in method
that has bcec wrought since their schooldays.
AS that, which was taught in their day, & still
tangtt, bet it a far more natural and citional
ami. m dhuoe to the orthodox three E"s,
forjB, ctior, and the elementary principles of
ijrics, bocasy and physiology are incorporated,
ft k, -Aea. Hie to say tout the course of study in
Br rfcni tiirj rnnnirion "hurTr be other than the
.mu. Sar aS. chddrec, whatever their future calling
This is but an obvious inference whether we
recooca? tfce Cosrtean idea of a hierarchy of sci
esees. ee strung aiter another, hke beads upon a
stsig,r the more conaason view that in intellect
aatdeaetpc:eu:,thr vanocs branches of knowledge
sfaacK k-' presented to the yocng, to as to present
an entire caky of form. Teachers of experience
ksw that is the natural order in the develop
mesC f the child -mind. I: is the exception and
nc the rate to find a csiki bent upon that inquiry
afser (me or two branches of knowledge- The av
enge chfld wrH aat od ? have a desire to know how-
to rmc ai write, bet tne qcestn.es "now many
are sen tKes five?" "What color is tinsr' "What
Augean stables it is to be hoped he will make
through work of it and will strip the delinquent
of every Government ofi.ee and emolument.
Tne Ano-lTraw Cathedral.
A meeting of the St. Andrew's Cathedral build
ing committee was held in this city on Saturday
last, the Bishop of the Diocese presiding. After
the Secretary. Rev-. A. Macintosh, had read the
minutes of th last meeting, and the Treasurer, T.
H. Davies. Esq., explained the financial position,
the Bishop informed the committee of the satisf ac
tory, results of his recent tour through the United
States and England and expressed an opinion that
further assistance would be forthcoming so soon
as it was known that a suitable place of worship
was actually advancing towards completion. It
was then resolved unanimously that the state of
tne nuances warranted tne committee in calling
for tenders as early as possible for the construc
tion oc tnree bavs or tne nave ana two ot tne choir
thereby securing a cathedral suitible for the pre:
ent and capable of completion at any future peri-
Honolulu Clothing Emporium
Having Completed the Necessary Renovations of the Entire Store, I take pleasure
in annonncing to the Ladies of Honolulu and adjacent Islands, that they will find the
DOM". As regards the Goods now on hand I would state, they have been replenished
in everr line with the
Latest Patterns and Finest Materials which could be
Found in the Eastern & European Markets.
Id the Dress Goods Department will be Found
Plushes, Brocades, Satins, Silks, Merinoes, Plushes,
Buntings, Flannels, &c, Ac.
Fringes, Laces, Buttons, Tassels, Cords, Posomantres, Bugles, Embroideries, etc.
Hosiery, Chemises, Skirts, Underwear, Gloves, Mitts, Corsets, Euchings, Boots, Shoes, 4c
Is ProTidetl with a Fitting Boom
where Purchasers can try on their Suits before Buying.
Thanking for past favors received, I will endeavor to retain the confidence bestowed
upon me heretofore.
l. M. MELLIS', No. 104r Fort Street.
A dispatch from Cincinnati dated Feb. 14th
says : There is additional "loom this mornina
caused by the fact that the river, after falling to
b-t reet lOJi mches, began to- rise under the in
fluence of a steady, hard rain. 'The rain has ad
Tanced from the West, checking the fall, and ex
tends this momicc; as far as Pittsburg. Unless it
stop speedily, there is no hopes of the river receding.
The steam tus Riacer, on the 13th ulL, while
running through the narrows at Bcrrard Inlet,
struct a nrck and sunk. The Btaver was the
first steam vessel that plowed the waters of the
jonsem cucmc.
Archbishop ITcCabe of Ireland is dead.
Ex-Governor Jlorganof XewTorkdiedFeb.lt.
The Michigan rienatorship is still in doubt, but
.terry is yet ux tne leatz
Paris tradesmen have signed petitions for a
jlinistry under De r reycinct-
Twelve thousand laborers petition the Wiscon
sin .Legislature to require distinctive marts on
state rrison goods.
It is stated that Pameli, Sexton, and probably
hgtn. ot tne Lnsn .Land .Leiigue. will visit the
saifxr i tnatr -riow btg is tne moonr ' "How tar i United, states in Jdarcn.
t such pfaee?" -What makes the tree growr"' ' Ee publican Senators a
I cive unmistakable evidence that mind, in i s
ceTctopment. naturally radiates from center to
cxreacfere nee rather than in a linear direction.
Any system ef education, or to be clearer, any
teacbKg that does not seek to administer to this
natural demand of the mind of the voting, must
be, if nK wrong, at least defective. We have yet
sa -- tfce person who would claim that the boy or
girl f the astronoaer, the farmer, or the barber,
lijarring, perhaps, slight dnTerencta referahle to
heredity ) would caH for dhferent kinds of knowledge-
"A bright coicr ettcfres the eye of the help
less babe' swaddled in silk and fine linen, as well
as his tittle conger in filth and squalor.
Our Kilo Letter.
Beoublican Senators are endeavoring to avert an
extra session of the Senate at the expiration of the
orej-ent Congress. If llr. Davis remains in the
chair until the 4th of March, an extr tes-ian is in
evitable, but it is thought he will resign a few days
It is rumored that a prize fight is soon to take
place between Sullivan and Slade for ioJOO a side.
One of SladVs friends said yesterday; I know for
a tact ttat suae is ready to sign tne articles to
fight Sullivan six mouths after signing. Slide's
money is ready.
It is stated that Count Corfi, Italian Ambassa
dor to Turkey, is instructed to demand satisfaction
for the renewed insults to Italian officials in Tripoli.
Emperor William will personally devote much
attention to setting the difficulty in regard to the
Danes in Schleswig-Hotsteih. Kegotiations have
been opened tor a convention on tne question.
Protests have been lodged at the American,
French and Spanish Consulates at Casa Blanc
acainst the brutaliry of the Moorish Governor to-
i ward the Jews.
At a preliminary meeting of the Irish Parlia-
The undersigned desires to inform the public that
he has been appointed
For ar. 3B. Wooster dks Oo.'s,
Manufacture of Fireworks
J--t San Prancisoo,
And will be pleased to receive ORDERS for any description of the same, which will
be filled at the LOWEST RATES.
Parties desiring small assortments for special occasinos can order a 820 Box, 830 llox
840 Box, and so ou, which will be promptly" forwarded.
SET ROCKETS, Klb ilb., lib., 21b., 41b.,
BEXG0LAS, all sizes ; plain or red, white, blue ;
PARACHUTE ROCKETS, 21bs., throws out a
floating balloon with colored lights.
TRI-C0LORED CAXDLES, emitting balls which
divide in the air to red. white and blue.
FLORAL BOMB SHELLS, very effective, burst
ing at an elevation of 200 feet.
Mottoes, Letters and Local Desips Manufctured to Order.
Errx, March L1S23.
Enrras Gazette : On Iat Saturday the morning
was bright and beamlf uL The sunshine poured in
gkdnesn ever the bay and met the deliriously cool
Breeze frsm the snows of Maun ken. The trees
wers in their full spring bloom: a fragrance was
in the air. and a fun sense of iife and enfoyment
Srtmec to pervace cLiaic. x mau. o. r t-n to n,ir th e- action of the Irish
and rode to te leep7 ur timg ruge teis ai the House of Commons during the
ef Waiakea, and thence to tte busy buithng scenes ; ,e;fiia Pamea reflected Chairman,
ef the wharves and warehouses of our enterprising -Cn-""T
vwrng merchanta, Messrs. Shipman fc Bridges. I Wagner was suffering from disease of the heart.
The huge piles of lumber and tuns of coal exhibited ' He had a severe attack, but resolved on making
the cret amount of business by the little steamer an excursion in a gondola, and had another violent
W. . S. Reed, which weekly plies with full freights ' Perzure in the afternoon. He died in the arms of
to ths plantariacs on the coast. The enterprise of ! his wife and surrounded by his children,
these yocng merchants deserves success, and I am , Two fishing f$m-rlr are reported lost off Yar-
giac to say tney ars reainxng rneir- aauopmom. ( ooutn anrt 14 persons crowned.
' From WaiikKt I -proceeded . acrosistumusof , It nT,dpTstood that the mte
nxu a mile to oaouu nmr lhj . 1 uut
of K&ttxl-r. This is a deep and narrow indenta
uon into the land between H1I0 Bay and the North
west, f-)-! irvM that mazk3 the farthest
qtr-r paint of the Island of Hawaii. The water
ts dear as crystal, the bottom good, and it is the
most secure anchorage for small vessels on the
whole Hawaiian eoosc Messrs. Shipman Jk Bridges
are constructing a Tna-rinn- railway at their own
cost at the lower end of the Bay of Karcakra. rn
der the superintendence of Mr. Dower. It is al-i-i-;t
f-,r im.) r. in . week or ten days
will bt corurieted so that the W. H. Bted will be
VyW out for repairs. It X3 extensive enough to
hard oct all oer coasting schooners for repairs
say those not exceeding 00 tons. It ia designed
to make the marine railway permanent It is a
Bomb Shells from 4 to 12 inches in diameter, with
Mortars for firing the same.
IS" We shall keep on hand an assortment of the PRINCIPAL ARTICLES Manufactured, nnd
Special Orders or Designs will be filfel from the Factory by Sailing Vessels.
First Invoice 13 Tie Marcli 1st.
E. P. ADAMS, Agent.
Honolulu, February 2d, 1883. W3 3m
interview between ex-
Empress Eugenie and Prince Napoleon, at Fams
borough, was most cordial.
ood hirter ; ccaters ccuLd be repaired there with
C o n.v eyaztcor.
la either English or Hawaiian; bo.
Load i-d Court Eecotd earchd for Titlei to Land or
data la Salt at Law.
jvr- Orueri left with Mr. T.G.Tiraa,2S aadM Jter
eiaat Street, will receive prompt atteotion. 9U t
ill Tar Sale by. EOLLES & Co
All Kinds of Mason Work.
Setting Eanges, Bakers' Ovens and
all kinds Cooking Apparatus.
la a Thorough and Workman lite Manner, and
Order thoald te addrased to
9jj Cate Honulala Pot Oflce.
Epsom: salts, rr boxes ou
Small Paefcaeei Tor Sale hjr
8K IBOtlXS & CO.
Notice of Incorporation.
that at a meeting held in Konolaln. on the 19th
day or February. J681. of fnberiber to the dock of the
Ioter-Islind SieaBi'Narigaiion Company, (limited) it
was voted to accept a charter of incorporation granted
to them and their aoclate, by the Minltter of tbe In
terior, by and with the consent of the King, in Privy
Council, under tbe corporate name and etjle of the Inter-Island
Steam Navigation Company, on the Ttn day
of February, ISS5, and that the corporation nnder faid
charter thereupon organized ittelf and elected the fol
lowing officen:
T. R. FOSTER. PreMdent,
W. B. GODFREY, Vice-President,
J. ENA. Jb Secretary.
G. XWILCOX. Andl tor.
Notice it farther piven that, pnrananl to tbe terms of
said charter, no stockholder shall individually be liable
for the debts of tbe corporation, beyond tbe xmoant
which shall he dae upon, tbe share or shares held or
owned by himself, J. ENA, Js Secretary.
915-1 m
To the Proprietors of Sugar Mills.
l ARTISANS, the ondersijnied it prepared t Con
tract lor building Hot Air f nrnues iwltn neat mi
patch) according to the most ScientiSe principles
which bums the Megass direct from tbe Rollers creat
ing more Steam than when it is dried, eflecting para,
mount objects, viz: tbe savioz of Fuel and Labor.
SO 3a E. OAKLEY, 174 .Queen Street.
St?. I
ts revive. IS troeld Le resxrdtd asa dan
Jewess act of earsatiQo, aii nicest reTcla-
txawrj. TtxVfZLmi.2tmes Unnssit willt
JStoclx. 13roltxir,
- 3i.!3S Kercniut St, Ltooolalu, H. I.
Swgryiataoa. K g. tl lW. Telirplume aad
Ice il'erckariti' Lin?, llSkMutk ie3 San rSnciica.
Dr. Jajaer i Scn'i CelebtatedMedielnes.
Wiknri Ulbb'T SfnwrMaaafactwte? Ctmpaoy, asa
5M WaezlsTZ. WIGubs" Sswinx MacblBe. Jy
BETHEL Stbeet. Bctitms KISG
ara MEHCHAST Srs. ,

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