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The Hawaiian gazette. (Honolulu [Oahu, Hawaii]) 1865-1918, January 09, 1884, Image 3

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Tbe lUmiiw Bosd ca Is tclUftl foe tbe
Dr xncciiJT New Tori, letter will I focad on
lie focrth pV-
nactouiin; ebdariacl!litWTrt.
cbl ire lie crJtr of the dij.
A lire anmbet of nlenlut hure co:r to fcmul
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"MnscTery proprt of bty wstwi
The Juraxrr tfrm oT Uw S3prrt6 pocrt cpd
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Ttt lltT&ufta bark Aai reflects cmitt cot ft
oScers for tbe Beat tpp rMse te presmt.
Wuan-e rlmutiaa vQl co leeaog grinding thi
vrtL and expecu to Uke ofi a crop of 133) toes.
O-ta Led, No. 1. KnirfiU of Pjlbi meet
to-nifM at J o'clock sharp. Member please Ule
Tbe domtioas aaJ prewcts for tbe Wpc were
forwarded to tbe settle il Urt Tb-rlT by the
ThuOc are tendered to Messrs. J. M.OaL jr. J:
Co for tbe Christmas tsahM of tbe News LeUtr
aril otber f itdct.
It is reported ttt decrease la tbe beic-t of
the viler in many of tbe artesian veils tiA boeQ
notceable demur tbe veek pcist.
And rtt tbe RJrrrUW pArtntr oi tbe . C J
Co bas not a ired. Whit cteat value be
most pet oa bis interest in tbe concern!
Tbe ordnano far wbich f ISkjO was appro
priated at tbe Usr LeoaUrarrv has at la it amred,
per Gtnn an bark Kle, from Bremen.
Mr. D. Ltobs bas left tbe Uirrttr and win
probaUj suit his CTeninc daily aboct February
in, AacuneryncxpecieatrDrauieijoasi.
Tbe EpipVany. A PontiCdal Ilib Ma?
Besaics tbe csat lar zxzjxAxt A nadrt vcr-
a ppers utere wu a very larce auen daaee d
fw ten. x tbe Kotcac Catbocie Catlwdral, on
tb tatxicss of tts Ctb rrttsnt. prest to Tin
tbe certxaoeues connecied witb an spprtwria&e
ctJebralioQ of tbe Ep-fcaay. a fesaral ordained
bf tbe Cb-Tch to be conaceinoratiTe of tbe arv
pcara noeof tbe star to tbe mt ana, or tbree vua
nenof tbe Eat,vbo were tbe rt to adore tbe
tnfaat Jec . Tbe eerrie allotted for this ocea
w eoaavaed of tbe ceiebraiioa cf a IVwitifiriil
lljcb Saasa br tbe Hitt Uereresd I&bopof OS ,
-aed by Father byivttter and Lfooore, tbe
cawxal memee beins performed by as aaceeated
Jbrar and tbe randRr cf the oeaaaoB beicc
rih?i tW rrndrrirso jn-rIar portiooa
Z ' r-r.. HTDcea uv experuoora
thXU WanamExcei-tttbe-ial
mux -r, after vtoca. - Are Mana-wu Kscby
in eaotcct wouao ad z
and t eeliajr. Mr. U MicteU iiieipoUsti Uf ore
tbe more soletss ntrrko of tint Titfur.,,:.
Uoc a caeaet ookt cxaeedinclT wcQ rvUi
made more arfxropnate by tbe anwpasuaecs of
tbe deeper lo&ed orcan. After the cereaocy
of tbe -Braaiin of tbe UoA tbe hy r-O Saia.
tarn'" -fx ssrc ta a most e5f4iTt xnaum by lira.
J F liowiervboae TOaoe bas been rarel- if
tHed to Letter xdTasUse, tbe dear fcCT.entioc of
tbe wordj bezxxr duanctly aoiibte. eTra at tbe al
tir. FaDr f ocx besdred rcocie were vttMtzl to
tba ipre-ri" reranoniea. tbe Uasa be-
s: 1st ouy oormawcaiir oeiebrazed ana Boieiy or.
R-lftfall t Hbme. Kavnai-
uarrri Mr. G. X. lloox. of Grore
larm ia kindly fcrroied me wi tbe arsocst
of rai- J, tikro aad recorded by bin axaoe
aud Xcy-C acre aocae of yor readers will be in-
- matier, 1 aena tot a copy at lot-
maarr .
t-) Jitrt ...
-ta Ottbrr ...
. "i I-cm ber ..3 3P
be seen by tbu tiH tbat iacrea bas
Irecaiay rtetc, TJT. E. H. II.
r ivc cttd Hep Bitura, Kead
A fbell race-boat was bronsfct to tbi. pert by
tbe bark Hey arjd is intended for a crew cam
posed of tbe embers of tbe IIoqoIcIq Base-ball
Tbe G aim x acknowledces with tlanks tbe re
celrt of rerr seat card from the New York Post.
oce, tendering tbe itsnal cotsphmezts of tbe
Tbescbxnbers to rwrrers and pcxkaUaals
tbrocrb tbe firm of J. TA . Ikobutfion IJo- can
obtain tbeir paper, aa nsnal, by caUinj on Messrs,
Mr. Jb!uls Mosuarrat for a ktttixa m the
employ of Mokts C Brewer &, Co. is reported as
cbortiy to asES e tbe toacaje ment cf tbe Kapa
pala Uiacb at KaMj
Tbe ossal wcllr miaU ciTtn csder tb acs
pioes of Mm Zireeze, still ooatinoe, and tbey are
retarded as a vtrj pleaantpla of resort by botb.
f neada and ttran r.
Tbe ftftirc season bas canned cncsU actiritj
ia tbe IWice Cocrt aad Jodire Uicbertoa bas bad
aajUuaj; but a bolrday time of invrctiatiuc
dmnka, nfbts and cabunc.
At tbe shticcs held at Kanraakapili Cburcb on
but Sunday, a coUeetton of over f30X was ob
tained from tbe eoorrtntion. 10 aid and assist tn
tbe finihng of tbe Cburcb edic.
llepairs are now beicc made to the displaced
fUTiU Irontim: tbe EsrAaaaJc. dirersaow berac
at work, at suitable ude, in rebuilding aad
strenbcnm tbe dis pted pUoa
Tbe oScers of Exeelswr Lodje Nol, L0.O.F.
for tbe ensni ac term are as f allows: N. G, J. D.
Tneker; T, . G, J. MeKeane: IL J. A. Downie;
P. S, E. retersoa; Treas J. F. Kennedy.
Tbe stears er Ae was tekpeoaoi frora tbe
ocier station at 15 oa tbe afternoon cf tbe &h
last arJ at 3 p m. oa tbe arrival of tbe mails, tbe
lViOSeepseatedtbe same bay Ksene as oa a
veek day.
1L K-bL rriaceits Lydia held tbe cssal rcor-tMy
recepuon at her residence, oa tbe af tercooa of tbe
Srd last. Tbe Hawaiian Band was. also a csaal.
in attendance and ducoorsed sweet mask from 3
to MOpia.
The American flap; over tbe oae of Coaxal
McSralej has remained in xsticoatirproad
lr to tbe Tsryiac b tzea, since tbe 1st iast. Afoal
ir of tbe halyards in tbe sbeere bloek cans tbe
constant diriaj.
The lecal native centlemaa hos rca dices
were sbtnra to coafast of "ways that are dark."
and wbo aafwe to tbe appellation of llolokahiki,
will appear acain tor trial oa tbe case, in tbe In
ternettry Cocrt oatbe 51st iasL
By the : sushi- A (cwii, which soSed for
Sin Francisco on "tb 2nd iast. a party cf San
Francucaas took passage aaai for their ho e.
His Majesty accompanied the Toyacers as fir aa
tbe Bdt booy, aad re tarred in one of tb Boyal
bars .
The latest rerisa of tbe Palace Partr ticket for
tbe co c elecocs in Hoaotela. is said to be Hoa
piSi Bakrrt F. IL Hayseldea and Keax The name
of Mr JIcmmII which was to hare been on the ticket
has been dropp-d: wfcy is it thasly? Mr. BasseU
was a pood man.
CoL John rassfiH vas tbe recipicat oT a Im, oa
the adTeat of tbe New Year, a larce aaraber of
the ceatlern an's woald-be constrtaests, who reside
in aad aboct Panoa valley, "t: that etbod of
teadenac him their ofoia and f e&lty in caae of eaa
dzdary for the ISM Lrci&latare.
The perfons aace billed for tomarrow erealae at
the New Mcsie HalL eatiUed "The Woman of
the reorfe" is well worthy a visit, the criticaes
onitintbe Aaslralian papers beanmost fiatier -
inc aao ice ions ran rpeinrp wen lor us pos
eessia the elem ects of popalxniy.
A qarstioa cornea Irani Iahaina "Why does so
xscca lienor 0 cp to the address of one cf the
coTeraraejit candidates for legislative honors? It
is cot difScalt to salre the riddle. ThecoTe
eat policT has always been free cm aad free
leprosy and this is oslva lacteal e eooa X thaa
The Board of Infrectara oi cledior.s for Hoao-
lcla, wfll meet for the pcrpose of correctinc the
ht cf voters, oa Fndav lMh and Fridav Sth of
January, Fcrther taeetiacs will be held
aaoua occanoa reqaire . ours saoau reaa tae
Ima caref ally and see that their names have not
The Araaterr Mssical Sorietr met for na dice
last Fnday eeenrnj. The attendance va not so
larce as it sboald have been. Considerable pro
rrecs has been made with tbe Oratorio of the
Creation, aad the society win probably be qarie
rcepared to crre a concert the second Friday in
Feb ary.
Tbe new Hosistal at WailnVa is cearlf com
pleted. Sxne cnticis is made by resideTtg.be
cace the veraadas are pat only on tbe windward
side. The patirrti will be enable to eajoy fresh
air whenever there is rain. This Is oa a par with
the general mismanagement which sow rcu
Her. J. A. Cruras, the well ksown nastor cf
Fort street charch, bas beo very ill dariac the
past week safertag from iaaammatioa of the
bowels. Coattaaaaaa of his raisterial dslies
hue sasenaf from a eve cola. It the caase of
this iadeXaticable worker beinc at present con
fcaed to his bed.
Tbe Aldea Frcit and Taro ComnaaT haTe Ialdr
f owarded samples of the taro Soar nuasfactsred
by them to this aoa, and thas crre tangible
endecee of thetr procrVbS in this new industry.
Accott paayinc eaca package t the Soar is direc
tkcis for tbe proper manipclation. Messrs. BoUes
A Co-, of this city, are the agent.
St. Alban's C0B0 owned on Macular with aa
ace&sion of scholars. An additional soeaee
class will be opened in chemistry: this will be
taccbt tboroazhly, not from book only bet vith
pracocal erpenraects. The prospects cf the es
tablishment are excellent aad the children seem to
have returned with hearty pood will to their work.
Mr. CkAtidr deserves eve twaiae for tbe tain.
ner in which be attends to any caaplainU that are
made, lie doe not wait, bet at oooe atarts oS and
inreaticales. In many eves the blame lests oa
taose vso is ana taeir xeiepcoaee. cat by ai
teadinr rrosKlT to the matter the mistake is at
ccce discovered aad diffi calties cleared away.
Tbe toe tins: cf tbe Hcmaae Sooelr adrmised
to take pEace on the 7th last-, was not saSoeatly
weH attended to warrant an election cf officers, or
the transaction of any other basiaess than the
readies: of the m inctes of the last mectias. An
adjocrnmcnt vas held until tbe Illh iast. when a
larger nnaaber cf mecfiberswill xn ort probably be
presret to hear tbe Interesting reporta.
Ctriit as and New Year's festival for the voc-r
have been tbe order of tbe day. A Christmas Tree
was civen for tbe children of St. Andrew's Scaday
hchoul at the rcsadtsxK of the Iter. Geo. Wallace.
on New Year's Eve. There has also been one cjivea
or aua lierry lor tae cauuxen ter
caool and tbeir friends. Both were lareJv st
teeded "Miid the little one enjoyed themseir
The r.S-S. AUct retcrned off the port oc tbe
'tbinst. and truX a boat to fbore for tbeparroe of
tsimdiaf free rajtsa to Ksrh nf the xfssA'n men
as bad b-ea eaptared by tbe pobee. as deserter.
nw ro Deinj: cat zor ivecry 01 more. At z-U pm
tbe boat west seawird again, only citt rttamed
rcnawart btizsr viiible tn the slera sheets. After
takxag the men on board tbe J Urt etood oS to
in a . -itcwxnl and u probably cow tTCi to J apan.
To the s prie of tbe como unity the weB-knowii
fern 1 cf J. vi. IMjertsoa Jt Co- Ftatioaers, book
seller and newsdealers of this city, saspcxided
buoaess oa tb Srd fast, aad went iai Tolcntarj
baakra ptcr. The caste of tbe a,(enskm has cot
ret been explained f artber than that an cnex
pected financial ptmHiie was broasbt to bear.
cocprCinc the rm to saspecd baaine. There
wiU be a hearing in the case at the Sep nw Cocrt
room on ace jvui mss.
A compbuat is aaade that the horses of the
mcaated coasts bill ry are allowed to stray over
tbe bind where tbe yocng trees ara betas raaateJ.
Two cmtlemea who rode roaad to see how the ex
periment in tree pla rtirg was pettincoa report
the fact. This sbocld be seen to. Onryocrs trees
are far more important than thenxicdeoostab
Ia . By the Lye,wty does not tbe CDreraii-pat
print in fall tbe report of wtich a rubied edition
is said to uare appea a in we uaixrrs.
Tbe teachers held a conference at the T. M. C
A. Hall on tbe 7th tnst, aad, mSiet the transaction
cf socee little roatxae bas ess. elected the fcilow-
ts iacies and nritlcmea as oseert of the Teach
er A wociatiaa for tbe esaanng t?rm, nr prr s-dent.
Mr. M.M.ScoU:viceireideat,Miaf IxRusaBnck-Tjnd-
eecretaryT Iia Moore; execntire roecurittec.
Mis&sMoas anaaford and Carter. All pre sent
seemed drerir mterMled in the work of the ba
caation cad the papers pmcn ted and read were
mm muuu 1W3UUO.
The new haQ of Harmonr Eodse NaS,L(XO.F,
Ktaate in the apper rtory of tbe new boildinc
Lately erected by Mr. TiVsy.oa&i&c street, oppo
site tbe readeoos cf Uon. a K, Ikibop. was
dedicalrd with cttv Me cere on oaios on. LbeSd
iast. Aft-tlie cdjeatioa cereraoaies had been
coocadsd, tbe Lad and cctrtiem en pre seat rn
dalced in tewpicborean f esunues tflfl past nad
BlCht. The occas-a vat a cntl riesNact me.
aad vas heartily eaioytd by those who had re-
ccea luc -j -i&i uuuutdi lq pe prrseax.
The police oacht to eatrdse theu- ajrthoriiyoT
the frait vendors ra the comer of Uotd and Fort
street. The said vendors 00 longer pel tbeir
atands oa the sidewalks, bat they hare fairaad
stools, aad the is always UUie band cf anoaies
h-tfairg to thetr vrsdoea. This farther aecrsai.
tales a crcKderaUc am onrt of etpectorttaoo. To
add to tbe altractions of tbe corner, a aambercf
haad-barro ws are backed actiast tbe kerb and
project on tbe walk. Sxre snpervision ooht to
be rtvea by tha tytHee ; bat then do tb police
tfciat they hire any dctiet ! It U feared not.
X Chinaman vas foand dead In the tinl of a
residence oa Chain plain street, on the taornins of
the 7th iast, Iareti Hon showed that tb d.
crard had a toI wocad in the rhrht thkh, tbe
ball ban ic coae deartbronch the lee from front to
back, serenac a larc arterr in its cnirse, and from
which it is sarned that death resalted. the aa
fortcaAte maa aivittg bled to death. The dream
staaces seem to point to accidental shootingr the
pastoh a self cocker, brine foaad near the
and the. rocdoo of tbe voond warrant: aR the
sapposxtioa. that it vas -inflicted.
Oocurcl McKinlar haa moved iata his row niitr.
ten ard tbe Cnited State Conssiate wOi now ba
frcad at the romer of Camnbeir Ntvlow-V
The roe s are xt mcly convenient aad are hand
somely fitted. There is an outer office; attached
to ubich is a ftara-room in which the cfect of
deoeased sea en can be safecy towed. Nett to
this is tbe main oCfca where the safes are kept and
it rtracipal basiaes will be tn nsacled. Be
yond this is a private room, where bnsine of a
eoaSdeatial catare eaa be carried oa without fear
of interrcptioo. Coasal MeKmlev U to be con.
Ualated cpoa the impro meats be bas made
fcr carryiax oa his oSdat work.
Br w est cf a pcntlemaa resident eta MololaL
atteation h called to tbe remarkable bravery of a
Molokai and Laaai, vhnrh was reported so e time
azn. The- name of the astire is Buaa. W hca
the boat drift! a oar. the breakers off Laaai,
sereral of tbe rarty wished to cive ap aad sink tn
peace, and il was only Iliaaa's coaataat encocrar
meat that kept them sp. Some of the more timid
be even lashed an with ropes. It was th roach his
exertioas that tte whole nartr we saved, (rar
correspondeat saiests that some mark of honor
oe coaier a oa tuaaa oy tae aataonties. i p to
the present no oSctal reocaitioa of his heroism
had been in rca. Ia the I'm ted State or Europe
sack a .deed of heroism wonld hare been at once
Mrs. E P. Baker and rraadchild. aad Mr. John
Beckwita, were tbe only passence on the Unm
Cll'm from San Fraacssco for Hilo.
Tbcthrt-mastescboo&erffM4 CI ar
rived at Hilo oa Wednesday raoraiac. J an nary 2d.
i oerteeB days from San Francisco, with a ear of
praeral nurcbaadtw-
Mr. James Shet&erd. for manr rears a resident
of Hooot&la, and for two years pvl reaidtnc at
HUo, where be has worked at bis trade as a tailor,
died at Hilo 00 the nicht of Tharsday, J an. 3rd.
Death, of H- R. K Prine-
Ibe death at ber read-aee, at Ulalaat of H. R IL
1'rtccess bekaahke, Gorerness of iiawau. tbe elder
sister of Her Majeiy Qceen KapkdaaL The
deceased had been a saSere r for a lone period
to a dropOcal affection which threatened her life
at any moment, bat vith wonderful cocrace and
lonuaae taeaavaacos 01 tae enm cats were acid
in check, cxtil the date meationed. The decuased
vas aboct years of ae and vas belored by tbe
native popalation.
Tho Bond Ca.
Scrxncr CocxrBcroti Jcrxia McCcux, Sarcx-
iut, 4 axcaxx ijc-k
Mr. Hart well read the petition, nx:
lathe Jvirccme Court of the Hawaiian Islsnda.
at Chambers.
m. IL Castle, baaford B. Dote, Wm. O. Smith.
vs. John M. Kapena. Miniver of Finance, in equity.
rau 1 or an injnacuoa.
To the Honorable A. F. Jndd. Chief JoKlioe of
the Senrerae Coart aad Chancellor of the Kmc
Uambly core raaiainc show an to Yoar Honor.
yocr potitiocers M'm. 1C Castle, Sanf ord B, Dole
and Ym. O. Scnith, of Hoaolala,in the Island of
That voar ncti Doners are residents, atirens and
tax-payers in said Honolulu, and as such are en
titled lo the relief hereinafter prayed:
That John M- Kapena Minister of Finance de
fendant hereto is, as yoar orators are informed
and better and so aver oa tbeir information and
belief, now aboct to issue a large number, to wit:
one hundred aad thirty t boo sand dollars of Ha
waiian Government Boads Tmrportinc to be au
thorized by the Act entitled aa Act to anthorixe a
tiatioa! loan and to dece to what use sach loan
shall be devoted, appcored oa the fifth day of Au
tast. A. D: 1SS2. Sad bonds Win by tbeir terras
and parsaaal to said Act payable principal and in
teres ia IT. S. cold coin or its equivalent j
And that and defendant is aboct to issae said
boads Tor certain stiver coins not of the value of
U. S. cold or its equivalent, bat only of aboct 2
per cent of the valse of U. S. cold coin, whereftre
yocr pe&icae submit that sach proposed issas
bf said bonds wonld be illegal and unauthorized
by law.
And yoar petitioners fcrther aver that tbey hare
reqae&ed said def eadaat to is e said bonds only
for V. S. cold coin or its equivalent and that he
refuses to accede to sach reqaest.
Mo over yoar petitioners pray that an injunc
tion do is e oat of this Honorable Coart directed
to said defendant cajoininc and restraining him
natal farther order of this said Chief Justice from
issaing sach bonds for silver coins as aforesaid, or
for any excepting only U. S. cold coxa or its equiv
alent, and that process do is e according to tbe
p etios of this Honorable Court directed to said
defendant and gammoning him to appear aad show
cause why sach injunction shall not be made per
manent, and your petitioners farther pray for sach
firth rsfief as may be appropriate.
SucrosD B. Doli,
Wat. O. Smth.
Idl ococess lisaa as nrared returnable before
HnlMcClr the 1st Associate J ustice of the
C4p m e Coart. at Chambers, at 10 o'clock a. m,
on Sstardaj the ih day of Jaaaarr, A. D. 1SS4.
Chiaf Jiiitie.
Kataxi , rt thk Gnicx or Goo, or the lUvirmx
ISXAX9S ksco:
r. Hit Ex. J AT. Aim, Ximifter f Fimamrti
ee Whereas by their sworn titian. a copy
whereof is hereto attached and Jed in tbe ofSre
l the clerk of Our Supreme Coart and addressed
10 a. r . joua, LCiei rfasnce 01 unrmpremei'Onrt;
they Va Ii, Castle, Saford B. Dole, and Wra. O.
Smith aver that yea are aboct to issue certain 11
wanaa Government Bonds for certain silrer coins
of less valce than D. S. paid coin or its eqeir
deal, aader tbe loan act of 1S$2 and an injunction
rn said petition is prayed for ret training yon from
makicc sach is e of bonds for silver coins or for
A-uj cuu curjn . liuwu HA4ca Ruiu cum uc lis
eoniralest. Now therefore tod are herebr ordered
to appear before the Honorable L. McCaUy first
.usooaie jesuee cz xjzt supreme uocrt at tus
Ohambe at 10 o'clock a, . on Saturday: the 5th
day of Jacatry car at, to show ase if aay yoa
hare, why sach injunction ahaU not be cranted
aad made permanent, and yoa are hereby enjoined
and directed that aabl farther order of the said
Chief Jnstiee yoa do cot issae sach bonds except
lor i nuea oiaics cjtua coin or its eqarra lent.
Wttmefs the Uonorable A. F. J odd. Chief Justice
of the Saare e Coart this 2nd cUt of J an nary A.
u. iKi v a, m n,ut t ost xx, uera.
Mesa. I'roston and Vhitiar with Attoraer-
Genera Neumann appeared for the defence. Mr.
Neaniann said he wished to mention two crotrcd
why be thought the petition should be dismissed,
vizi: that it did not aver that John M. Kapena vaa
Mnitcr cf Finance, or that the petitioners bad
any merest ia this matter. He then read the re
spondent" answer, vit-i
ixswxx or rirrnroirr.
Now come the defendant John M. Kanena and
aaswenas the bill of the plaintiffs.
Denies that he is now or at any time or ever or
at xB aboct to is e a larce a amber, to wit: one
hundred aad thirty thousand dollars or aay num
ber of Hawaiian Government Bonds pcrportin
to be authorized by the Act mentioned ia tbe com -pUint
or described ia tho complamt or any otber
bond whalaoerer for certain or any nlTer coin not
of tbe ralae of United State cold coin or its equi
valent or of the ralae of K per cent, of United
States cold coin or that he is now or any time or
at all aboct to issue any bonds waauoever acux
nzed to be issa ed by law in any other manner or
for any other moneys than is provided for by law.
Ana oeieaoaxt uemts tnat ne is about or intends
or threatens or bas intended or threatened to is
sae ary of the Bonds mentioned ia the complaint
lor any otaer moneys or in any otaermaaa taan
is orovided in hi law. to wit : "not below rarn
and for cold coin of tbe United States or its qui-TaleaL
Ana daeodaat deaies that he has refused to is
e each bonds only for United Mates cold or its
Wheref ore the def eadaat prays to be hence dis
misled witboct day and that be bare aad recover
from plaintiffs bis cost in this behalf incurred.
Mr. Hxrtwf-11 mU that as to the two noxnts men.
tioned br tte Attorcev-General. tbe Coart wonld
see that tbe petition was in words actios! "John
M. Kapena, Minuter of Finance," and that tbe
answer was sworn to by him as "Minister of IV
nsnce." aim that the petition averred that the pe
titioners were tax-pavers, etc. "and as sach en
titled, to the relief bereinatter prayed." He
aodeu tnat u tae responaeai conam aum inai
the ciA? mast be decided on bill aad aaswer. and
that too proofs caa be made, be was ready to ar
Cnetbi. Mr. Nenmam: " We make no sneh claim,
yoa can pel in yonr proofs. I said I wax ready to
KQbcsit the case on the bttl and aaswer.) Mr.
"1 am ready to rat in proofs sow if the Attorney
wilt tile notice to prod ace the contract w hieh was
refem-d to in toe ionnercMeTtori?;u:nRine tccds
for surer coin.
Mr. acamatm . said he bad do object to nro-
dan-ic; the contract tf it bad anything to do
with the case , bat that it bad cot, fcr the decisioa
of tbe Coart in Ibe mandamus ease, in which tbe
plaintiffs mistook their remedy, bas rendered it
that the writ mast be vacated on the fllinj of tbe
Mr. HirtweiL cited authorities to show that the
former Eatrlish and American practice to allow no
counter--affidavit after a sworn aaswer, had ex
eeptvxis in cases where the answer was eraiTe,
cad not credible aad in all cases where tbe Cocrt
mitsdisertftioatho&ebtthe iajcactioa shoold be
held: also that the former practice vas now sa-
Errsededby Statates, allowiag cocaterfSdarita.
a arfrced that this answer vaa evasive and ar
mectrUT Evasve in avemnc that the defend
ant vas cot about to toe the Hoods for silver
coins 3 per cent-of the ralae of United .States
crtJrnn- Tbe tall arm that tbey were about
that value, not precwely. Arj mentative In are r
ncs that def eadaat vas not about to i-roe tbe
lirads in any manner not asthorixed by the law.
His form answer vas that be aboct to issue
the Boads for sQre r. which he claimed would be
legal issue. Mr. Neamtna obected to nftrence
to that ea v tbe Government bas taken the view
of lav bud down by the Coart. Mr. Hart well,
reads from the ansver oa file in this case, that re
rpondect acver intended to issae for wlver coins,
etc." This aaswer cannot be intended to falsify
the lormer antwer.u mast can t&at tae rericnd
ect clarms saw, as be did then, that an ism for
nlver is equivalent to an issue for cold.
Mr. Neaaaarm cUiraed that the rale is that
when the answer directly denies the aUecioc.
the writ is diicLarfed. Tbe a anient is axueai
Tho def eodact ha in both case answered ia per
fect cood faith. In the aaaodamas ease, tbe Coart
decided that the defendant coald not iarce Iooda as
d timed by answer is that case, aad respectlnc
the Jadment of that case, ve have answered in
this. RrfVn la Ti CaL lit-o. 1CL
Tfae pfalti is oa inf onatioo. and belief and
so tbe writ ahoald act bare been iseoed.
Mr. HartweH, repiics that this pKiUon could
onlr be inadscc informs tioa and bHief, that it is
made in rood faith and en tbe jadement of the
Cocrt that the prtitnoer bare richt to intervene.
The answer should be amended to taeet the direct
alle tioaof thtbtu.
U r. NcsmicE . declined to amead aaswer.
Mr. HanweU. states thai if oa tbe bill and aas
wer, the Court will decide that aa injunction oactl
to issae if required, then then would be a soA-
cieal adjodica two cf the point and no mjanctkai
via be asaai lor. net mat cvterwrsa a lansuiu
ca the ngat to fc&csl prooU.
The Coart took tbu matter and adriscm eat,
(Jcstiee McCalXy "a opiaicra will be foand tn to
day's Supplement.)
The Cnrreacy Qvestloa-
lUxian. lUvm.
EwroB Girxrrr? Tbere seems to be a desire
existine aroonc; oar people to meddle with oar
eorrtner and la sach away as to make importact
charge witboct a ve lbink m.klnc any Im
provement. Now, Ha waitux wsiU er certificate. merchaat
cer, planter, and backer cheeks, as veil as
United State. Mexican and otber nlver coins all
rass aa money amonc. nt at their face value, ind
even the paid coia ot other nations aad tbe faked
State. pTeenback and bank notm is not objected
to here, ve receive all at its face valaa and par It
net for the same and no man has ever stated ba
oar bearinr that he lost money by receiving thm
at tbeir face valce, aad the late arrival of Ha
vaitan colas, will bo docbt take thetr plsee
amonjj ns at their face- ralae if no radical cm
is made in oar way ct doing basine . The can
be no adranlac to easiness here, to hare cor
coins here of any greater .intrinsic ralae than
those now la a among as, as tbe greater u
value tbe sooner they will go from as. It leeks
as thoagh oar Hawaiian currency was now fully
equal for domestic exchange, if not superior, to
that of the raott favored cation, here all on vari
ous carrrccie are 'Wly efMbrW. Can any nation
beat that ? Bst ve aanot aaswer for it hereafter,
if the Government starts in to depreciate atl sil
ver coins of less instrinsio ralao than United
States gold coin, by demanding Uniled States gold
coin for Custom duties, and Ibis pemicioa exam
ple may be followed by others until oar whole or
calating medium become as trocblcsome as it
ever was ia the United States, to tbe derangement
of all bnsiness .
If oar currency Is let alone we will bare ne a
nor place for shavers to share oar coins as other
civilmed conn trie do, and ve will alva rs have aa
acceptable ccrrency sa riiied cs free by sprcsla.
tcrs sending cs tee depreciated coins of other
countries, vhich we can ase ia oar business aa
measare s of ralae witboct loss to as, and as the
Chinamen are about the oaly ones that send these
oouis oat of the country never to return we
fchoutd not object to their want of bullion value.
The Chinamen would no doubt prefer Urated
States gold coia bat ve are aader no obligation to
supply them coin of aar greater value than those
ve cc la oar business. It ve wished to pay a debt
ia some other country witb these depreciated
coins, no docbt ve would be the looser, bst we
are not compelled ta act thas. We eaa sell oar
nee and sagir to our creditors for the best money
they hare, aad py oar debt to them with it.
If exv rmj re is nnMM writ mt fl tha a ra
dical chance for the better should be made tn it,
Hawaii should do what no other nation ever yet
done Uboagh often tried) vbea making a eorrency
for home use.
That is, adopt a complete domestic money sys
tem that will equalize the measuring and parch
stag power of ail mm r cam acie.
A system, that will drive oat ot vtrcvtatieA dl
objectionable currency Iwaricg y fW Wf tri-
rmltttt nmo$ fat pejJr, thus reversing tbe old law
that obtained aader all former sye terns of money,
nxj -The bad always drives oat tho better, a
system that would always supply just enoogh car
reacy to do the vbole basiae of the coin try,
never too much or too little, aad made of gold,
silver and paper, all cf owe standard ralae aad
uniform porchasiag power.
A system, t&at would prevent moojT 'panics'1
in all conn trie that adopt it, a system that voahi
make the finances of the country so hralthy that
there would be money caoagh for all to borrow
and borrowers enongh for all to lead.
This money system,is new, oaly ia its combina
tion of old well tried principle, fcrery man witb
oct an exception that has thoroughly compre
hended this system pronounce it practical aad if
adopted will perform all it claims.
It has been before able committees appointed by
a large organization, and by every committee, a
unanimous report ia favor of tbe system was
handed in.
Mr. Editor, would il not be prudent and states
manlike under tho exreamstance. for the wise
men of Hawaii to look carefully into the system
here brought to their notice, and if a system of
currency is to be adopted to take tbe beet that
offers 1
The adoption of United States currency for ase
here is subject to grave appreheasions,ss ills
well known, tbai the currency used ia the failed
State has been for ages In a most unsatisfactory
condition, and if we set aboct using that currency
exclusively, ve will subject ourselves to all the
annoyance that thai people suffer from an im
perfect money system.
Here at pre seat ve can pay oar debts, taxes, etc
with aay of our monies, aad the officers will not
as in California inform as, "all over fire dollars
mast be in gold. lUg merchants and heavy deal
ers make the same demand there. Bat small deal
ers aad laborers take what they can get and sab
rait to a share wben paving their larger debts,
taxes, etc. J so. M. Uoaxxa,
Hamakaa, Hawaii.
In answer to inTitatioss issued by Mr. J. L.
KichardAoa, a party, coasitiag of His Majesty,
Cob JaJd.Hoa.J. A. Com mins. Hoa. H. A. Wid-i
emann, Messrs. J. H. ltr and H. Macfar
lane accompanied by the Band embarked at 4.15 !
a.ct.of Saturday List on board the II'di'immii,
tn romtt for Waianae. After a pleasant passage
the vessel arrived at 9 a and the party were
received with a salote of 1 guns. The wharf was
beautifully decorated with feres, cocoaaat leaves,
and other greenery, the san shone brightly aad a
happy commencement of the day vas inaagcra led.
Tte boil ins hoaM was fcisaected soon after land.
lag. This, as the rest of the plantation, animate
aad inanimate, vas in gala costume. The build
ing is cf iron and has lately been enlarged to
twice tbe original si. The machinery is ia fine
order and the new triple-effect was a special fea
ture to the sightvers. Special notice vas taken
of the excellent paving of a part of tbe boiling
bouse. The sandstone ased vas dressed by Porta
gneae workmen aad it is so veil jointed that tbe
floor is as smooth aa a billiard board. The labor
ers cottages vera inspected and thoroughly oom
rn eaded. It will bo remembered that the planta
tion was cspeciaUv commended for its laborers1
hen by the Inspector cf Iroajg at. Tberr
js also a nue rew school-boose, which has an at.
tendance of 90 children, the ground for this was
donated by the plantation.
About 10 an adjournment was made to the re
sidence of the manager, where Mrs. J. S. Kichard
soa entertained her guests in thorough Hawaiian
style. Tbe breakfast was excellent ; no dish ot
the many which such aa occasion calls for was for
gotten, and ample justice was done by tbe hungry
At 11 a, time was called for tbe "cars," and ;
away all vent for a railway ride. The whole dis-1
trict bad turned oat aad the plantation hands
first went to Lnalaalei, passing through some
magniccent cane, which will yield a good sir. tons
to tbe acre: this is watered in part from an
artesian velL A re I urn carried the party to
Makaba. The length of tbe track on tbe plants-
At Makaba a crand lnan bad been nrenand.
There were some COO people present, a polyglot as
semblage indeed, consisting of Hawaiian, Chinese, I
Americans, English, Germans Portuguese aad
South Sea Islanders. Daring the repast the Band
played, aad songs were sang by th Waianae Cho
ra dab. At 3 p. m. the party -embarked. A
sliCht contretemps occurred as tte second boat pot
off; it was swamped, aud the Band vas pretty
thoroughly doekea. At tbe time several instru
ments were lost, bat all hare since been recovered.
After a smooth ran np, Honohita was reached at
TiW p. m. The party separated, and each member
of it scored the memory of a pleasant day in his
calendar. Mr. J.b. Richardson stands in their
estimation as the perfection of an attentive host.
An eaFraaier on the Protest.
Xtilt, sun Gkxoa, DccSndlSSX
Dm Farcer This letter will bring to
yoa tn best wishes for tb New Year. IS?, which
iaay be prrpaaat of political and belligeroas
erects; the old adage cf the llomaas ti $ pitcrm
rw Mttm is in fall practice now la Europe as
in Eastern Asia aboct the protrcterate which
Fran intends to bestow opon Tonkin, and an
tiqa e China intends to oppose-
lrotcct orate Is a veil invented diplomatic name
for covering tbe word Conquest, but Was is
identical; bund are they who do not see it.
Tbe Conquest of Tonkin which the French Ue
pabbe not very adroitly and untimely aim at, is
an old idea of the late SUtrsman-Erereror Napo
leon UTU who on the day ot 27th Feb ary,
In tbe lata of the Tailleriei in Pari. In pre
srace of the Minister of Marina ot the Empire of
that epoch. Admiral Biga alt de4tenooilly, earn
estly asked me to prepare for him (Napoleon. HI.,)
a feasible project for the Conquest ct Tonkin,
vhich project 1 quickly prepared aad presented
personally to the Emperor on tbe Aid March, IffiS,
and it wonld have been pat ia txecaboa at that
time, which was rcore prorations than at pre sent,
had not the political situation of Enrop-i been so
coto plica ted. For the purpose of sounding pub
lic opinion. Napoleon 111. canscd tbat some ex
tracts of ray project be published ia tbe Jmrtml
Jt Is Mmrit f rfes VJir atd they were repro
deced In the French. Italian, Getman, English
and American newpaper at that time, the
me thing was done this ve-r IAS, in which my
project inch br Inch was rnt la execution by the
r'rench KepablK.
I sent some newsivircrs diseasing this affair,
tny project for tbe Oouqceet ct Tonkin, to llon-
norsble , formerly a member of H. M.
lYivy Conncil, please osk A if hr has received
thrra and to be kind enough to hand them to His
Metytbe King.
1 have read the protect signed br Mr. Y. M.
(1 ibsvxi concerning t he Islands of the Incite: pro
tectorate or annexation or friendly advice: this
Idea I not new, it vas roggestcd to Hi Majesty
King Kalakana over three years ago ! The protest
lacks of pivot as veil as nf diplomatic Lsct aad
f v. The pivot, more than tntcmaUnnal right,
shoald be the roasaagamtty ot the HavaiUas
with inhabitants ot those Islands aad their desire
to offer to them the benefit of their young and pro
greasing civil tut km. etc, ete eta, and show with
mathematical precision that to the Hawaiian King
dom, better than any other state for its proximity
and homogecroaanrsa, belongs tao high mission
to elevate and bring into the family ot nations the
inhabitants ot the Paciac Islands not yet risited
by modern progress and civilization. In diplo
macy a humane and benevolent project makes
easily its way throagh with plain words than with
such grandiloquent ones as the Gibson protest ia
composed of; newspvper articles writing Is one
thing aad quite one other I writing diplomatic
notes or protests.
To conclude, for a politician bko yoar lreraier
who has a very limited knowledge ct the world aad
has not rrceired a classical not collegiate edaca
tion, tbe protest is veil vordod caoagh and Will re
ceive the little attention it deserve.
A few days ago I wrote an cprc letter to tbe
Mag and sent a copy to tho editor ot the
for publication: tell the editor of the paper to
righsh the letter addrssed to Mr. Bash and the
Yoar good friend,. Cxuw Cxsia Motxa.
The pert orxaan at the Masfe Hall on the 5th
instant, by the Haadoana-neaoJet combination
was another of the series of successes as regards
uuicuc wuicu nave oeca cnsiiieu to tae com
pany sin their advent in the Kinrdora. The rar.
ticalar performances oa this occasion were the
uiN man. uuiu acu os ioo -oraicaj i lirotner. a
play respected even until to-day oa account of its
ace) gems from the- operetta of "Fatience by
Miss Beanie t, solos, and the farce of The lladi
eal Care. T ? draiaa was effectively pcrtoraicd
by the prof finals, notwithsUndiag the ioor
pport, until tho duel sceae when one. tf not both,
of the professioaals then becarao decidedly ama
teur like in the "deadly eneon ater.n The sinnn"
ot Miss Beaodet was very good aad the "gems
ivui iucun were icouiv encorea once ana
again; on the latter call the little ladr producing
ber favorite "Pretty a a Picture." Tho farce vas
better performed than on its first presentation, the
(13ih ultimo) the actors entering well into the, fan
of the piece and the cartaia dropped oa a veil
(iinuhu Kouieoce.
To-morrow night A Wc-aa ot the People
will be produced and aa it is spoken of as a purely
moral and instructive pert ormaneo, a fall hoase
should greet its nrsi appearance,
I For slaking spells, fits, dizziness, palpitation
aad low spirits, rely oa Hop Bitters. Notice.
SJctv gdicrtisemcnt
Formerly with B. F. Bolles A Co.)
Wholesale and Retail Grocer,
lit King Street, tmder llanaoey Ball
Family, riaatatien, aad Ship- Stores .'applied at
hort notice. New boods by every eteamer Urders
from the other ltla&d fallhfally eacccted.
Ci TELEPHONE .Ye. lia. TBI ly
Jlorlrarce's Anifndcd Xollcc or Voreclos
nrc ami or Sale.
rrefsslecoQUiordlnacertal morta re msilebr
tieonre Itmley ind Ma hoc Ilirdrv to Daniel P. True,
dated the inh day or March, recorded in liber
Tt, pare S; nolle c ! brrery given that said mort gee
Inteads to foretloce -Id inert re. for eoadltiAa
broken, and apoa said foreelosar will eell atpabllc
aenlonattbe salcnoora or E 1 Adams In llonolaln,
en MONDAY, the Uth day of Feb ary at Ko'elock
noon of ald day, tbe premtf tt decrtbed ia ald mon
ga a below specUed.
Farther parti lart ran be had of W ItVaMle. At-lomrj-at
Law. DANIEL P. TKUE-Atonracee.
r-rraife to be sold are sluatrd en the eairrlj aide
of Uliha atreet, hirinr a fremtare of about 71 feet with
a depth ot Sll 1 ettiwlih an L at the rear, makln.: the
rear Use o( ald lot 1U fL-et aad tbt lotcoraprUe
abont!.-r-,-scrr It adjoins tk Aid r t'U.
rtraixinr halo saff ant, tand afadoffersstttie chance
for s coraraodlOBs homwUad. rei ft
Mortgagee's Kotice cf Foreclo re and of Sale
.vccuuii.uci' with a ro -
jjtiv tdverjiscuuttti.
Blacksmith's Notice.
Tin: L'xrnniiSiGxi'.r) tvouiii)
motresiectf'iIlr inform his friend tnd Iba r.t.
denU of the Island of 5Job fhtvla- j&it retarsrd from
nirnT' uu ui namitgra iiUdtimill ?Bm Ml
Kafaslat. where be ia pre tarrd to do ah klndi of Back,
noitbitf Work in the La!et frryre Thinkins htt cis
toners (or favors h-r . Tfore betiuwed on hire, he
wonld uk fot n crattnnanee ef Ibe tame r Ikmt
lorrer lot piac aaasint aieu
"1 lALi;, 51. JIUL.I&.
not salfi contained la a certain mortpaev made Tit
lee of tbe Holt E Plate, dated thr J day of otr-mbrr.
I, recorded In titer 77, pare". Notice U hereby
given that afd oetcaec intend? 10 foreclose said
mortrage. for condition brokea, and ttpoa said fore
ctoeare will elt at pnblir snetloa at the saltsroom of E
PA dim la llonolnin. on MONDAY, the lllh day of
1'ebrnary. tt. at It M. of fatd dar. the prtmitrs de
arrtbed in said mortta a below vperUed.
Kartber panlcslsr can be bad of V It CaaUc. At
torn ey-at-Lsw. A J. CARTTVE1 G HT, Mort-aree.
Pmnlees to b? sold are sltnatrd la Kouala. liland of
Hawaii, aad are setforth and described In C 1. UOO,
eonrevisg portions of Ansa and Makanikahio i and
contain Acres of very ne Land Yfl U
Mortrarrc" "ot!cc of Foreclo-nre A. ora!e
rv accoud.vxci: ITII A 1'OW
er of sale con tain rd is a certain raorvage made by
KnlanVa Nakooboo to A J CartwilgbtTnitter of tbe
Holt Etaie, dated the Ittb day of 31 art b. tJ, conled
In liber 79, pare lis. Xotlce ia hereby rtrcn that eaid
mort ree intend to foreclose said mottgare, for con
dition broken .and npon wild foreclonre will tell at
pstflic section at the sales rtom ot E I1 Adams la II
nolalo. on MONDAY, the 11th day of t'ebnurr. ISjU, st
IS M. of said day, the prrmlf es described tn tald raort
ra ce as below rpecUed.
t on her rartlrntars can be bsd of TV K Cattle .t-
torney-at-Law, A. J. VARTW'lIlbllT. Mertsarae.
Premises toDerdtdaretllnated In Kikibsle. ilono
loln, sad conabt of of an sere being s fine Hour
Lot brinrin; in a good ren t aad is a good inveitiaeat
for tbat porpoe. lremlses are a part of the tame act
forth la K.1'. 57OT to Kupntkt ana Kaslsa no Keowal.
Unt. 831 St
Proposals for Exchange Wanted
each amonnts m mar be reealred for Mtil.
meat of balances dseio the I nited hute Pott-Sce
DcMnaaeni ml WaiL innnn on FVtJ VOnI lr.
coast, daring the year 11. Tenders auy lndnde
eUherot Ike fotlow'es
AT SIGHT, 30 0E 60 DAYS.
The exrhanrc to be fnrnf ited nur be rnr4 br
the Moaer cr bnsine r this oflee The moeit
wanted will be from rs to ten ibos-sad dollars per
e from Jar nrr to Deer ber. I!fe4.
Pot-cffice. Bonotsra Jan. b.It, ! tX
The Hawaiian Bark "KALE"
Has Just Arrived
Jctrj l-i 10. WITH A lARUO Or
JEEric 1 folc3. c2 Co.
Kortgaee't Xotice of Foreclosure and of
i. er r rale contained tn a certain moneige made by
Aplkl sad CalMa to A J Canvrlrht Tree M the
llott Ksrste. dated ihr 1Mb davof Dee ember. T r
eerdetl in fiber 71 ps lit. Notice Is hereby given
thai tain wnfii r tntenws U rerecMM- mm aaort re,
for cowcltiwn btkm.ssd npon Mid freclo-wre will
ti at pvbtx sacttoa at lb' tsWroom of E P Adarsa fa
Hovlala, on MOSDAT, taelln dsysf FrbraarT ,14.
tt It M. of said est iba p-mafses described Is said
niortga at bel.m pectS4
torn I-Lsw. a. J. '"AST" Kt&riT. Mortraree.
iTtaiet i om arc iaie in kmmim. Kotxw
sUkct. Oaks aad coa4tt rs&-tarre of Sn Kato
Klec Land.-vmnf nadfr eaJuration Tl U
AtlniiiiKtratorV Xotfce.
rrm; rNii:ni(tXKii havixo
X bedalyappnfatH Aearintrtratcr of the ettate
of Ant e MsBael of tleisia.dereaed, wUh tb tit
annexed. nt4ice h hereby ctrm t sll per- s batlsr
clslsma spist lit fsid c-utc lo pres I tbe same daty
sstbenvated wftla. the pr-prr twncher whethet se.
ea a vj mm c m- 'juwrw io ia aaaeratgaes
within six to tb Iroaa the data thereof or they win
be forerrr barred. s! rsona indebted t said
ertateart aMttSedftaMke iwnuwttu psrment t tbe
aade-sted, V 1 I'ARkE.
Aoa-r evtaie ei Anw Jtaasei. with u til aaneard
ilonntnts. Jan ad. te. n Tm
Xortrarct JTdllre of roreclosnre i efalr
L. f nf sale emtalned ia s certal n ssertras made by
KKeUpitBonddnlyatelcnedtsCsUe A Cooks,
dated the srh day mt J ivory lstt. reeevded 1 lib
"tpageia N 'Hicr ( hrebr circa that fall aionrs
r tstesdt U forecloM said Jit care, f rondllien
broken, and npon raid (orxiore wltl vtl st pnbtte
sacti st the e3eroec sf E P Adam ta llMtetalsMt.
xtMUAi. at massy are try l, mt IS M, mt
Midday.therverd rrfVd in said sartrs ss
net r pcciavi-
ratther parti ia can be had f TV R Vsslle. At
wrsey-sl Law . AbTLK it 1 OOSk
Asl ee of ihr Tlrtes e
Pre is tobesoM art si mated In Psnalaw. -eofee.
laludef OUn,asd contain sad l-ieaerer btag the
ume ntCAlMS e vered tr, KklBi bv KhM aad
ovkni. and csm1 of Cjh lad near kanenbe bay,
aa ralasble both for ctKltati and let ftawrkoU
pruoiMa, j at
Mort-rarrce's tfre ol ForcrIonreA;of Sale
rr of ale contained in a certain inortga mad hy
Kawathoa and Kaahannl to A J Cartwrlsht, Tra rtee of
tbe Holt Etute, dated the 13th day of November, .
recorded In liber 77. pa 57 Notice Is hereby given
that aaid rnort e Intends to foreclose said tnartra ,
ror con oiuon iHwTn,MN upon iu iwruwnn win
fell at pnblle aactlon at tbe ralearooni of E t Adams tn
Iloao.'nla. oa MONDAY, tbe 11 tb da? of VtbrturvJeW.
at K M. of said day. the prrrair described In said
mon re as oeiow tpecaea.
Pnnher particalars ess be had of W B Cattle, At
terncy-at-Law. A- J. CAETtt liiuni. Man r.
Premltes to be sold are litoated near s'choul lreet,
Ilnnolala. near the Queen's llotpltal: cotitaina m-Wf
ef aa acre In good order aad condition, and aaltable
i or a aoere ioc it nuses a ran property to noia ter
rent and la free and clear of Incsatbrauce, 991 tt
In the Supreme Court of British Columbia
of FDWAED KELLY, deceaard, and In Uie null
of the ret it km of MAltY sCOTT and tn- Tnttees Act,
Bv erderof this lloaorab t onrt the hem of Edward
Kellv. late of Nsnalrno. Brttirh Colombia, who died
abont the lith day of Aptii, 169, sre to 5 d In their
claims to James Charles PnTvt,ih- Iegtrtrar nf the
Court, or to Messrs. Davie A T Uwa. nf Lanzley street,
Victoria. Attorn s for tht petitluner. wtthla three
month from the date hereof, othrrwif. ibe estate will
be resllied and the proceed! thereof paid to the said
petitioner, wbo ctalma to be aolelj entitled thereto.
yai am Brrlilrar Sepreme Court. Britlth CoInmbU.
Thursday Even'g', Jan. 10
Of DEnoery's iicai MibI ad K"Hon Ptty
Orf The Horrors of Drink!
Vltaetaed tn fcydiry where ti tu perfcrmed under
( piuoni oi ia l. oib"s i nr ranee rortc-
iiesoi .tew renanun vy iio,noo perjie
First Appcsras' of
ACT 1 Th. Snlh Weddlne.
ACT X Th. Foudllsc Hnplt.1.
ACTS The Two HoUten.
ACT 4 Tb M.d Ktmc
ACT .V-Tle ImX TensA
rr I"rlcr. .9 im. . ttmint ,xtiai AT!caus tt
I Mixed Beady for Use. Any
I One Can Apply It;
IJsc the l'iieifto
HiiMior Paint
IviilTtlKR, FULLER k Co.
San Francisco, Cal.
, rl,l!ilSViSILtii Jli3lltlTt
n.raKciuiK.rEiLcRAWL. mi Made
of the Best a Purest Materials,
Vioneer White If ail. Oxide or Zinc,
' I'nre Linseed Oil, (icnulne Colors
CmiManl villi STROM) SOLCTT0X .t
Tho Boat India Rubbor.
W (inaraalee thta Lead to be A STK1CTLT POtC
Ject to chemical Ansly tu and the Blow ripe Trst
In n rraaelK-o, arrtvc ferre rrcsh.anl can be ob
tained promptly and In qaaatitlctas wanted.
Us Freshness Is cnoatlrai. tn that the Oil la which
ills cronnd la net soahedlato the wood of the packs
Bjeand coasesatatly the formation of hln" is
TherioNEKnwniTK lkad is rcnK wiiite.
Is UN Kit UROCND than aa-other In this Mariet;
BisanixRiuR"yMjoY.or)YiiaNO riturKR-
T1KN and Is wit boat an eqaal.
j It Is pat np In S3 lb, 3U lb, lw) lb and SM lb hecs: In
IT, lb md a lb tin pads, and In imall tins "rem I to
10 lb each.
ArnlajpJy Is ComtanUy Kept In Meek by the
Wholesale Konses la HonotaU. to whom w cordially
treommcndtntredlas barer. Maaafsctnrrd only bj
Timrsday, Jan. 4th.
al Wfc mu at .) Swim, .in V. .1 mllw,
Dry Goods and Clothing,
3pxxGy G-oods,
Oiio Superior SaJdlo Horse.
t a4er Instraett'Nis mlTed by froaa the IImmw
able Board of KJaeatlew, we sbsll m9r for Stv) at
TwMto Aaetlow, st swr stnt-aa , nm jen atreei i
llano) .In. on
Saturday- Jan 19, next
At ti nvn. th Fallow! r pareeU mt Lswd. via
1 LOTontkemaVatsid f hAet Mreei, t-Odn-tat
theTovt-ettect Kbewi ne-ais sa the wonk -e.v
etly aktt, and eaira4htc to thatranv i-swulnlax aa
. ana ef I l-nrs I'eet. V pews. IP". Tllie
S. LOT on the nrth-we ode of UKb street, next
abevn the mmtvea ef Mr 1 E WlltUm. Vavta.
rroaur Of 1 Fevt mm the street, and eewtaJarae an
i ares of Ilthf anacte Pp-M price. $t". Title
: perfect. lHeda at tapfsc of pntthaset.
a- tot faribet farttmlar enalr si ibe e9e of
I the Iteardef Ed at alios.
WOW Jk UtTKT. Aste-le.
torroders of VVhlte Lead aad Xanafartirrrs of Itflxcd
ers st French aad Urilan A Lsdow UUm,
San Franrlsce, Caltfocais.
Lost or Stolen
-?ko.u i.v-vrirAir, iiaw.uk i
X: a host Ibe last of FcbraarT. IM, s Urry Mwc ,
b ran U Jed rr. I will pay a reward of JI5 fat the retara 1
of aalil hnre to ms at raanhan.
JW4t T0LK HE r.lMtlRfA.
will open Pec. arih, at Sn. Alert bant Street.
Uaaette BbxL, with a lare assortment ot Hood for )
teatlrmea and yonth' wear and will be pirated ta art
his old friends and iba pnblle centrally va fra
The Tourists' Retreat,
At Itonnapo, ICaaL, Hanrall.
mnrnivr An nriicrrtt. iTt:MHtt.
JL l Tisrt the i otesstt. stui and rivt-t:us Afeoss-
- - - k.X it u antt ttVTIrSlT.
The tllaiate at llrwumb tlx Ct oUm UUnss for
lavaMK A lasvlewi had&rth- sarroeadlse tsrat-
rr. taeiaetn ta wane, ir-m ii uonte,
4, w HMiniiEs, nrKn-fi,
A COTTA0K. at pment crtvpltd by Mr. Itobett
wrm. usairu en icnooi direct, n nort aisuace
west Of N IBM1I. Amsla -rxBiBirr1tln larladlnr
oat-hone. for a wvterl family. For full parttcntare.
ioonireotliODEftTtilLVV. ai McLean Brother. No
is. Canaan Mreet. !s
pajoalbcmdjTorJiBurT.A.U 11. a dtTl
ie oi of t iot tH D. II. IinVIllOCK
lllto. Dtc SMh. fyl. vju
Kwong Qa Tai Co.. of Honolulu.
no icur, n..viir.o. .VXD akixa
A AEL have thta dav wlthdrann f nun the a bore
named Copartnership, bavin- told their lolercti there
in ta C'hee FooL. tin Fon Lan;, Kwen; Faa, Kwone
Kin Lan Co aad Kow Maa, tha remsiniae psrtnera of
said Ann. who will rontlnne tn rain- on the hni-
net under the same name- UOO KIM.
niEE roos,
11 onolaln. Jan. JJ. I t. fc t
For San Francisco.
Ami Hie .iil.litlltl .Stcnin.ltlp
On or about Jlonaay Jan. 21. ,
TlIi;il'IJLXI)lllSTK.JI.SlllI- I
wr.nm.u. coiuiAMirrc.
On or about January 27, 1883,1
Tm Fre"cbt and rsaaace, apply t I
Cootie for HliliNieu! iter Steamer ritii now 1
nmrmtr 'kae. S'l-.i.rt f
vvnrernntae uenr lite stieMUier vl nrr.
Th Ajents here are now pn-p-rttl ta
lncTIcVctstoSan Francisco and i:ctnrnt
Fowler's Patent Tramway,
U pom! 1UII, II poirJIUIi-
WithPatent Steel Sleepers
4. Will be toldtotlotta coneli&irnL
CJ C. nilCWGK & CO.
Nos. IS8 and 130 Fort Stroot,
(UriM.lt. tac raalk.o NaVlc.
Ilonolala. II. L
tus MASiru-rvnr coyracts .v
Complete Carriage Shop
Blacksmith Shop,
Paint Shop and
Trimming Shop,
Family Carriages I
Drays and Trucks
Breaking Carts,
Plantation Wagons,
Hand Carts, Etc, Etc.
le And All Work CauuInJ! 'a
Ta. rlot attemW. c!t.d ta RKrAIR WORK VT
AU. KlNUf.
IfT II. H.-b.m la ba.(R . th. UUmd far
itaaw W ,rara. casDtoriae .u.' ..t th. mm, .1 U If
of Machaalc,.aa4a.ta:ralr At MATKUIAL. I ta.
labw W .rata, rtaplfjift ttm- ..t th. Mat .allir..
oi jiacaaaic,. aa. a.ta;oair ai ..atkuiai.. ci
Suktlf liaaraatr. all woe k (.avlag mj Jlaaafactnr;
a lilc aw a call hcr.ra rarchalac tl.Bt. "
Don't Forcot th. Plac. I
1 ..J l Tit !t . t.opMlia IX.IJ', tuhl i,
w Proprietor.
.Time Tjtllo
at a
Pacific ti.K Steamshio
-a "
1 "
run -ulk rnNikfw,
AaalraHa mmm abMt Dec X
Zealand's Uer l
fttj o Sjrdnej V
7rslandla ti or abot ii a
L'itrnf hydnrr IV t
Z'-aUodi Jn 2m
Co-Partncrship Notice.
(i itN"(;i.ix; .o l ci i a i: i.ks j.
IT MITII hae fonont s e-neiinerhlp under h
name and ttylr ( SMiLIMiJt tTlL " rr-
tbblrtr(fTlamtihlas. !. Fin in.- sni Mtv
lus at Kin.- s tr-'t, Utmoluffl It. I
PAItfiOH SKTd; , .
Of ESxrox-y 3Z oscrlptlon
mjdh: to order.
105 & 107 FORT STREET,
Island Orders will Receive Pfonipt and
Careful Attention.
Jfmrmmt JhSn.
i jii 'i
At W A. X aJtsufessena
Dry Csens,
FaASf Wans
A Line of FresJt Brsserka
x. r. --in- lai i ii
awaa.i. !apw.
Furniture Sml
On WefLaesday, Jaul
The Entire ikdwW Finilin,
IS UST A ntUoara. TU
B, W. Parlatr Xntft
ni n ttit cumt
nawiai' laJakt Caai,Taa. aaiifca . 1 1 !:
.Martm. ncttan rarW Ctear, aa4 a.haaia.
C a MtaiM Hbnw Taw. Baohn.
It. Yi. btratka Stelae TABUC-
Waw.am Taw.au waai.iajiiia aap,"
B W Bedroom Set Carnal ata
IM. Wm, naarf TaMa atCVMn
llsla Vallrm. ruiM H all. SMa.
Cmfbia aiaoart. Cwtaf War4.
3 I'UIn Bnlrnoin Srt-v, Cat.lrtr;
1 CJovercd Ow-riHC
trtil Mnahh. a..Ma3rf
.. rwtrU fan fl. ailta N.
Ita, I ata nat av
-a mtmmw ulMmnmi aanJa4aSeaenMh
v biiv-i ftstea. ww i in M w I Uall a.
rsnrimMHMT jaawraiaaa. m.mrT4t
m fcKh tht rmm SU mm, I f imtm mm
nuiie saa) ine re sa use rasssw
r-r4-t Sae the aaaa ,
IsiSnd lsetaisbFvs artlt eaal aa
the iiencral Pmmtmcm. n-a-tmM.
vrmrr aw mm wnitain' ttmmwm.
mm bum aa im fmnj im Vmm Ci
w wt a mt mm
tn the a-9tMMk-a. H Kmmm
'(sine in lUi4ii win mm 4mi
mtmj be mmm at a ua
AnnttcslbMSs be XerOe4n mm mm
bmj mm mmmm at ase m na OraWawll
Frlr tOJ " deeurt m W
a-b am tae tn mf mt Jsnaavrr.
raxw 3..
Ftta Quryrf br Xoacy-Oravi
Oa.an.arfaa.rfr Ha Uiiz
Ni Tatera mmt .Maatllf X ..
Urer t a4 st tm
OTtt IM, aad mmt remmimx fas,
Vver tr sa4 se a.eHs is
Over in sad w4 txmmmtimr imt
vHer as. sn4 mm wmx
r y naaea thsst r
is-eai i sst ens i
pmTmmwjnmmmmmmM. -mm
a-4" Ne XM4r4fe tmm Wleaei iW Ibe
mm aar ai-et mntrj Xmam tb tfttar Sa-a ks mt
iiiriiaq as emiesx iw rf mm wm mm mmt i m aai aans
trb- mmmm a seartStsbte
11 mmMmim.XSrmi Cub. iswa. , T
-tnH thrw tr t at ibe wiw:
Ub Ttt mmm' pmi i aDaf ba ItefMemasar
JU tmm Km! crr mt LlU al mmi mmm
At the Xanti cttener mt Xmrnmnm tm JmrnA mtjm-m
At the ytmnm came mt snaain mbA - njmim.
Jtt th? enth caerner mt liuni asl i-aie
.U la W eat cerne? m4 bMSsnal Kaaaan stse-t
im rietataais. mmmmmitm KataM ml
At th srfh "rwr t mrrumlmvmmrmmiUmmmt urn
At lb anh cerner mt Wtmt mm raa-hbe! mmtm
At tbe nUut atmmt mt Them sajutr- aW Berftas. TS
Tbea ase ttS W Ma4 Zmm taal Lv mmmm
an4at ii s rtwtfc s t, aaat t m thwK r- m. mm m
twieme ai-emrir sad 'mm H"Ser mm tm
rst-av AU later hu4 asat eien Lrrte Lha
art seepsl4 by atatsne wtt bt bareas 4 -m m wna
saf-aaaasly aa tt tmmy had mmmm m-tt a the fa miwtw
letter- a-t prepAld wiU a-ea mm fa svi AeaV.
f 1 1 ine iMtaraiKm t mwmwmv mmmr waiai mmrm mm
ia? tbe eitas eM aa4 mtmtm xhmmt mt 'mm-trmm
irntA Uhla iwi o theee nHe ef the r ,
aenersi INart-tSVe. Us laJn. P-s. 14,11 at
An Elegant Prepa rails
SoftcnlriB tho Skin,
RomolnK Sun-burn, Ac
T- rKXTAUU emit KT
Maile Cologne
For the Toilet I
Is Fully Equal to Farina or any
othor Imported, and Is
Yen JlHck lAYitr ia Price.
nurttuumi Bt
ntxsox. SMITH at CO.
And Dealer in Musical Issftawils.
HaiaJUnM 1 as-ee rmi-M4 arter
ijarfaMfaSte Koan, Jf nvbsaS ter:
his Rcctmo. m im nmniats.
Lsnr 4tes wt b- ttwmrt teb
IT 3D "W n: X- 3r."X
it itA !lt1t.J
Ttbr B t sad feb. .1 Laer mmt. st
Musical iHaStrraMBte.
From the asaei L-iibi
ra- CTOI0S 15 OllLKS TAatHHT
t'-ll asd -S-e t t - " "wb, mmmt mmm
mmt fall S mw fMH-i. "9m
Pacific Coast
Business Directory
i:ti:tiTtJW ' .. y.x
City Directory of HUXOLGLD
I. M. McKEKHEY k, Cs,
Pt BUs hilt vmrw "
rt Vsartcanasve tr-- JWrf-wa
Fiederielc Baiet.
mnmvmmi m4 if
pm t- Nr B await mm trntmrnemm-
Corporation thiv
i.1 stf fvo Uk4 s s KHia hesd ba tn-aas mm
the lath dar UeeaaWr Vmm, mt tbe mmmmnmmmm mm
tkiiatt ml a.mwmmmmmmmm4PmMmmmwGmmw-
mmr. It was ft4 aeeras a CTUrser jaf ta
tukd to them a al thetr iilWM at
sd-r Ibe carpensr mmm mmm mt Tjua
ami mt
rAe-ts mmr
Trwaeeret llre-e Metletawe
mttvtrj aa4 mmtmm
Tfaftee Im faerbee ti thw.
mt mU cbaassr. " M staett bSst i
a.W IW ataaal mt ItM CeTB
assawnl sVtb mtmj mm 4m wiW
hbt c -aed bT Mltott I
9m tt
H(Xttfmtt't 5nN rffjl JlhlnTt ada
I .auia-a.M i. -t ira a r-f-i
rt mt mmim rmmtmimmA tm m eTS' mymmmm aaaa V
sna, Jmwm
n sa MMSM-ibMe
Mmt mmmm mm
1 tl.mrrmmrmmitmm,mBJllr ''"P1'
mt K r Adaaaa Is Awk.fa 5"P:
mtJmmmmrf,tmt,mtttZ.mi mmUi fmrymimmn mr
rrlbc4 U caSd arrsare a Wi-a. l""-
ra . a, 7", T.gx
raaMaaaEMlaiaJlaT'? aaat aiwa
uimmiiiiia4 w
J Mala.alt.kraC Ja. .
t Xarcb. BST wmt&4 1. Inm a taa.
a.v, aim, taat i I aiwljaira la.il a, I

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