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iiiT:-- N Yw to att aot ranted.
- r.n'-ed.
l.ai felt atiMOft to! W the
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uncrtv keseft arSikia!
- ts. Hrt Co. wera tw eatowrs
'itioo of Eswm Ltxfcv? ami
: -. r-oBelve acceptably.
..mataAoB of Vftrtar Works is
ratef? bryasteaxil of due
i:oaat A mch aes rate.
Ttiao Mara fe aaooaoceil
v-.:m x to-worr". Special
- Art pttaifai daaese passea-
wewt xoaad sows or & seren-i.;-?diua
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f ae selection m the tmisess
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1 om tar ssidtrit uad atterv.
A wedding is among the events fixed
for "ew Year's Day.
Mr. Severin lias new sets of pictures
oat at the corner of Fort nad Kins streets.
Mr. Shitnpei Hayakav.-a is uodainUHl
as aa attache to the Japanese Legation.
A native sailor on the steamer Pele.
died while off the Uainakua coast last
The Koyal Hawaiian Baud gave a bus
iness aien's concert at the Pest Office on
Fridav mornins.
The street cars with doable mule
teams glided over the rails in good style
on Fridav's trials.
A distinguished citizen barked his
shin oa an obtrusive hydrant in Alakea
street on Sundav night.
;.-fs have straek the eramenity
-Kboopinr coechhad overran it
ti.jcooddy. Be. 3Iiaer reports
vases un kts edce.
.vaers feov Kwa steal a whip
. rake oa the premises of a cus
.i Christms mzmaz. Being
r. to stop, be tbrew tbe article
- irota tbe V. S. S. Alert .played
- came of baseball at Makiki on
Dot. Tbe scores stood S2
One of tbe players had the
to ;sta iris finger.
- .s a Ficach bark named Kak
as tbe UawaSaa bark of
Sketmfes between f ranee
-tLida. Tbe HawaSaa vessel is
register and tbe French bark
The current Tranters Monthly has a
practical letter on coffee culture by Mr.
Win. Kinney, of Ilonomu, Hawaii.
At least thirty fresh cases awaited trial
beiore the new "Police Justice, besides a
number of unfinished criminal and civil
suits left over by his predecessor.
Five of the members of the Koyal Ha
waiian Band, under Mr. David 2aone,
left on Wednesday by the steamer Kinau,
being engaged by a party tit Spreckels"
vitte Plantation,. Maui, to "play there.
lleligious services for the Japanese
immigrants were held at the Immigra
tion Depot oa Sunday. Kev. Dr. Hyde,
Judge and Mrs. McCuIly, with others in
terested inthe mission," were present.
The southerly close weather of two or
three days culminated Saturday evening
in a tempestuous rain storm, that pre
vailed intermittentiy throughout the
night, although sometimes rather limited
in its range of territory.
Central Union Church held a Christ
mas praise service Sunday evening.
There was it fair attendance in spite of
the inky darkness that made outdoor
movements perilous. The vocal and in
strumental music was very fine.
ee w' boocs of Wednesday
- -.aree aum-of-war sailors were
- .a itaafceroB die sidewalk ia
: .r CoeaMpoMtaB saloon. Ap-
- . :he sofaee tboagbt best to let
- ve ait their bcoae.
:.4ephoae mesise from Wai
ter J p. m. Tborsday staled that
oy pd six vec; bad been
by tbe ears and tastaatly killed,
ere 4 cars in tbe train, "but tbe
-.opped after four ears bad passed
The Honolulu Arion had a ball at its
headquarters, Hayselden Hall, on Friday
evening. It was Irvery happy affair, in
cluding a Christmas tree with presents
for all. There was ajarge attendance of
members and ladies.aiid the decorations
were superb.
Hon. John A. Cummins has pre
sented the Hawaiian Rifle Association
with a "Waimanalo" gold medal, to be
competed for at 200 and 500 yanis by
members who have never won a first
class prise, and become the property of
the marksman winning it three times.
11::, cerk ith Mr. C. Bolie,
Kninxs .be saddle oa Bereta-
br li - boc&e sbvisg.oa tbe
Cbnsesas. He was
. by tbe zaii aad reeeired & brmse
.rsaad 1. jrt his eye. bat is Kkeiy
right jr. a. Sew days.
:e jaday Sebeol festival
din-.-tlva of Mr. and Mrs.
V luiaun. Cbristwas Eve, was
viol affair. Tbe bcikiins was
tfee iatreaik Orientals, all
vere Kfoiced xith gifts and
cneer of tbe kind dear to all
! The attendance at the Sunday school
j exhibition at Kawaiahao church on Sun
day was not so large as usual, at least
from the rural districts. Some of the
schools appeared very well, the singinjr
especially being admired, and marked
improvement was noticed in the voices
as well as general appearance.
"1- "A". H. Graoahslgh has written
recocaaK isnot Loadoa be will
ck to tibe Islands sad sqcare up
n'ting. MeaawbOe bis -xne has left
- zLv. to join htm oa tbe other shore.
. xiber ith Mr. T. G. Thrum
jl T-.sessios of tbe store under his
. '. .ftga-e.
'.J .swsas. Ittocaey oad Soiidtor,
. t-r . Koek. encaer Foct aad Merchant
- Hocolste ; preie ia the Courts,
i cr iieans: tfce imets of a case, he
f icsind, an tbe taw, Ua rritios)
: ;-.r 10 tbe tmoii, mad a written opia
? -. tbe emcee tfer to be pcrscec,
xzobtMt reestt of legal proced-
- -' -x. :tt faeiF. 123(!-2t
The Poringuese Sunday Sehcol, under
tbe auspices of Central Union Church,
bad a pteasant Christmas tree festival in
the Honolulu Kifies' Armory on Friday
evening. There was a present for every
child, and dainty refreshments were
served from die Elite. Mr. B. F. Dil
linsham was master of ceremonies.
A most favorable chance for an ex
cursion in the Orient is offered in the
advertisement of the S. S. Takasago
Mara. She returns in March after cruis
ing a great deal in Japan waters, and
the fares are exceedingly moderate. The
accommodations on this vessel are very
inviting in their comfort and eleuance.
iag rot over, and for the
- ut the fine's operation tbe
t saw accidents by repress
iu eatbnsiasat over tbe inao-
: -rereothas bees provided for
Year's practice of die Hawaiian
-ssociatiaa, Iiets- Asehe and
tiTiirtoa ad Dr. leo ot H. B.
.r. -tnth hare presented a silver
petition, to become tbe pro-
" - winner, ia seea shots each
- and yards, two regular
g jc tbe Ass&satioa.
Mr. Walter Davis, representing the
Harting Portrait Company of San Fran
cisco, is taking orders through Messrs.
G. West & GCt'or enlarged crayon por
traits from photographs. A specimen ex
hibited leaves nothing to be desired in
artistic finish or natural appearance. It
is especially characterized by softness in
light and shading. Persons desiring such
work should see the agent.
Through the kindness of 3Ir. B. F.
Dillingham the steamer Ewa has been
? wt-re os trial tripe all over
rente, as far as com-
"ainesnay. tamarea were j -i-r .t thli dUr,i of p a t)I
Mutual Benevolent Society to Pearl
Harbor to-day (New Year's). As
this is the seventh anniversary of the
society the excursion will come in very
pleasantly as part of the celebration.
The Portuguese brass band will accom
pany the party.
.- ma was arrived at by tbe Cen
" .-n Chareta congregation yester
.r.acr. feeardfag a site fir the
rrw ptace t worship. There
- stegander eaosideratkm die
joe. tbe old Mossbmb lot dia-
ppte, now.owaed by Mr.
- nd t6e lot owned by the con
' it the comer of Bertiaaia and
.- -s streets-
-&a-ot-ear sailors were in straits
- lay. tryics to navigate their way
- -Lip witiioct being arrested for
- :&eir iiberry. It has been sog-
:r rrforter that, wbea mea
"ark'::- warsbms are on the wav
ip i is a little hard
The arrests oa the 29th were six for
drunkenness and one, a Portuguese, for
smuggling liquor. On the 30th, from 2
a. m. till 9 p. in., two were arrested for
drunkenness, one for smuggling a bottle
of gin from the Japanese steamer, one
for opium in possession, a hackman for
being drunk on his carriage, a China
man for breaking Sunday and a native
woman for assault and battery on a fel-low-countrv
An immense crowd took advantage of
Hon. S. 31. Damon's tender of a free
trip by the steamer Iikelike to the leper
settlement on -Slolofcat. A nke crowd
was at the wharf to see the others off at
9 o'clock on Scndav night. The excur
sioa was nominally for the benefit of
persons having relatives or friends in the
settlement, but many others took out
passes before the complement got so
large inat the issue was stopped
:a goby way of the Sta-' The First Division of the Liliuokalani
-c i ..cd the tea jdollars ia ', Educational Society will hold its next
.-r u r i-poptiUe pebiic ceie-
hr ass are described. The
" t- .rmpcoEiateiestmtis, :
. .nit .e iwu ciaiKin coarge
:- w- nudiKgbt Monday and
- loatiaT saere were about SG
. - v;nrhehjWKr waiority being
--r .-juaess. Janice Dayton bad
.atses oa tbe criminal cal-
- BttrabK.
meeting at Princess Liliuokalani's
ma residence
on Thursdav next at
o'clock. There are 70 members on the
roll of this branch, and its revenue in
less than three vears has amounted to
2540.S.5. Of this amount $190 lias been
invested in Ice stock, and f 191.40 ex-
pecaeu lor the object ot the soaetv,
namely, the education of Hawaiian girls.
Symptom of an Eruption.
-ixte atmospnere ot Honolulu was
charged with smoke seemlnglv volcanic
ia origin during Sunday. Be v. S. E.
Bishop telephoned the expression of his
opinion that the indications signify
- s igoa load of boards came out
Issrs Levers & Cooke's lumber
F -a to Mtrebaat street Wednesdav
.c. tbe berse took fright appir-
. me respire; ot trie load, jlafc-
zz h the -animal charged rieht into
- e ot la&f- oa the stand. The
-is GiM near com: lor one of the
fwrses. Af it was, however, the I aro with the same view of its cause, and
ks? OTTLastfd ia bendins an ' the event Droved his surmise alrandantlv
ae one at ir. t. Kx. chumaan's correct. rews from the fire island will
nages. IbeduebYtheKinaato-moirow.
fresh volcanic action on the island of
Hawaii. That jrentleman drew atten
tion to a similar phenomenon two years
A lllRft living KrouRht Out ly C1.
It is leiimovl that 31. Thompson, at
torney at law, llouolulu, is preparing an
index-digest to the decisions of tho
Supremo Court of tho Hawaiian Islands.
The work will be in the alphabetical
order of tlip oints of .law decided in tho
reports, and will contaiu cross refer
ences, so that every point of law decided
by the Court may bo readily seen utuler
its appropriate head, with reference, to
the name of the case, volume and page,
etc. Col. Thompson's well-known legal
abilities and experiencu in such work
afford sufficient guarantee that tho work
will be accurately and well done; and it
so, it can but be a desideratum to tho
bench mid bar.
It will be a saving of time to judges
and lawyers by directing them to tho
points of law decided by the Court, and
to the case, book, and page where tho
case appears in extenso. It will be valu
able to laymen, who may at stnall ex
pense acquire a knowledge of the pith
and marrow of thelaw of Hawaii as ex
pounded by the Courts,
Doubtless many copies of the work
could be-sold beyond the limits of Ha
waii, as many important and interesting
questions of" local, maritime, and inter
national law have been raised and de
cided in the Hawaiian courts, that wero
probably never raised or decided in any
other country. It is understood that
some of the "ancient laws, usages, cus
toms, habits, traditions, legends, super
stitions, idolatries and domestic econ
omies, etc., of the Hawaiians were
necessarily considered, by the courts, in
the adjudications of the rights of- per
sons and properties.
John Lindsay, whose death at tweuty
two years of age occurred oa Christmas
Day at South Kona, was for two or three
years jKiston the Lanai sheep much.
He came to the country in a Portuguese
immigrant ship from 3Iadeira, but be
longed to Scotland, Glasgow being sup
posed to be his native place. Among
his personal effects were two letters, one
from a brother, Alex. Lindsay, 323
Smith street, Fitzroy, 31elbourne, Vic
toria, and the other from 31. Hair, 93
Pitt street, Glasgow, Scotland. The
funeral was attended by the foreign resi
dents, and Rev. S. H. Davis read the
Anglican burial service.
Another vounj: foreigner's death is an
nounced. William Sherry, an overseer
on Heeia plantation, Oahu, came to the
city ill two weeks ago, and died at the
house of 3Ir. J. 1. Downev on rndav.
He was aged twentv-three vears, a na
tive of Brooklyn, M. X. He was buried
by Lodge le Progres de i' Oceanie, F. &
A. .u., on Saturday at 4 o clock.
From a San Francisco paper notice is
copied of the death of Henry A. Harris,
printer, in the prime of life. He was re
cently in the employ of the Hawaiian
Gazette Compauv, as well as that of the
former publishers of the Advertiser.
tiarns was a weii-iniormed man ol
strongly set opinions, but while here was
m delicate health. He was a cousin ot
3Ir. Ehrlich, of the Temple of Fashion.
Ureakiloun in tlie'KIectric Llzlit I'lant.
The city electric lights were not burn
ing on Sunday night. Sometime last
week a fracture was discovered in the
shaft of the water wheel, after which it
was run as best could" be until Saturday
night. Then an examination revealed
the shaft broken clear through, making
it necessary to shut down for repairs.
The wheel has been taken out and
sent to the foundry on 3Ionday, to
have the shaft repaired if possible in
time to have the lighting resumed that
night. This accident would suggest the
advisability of having a duplicate water
motor, or, if practicable, of having dupli
cate parts of the present machinery cap
able of being expeditiously substituted
for the originals.
A Lamp of Coal. m
A native woman biddimr soodbv to
friends going away to jlolokai on the
Iikelike on Sunday night was mimicked
by somebody in the crowd on the wharf.
She became angry and, picking- up a
lump ot coal, hurled it regard less I v
at the throng. The missile took ef
fect on the forehead of a native
woman named Ana Baranaba, inflidting
considerable of a wound. Both women
were taken to the Station. Captain Lar
sen, coming in while the arrival of the
doctor was awaited, gave tho patient-all
the treatment necessarv, washing the
wound and mending it with sticking
plaster. The assailant with a smile
walked down the gangway.
Hawaiian Ilirte Association.
The Hawaiian Bide Association had a
well-attended meeting at the Hotel on
Friday evening. Modifications were
made ia the arrangements for the semi
annual practice on JTew Year's. Votes
of thanks were passed, respectively, to
Lieuts. Ashe and uougias-riamiiton
and Dr. Yeo of H. B. 31. S. Hyacinth,
and Hon. John A. Cummins for their
handsome contributions of trophies
Mr. Cummins was also elected an honor-
arv member of the Association. There
was a discussion as to whether the Sharp
rifle was a recognized military arm,
which resulted in an affirmative decision
Another Alarm.
An alarm of fire at-a few minutes past
six o'clock Thursday evening took a
large contingent of the fire brigade out
to the corner of School and Lililie streets.
There proved to have been nothing worse
i . i. . .'11: ( l. 1nmn Ia
oil of which took fire, arid a neighbor
seeing the occurrence from across the
street turned in an alarm. The ignited
oil was, however, quenched long befors
tne nremen reached the spot.
The Dehatinp Society.
There was a small attendance at the
Debating Society Dec. 27th, yet the dis
cussion upon Independence versus For
efga Annexation was well sustained un
til the closing hour. 3Ir. t. Tamil was
the champion of independence, and 3Ir.
Crowlev. ot Lahaina, the opposin:
leader in the absence of 3Ir. J. F. Smith.
Several oilier members look "iwrt on
either side.
Mr. Win. otrr Is CommlMlontMi 1VIU
lrobably Ojirn Court this Mornlnj;.
It became generally known ou Satur-
dav afternoon that tho commission had
sued to 3Ir. William Foster as Police
Justice for Honolulu ami tho District of
Kona. Enquiry in official quarters con
firms tho intelligence, and Justice Foster
was to make his debut upon tho bench
at 9 :S0 o'clock yesterday morning. Mr.
Foster is well-known as having filled.
with universal satisfaction to bench s bar
and public, for many years the position
of Clerk of the Supreme Court. Ho has
also been a Master of that Court, and
for three or four years licensed to prac
tise in all the Courts of tho Kingdom.
Justice Foster is credited with uu exten
sive range of learning in the law, while
personally he' is unexceptionable for tho
high position to which he is now sum
moned. This journal congratulates him
upon his elevation.
Christmas at ITuuokaa.
As usual and in keeping with weather
in Hamakua on a holiday, tho 24th was
bright and fine till about noon when wo
were surprised by a strong north storm.
The fog hovered oil tho coast so thick
that at first you might have supposed it
to be a mantling smoke from some cano
field. Houses and stores facing north
ward were closed on account of tho rain,
which lasted in earnest all day from noon
till midnight. Qurserenaders for Christ
mas morn were prepared, but tho ele
ments" delayed their endeavors to give
us an idea of a coming holidav.
The mora of the 25th dawned with a
liloomv rain-laden horizon, but as dav
advanced it cleared away to the south
ward and allowed our lovers of tho gun
to participate in the long looked-for rifle
match. As the tlonokaa ntle team at
some future period may become promin
ent, I give you the score. The first
match, o shots each lor prizes at 3luis',
stood as follows :
Jos. 31arsden, 21: "W. H. llickard, IS :
R.T. Kickard, IS: H..S. Kickard, 17:
James Smith, 17 ; R. 31. Overend, 22 ;
31. v. iiohnes, 19; Jd. i-olev, 19; u.
Hasemann, 12 ; J.ll. 3lills, 23".
bor prizes at Holmes', 10 shots each,
the scon! was :
Jos. Marsden, 35; W. H. llickard, 3S;
R.T. Rickard, 34; II. S. Kickard, 32;
James Smith, 40; H. 31. Overend, 10
(when bring tilth shot his gun broko) ;
M. V. Holmes, 39; 31. Foley. 35; J. K.
3Iills, 30. lioxoKA.v.
The following officers of Lodge le Pro
gres de l'Ooeanie, 2so. 124, F. and A. 31.,
were installed Thursday evemug for-the
ensuing year:
David Davton, W. 31.
P. O'Sulli'van, S. W.
C. J. Sherwood, J. -W.
J. 0. Domtnis, Orator. '
P. Opfergelt, Treasurer.
Jno. A. Spear, Secretarv. "
Tide. Relim, Uemitv.
Jno. T. Downey, S.D. '
Louis Toussaint, J. D.
James Dodd, I. G. ' ;
F. J. Higgins, Tyler.
Kanmakapili Church.
At the conference of tho. creditors of
Kaumakapili Church with a joint com
mittee of the church, trustees and-the
Hawaiian Board, held on Saturday, a
proposition was made by the committee
to the creditors. Some of the latter sig
nified their acceptance but others desired
time for consideration. Another meet
ing will be held shortly. Mr. P. C.
Jones advertises a request for all claims
against the chnrch to be presented on or
betore Saturday next.
Kclipse of the Sun.
This Tuesday, Jannary 1, 1SS9, there
will be a total eclipse of the sun, Risible
here as a partial eclipse. It will begin
at Honolulu at S :44 a. m., on the north
west limb of the sun, and end about
11:1S a.m. The greatest obscuration
will be at 9:51 a.m., when about two
fifths of the sun's disk mil be eclipsed.
It will be total 'within a narrow strip of
country in northern California, Nevada,
etc., from Punta Arenas eastward.
AV. D. A.
The Tramway Oiieninjr.
The street cars will be running fo-day
for the first time on a regular sche
dule, between the King street bridge and
Waikiki. This will give excellent facili
ties for people getting ont of town for the
holiday. The community will doubtless
appreciate from the start how great a
boon this long-delayed one is. Else
where the time table is printed, so that
it will not be hard to calculate when a
car is due, either way, at any street
corner on the route.
graph u little, and could do light
porter's work, ami could read
proof tolorably, and could do plain
house and sign-painting, tuul could help
on a thrashing-machine, and know
enough law to practise iu tho Justices'
courts of Ktcknpoo township, and had
onco rim for tho Legislature, and know
how to woigh hay," ho wouldn't get
$10,000 a year for it. Ho go!s that just
because ho. knows how to cook, and it
wouldn't niako a cent's difference in his
salary if ho thought the world was flat
and that it went around its orbit on
wheels. There's nothing liko knowing
vour business elear through, my boy,
Iroin withers to hock, whether you know
anything else or not. What's tho good
of knowing everything? Only the Sopho
mores areomnisoient. Ilurdetto.
The 5lunro? lloctrlur.
The Guatemala SUir, referring to Ven
ezuela's appeal for American mediation
against English oncroachments, saya :
The United States certainly ought to
do something in the defence of the rights
of tho sister Republic, that are being so
cooly and tlagrantly violated, but we fear
nevertheless that "in faco of England's
manifest determination to keep what
she has taken, Venezuela will bo
allowed to look etse.whcro for aid the
letter and spirit of tho Monroe Doctrine
to the contrary notwithstanding.
The I'anamn Canal.
A Paris despatch of Dec. 12th says:
The situation of tho Panama Canal Com
pany has brought on a crisis quite as
serious as the political one. The papers
assert that if tho last issue of bonds fails,
the Government must and will introduce
a bill in the Chamber to enable the com
pany to meet its engagements. They
declare no government can exist which
fails to support this great national under
taking. The Atlantic steamer Umbria has
made the fastest time yet recorded be
tween the Old and New World, crossing
the ocean in six days, two hours and
forty-live minutes. What would Colum
bus think of this?
J-hereby give notice to all persons truftln
my husband NICHOLAS IETERSO Urn l
will not be responsible for debts contracted by
him as he left me and my dan:hter without
jood canse and no support whatever. 1 have
taken possession 6f the Land, Hack and Horses,
and if he does not return within tiftreu days I
shall claim the real and persona! properties as
Honolulu, Bee. 28, 1SSS. lSl-3t
They AVant the Jloriiinc; Star.
A San Francisco daily paper contains
the following item: An effort is to bo
made to induce the 3Iissionary Board to
continne the voyages of the 3Iicronesian
Francisco, instead of ending them at
Honolulu. It is thought that the influ
ence of her arrival and sailing from this
port would arouse interest in our busi
ness men in behait ot missions.
A New Deal.
It is currently reported and generally
believed, that 3Ir. David Dayton, ox
Police Justice, will ba appointed lo his
old position of Deputy Marshal ; that to
make room for him Mr. C. L. Hopkins,
the present D. 31., will be appointed first
deputy clenr ot the fcupreme Court, -Mr.
T r.mrf SmWIi -nincr rrrm rf t fmm tliif
office to the chief clerkship made vacant
by 3lr. costers appointment as Police
Specific Education,
3rr. Yanderbilt pays his cook $10,000
a year, my boy, which is a great deal
more than yon and I earn or at least it
is a great deal more than we get be
cause he can cook. That is all. Pre
sumably because he can cook better than
any other man ia America. That is all.
If 3Ionsienr Sauceaneravi could cook tol
erably well, and shoot a little, and spealc
three languages tolerably well, and keep
books fairly, and singorae, and under
ftood jraniening pretty well, and could
preach a fair sort of a sermon, and knew
fcomething about horses, and could tele-
Uiulei'WTi tors' Notice.
lately occurred in buildings vacant and
unoccupied, the Board of Underwriters deem it
tbelr duty to call attention of policy Solders in
these Islands to the clauses contained In the
pollcv, the substance of which reads as follows:
"No liability shall exist under this policy for
loss on any vacant or unoccupied buildings, un
less consent for such vacancy or non-occupancy
be hereon endorsed; provided, that dvrellmcs
may remain vacant not exceeding ten days
vritnout such endorsement.
AVe therefore recommend the observance of
the above condition of insurance.
By order of the Board of Underwriters.
C. O. BERGER, President.
Honolulu. Dec. IS. 15SS. ISO 12-lra
now on the way,
Also a FEW HOltSKS. All specially selected
for this Market and For Sale at Lowest Market
For further particular, Apply to
Ilivr'a Hotel Stables, Honolulu, H. I.
Notice to Creditors !
ING been duly appointed Administrator of
the Estate of FRANK ANTONE, late of Watau,
Ewa, Island of Oahu, deceased: Notice Is here
by civen to all persons to present their claim
3jain;t the estate of said Frank Antone, de
ceased, dnlv authenticated, whether teenred bv
mortgage or otherwise, to the undersigned, at
the office of Cecil Brown, on Merchant btreet,
in Honolulu, Oahu, within six months from the
date hereof or ttey will be forever barred, and
all persons indebted to said estate are hereby
requested to maKC immediate payment to tne
A. HAUIII. Administrator.
Dated Honolulu. Ucc. 1'.'. IS. 12l9-3t
Tax Collector's Notice.
JL the Dif-trict of North Hilo, Hawaii, will be
at the following places for the collection of
Taxes for A. u. imo:
November BLacpiboehoe Court House.
7 Ookala Store.
S Manlna to Hakalan.
December -I to 15 At Lanpahoehoe Court
W. H. sniPMAN.
Tax Collector forKortb Hilo.
Hilo. Nov. 2. 1SJ3. leiMm
HILO, - - - - HAWAII.
Tin and Iron Ware, Stamped Tinj
.vjraie ami uniime nare,
All thU Stock will be sold at Seasonable Prices
Special attention paid to Plantation order;
ES- Please Give Me a Call. ""8
thebnsinesxof Dressmaking, Catling and
rutins, at her reildt nee, No. 73 Eeretanla street,
opposite tbe Hotel. The patronage of the lidles
is respectfully solicited. Satisfaction guaran
feed. 63-tf 1213-ly
Surveyor ami Civil Engineer.
Frank J. Kruger
Practical Watch Maker & Repairer
At present located at St Rett's Tailor Shop
Order from the other Islands will be eirtfully
attended to. tend care of B. BOTH. 1230-Cxs
tuition Sales.
V I.. i. i.i:vky.
lly order of T. r LANSING. Ajstirueoof the
uansrupi Ksiaio or roter .Mcinerny, l
will sell at i'nbllc Auction, at my
Salesrooms, t4ueen Street,
On Saturday, Jan. 5
At 10 o'clock a m,
he whole of the Stock or MERCHANDISE
belonging to aid KstaU;
- Consisting of
Store flttinRs, etc., etc.
The whole will bo told In lots to suit nut
chasers and will be ready for examination on
r riuay tne uny ooiorc me saic.
U Oar Barge for Sale
On Saturday Jan. 5,
At li o'clock noon.
In front of my Salesrooms, I will jell at Public
One 14 Oar Barge
SO feet orer all and T f ecr beam, built of dJedar
and Oak, copper fastcrcd and copper oarlocks.
The llarzc can be examined In front of my
Salesrooms tho mornius of sale.
I!r order of the Commissioners of Crown Land
the Leases of the
Lands and Fisheries
Of thcAhupuaa ol Iianalei, Kauai, for a
Term of Fifteen Years
l'rom the First of Febraary. 1SS9, will be sold
at ruunc Auction,
At 12 O'clock Noon,
At the Salesrooms of LEWIS J. LEVEY.
Commissioner and Asent of Crown Land.
tSf Particulars may be obtained at the Ofllce
of the Commissioners of Crown Lands. Alllo
lanl Hale.
Murray & mm
Florida Water
for the Toilet, the Bath and
the Handkerchief.
Prcf.A!exanderWassniev.ltsch PoeM
Analyzing Chemist
for the Russian Govemraeat
St. Petersburg:
"Murray & Lanman's
NOT contain any integral parts
which could be pernicious to
"The comparative investiga
tion has shown that Murray
& Lanman's FLORIDA
WATER possesses in a vola
tilized state a greater ability and
power to purify the air than 'Eai
de Cologne'; and in this respect
Murray & Lanmants
preferable to the well-known:
Cologne Waters."
No. CIW Sept. SOth, 1&S6.
Murray & Lanman's
Best for TOILET, BATH,
Store & Lease For Sale
i)m rx HAWAII. ?i Quarter of an Acre of
:i:jS3 LASD, -well Fenced. Lease, 12 Years
xcet fron Jannary 1st, 18S9.
X3T For full particular apply to
Krj-ln tValohlnn. Kan, Hawaii.
O CALVES, from tlx lo nine montbi old,
weaned; ot by thoroughbred !!!! imported
from New Zealand, out of very Superior Cows.
SS" PRICE, - - 950: "St
Delivered at Kabnlal orMafcpna.
Civil Engineer and Surveyor.
Fort Street, - - - HssoIbIr.

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