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Decisive Action Expected Soon
NearAdriariople, Which
5ls CutOff.
Sweeping Victories Gained
Servians and Others in
?the North.
tlly Federal Wireless Telecraph.)
IiONDONp October 28. (Special to
Tho Advertiser) In one of the greatest
strokes of tlieir campaign, the Bulgarian
troops have cut the railroad between
Constantinople and Adrianople,
and have thus isolated tho latter city.
That was indicated today in a dis
patch recoived in London from Sofia,
which declares tho invaders had seized
a Turkish military train ou the .rail
In addition to tho capture of tho
town of Eski-Baba by tho Bulgarians
thov havo been pushing forward.
cording to the latest reports, from tho
eastern side, in tho hope of entirely
destroying tho Turkish army defeated
at Kirk Kilessch.
At tho samo time "the invadors aro
carrying out a wide sweeping
reaching almost to tho shores of
tho Black Sea, and still other columns
aro completing the circle around
Bulgarians assert tho fato of
is practically sealed. Despito
tho perils of the situation, however,
tho Turks havo not lost hope of re-,!,
thnmsclves. Sufficient Turkish
ir.nioV,ti lmvn now reached tho
fri&l commander.
in-chief. o assume theoffensive.
It is stated that three Turkish columns
are moving toward the north,
and these columns aro to be supported
by oUier Turkish troops being taken by
water to the Turkish ports ou tho Black
Bea. Whether they will be in time to
aid them is problematical.
Bulgara in Victorious Sweep.
(Br Federal "Wireless Telecraph.)
SOFIA. Bulgaria, October 28. (Special
to Tho
Turkish town oE
have occupied tho
Istip which lies miles south-east
oUskup. It.is said the Turks
evacuated Istip without offering tho
sliehtest resistance.
After a battle near Kotchin, fourteen
nriTcs to tho north, tho Turks W"
disorganized, and
lv wcro completely
lit,. irn nnnntitv of rifles and stores
along the road between the two towns
The Bulgarians were equally
and astonished over tho easy capture
Istip, which they expected to take only
after a sovero struggle. Istip occupies
a strong natural position in tho
taTho Bulgarian forces havo captured
an important point tetweon
Adrianople ayd Constantinople. They
twenty miles into to
have penetrated
Aida river district and taken U the
Plages on the loft bank, including tho
town of Tashmakzi.
Servians Capture Cities.
(By Federal "Wireless Telegraph.)
BELGRADE. Scrvia, Octobor -8.
C&?cdal To The on
taken the town of Mitro-
troops "
..r 4i, ilrrnifl tn tho north of
TJskup, and Verizovitz also has fallen
?4 ),!, Manila, according to a
1. 1 1
(B Wir.lM TU(tJi )
MAMSM, ilMMUliui.itl, ihiuUvt US,
lu Tim
uf tUv illiwM ut JulJit II. Ctoilur, (tin
trjsl at J. J. I'lUtr, AHmiv UtiivjitiiUi
Mid JuM'pb i:iin tut lil HlJtrgaMl wur
Art vl AliliD IxitlMv HMllWU4 i
Ui until W4nM4)r i'H, wlWWif
lAfcan (II Milk nr)j I'i4 mUIiI, m
lvu'Ml Iv U tj4.tK, but U pit
ttlMn itt'4 Ikal u Ivtuntkt lit Itlf
rtrtiu iui ("" t"i Hi Utrntt
tfURttR yopu
1 mlxm1
immmmimfmmmmmmmnmmm, .
War map of Turkey and surrounding States, showing the principal points now In tho news. Below, a regiment of
Turkish infantry marching in Adrianople, the city which the Bulgarian shells havo partially1 destroyed.
Powers Plan Partition of Turkey
InrEurope and Two: More States
(By Federal Wireless Telegraph)
LONDON, October 2S. (Special to Tho Advertiser) Tho Yionna,
4ustria, correspondent of Tho Daily Mai 1 describes an embryo plan
which the Potyors are discussing for the settlement of tho Near-Eastern
question. iYceording to this plan, it is purposed to leave Turkey only
" in possession of , tho territory between Adrinnoplo and tho Bosphorus.
AH her other European dominions aro to bo taken from her. Bulgaria
is to extend southward to. tho iVegean Soa, Servia is to have an
jVdrintic seaport, Montenegro is to have Scutari, and Albania and Macedonia
aro to be made independent principalities with princes of
Sweden and Denmark as their rulers.
No mention is made of Greece,
Navy Departments Great Plant
Beginning of . Around
World System.
(lly Federal Wirclesa TelesrapbO"
WASHINGTON) October 28." (Special
to The Advertiser) Tho navy department's
now w,ireless station at Arlington,
Virginia, tho most powerful
I plant in the world, tonight flung from
its lofty Bpiral tho first messages which
signalized tho completion of an import-
1UIV .w - 1 , v at tho 'ant in tho of a
natch from tho Servian base stop building globe-gird
: j,rod lipTo todav.
1 4000
Fifteen quick-firing cannon,
rifle and a mass of ammunition wore
abandoned by tho Turks during their
Turkish troops
iSLn, Uskup. retreated towards
w.Im. thu men throwing away
,!. in their flight
wagon-loads of supplies woro
Hundreds of
left be-
111 nil.
Turkish Lino Out.
IU Federal WireleM Ttli'C"pti.)
SOFIA. Bulgaria, Octobor
elal to Tho
flL. ..i. ,nt..red a military tralu
ling wireless 'system which wjll keep
every ship of tho United 'States Navy
and overy insular possession within instant
communication of the capital of
tho United States.
Down in tho sound-proof operating
room, windowless and protected by
double doors, somo of tho Navy's must
experienced wireless oporators, directed
by Lieutenant Woodworth, sent out tho
first flashes.
When this station Is working perfectly
and the chain of stations is coin-Dieted,
Washington will bo iu touch
with Hawaii, Samoa, duam. tho Philip-
troops nud supplies from Constantinople ,,, nl)d Veutl umhor,
(xi AdrluilOlllo,
Turks Verify Defest.
flw'Turtlift Uoup evacuated !
of USUUPi H U lu'0 vru im ij""i;i
ucl. paule that thoy killed w''
MliUking frlm. for if my. Tlw Brl
JjeH . flfl" liowHww na 4000
?.n" , ...iV. tundra. f wspw, ml.
C0llntiput supjiHw bimI 'Ufi rollliiB
lwul ve hilled 4 iiiwa.
in ri wnt wirt')
14, m
d.i.iMiiii H. A. Om"W. IM
-,.. iwUii4 11. kiirVr it
TJie complete system will cost about
Laments His Failure to Take
'the Stand in His Owh
. Defense.
(By Tcderal Wireless Telegraph.)
NEW YORK, October 28. (Spo
cial to The Advertiser) "I am no!
longer optimistic that my lawyers wll
get me a now trial. I1 might say. I
am hopoless of a successful appeal,1'
With theso words, former Polfio
Lieut. Charles E. Becker in his cell
in tho Tombs prison today again
tho fact thaat ho fnilod to take
the stand in his trial in which he
to tho electric chair for tie
murder of Herman Rosenthal, tho gambler,
on July 10.
Deckor repeated his statement that
ho had had no connection with tho murder,
atid charged that tho informcrr,
"Hold Jock" Koso, "Dridglo" Webber
and Harry Vallon, not only engi
nccrcd tho crime, but had planned to
murder another gambler. Tho plot had
miscarried, he added.
(l rdrl WlrdM TfItTJi.)
riliaKOO, October 28. (Spoclnl h
Tllii AdvurllMir) United Hlutos nvw
tlyutlou uiidr Mm ilnuu "W'hlU u
er)" law Into Ilia eliiiruclur ut JaH
JuhitMM, tliu uogru puyilUt, will be hi
gnu Muih ht) nriid Jur) toffvr'ow.
Twlm aililiiteuiti irt tNrvlcti u
MMiin, It It mUl, Iwvm bvau Wlii' '
iu Hit. l.urlllu Cimtwim, (ii nui'
Iwu )tsr ul4 lilt Mil. wbitw mJUjC
UMuwttiiM ttum muutumfti Ui I Hi
unit lk mm ilw iitvtiitt,hi, l
ttiU lM IM ill f tllMH It
liifl, lllibui, y4iif vlui iliui
M l'( l.M
Report Is That He Is Steadily
Failing, Due to Internal
.. ..
uompiicaticns. 4
UTICA, New York, Octobor 29.-(By
jWociated Press Cable)
Jumes S. Sliermnn is
and it is now ncknowlcdgedthat
ho is an exceedingly sick. His Uidnoys
arc alVocteil and his heart muscles nro
No Immediato Crisis.
(By Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
UTJOA, Now York, October 28.
(Special to The Advertiser) Alarming
minors rogardiug tho condition of Vice-President
.Tames S. Sliermnn wcro influenced
by tho following bulletin today,
issued by physicians' in ntteudanco:
' Shorniau is a very
ill man, although tho roports in circulation
during tho night woro greatly exaggerated.
Mr. Sherman was sitting up
yesterday and ho walked nboiit tho
houso from room to room. His condition
in bad, it is true, hut I do not apprehend
any immediato crisis."
(Iljr Federal Wlreleaa Telegraph.)
to Tho Advertiser) President Taft
today plunged into tho accumulation of
State affairs which haB awaited his return
from his summer vucatlon. Secretary
of Stuto Knox wns. his first
caller, coming to discuss OreafBrltalu's
protest against tho Pnnumn Canal bill
ana tlio situation In Cuba, the Dominion
n Republic and Mexico.
President Taft and Secretary Knox
uiscusseu mo campaign and H,. "'as do
several speeches during tho wolc.pi3i
will tin mniln in nliln. i
(Ilr )-Uil Wlr.lm Tflnfi'h )
WKCmotl, Nnw JBrey, thtohar
lu Tbu (lov.
WeuJroiy WIImjii left VritiWiM iuly
tut PIjIIi1IIi)ii HNd MoutlKHnturu
l'iiiM)lvoiilii J kmn Iu Wcilrhmt
lif, I'uiili )itiii, s uumU, M.I III Ibi
rttfltiMM '" '''f A UtUt) ut Mu't. IU
lblw4lpliiM, umt Ibv nupi ul g i
U.k imjimh ut ii liitiiJn! 1ImIiIi. aa asi I
ft l.iijlli In m t'in (.uiu.iullw ully la i km
Ituliuli II .11
dltion. and ho will no by train
- ... .i i
In Spite of Still Open Wound
Colonel Insists Upon
(TW Fedrrnl Wlrelets Telesrnpli.)
OYSTEIl BAV, New Work, Octobor
28. ((Special to The Advcrtisor)
Coloiwl Thcodoro Koosovolt wns stronger
today, but his wound was still open,
linn he wns not gaining strength as ra
pidly as liia physicians had hoped no
would. Ho wnB up early for tho second
time since his return from Chicago
and took n short wnlk, but was ouligod
to move about slowly. '
His right side' is still sore, from his
wound and tho muscles there nro badly
bruised. Tho Colonol went to tho stnulo
and saw Sirdar, his favorite riding
horse, for tho .first time sinco ho wns
shot. Sirdar neighed in recognition of
his mnstor, who fed him with lumps of
Colonel Itoosovclt is anxious to rido
in the open air in his nutomohilo to
Now York city on "Wednesday, but his
iiliysiclans fonrod that the jolting of
4V special oar hat been engaged for
the trip. Colonel Roosevelt will remain
in Now York nust long enough to mako
his speech, returning to his car directly
nfterwnrd for the trip homo.
(lly Federal Wlrelem Telegraph.)
HAVANA, Cuba, October 2S. (S,po
cial to Tho Advertiser) While not ac
tually under martial law, Havana is
now under absolute military protection
against disorders arising from tho heat
of political campaign.
In accordance with orders issued by
General Pablo Mendletu, who was appointed
by President fl,omor. to "take
charge of all tho police awl' military
forces in tho capital, tho. Btroets wcro
patroJleiUtodny. hj policeitotUiwrrhtod'
and fooj? ruralo giuinlgjicwf Detachments
of regular troops w'oro stationed
nt strategic points. t
rebel by Mexican troops, aud sen
tenced to ueatu. ' i
(lly Federal WlrcleBflfKlegrapiii) t
MEXICO C'13'Y, Octtfb'er 28.
clul to Tho Advertlsfe) Qcn. Felix
Diaz, leader of the
uinuiiumtcd in veri
There Is
li save Din
llirw ofllcorH will
IL cuuii
. trtfiiTflLc
utfon recently
:, mid three of
u sentenced to
ful before which
vimient ou foot
nth. but tho other
liulil bo executed.
III, rVdml Wln4 Tfl..fjli )
WAWIIIMI'lON, Qtuhr S.( Wjiw
rial t TIik - Th HHprw
I'mirl of llif I'lil! Ht.l ln'f.v Kd
1 KIM I it 111 III" lllllllf U fl'l . .IUII Ul H
. . . . -i ........ i.. -.I"
lia iiitiimtiy ikv iwuiii jnuunmj
Ifaw muiiii xtHw" "'
Mui.imiiiii' l.
I Ad i tiuu.il Ti'
Ibu puiUl
i")i ' " "" '!( I
WBOLK NO. 3758
IN Kill
Colonel Parker Makes Hit With
Precinct's Insurgents
Candidates Plead for. Voters to
Forget and Forgive and
Vote for Them.
Kaintukni sulked in its tents last
night; that is, u part ot it did. Tho
portion of that rebellious olectorato
which attended tho Itepublicnn nicotine
in tho first precinct stood nfnr oft
the car would bo unfavorable to his con- J nud in silence most of" the ovoniug, and
only genial Snm 1'arkor, with soothing-,
i riendly words, was able to stir a spark
of enthusiasm iu thoir sullen hearts.
When tto colonel spoko, thcro woro
cries from tho little knot of insurgents
o'f "You're nil Tight, Saml Wo'ro for
youl" cheering words whii;h nono
other of tho galaxy of 'speakers was)
fated to htfar.
It was not what you could call a
great assembly. A sprinkling of
about two scoro Hnwaiians, a
scoro of insurgouts nnd twenty
loads of speakers and thoir sup
porters "from outside tho precinct constituted
tho gathering. Albion Clark
presided and introduced candldnto after
candidate, who, In voices hoarsonod by
much Bpeaking, pleaded with tho glowering
to forget tho past,
otherwise tho convention, nnd help tho
Republican party present u. Bolid front,
to tho onomy.
Charles G. jBartlctt rocolvod something
of a hand, Jjut it would appear
that (his was ina measure a tribute
to his norVo In appearing iu tho
trktartlett metTjioned
iecn thrcntenod with, iijtshower of
eggs should lm attempt to speak,
and "trusted thnt ho would bo warned
iu time, that ho might display his
knowlodgo of baseball, ns learned nt
tho University of California. Thcro
woro no oggs in ovidonco; neither woro
thcro catcalls or any other disturbance,
but tho blanket of gloom which Colonol
Parker alono succeeded n raising for
n niomout, was discouraging very.
Plead for' Support.
Georgo F. Rcntm!, caudidato for senator,
wds tho first- spfakor, but only
said n fow words, urgiitg thopeoplo to
stand by tho party and tho platform
nnd voto for htm.
A. S. Kaloiopu, who followed Ronton,
(old tho pcoplo of Khimiiki that tho
Republican party ,was responsible for
tho opening of that district, its schools
nnd its reservoir. He urged them not
to throw tho party down.
Ho told them nlmojit tearfully that
tlieir announced purpose of scratching
tho ticket wns proving a bad oxamplo.
"Tho Chinese nro going to Bcrntch,"
ho said, "nnd tho samo idea is running
among tho Hawaiians liko wildfire.
You can't stop it. Unless you chango
front nnd set another oxnmplo, thero
is likely to bo change nil around on
Novombcr 5, nnd you people will bo
sorry too late."
ueorgo ammiiCB, cunuiuoto lor treasurer,
called attentioh to tho fuct thnt
eighty por cent of : the candidates on
the Republican ticket aro Hnwaiians
or Hawaiian born, nnd that ofilcioncy
will bo hio watchword If elected.
J. M. Dowsctt, candidate for senator,
pleaded with his audience to forgot the
"Whilo wo rnay have had our
in tho past." ho said, "thcro
is no rcaBon wny tnoy biiouiu oxisi. ir.
is not what wo want in this community
but what wo can get. With Mr,
T am making, n personal sacriflco
of timo and money nnd labor to work
, for tho good of the Territory as a whole.
We navo an open enomy nnu we win
OEN. FELIX DIAZ, imvo 80u,l fronf to opposo them if you
Nephew of Porflrio Diaz, captured as wjh gvo UB tho support wo expect."
Dowsett said tunt no was tno oniy
representative from tho fourth district
on tlio senatorial tlOKo; and tnai
the fourth should support him, nnd
not give tho voters of .tho fifth an opportunity
to say that thoso of tho
fourth woro not loyul to tho party,
j flartlett's Regrets,
l Charles G. Rurtlett, candldato for supervisor,
oftor referring to tho throat to
nmiill him with oggs should ho appear,
bald that It seemed the principal
to him In ICiilmultl wns thnt ho liad
kept Jlornilt, Towno and Alronsn off tlio
ticket. Ho (Jonled that ho was to blama
any inoro than tho innjorlly of tho con
Diitlon. Ho said thaat no one rcgrottcd
more than lie did the fact that Towso
wan not on Mm ticket. Ho calloil
to tho fuct that ho was ouo of
tin early ltlri uf Kulimil.l, had spent
money In doveloplng thu dlstrlel, mid
Ihtireforrt was Intor'ntcd In It.
H m btwi Iiiftiniud, lm l1. tint
Kslmulsl liilnii'lrtl lo vote for llardeaty
nml niher nuiiprviiiijilul ruiiilldutsi on
thu l)iorul1e UbmI, ll ld h l
llevwil tliut llui IWfliO'
n inalorltv of lufvsounj
litis rsw lm fQd Kl
ri"'fUii Hi last JtttM If
I., I,, I llMrllrtOfli.il Ihl
it ijti , ui wii uimii.'
(OnU0ii4 "u V
nili'liiii wouM have
,t4s. IA. mM
Slid lllHt 111
ulil miuht not
I'inlrliM Ilia
Iu' h( llil)U
ml luaji lerfi

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