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fm n?V
Vol. M , No 10 invr)i.ru Hawaii ikurhory, ui.m j,.in - "i mi wikkia WHOLh NUMBER. $342
DBS sn
I'cn Thousand Angry Japanese In
censed at Government's Conciliatory
Altitude Toward China,
Attomptsd to Wreak Vengeance
on High Officials. Demand
ol Failure to Declare
kiotcrs' Attack Residences of Two
Ministers, Who Seek Safety in
Midnight Flight. Yuan
striving Desperately to
Maintain Tcace, By Promising
TOKI 5, September 8. (Special
ruble to the Mppu Jiji) Iincnscd by
Ijuuop: OkOiiu.lup XiSuu OUU'OI J "l0"1
'uooujojju Xciuot.o.C sjju.i u.(piiii
lijrriH oii ui i'oii Sunooui keuui tuJ3
c bJ0iu)iSu o t.jij,udK ij;j uqj
ns jo; cpynubh "uijuuqs,
HObuKjuiinujx 'Mrs (J)jBaKrjJoj rtBj'
Jij so oaiiio ulfrtfjoj oip.lo spuoij otir'W
.i... ., j ij" ,.. i..:?
ny mey Wl'ru pu ujyw jii
nciidiy relations tritu uio uniucsu
ovcrmupnt, utul declaring immediate
tar on tliat country, ilio laci mat il
rax Sunday and tlio officials were not
ii tlio building, probably saved tlieir
ie. Little damage was done, to the
uil iing. ' - ,K i
li '"'" ;ia l t. 32kiytJMtM'' i
into of the foreign oftico, which was
loicil, tlio leaders climbed the high
tcol fence which silrrounds the com-
louml ami were promptly lollowcd by
housnuds of the rioters, u few minutes
liter tlio angry Japanese fiileil the wide
inco in front ol tnu inn in ouieo. iioro
hey demanded tlint R suusinciory ex.
donation as to tho government's tanjl
ilh regard to'tho Chluoso oucstiqo
houhl lie nilo public. Tlio lib
once of Harou Mukmo, the foreign
nlnistcr, K. Matsui, the vleo foreign
minister nnd other heads of that
alono prevented bloodslied.
Biotings Continue.
I!ur1v in tho cVcuini! the bauds of
rioters agiii nppcurod In front of tlio
I foreign ollice to continue their demon
strations against tho goorumoiiis
Chinese policies. T.atcr the mob di
vided into t.wn lorces unci iicciiicu io
attack the residences of Minister
nnd Vice Jiinistcr re.
rim mam imnu oi jioier iMini
thriiiigli tho dark ptieetfl tnnmd Huron
Maklno'n residencu while another largo
force hastened to the mansion of
tho vice tniiiister winch is not fur
from tho foreign office. The hccncs at
thp two idarrs wero wild in the ex
treme. Again it is possiuio
as prouMitcd by promptness wiin
which the two officials took fligbt upon
learning thnt tho rioters wero marching
n.. i,nir reM.lences. The nngrv
ncsn insisteil on Interviewing tho
tialh and refiisod to illpcrrtiiitll
when it wns learned that tho
two officials would not return.
Disorders at Y. M. 0. A.
Ycitonbiy afternoon, wlillo a nation.il
mas'! meeting was in urorc "" u"j
T'nflr Lirnin of tho radicaLs aucmpiou
to htampedo the .laiiancfe amliiMien at
tho great V. M. C. A. Hall, in the I)i
iirt of Knnda, Tnkio. Tho hall was
packed to is full cnpacltv when the.
inlliiinuiatory nddrchsej) by the radical
orator the gathering to dis
solv In d sorder. No one was imrt.
T'liil tlio rioters connneu meir ncura
titration mi the loreign omciais otuv,
iimlttliig to titlark tho police stations
and oDIriMi, n thev imuollv do In.hiich
lases, wns duo to mo iari inm me
police tooli iieiatlw sinnds In deal n-'
with the nngr poinInco. Tlio ohli'l
of Hie en 1 1 ill p'iIiik bureau, K Autiuiu,
nrdi'rel lis iillicers to tnko no drastic
act on whl'li might turn inc iiiidiio
ngil lift the ollco
It w leurnel cnuy tin iiiorniug
t'mt Iji'Iihit Viiiimmoto maiimoii In
nsui 'eet in th lllitrlet of KH-inn
in To o ta attacked ly th
'li IsM nlulit,
Hi'ProuM (Unaumn i;ptnreii,
'1 1 1 in it- !'' mtirilnr
I i ii hii, 'ii omiimiiiii of ilerlliiro
iu I I'.r i.T tlw polltlril iHirwi"
if i' ,iuiH' frNgii ti4rti
'i in- i . mug, wm iruv mw
I M ' . 'Im jirroU ol Iwii JnWi
i r i ! lo Im' Hiii ii nu who ilin
I t l 'i lllf I tin n WA Cll
i r I ' " )nli! nii ii riilrnwH mm
1 1 b ii in i . i i rll, 1 1 ffom
, ilmr i v i mrivi -d
1 .' Ill I "Hi
"I I
I 111 I
1), v. lopmenln in i'lViliy
; . ii III I
I' lm
' r I fu 1'wu 'IU')
Huerta's Enemies at Hoine
r i' i
I . liliHJ ? bKjjE!v.Xw.
i r u j?,isiwr.ia?ssiiv. . . -. .m
M4!MM 'fKK ' kii '
expert ViAKES SBmm& nFMoceiTicii
II II I II II II II III illHIIU fVaM ,L 'nvOwSiVl K AT APrttr,,iC'.'waPiHfPHV
Ncblc Reports Pearl iJmBSnnSKKamlt
cording to Plans. viasSSK&Rl'SiaUl ' W J m i ,7f
Hdrboi Project Feasible,Ac-
Acconling to nu Asuociatcd Press
dispatch received lroin WWhlustpn
ljyqBterifii,J,xpcrt Alfred N'oldo hub
iinncil iroin Honolulu niui reportca
that the conttruction ot the I'oarJ Harbor
dijiloelk on the present site is
fcj&iblo rod practicable, umf that it
tau bo built uicordliig to tho original
plans and ."pccilinitlona. JIowmII maKe
n written report fit length, joing into
tccluiiol detiuliaud euggcstiug nictti'
oils Id Ijo used.
Xcithcr Civil Kuginoer Oajler, in
charge of tho works at J'eail Harbor,
nor Vt'. V Ihlhngliaui, general mauagor
ot tlio ltnu.iiiau Dre.iuig C'oiiii:in,
tho lontrnetor, recclvjcd any mlditiou'il
if this ilibpnleli noos correct as to
Xoblo'b report declaring that tho dock
can bo built according to tho Original
plans nnd. speiificatinuh, it may Mean
that tho drdotk contractors will have
to nsnuino tlio dub to Its uiihciv
a few mouths ngo, but iu the uhyenco
of details neither Dillingham norlajlor
was willing to comment on this lea
Xows that the dock would bo ion
structed und that theio luitt no danger
of tho substitution of something inter
ior in tho wuy of a lloating doc.K wal
recciveil with joy by tho business men
of tho city for it means that tho I'earl
Harbor station will bo as great a plant
us originally planned, and thnt the
dream of uu industrial city near Jlono
lulu will bo realised.
irrillnvwmr tuimn . dilferencn ,-,-. of onininii ,
of a technical nature between the engineers
o tho ifivy 'department mid
of tho Huwuiian Dredging Company,
Secretary i)nniels Alfred
Noble, n world famous authority on
foundations, to Honolulu, to report on
tlio possibilities, and it 'was said at tho
tinio Jhnt both, sides hud agreed to
alililo by his -verdict. Js'olilo pcnt ten
dujs hore and then hurried IiiuK to
Washington. Tho report made today
was apparently prolimliiary.
( JVdoia! VV'ireU'M Telegraph.)
W.SIUX(JTOX, fH.ptenber
fn 'Jho dortnier) flreat danger
to AmiTirnn len mid propcrtx i
j'uetlii I'lata, Haulo Doiniiigo, was
lo the stale ilopurtnicut today
by Vice CoikiiI l.Hcwi, who miyi tlio
limn Is bring ulielloil by DiMiiiiiiinu'.
Tho I'nltoil htuto rruJuor DaObilmw
nrrited thctn today.
The Ilea Milium was liiirrlcx) In 8nuto
liiwiutfo.il the rii'iuiuit of tlio stritn
dcpurlnieiil. In hove un
iiierlniii wiiuliip iiu liaitd to pmloct
folt) KM inlernU ilurlilH the rvilUllu
wLirh Ih'khii lul Tnemluy,
(Uv I'l'l'ml Minima Teltyriii.)
i(ll4lliK lii'iiKHliv Hpriiiir -'l
to The Hun I.NW
,i i. liiUi CM'liJI nnd Mum"
ii Hi i u I i ii i n tt i tv I I i I
M. i ii i ill iii i ii . ii i.l ni
11 lit t U I I Ii. i
' U i4i . i i ,'U- - Iu. it.
I'm I ib. iii. Ii i i Iiii.iIuiii)i. A but t
II14 lll . IIUH'I ill' H' I I'b 1.1
mmmmm "I mrt
FVSi?.tc2ZL W AF .!, 'i " !. .
l. ,., tpm ev
4. BUT . . ii.
t..." 1 aMi i,
i J' v J i
Court Upholds
Not Judge of Tights,He Says
J TUCSON, Amniiii, SepleiiiluT 8. (Sptjinl to The
lisor; Mis) C'lnirc .Simson's fur of women wan
(leiiioil titdiiy when hilt' 'iu planed on tniil in Hie police court
for wearing nil f,'own iinillhe magistrate, who tried her
iiihteiidaeiiuitted her because he could not determine whether
jiiulc tfchth. with the nown woio im immodest us black. JIwi
.Siirvjon woie, pink ti'lit.
I lei" lefe;)s(! was thai they vcr,e not at nil improper ns the
hliiclc tinh'tH Kenerally employed by wenrois of X-ray howi'ih;
which contnisteil sharply with diaphanous dnipenen and were
frankly revelatory.
The court ruled that he was not an arbiter of dress and
discharged the prisoner.
05y redernl Wirclcts Tclegraiih.)
NKW VOItIC, September
(Sjiecial to Tlio Sam,
hangford and (luiiiioat Smith may
niooi, in a ten-round bout hero
September 11',. It was announced
today. Tho managers of the two
v men lime signed articles for tho
4 match ,uuil the, 'only thing ninr
stahding in tho -way of bringing J
Smith and J.angford together bt
tho rule of tho btato commission1
prohibiting lights between blacks
und. whites. ,
Tho Warden Athletic CJub man- ,
agement will II lo ii petition with
$ tno coinmi.iHiiu asking that this
rulo be rejciudfd.
. , , -,...
(Ilv 1'iilernl W'ireloKs Telegrnph.)
HAMJM. (iMVon, Ho, teiiibur S(h,ie
linl lo 'tint
nwr In. iiiNldJny p marry on iicmnnt
of tip mhiHi.'Om ir Jlirii) iii.1' I cigliloiiu
uur, In.lm sliot And lllwl Ida l..
Hgeil i'llju.nii yinm, mnl tlmn Ic lll
MlHH'll III, 111 WCIC Mii1U at 1 III I'll
chbol luire
- -
(My I'udrml Wltelc. Tlvrpl)
UIV'IHIN, Mn4IH('ir ,- (B'l ..
II. 1 I .fl .!' Hft I'll. Jl
M 1 . I I (i II , J,.
I '., i .wliln.l bf ....... k.t,
! p.,.i 1 1 wmr rtit an. I huuiliml of
)'H' i' tfK iJuumt)cJ
Are Activ'e and Aggressive
; 3
A ,
flly I'edornl Wiroliss Tdegraih.)
WASH1N0T0X, Soptonlber 8. (K, 0
linl to Tlio AiUerliscr) The ho'po thnt
ttm new department of labor may bo
come n dojiiirtment ot "industrial
nhlcli shall liuuio employ
ers and ciiiiIoch to fettle thoir
nrouml the louncil table, was
expresbed by Secretary of Ijibor WH
sou, tho principal nicaker at a spocl il
labor MTiim at tho 1'irst' Iiaptist
Church Inst night.
Aiuieitiiig that lalior orgaiilationii
niidor prcent conditions r.re absolutely
UMivrury, the socreUry contended that
tin v had done more than iinv other
igencj niitHiIo of tho ehlifch ftbelf lo
I etter itho coinlitioiw of Iiiiinaiilty,
- .
(ll Tmlnriil Wiri less Telegraph.)
K. idi'inber 1. (Hiieliil
ill 1 rill .1111 tin iHi.r 1 11 11. !...
11 etenni tnlngmph oKTulc,r who,iorti)ii
lit Urn Wlilln House thioiwlinut Ocnrrul
iirants lerni j iieml nt Jersey City of
hmrt falluro.
(It) 1'Heri.l W.,,.1... TflMrmiJi.)
AS I'll v.Vt Ihimj. MHnmlMr -
(MfNM'iiil In Tim
tfHun UcrrUuM wnulty ll'tinollilixl
mi k ncrit iu H nirjl4wi
' 'ili Ii m(. hinffiwr
iliiinreii m I Ills city diduv uu liiiilu for
iiie i.un.i. 'i in 1 Mill auil Wviii'idjy
iu III' MsU'llillU,
R3vcrsal of Scntimont in Maine
Shown By Election of
licrin to Congress.
rOUT!iND, Maine, Keplrnflwr 0.
(Ilv Ai'iR'lateil Cable) A ooiiij
nlete reversaj of sentiment was expressed
fn Hi) special congressional
ejection l'J'lJ,tho tlilrj.1
district lierb today, when Peters,
outdistanced I'attiingnl, l)cm.
ncrat, and Laurence, Progressive, and
wns elected as oiigroMinnu. Ho won
by a plurality of C53 xotcn. Tuft ro
coiyed left thaiAthreo hundred tcs
in this district at tho lust election,
while the I'lugretaitro leccivcd bO'J
and Wilson SSfl.
(Ily 'i'ecleral Wireless Telegrnph.)
to Tho Aihertisor) Jtopiibllcau
leaders in tho utiuito today rofused to
ngrco'with Democratic leaders on a day
to oto on the tnriir bill and tho prospect
of cuiuling tho bill to louforenio
H slight.
Three: lengthy speeches by Senators
I. a Toilette, Itnudell mid IlristoA are
Net to lie delivered and inheritance
iininnclnienls nresenled by Kenator Nor
us will bring fortli lprthcr discussion.
'I he inainrity has so far failed to force
an agreement on an immediate vote 011
the lull luui will attempt to forco 1111
all night cession. Discussion of tho
bill today resulted iu 'iio inuterial
WASHINGTON, September 8. (Iy
.Ubochited I'ress Cablo) Senator (ieo.
W. Nofris of Nebraska today offered
nu amuudment to tho Inheritance tax,
law that makes drastic changes armed
at Jargc fnituiies.'handoil down from
father to children. Under tho Xorrls
iimciidment, tho tax would range from
ono per cent an inheritances of i50,.
HOD up to c onty.fi per cent on fifty
millions. It is estimated that Vincent
Astor, on of tho lain John Jacob Astnr,
inheritor of the bulk of tho Aetor fortune,
would bo mulcted of forty four
millions by tho operation of tho amendment.
hoiiatnr Clspp of Mliiniwoln, prouita
out in the incomo mid luhorltiiin'o tax
lrlll"'i'i ) hf. will support tho
, aiiioiHlment.
ilU I' .b'litl Wlrel Tel Mini ph.)
,"',"'IS' . (Hpe.lnl In
''''" Ul"11'1" Tim slrlki. Koii.llUniis
Hirmigmmi lirlawil ut uiiwli HO'm tHU
moriilnu, lleirU ffimf mun stvlliiiis
H4lili tkt IfoubJ lliusl tw nwtwl
if ii 1 11 r 'i fH!ll. Tim 'ull
msd. lute irfuwul In lake iinv tfouiU
'' i inmiiiiiiiii und iruilb l I'luc
' lullllc yl (I ktuuitilill,
i . nu mas o
IT una
AHonicy Representing New York,
"fa Fight to Sc:uro Thaw,-Is Acquitted
Court Apologizes, Tiutj
Authorities Take Precautions to,
Protect Him From Angry Pub-'
lie. ,
C0AT1C00K, 'Quebec, Septonlbor S,
Associated Trcus
limn TrnVfrs .lerome, represejitlng 'thol
Stato of Xcw York'ln its 'flfiht 'to so-
cure tho iitradltloli of Ilnrry Thaw,!
wns acipiltted of .gambling following
his tiial todiiv Mil the clinruo. The
cuurt npologi.cd to Ji'romo fortho
iiiiiiariou 10 which 110 nail ucou suu
J'ollowlng .Iiiruina's acquittal tho Cnt
unilian aiiihiirltio today took every
precaution to protect him from Iu
iciico nt the hands of nn eiublttcrcd
riireats that men went tn tho point
of urging the shooting of the former
New i ork district attorney inipellod
too mitnorities to piovitle special pro
tcctiou for him when .loiumu arrived
hero front rontrent to answer the
chargo of pambllng; special policemen
had orders to seo that tho lutlanicd
state of public opinion Mill not lon'd to
an open attack, ou Thaws oucmies.
Jrarry'n. Thaw is still at tho immigration
detention room, lie will In!
taken to Montreal some tinio this week
tinpiieur before Judgo Ocrvalg oil the
writ of habeas corpus returnable Sep
tciuber IU.
0. s. TeIecT
(Sjicclnl Cable to The Advertiser.)
WJ1VAI.Q, heptcinbor 8, John
Lewis Smith, of Washington, 1). C, has
been I'lccted by tho Hinted Spanish
War, Veterans, tu convention here, as
chief for tho ensuing
term, while tho vntu of the delegates
Is to liohl tlio next annual convention
at 7,nuistillc, Kentucky,
chief Smith Is
United States attornoy for tlio Dis
trict of Columbia. Ho is a member of
tho bar of tho iiipromo Court nnd of
tho Court of Appeals of the Distm t
of Columbia niui was admitted to
before the Supremo Court of tho
United States in IPOS.
(Ily 1'edoiiil Wireless Telegraph.)
BHATTIii:, September 8. (Special to
T)io Advertiior) Captain Canu of tho
ill fated steamer Statu of Oallfumlii and
Ills crew aro completely exonerated of
any hlaino of the wreck which vuuvril
tho loss of lives. United
Stntes Steamship Iimpectors 'Whltiioy
and Turner placed tho hlamn upon tho
falluro of tho government to chart
onmblcr bay correctly. Ollicors Ami
crow n ro complimented la tho report
for their rescuo work,
(Ily Associated I'ress Cable.)
rOltTI.AND, Oregon, September 8.-
(Hiiccliil to Tho AdvortUcrj Oao time
cliiifuplon lightweight of tho world Ad
w'ounst said hero this afternoon that
ho wn through with tho lighting giiiuo,
ttluiu UU first laciirmg with Willie lilt
sJilo in Hun I'faiirlu'd tlio illpplnii of
WillKiilt has bei'ii ruplil, He mis beat
il liv MhiuIoi und llltelilt' after this
and lt v,l hut 11 iiii'iiiiiinl t'uuleit
lo Ju Aiuvoiln ut Uniiiii., ml.
lVolgmt Is rcpnlml u liiive imiilii
iiioin money limn uny llilier In Hid
hut leu y wi is sn, II U iremiiiieil Unit
Im is fillnng (roiu (ho ijuiuv n u will
Jf4 (VHtllllVUi
Fires of Revolution Break Out in
Stato of Smaloa,
Peaceful Rcb'ols From 0xtm.
go, Tepee and Sonora fiurryin'g
to Join Sinaloans, , Carrying
Quantities of Amis and 'Ammunition.
Army Transport Bu'forU'With&ep.
rcsentative o'f 'State 'Dopttrtmorit
on Board, Sails for West 'Ooadt
of War Riven Republic :to 'Res.
cue Americans Stranded Thdro
and in Danger..
(Ily IVilcral Wireless Telegraph.)
(Hy Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
M KXICO cn'r.'Suptcnibiir'fi.
(Special to The Advertiser) -1 A
iiS' ).
new revolution, ono ot the most
formidable of 'f lie Iniiiiy now 111
progrehs, was reported toduy as
boiiij,' under way in thc?Stiito of
Sinaloa, a huretdfore
peaooful domain.
Feline. 'Itivcros. 'former
aor'of Sihaloa and RaiuoirCJurdo, U
leader ju tho Jiiadero .revoiution,
are heading the revolt rebels from
DuraiiKo 'and Tejiee1 aro said to
liavo entered (sinaloa and joined
forces with the febels there. Many
rebels from Souora are rjspdrt'e'd'Oii
their way to join the iSiiialoaits.
They arc carrying a largo tuatitity
ofitrms and nirnnuiiiticlii 'With
Minister lilanquct anuouiiceditq.
day that federal troops -would bo
rushed to Sinaloa.
8.- - (Special to Tho Adve'rfJBUr)
The Ainiy transport 'Huford in
clini'Ke of Charles Jeiilinson,
reprchcntativi) of the atate department
and of Uie'Itcd Cross Society,
sailed this 'afternoon for
Mexico ports to rescuo Americans
stranded in the war-torn 'l'opifbli't!
whose lives arc said to be in 'danger
bccaii.se of the lawlessness bf
the opposing; arjnics'and their ad-
hei ents. It is ixpectcd that the
transport will return to this port
111 from four to MX'wooks yitli 500
oclOOO Aniericnns on "board.
(Ily 1'edcinl Wireless Tilegraph.)
U)S ANdHMiS, September 8.
to The Aihortis'cj) Jess AVillar'd
mid filnpii others concerned, in the light
nt Vernon arena, August 2J, which nM
roliowed hj the death of Willaru's
Johri Young, today w'crd held
to unsner in thu superior 'Court to
charges of second degree inurdcT ahd
prize lighting. Justice Tjumiuerflcld, at
tiin conclusion of tho preliminary
of tho twelvn men ou manslaughter
charges, this morniug bound them over
for tiial In, tho hluhcr tilbiinals.
(Ily Vedoral Wireless Telegraph.)
linilMN, Sciitcmbor 8. (Spec),l to
The Advertiser) llorr l.lclikiicclit,
lender In the rrlcli&tug, tnilay do
I'lliied to accept 11 challenge to a difl
Issi ed by uu olllc nl of tlio Krupp Cpm
pnuy. IJehkueclit's cxtipjuro In tli'i
relchalng inimeil the trial of several
0 Hi ciTB on 11 charge of accepting bribe
fnini the Krupp Couuiany,
(U I'.dcinl Wireless Telegraph,)
1 ITT I Ml.', .Munteiiejirn, Hptlilb
i.Kpei'iiil lo The Ailwrtlser) I'lio
negotiations which have hfi'ii.lu prp.
prw for suiiip lilac fur the pprpois of
iiubhhiHK the (ruutlur buiiiulu'ry
Htirklu nu. I Miiulcue'grO Jiavo
lui.i iiisi'oiiiliiiiiiil without rc.ult mid
the .ii utiui.iHis of 1 Iiu two couulfK'
hu ictutllt'cl 0 hcjt houu i

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