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Four Ofllcers and Numbr of
Huerta Troops at Hcrmcsillo
Cast Their Lot With Constitu.
tionalists; Federals Break In-to
Bnwll Bands and Adopt
Guerilla Methods.
t'UIDAI), Junrez, Mexico,
21. (Hy Associated I'ross
Cal)le)"-Federi)l troops lire now
lCKiiinini; to adopt juerilln
followinj; the methods used
by the Constitutionalists and other
rebels during the revolution
and have broken into small bands
and taken to the hills'. The ih.st
evidence of this new plan of warfare
of the Huerta troops W the
euttinK of communication n
this place and Chihuiihua.
The Constitutionalists are in
complete control here, though
they are faking every precaution,
apparently, against an attack.
Federals are known to be at the
south nml southwest of here. Cutting
t t'lc ncs communication
yesterday indicates that there
are some Federal forces between
here and Chihuahua.
Reports received from
show that the Federals are
surrendering and alligning
with the Constitutionalists.
Fpur Federal officers and thirty-seven
Federal soldieis, laid down
their arms r.t Hcrmosillo yesterday
and surrendered to the Constitutionalists.
Provisional President Carranza
of the Constitutionalists has his
cabinet and is attempting to get
his provisional government thoroughly
established. Notification
has already been sent to a number
of nations, one of the features
of which is notice to the world
that any vessels captured bringing
arms to the Huerta government
will be destroyed. So far the Constitutionalists
have no navy.
Reports from the City of Mexico
last night indicated that the
feeling of unrest continues there,
Hint with tin holiday season declared
by Huerta in force, money
is even scarcer than before and
that there are signs of Buffering
among the poorer classes.
. ..
Stefansson Canadian Expedition
Safe in Winter Quarters Awaiting
Their Christmas Dinner.
OTTAWA, Canada, December 'J4.
(By Associated Press Cable) Frozen
turkey, but baked to n turn ami with
all the. accompaniments tliat go with n
real Canadian Christmas dluner will bo
nerved on the ice fields of tho Arctic
pcean tomorrow and all tho members
of tho Stefansson expedition will be
together to enjoy it.
This cheering news from tho Canadian
exploring party was contiiued in a
letter received here yesterday.
It comes from M. Anderson, chief
anthropologist of the Stefansson expedition,
and announce, among other
things, that all tho scientislK and mom-burs
of the crews of the Alaska and
Mary Sachs hac arrived safe and that
they are now together and snugly located
in winter quarters at CollEiisou
WASHINGTON, 1). C.,.I)ecember 2:!.
(Ily Associated Press Cable.) Thu
Owen-Olas currency bill Is now- law.
Tho bcnntc passel the conference re-ort
this morning iiy a vote of forty-three
to twenty-five and almost immediately
aftorHiird Presideit Wilson
fcigiicd the bill irnl made it n law.
The president iisod two gold pons
Mglillig til.' lull, presenting one to
Carter (Slat of Virginia and
the other to Senator Hubert Ii. Owen
of Oklahoma, who directed its pussigo
through both houses,
8AN ritAXrjiVO. Dwuiuber
(Ily AMUrmttH )'res ih1io.)
Willi music and song I'liristuuis
Will ho Hvll'OIIIPil III MUM
' vn tonight by thousands. Tim un-
'4 iic.nl i iuiuiu of iurol njlu,, Hindu
popuUr lit Ti'triuAiMi u turn yer
ugo, Hill In fulluvtvl llliltUJH
ure Hint Hie Mini mil ,i lu iu'fur
H4V H Uil mad ul Un Hi III Matt,
$ A band ut IhiiH' tumirid pWft 4-
hu lnaj'i in ii fur ijji'
Hf in i jkIhi, ami sum. .i i In' uUr
4 lflUt llllttll MlljJI l,. H g 4
inti . i i.i. . v,i iMr
i Sfivli.'s n, mi nil,' Tl.e lblt
SUII'lf Wllw ' ii i ' I., i Ui
iill'Mlf IlKMl I...II,, llli'llUll,
W ill (In jiiiiiiii.i, ut Kuv' ' r)
mid VI ii i , i i. ,mi im
$ ljv flMli ul tl' ' lml ... .irU
WbifU bwM'"U bin 4mm i. in mis
i fug If H'lii fwf ilk !'
hi M HH wihiJ rifc,
m.WAIfXfc fiAHTP. uUi T1 IMftl R ..
FEDERALS LSI Widow of Madero Ready to I DRYDQCK P I Ella Flag; Young Again At o..,. 1H1 RTZ SIK HE
Go to Mexico with Victors VOIDER WIT: Head of Chicago Schools
Telegraphs to
that She Is
to Leave for El
Paso to be Near
When Huerta Is
NIIW VOltK, December Scmira
I'rancesco Mndcro, widow of the martyred
President of Mexico, wired to
Provisional President Cnrinusii last
night announcing that she is going to
111 Paso to be in reach of Mexican
communication in the ownt of l ho capture
of tho City of Mexico by tho Constitutionalists.
Mrs. ilndern, who has been hero niiico
soon after tho death of her husband
ami who has given practically all her
tortune to financing tho I iirrnnzn. cam
paign in Mexico, in a stateiuent jester- ico of , j, j.jj.i.tfoot. At th0 g'ath
day said that she does not seek roveagejcri la,t - ,t l.1,egram rro7 tlu
so much as the Inpnmess of seeing her i .... .u ,.i -... ,.i,i,, ,. ..,.
. i . , , .
u. ..p.ea coi uirv nuiicn . ...... ,
with men imv luir tin, wolfaro ot the
people at heart in control. She wants
io bo in tho national capital, she said,
when Huerta, the ono whom she feels
murdered her husband, is deprived of
tho despotic power he now wields.
Arrangements uro being made to lmvo
her start for l'i Paso within the next
few days.
(ily Associated Press Cable) John 1).
fcpreekels, Jr., has filed an answer to
the divorco suit brought by bis wife,
resisting the application for illxorce
and denying charges of cruelty and
SAX Ql'KXTtN, Culiforuia, Decern
ber 21 (Ily AmocImUhI I'm Cable.)
.lames Hurley and ltoy Mohille escaped
from the state prison hero today.
Hurley was serving n, sentence of four
teen years. Mt'hillo had boon
to yours. HAtli
wero convicted of robbery. 'Hiplr u
capo was diseovuritil soon lifter thoy
disappeared. An alarm vvus miui'ded
and jioshkh iiindii up of prlmu guards
nud iilticohi from ueurtiy (ovviw Hf.
now kwiuriiiK (he country for tho
I'OllTliANI), OroMon, Deciiuilier 'Jt. I
-(' AkMHiiMilMl rWM ('bli)
thru MUMtluMHl Iriftis, It. Veu wii H'. f I
pfiimliiBHt In l"orlliiil, mi ruuvlcUilj
iif blgsniy by M jury In'ri viii. i.Ihi
afttilliooii. Von Kline's line. I yie
Kilt uf his umriiuiii to Klucl New. ..ml.
Ut "dll l"f".i, ,. iii IMII lii iu
previou liiuu i In linn .li.u.'f.'
W'l'll l U 1., 1.-. 14 ' . .
) I llillhll Io hi 'p lilt' luilljil M si .1 ot
ytm i Iniuli i I' i un i iiy I I ii ml 1 1
Illlll ' ' " .h
l lit. l III,'
Mie tuns l,u
i' . . Ii i il I
ll.ll ' '
fl" "W 'lliri.
Luu Ii
nil I.
. 1 1..
Democrats Will Ask Governor
Pinkham to Make First Address
as Chief Executive From Steps
of Capitol.
(lOViTiior Pinkham is going to mako
a speech to thu assembled Democracy
of Honolulu on Saw Year's morning,
from tho steps of tho Capitol, thus
starting off tho New Year and bis ml
inlstration at tho same time. After V'e ""' 7 CM1 H."' "f tins
speech bo will bold a reception, un- fn' " f' " l'y " "V
""'l lm
tier, tho auspices ot tho National J"r 'A'!1' ' put
into force tho
erotic League, tho Democratic Territorial
Central Committee, tho
County Committee, n special
committee of Democrats and tho other
Democratic organizations that lmu
sprung into being tineo u year ago last
The national league was to luwo bad
a meeting last night, but n quorum
failed to materialize and tho meeting
to complete arrangements to greet the
Democratic Governor will bo held on
l'riday oening ut seven o'clock at, tho
"uiimyi nui ikiuii aii ituii JIU EtlllVl
t,mt ,, ,,,
........ . . -
unit hold tho Xew Year's reception
noted above.
Jinmcdlatoly on receipt of this nows,
tho Demoeratio county committee issued
a call, addressed to tho Oahu precinct
clubs of Democratic; faith, asking
tho members to guther in I'.miuu Square
on Now Year's morning in order to
march as a solid Democratic body to
tho Governor 's reception.
Tho Honolulua, carrying (iovcrnor
''inlihniu, sailed I mm San Prunclsco
last night at six o'clock, nccordlng to
u cabled messago to tho Guide.
Attorney U. W. Ashford Is also arranging
an Informal icceptlon for Henderson
S. Mnrtln, Vice (lovernor (Sen-
eral of the Philiiiplnes, who is due to
reach Honolulu on tho steamer Mongolia
Ono of Jnpan's Leading
tors, Making Briof Visit Hero,
Graduated With Wilson.
Dr. KhiMiike Sato, one of .Inpnu's
mot illustrious eiiucatnrs, and
mute oi wiimhi, Having grAllfl
Uliteil Willi the rresident ot the Dulled
States from the .lohus Hopkins
in the clus of IhSd, urrlvoil in
Honolulu nu the Shliiyn Muni from
YakuliNUiii yesterday and during his
brief Uy hure U the guest of a
of urumiutiut .liiuuiiwo. In-
..I..A.. U Ul.ul.lt lln.l... ir..l.....
'...- -, nHHm. ,'inillll IkM.atlllMHlll illlll
"'b''1,11" ' u'Bl'l '"' " " guimt at an
Infurmul Iwui'iiKt Ml the Ciiloii Drill,
ajii the Aiimrb'Hiis piuMiut wore
I'luhsnir U II. rviutt un.1 lie, .lulin
VN ii.linitii
Ii... t ... l prvsiduul uf tin Ship
I.., i iiUi ( Ki ruler II ud tlm 1 1 oil
in i iiii ur un, unuri" of Juiihu,
il ' li Mm in Un inululituil ta
' i ii . H ul I, . inn hi u iiuiiil.epl
' "' ' ' H' -'" The SH'iumtl
....,i., i,i Jtmu" Mill lu' lilt iiris
'I'll nelili'il t. Iillliii'llli e tllflrtltlt)
I1 i ill .1 li'.i In. Ilisl li.Ule Jkh
' ' I i i il in III" I imiisilv iif Nuitli
... I.i' Hill .,ut. Ill I iilnuil.lu
i I . I n v , I. ii, . .Iuiuiu ll'lll '
I ' I . VI,. I i. . Ml .1 Jul. .
" ' In ii . .f
M , n( ul ii ni I M.
iki rH' n)i'lllill lul
I Secretary of Navy Daniels Holda
J" ConfareiKO With Attorney Or
l eel McKoynoldc Elatho t3
! KcsFonsibility for Carrying Big
"Project at Tcarl Harbor to
WASHINGTON, December '21.
(Hy Prom Cnb'e
An indicutiiiii that the gem
mi'itt is giving consideration 1o'
I lie problem of beginning the i oust
uetiun of the at Piarl
Harbor wna given when Seci tur
ol the Navy Daniels ncld a cmisul ,
tation v.'ilh Attorney Ueneral
yesterday in i elation to
the iifiitits of the work. ,
Daniels, it to understood, eon
ferred with the attorney general!
with a view of learning whether
the lenponsjhility of building thu
big drydock vill rest entirely in I
hi" tlep.irlmeut. I
'1 he plaim ot the engineers
showing the manner- in which the
prr.ject can lie carried to completion
together with an estimate of
the. cost hive been on file in tin
navy department here for soim1
Superintendent of Public Worlw
preaches Flan at Joint Mooting
pf" Supervisors and Harbor Com-
t'rglng Ihe ininiediiato iuiprovenlent
iif tlm wiiferfront, particularly bctwno'i
t'ort street and tho Disliop slip, the
harbor commissioners yesterday noon
gave their iews to tho siqeivisors in
u joint meeting called to discuta ways
of (bettering tho city's "entrances."
Cliiiirinnii Caldwell of the harbor
Lo.'ird announced that, tho lominission
had clabmato plans for a paseni;er
whari' parallel with the Alakea street
wharf and about wlicro ltishop street
would be' out tlnough, nud nfkeil tho
board to lnuiiodiately tako up pl.uis for
Vxtemliiig .that street to tne sito oi tno
proposed wliarf.
This wharf is part of tho scheme of
bnibor imtirovement vH'ch tho Loud
desigued vhen it first wont iulo
mid w'hicli it has coiKistently
tji, b.iv;iig already completed tl)p
Kicbard Hirpel wharf, the) Quqcn' street
wharf nml the Jiarbor lino.
Tho qni'ttlou of paing tho
was also disi'ussed at length, tho
supervisor iromisiiig to givo their
as soon as possible. .Supervisor
called attention to tho fact that
frontage tax law- tmiscl,
y me last legislature, tno Teintory
would have to pay a largo part of tho
The question of tho belt railroad
lino around tlm harbor, one of tho
features of tho original improvement
scheme, also taken up, the haibor
board agreeing to keep in repair that
part of the street occupied In- iti
tracks, CWnnugor Dallentyno of ibo 11.
I!. T. & D. Compmy, who was also present,
spoko briefly on the paving question,
slating that his sybtom would also
bo responsible for tiio portion of ,tho
street occupied by its track-,.
No defiuifo decisions wero reached
by tho miporvisors. who, however, an.
uoimccil their intontion of taking
up tho consideration of tho llishop
street extension anil tho Ksplnnado
Tho public utilities commission held
n meeting in its offices in tho Staugen
wald Huibling jestorday afternoon anil
received n number of reports regarding
nccidonts. Secretary Henry Sullivan
also submittal a table showing the relation
of accidents to fln weather. Tho
"more weather, tho more accidents."
.1. N. S. Williams, acting chairman,
stated that ho had investigated an
by which n soldier in getting off
a rapid transit car, facing forward,
was struck bv an automobile and severely
injured, Ho stated that ho believes
there is an ordlnauco in this
city governing tho passage of automobiles
to cars at n standstill, ono prohibiting
(heir doing so.
A. .1, lilgnoiix then presented a resolution
to tho effect that the commission
write Sheriff .lnrrett reimeMim
. . ., , . ., , ,
ebi'Jfl',fPr'9;ol,1d,e'l, tHjs.jiartlcnlar
fi'iiiei', "whether It 1ms bei'ii unforcisl or
not, nun it not to give nu reasons, also
as to whether the ordinance iiddiIk
Tho next meeting ot Hie commission
will bo next Tuesday, when Chairman
will bo homo uguiii ami
will jirenldc
W,silllMITUN, lVcoiulMr 81.
(Ily AiwiiM l'w Cil)
Kurrtitim of 111 Jv'nvy Uauiola
t yaflanlu) iromulgUil mm ur X -
f lift fbr Mllidccl IHU wlm r.'
V MrvlNM iluir Ural HliiwiMt In ih.
WUVjr HllAW tbiHii W'lilv
AM W'iiuW "1i i" h uhi.h i , s
avl iu ir iiiriiiiuuiii. u
MUI III. I."U' nil) kllldv ul ll mi fill 4
iii'i'iipi hi iii lr.e I he i nli.li I
iiiiu ii"" un hi (!.' u' Kinl
'I'lW I. IU Hill Htll' SUllll III Mil.
' IU" HI'1 UlillM'll'UI IU 'I.'HII
' ""'
liHWM il' .ii.H.
(m ri" 1 1 i in
HSroSiHMPSnPPi Ma wraB
Bandit Who Held Up Southern
Pasific Train December 1. Captured
at San Francisco.
SAN ri'ANClHfO, Decombor il. -(Uy
Associated I'ress C:blo) To a
woman wi i go tun ercdir oi the capture
on the streets of San last
night of ther alleged bandit who led
tho Holding up of a Southern Pacific pas
senger train near l'i Munte. this Htate,
December 1 last. Tho man, giving his
name as John llostick, wai placed under
arrest following his identification by
Mrs. Arthur Colon, ono ol tho victims
of the holdup.
Mis. Colon was necompaniod by her
husband. As they vvoro passing through
I ho crowd, tho features of tho )iandit,
which matin a deeji impression on the
mind of tho woii'iiu oi tho night of tho
thrilling lobbcry and Milsequent
enabled her to pick out lllistick.
"There, ho goes,'' whispered Mrs.
Colen. Iler husband's n'Ueutiiin was
nitracteil to IJiwlirl: uhil" bo
as the banditl 1'ollce were
quietly summoned nml the alleged
was placed under arrest with
out difllculty.
Iiostick is being held in piison
further investigation as to his
movements at tho tfmo of. tJio lobbery.
Lawyers of Hilo Meet iti Great
'Harmony to. Consider
Court Rules.
(Mail Special io Tho Advcruser.)
Ill I.O, Decemler 21. A meeting f
attorneys look place burn last week,
which Is likely to result in the organization
of a peunanont b.ir association of
tl.e attorney ot this island. Tho meeting
was Hilled at the of
Judge PaiMiiis fiir the ; urposo of considering
a revised ret of circuit court
Practically all ipciihors of the
local bus attemlad, sinong thoso
Icing Attorneys W. If. Smith, l.'ussell,
Irwin, ('111181111111, Hpon,MulSiidc, Wire,
Conea, Shipniaii and Vurtado. Mr.
Carliiu'th was ihosen chairman and Mr.
iieen, secretary, and rules wiro discussed
with care and attention. It was
vvniulorfiil to see the baimony which
provnllod among theso gentlemen who
tiro generally seen only whin opposing
each other befoio the iourts, nml vvlien
they enjoyed a luncheon at tho llilo
Hotel, at which they Avon the guests
of Judge l'nnoii, the spirit of' good
ie Uowship was so thick it 'could bo cut
With a knife.
The iliscii'sioii of various rule lasted
until four forty-live o'clock, nml even
then the task was not completed, but
nu adjournment was ' taken In order
that another session or two may be devoted
to the finishing of the work.
When the rules have been decided upon,
they will l.e sent to Honolulu, whore
they limit receive th approval of the
Mipteme point bofoie thev iiocomo valid.
The ilise; ssion of rulos leluting ti (lu
disposition of funds entrusted to
iiilininistiators and ciacutor was
full. It was ilucpjod that
the moil strict possible accoiintablllty
limit 1 1" iusUtod upon from sUch
piirtii'iilarly for the njios4 of
preveiitunr llie use fur private purposas
of the" ciii to.1 in us of fuiliU entiiisted to
inliiiiuistrHtirAi nud can. TSio
drnftiiiB of rules to cover tills subject
win left to the chuiriuiiu, vv)io will
the iiwtlfr with tin? trust
in ny, as kema nf (hom prmwnl thnughl
iliHl it sloiid on n ilifTtunnt footing from
liimrillinia Mod adiiiiiiUtritliir nf nthvr
ihorMilom. A role tu invur I he ul jct
will siiUmllii'd ,y thu 1'linlrinun ul
the I'l'Kl lftillj.
The hiiiniunv mil iileusunl fM'I'uil
. . . .., . . . . r
l"1 i " il"l i itil mecilnu, wlileh
J "' "'"I "" "' i " il nir lb
' ' H'1" I'"- " ml I, I I hi Un. "ma-
I .,1 I "I pii -i ni lu
il.ii . I'll Ul.i ut lil
'i Ii III I " k tour
v. it IHulv III it I (lilt ,. I M Wwugbl
ill" ll'.U' l'i i IO H PV,
'""" I '! M' ii M.i',.lrJ
' ' 'i li'ii.'i. I .mil,
' " I "l ' I U.l'1111,1 I U. . I I 14,
'I '"'"I" . III. 1. 1 l ,l,,
!,?. -- '-' u I-
Board of Education
of Windy City Reinstates
U n d e j
Whose Direction
Pupils Are Being
Taught Eugenics.
CHICAGO, December 'ii. (Hy
Press 'Cable) MtsTi.'II.i I'lagg
Voung, whoso resignation followed a tio
voto of the board of educatioa on the
question of approving .her policy of
leaching uiblic schools
of Cliicagb a 'few; -weeks (was re,
iu.stutpil by a' pie o'f.tho Saincv loj;d
Mrs. Young, one ot the most proiui
ent educators connected with the public
schools, of the United States, has been
superintendent of schools of Chicago
since 101(1. At ono timo slid personally
knew every school teacher in Chicago
and most of those in Illinois, her
pmicy Deiug to got in touch with those
witli whom sbo was working. She was
a staunch advocate of the- simple methods
of teaching. I'eappointment followed
Jier first teim as uperiiitcndent.
J.atcr slio becumo si strcing advocate
of teaching eugeuics,, meeting with
strong opposition. She refused to recede
lrom her position and when tho
question of sustaining her policy on
theso lines in the public schools ot Chicago
camo nli at a lecent meeting of
tho board ot education thero was a tie
vote. Mrs. Yoituir thereupon tendered
her resignation. Iler reinstatement followed
IMward J.nnge, .lack Allen, K. N.
ltuthorford, D. P. Kauhini, Henry Alii
and Simeon Pasqualo in an endeavor to
iucrcaso their funds for luto Christmas
shopping, indulged in tho seductive
game of seven-eleven and ran afoul of
the police last night. They wero released
on ten dollars cash bail each.
l.ouia Ccluya, l'ilipino, who hud no
visible means of support and who lias
a strong uesiro lor Hanging arounci iuu
vvhnrves watching others toil for their
daily bread, was arrested by tho polico
last night and charged with vagrancy.
An eflort will be made to secure lilni
porno light employment on the reef
Chai Cl.ee Suck, Manuel Silvn, H.
Pall and Piucro are n brace ot idlers
who neither toll nor spin and wero gathered
in by the police dragnet in the
i anij'algn that Sheriff .lnrrett Is waging
against vagrants. '
Words .From Home
Statenicutu That May Be Invcstlsnted
Testimony of Honolulu Citizens.
When n Honolulu eltien comes (u
the frunl, telllui; his friends and
ot hi .vuu oim r.'ly
mi his slncerlly. Homo rmliirniHiu'iit
U tho Mud l' iMlliMMiiy Unit IiuIj
I)ii.ili' Kidney Pill'. Himll
H tHlCIIIlll U I'llllvJlUllllg.
tiuu proiiw II rio. IMuw are lilt"
words nf a Honolulu nttiiivul. Nu
ttrubger iwujif ut Wlit m I
I. ii. AruuUeuu. Kuiuiiiu ul
ty, IliuMluiii, IIhwhU. mi "I
a niirorr fium kni0y tiwibl fur !'
iiiii!, ami lliwu's lbuluiili Kliln)
. I .11- . ..!.. I.I. .lulu .11... I III.. I llHl. .. Illlll ...
I III" ...l.ll'l. I - ....-. .v.- - .-
1 ......... .Iliiu ul fiu. lallililmUl M.lirtf.
nit pimt u. .- - --.-, -- --
wuil 1 nuuut rviuouiiuail
iltiM rmmfv iu li'lil "
lliiuu , ll.ii'l i'f he Ui'I'i.V fills in-'
nU b ill 'll"Hll t4i iMIi'Vl' lf
All . I'lUs l'r Ilia If IS li'ltlli it ..!)
i ill In iimWit.1 un ii'iipl III , lid
it llulll.l'l Hi,iW I II.. itili III
lulin I, III M HHtll I
Mil. I
i !tftltir'l r
1.. ..., I br . K V .
Mf HMM4tM4H N ' fin Ht.u I.'. i lull K' V VIA 'In. bu silUMUIt
i Chairman of Civil Sorvico Com.
I mission, Belioving He Has Dono
Ilia Duty in Organizing Board,
Sayn Ho Will Decline to Accept
Reappointment' If It Is Offered
According to the latest developments
Mayor Kern will not have to worry
about bis legal right to appoint
of tho civil servico loiumissioii.
Tho meiu'ueis of tho commiss'ou iiEsert
thut they liiivi) never .onsidereil thev
wero appointed to hold over until next
)cir, but only to (111 an liuoxpiicd term.
tfpcalilug on this subject at lunch
I'stcriluy, Chairman Ambroso .T. Wirtz,
of the civil service coinmissipu, said:
"Theie is a mis(akn jn the stateiuent
of tho mayor that there is any
of opinion between himself and
the members of tho commission regarding
his rjght of appointing to the commission
on J miliary 1 next. Wo consider
that our tcini cxprrcs on that date,
as we feel that wo wero appointed to
111 un unexpired teijn, and fiom what
I know of tho feelings of my colleagues
in this matter, ni well as my own feelings,
'vc would not accept a reappointment,
oven if it was offered to us.
"1 know that tliis is the case with
Commissioner KupihCa and mjsclf, although
J'um not so "certain as to tho
stand of Commissioner Doyle. Tho
question of tho eligibility of Commissioner
KupihCa and myself) as members
ol the legislature, to hold tho positions
on tho civil service, commission has
never been settled, and until this is
ilono would positively refuse to accept
a reappointment.
"Our idea in accopting tho positions
in tho first placo was to get ibo commission
started along tho right lines,
as both Mr. Kupllioa mid myself fought
in tho legislature for tho law creating
this commission."
ANN Al'HOIS, Michigan, December
1 1. Theie aro fair prospects for c football
camo between the University of
Michigan and Harvard next autumn.
Tho university boaid of control discussed
tho invitntipu for a, pjamo recently
received from, the Harvard authorities
and, jthen forworjded,) what ono of tho
members lornitd, a "proposition to
Cambridge" Tt was announced that
any publicity concerning tho negotiations
must como from tho Ilurvard officials.
lleforo tho ltcgcnU mot Philip
athletic iliiector, said ho did not
favor playing Harvard at Cambridge
noxt season unless the Wolverines woro
promised a game, to be played at Ann
Arbor in 101,1.
,-. .,
News of a now system of continued
promotion was received at tho , headquarters
of tho Hawaiian Department
yesterday. Tho order is to the effect
that all sergeants wjio linvn been
from the regular army to tho
nj'itln of tho various states or this
Teiritoiy, as instructors or organizers,
shall retain their rank Avhcn, returned
to their own legiuieiits. Heretofore
when the sergeant was returned to his
regiment ho lost his fo.rmer rank. Now
ho will hold it ready to step into tho
first vacancy.
H --:: tf
l'lTTSHUItnil, December 21,
(Ily Associated Press Cable)
I'r.ink Klaus pi mod himself no
s.- match for (reqrge Chip before a
large crowd hero last night. Klaus
attempted to make a good show-
ing through four rounds but when
bo camo iiji in tlm fifth round Chip
liammercii mm into ms corner nun i5
ngainst the ropes flnnllv sending
T mm io ino mai ior tno unai couui.
NKW YOPK, beccinber H. ncorge
Cnrpeiitior, tho present pugilistic idol
of Prance, is not ulmvo discipline at
tlm hands of the i'rciu h lloxlng
Ho was lecentlj' fined $1011
mid his manager mulcted for u similar
sum for his bout with "Jim Lancaster"
ut (ieiievu, Lancaster, it devel
oped upon Investigation, was in reality
Mux Abbott ami Carpuutier wns
charged with boxing Abbott, knowing
thut ho wnsvnot Lancaster, Tho other
principals fared worse. Abbott was
suspended fur four mouths and tho referee
for nine.
Ituv. A. Akaiiii, president nf Ihn
Young People ' League, was tendered
n surprise! party lust night at his hiimo
Mil Voung (trout, A bund of flftl
inorryumki'M lirufiiivd in fiiiitnstK' garb
uiiil nil iiiuik.nl broke Into I he quiet
nf In study and limk ihnrge nf his
ihihIiIIIiiiikiiI, (lumiw nml mime were
fnHlurmi nf the uvenlug. A numb, i nf
'I'uriiitra snutf C)iritum cmiiis. II.
friliMiit Hri survud.
U.lilNirrnv, mwlivt si
ilit S." isi."l J'n'tji f'ablei
I'ri.iilini N l. mi Hi'tetl a tiatilii
i Ihhs lur l'i Viil IIuumi fin
I lu; '. ,ii...i is l'ul) hi nM'vlv
J u I'Mif ii i.llW lu wfeifti
. . 1 1 ... I ' , hi I ItfWliut piii
I n., i .i i .i ii...,. drwliuo and
III' , I . l'i I i. JWM)I Wtiwiii

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