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Sugar Commission's Accomplish-
merits Appear Meager To
. , Observer In Gotham"
Mail came through - la "bonehes"
this week relieving Congestion there
mmt have Wn in Ban Francisco's post
Office. 'Included in this mail came two
. let ton is sne of the largo sugar agen
cies here from ita New York reprenenta-
tive. Those letters are dated a week
apart and the one last written detail
something of the chaotic state of the
sugar situation and market in New
York. It mentions the hundred thou
' saad ton sale of Louisiana sugar, but
einee that letter was written it Was
- found impossible ts make a delivery
of more than half of the order.
. The letter of Oetober 87 says: -
'"Three weeks have now gone by
without the detnits report of a sale of
raw sugar which would affect the pres
ent bans for Hawaiian sugar for East
ern delivery. There was a sale of about
'7000 tons Philippine sugar afloat at
' 6.73 cents far 8 degrees polarisation to
the American Sugar Refining Company,
but oatside Of rumored sales of small
' lots ef Cuba at 6.87 cents C. F.
we hare no certainty. "-
... "The outstanding fact ef the week
was the sale reported yesterday of 100,
000 tons Louisianaa to the American
Sugar Refining Company, 60,000 tone of
which are to be delivered to the New
: Orleans refinery at 6.33 cents for 04 de
greet test and the remainder at 6.10
cents F. O. B. the same city for ship
ment to Atlantis ports. This means
that the American Sugar Refining Cora-
' pany pays S3 cents per 100 pounds for
freight to New York on '60,000 tons
and the net price realised by the
Louifiitnant interested i6.22V eeats per
- pound. It Is understood that this sugar
': ) will be said to the trade by the Ameri
can Sugar Refining Company when re
fined at the fixed differential of 1.30
. cents per pound the first sale to be
made at 8.33 cents the present basis
of granulated, and from that II go re on
v a seals down to T.25 sents making the
average to the refiner .7.80 cents less
7""wo"peTeeiitrr"" ". ' f , r -
-"It will be sometime, however, before
this deal can bare much effect on the
. ' famine which now prevails on this
coast, for many ef the planters have
,' not yet commenced te cut their eane,
others are disgruntled because the food
' ; commission will not permit them to sell
. their elarifieds and plantation granulst
. 1 1 in exeess of 7.23 cents less two per
cent T. O. B. plantation. ' ' . . '
; Patriotism 81gnifflcantly Absent ' '
. "There appears to be a spirit of an-;
v tagonism mil ever the Booth to every
; thing in the nature of government reg
ulation and, though the prosperity of
'. that section was never so great, a will
t ingness to sac rifles the opportunity to
make inordinate gains at the expense
. of the rest of the country is said to be
wholly , wanting. Refiners hers have
" not shared in the American's contract
. with the Louisiana prod users and are
giving evidence of much dissatisfaction 1
; over what they deem favoritism to the
big institution.
. Beet Situation Unsatisfactory
"The beet situation in the West Ls
not developing as satisfactorily as was
hoped for. Car shortage is given bj
' the reason for the slow alleviation of
the famine in augnr in the middle West.
" but labor difficulties and a rate start
, owing to unpropitious weather have
had winch to do with it. The Whole
. country is bare of sugar and the Hl
, gar ComminsionerK have their work cut,
I out for them. Recunciling opposing in-
terests in oHly one of their difficulties.
V Meanwhile the individual consumer has,
to pay" as high as 23 rents per pound
for sugar which the Food Commissioners
j. toll them should pot cost more than 10
. . 'cents.
Cuban Crop Looks Good
- "The Cuban erop is coming along
: 'With every indication of being a bum
per one though subject to possible re
daction owing te labwr troubles nd
' inadequate, transportation, and it is
t hoped that the Cuijan representatives,
who will meet with the food eommis
. ciooers shortly, will be able to arrive
. at an arrangement which will take the
celling and the handling of this Crop
. but of the domain of perad venture.
"A tale to the American Bugar Befin-
- ing Company is reported of 3000 tons
i I'ailippinos afloat on a 6.90 cents
' ,' basis."
; Vnder date of October 20 the writer
' ', ."Just to distinguish it from last
week it U reported there bave been
. small sales of Cuhns this week to some
refiner at the fixed price of 8.S74.
' cents C. 4 F., but just exactly to whom
. and the quantity, in unknown. '
. Consumers In Paoio
"Most f tne refiners have ostenta-
- iioosly retired freu the- selling end of
j tbe market, and naturally, consumers
) , are ia a liaoic , All sorts of prices arc
being paid for domestic requirements
and the retailor is making hay while too
sun shines, with complete indifference to
' the edicts ef the food commissioners.
. Irniemuch as many of the retailers are
aliens, there is little compunction on
' ' their part about equeeclnj the last cent
out of it that the t raffle will bear, te
oh a well-known ( uhforoian apothegm
i in connection with railrofid buiunen
ethics. . Jt is believed that there is a
large in visible supply, due to the fact
that repeated scares tf one kind and
another since luxt March induced many
, to take time by the forelock and lay in
m reserve of more or less proportions
aud that many of those with this ample
v - . . . . : t. .
tr rr r
reserve are still buyiag at opportunity
offers and keep their reserve intact.
Grocers Make Admissions
"Grocers admit that they are not
paying much above the food commis
sion's maximum prices for what they
are selling to the needy ones at four
teen cents upwards per pound as long
as -the public Continues ia ita present
frame of mied The daily adjurations
in the press from food headquarters, re
finers, -ctnd other requesting ths con
sumers not to get excited nnd to eut
down consumption to a minimum, have
had the opposite from the hoped for re
sult, for those who have the money to
lay ia fifty to one hundred pounds arc
doing so without let tr; hindrance at
very satisfactory figures to the corner
grocer who sees no terror ' in a law
which ia expressly worded aot to affect
any profiteering he -may indulge in.
Those, who conscientiously try to com
ply iwith'the Wishes of the authorities
find they are in a -elaaa by 'themselves
where patriotism and public spirit sans
sugar will be their reward.
"Reports from Cuba indicate that
the tropical storm they had about two
weeks ago brought incalculable benefits
to the Browing cane all over the lalaad,
and especially no ia . some - districts J
waica aaa sonerea irom more or less
drought. .,..?'.: '
Quotations Ax Normal
"Refined sugar is quoted nominally
in this market at 8.33 eeats basis, but
only the American and National Su
gar Refining Companies make. even a
pretense at supplying their Customers.
Louisiana has not yet aeen the light
and is obdurately preparing to make
the best she can out of the country's
needs. ' ' v" ' ;'' 1
Commissions Opens Offices) .
;" The Sugar . Commission has opened
very elaborate eftices, oeeupyiag three
floors of a new building at 111 Wall
Street. ' The .top floor has a private
and individual room for each of ' the
five international member of the bay
ing eommisesioit. ', The ,, intermediate
floor wiB domicile the working staff,
aad the lowest of the three ia to house
the records and general supplies re
quired by the : oarmissiom. . A large
and representative showing of brokers,
jobbers and . wholesalers attended tie
formal Opening and invitation recep
tion en Wednesday afternoon, but the
lioma of the show were conspicuous by
their absence, as empty chains and im
maculate desks garnished with Amer
ica a beauty roses in, bouquets and
garlands . testified to the fact, after
wards ascertained, that the eommisaion
ers had been' suddenly called to Wash
ragtoa on important department busi
ness. - Cigars, grapejuiee and aaad
wiebes did not eompcasate the throng,
which inspected the new quarters, for
their failure to meet the higher-ops.''
M, - ., . ....
... . ,-r
A special form of blank for dealers
in sugar was included, in the license Sp
plicatioa blsnks received hers from
Washington. All whelesalera, retailors J
or brokers in sugar must fiH out this
form in addition to the regular applica
tion, -
I tin the foTm they are required to
show' all their purchases of sugar for
thirty days prior to .application, with
the price paid for It. In an opposite
ceiumn the price for which they have
sold it most be entered. ' ' ,: 'l
'. Keparate applications must KCmade
and separate licenses obtained by firms
which are doing buxines under mere
than one name or style, or through sub
sidiary companies operating under dif
ferent names, or through agents operat
ing under their own names. Retailers
doing a bufinpss of less than S 100,000
per year are exempt from the necessity
of licensing, but wholesalers or those!
operating warehouses' or other places
for storage of. corn, oats, barley, beans,
rice, cotton seed, cake, or meal, or tca
nut meal, must obtain licenses. . ' ' .f ',
In order to proceed at an early date
with the coimt ruction of a new wharf
at Haaa, Maui, territorial bonds, 'au
thorised by the last legislature will 7a
sold to T. II. Davies Company, ts
the smount of 75,000. '(;
Harbor Commissioner McCarthy,
a ho is also the territorial treasurer,
said yestersny that he bad laid before
the Governor the offer of T. H. Davies
A Company, to purchase such bonds.
The Arm suggested that if the money
so derived a used to build the new
wharf at Hunit, they would purcbaa
them to that amount. t -
.The legislature authorized the work
to be done, eoiifingeut upon money be
in available from bond sales. Owing
to the possibility of delays, and also to
the aeceimity of hsving a better wharf
at aa early daU for the proper han
dling of sugar shipments and incoming
supplies at that port the Davies re
quest was approved.
GEORGE CHALMERS JR, head oversieer'of Waimanalo
Sugar Company, it highly popular with the Sugar Mill En
gineers) of Hawaii. He has made a reputation for himself when
It comes to getting; up a hukilau and that reputation was at its
pinacle after the one given the engineers and for the success of
which Mr. Chalmers more than
Maui Agricultural ; f
ComjpanyTo vi ?
Electrify Itim
Contract For Plant Identical
With One Ordered ' By ' Ewa
Placed With Catton, Neil! &
Company Marking J March of
Progress ' :
Electrification of ths plantations of
the Islands is going ahead rapidly.
Following the splendid success of the
plant of the Hawaiian Commercial
Company, the installation of a plant
for neit year's work by the Oahu Hu
gar Company, the announcement that
Kwa nas to elertrify and . had placed
the order for its plant came the an
nouncement yesterday that Muai Agri
cultural Company was to elcetrffy and
bad i) lin ed with Catton. Neill Co..the
same company with which the Ew
order was placed last month, an order
ror a plant identical with the i bvi
plaat. '; ', i :
While the two latest plants to be or
dered are of only about halt the size of
that of the Hawaiian Commercial Com
pany plant, they are of the same gen
eral type and can serve as units when
end at any time the'conipSnies may de
termine that enlargements and further
electrification is necessary. .
. The order placed yesterday with Cat
ron, Neill si Co.,' as well as that for the
Kwa Company, contracts for the fur
nishing of 750 kilowatt power plants
for their respective mills. Their plans
are to replace numerous steam-driven
pumps with motor-driven centrifugal
pumps. Miscellaneous motors will drive
auxiliaries and lights will be furnished
the main camps.
.The power unit is to be a ?50 kilo
watt Curtis steam turbo generator, 440
volts, three phase, designed for non
eondensiug operation during the grind
ing sesson when the exhaust steam will
lie used in the boiling bouse. . During
the off season the station will be run
eondenxing in order to obtain the high
est fuel economy. , Aa induction motor
driven exciter .will be . used, . The
switchboard is to be an eight panel
board of the latest design. Ieters on
the board will give readings of the
amount of power seut to every portion
of the mill. , ' . i,
die feature of the plant is to be the
Installation of a general electric, indi
cating, recording and integrating wteam
plow muter. The present high cost of
fuel, togrthor with the difficulty in ob
taining it, lends strong testimony te
the need for better steam conditions.
Every possible effort must be exerted
to get most of the heat energy from the
fuel This instrument measures the in
stantaneous value of the steam, gives a1
record in the form of a curve and also
gives the total steam consumed during
a run of twenty-four hours. Use for
this meter in its various forma may be
found in measuring boilor feed water,
measuring the individual steam output
of each Uilor or battery of boilers,
measuring maseeratios water, or water
delivered from aay centrifugal pump. '
They expect to have ths equipment
installed nnd running by the nest off
season. The plant as a whole will be
one of the best is the Islands.
H T ' .' 1 ,
'., i v'' ' . ' ' . -. " .
' r ' : . , ;. .
.v. '.,. , v. f';;.' m, - - v
- - : .'' '" ' t:' : .'- ,
' V-:-:V-:.,; : :;kr ; '"';' "'O.:, - '-
any one else was responsible. ,
Plant; Of piTOiiari
Commemaf Is", '
Best In Islands
U;v-:-.-' "
tctrical Equipment Held Up To
. Mill Engineers As Example To
Be Followed By Other ) Sugar
Producers -.
Ifaterinl for a new power house for
the Hawaiian ' Commercial aad Sugar
Company is bow arriving. This addi
tion to the plant ' waa ordered from
Catton, Neill ft Company mad includes
electrical centrifugal pumps and equip
ment for the electrification of such
pumps. . ; J i-
Already the Hawaiian Commercial
and 8ujur Company has the finest and
Urgest electrical plant in' the 'Islands.
iiMreased production, decreas
ed operating expenses, decreased, main
tenance charges, greater ease of opera
tion and increased reliability. '-. ;
Speaking of this plant, which is to
be still further, enlarged 'and improved
Bobert K. Hughes in his report to ths
Sugar Mill Engineers at their recent
meeting said:- ' , i '
Perhaps the nearest approach to
such a plunt is the present installa
tion of the, Hawaiian Commercial and
Sugar Company's factory with its
modern up-to-date central station con
sisting of two 750 kilowatt 500 B.
V. M. 480 volt, the phsse sixty cycle,
single stage non condensing turbo gen
erators, Sjlso capable of. condensing
operations, with direct connected ex
citers. It has been possible to 'dis
pense with steam engines,, steam driv
es pumps, piping, shafting, gears, pul
leys, and the ever-troublesome belt,
and replace them with motor drives.
This has resulted in increased effici
ency and greater economy. Each year
sees the installation of motors increas
ed with the results Just stated.
: Those turbines are designed to work
asder a steam-pressure' of JtO poands
gauge, exhaust against 10 pounds back
pressure, and to have the best possible
economy , when operating nos-condens-
ltlg, with good economy when pesating
eoudonsing at maximum load. Ia this
respect we get very good results,' hav
ing wo difficulty ia maintaining xsn
inches of vac a urn. -.!
These tsrMnes exhaust into 88
inch pipe Which leads directly to the
boiling house where it Is used for Jtet
isg purposes. This steam is absolutely
free froui oil, which is aa wdvaatage
for the heating surface where It is
utilised. . .' . , '.:3 . .
There is -also' a 150 kilowatt, form
C, 2000 R. Y, M. single stage non
condonBinir T-urbo Generator, designed
to work under a steam pressure of 90
pounds gauge, and One 200 kilowatt
000 E.4'. M. two unit induction motor
gonerator set, consisting of the fol
lowing; One - 800 H. p. 4W -velt, S
phase, 0 cycle, form K, induclio
motor, directly coupled' to sad -mounted
on the same base with one 800 kilo
watt, 125 volt, compound wound D. C.
generator, which ' supplies power far
48 ,P. C motors, operating electric
cranes, macnine shop tools (both sta
tiouarv and iiortable. carnenter shoo
machiuery, blacksmith blowers, power
Record ' nnd forecast of Hawdi2n Sngar
Crops As of Uneven Dates To Noy. 1,1917
The Hawaiian sucar plantation lseat year is from October 1 te "Bentem.
ber 30; -. va .-),: f ,'' '.' : -
' Forty-four plantations ia the Hawaiiat -Islands have mills. In addUlow
there ' are seven independent cane planters whose ease is ground on shares,
who do business on such a large scale That thftir share of sugar Is listed sepJ
Stately. Pseifle 1ttgnr Mill's tonnage shipped is included in ths figures for
Uounlcaal Honolulu ' Plantation's tonnage is refined sugar. , y
Plsntstlons without mills are Indicated in this table by an asterisk ().
Statistics ar of tons of 2000 pound ' " . :, ,
HAWAII - ' . .
Olaa fiugar Co., Ltd. '.j.
Waiakow iTlU Co.
Hilo PugnV Co. ....nii.iJ.-.i..,..,
Hawaii Mill Co., Ltd. ... ji.....
Onomea ngar Co.
repeekeo tugar Co, ,.....;,.,,;....
Hnnomu Hucar Co. ..... 4. ....,,. .
Uaxalau riuntation Co,......,....,.
Inpahoeboe Cougar Co.'. w.,.. ......
Kaiwiki Hugsr Co., Ltd. ............. .
Kukbiaa I'lantatioa Co. .,.. ,, ......
Kamalma MU1 Co.
Poeuhaa.Sugar Plantation Co, .......
UoaoVaa fcsgar Co. ... ........
Pacific Hujrar Mill ';.. .1 A ....,.. . ..
Niulii Mill aad Plantation
If a la wa Ulaa tat ion ......;....... .
Knhala rifpir'Co,
Union MiU Co.
Hawi Will and Plantation ...........
Puakea- Plantation
Knna DevclntitaCnt Co., I A A.
hntctilnson Sugar" Plantation Co. ....
ilawwiian .-AgrUultnrsi Co. ....... , I.
T. -; , '.a,ssjfws1svsss
Pioneer 11 Ul Co,
OloWAIu Co. .,
ft ' tVs4l)M
Wsiluka (Buear Co. j
Hawaiian Comnvreial ft Sugar rCo....
aiaal Agrtnultural Uo .... ......
Kaelekn Plantation Co, ttdV ........
Klpahulu Sugar Co. .................
s f
: OAHU y . -V -i. : -
' Honolulu Plantation Co.
Oahu Sugar Co., Ltd.
Ewa Plantation Co.
ABokaa nnr ia.: ijtA Jjii. Au.
'WaUnae to.
Waislua Agricultural Co, Ltd. ......
Kahoka Plantation Co. .............
I1e PlantatioB-.;.'..'J.....
Koolatt Agrteultaral Co, Ltd.
WqimaaaJo Sugar Co. .
. .lv. ,.;.-'; ...'', --r.. ' ,
Lihue Plantation Co., Ltd.'.
Orove Farm Plantatioa j . .
. . . 4
Koloa 811 gur Compaay; The
McBryde ugar Co, Ltd . .
Hawaiian Sugar Co.
Gay ft Bobinssn ...
Waime Sugar Mill Co- The ...
n.eu ouRar vo, 1.1a. ,
Estate V. Knudsea
.Kilaasa Sugar PlanUtioa Co i..
; juak.ee Sugar Co.
k . ' 1 . 1 1 . . - 1 -1
,. ;.. 10T28 113,300 118,15?
HAWAII..... ;.. 1W.8I7 23450 222,575
MAUI.. 148,800 149,718 , 14836
OAHU i 134,640 137,720 137,109
KAUAI . 107,928 111,300 U8.197
; ' TstBls.!;...,..... 682,281 637,183 624.667
Plantations marked witlTasterlsk r
hammers, Joe jJart," a4 te-ci food
mixing machinery. ' ".
All motors in the mill and factory
are of ths A. C Induction type, prsv
tiag Searbjr shredders, Searby 'cans
levelers, juice, pumps, maceration water
pumps, cotadeuser- I'Smpa, -. and Lillis
evaporator pumps, ail the above being
directly sonneoted tooths snetors. 'V'
News of tbo . death of WaUaes P.
WiUott, head ths New York firm
of Willetc ft Cray whose sugar statis
tics bave bcea familiarly watched for.
by sugar growers qd otters inteYsstsd
in the industry for years cams to Many
in Honolulu more ia the sense of the
loss tf an aceualutance tkaa as a mere)
member of the sugar industry. .
For ovor forty years Mr. Vllltt
was connected with the journal which
he founded and made the lending statis
tic! authority ef the sugar world. He
himself was much more than 4 statis
tician. Tor many years his sound
judgement end dvfee were gukilng in
fluences -with 4he snen 'who were- tv
tively directing the business develop,
sent of the sugar industry. He always
took the broad View, and the debt
which the Americsn ' Sugar industry
owes to his memory -for ths construc
tive thought which t devoted to its
development and for his uswaverlsg
confidence in its future will not sssa
be discharged. ' V
AVAaHTJJGTO, 'October J7A"dirl
slon of food chemicals has been estab
lished Jy .the food administration to
co-operate with other departments of
ths government In activities looking to
ths control and distribution of vbeiui
cals used in- fertilisers, ia insecticides
sea ia roou preservation. Creation of
1 ths division
ision was prompted by the im -
e.to the farmer and to .'farm
I Dortanca to
production of maintaining ths supply
Crop lM i Orop' 1917
Tons 6t '' Estimate
Sugar, 1 as of June
' Shipped. 1, 181T.
' Tons fugar
' Shipped to .
Sept. 1,1 9 17
','! U ,
" . tlfiOlJ
- 15,8 '
; . .. ,m-
" ' J1J09
' 10,426
,' 9,55'
; . 18,146 ;
V 1135
. - 503
. JI.681-,
10,125 ;
3,13 '
- 73t
2,110 '
,. i ,
18,000 '
.15,500 ,
' 9,800
, 8,800
' 4,000
'. 7,800
' 2,00
- 1,550
3,000 ,
... 1,000
.' . 8,394
. , 948
4,528 -.
; 9,4is
234,450 122,574
. Moa
. 15,018 1
5370 ;
85,832 :
.'1499 '
14yjI2,,.w- 140,630
' k ':":''"
" 19,000 .'.:'? 1425 -'.
ZSftOO . -1718
' 8300' 3423
''. . 1$-
' 30,959 ; .
f 4,721
? ' 71
'. 5,142
30,400 r.
-, 560
; 43 .
' 700
' 1,200.
. 520 ;
137,720 V
' 9tM)
,' SJ13
v 0,184
, 163.
.12,500 .
ollowi 1917 shipments bave islslied
A ? Ti?: ii l w V ' i.i
Consul Takes Cocnizanoe of Al
- leyed ? Efforts . Jo :flnanctf
' ' Revolution In China 'V :
. Official cogniaaacs of tbs reported
efforts '.of supporters, 'of Dr. Sun-Yat
Sen to raise funds for a revolution 'to
be conducted byJ Dr. Sen Or under his1
Sdvio 'ilet ails of Wblch wers printed
in The Advertiser sown days -ago. Sras
taken yesterday by Tsi-ag Woebusui,
Chine caasul when he gave out for
publication a coriy . of r ieablegram
which' he had received some days slues
from the Chinese legation at Washing
tou. .' This telegram ai4 . . -
V Those . Chinese foreign office cables
that the bogus Canton military govern
ment' proposes to float a loan of 50,-
i000,00ff in (he Straits Settlements and
America: Further " instructions are to
arrange wUh American authorities :l to
elrculaU Instructions to Subordinates to
prohibit ths purchase of bauds;' and to
prohibit assistance in fleeting 4ba loan.
You are to enjoin the Nationals (triit
nese) to beware of inipoaitkon. -. Ths
Chinese government ie not responsible
for tiu redemption sf ths Jos n. - Tele
graph" any steps tskeu.'V .
, The Consul believes pro-German ' ls
fluence is back of the movewtetit. -
of tbess Chemicals, fpod a'Hnlnistratioa
offloiala stats. Charles W. Merrill, of
Saa Francisco, chairman. of ths board
1 which prepared the industrial . inven -
: tory of that state, has beca appointed
Reoorts Tell of Liaht Rains In
"i Lowland and Water In, ,
A Irrigation Ditches "i H
'.;..; 'TTT'i.: v' ;.'
r On ' Maui the) dronsht annears n
havo at length been broken although
as yet ns heavy' rains havs been sn
nbnneed. 'Reports coming to. local
agencies tell ef some rains in ths lower
lauds snd larger flows of 'water in' the
irrigation ditches so thst ths cans is
not. now suffering. .. ; r ".
. Lastr mail . from Wsilokn received
by the agests of the WaUuko, planta
tion told of a rainfall of a quarter of
aa tweh In ths lowlands bnt indicated
that there had been better rales in the
mountains ss it said the streams and
Irrigation ditfses .ow carried goo.1
flows and no further dnmage to the
crops was being incurred. 'Indications
are that there have been further rains
shnce that vrritlog sn.l that the .nexf
letters received .aad which ' are ex-1
pecteit tomorrow, will tell of the real
breaking -of ' the long dry spoilt with
good soaking rains in lowlands as well
as at higher altitudee, -,
Kainfall ;mors nearly approaching
the - normal arc' occurring on Hawaii
aad -the plantations there are recover
ing from the drought so far as recov
ery is possible at this stage of damage.
The' Inasns havo been hearv nA the
estimates of -ths 1917 crop en tbs big
IxUnd plantations will be disappointing
Ss will be the case on Manl also. Street
reports say that- Maui Agricultural
Company will havs suffered loss of
about twenty-five percent of its next
year's crop approximately 10,000 tons
frsm what had been expected to be
ths banner erop for tbs plantation.
' , : .- : ' ' ' '
4 jj-
Shipments .To Mainland of "Bal
i, anc of Crop May Run As High
j.As Twenty Thousand Ions v
Grinding of the 1917 crop draws near
to completion. Bains' on -Hawaii 'will
make possible ths early completion of
the' grind on a number of plantatlona
that have been delayed bythe drought
which made it impossible to flume cans
to tha mills. It .would appear .A hat
there is about 20,009 tons still remain
ing in ths Islands, some still to be
ground, other awaiting transportation.
.. The Juno- estimate -of the 1917, as
published in the table on 1 his page
was 637,182. I .a tor estimates that came
to the Sugar Factors Company raised
these figures to approximately 648,000
tons but still iater estimates brought
a reduction from those figures to about
644,B00 tone. On this Inst estimate
there would still be awaiting shipment
20.223 tons for up to tbs first of the
month' shipments hsd been' 62457
teas, 42ftd tons mors than the 1916
crop.. Ia addition to these figures for
this year it most be taken into con
siderotioa that there is taken about
13,000 tons of sugar for the Islands,
Which would make the 1917 crop about
500 tea larger -tana ' the last year
crop and about 29,000 tons over ear
lier estimates, including insular eon
sumption. Little difficulty in getting the bal
ance of ths crop to market is expect
ed tbongh' just what the arrangements
will be save not been determined. The
late crop is a little larger than vsual
but It win not take s great amount of
cargo-space to handle it when all the
grinding is completed, Considerable
will Ion before. tbs last of the Mat
son stesmers is taken 4. ' The gov
ernment will want the remainder . and
will undoubtedly provide some' menus
ef transportation for it t
;;..,,..,! r ' .'
,' The use of: tbs shore near Diamond
Head as a dumping' ground for refuse
aad the piling up of disagreeable yard
debris in front of his beach premises,
reused A, M. Nowell to write the harbor-
eemmiestea,- asking - tbst - body to
take a head aed prevent, this method
of littering the beaches, which are .un
der control of the hsrbor board.
. Ths board yesterday referred the
snstter to Csptala Foster, the harbor
master for a report aad recommenda
tions, ' v . 1 , -v
' ' ..." ,' '-.4,
QuptsUoas on 'the following Nsw York
Curt, Murk, ts wuwlewed to , His
User br Hiuaelism 4 Uo- are: ,
11. .1 -.?.. Mon- Wednee-
ilsjf 4ajr '
nw iir . -4-
CMlohmis . ..
Kiniua t'npier
II antra v . .
jRuii Ulvwmin
Jerome Verde
ilia llailw , .
Murkh . .. .. .
llulker rd ,
Kay llereiilea
He-us Ivnla ,
Ilex. 1'iiliH. . .
.M .
. .
3.00 '
fllar Klus Cous.
1 T"M'sh Kiten.lnu
I lil"!"
Hlehumnj CepreV'V
1 Kerr Lake ....,..".'.V.'.' 4s 4U
rJJUil,,' ci.id V'.",' .'.'.'.V 4 4 so
, . 1 til. Ml . MM

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