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U. f IliJgttiALESTI N E
General Advance' Is. Made To!
. . Depth of a Mile Against Front
Four Miles' In Length Putting
. Moslems To Hurried Flight
Ottoman Forces Are Reported To
. Be ; Discouraged and ' In No
position To Offer Effective Op
position To British,
LONDON, January . 20-As-sociated
Press) ' Another
utrong blow was struck on Friday
by General Allenby against the
Turks in Palestine and another
British victory has been recorded,
ro nearly decisive as to materially
weaken- the defense which the
Turks are now making to save
Damascus and Aleppo.
The British, who b'ave.been
steadily clearing" away the Turks
from the various mountain cnxi
posts north of the Holy City,
made a general advance on Fri
day in the neighborhood of Ain
Yebrud, twelve miles north of
Jerusalem, capturing the Turkish
positions for a depth of a mile
along a four mile front. The
Turkish resistance was complete
ly overcome and the defenders of
the trenches fletl precipitately be
fore the British charge, abandon
ing great quantities of supplies.
The Tommies and their Indian
allies inflicted heavy casualties
and took numerous prisoners, as
many as they could handle. The
number of Turks who surrender
ed embarrassed the British in
their advance.
According to unofficial state
ments. Sir Edmund Allenby js
not attempting to pierce the
Turkish lines of defense but is
gathering up or , destroying , the
Turkish arwy? picmer,mUng
blows that will bring results in
supplies and prisoners without
scattering the Turks. Through
this destruction of the Turkish
fighting force it is hoped to clear
the way for a later rapid advance
upon Damuscus and hater; Aleppo,
the railroad junction point where
it is expected that he will make a
junction with the British from
Bagdad, under General, Sir Wil
liam Marshall. r
Once the German-ted Turks in Sa
maria are safety held a prisoners er
have been wiped out, the way to Da
in aw us U open, with the British ia con
trol of the Medina-Damascus railroad.
This line form v junction with that
now used by General Marshall in his
advance north from Bagdad at Aleppo
aud from thence is complete to the
shores of the Bosphorus.
Correspondence from Genera to the
Daily Mail states that the uninterrupt
ed successes of the British in the Eu
phrates Valley and in Palestine have
disheartened the Turks and almost
opened the way for a Turkish confes
sion of defeat. The Daily Mail corres
pondent wires:
Beady For Peace
" 'In spite of censorship and the se
cret police, reports continue to reach
1 if.;
Bey said to me this afternoon. 'Tur
key has reached the end of its tether,
Tl. .. .. - T - i i i.n
o rnjuurw ui jnuMirm Dai jiruusuiv
proved the finishing blow, although,
goaded on by the Genunna, the Young
Turk government may eoutinne to
TL. .. - T - I i 1.
tyrannize over the people little
"'Latest reports from Constantino
ple emphasize the tremendoua impres
sion made by the capture of Jerusalem,
not only upon the masses of the ceo-
ple, but even upon influential members
of the committee of union and prog- J
ress. The unwillingness or inability of
Germany to help Turkey haa oeca-;
sioned a feeling of revulsion among
pro Oerman circlea, which may have
far reaching consequences. - j
Condition of Pool1 Terrible
'"'The stop the war or separate j
peace movement in Constantinople 1
derives its principal impetus from
VA ...iuii,,!, nluari.. ik.
...i.... .i... i ii i
rather than from any feeling of dis
may ut the dwindling of Turkish pow
er and prestige, , The terrible condi
tions of the poorer classes cannot easi
ly be exaggerated. Bankruptcy threat
ens the country,
" 'Assurance of financial heln from
(ireut Britain and Frarc.e would for
"srd atly the separate peace move
ment.' "
Founded Peace League
Medhat Bey is a grandson of Med
hat Pasha, who prevailed upon Abdul
Hamicl to grant a constitution in Tur
key. He is founder of the League ut
Peace and Liberty, the principal ob
jects of whleh are to persuade the
Turkish, government to make a sepa
rate peace and to unite and reconcile
the various nationalities which make
up the Ottoman Empire and to rood
inixe Turkey.
urn buuui cunnnions ana ine siaie or reason ror bia resignation upon bis re
feeling in Constantinople,' Medhat turn to Tokio.
' -' '.'.'"J- '
V''.' V-V'.'
Results of Enforced Holiday Ap
pear Quickly, Unloading Cars
' Is Beinp Urged - r
WAHlrtOTON', Jairtry,80--(AsiK-elated
Tress) Already report are be
ing received of improvement in the
eol situation at the principal pofta,
where vessel are loading, and ia the
railroad situation, the freight conges
tions in many of the principal eeatera
belnj materially relieved. Shipper
are being urged to onload their freights
aa rapidly as possible and to take ad
vantage of the enforced holiday on
the manufacturers to eleaa up what
goods are in transit and leave the rail
roads free to resume accustomed move
ment next week.
The bunVerin situation is" working
Keen out as anticipated. Uol Is mov
ing freely to New York, Boetoa and
Philadelphia and all demands for bank
era are being met. Fuel Administrator
Oarfield has asked Chairman Hurley of
the shipping board to pool the light
erag' facilities of the port of New
York, In order that there may be no
delays and ne' duplications of effort.
This Chairman UoHey has agreed to do.
There is seme complaint from those
forced put of work -by the fael holiday
order and Representative London, the
Socialist member of the house,' spoke
for these yesterday. He presented a
resolution asking for an appropriation
to relieve the distress of these ( wage
earner. , '
Shipping Companies Are Ordered
To Refrain From Giving in
formation On Sailings ,
Since the commencement of the war,
or shortly after the United State got
into the war awing, the censorship on
shipping new waa asked by the sec
retary of navy, which was observed ia
toto by The Advertiser, and only in
Sart by other here, while upon th
oast moat of the papers went ahead,
disregarded the appeal to loyalty and
published shipping news right and
I ess .- jy 4i .. . ... ,v.
t- NewTBe- Advertiser and other loc.nl
paper art publishing shipping new in
full,' 'due to permiaaion which The Ad
vertiser secured from the secretary of
avy through correspondence, and at
the same time the Sen Francisco ship
ping companies were notified to give
out iro information' whatever. ' The Ex
eminer of? Janaary 11 nays:
'?,M tocal pansengar 'steamer companies
dojne business .between here and Ho
nolulu 'aad foreign ports,, were notified
yesterday 'te gfveeuV no Information
a t the arrival or departure of their
steamers, 'except to Tona fide pur
chasers of . tickets. Thia affects prin
cipally the Pacific Mail, the Matson
Bteam Navigation Company, and the
Toye Klsen Kalsha."
TOKIO, January 19 (Hpeciul to
NlppO Jiji) Viscount Ishii, head of
the Japanese 'war. commission, hu re
fused the- appointment of ambasNailor
to Washington from Japan. It is ex
pected that K. Matsui, Japanese am
baseador to Pranne, will be iiame'l for
(he post at Washington.
Ambassador Sato arrived in Seattle
Ust evening, ana the N. Y. K. liner
waitetl oae day for the arrival of hi
partv. He is exnected to innn r his
. ..
Ambassador Matsui is
be one of the leading
' . ... "
' . ... "
js)an, ana inasmuch as the post ii
an important one, it is exported that
he. will be selected.
I -
BOME,' January 20 f Associated
Pressl "Baseballs and V.t rn ue.
lea toys," it the dictum pronounced bv
the Italian oustoms authorities in .ta
fng ban on the importation of thes.
article, for, Americans in Italy. Recent
ly the Americana purchased the fc
baseball available here and then order
e.l mora from the United. Htates. There
also is a shortage of bat,
. : . n
CDUfclC- DDF iii i rn
iifursi sinslTiur nnnn I
intn uMno imnd unuri
BERLIN, January 10 (Associated
Press) As the' result of a railroad
bridge accident, three cars toduy fell
into the river Nnhe, killing twentv
rive soldiers and injuring many others.
Every young child is eu'ceptible to
croup. Don't wait until this dreadful
disease attacks your little one before.
you prepare foT lt. It come, iu the
plht when ohttmlatal shop, are usually .
los d, and this alone should be a warn-
intr. Get end- keep Chamber'ain 'h
tktugb Remedy at hand. It never fails,
S' ts qnleklv std Is absolutely harmless,
ror sa's ry ail dealers, tienson, Hmith
V. Ltd., agent for Hawaii. Ad ver-
nil" i niTii a riri i
Railroad' Administrator Says
Government Will Cease Con
trol of Roads Not Needed
WASHINGTON, January IP (Asso
ciated Press) The senate interstate
commerce committee todny summoned
before it Heeretary MeAdoo, director
general of the new government railway
system, to explain the working of the
government railroad administration.
McAdoa said that short ines which are
not needed in the big government
scheme will shortly be released from
operation under the order. Those which
are npt taken for government use will
rvonive no compensation.
"If some are necessarily hurt they
will hsve to stand it," be said, and de
clared that the freight congestion is
clearing and that there js much Im
provement in the bunker coal situa
tion. He said that more coal is now
moving toward New York than at any
time during the past month.
MeAdoo has divided the railroad ad
ministration into three sections. A. H.
Snyth. New York Central, will direct
operations in the East; K. R. Rnshton
Chicago tc Knrthwestern, western divi
sion; C. H. Markham, Illinois Central,
southern control.
James Y. Holilen, vice president of
the Kansas City and Southern Rail
road, haa been appointed by MeAdoo
to supervise the federal shipping board
railroad traffic under the government.
, WASHINGTON, January 80 ( Asso
ciated Press) For the protection of
the interests of their respective coun
tries warships of Japan and Great
Britain have entered Vladivostok har
bor and have the city under their guns.
The effect of their arrival is reported to
have been salutary.
Private cables received by Japanese
from Tokio told of the arrival of a
Japanese warship and said that fol
lowing its arrival the former disorder
had quieted.
NEW YORK, January iO (Assoc ia
ted Press) Weakening in the effect
iveness of the Austro (lermau offensive
tactics against the Italians is indieated
by the reports received from Italian
headquarters. On the Piave River sec
tor the attacks launched against the
Italian positions on Thursday proved
ineffective anil there were no advaneey
On the western front yesterday there
were no infantry movements of im
portance though in some sectors there
were some artillerv duels of violence
These were noted in the reports of artil
lery engagements of grenter violence in
the Champagne sector.
LONDON, Jauunry 20 (Associated
Press) Demonstrations . against the
method of - the food administration
bureau were made yesterday at Brigh
ton, in some of the towns of Kent and
in other places, the people demanding
that some better method of food dis
tributiou be put into effect. In orddr
to obtulu supplies now in many casos
men, women and children are forced
to stand in line waiting for their turns.
NEW YORK, January 1 (Associa
ted Press) The yacht Joyeuse whose
otvner is Emit 11. Kleuge, an unua
tnralixed German was seixed todny by
the I'nited Htates marshal. Federal
official say the yacht was equipped
with wireless apparatus and with
u Hweilish crew aboard was playing
huvon loll it the Atlantic coast.
WASHINGTON, January 20 (Asso
: elated I'maa) The riue producers have
fthked tlfte government to fix the prices
upon zinc and sine products for the
Ijurpoae of stabilizing the market. '
iadsUCCC ie crwinrn
' nt
, ,
TOKIO, January IB (Special to Ha-
wall Hhinpo) A financial adviser to
the Chinese government Baron Y. Sa-
katsnl will soon leave for Peking.
Karon Hakatanl was formerly mioia-
ter of fluauca.
Bid Will Be Introduced Through
Senate Committee On Mili
tary Affairs Soon
Kearns Favors Registering All
Over Sixteen Years Of Age
For Moral Effect
NEW YORK, Jntiury 20 ( Associated
Press) A war cabinet, described bj
Senator Chamberlain as "m military
cabinet" is to be recommended to thi
senate probably tomorrow in a ' bill
which hns been prepared in the senate
committee on military affairs. Ho Hen
tor Chninlierlain announced last night
in an address upon the war and th
military preparations, of the I'nited
states, delivered before the Republican
This bill is In addition to the measure
to create a wnr advisory council of
three members, all civilians, which har
already boon, favorably reported to the
senate for action.
Speak For Preparedness
A " Preparedness' address was deliv
ered before the club by Representa
tive Koarns of Ohio, hn announced
'hat if he could shape the legialatioa
he would enact a law under which ev
ery Amerioan boy between sixteen and
twenty-one years old would be immedi
ately compelled to register and submit
o a decree of military training, to be
ready to enter the service on his
twenty-first birthday.
"The- psychological effect of such'
'aw would be immediately notieed I
lermnny," he said. "By" It Germany
vonld be notified that the T'nited Stater
'Mends to mortgage her man power for
six-year war. Such a notjfieatior
-onld iro a long way towards bringing
o the Germans the impossibility of thei)
victory and the futility of carrying or
'he war in the expectation of wearin
I Mit their foes."
TOKIO, January 19 (Special to
Vippu Jiji) K. Courand, newly ap
pointed ambassador to Jspaa from Baa
ia. arrived in Tokio Uterday aa
representative of frtho HftsheVUd - gov
mment; He wasnot wfiietallly' rMelVVfl
i the Japanese 'go vermftit ho not yet
eeogniied the gewrregifnr irt Russia
Ambassador Kerqprnsky, who wa
'Ppointed inibaKsnilnr To Japan by
Cerensky. is still in Tokio, and has an
'ounced that he will stay until Japar
as, givtn or refused recognition of the
'ntest form of government set up i?
HAN FB AN CISCO, .lanunry (). A
eigliborhooil quicksilver mine located
n the edge f ilie Italian quarter here
s returning n ch yielil daily to sev
eral boys who discovered the liquid orr
liile riiniinnK'i'K for a lost baseball, it
was reported here today. Operating
it ti barrels, pans anil nil i nns, the boy
irospectors lire recovering about sev
nty pounds of quicksilver a dfty. i'
ia said. It was believed here that
he find is part of a 100,430 stock heir"
ii the warehouse of l Sittle 4 Co., u
o the time of the. earthquake here in
'!0ii. The buiUHTiR was dotruyed b
'ire aud shoc,l and the valuable metal
-1 1 Hi Pi I Irani the broken casks am'
A'as lust.
I.OM ANGELES, Jnnuniy 20 (Asso
iated Press) Two thousand wedding
rueats, chosen I'roin a moi if the poo'
ind unfortunate of Los Aiiieles, wen
ntertained yestrnlav by Dr. E. K
Voakuin, in honor of tlie niarrine o
"lis daughter. Miss Ruby Voakuin um:
vVilliam M. Whitney of New York.
Doe for Yoakum lias conducted a mis
don here for iiiauy years, lie know
'lUndredH of unfortunates who beeaus
f physical ufflii-tiou or other liamli
aps have little opportunity for en
oynieut. When the date was fixnd foi
lis iltiiighter'a tredding lie unnouneei'
ii plnus for its observnuee. and basei
lis action upon a qiiotnt ion from tin
"When thee mrikest a dinner or i
nipper, all not thy friends, nor tin
retlireu, neither thy kinsmen, nor any
nil neipli liors. but tlie poor, tin
naimcd, the liinie, the blind. "
Marine Insurance
Rates Decline As
Risks Are Smaller
KlNlinv, ,1 a n ii ii 'v '.'n (s
soeiated press) With the dim
inishing risk I'roni submarines,
tle pi-ii" -irie t"iin'rs a -e
now underbidding the govern
ment liureuux tor business, Hi
,,,,r,l:..,, Hn nnnon"i'inent in
the Times yesterday. That paper
states that l.loyds is now under
1 iti.M, yshins smt cari'oes at
premiums, much below the flat
rate offered by the government
wnr insurnuee department and
lower than the rate quoted by
the American government. In
surance is steadily being trans'
ferred from the official to the
private underwriters.
WABIllNUl'ON, January 20 ( Associated Press)-The house bill
enrolling into the service of the L'nlted States the militsrv organizations
of the Philippine Islands passed in the senate vestnrday and is now in the
hand of the President fof signature.
Under this measure the Philippine Constabulary, the Philippine
Scouts and the recently organised Philippine militia, auirbcriiiK in nil in
exceas of twenty five thousand men will be enrolled in the American
rank. Many of the organisations are now readv for active serviee, with
American officers.
Wilson's Announced Terms
Are Approved By Hungarians
BEBNE, Jununry 20 ( Associated Press) Count Karolyi, the Hungarian
statesman who baa just visited Mwitrerlsnd, approved in general of Presideut
Wilson 'a view of peace term, in a score or more speeches and statements which
ho made while here. In Connt Karolyi' opinion, the necessary conditions for a
lasting pence are renunciation of all annexationist aims and the complete demo
ralisation " he belligerent powers. Speaking particularly of Hunirarr be
said: i' . " - '
"The new s. heme for electoral reform in Hungarv, while it does not mean
eqnah uniyemul and secret voting, yet brings with it a reasonable extension of
the ngnr to vote, and is therefore, to be regarded aa a step in the way towards
hat democratization which ia necessary if a lasting peace is to be secured and
the first reault of which will be a complete reform of Parliament to the end' that
the Government will bo dependent on the mass of the people, and not marelv
on the middle classes.
"Aa for the problem of nationalitiea in Hungary, it will solve itself auto
w? i i7 " th" Who1 "Jr",em of government has been democratized. The
Mittel-Lnropa scheme will inevitably result in the perpetuation of war, and is to
l0 condemned on that account. Freedom in commercial relation ia a necessarv
attribute to a lasting peace, and Hungary must have a free hand in all economic
question and not be bound to Germany by any long-standing agreement."
WASHINGTON, January 5 Sacri
fices which the French people are mak
ing in order to conserve ships for trans
porting American soldiers to France i
strikingly emphasised in an order just
issued by the French government limit
ing bread consumption to seven oonee
a day per person.
"Only the very poor, and men and
women doing the hardest kind of man
ual labor," a food administration an
noaaoetnont any ,!' may , hav ) more
than seven ounce of war bread s day
in Franco from now on. The entire
French wheat crop had been requisi
tioned by the government. "Thi sac
rifice has been accepted by th French
people uncomplainingly on the govern
ment explanation' that only by such
restriction can American reinforce
ments be transported in ship that oth
erwise would earry grain for' their
bread. V '-J
"These extremely severe ipelwures,"
the French statement aUJv 'especially
the seven ounras a (W, have deeply
impressed public opinion.
"Men who are Very poor or do-hard
manual labor get aWiut twenty-one
ounces of bread a eTa'y ; women who are
very poor or who? are employed on hard
work, eet'.-ifboHt seventeen ounces n
day. .'ATI others get seven ounces,
waielk i less than half n pound loaf,
or not more than four or five slices."
SEATTLE, Washington, January 20
(Associated Press) 8o many en
'isted men are patronizing the Sol
diers and Sailors Club recently es
tablished here as a part of the
Var ('amp Community Movement,
hat the club's dormitories are to
be enlarged. There are 230 beds
in the dormitories now and on a recent
Saturday night they were all occupied
ml soldier and sailors were sleeping
ou matresaes on the floors About
'weuty-flve more beds are to be added.
The men pay thirty-five ceut a uight
ror tne beds.
"Blue" Spells Mean
Bad Kidneys?
"Blue, "worried, half-sick people
should find out the cause of their trou
bles. Often It is merely faulty kidney
action, which allows the blood to get
loaded up with poisons that irritate the ;
nerves. Backache, headaches, diiziutsi,
and annoylug bladder troubles are
added proofs that the kidiievs nee I
help. Use Dean's Backache Kidi ev
Pills. Thousands thank them for telisf j
from just sueh troubles.
"When Your Back is Lame Kemeni
ber the Name." (Don't simply ask fur
a kidney remedy ask distinctly fni
Dosn's Backache Kidney Pills and take
no other). Doan's Backache Kldnev
Pill are sold by all druggists and store
keeper, or will be mailed on receipt of
prloe by the Hollister Drug Co., or
Beason vpinitb Co., agents for '
Han-tilM litis nd. ( Advertitwowv
pi m '
Order Permitting Light Wine and
Beer Issued To Accord
With Local Sentiment
FRANCE, Friday, December 8 Gen.
Pershing told cot respondents today that
the question of prohibiting th sale, of
all intoxicating liquor to American
troop whieh he favor is being dis
cussed with the French government.
Ho explained his recent order prohlbit
br th ! of -all intoxicant' except
light wine and beer and the conditions
prevailing in . France which caused it
to bo drawn aa it waa. '
"The question f prohibiting the sale
of all intoxieanta to- America troops
is under discussion with the French
government," Gen. Pershing said,
btit, of course, there are difficulties
fieye-in France that do not exist in
the United State. The general order
issued Dec. 18 was a long step toward
the prevention of drinking among our
"It was not bv any means Intended
to convey an; injunction to the Amer
ican troops to drink light wine ami
beer, but quite the reverse. It was
drawn to conform to the French regu
lation on the Subject.
Prohibited Strong Liquor
"It stated oaly that light wine nnd
beer would lie permitted and prohibit
ed the purchase of and acceptance of
gifts of whiskey, brandy, champagne,
or similar beverages. It ordered that
all drinking places where sueh articles
are sold he forbidden American sol
diera. It; is th same regulation made
in Franc by the British army and
by the French.
"Although I am heartily In' favor of
prohibition for the Amerii an expedi
tionary force, the situation in Fraure
ami the I'uited States is not the same.
Comparatively few French people drink
water as we do; they drink wine in
stead. This is partly because the French
water supply is not as sure as ours.
"French wine is light and much less
intoxicating than is generally supposed.
An intoxicated Frenchman is a rare
sl(ht. French beer also is by no menus
strong. The French government is
sues to its soldiers a regular wine ru
Record of Army Excellent
"Obviously there are obstacles to for
bidding wine shops in the zone of the
army to do business at all, which prae- j
ticully is what the French would have
to ilo. Local sentiment will play a large
part in the determination of the ques
"The same order which forbade sol
diers taking strong drink contained the
most rigid regulations to prevent the '
spread of the ux-ial diseases. The two)
quetioua are connected closely. Thus'
far the. record of the ariuv in both
reflects has been most excellent. It
is highly Kiatifyiii); to me and is a
testimonial to the high character of
the American soldier. Everything pus
slide is being done to protect his iimiuls
mid his health and to muse In in an
honor to himself ami his countrymen. ' '
t i
TOKIO, .Ihiiiiiiiv Hi (Hpeeial to
Nippu .Jiji) l.ieuteimut Sakuuiotn,
one of the best known minims in
.lupan, and the man who nin.le the flrt
Iiiiik distsnee tli);lit in the l.aiul of the
i tierrv Hlossom-.. whs hilled ut To
kornsawu yesterdsv while nnikinj; u
llnjht over the nviution tield. Kmper
or Yoshihito sent or l U on hennii
the sad news, expresHin his svinpn
thy to the cowuittuder of l bo eoip.
MkaaaMMsnav ' '
Socialistic Factions tSecure Con- vj .V1
trol of Constituent Assembijf :,
and Elect Their Own Officers
un Organizing ;
Breach Between Petrograd Peace
Delegates and Those From (
Berlin Appears To Be Growing :
Wider Every Hour ,
LONDON, January 20-(An-'
sociatcd Press) Outvoted ;
in the constituent convention, the
Hohheviki nave withdrawn fftfn v
the convention and have announc-'
ed that the provisional govern-
ment of which they are in control ! '
will not recognize the acts of fie ' . '
constitutional assembly. ':'-,
WheYi the convention was call- V
ed to order yesterday an tmmedi-: '
ate trial of. strength developed
over the election of a presiding
officer, the Social Revolutionists
nominating M. Torgenoff. The
first roll call elected him, by a -vote
of 451 to 240. By majorities
equally one-sided, other members
of the Social Revolutionary party
were selected for a majority1 6f
the presiding offices. '
The Bolsheviki, declaripglha
the Social Revolutionists did not
truly represent the desires of the , ,
districts that had chosen them, -' .
left th convention hall in a body ,
shortly after President Torgenoff
The first order of business; zU :
ter the Maximilists had departed,
was the passing of a resolution-,
calling for an immediateebnfer-'. '
ence of dehegates. representing all
the allies of the Entente jtpr a disr .
enssion of mutual war aimA. j .
In the meanwhile the indica .
tions of a definite break between' , '
the delegates of the ; provisional
government and the Germans are ,
multiplying, the Russian peace
conferees denouncing -, what they .
term the "intolerable' stand", of
the Germans toward the Russian i
peace terms has been "voiced by
Foreign Minister Trotsky, of. Pe
trograd, according to hews re
ceived here today. . -.''i-W'-'-'
The Russian version of the f- .
cent peace discussion and the '','
friction thereat is that Trotsk.
asked the German delegates, fof ;
a clear statement concerning , the
withdrawal of German troops
from such occupied sections as
Poland, Riga and Courland. For'-
eign Minister von Kuehlmann, ; ;
one of the delegates,' first evaded ,
the issue, and finally said that .
Germany would decline to under- . '
take the, obligation. Trotsky then 1
departed for Petrograd, predictinrj ,, '
that "the negotiations are stead-,. '
ily moving toward a' final rup
ture." - -.. , .v '
Tho Lon.lon Mail's Tetrogrsd ror
resion.leiit, who sends this ast, m;i :
that thr trouble arose on Thursday. The;'
(ierman version of the peace discus
sion, which began on Wednesday, say '
that the disposition of Poland, Litbu-'
nia and Courlaad has been the maiu
mint. ,';' ,
WtUout Bread
A eorrespondent from' Flaparanda . . ..
ilpHerilM'd the Russian amine condition '
as awful. There haa been bread ' );
in th Orenburg district sipce (,'hrist. ' ,
mas. . - ;
The n nine uf HaekfeU sV Co. earn
into the evidence at the trial of the i
llimlti plot ronspiratora again on the
e!eeiMli. in the hearings at 8a Fran-'
eiseo, this time to make It plain that
the llrm whs not financing on of th
truvelling spies, ';
Kruest J. Kuphrat waa recalled to tkV
witness stand by Theodore Rorhe, rep
rcseiit'iiig the defeodaats, te correct
un imiressiiu that th fnndl k4 been
supplied the witnesa in bin trip aroond
lie world as a derma agent by Uack
t'M ft Co. for the derma emBassy. :
t'i'"h'.it stted that he never had
any deuliugs directly er Udlrctly with;
the company. The fund, h taid, were
supplied to Marcua Bran 'by Prioe
ilutzfuldt of the German eubaasy, :
' '
. i i.

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