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(IB 20 J9ia
0 '4
.. ' Ji ' .
."-lv 4 V,-.-,. A.yt .'vk;-
t.V. Tn V.T.M. :
Jimmry' ti Ijm! twenty
four tour' rainfall, .01 in.
Temperature! Min. I7 max.
78". YVeather, pt. eloudy.
':, Cmt Dollar .
90 CsntTifngal N. Y.-potl. pnUm
ftUm, Hawaiian basU.j 1005 115040
La at prsviou quota ' '
tion ..... . - tmoo
I A aT-aV XS. I X 1 "X. - f A . " - "N.
- li I. J I . . i V' I! V. .71 V.,-;
y AtT K7
4. JLit'JL .
VOL.,, Lit. . NO. i d
51 1 Growing Disorders In Siberia andl
C :M 'k f Japan's m ty To AJWs ;
.'t"'1 ""' ' ' ' 1,111 ; , ' '; .1
.i ".ii,.?,; -..;...; .-.- ,..-'.'-..;.' : ' - ; ... . Vt.-jf4 "' " ' .''t : '.
. ;Saya jT apaii . 1 s Rcfponj Wc For the
' Cvf Peace o f the' Par Eds t and M u$ I
:V ,,1 '
" 'i "V '
f 1
Prepare) lo
vfpOKIO, janujAyZS-HAMOcUted Preis) Japanese intentiofi of
-X taking vigoroua action for the protection of Japanel, hf
Allied interests in the event of the Bolsheviki control extending
'I dangerously near. the Pacific coast of ; Siberia was made plain Iri an
'"j address to the Japanese diet yesterday by the Premier Count Tera
v uchi. . It is not the intention of Japan to permit any German-controlled
faction Ukinj oyer VladivpstoV or, any other portion pf the
' coast. and thui making' possible the! despatch of hostile raiders or
I tubroarlnes against the. shipping of the Pacific. , ' - 1
','v"rhe Japanese goTernment must immediately take the proper
measures,"' declared the premier, statement that was applauded
by all the factions represented In the diet. ' '.f'-ir"
Russian internal disorders are now tast spreading into- Siberia,;
said Count Terauchi, ho referred briefly to the fighting that has
taken place at Irkutsk and tt Harbin,' to which the Russian, factions
have clashed and in which the Chinese troops have taken parti -Ht
said that anarchism Is prevalent in many places and that aw and
orde has been replaced by riot
which Japanese interestf .are aunenng ana tne cause oi:ine uie
o( Japan is being endangered. ; ' V , " U jV'-'.;-.
"Japan hold aerself responsible for the maintenance of jeace
throughout this part of the worldH he reminded the parliantenta-rfans-,
Consequently, -when events are transpiring in whidli.that
peace is being endangered; we are determined to protect putjinter-
et nd fu::.:i our obligations. ,
a mv-t l-e-Jiat-V take' pre
'Xt'u tecaiued as certain that.
r&.tT i knowledge 'of Great Britain khcY
v.? diplomats,, and that whatever, ecuon mayoe taaen oy we, armea
force! of Japan in Siberia against the factions responsible lor tne
disorder there will bi in full accordance with he views of and
with the sanction bf the general war.council of thi Allies. Already
British and Japanese warships areat yiadlvostolc'
Two Hiiri Destroyers Go Down In
tilirie FieldSeventeen Survivors
9OPENBA0CN, January 2I (Aa
eocWted Preaa)-r-Th destruction by
minps in the North Bee of two of Ger
marry ' lateet deetroyere, with a large
losa of life, wa made known yesterday
when seventeen survivor of opt of the
destroyers landed, at Jutland yesterday
morning, after being Av Any at sea
in an open boat, ' v
Thfee men, who are being given much
needed medical attention before being
interned, are all that are left of the
crew of the destroyer A-T5, we of Ave
of her 'class which sailed as a flotilla
from Ilelegoland on Sunday. In some
wny the A-70 steamed Into a mine field,
whether German or British is not
known,. and striking one of the mines
was ripped to yierew, sinking imnie-
Chamberlain Mild
Roosevelt Flays
WA8HINOTON; January 25 (Asso
ciated Press) Rising to a question of
porsonariTrrtvUeeW nhe-aeuate yes
terday Senator Chamberlain of Oregon
read a letter from' President Wileon
oppoeing the appointment of a minis
ter of munitions. He did ' this, he
said, to counteract ' the 'charge the
President had not been ' consulted eon
teruiug the legislation 'proposed by
members of the aenate 'mlUtary affairs
Speaking in defense of bis New
Vork speech and defenditfg ' himself
against the charge of the President
Benator Chamberlain occupied the
floor for more than three hours. lie
closed with the plea that ha waa doing
his duty lis seeking to arouse the conn-
WABHINGTON, January S5-r(Asso-ciated
Press) Petition for a retrial of
Kmuia Goldman had her anarchist part
uer Berkman convicted of having cou
spired to hamper the selective draft
was tiled with the supreme court yes
The two well-known anarchists were
arrested, convicted and sentenced in
the federal oourt ft New York City and
took appeals. Pending the decision of
tbelr appeals they were released from
prison on ball bonds and have since
lan out 0 custody.
Addresses Dc i On
l alee Action fH;
and lawlessness, in the midst of
To tMt ena,ine goyernrpenvw
r Treasures-".-' f"
tae premier: spoke -with the full
,Amerlcv as reprewmt4d; by!,thelr
Those of her crew who were not
killed by the explosion or trapped be
low, struggled in the icy water. The
A-73 swung away froid the rent of the
flotilla and ateamed in to pick up the
men, when she too struck a mine and
went down. The-seventeen members of
the A-73 crew managed to reurh n boat
which had floated clear of the wreck
of their ship, and in this they, rowed
about seeking survivors from the A 73.
Not one was found.
The other three destroyers, evidently
fearing the nil net and probably not be
lieving that there could be any sur
vivors of either crew, proceeded on.
The seventeen who lnnded at Jutland
were in a serious condition from ex
poeure and thirst.
Iri His Reply But
Missouri Senator
try to its danger and said he would up
port ihe President eveu if he had been
maligned, by hjra. '
Heaator Klrby replied.
The Chamberlain bill was referred to
the aenate eoramittee on military af
faire without objection.
Secretary Baker, is expected te re
?ly to Chamberlain on Saturday lie
ore the house coiiimlttee on milium
Vorittef Vrfsidotil Roosevelt also took
ocoaaldn' last night to answer the u
sault made upon him by Heuator rjtoue
Of Missouri before the Press Club.
Roosevelt characterized the Missour
ian ' attack as an Insidious effort in
behalf of Germany and the first in
joctioVof partisanship Into the con-
duct of. the . war,
WASHINGTON, January -JO (Asm.
t: luted Press) General Tanker II. bl)'-
is to be -the pe.ruin.uent reprewutuU
of the. United' Btate In the Huprepu'
War Council at Paris. Announcement
to this rffctawas made by Secretary
of War Baker yesterday afternoon.
The appointed was greeted with con
siderable satisfaetioo both In army
circle and aninug civilians 11 lid inxpireii
ivcihid.ttirsbU tooHdeiieei'" . 1 '
Honolulu; Hawaii territory.?;1 fridXyjAnuArv; .25;',J918.SEII-WEEKLY.
Submarine Campaign SKdxvs
further Sigof Fli
TeiIlNUTON, January 25 (Associated Prew) Followihg the -more ea
couraeinff report issued on Wednesday by the British admiralty, showing cou-
sidfrble reductions in the losses to British merchant shipping from sobmarinea
in the'week ending January 10, equally
Paris and. Kdme as to French and Italian
'. Krettfh merchant shipping destroyed by submarines last week were two of
more than 1000 tons registry and one nnder as against five ships of the larger
registry the preceding week.
. Italy rout one araaU sailing vessel in the week as compared with two ships of
more than,. ltxH) ton registry during tho
In connection with the smaller losses
thai the figures tend to corroborate the
German. lubinarines. Beports of sertous.mutinies and 01 the -killing of officers
by the mutineers were .recently received
Indications Are Labor Body Will
Clear-Itself From Danger
f bus Associations
INDliNAPOUB, January J3 (As
sociated. Press) Indications that the
United 'Mne Workers will drop from
the rojl of the organisation all -who
are members of the Industrial Work?
era of the World and kindred organisa
tions were manifested at the conven
tion hete yesterday and the influence
of .Samuel .Gompers upon its delibera
tions 'could be clearly seeuV
The United Mine Workers baa always
been a more conservative oirganizatioa
than the1, kindred organization, the
Western Federation of Miners. The
latter body was closely aftiiiated with
the Industrial Workers of 'the World
in ths western ' mining eamis where
strikes were precipitated by the I. W.
W. iu the metal mines, especially the
comer mine of Montana and Arizoua.
While -it baa been evident, since the
war the I. W. W. had obtained a foot
hold in thai United Mine Workers, the
hold waa a firm one and' it is believed
by conservative leaders in the conven
tion the time has come to shake the
hold loose and clear the organization
from any connections whih might tnd
to bring disrepute upon it.
, in III 1 I m 1
PICKING,'' January 25 (Ablated
PreiuO-t-Ttoe Chiueee foreign office yes
terday sent a formal lnesnsge to the
American legation expressing the regret
of the Chinese government at the at
tack mad last week upon the Ameri
can gnuboilt Mononacy, . by Chinese
rebels, a a result of which one sailor 1
were kllWdatttf f thh'eyojlii is . u e'itndcJ
1 1,-
favorable reports eauie yesterday from
losses. . .' k
week, preceding. -
to tho Allied shipping it is pointed out
report ot, mutinies .among the crews of
by way or neutral eonrcea.
Two Aviators With French Win
Laurels Brilliant Raid Is
Made By Poilus
NEW YORK, January 85 (Associst
ed Press)-Two young Americaa avii
tors, now' with the French ' -army In
France have won their spurs, is reported
in despatches . from Pari. They are
David lNitnam and Anstiu Trehore and
each of them have already downed Ger
man airplane. ' They , have received
high commendation : from the French
ottirers In chsrge of the corps with
which they are serving. .-
In a brilliant raid last Monday, of
which belated reporta were received
yesterday, the Freaeh force made a
splendid gain and struck an effective
blow. Along a front of 3000 yards
they penetrated the enemy lines to s
depth of QOO yard and captured three
machine guns and eighteen prisoners.
In the course of this raid they destroy
ed important works of the enemy.
British official reports of yesterday
reported general tiiet along the Brit
ish front.
LONDON, .Tanusry 25 (Associated
I'resH) Col. C. A. Kepiugton, the mili
tary critic of the Morning Post, nt
tacks the Lloyd (iuorge government for
failure to appreciate the need of the
hour und for neglect In not sendiug
sufficient forces to reinforce the Brit
ish lines in view f the present require
ments. Colonel Repingtoa deelare that
the situation on the Western front is
critical, more no than the government
appear to realise and more than it has
allowed the British public, to know.
Tbe'Lloyd Ueorgu war cabinet, he says,
has failed to maintain the strength of
the British arms on the West.
UPfART OF. '.i
Witnesl In San Francisco Trial
VTcitiTiei Knocked Down Un
.. derlea Boat Wa$ Taken
At San Pedro
KAN fRANOtHCO, Jaurf t6 (A
aofflatadvProaii) Aboard th Mavarlrk
wlira he left Hun podro witk the in
tention f lnadin); arm aad ajnmnai-
tlvai (noi tkr Annlr I.araoa and to
crur aqqipment from otfcar aoarooa,
laeluduii tho llnwainii iHlamta, there
wa a mUmiarine. Thin had htm Voock
ed iha and raroully aoi'd away
before tti'Aapartnra f th Maverick
! from the -fcotitWu California Jwr(.
. Lot Auftek'H attorjaey waa th
ehirf aitnaa for the oovorDmont ia
the Hindu Revolt conMiiracy ae r-
'terdajr. HU tentimony Ml ehleflT
diroeted to connet ting up Jauaaa artio
the defeadaJnhn V. Craig in ha ro
con at roe tio a and e)iiiping of tho ataTO
riek for hrr,voyajie.
- i .w tk. .. i ... 1 1 B.l V A P
imnl great eare to hide hie eoaoeetion
With the Maverick in all the prelim
inary doaHiiK- He epeeVally aonvht
t -hide th nnle of the veeeel a ad the
miMioa for whieb he wae intended.
CoMiar to the reconttroetio of the
Mavoriek and to what went on aboard
of her in San Pedro the' wftaeaa. toati-1
fled there wa a knocked down aub
maria, taken aboard and loaded ; in
her 'at "Han ledro nd he believed it
waa atiU aboard of bet. who the depart-,
od froai that port. , .
- The witaeaa wae 4 etronf one fori
the pretectttloa aind jeroea eiaminatloa I
faild to ahake hie teetimooy. ' j
Hit vidnee that a eubaiartne wae I
loaded aboard the Maverick waa one
of -the aeneaUona of the , trial to this
time.', ,. , , .'' .". ;
Federal .Traae eoarq itenaers
Uepbrt Packers iand Labor'
Delegates Meet Today
-. ; 4 ' iv '" ; .
WASHINGTON, January 83 (Asso
ciate Press) Hoarding of hides by the
packing houses, thus creating a short
age in the supply available for the tan
nnries la ehnrirod bv the? federal trade
investigation of the packing industry
and it business affiliation, filed yester
day. .The seuort outlines ths vkleace
upon which .the finding of hoarding are
At the ' suggestion of Secretary of
Labor Wilson a meeting will be held
today between representative of the
packer and delegate from the packer
unions who are now here. . The dele
gates .'represent practically every
branch of the industry and esme here
from Chicago to urge Upon the gov
ernment the advisability of taking over
the industry as was done with the rail
roads. '
Fighting Between Bolsheviki and
Opponents Is Renewed
PETBOGBAD, January 24 (Asso
elated Prets) Warfare in Moscow long
expected between the Bolsheviki and
their opponents, has brokeu out on a
large scale, according to meager reports
received here today.
Forty persons were killed and 2UO
wounded : in battling iu the Moscow
streets on Tuestlay night. The result
of the fighting is not known nor ka it
known whether the situation has -quieted
LONDON, January 25 ( Aasociated
Press) The Man Power Bill, under the
terms of whioh every mau in the United
Kingdom will be listod for purposes of
the war, to carry ou the necessary man
ufai'turie and industries as directed by
the government aud to rc leant) all eli
gible men not required for these indus
tries for service iu the ariuv, paesed on
third reading iu the c.oiiimoim yeHterday
by a iiuaninioiis vote.
NEW 'YORK. Jauuury 25 (Associa
ted Press) Charles Hchwab, general
manager ef the United (States Hteel
Corporation, In an after dinuer address
here last flight, declared his belief that
the time 1a near when the workiugmen
and those Without property will control
the political dcHtiuies of the earth.
Growing Discontent Is Checked
and Though Aware of Austrian
Strike Germans Cannot Show
Any Sympathy
LONDON. January 86 (As
soctated Proas) Triumphant
Militarists art succeeding 1a
suppressing the growing dis
content of the Oeraan mtssoa
Is indicated by toe despatches
which have boom received from
each neutrsl cevntrles as Hol
land and Bwitterlaad.
While the working classes of
Oermany are aware, there has
been a strike In Austria it has
availed them little for all at
tempts at encouragement which
they might have offered have
been sternly suppressed by the
Militarist authorities.
Indications are the PanOer
mm faction is strongly in power
and no succeea at this time
Tould attend any effort made
against them.
Conferences between tho em
peror. Chancellor eon HertUng,
too Bindsnburg, won Lodes
dorff and von TTaaTilmann 'were
reanmed yesterday, following
, one of which von HertUng ad
dressed tho velchstav
Secretary of Coal Dealers' As
; sociation Is Assigned Im
; portant Task By Garfield y
WAHi-OTp5, Jaiauary 25 (AaiV
elated Prem-ij?j a Morrow, jivfn
j)-f sterday plaejsd 4o ebarn f Afc "dia
tribufion ef eoal ISiel' AVmlirlstitfr
Osfield," .He la; secretary f,tlie ,
tlT4Bepioi 'coa)-Wh-asttd U
eorrsidered 'ewinenUy a eited rfb-'th
(aaki before blai .by reasoa of klsverperi
ami the Wide fcaewUdge which kla
bositiAn has given Jto him -of the distri
bution end of the eoal industry. n
While the situation in ths Eat has
been much improved. by holiday,
4 her exists a grave need of greater
improvement, which Garfield hope will
come, from the f Heatles Moadays."
This will largely depend en the weather.
Tor it i generally admitted the test or
the enforced holidays was hardly a fair
trial, owing , kto the storms which
blocked transportation while it we in
operation. ,
In tarts of the Middle West condi
tions are still bad, but on the Atlantic
seabodrd good result are apparent.. .
It was announced by the shipping
board last night, the shortage of bunk
er coal at the port of New York has
been entirely relieved and skipa which
have loijj awaited bunkers are loading
and preparing to depart,.
KONDON, January 26 (As
sociated Press) Premier Lloyd
George yesterday forwarded an
invitation to the Irish conven
tion to seleot a eemiuittee te be
sent here from Doblin for n con
ference with the British cabinet,
t which various questions at
ixsue may be diseuaeed. Word
was received ia reply from Dub
lin lust uight that the Invita
Mom of the premier had been ac
cepted and that a committee
will be selected at once.
BUENOS AIRES, January 25 (As
sociated Press) The President yester
day received the Mexican Mission,
which will leave on Hundny for Chile.
Members of the Mexican delegation
in' reported as much disappointed at
the coolness o-f the reception which
tln'y have " received in Argentina.
Tliey contrast it with the warmth of
tlie welcomes that have been extended
t repreitentatives of the Allied os
tiniis and those known to be in yiu
pathy n it h the Allied raune.
PKTllOGRAD. Jsnuury 25 (Aiwu-
mted Press) Htories of terrible con
ilittoo in Itumniiiu are brought here
l.v returning officers of the British
army. They report the food situation
is grs"clv serious. It has passed from
the stage of mere deprivation and has
reached starvation. Women and chil
dren are said to be dying for lack of
W! 10LE -NUMRER! t. Am
11 4
Vienna V Admits Two Hundred Y ;
Thousand Have Not Returned
To Work ; and . Radicals Are
Dissatisfied With Concessions
Premier Sees Approach To Aus-
tro Hungarian Viewpoint; .
Loss From Floods 'Runs, Up
Into Millions of Mar(cs- ; N; .
LONDON. J.anuaryJi-'(AsV';-.sociatesi
-Press) -4- Continu
ance of disturbed labbr condi
tions and an aggravated state of
labor Unrest are indicated n Ire
ports which emanate from Vien
na, despite .the videntattcrnpts
at an optimistic -tone, :', Although
it is cfaimcd 'the "trike is ending
and the majority pf the workers .
have returned,to their duties jit ii
evidtnt that a' tast army is til(
out and not. ready to return" to
the calls of their trades. . . -,
. .Wcport .coiiimg" from', Vienna
tridicatex therv are ' atill K),0CXJ
workmrn ; rid ' a continuance!. of "
niiitU - and the ' larger ' firtoriei
idliK' E tr f mi a t yrit-isBa id,are
by , tx means ' satisfied wilh the
concessions - which ' ih govern
ment has granted o "the social
ista' and . are. circulating- leaflets
attacking the leaden of the gov
ernment party,- and such leaders
6t tht labor parties as have advo
cated .a" return to work on the
strength of the concessions' which ;
were obtained through the Strike.
Czernin is favorably impressed
by the .war aims o the . Uhited
States as expressed by President
Wilson, is' reported ' in V'iennats
despatches which .werereceived
at Basel. lie is quoted as say- '
ing that he considered .Wilson's
proposals to show a perceptible
approach on the part of the Uni
ted States to the AtatropHunga
rian views. There are Several
points he is reported .r to have
said, to which Austria would joy
fully subscribe but the 'principle
must first' be laid down that the.
proposition interests the allies of ...
Auhtria as well a,s Austria itself,
In addressing the, 'Ger man
reichstag yesterday von Hertling
declared he still had hopes of def
inite and satisfactory conclusions
soon. The Berlin despatch .bicli
conveyed this' news made uo ref
erence to' any commeijfts" which :
he may have triade upon the war
aims as expressed ' by Uoyd
deorge and president Vil30fi. i
heavy ifLoori Lnsl r:
Heavy loss. Vesulting from tho'.
recent floods in Prussia , are toll
in news despatches ' which teach
ed Amsterdarn ftoiii, Frankfort
Tributaries oi ' the Rhine roso
high, swollen by the melting
snow which had fallen heavily;
and (ierman property to the?
value of several millions p( mark)
was destroyed. ; V
The town of Sobernheim
which had a population of more
than 3000 souls is reported to
have collapsed like a card board
village and to have been swept
away. ' v

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